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  1. Its a minor surgery but the 2 ACL's alone are a worry. 1 ACL alone is usually a concern. On the upside, if there is one, Lever isn't that well conditioned IMO, so there is a lot of room for improvement.
  2. KingDingAling

    Peak Petracca

    Petracca is going to be vital for us next year. Weideman is largely unproven, and whilst he does look the goods - we can't 100% bank on it. Petracca is a good fall back option for us in the forward line. He has the tools to be a power forward. Hopefully we don't need to rely on him to be a one out power forward, but if need be, I think he could do that role very well. He is very strong. I have seen nothing to suggest he will be a full time - or even part time - midfielder, but he could play a vital role for us in the forward line next year. Whilst we didn't draft Trac to solely be a forward, it may turn out that he could be more beneficial for us to play forward - than he'd be as a mid.
  3. KingDingAling

    Jason Taylor Resume

    Jason Taylor just has an exceptional eye for talent. Few have it and most don't. We see what Jason Taylor can do with second, third and fourth round picks, lets hope the club stops giving away first round charities and Jason Taylor gets a few more opportunities with some first round selections. Fritsch and Spargo last year is an amazing haul. Both could improve and be seriously elite players - especially Fritsch. I'd rate Fritsch as a top 5 pick if that draft was re-run again.
  4. KingDingAling


    We must have got wind of another club taking him. Otherwise there is no reason he wouldn't have lasted until the rookie draft. He barely rates a mention anywhere. Jason Taylor does have a good eye. He needs to at this club, we don't leave him with much.
  5. KingDingAling


    Another club must have been looking at him if we taken him so early in the draft.
  6. Can you ask him if we even factored in Lever's ACL history when we asked for a trade with Adelaide last year, given that we overpaid so much, it would be interesting to know that a) Mahoney even knew about it, and b) whether it came up in negotiations with Adelaide. Cheers.
  7. KingDingAling

    Jason Taylor Resume

    This trade period - C+ Overall rating over the years - D
  8. KingDingAling

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    That is true. But if this draft is deep, and granted there are many key position players early on - Taylor could have a quality mid in store at 23 and 28. Who knows? But he is in the position to do so now. Our needs are met. Taylor can afford to waste a couple picks on footballers who get passed up. If the draft is deep, I am thinking Sloane, Parker and Beams type players. Well built footballers who could immediately make an impact.
  9. KingDingAling

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    That is brilliant. I love Hogan, but clearly he was homesick and plagued with issues not of his doing (father, etc). I hope he has a good career. I would love to see him in the red and blue again. He is the only high profile player we've lost that I genuinely hope does well at his new club.
  10. KingDingAling


    I am not over the moon about May, I will admit. But, at the same time, we did pick the eyes out of last years draft (somehow), and we aren't exactly in dire need for pick 6. So we get May, KK and 23. I am a big wrap for KK. Worried about concussions, but he could still be anything, and could play on the wing or rotate with Salem and Fritsch anywhere from wing to back flank and even midfield. Its a good get. Pick 23 is a good pick in the hands of Jason Taylor. He picked Fritsch and Spargo last year, and they would both clearly go higher if that draft was re-done again today. We looked after Hogan with this trade. I think that leaves the door open for a return should things go pear shape for him in WA.
  11. I like the KK pick. I was a massive fan of him pre-draft. He is a special talent IMO. I am worried about the concussions though, mainly because he is cut from a different cloth to Gus Brayshaw. With Brayshaw you know he'll play regardless of receiving more. With Kolodjashnij I suspect another 1 or 2 and he is done. Different temperaments. I like the pick though. Its steak knives, but the reward could be significant. I am a massive KK fan. He is silk.
  12. KingDingAling

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    I don't know, but last year we picked Fritsch and Spargo. If that draft were done again Fritsch would go top 10 easily. Taylor is a gun, he is the biggest asset to our club. He has an eye for talent.
  13. KingDingAling

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Hogan is a gun. I never thought he was a forward though. Always thought he'd make a better CHB or FB. But, he doesn't strike me as the type of kid who wants to play down back. I reckon that may have been part the reason why we were keen to move him on. Either way, 6 & 23 is unders. But Jason Taylor works with whatever these muppets leave him. He will make 23 work. He is that good.
  14. I don't know whats going on with Kolodjashnij. He has all the skill and talent in the world, but he is very tentative. It may stem from concussions, but he looks like he doesn't want to play football. Maybe it is the Suns and footy wasn't fun. But he is an insanely gifted football player and athlete. If he lived up to his junior talent he'd be a top 5 player for us. Nothing I have seen this year suggests he will even make our best 22 though.
  15. KingDingAling


    Doesn't mean we should overpay just on needs. We were told last year we needed Lever, so we decided to overpay. We overpaid for an unproven lock down defender with an ACL history - who didn't set the world on fire and then did an ACL. Now because we give away this years (and last years) first rounder for Lever, we are trying to offload Hogan and get May - another player we apparently need because of our defense. I could not make this sh*t up if I tried. What world are these space cadets living in when they want to offload Hogan for Steven May? All because they overpaid for Lever. I bet these hero's in charge that everyone applauds didn't even mention Lever's ACL history to Adelaide and tried to bargain down. Just like when we traded a second rounder for Melksham only for us not to factor in a WADA ban and have Melksham sit out for a year. These guys are amateurs. And on top of that anyone wanting to offload a player the quality of Jesse Hogan, essentially in exchange for Steven May, well, they have rocks in their head and they need to be removed from their post ASAP.