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  1. Providing he plays the year out strongly and his soft tissue injuries are behind him then I think he should be our target. His inconsistency can probably be put down to injuries. Hasn't had a real solid run at it. So far this year he has been Sydney's best forward. Reid is a serious talent. He would be a great get IMO.
  2. Reid is an absolute gun. He should be target no 1 for us. Reid is the real deal. He is every bit as good as the best forward in the league IMO.
  3. Zac Jones would be a good get. He takes the game on. Has a hardness about him. We are a hardened outfit. Jones would add to our side. Upgrade on Melksham.
  4. Agree with all of this.
  5. I will wait to see how Lewis executes over the next 6 months. I am not sold he is as great a kick as we've been led to believe. So far he has been sloppy by foot. There is a big difference between executing on a training track, and doing so in a game. The fact that Lewis does hit most targets on a training track - yet can't in a game - suggests that it is above the shoulders. He was also quite wasteful at Hawthorn as well. Found a lot of the footy, but could have been more effective. I hope Lewis has been working hard in his time off to improve his execution. He needs to.
  6. He'd be 30 leading into next year. I assume Collingwood would only move him on if they received a great offer (by trade). I doubt we would entertain handing over a first round pick for a 30 year old - who does appear to be trending downwards - albeit very slowly, but downwards nonetheless.
  7. Watts will be fine in the ruck. He is doing a sound job - under tough circumstances. He will just need a chop out, perhaps that comes from either Frost or Kielty. Pederson isn't mobile enough around the ground for mine. We are going to need some above average athletes to get this job done. Generally, stand alone ruckman are not very agile, they are more or less rigid with below average co-ordination. They can be exposed. I think this is a perfect opportunity to find a collective set of players capable of exposing the modern day ruck man. What also works in our favor is that midfielders are more at a stand still at stoppages - which will create easier tackling opportunities for our players. The old adage of 'first to the football' is not really applicable anymore. If the opposition doesn't have clean - one touch - midfielders, then it is nearly advantageous to be second to the contest. At the same time, a good ruck man always benefits one touch players like Oliver, so it is not all positive for us not having a ruck. It does set us back in many areas, but it is not the be all and end all, we can still win games without a traditional ruck.
  8. By continuously going short Vince basically delegated kick out duties to Hibberd.
  9. I would agree with that. Should've been well over by that stage. We are potentially a very good football side, and perhaps the makings of a great football side. But, at the moment we are an ineffective football side. Any ambitions we have will only ever be realized if we use the ball effectively. Until then we are doing a lot of hard work and not getting rewarded for it. I thought it was a smart move to start Oliver, Salem and Petracca all in at the opening bounce. Sadly Petracca injured his knee early and didn't run on the ball much after that. I think we are getting there, slowly, but we are getting there. Very proud of the lads tonight regardless of our flaws, and result.
  10. Years gone by our pressure would've been enough to break them by now.
  11. I hate how we concede goals before quarter breaks. Within the last minute you can see it coming.
  12. Oliver is very alert around a contest though. But as we seen in the Rioli incident last year, Oliver isn't exempt from taking a head knock at times. No doubt Oliver would have learnt something from that incident. He looked to of tweaked his game a little. He is more upright this year.
  13. Even taking the concussions out of it Brayshaw still lacks awareness. He doesn't slow leading into contests, he only has one speed, doesn't adjust his reactions based on others - which is important in today's game (not so much in the 80's). With the constant rule changes the game is becoming nuanced, and if players continue to go at one speed with their head down - they need to be aware of their surroundings. More than ever these type of players are exposed IMO. Not to single out Brayshaw, but I did say the same about Viney when he used to go in bull at a gate - before he made adjustments. Brayshaw needs to make adjustments now more than ever, as he can't afford anymore head knocks. He should be slowing right down entering contests, not only will it lessen the chance of greater impact should he be hit, but it will give him better time to think also.
  14. You could say they weren't aware, yes.
  15. Continuously getting concussed kind of takes the luck out of it.