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  1. Poll: Rate our Trade Period

    A big lesson for many clubs will be - keep your cards close to your chest. MFC mishandled the Watts and Lever trades. It would be more embarrassing if we were the only club to do it - but we weren't. Bulldogs mishandled the Stringer trade, and GC clearly should have kept Weller out of the media leading into their trade with Fremantle. The moment Weller suggested to the media that GC would do all they could to get him to their club - he had given away enough insight into how much GC valued him. From there on in Fremantle knew they could get pick 2. It is the little things that players disclose that gives insight into how a club may be leaning. We did the same with Watts. We should have been more discreet about Jack Watts. If we had of been upfront, open, and honest with Jack Watts from the very start, then we may have been able to run a completely different narrative - and a more positive one. Even after Watts left he club (in the circumstances that he did) he was positive to all involved. We need to learn the lesson on this one. Irrespective of whether we overpaid on other trades, and give Watts away, we need to treat our players better. I was really disappointed in Goodwin. I would be surprised if someone like Paul Roos wasn't shaking his head the way Goodwin handled Jack Watts.
  2. Trade rumours

    Same. I think we have 36. Could have been 29 and 36, and still kept 31. I think the draft is weak - at least that is what I have heard off of friends who follow it intricately. But that doesn't mean there won't still be good players available at 29 on wards. We just have to find them, but I agree, I would have traded into Schache. We could then have offloaded Weideman next year if he didn't work out.
  3. Trade rumours

    Apparently there is a handful of quality WA lads expected to go around the 20-30 mark this year. That would be their reasoning behind the deal, and I think it is a good one - as it takes the homesickness out of the equation. Very smart trade I think.
  4. Trade rumours

    Port and Bombers have smashed trade week out of the park - especially Essendon. That is a good deal for Stringer. Credit to Dodoro, he held off until the last minute with this one. Bomber fans should be happy.
  5. Trade rumours

    They didn't give up three first rounders.
  6. Trade rumours

    Market value for a 29 year old isn't two first round draft picks. Gibbs may be a star, and may have been contracted, but paying two first round picks for him is way above market value.
  7. Trade rumours

    In saying that, the reason Adelaide may have buckled so willingly to Carlton (over this deal) is because of how much they bent us over with Lever. Adelaide have 2 first round picks next year (theirs and ours), so they wouldn't in their wildest dreams of ever thought we would hand over our first pick. They may have looked at it like that. Gibbs will improve them this year, and next year they still have two first round picks to use.
  8. Geeez that is a good deal for Carlton. Gibbs has played 231 games. In all likelihood he only plays another 70 or 80, and that is if he gets a good run with injury. Smart trading by Carlton, they were patient, and they didn't rush into a bad deal. Good on them. They obviously have people in charge who know what they are doing.
  9. Trade rumours

    On face value that is a good deal for Brisbane, but I hope we do it because I have heard the draft seriously drops off after the first round. Have heard it from a few very good judges. I hope we do trade into pick 12 because 29, 31 and 36 may not be much good this year.
  10. Hannah Mouncey

    If Callum truly does want to play then he should do so in the men's division.
  11. Farewell Jack Watts

    I am not big Mick Malthouse fan. But it is an insult to Malthouse to compare Goodwin to him.
  12. Farewell Jack Watts

    Spot on. Best post in thread.
  13. Farewell Colin Garland

    No matter where it is Colin Garland will make a great addition to the coaching ranks. He is patient, reasoned, and pragmatic. Good luck to him. If he is involved with our AFLW side then they will be better off for it. Thank you for the service Colin.
  14. Mahoney, get away

    Essendon had no say over Hibberd. He was coming off a WADA ban - they could NOT hold him (legally they would have been screwed). But speaking of the WADA ban - we overpaid for Melksham not factoring in the possibility of a WADA ban (which was farcical). Very amateur work. Glad Garlett turned out though, makes up for Lumumba.
  15. Tim Watson's outrageous faux pas

    Nice subtle trolling by Watson. He is basically saying Melbourne had already made up their own mind on Lever, and were going to get him at all costs do it quickly. With that in mind we at least could have dressed him up. Watson just used the "they could have at least dressed him up" to take easy pot shots at MFC (which anyone can do during this trade period - even one of the worst coaches in the history of football).