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  1. KingDingAling

    GAMEDAY - Preliminary Final vs Eagles

    Take Gawn out of the ruck and throw him forward.
  2. KingDingAling

    GAMEDAY - Preliminary Final vs Eagles

    This is why I was banging on and on about making the 4. Once we missed the 4 it was up to luck. Unfortunately for us we drew West Coast over there. I lived in WA for a decade and I knew this game was always going to be mission impossible. Next year we need to make the 4 and play these finals at the G. That is the only way. I think the only side I have seen in my time that could win today is the Brisbane side of Voss, Black, Aker and Lappin. Perhaps Essendon's 2000 side as well.
  3. KingDingAling

    The Josh Kelly Thread

    It would be tempting to move Hogan on for Freo's 2018 and 2019 first round pick. Then use that 2019 pick (along with our 2019 pick) to make a play at Kelly at the end of next year, unless, he is a free agent. Kelly is exactly what we need. He is the missing piece.
  4. KingDingAling

    GAMEDAY - Preliminary Final vs Eagles

    This playing group has done such a great job. It would be fantastic if we could win today but West Coast at home is a tough gig. I am actually glad we go in as underdogs, and if we win today we will most likely go into next week as underdogs. That is perfect for us.
  5. KingDingAling

    Is Goodwin the right guy....

    I think the black and white thinking of some posters is hilarious. Like we should either love or hate Goodwin, like he can either coach or he can't. To my thinking, I was critical of our appointment of Goodwin largely due to his role in the Essendon saga. It is an individual thing how a person views others who have a role in compromising the health of young men. In my eyes Goodwin is slowly redeeming himself. In the eyes of others the Essendon saga (and the idea of doping players to achieve success) probably isn't a big deal. Goodwin has had to win fans over, and that is exactly how it should be IMO. The perception of Goodwin in my eyes is starting to change.
  6. KingDingAling

    The Other Preliminary Final

    There is a winner and there is a loser but you have to be there to take part. If we do manage to make the grand final there is a possibility we could lose. I still want us there regardless. Plus, I think we could really trouble Collingwood. They had a lot of players tonight who played out of their skin - guys like Aish, Maine, Cox, Goldsack, etc. I have never seen these guys play like that and it is unlikely they all repeat that performance. If Collingwood were a race horse I'd say they may have just run their Grand Final and now would be a good time to send them out for a spell. Unfortunately for Collingwood there will be no spell, especially if we get there because we have been building, this would be our Grand Final and peak performance.
  7. KingDingAling

    What could have been.. Stuart Dew.

    Goodwin is better prepared. He looks fit and he is obviously meticulous and diligent. Dew's size is perhaps a reflection of his lack of preparation. He looks sloppy. As a player I personally wouldn't respect a guy of that size. He is coaching a professional and elite football team. A bare minimum requirement at his age are that he should be at least in shape. Others may disagree with that.
  8. KingDingAling

    The Other Preliminary Final

    It will be very tough to beat West Coast over there in a final. Collingwood couldn't do it. If we do manage to do it we will trouble Collingwood - especially if they go in as favs and us underdogs. It would be the perfect storm for us. Just to sneak into the Grand Final and pinch it. The harder game is tomorrow. I have lived in WA and they are one eyed and it will take a massive effort to win tomorrow.
  9. KingDingAling

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Preliminary Final

    Nah, we want Smith to be fit. He is tracking along nicely, but he isn't anywhere near ready for a WA final. Fritsch is obviously injured. There is no way in hell you drop Fritsch for Smith barring injury, there just isn't. So I hope Bayley is ok and comes up ok for the Grand Final.
  10. KingDingAling

    Dom Tyson - what's wrong?

    His shoulder wouldn't have prevented him from running and keeping ready. I would include Vince ahead of Tyson just incase we do want to switch up the tag or incase a player goes down. Vince is more versatile than Tyson, and can tag and play down back. It gives us more versatility and better options should a player go down in any position.
  11. KingDingAling

    Camp wars

    I think it was smart by our boys to cancel our camp. They obviously had their concerns and voiced up. Goodwin came from a club (Essendon) were the coaching staff put the players at risk - for a bigger cause (success). Keeping that in mind, I have no problem with the players cancelling the camp, and that fact (that Goodwin had previously been a part of a club that compromised the health of players) seems to of escaped those in the media, who just wanted to run down MFC. To Goodwin's credit, he handled the cancellation of the camp like a pro, and has gone on to surpass all expectations of himself as a coach. Goodwin had to earn the players trust and it looks as though he has more than achieved that throughout this year.
  12. KingDingAling

    Dom Tyson - what's wrong?

    I would bring Vince in and get him to tag Shuey. Let Harmes run this week. If we can lock down Shuey and cut off his momentum at stoppages, that leaves Yeo, and as an inexperienced midfielder, Yeo isn't really an inside mid. By using Vince to tag Shuey we could have Harmes, Oliver, Viney, Jones and Brayshaw all rotating at full speed - giving everything they have to push the momentum our way, knowing we have locked down Shuey, and Yeo isn't an inside mid, and Sheed is a touch slow. Sheed is like Tyson. That is the beauty of Gaff been out. We should be able to really do a number on Dom Sheed this week.
  13. KingDingAling

    Dom Tyson - what's wrong?

    He would be a good fit for Carlton - especially if they snare Shiel. The addition of Tyson and Shiel would improve Carlton greatly, it would allow Dow to develop at his own pace and also take the pressure off of Cripps.
  14. KingDingAling

    David King thinks Eagles will Belt Us.

    David King is right, even if it comes from a place of hurt. King is hurting right now - big time. He is a North Melbourne supporter, and he has had to watch Melbourne collect a raft of quality draft picks (something North didn't do) and march into the finals. But its more than that, he knows we have a dynasty list. This is hurting King really badly at moment. I can see it in his write ups with the little "if Hawthorn had Birchall and co we will be telling a different story". Well David, what about Hogan and Lever? What are they chopped liver? That been said, King is right. I thought we were pretty ordinary in the first half, and we still have a lot of work to do. Thankfully Hawthorn were as bad as we usually are at converting opportunities to results.
  15. KingDingAling

    Demonland Player of the Year - Semi Final

    6. Viney 5. Hibberd 4. TMAC 3. Gawn 2. Jetta 1. Oliver