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  1. Changes v Richmond R5

    Saw Hogan training at Goschs paddock on Saturday with MFC players before the game on Saturday.
  2. JLT Round 2 vs. Carlton at Casey Fields

    What is it you have against AVB? I thought he played well.
  3. New MFC app

    Sorry, my mistake. It was the AFL app that was mentioned not the MFC app.
  4. New MFC app

    Somewhere on Demonland there was mention made of access to AFL Live, for free, if you had the MFC app and you are a MFC member. Does any body know how this works as I can't see it on the MFC app I downloaded?
  5. Training - Wednesday 30th November, 2016

    Give us a clue about how to find you on Instagram/Twitter please.
  6. RIP Paul Couch

    That is a shock! He has left far too early.
  7. The Jack Trengove is BACK Thread

    Did you ever run with Cliffy? I did for 10k and he definately wasn't slow.
  8. Vale Ken Osborne

    Sad to hear about Ken. I played with him at Bentleigh FC before he went to Melbourne. He was not related to Graeme Osborne.
  9. New Balance Offer for Members

    Ordered shoes and received same within 4 days. Great shoes! Very Happy with purchase.

    You obviously did not see him play last weekend!
  11. Brendan McCartney

    Thanks for posting the clip. Brendan McCartney is very impressive and obviously passionate about all things "Footy". It is fantastic to have him on board.
  12. Training - Monday, 2nd February, 2015

    That is Pathetic!!
  13. I certainly don't drink any more or less and there will be no New Years resolution to change. I am still looking forward to enjoying a 2002 bottle of Robbie Flower, signature collection Rare Old Tawny Port when the dees make the finals. I won't save it for a premiership as the port would probably remain unopened in my lifetime.
  14. I just received my MFC/MCC membership pack, including my 2015 Platinum Membership card for 52 years consecutive membership. I don't expect anything from the club except the same success the club was enjoying when I first joined as a junior member.
  15. Casey Scorpions v Geelong

    I agree. Riley was very hard at it and also showed excellent skills with precise delivery. He did push the boundaries a bit with the umpires such as not returning the ball correctly and pushing oponents after they marked - he will need to get that out of his game but will be a great acquisition for the MFC.