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  1. The only silver lining to Essendon returning to finals will be Brendon Goddard being delisted the year before it happens.
  2. Surprised the umpires didn't pay a free for high contact!
  3. Hey, Simmo: how are all those poor little downhill-skiing petals in your team holding up today? After such an embarrassing choke against us, with those pathetic defensive efforts in the dying seconds as 4 of your defenders nonchalantly jogged towards Tom McDonald before kicking the winning goal, are they holding up okay? Any neck injuries from all that excessive ducking, diving and milking for free kicks every week? How's Darling, by the way? Still cleaning his dacks after [censored] himself in your embarrassing excuse for a Grand Final coaching performance a few years back? Keep up the great work though! You're doing a fantastic job treading water in the middle of the ladder with zero impact in finals.
  4. Goddard on Footy Classified is like having the Grim Reaper on the panel. Has all the charisma of a staph infection.
  5. Disgusting hypocrisy. One week the media is harping on about showing empathy for mental health, lest any players be going through a tough time. The next, they're gleefully dragging a 19 year old through the mud for his reaction to being slugged in the chin with an elbow. All for the sake of cheap headlines, clickbait and ad revenue. The media in this country is [censored].
  6. If accurate, BT & Channel 7 can expect the same "go [censored] yourselves" treatment that Sydney gave them last Friday night. Deadset parasites. And who even watches that dreck? Four knobheads sitting around a table pretending to be controversial for the sake of ratings and filling their pockets with money. Save yourself the angst and spend an hour watching paint dry; it'll be more intellectually stimulating.
  7. Straining my eyes trying to tell the difference on TV and I'm only a few metres away. Typical AFL hypocrisy.
  8. Terrible outcome. We all know Richmond are beatable pretenders but the last thing we want nipping at our heels are a rejuvenated Swans.
  9. Search 'Jake Lever and Daniel McStay' in Google and open the article at the top from there.
  10. GWS really botched that. So many chances to nab a draw minimum in the last minute and end up losing. Not to mention all the selfish running shots at goal. Not unhappy with the result though, keeps GWS from dominating at the top.
  11. Carlton looking the goods against GWS. Can't be bothered checking but what's the result of bye vs non-bye teams this round? I know Sydney won after their bye but last round both bye teams lost (Port and Suns).
  12. Unfortunately Essendon have an advantage over us in the race for a finals campaign: they were gifted an easier draw after artificially finishing dead last in 2016. That means more games against against crap opposition, more opportunities for percentage boosters and in such an even season that's critical.
  13. True, I just feel it's just a mindset thing. After so many years of mediocrity, just securing that W is gold. Like Roosy used to say, the percentage looks after itself (and fortunately ours is quite healthy with all those close losses).
  14. Let's just focus on beating them, forget the percentage. There were identical posts before the Fremantle, Hawthorn and North Melbourne games and look what happened.
  15. That's the Seven commentator mantra. State the bleedingly obvious.