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  1. SaberFang

    Post Match Discussion - Round 5

    What the hell happened to the high-scoring Demons? Last year we were sacrificing Roos' defensive structures but the outcome was higher scoring. Now we're leaking goals to the opposition all over the ground and sruggling to score at all. Essentially, we've sacrificed both offence AND defence. I've concluded that something is seriously wrong with our coaching. So many of our players have gone backwards at lightspeed.
  2. SaberFang

    Post Match Discussion - Round 5

    Christ, why couldn't we have gotten Dew? Has the Suns playing like superstars and he's been there a few months. Goodwin's "game plan" (that's being generous) has been found out and he clearly has no answers. Speaking of, I've never seen such an inept "game plan". It seems more focused on exhausting our players than SCORING GOALS. You can only handball around in circles so many times before you turn the ball over, and when your players are too exhausted to defend, it results in easy goals against. So what the [censored] is this [censored], Goodwin? IT. CLEARLY. ISN'T. WORKING. Just so glad we have this year's draft to look forwar... oh, that's right, we gave up our (probably) top 5 pick to Adelaide in this year's draft. Joy!
  3. SaberFang


    The whole situation is just baffling to me. As everyone else has said, we've gone backwards at light speed. What the [censored] has gone wrong with this club in the off-season? If we keep this up, we'll be lucky to get out of the bottom 6.