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  1. 3 pages in and not a single photo of the shot in question?
  2. Why did you play-on, you muppet!!?? Take your time, have a shot after the siren and you probably win that match! Unbelievable finish but that result really pisses me off. Geelong infuriate me. Such a mediocre team carried week in, week out, by two players.
  3. Is my hearing failing or did I just hear Bruce say, with all sincerity, "I reckon they're most people's second favourite team," when referring to Essendon? Jesus Christ. Just hang up the microphone Bruce.
  4. Utterly embarrassing for St Kilda, in the Friday night spotlight too. Someone remind me why these pretenders have 3 Friday night games this year?
  5. Plenty of time for Essendon to lose this. Not sure I want St Kilda top 4 but I sure as hell don't want Essendon getting close to the top 8 with their ridiculously soft run home (another AFL gift for artificially finishing last).
  6. That was bizarre. He continued to sit there on the phone as Lewis counted down the game. What brilliant strategical move was he planning to make at that point? Given his proximity to the players, you'd think he could've instructed his players to man up. Maybe he was ordering dinner?
  7. No coincidence, that one. As for the Fairfax article with this [censored] accepting Clayton's apology? Only worth a read if you need any further evidence that journalism in this country has sunk beneath the gutter.
  8. In a lot of ways, you have to wonder if those matches Lewis lost, and the tight losses we suffered, might be the making of our team, long-term? That's the optimist's way of looking at things, anyway.
  9. The odds of Goodwin giving McDonald 0 votes are equally 0.
  10. Not even crowd patrons are safe from our unruly players, now having their lives threatened while peacefully sitting in the stands! Won't somebody think of the children!?
  11. Oh yeah, forgot about that. Oliver getting into a "Twitter spat" with some [censored] cricketer is an indictable offence nowadays. What is the world coming to!?
  12. Lloyd, Hutchy and Cornes were surprisingly complimentary about our win, right until they threw us under the bus for "getting ahead of ourselves," complete with laughable 'rap sheet' detailing our indiscretions this year. They even included Hogan caught smoking at a music festival on the graphic. You'd think these soulless wankers might have an ounce of humanity for a kid with a gravely ill father, but clearly that's giving modern Australian journalism too much credit.
  13. One could deduce that a certain senior coach omitted McDonald from his votes, while another gave him BOG.
  14. Can't be too surprised. For years the losing team has been the story over us, regardless of how good a win it was. Didn't see any sympathy for us when our two injuries in the Anzac Eve match cost us the game, was nothing but media fellatio to Richmond.
  15. Some "interesting" coaches votes. Looks like someone gave Murphy 5 votes, Curnow 3 votes, Kreuzer 1 vote and McDonald no votes. He almost certainly got 5 from Goodwin, unless I was watching a different game. CARLTON v MELBOURNE 9 Marc Murphy (Carl)5 Charlie Curnow (Carl)5 Tom McDonald (Melb)5 Christian Petracca (Melb)4 Clayton Oliver (Melb)1 Matthew Kreuzer (Carl)1 Neville Jetta (Melb)