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  1. That was my exact thinking. God knows what an opposition club sniper would do in a final if push came to shove...
  2. Well, we can kiss finals goodbye, that much is clear. You can't have losses against Richmond and Fremantle (teams we beat last year) and expect to play finals. Yeah, we registered wins against St Kilda and Carlton (Port flogged them by ~100 points whereas we barely fell over the line), but it remains two steps forward and two steps backwards. I can't wait to see all the optimism going into next week's match only to lose, again, through inaccuracy in front of goal (despite dominating in all stats). Oh yeah, hope you feel like [censored], Jordan. Three games lost from a lack of leadership; we could easily have been 5-0 with you on the ground.
  3. How bad a senior coach do you need to be to continually lose close games when you're in front in the dying minutes? Just flood the [censored] forward line you dolt!
  5. Hardly surprising, it's practically tradition for our team to lose those games. We've made a habit of it and it's so predictable it's not funny.
  6. It's not looking great right now. Just hitting form by the looks of things.
  7. Bad accuracy in front of goal seems to be a theme this year. Freo kicking themselves out of the game with 12 behinds, GWS with 15 (though with a comfortable enough lead it doesn't matter).
  8. Any chance, if you get that truth, you won't broadcast it all over the internet for opposition teams to discover and take advantage of? You do realise players and clubs keep the specifics of injuries secret for good reason, right?
  9. Hard to believe any sane person who would knock that percentage back, especially in this climate. The stumbling block is that 20% in the first year is fine but 1% in successive years isn't enough because of CPI. As with most pay increases, a total percentage is usually determined (in this case ~25%) and then divided into the years of contract. By getting the vast majority of the increase upfront, it has financial benefits to players. What would you prefer, 20% + 1% + 1% + 1% + 2% or 5% + 5% + 5% + 5% + 5%? I'd feel more sympathy for the AFLPA if the stumbling block was increasing the base salary for rookies, or to introduce post-career care for concussion sufferers, or care for badly injured players who needed to retire prematurely. Unfortunately, their goal seems to just be guaranteeing even more money for the 0.1% at the top, while the median salary would hardly change. Why not get some perspective from lesser-known players on sub-$100K rather than those trying to purchase their 4th house?
  10. 3.7.25 to 3.7.25! Well, both teams' supporters can sulk about missed opportunities together!
  11. Missing from 15m after that free kick was a disgrace. When you get those opportunities you CANNOT miss them.
  12. How any MFC supporter can still make posts like this is beyond me. How many times do we need to learn the same lesson?
  13. How are GWS going to pay all these players with contracts ballooning to that size?
  14. How the hell did St Kilda end up with Hawthorn's first rounder? What an absolute coup; I don't remember them losing anything substantial in the last draft/trade period.
  15. Not a great look I admit, but we also don't know the circumstances of what's going through Jesse's head right now. For all we know he's absolutely filthy at himself for the suspension, and coupling that guilt with the condition of father at the same time might be really stressing him out?