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  1. Imagin if Hunt could kick
  2. A McDonalds special that one
  3. Ben Browns set shot run up is so long he just about needs to take a bounce halfway along
  4. Suddenly everything feels like the first quarter again. Joints just flat
  5. Yeah I heard it too
  6. Weed is sooooooo soft
  7. It was Higgins whom hit him
  8. Unfortunately we're lacking in talls to bring in. Way as well keep em in, might just learn something
  9. Frost is on Waite. Which would you rather?
  10. Oscar needs to pull his finger out
  11. Ugly start
  12. Barrett broke the story on triple m with permission from the club and hogan family
  13. I had to wear a helmet for half a season after a minor skull fracture just to keep the club docs happy. I can assure you that they do not much apart from attracting more his to the head. May as welll wear a target.
  14. So still nothing on this?
  15. Could be a handy depth player either forward or back. Who knows if Garland will be any good after his ACL. Reid would certainly bring great experience but can't help but think his best years are well in the past edit you know what, scrap that last part. Didn't realise that he's only 25. Get him