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  1. Holy crap. I aged at least 3 years in that minute
  2. Not over yet kids
  3. Getting really over Lewis' s h one t. He may have been great at the hawks but he hasn't done enough at Melbourne to get away with that crap
  4. Damn OMac is slow
  5. What the hell was that
  6. There seems to be a bit of panic with most of them when they get it tonight. Just need to settle it down
  7. What a game Viney is having
  8. Petrie just dropped his knees and fell over
  9. What the [censored] do we have to do to buy a free of these WA umpires?
  10. A big key Backman and more genuine forward depth
  11. Used to chat to Hibby on the train back from the footy from time to time. Both of us got off at warragul. Two stories that I'll most remember; When we were kids we played for different local footy clubs but when the seniors were on we both ran the boundary for the ones (back when they just used kids to do it). He was as one sided an umpire as I've ever seen. When Dusties got a late goal to put them in front he celebrated harder than the players and absolutly sprinted the ball back to the next centre bounce. Which was a fair effort from the big boy. Also after a good win in 2014 on the gippy train home he walked down the aisle, pulling up next to pretty much anyone wearing Dees colours asking "whatta ya think about the Roos revolution?" and excitedly talking up all things roosy. he was clearly one of the most rusted on, passionate Dees supporters who just loved to talk all things Demons with pretty much anyone who'd listen. He'll be sorely missed by everyone who knew him at Melbourne and everyone one from his home town club, the Warragul dusties
  12. If the players are going to be granted this level of freedom to pick and choose where they go, maybe it's time the clubs got the freedom to trade players without player consent and regardless of contract status.
  13. Imagin if Hunt could kick
  14. A McDonalds special that one
  15. Ben Browns set shot run up is so long he just about needs to take a bounce halfway along