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  1. Gipsy Danger

    Expansion teams

    Can we still consider every team that came in after 1897 an expansion team?
  2. Gipsy Danger

    Our supporter stereotype

    Agreed, as long as we’ve been the Demons we’ve been the Dees. It’s part of our identity that everyone’s knows us as. You hear ‘Dees’ you know you know someone’s talking about the Melbourne Demons.
  3. Gipsy Danger

    Our supporter stereotype

    I’d like to say it’s unwarranted but between the velvet jacket wearing trumpeter, the cheese board guy at the footy and the general MCC crowd it’s probably fair. not to mention the 3aw level of outrage in this place.
  4. Gipsy Danger

    GF Ballot Barcode

    I’m P3 in the ballot but I’ll be really hoping that my aunt give up her anual corporate tickets. I’m pretty sure she doesn’t even watch the game anyway.
  5. Gipsy Danger


    Chance here for China Southern to pull the finger out and provide a few planes to get us over to Perth.
  6. Gipsy Danger

    I have a dilemma...

    Is a Rams hat, just burn it. Go Pats!
  7. Gipsy Danger

    Post Match Discussion - Elimination Final

    WOW WOW WOW WOW! my heart hurts a little after that. I love this club GO DEES!!!!!!
  8. Gipsy Danger

    GAMEDAY - Round 22

    Why can’t we seem to stop these run ons
  9. Gipsy Danger

    Who is our Forward coach?

    Well as per a graphic on Footy Classified last night were ranked 3rd for set shot and goal accuracy against bottom 9 sides. But where it matters, we’re ranked 16th for setshot and goal accuracy against top 8 sides. So pretty obvious there’s a big problem there as we haven’t beaten a single top 8 side this year. That said I’m sure you’ve watched every game that I have this year. You can’t tell me we don’t have a problem going forward and kicking goal against good opposition.
  10. Gipsy Danger

    Who is our Forward coach?

    Yet we’ve thrown away crucial games all season with bad goal kicking
  11. Gipsy Danger

    Jesse Hogan - trade?

    Lot of people in here who need a cuddle I think
  12. Gipsy Danger

    Who is our Forward coach?

    Watch closely though, very few of our player have a set routine that they stick to and repeat. Tommy McDonald might be the only one. Hogan’s run up, step count and ball drop are different every time. every player needs a set shot routine. It’s the only way to really work out what they’re doing right or wrong to fix and fine tune any issues. Ben Brown is the perfect example. His set shots are always to routine. And if he’s off he can look at the footage and fix it
  13. Gipsy Danger

    Who is our Forward coach?

    If we have a goal kicking coach, sack him! if we don’t have a goal kicking coach, hire one tomorrow. Our set shots are disgraceful
  14. Gipsy Danger

    GAMEDAY - Round 21

    FFS what the hell are they doing out there
  15. Gipsy Danger

    GAMEDAY - Round 19

    What a ride. Much prefer the easy way