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  1. The Weed

    Way to early to be judging the kid so harshly. He's still just a boy who doesn't even need to shave yet. he needs time, patience and protein but I'm confident he'll get there.
  2. Lack of Finals = Failed Season?

    Big fat F if we miss finals. given we were sitting on the ladder most of the season, the opportunities missed or thrown away and the relative ease of our fixture missing finals will be be inexcusable and a massive oppertunity lost
  3. Match Review Panel Farce

    It's not Melbourne but Collingwood need to desperately appeal the Brody Grundy suspension for the sake of the game as we know it. obviously yes protecting the head is important and we all know about the importance of the concussion issue but... Grundys tackle was exactly how players have been taught to tackle forever. Pin the arms bring him to ground win the free. suspending grundy because browns head hit the dirt is a joke. We're at the point now where players won't be able to tackle out of fear of the tackled player getting hurt and the tackler getting rubbed out. suspensions should only be handed out for deliberate aggressive acts outside the rules of the game. Not for accidental football incident injuries. It's a contact sport and players will get hurt. They all know and accept the risks. the afl need to decide if the sport is going to remain a contact sport and sort out the mrp to acknowledge and accept injuries can happen in fair football incidents. by all means rub out the blokes who punch, deliberately bump, trip, chicken wing, headlock, slander and just downright ignore the rules of the game but don't go after players who play fair and within the rules just because someone got hurt.
  4. Brownlow Night

    Jayden Hunt might just go the double. Better look into the odds on that one
  5. Brownlow Night

    Yeah the Grand Final sprint is becoming a big deal
  6. Professionalism

    Seeing as both Sydney teams are doing better than us at the minute, maybe a leaf to be taken out of their book? Get on it boys
  7. Post Match Discussion - Round 19

    That was so typically Melbourne. Lost another game we're expected to win. It's just not what genuine finals contenders do. We're not going anywhere until the gap between our best and our worst can be closed right up.
  8. New Mascot Flash

    I'm proposing a bald tattoo covered mascot named Chunk.
  9. Gus Brayshaw

    Seems to have slipped through the cracks this one but word has it Gus had a pretty solid return for Casey
  10. My 3 word player analysis V Pt Adelaide

    Gone on the ski trips early this year so they can be back for september
  11. New Mascot Flash

    It's for the kids, they'll love it. The more the better.
  12. 8 Point Games

    I'm most nervous about the Roos in Hobart. Why do we have such a hard time against them
  13. Critiquing the content not the person

    That's gold
  14. The Dom Barry Thread

    Slow news week?
  15. Tom McDonald - are his days as a defender over?

    There will certainly be some selection headaches in the future, trying to fit Hogan, Watts, McDonald and Pedo into the side. Add Weed into that and we've got a pretty good problem to have.