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  1. Silence from Ch7
  2. I think the AFL in about to miss a golden oppertunity to release a merchandise range of AFL licenced head bands
  3. The kid does have a fair size melon on him
  4. I guess the simple solution to this is just got to the game
  5. Because of the overall national audience as opposed to the Victorian one. 7 will have 3million plus viewers, particularly int northern states watching Mkr as opposed to the 1/2 to 1 million watching the footy. Fair to say advertisers that pay 7 for the time slot wouldn't be thrilled about being shunted to the secondary channel.
  6. It really has nothing to do with who is playing. It's a Richmond home game and they have huge membership numbers. Ch7 would have made the decision based on a national viewing audience not just the Victorian. NSW and QLD will be watching that cooking crap not the footy. 3million plus viewers nationally as opposed to 1/2 - 1 million viewers in Victoria would be pretty simple for Ch7
  7. Apart from the fact that ch7 is making a god awful 'reality' tv show priority over the footy, I'm just happy the game's actually on free to air.
  8. You've gotta be kidding don't you? Goody's about 5minutes in to his coaching career and already you're writing him off. From my recollection, the due process of picking Roos successor began almost immidiatly after Roos was appointed with Stewie Dew being the earliest target. Many other potential candidates were interviewed and researched over a much longer period of time than most other coaching appointments before Goody was finally offered the position. Goodwin was also widely considered to be a top choice and would no doubt have found himself at another club had we not have secured him. If you can't be happy with who we have, where he's taking us and acknowledge where we're at than what the hell do you want?
  9. We don't have that many sponsors to see anyway. BOJ still blank
  10. I don't waste my time with a reserved seat membership either. Tried it once and was like watching the game at the local bowls club. There's more enthusiasm at a golf tornament
  11. The staff? How about the members
  12. Well good to see we're still the same good old Melbourne. I don't handle change very well
  13. Well pedo's not playing this week so how could he cover the loss of Spencer or Watts if they get injured?
  14. Bit worried with this line up. With Smith out and if one of Watts or Spencer go down we're gonna be massively exposed up forward. Petracca might have to learn to play key forward real fast
  15. Get some Peter Jacksons suits too for the trifecta