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  1. Suddenly the list managers look amazing. lost Hogan, gained May, KK and pick 23 done well
  2. Won’t miss his on field sooking and going hard when it was easy to do so. so long 👋
  3. Does make a lot of sense from a business, marketing and media relations side of things. Shutting out the cheif football writer from the second largest print media in Melbourne is just asking for trouble.
  4. The only one you were nice to was Smith and he was absolutely [censored] house
  5. WHAT THE [censored] IS THIS HORSE [censored] BEING DISHED UP? WAKE THE [censored] UP! YOU’RE IN A [censored] PRELIM!
  6. Well that couldn’t have started any worse. got a lot to clean up
  7. Will this day ever stop dragging on? lets just to game time already
  8. Yeah I just went on and got through immediately. You might need to try a different device
  9. Can we still consider every team that came in after 1897 an expansion team?
  10. Agreed, as long as we’ve been the Demons we’ve been the Dees. It’s part of our identity that everyone’s knows us as. You hear ‘Dees’ you know you know someone’s talking about the Melbourne Demons.
  11. I’d like to say it’s unwarranted but between the velvet jacket wearing trumpeter, the cheese board guy at the footy and the general MCC crowd it’s probably fair. not to mention the 3aw level of outrage in this place.
  12. I’m P3 in the ballot but I’ll be really hoping that my aunt give up her anual corporate tickets. I’m pretty sure she doesn’t even watch the game anyway.
  13. Chance here for China Southern to pull the finger out and provide a few planes to get us over to Perth.
  14. Is a Rams hat, just burn it. Go Pats!
  15. WOW WOW WOW WOW! my heart hurts a little after that. I love this club GO DEES!!!!!!
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