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  1. Christian Petracca Re-Signs Until End of 2020

    Now thats the type of Petracca-ed contract signing I like to see. Its a beautiful thing...
  2. Demonland Supercoach 2018 Comp

    Demon Dees are back for 2018

    Good work Dees and welcome Jake. The surprised for me was that it didn't drag out to next week. Makes me think that Mahoney and Co may have something else brewing and had to tidy up Levers deals first.

    Did Lever get any votes in the cows B&F or did they delete his name from the count???

    Crows leadership group thinking about unsigned players & next year and not on the current finals series how can the coach let this happen. I wonder what his ex team-mates think individually about the bagging he is getting. There is an almighty stink about this Adelaide culture and I reckon Cameron and a number of others will be looking over their shoulders and thinking I do not want to be here. They say one of Lever's traits is that he is a good decision maker!!! I wouldn't disagree.
  6. Jake Stringer

    Did he have a Package with him??
  7. Draft Pick # 10 (gone)

    How about TMac for Lever. We get a quality backman and Tom will give us a minimum of 2 goals from turnovers each time we play Adelaide. We win in the forward half and win in the back half with one trade.

    One of the most disgraceful umpiring exhibitions I have ever seen, particularly in the 2 qtr they seem to have no control or idea of what was going on. But the good teams overcome these challenges with skill and effort and good decision making. Hmmm, I went to Adelaide last week to see us route the crows, that was a beautiful thing, reckon I will just think about that for another week and consider the promise of things to come, bit like a fart I suppose?
  9. Fist or open hand - you be the judge

    Disappointing that 2 key players for the game against Geelong will not be there. Would love to know what Goodwin has to say to Lewis and Hogan about these stupid acts of frustration. One should know better and the the another hopefully learns from letting their team down. Be interesting to see who the replacements with be.
  10. Finals here we come. Doggies won a flag, history repeats we go on to win 6 of the next 10. Tom MacDonald has a 100% disposal efficiency rating. Hogan to Kick 70+ goals Tommy Bugg to have best goal celebration in league and wins the "in your face" award. Gawn and Spencer to be the best ruck team in the league. Petracca to be called the magician as he befuddles the opposition from week to week. Viney lays 150 + tackles for the session. Watts to win B&F Surprise packets - 2 Smiths to impact with breakout years. Hunt to continue the rise
  11. Winning Trade Period

    Am I correct in thinking that we have to have a minimum of 3 picks in the draft. If so we have Dunne's spot open and need to delist another 2 players. From the grapevine seems Dawes is gone and I believe Newton is our last uncontracted player so possibly that makes up the 3 positions. I find it hard to pick another one from the senior list.
  12. FA & Trade Whispers

    Is it really possible that MFC who have been repeatedly been knocked back for a priority pick in recent years actual pick up one from the trading machinations with Brisbane for Dunne and pickup of Rockliff as well? Would have thought that pick 19 was far more valuable to Brisbane in their current environment. Would be very happy to accept this generosity but it seems to be a bridge to far for me.
  13. FA & Trade Whispers

    Noticed Jarrad Lyons from Crows has not yet signed. Seem to remember that MFC was interested in him 2 years ago. Would he be still be a likely candidate to pick up?
  14. Barassi collection to be sold at auction

    Never thought I would say, "well done Paul Little". Its a strange and wonderful world at the best of times and I find it interesting and a bit disappointing that the buyer had no connection to the MFC. Good to see that the collection will remain as one.
  15. John Butcher

    Just what we need, another player that can not kick.