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  1. Does someone like COYB really know what levels of professionalism the club expects of its senior players? I've always been a massive critic of our FDs in the past, but in this instance I'm in agreement, based on what I see of Jack Watts the footballer.
  2. And as such, your commentary of events has been emotional rather than rational. Your perception of Jack Watts the footballer, is blinkered by your feelings of Jack Watts the person. The FD's decision was based on cold hard facts, not emotion. And that's how a Football Department should operate.
  3. You read my mind. His "highlights package" actually showed him missing a goal from 2 metres out.
  4. Port the big winners in Trade Week?

    Rockliff is an absolute stat padder. He racks up possessions that don't hurt the opposition. Fagan had the courage to move him on. Watts and Motlop are both questionable commodities.
  5. Maybe that's the culture at the club that Goodwin's trying to change. The players get too comfortable in their skins, and the results prove it. We have a great win against all odds, then lose a game we're expected to win.
  6. Yep. Chalk and cheese compared to Watts. McDonald and Bruce didn't get drafted from the TAC, and had to work there butt off to make it. Both got the most out of their abilities. Fantastic examples to younger players. Watts has never been in the LG. The decision to cut McDonald was terrible, but the Bruce decision was based on length of contract. And I hope Sam Weid learns quickly that the ultimate club player is different to the ultimate club professional.
  7. Now this statement has been repeated ad nauseum, and is hard to comprehend. If we were a premiership team, and Watts was an integral part of the success, I could understand if there was some residual backlash from his teammates. The Whale Roberts being traded from Richmond, and Bradbury and Carey from Essendon, are examples where trades had an underlying impact on the playing group. But these teams had multiple premiership success behind them. The MFC is a team that hasn't played finals in 11 years, and is still seen as mentally fragile. If the players arc up because the FD want to weed out players who don't exhibit elite standards of professionalism, then we will go backwards. But that falls on the players, not the FD.
  8. This explains how genuine Geelong's interest in Jack Watts was: https://www.sen.com.au/news/2017/10/15/why-cats-gave-up-watts-chase/
  9. Yeah, and last year we got royally screwed on the Hibberd and Lewis deals.
  10. We probably valued him at say pick 21 - 25, and there would be less hand wringing on here if that's what we got. But the club wanted to move Watts on, so do you really think that they'd backflip over 6-10 positions in the 2nd round of the draft?
  11. We're also trading his $500,000 salary. His value is determined by the market. Stephen Wells said that Geelong would rather go into the draft than give us what we wanted, which was an early 2nd round pick. And Pick 31 was Port Adelaide's 1st available pick.
  12. Statistically the role of the lead-up or 3rd tall appears to have changed in 2017. In 2016, 8 players I'd consider a lead-up 3rd tall kicked 40 goals or more, and Watts kicked 38. In 2017, only 3 kicked 40 or more, being Menzel 40, Darling 43, R. Gray 47. It's arguable whether Gray is a small or lead-up forward, and whether Darling is a KPF. And Menzel is now considered expendable. The decision to move Watts on is as much about gameplan and structure, as it is about anything else.
  13. T Mac has far superior endurance than Watts, which is imperative for a key forward, which Watts is not.
  14. Farewell Colin Garland

    It doesn't work that way because clubs could rort the cap. That's why the length of the Buddy to Sydney deal raised so many eyebrows. If he retired before the 9 years, his salary is still included in the cap.