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  1. Fair enough.
  2. If you can't grasp that there is a difference between not rating a player a "gun" and not rating them at all, then that's your problem.
  3. Averaging almost 24 possessions a game. You must be thinking of Nathan's step brother Liam.
  4. Not really. Only mentioned briefly that his older brothers Garry and Allen had played at South Fremantle before him. As for Zac Jones, if he was a Melbourne player, we'd be delighted with his improvement from year to year. At the right price I'd take him, because he's sure as hell an upgrade on Melksham.
  5. Essendon also have Shaun McKernan who played a fair bit as their no.1 ruck last year. North also have Majak Daw, who's more than capable. Brisbane have Archie Smith, who is a huge talent, and played a few games ahead of Steph Martin as their no.1 ruck. Plus Oscar McInerney. Collingwood could use Lachie Keeffe who's over 200cm. Your final comment doesn't stack up because the 3rd (and in most cases the 4th options) of these clubs are more capable in the ruck than what we have this week.
  6. No crystal ball required. Based on his VFL finals performance, many on here rightfully questioned whether Spencer is an AFL capable backup. So if Gawn went down, that left us with a C grade ruckmen in Spencer, and a young unproven ruckman coming back froma long-term injury in King. We then chose to rookie an even longer term prospect in Filipovic. What's more bewildering is that Pedersen was given an additional year last year, when the FD doesn't have the confidence to use him as either a backup forward or ruckman. If spots on the list are priceless, why re-sign a player that you don't rate? And after having a quick look on Dreamteam of the list of ruckmen, most other clubs have a 3rd ruckman with either AFL experience or are highly rated juniors. Some clubs have four on their list.
  7. This is the part that irritates me about our supporters. Why should we care if Richmond get smashed next week? They beat us, as did Fremantle. Based on current form, we'll struggle to beat Essendon. We haven't played finals for over 10 years, and you wanna take pot shots at Richmond. Give me a spell!!!!!
  8. No, just 2. Against all odds, we got utterly outplayed by Essendon and Carlton last year. We haven't been utterly outplayed in any game this year, but the selections have been mystifying. And as a result of the poor selections, Goodwin's options on matchday have been limited. Regardless of the injuries to Gawn and Spencer during the game, anyone with half a brain could see that our structure would be better served with Pedersen playing as the forward/ruck and Watts utilised as a permanent forward. Particularly when Hogan was out. But who are we to argue about selections. Some of the high and mighty on here think that every decision the FD makes is right, because us mere plebs aren't privy to KPI's and the like.
  9. Is that you Greg Stafford? Bring your boots next week.
  10. But you can't win a flag if you're not winning games in the H&A season. What's wrong with winning games now with a player like Pedersen, who has shown in the recent past that he can play the role that Weid, Smith and Hannan are failing at?
  11. Not be surprised. With the likely weather conditions, I worry about their small forwards in what should be a low scoring game. They don't rely heavily on Reiwoldt, and I'd be more concerned about Dusty playing up forward than in the midfield. Regardless of all the crap talk about KPIs, Kent would be handy tonight.
  12. Ha,ha,ha. You, me and 80% of Dreamteam participants had Hibberd in their team. And I watched him as well. He racked up cheap stats by kicking the ball to himself after opposition points, and playing on. He was also on the receiving end of short kicks sideways, which resulted in a mark and kick for dreamteam points. Don't get me wrong, he wasn't a dud, but he wasn't a gun. To say he was in their top 5 players at the club in 2014 is laughable. He may have finished in the top 5 of the B&F, but that doesn't equate to being in the top 5 players at the club. do the names Terlich and Matt Jones ring a bell? For starters, Heppell, Watson, Goddard, Hooker, Ryder and Hurley were all better players, and you could debate whether another half dozen were better than Hibberd.
  13. You just can't argue a point without getting personal. The 2013 version of Hibberd had all the makings of being a gun. I'd loved to be proven wrong, but I doubt that the 2017 version will reach those heights.
  14. Let's just say that I rate Hibberd slightly higher than Melksham. I'm not from the school that thinks that because Goodwin rates them, they must be ok. The Bombers weren't unhappy with losing either of them.
  15. At Essendon, he played fairly deep in the backline, and I'd expect him to do the same with us. I see him playing as a 3rd tall defender, and expect him to get assignments on key forwards. He's too slow to play as a creative running half back flanker. Salem and Hunt will play those roles.