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  1. Daddyorox

    Ex MFC players at another club

    Michael Byrne, a ruckman who was off-loaded to Hawthorn and won a premiership with them in the mid-80's
  2. Daddyorox

    I enjoyed this. No Dwwwayne Russell

    Wow! Gave me goosebumps all over again. Thanks for posting SWYL
  3. Daddyorox

    Michelle Cowan and Daisy Pearce join the MFC

    This is wonderful stuff. Another sign that a confident and far-sighted football club, the one we support and the one that bears this city's name, has advanced not only its own cause but also the cause of women in football by making these appointments based on nothing but merit
  4. Daddyorox

    Post Match Discussion - Round 17

    Ethan Tremblay You're [censored] nuts. Aren't we all!
  5. Daddyorox

    Nearly a Demon

    Spose we could also have call this "Should have been a Demon"! Ollie Wines would have made this list! Another lazy 33 possession game yesterday "Sigh" Who's OIllie Wines?
  6. Daddyorox

    Vale Richie Benaud

    I was there at the G when Joe Solomon's cap knocked the bails off and 70000 people booed when Richie appealed. Rest in peace Richie. Thanks for the memories. PS. It's ' Benaud '
  7. Daddyorox

    Robbo's roast with Dom Tyson

    I hear Robbo loud and clear, but can't hear a word Dom's saying. Anyone else have this problem?
  8. Why on earth would you bother to make an inane and belittling comment such as this?
  9. Daddyorox

    Post Match Discussion - Never in doubt

    Ahhh! Essendun in June
  10. Daddyorox

    Post Match Discussion - Round 9

    You're kidding right? I guess you missed the 40 metre pass to Jack Viney across the ground and more importantly, the pass to a leading Jack Watts from the outside of his boot. Only the truly gifted can do that
  11. Daddyorox


    Hey Mitch I remember my excitement when I read that you were coming to play for the demons. You gave me hope during some dark times, with your talent and skill and your crazy-brave attack on the ball. You have shown that same bravery in your decision to retire. May your acceptance bring you peace. Thanks for the memories Mitch. I wish you all the best in whatever you do.
  12. Daddyorox

    NAB Challenge 2 - Melbourne v Geelong

    Yes, and despite all of that, they still only won by 13 points