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  1. deeology

    Rating Josh Mahoney

    It would have been a double blow for the pies, not only did we secure May but Hogan leaving makes Weids our primary FF and makes their job to lure him so much harder.
  2. deeology

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    It was the feather and Belly boys cap
  3. deeology

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Time to start the Brayshaw home to Victoria and the Dee's circus!
  4. deeology

    Rating Josh Mahoney

    He maybe back home, but Goodwin vs Ross the Boss? Only time will tell.
  5. deeology

    Rating Josh Mahoney

    I wasn't knocking Jesse for the choices he has made and everything you highlighted is exactly what has bought me to this conclusion. Everybody deals with life differently but I have a pretty good idea how he feels as I lost 2 close friends in a car accident when I was in my teens and then lost my father when I was in my early 20s. And your spot on; sometimes it's just really hard to care about anything, especially an insignificant game of footy. That feeling can appear out of nowhere, at any time. I personally think that Jesse has handled himself magnificently this year. His body language (which so many posters pot him for) has been a massive improvement on last year. Only fools with NFI would be critical of him for that anyway. I was mainly trying to say that going home was his main priority not a premiership. I don't begrudge him for that.
  6. deeology

    Rating Josh Mahoney

    I agree, just the fact that Jesse wanted to go to Freo proves he doesn't have that voracious hunger for a premiership. Freo would have known he was coming home this year or next, we've done quite well!
  7. Only 23, learning from the best and Max obviously gets along well with him. Based on his AFLX comment. We might have a big win.
  8. Way overs, your not suggesting Josh should bend over again?
  9. deeology

    Rumour File

    Dicky knee O'Meara now Scully, hopefully its Hawthorn who are losing the plot, be nice to see them make the 8 again only to have the both of them unavailable thru injury, get knocked straight out and all the hawthorn faithful say "2020 when we have a fit team..."
  10. deeology

    Rumour File

    Which was such a joy to watch!
  11. Bell turns up with his chest puffed out, makes ridiculous demands for Neale tells Melbourne his got a late 1st rounder and some pocket lint for Hogan. Finally does the Neale deal, plays Adelaide and Port against each other for pick 5 pick swaps, finally does a deal with Adelaide. Comes to Mahoney is all his smugness. Mahoney says No deal. Hogan will go to West coast next year, with a premiership under his belt. https://goo.gl/images/SBQoQM
  12. deeology

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    In the last quarter when Gunston got that free for taking out the legs, when they were coming hard at us. He missed the shot but up in the Olympic stand it looked like it went through. A couple of Hawks supporters in front of us jumped up and celebrated turning around really trying to rub all the Melbourne supporters noses in it. You think by the silence they would have worked out that he missed but no they were just loving being complete [censored]. I even had time to say to my sister, "wonder when someone will tell them that he missed" her reply "Let them go, this is Gold" 🎉😂😂🎉
  13. deeology

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Bennell was always a risk, injury issues and his other issues were pretty public, even one of his family said it would be a mistake for him to return to WA. Nothing comparable to Jesse. Just crap from Watson.
  14. deeology

    Rating Josh Mahoney

    It seems to be coming to an end, the players just outside the 22 have been baling out for a few years now, salary cap would be close to maxed and onfeild success is waning.