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  1. deeology

    Lewis Giving It Everything in 2019

    The obvious reason he decked Cripps was that Cripps was killing us and Carlton were threatening to run over the top of us. Cripps was being a cocky little punt and Lewis reminded him he was playing AFL against a tough demon outfit. Did he go to far ... yes. Did that win us the game ... most likely. He also has 22 team mates who could have got us across the line vs Freo. Lewis is judged far to harshly on here. He came to the club to show our boys how to win a premiership the way he has. There is a good reason he wasn't liked when he played at Hawthorn and the only thing that's changed is his colours.
  2. deeology

    Goody in the offseason

    A couple of years back when he was in the process of signing up to take the reins from Roos, His good mate Mark Rucciuto tried to convince him to fill the vacant Adelaide coaching position. He didn't then, not a hope in hell he will now after spending so much time gaining the respect of the players, plus he and Viney seem to have a great connection (looking in from the outside)
  3. deeology

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    A few good games early in the season, a couple of 5+ goal games, then a Range Rover / enter the dragon reincarnation, stirring up all the chicken little's about how we were robbed. 50+ pages easy.
  4. deeology

    Who will step up in 2019

    If Salem could build his defensive side and be as reliable and hard to beat 1 on 1 as Jetta, along with skills he already has. He would be phenomenal.
  5. deeology

    Lyon's Plea to Petracca: Be Like Max

    Trac was low on confidence this year, X factor players like him need to be oozing confidence. Hard training and a sole focus on his footy will bring results which will give him back that confidence! I believe he'll get there, and if he does, it will give us every chance at a premiership.
  6. deeology

    2019 Fixture

    I went to the game in 2016 as well, what a cracker that was! Out scored 8 goals to 2 in the first only to fight back and kick 9 goals to their 2 in the second. Tough game after that, if only Buggs kick to Billy at the death was better, that would have been a famous victory! Sat in the David Boon stand for that game, but the sun was in our eyes for nearly the entire game. Hence the switch for the 2017 game. But the sun never came out on that bleak day. The lines for the toilets and food/beer were good in 2016. I think the Ricky Ponting stand will be the go next year.
  7. deeology

    2019 Fixture

    Maybe someone who is savvy to the financal aspect could give you a correct answer... but seeing as you asked, Collingwood would pass on some hot car stereos and PlayStations to the MFC in return for their members entry. Wouldn't be many pies fans who could afford a full membership let alone home and away membership anyway. If you don't want to give the filth any of your hard earned, stay home and watch it on free to air every 2nd year.
  8. deeology

    2019 Fixture

    It was a shocking day for me too, made the 9hr round trip from the nth west. We should have won but couldn't kick straight in the last and made some horrendous errors. Overall game, C grade at best. Sat near the cheer squad, ground level. Shocking viewing. Anyone planning on going next year avoid that area. Bloke behind me spent the entire first half bagging Don Tyson. Food and toilet cues ridiculous. All that said, I'm looking forward to doing it all again in 2019!! Sitting in the stands.
  9. deeology

    2019 Fixture

    I don't understand people being upset about QB. The home game should have always been rotated. Maguire could have easily been saying he didn't want to play QB against Melbourne. As we've been a rubbish side for the last decade.
  10. deeology

    2019 Fixture

    Don't want to detract from the huge Cats vs Hawks game so best with a late start, against Freo, in Perth.
  11. deeology

    2019 Fixture

    True MFCSS would claim Richmond play on the Saturday and Melbourne get the special new Easter Monday twilight spot.
  12. deeology

    2019 Fixture

    Round 4 2006 won by 5 pts 2016 lost by 55pts 2012 lost by 101pts 2007 lost by 49pts
  13. deeology

    2019 Fixture

    Drug cheats round 1 fixture for the last decade (I know they should be grateful to even get a game) Port Adelaide vs Essendon 2009 Essendon vs Geelong 2010 Essendon vs Western Bulldogs 2011 North Melbourne vs Essendon 2012 Adeliade vs Essendon 2013 North Melbourne vs Essendon 2014 Sydney vs Essendon 2015 Gold Coast vs Essendon 2016 Essendon vs Hawthorn 2017 Essendon vs Adelaide 2018 5 interstate games in 11 years, 2 big vic clubs, and the rest rubbish. It must be the only exception to the squeaky wheel rule.
  14. deeology

    Wallace Rates Dees Trade Period

    A chunk of steel that's dragged thru the mud behind a tractor🙂 Fitting.