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  1. Half time msg from the coaches to the boys stop being so [censored]
  2. Bug will so miss this #momentum killer
  3. Bug is a momentum killer this week and last week he has killed us
  4. Forgive me if this has been covered somewhere but are we getting a new back of jumper sponsor or will it be ahg??
  5. Hope he was watching tonight end of the hawks. They will play finals next year and then they're done. The umps will start to drop off they won't get the rub of the green. There stars will be older or gone era over. Suck eggs Frawley
  6. I don't know cost or contract status but what about Trent Mckenzie(GCS). If he could turn it around and get back to his early form he would be handy pick up
  7. Didn't freo trade there first pick last year for Bennell? They couldn't trade this years and next years first picks for hogan due to the fact you have to use a first round pick in a 3 year cycle. So Fyfe and pick 3 for hogan. Or pick 3 Sheridan and tucker
  8. Chris Dawes = rubbish
  9. if the dockers continue to be bad and finish bottom of the ladder and end up with pick one and they come hard for Jessie hogan. Would you do pick 1 and Neale and let's say tommy Sheridan in a trade??
  10. What will the next head line be? Melbournes first pick in the 2015 draft has gone down with an acl at first training session
  11. Anyone else knocking back a few beers? I am well hydrated
  12. What jerks other teams are
  13. Mathieson aswell would be a dream result
  14. That's the dream
  15. But leaves them with no Howe