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  1. UK Demon

    Demon expats

    I live in a rural part of the north of England. No sports bars here, just village pubs. I watch games on BT Sports. They do about five a week, and a highlights package. They also cover the Big Bash and Ashes tests. It's not too costly a subscription, especially if you have a BT phone line. I used to use the watch afl service but WiFi here is fairly poor and I got frustrated with constant buffering. If BT are not covering the Melbourne game I listen to the radio coverage. I've always enjoyed that, it takes me back in time.
  2. UK Demon

    Supercoach - Demons players.

    Eleven ex-Demons playing AFL! We have not been a strong team, yet clubs think we have players worth paying and putting on their list even if they may not be first team regulars. Is this more than other teams or is it about average?
  3. UK Demon

    Supercoach - Demons players.

    I live in the UK and don't know much about any team apart from Melbourne, I don't care about them anyway. Therefore I enter a team solely of Demons. I won two games last season, (there's a coincidence), but it is useful as an indication of players performances, certainly from over here. I may enter another team from the other sides as well this season, so I have been reading fantasy football posts for ideas. I might stack it with ex-demons to see how they are travelling. Cheney, Petard. Moloney, McLean, Martin, Bennell, Rivers, Scully, any others?