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  1. Every board we have ever had has said the same thing. It remains a problem. I’ll belive it when I see it.
  2. According to this list:- https://www.afl.com.au/news/2019-03-13/the-full-afl-injury-list-postjlt-update- we have 15 payers listed as injured. That is an incredible number. By comparison, Port Adelaide have 9. I don't mean to be an alarmist, but I think we will struggle in the early part of this season, and hopefully come good in the second half. However, the loss of Hannan is significant as ANB looks to have gone backwards and Stretch is not up to the standard required for AFL . When we let Kent go, it was hoped that natural development of these fringe types, add JKH, would help fill a void. Spargo has been underwhelming, Garlett is out...we got a small forward problem.
  3. What time do we have to let the AFL know whether we are accepting this one week ban or challenging it.
  4. Just about choked on my morning coffee while in. A cafe this morning reading the Herald Scum. Sam Edmund has potted that Vandenberg tummy tap that was awarded a fifty as likely to land him in trouble. Neale should be fined for staging. These journos are beating up both incidents.
  5. When will the Review Officer make a call on May, my understanding is we no longer wait, it gets reviewed today, is that right?
  6. Is it true that Brissy played 3 extra players than us? Commentators are talking about Brisbane blokes coming on for the 2nd half only. Example, Lewis Taylor, who was full of run. If that is the case and the fact we lost 2 blokes from the game before half time, probably tells you why they were full of running in the 3rd. Perspective and actually knowing what we out to achieve from this game is all important
  7. Also, can Petracca start nailing his shots on goal. Some of his pings are so hollywood and unrealistic. Needs to be more team focussed or actually work on his accuracy
  8. Glad we agree on ANB, but Petty is a taco. One of the sloppiest footballers I’ve seen since Oscar McDonald debuted. I’d be concerned if we are relying on him developing
  9. Having watched the replay after seeing the game live, a few of my casual observations:- — Hunt, while his disposal is still a concern, was best used as a forward. In fact he was the best of the small forwards we trialled today. He is ahead of spargo in that position at the moment in my view. - We were trialling players in numerous positions all day, while Brisbane played to their structure and their set up remained consistent - our kicking inside 50 is a concern still. We must lead at the ball and lower the eyes. Too many bombs to the ‘hot spot’, despite being outnumbered ahead of the ball. - ANB is a complete scrubber and shirks contests but loves cheap goals from inside 15metres - Oliver had the fumbles. He wasn’t on his Pat Malone. - Joel Smith offers plenty. Versatile and has a go. - Billy Stretch offers nothing at the moment. Extremely disappointing. - the new rules have actually hurt our game plan. We relied on guys coming off the back of the square to create contested ball. Our strength has been impeded by the new rules.
  10. Feet never left the ground. That kid had absolutely no awareness. The ball was still within 5 metres. Initial contact was to the chest, it may have clipped his chin. Injury report should be favourable. Next case
  11. WHY hasn’t Baker been given a run this JLT series? Anyone’s update is on that? Strange not to experiment with Gawn and Preuss in tandem again. Given that McDonald was woeful up forward last week. I would have liked to see the twin towers in together. A little confused, but it’s all about rd 1 I spose.
  12. I'm more concerned by the bias umpiring in Q4 of the MEL v North game. It was bltantly obvious that the two teams were subject to different rules and that the AFL have a bit riding on North Women's team being winners. They will be hoping North host the final, which they'll put on in Tasmania. It was a farce and when that deliberate out of bounds was paid, if it wasn't already obvious from the free kick for in the back, it was apparent that the fix was in.
  13. I'd have him in the best 22. He is dangerous and scares the shhit out of the opposition. The other advantage is that he can kick. A lock for me.
  14. what's the score? We looked very scratchy before the cable was cut.
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