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  1. Leoncelli_36

    Finals Tickets

    Gotta mate keen on 1 ticket for Optus this Saturday. If anyone cannot make it, please inbox me. Cheers. Up the Dees
  2. Leoncelli_36

    Finals Tickets

    I'm in ROW 3 and will be wearing a jumper with number 18 on it. Make yourself known if you so wish. We will be getting rowdy and raising hell.
  3. Leoncelli_36

    Gawn Missing from Training (17/9)

    Nothing to see. It’s management. Pretty sure he jogged the first session last week. In fact 7 news conceded it has been normal for Gawn to have a modified first session for several weeks.media looking for a story
  4. Leoncelli_36

    Our supporter stereotype

    THE funniest is when Eddie bangs on about it. A bloke who resides in Toorak, drives a Lexus SUV, has two sons at Melbourne Grammar and spends summers at Portsea. Such a hypocrite. Forgot long ago about his working class background
  5. I don’t have a spare jumper, but I have stack of previous years’ scarves
  6. Leoncelli_36

    Finals Tickets

    We are in 511 row 3. 4 of us coming. At least we won’t be alone
  7. Leoncelli_36

    Finals Tickets

    I am level 3 bay 511. Anyone near that
  8. Leoncelli_36

    Where to watch the game - Melbourne V WCE

    Nothing happening at the MCG on Saturday. MCC should work with MFC to open the members stand and the Olympic and play it on the big screen. Money in it for them. Food sales. Charge 5 for kids and 10 for Adults.
  9. Leoncelli_36

    Grand Final Entertainment

    Barnes is a stinker. Yell and has a voice that went out long ago. Bogan music.
  10. Leoncelli_36

    Grand Final Entertainment

    Lame as usual. Recycling acts that are well past their used by. Horrendous.
  11. Leoncelli_36

    GAMEDAY - Semi Final

    Anyone mad enough to be in line at the MCC yet?
  12. Leoncelli_36

    Finals Tickets

    Thanks Dee Gee, So how far back were you in the line up when you rolled up at 4.30?
  13. Leoncelli_36

    Finals Tickets

    Missed out of MCC tickets (reserved seats). I am a full member and will line up. Fortunately I am a school teacher and can cut away from work around 2.30. Just wondering what people's experiences were last week. As in, what time did you arrive. Once the gate opened how long did it take for the line to progress to the entrance.
  14. Leoncelli_36

    Favourite Current Dee

    Harmes and Melksham
  15. Leoncelli_36

    Finals Tickets

    I'd say they are evenly divided. I doubt 1000s of people were down at Kardinia Park getting tickets in the 30 minute window before the sales were suspended. Remember also that all an outlet does is log onto the same system that you do via computers.