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  1. Leoncelli_36

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 9

    I realise The Bull Smith is somewhat of a demonland cult figure, but can anyway elaborate on his form at Casey?
  2. Leoncelli_36

    GAMEDAY - Round 8

    Bury them! !!!!!!
  3. Leoncelli_36

    GAMEDAY - Round 8

    Neale Bullen has no footy IQ
  4. Leoncelli_36

    Tim Watson anti Melbourne

    There was one point when the Saints finally got out in space and his comment was "here we go, come one" hahahaha. If that is impartial commentary then I am Santa Claus.
  5. Spargo's couple of handballs that hit running players moving toward goal were elite. It was what impressed me more than his actual goals. He made those around him better. He has proper footy IQ...unlike athletes like ANB who spend the day running a lot. positioning and front and centre cork were also notable.
  6. Leoncelli_36

    Changes vs Saints

    Petracca has posted today from hospital. Video of him in a hospital bed. There may be a chance he misses another match.
  7. Leoncelli_36

    Changes vs Saints

    Weed was good. You are way off saying he isn't up to standard. He clunker a couple of big pack marks. He will come of age soon.
  8. Leoncelli_36

    It's D-Day already for the Dees

    That's a lovely post. How about identifying the egos to which you refer though? It reads well, your post, but unless you are prepared to identify and name the egos responsible, it all sort of means ...well...stuff all.
  9. Leoncelli_36

    How do we get back in the Draft - R1

    You forget that this year's first rounder is going to Adelaide? They'd be laughing in their boots right now. Potentially end up with Pick 4 at season's end for Lever after finishing Top 4.
  10. Leoncelli_36

    Post Match Discussion - Round 5

    And therein lies the problem...it doesn't as these 'staff' are not emotionally invested in our club. Look at the passion McGuire and Kennett have..you can't manufacture that.
  11. Leoncelli_36

    Post Match Discussion - Round 5

    Is Troy Chaplin, the Richmond supporting half arse, still our backline coach? It'd explain why our defence has been so poor this year. Hated the look of him at the Grand Final last year wearing a Tigers scarf and posting all over his social media, all while being a paid employee of MFC. I was lambasted by people here saying that he had the right to support another club..I was staggered at the response. I think what we are seeing is a coaching group who are only in it for themselves and to better their career prospects but have little talent and little passion for OUR club. It reflects in the way the players go about their football. It's the most noticeable difference since Roos left.
  12. Leoncelli_36

    Round 5 Non-MFC Games

    That pr1ck kicking that last goal on the siren knocked us down a spot on the ladder hahahha
  13. Leoncelli_36

    Premium Members Getting Dudded By The Club

    Although I am an MFC member, I elect to sit in the MCC as I pay for my membership. Whenever I look over to our MFC member section I am staggered that we seem to be surrounded by opposition fans. I also notice a lot of opposition fans sitting in our members area. How does this happen?
  14. Leoncelli_36

    Is Goodwin the right guy....

    You really think the Coach can't get a message to the bench to ignore the rotation. It happens all the time. Players come off and are sent back. If he isn't on top of this, it shows that he is lost in the box.