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  1. i have no emotion for Watts..I have supported the trading of him from the start. I am only concerned about the way we handled the trade and the public declarations and the effect they had on his value. are you daft? I haven't mentioned anything about Hogan being worth anything, because Hogan leaving is FAKE news. We cleared out Watts to free Salary cap for Lever and future re-signings. I know this as FACT. So jump off ya high horse, realise you are not the only one with an 'opinion' who has gathered first-hand facts on this issue.
  2. how am I butt hurt? The MFC created a buyers market for Watts, ousted him publicly and got a crappy pick 31 for him, in a weak draft. These are facts, not agenda driven opinion. Adelaide fans are stoked that we have given them 2 first rounders for Lever, a player they consider to be selfish and who plays for himself. It's a late second round pick ...31 that is...don't forget compo picks slide in and push this pick higher... So, we are getting the deal done for Balic for pick 66 yeah? You reckon that is happening? What is the delay ? Why not do it yesterday? What did it have to do with waiting on what we got for Watts? Remember what we gave for Melksham?...cmon mate, be a realist, we may have landed what we wanted in the last few trades and drafts, but we have assisted other clubs with the picks we have given up.
  3. Farewell Jack Watts

    Yep..I heard it..was there
  4. I would give 66...this bloke has some major off field issues..not sure we all understand the baggage we are taking on here.
  5. Farewell Jack Watts

    They do. Made very clear by the leadership group.
  6. 31 a late pick yeah? Or is 31 a top end pick? We've been bent over in every deal this year and a few last year..may the trend continue
  7. http://m.afl.com.au/news/2017-10-17/docker-one-step-from-becoming-a-demon So according to his manager, mfc were waiting to see what they got for watts before moving on Balic...the recent form suggests we will probably give up pick 31 for a former pick 38. That's our current track record isn't it?
  8. Farewell Jack Watts

    Blah blah blah. ...this thread is bordering on rediculous. Yes, Jack loves the MFC as he knows nothing else and suits his private school, Bayside lifestyle. Life has been comfortable for Jack at the MFC...however, his on field performances and training standards have been below that of an elite footballer for years. After many of our losses over the last 9 years, many of Jack's recent fan boys have been the first to lambast the bloke and call him weak, soft and more. When Jack announced that he wanted to stay a Dee and that he loved the club, a lot of supporters changed their tune and fell in love with Jack. Why? Because the MFC has been devoid of such loyalty and passion for years. We've seen no 1 picks walk out...had no real leaders for years, had a group under Neeld that cared little for the club, its history or its supporters. In Jack we saw genuine care for our club, it's culture and us, the supporters ..endearing to many. The bashing stopped and we looked favourably on our new favourite son and forgave the weak efforts at the contest given week after week..the dropped chest marks under no pressure, the one handed tackling efforts...and for a moment were blinded .... Take a breath and remember the frustration you felt for many years...a kid with plenty of potential has gone for a pack of peanuts..but you cannot carry influential members of a team forever..especially when they do not work hard on the track or commit to the contest....every moment counts.... A chapter ends and a likable young man leaves. Move on. The club knows best. The leadership group are driving standards. Trust where we are headed
  9. Farewell Jack Watts

    Let's be honest, club wanted him out, but we have seriously stuffed this up and ended up with very little for a contracted player, who 12 months ago was being looked at by plenty of clubs aND had serious trade value. We end up with another rubbish pick that will yield some kid who is 5 years away from making any impact in the AFL, I'd any at all.
  10. Farewell Jack Watts

    I am fine.. I know that Watts i gone..100% out the door.. i don't know what the hold up is...
  11. Farewell Jack Watts

    I just cannot believe we are dragging this out until the last day. I expected he nominated his club monday and the deal was done by, at the latest, this morning. Clearly we are not as willing to settle for a crap pick?? Has Watts dug his heels in? Not according to Connors? What a farcical way this whole saga has been handled.
  12. Colin Garland Retiring?

    Freeing up a spot and some money for Watts...sorry... I shouldn't have gone there.
  13. Farewell Jack Watts

    Brendan McCartney has had a big hand in ridding the club of Watts. It's not Goodwin or Viney that have put a line through him. Macca was the person driving it. Has a track record of doing it too.