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  1. tilly18

    Open Training - Saturday, 1st September, 2018

    Rod Grinter next to me with a Demons scarf on.
  2. tilly18

    Melksham Injures Hamstring

    Out 1, maybe 2.
  3. tilly18

    Robert Flower - Demon Legend

    For some strange reason he only won 1 MFC best and fairest
  4. tilly18

    Robert Flower - Demon Legend

    I have a mate who is active with the starlight foundation. They have a fundraiser once a year on a Friday night. Quite a few years back on one of these nights I see my mate’s number in my phone. Didn’t pick up, didn’t need drunk talk when I was sober. Played the message in the morning. Hi ….., This is Robert Flower. I hear you re a passionate Melbourne fan. Ringing to talk about the Demons. My mate told me Robbie did not have the slightest hesitation when asked to make the call to a passionate Melbourne fan. I was there on his debut and still have the record
  5. tilly18

    Clarence Oliver

    I have been to nearly every Dees game since 1965. I have always thought I would never see another player like Robbie. That play today when Clarry lobbed it on Hogans chest in the goal square when he had no where to go was genius. Will Clarry be better than Robbie?
  6. tilly18

    Brisbane round 2

    I will be in that bar for the Richmond game. How long are you and Faulty in Phuket for?
  7. tilly18


    It was pick 23 who GWS used for Pat McKenna who we traded in for swaps in the 50s.
  8. tilly18

    20 Great Games

    R 18 1969. V Carlton. Greg Wells first game. He kicked his 4th after taking a mark in the pocket at the city end and the game was over.
  9. tilly18

    Trade rumours

    Barrett also saying Rockcliff to Carlton. This is simply not the case. His preference is to stay at Brisbane unless he gets an offer he cant refuse. Nothing like that has come from Carlton.
  10. tilly18

    Blast from the Past: Brian Wilson

    them being Footscray
  11. tilly18

    Blast from the Past: Brian Wilson

    I cant agree with serviceable footballer. Willo was a champion.
  12. tilly18

    $2 pies

    My votes for best meat pie experience 3. Holbrook Bakery 2. Heritage Bakehouse Milton 1. Grays Bakehouse Kerang. Pie of choice around Melbourne is Routleys.
  13. tilly18

    Reconciliation Action Plan

    My son wore his Air Jurrah shirt for 3 days in Disneyland California Christmas time in 2011. Created some discussion with fellow Aussies while I was having a beer at EPSN downtown Disney.
  14. tilly18

    Reconciliation Action Plan

    Hi Faulty, Hope you've been good Travel around with work a lot so don't have a lot of time to post. Do read a lot. Its a lot better going to the games these days. Rocky wanted the spot at Melbourne but not to be. He may be on the move at the end of the year. Hope Ding is good.
  15. tilly18

    Reconciliation Action Plan

    We were set to take Rockcliff with pick 1 in the pre season draft. Jurrah [censored] up his application for the National draft and the AFL allowed his application lapse to the pre season draft. We were confident we could get both using pick 1 of the rookie draft on Rockcliff, There was a huge knock on Rockliffs tank. Brisbane picked Rockcliff in the pre season. They got Rockcliff and we got Jurrah and Jordie McKenzie.