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  1. I was just speaking to the membership team, apparently we are at about 41,140 as of this morning.
  2. Anyone notice the amount of times Jetta tackles someone and wraps his arms, legs and whole body around them? Has been my long time fav player this man. Nev has to be one of the most underrated players going around. Once he gets you, will never let go!
  3. How do we continually year after year serve this up? Then there is a club like the drug cheats that just find a way to unite and play as a TEAM and win? A man can only take so much before his faith is questioned.
  4. Just reported on channel 7 news, max opened talks about contract extension and is seeking a deal that will see him a demon for life. Let's hope he gets it done.
  5. I tend to agree @praha and since those loses I have taken on board what my grandmother always used to tell me. 'Hope for the best but prepare for the worst'. I must admit I am getting sick and tired of always knowing I have to prepare for the worst, knowing that these last three games will see yet another season out for our wonderful club.
  6. I guess one positive of today is here comes yet another top ten draft pick.
  7. Look out @Moonshadow next thing you know uncle bitter will be heading further north and taking you to the Mardi Gras
  8. 41,034 slooooooowly ticking over
  9. Another weird and wonderful thought just crossed my mind, we had a top 10 pick in last years draft and he played his first game in round 20. What is this unfamiliar territory we are in?
  10. Just got a msg from a whorethorn mate, "we played shite, Frawley in and we would have choked you guys, you better thank the afl for your win, as the only reason your here is cause they bailed you out". He is cut deep, and I love it. Not even going to reply, just let him stew on it.
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