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  1. Neitz the Great

    Training - Saturday 11 August, 2018

  2. Neitz the Great

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 21

    The irony is that if we beat Sydney this week we STILL won't have beaten a top 8 team... Im sure someone will find a way to bring that up
  3. Neitz the Great

    Losing Jack Viney

    He could play me thinks but if he did play there would be the possibility of it developing into worse things
  4. Neitz the Great

    GAMEDAY - Round 17

    And the ground where most of the finals/grand finals are at... HUGE problem if we don't find a way that works there, and quickly.
  5. Neitz the Great

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 17

    http://www.melbournefc.com.au/news/2018-07-12/round-17-team Bernie and JKH for Stretch and Smith
  6. Neitz the Great

    Training - Wednesday 11th July, 2018

    What is he injured with?
  7. Neitz the Great

    Changes v Port

    I love what spargs is doing and his second quarter showed some real promise about the player he could become. But currently, at this stage of the year and his development, we need someone who is impacting the contest more. He had 0 possessions in the first quarter, 9 in the second, and finished the match on 12, that doesn't qualify as a "great first half" to me, and a lot of his possessions were questionable in the second. Don't get me wrong I love the kid and the way he goes about it, but was disappointed in his impact for the game and felt we played a man down with him for most of the game. When Goody was questioned in his post match when someone said how he provided a spark in the game, he was a bit meh with his response saying how he's a great kid blah blah but didn't seemed to be impressed with his overall game IMO I think: In: Garlett, Weideman, Petty? (really enjoyed his Casey game)/Frost? Out: Spargo, Pederson, Vince?/Harmes? Totally confused by who comes out but think we need a third tall against port.
  8. Neitz the Great

    Casey Demons v Collingwood VFL - Round 10

    Tyson looks a class above.
  9. Neitz the Great

    Casey Demons v Collingwood VFL - Round 10

    It only shows the tv from the region (e.g. brisbane for me) Anyone know how to change this??
  10. Neitz the Great

    Post Match Discussion - Round 10

    http://www.melbournefc.com.au/video/2018-05-27/rd-10-angus-brayshaw-postmatch Pure emotion by gussy here! You can see how much he loves the club and how much it means to him being fit and contributing to this team. He's. Not. Going. Anywhere.
  11. Neitz the Great

    Nathan Jones' 250th.

    Heart and soul. The two words that you would describe the bald headed, brute of a man who combines courage and class and someone that we are lucky enough to be able to call captain. He has stuck through thin, thin, thin, thin and thin and his heart is as connected with this club as anyone. There were times and times when this man could have left our great club and I would've shed a tear, but I would not have been bitter in the slightest, but with his back against the wall and a huge climb ahead, time and time again he stuck with us. It's an old adage, but I think if you cut this man's veins he really would bleed red and blue. So get down to Etihad stadium this Saturday to support our great, loyal man for 250 magnificent 'heart and soul' games. Thank you for sticking with us Nathan ❤️ P.S. as if you needed another reason to head to the footy this weekend...GO DEES!!
  12. Neitz the Great

    Tom McDonald sent for Scans (24/5)

    http://www.afl.com.au/news/2018-05-24/sore-demon-to-get-every-chance-to-face-crows Maybe this link works better. Apologies the other link showed the info for me but must not have properly update.
  13. Neitz the Great

    Tom McDonald sent for Scans (24/5)

    http://www.melbournefc.com.au/news/2018-05-24/mcdonald-has-scans-but-still-likely-to-play Update: Minor inflammation in his toe, probably more from the pressure of the boots rather than anything else
  14. Neitz the Great

    Frankston v Casey Demons - Round 7

  15. Neitz the Great

    The Curnow Brothers at the Tribunal

    Yes agree, there was a lot more in the Charlie one shown from the Afl 360 footage then was seen in the original footage. I suspect we'll have a Curnow free game next sunday.