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  1. Casey Demons v Northern Blues

    Was Watts good enough for a return to the seniors next week?
  2. Casey Demons v Northern Blues

    Sounds like Salem's gonna be out for a while.... [censored]
  3. Casey Demons v Northern Blues

    So frost isn't playing??
  4. GAMEDAY - Round 18

    3 x Jacks and 2 x Christians. Full house right there, Surely that means something
  5. Friday Night Lights

    Coming down from Brisbane with a mate for this game! Cant wait for the dees to steal the spotlight with a win against the swans
  6. Round 13 - Non MFC games

    You'd hope so, great for us if he is out Shuey out and Maxy back in would give us a huge midfield advantage!
  7. Casey Demons v Collingwood VFL

    Weideman with a bloody beautiful snap He's looked pretty great today, just needed the finishing touch on a few pieces of play
  8. Changes v Collingwood

    I see your thinking about this but IMO one of the best game's he's played as a defender yesterday. Stopped his man, provided defence first and then provided a bit of a calming influence every now and then. thought he played well. As for my ins Out: Bugg (an absolute liability, my dad and I groan in despair every time he touches it), maybe wagner? But you'd be hard pressed to get a clear person to drop Ins: Hogan (depending on fitness), Salem If Maxy is in that would be amazing but I'd say he needs a week or two more Also kudos to Melksham, was bloody terrific
  9. Changes for Gold Coast

    We did beat port in port after the hawks win last year...but i certainly get your point. Geez I think I feel another level of dejected this week...sunday hurt me bad. Real bad. As for my two cents, OUT: T.Bugg (cost us the game with his 4 behinds), Salem (suspended), Wagner (just hasn't made an impact yet) INS: Melksham, Harmes, ANB Dear lord, Please give us the strength to go 5-5. F@#king please.
  10. Suggestions to fix the MRP

    The Jarrod Lyons hit on Liam Shiels was the exact same as Jordan Lewis's hit on cripps. They were both wrestling and exchanging punches and then one slides off the arm and hits them in the jaw...the only thing is Liam shiels isn't a piece of s*** and didn't drop to the ground like cripps did, also didn't receive a hairline fracture but cripps was fine to play this week without even a head guard. But the exact same incident and the exact same lead up and exact same mechanism... one bloke gets a fine and one bloke gets 3 weeks... Go figure
  11. MRP for Hogan and Lewis

    I believe 3 weeks is an absolute joke for Jordan lewis, but regardless the fact that he put himself in this situation is an indictment. Jordan came to the club for leadership and skills and to teach a young team how to play AFL footy. Regardless of if he hit him or blah blah, Jordan put himself in the situation where a negative result could occur in a quarter where we were down in the dumps. He stooped down to the level, frustrated by our poor performance that quarter and hit a guy after a blues goal and got himself suspended. An absolute atrocity, and something he should feel very ashamed of

    In other selection news over at the aints, I made a little adjustment... "David Armitage (groin) and Nathan Wright (dropped (By Bernie Vince)) were the other omissions on Thursday night. Veteran Leigh Montagna, West Australian Blake Acres and 2014's top draft pick, Paddy McCartin, were named."
  13. Best 22 for Round 1, 2017

    FB: 29 Jayden Hunt 25 Tom McDonald 14 Michael Hibberd HB: 18 Jake Melksham 28 Oscar McDonald 23 Bernie Vince C: 6 Jordan Lewis 7 Jack Viney (C) 3 Christian Salem HF: 5 Christian Petracca 1 Jesse Hogan 4 Jack Watts FF: 36 Jeff Garlett (if fit) 26 Sam Weideman 16 Dean Kent Fol: 11 Max Gawn 12 Dom Tyson 13 Clayton Oliver Int: 10 Angus Brayshaw 2 Nathan Jones (C) 15 Billy Stretch 39 Neville Jetta Emg: 33 Jake Spencer 43 James Harmes (if Kent not fit) 32 Tomas Bugg 44 Joel Smith

    According to the AFL website we're holding an intraclub Casey Demons match down at Casey Fields on Friday for all of our underdone players. Friday March 10 at 7.00pm Intraclub at Casey Fields It says there will be 12 Dees playing, with Neville Jetta probably the main one. Anyone gonna head down and watch?
  15. JLT Round 4, Thursday 9th March - West Coast at Subiaco

    MELBOURNE 1. Jesse Hogan, 2. Nathan Jones, 3. Christian Salem, 4. Jack Watts, 5. Christian Petracca, 6. Jordan Lewis, 7. Jack Viney, 9. Jack Trengove, 10. Angus Brayshaw, 11. Max Gawn, 12. Dom Tyson, 13. Clayton Oliver, 15. Billy Stretch, 18. Jake Melksham, 20. Colin Garland, 23. Bernie Vince, 25. Tom McDonald, 26. Sam Weideman, 28. Oscar McDonald, 29. Jayden Hunt, 30. Alex Neal-Bullen, 32. Tomas Bugg, 33. Jake Spencer, 43. James Harmes Notable absentees: Michael Hibberd, Dean Kent, Cam Pedersen, Aaron vandenBerg, Jay Kennedy-Harris, Jeff Garlett, Neville Jetta