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  1. JKH is an interesting one - his form last year was pretty good and he looked alright yesterday. Apparently his preseason has been good. Maybe he is a late developer like Lord Nev.
  2. chook fowler

    GAME DAY - AFLX Scratchings Match

    I’m sure you gets my drift.
  3. chook fowler

    GAME DAY - AFLX Scratchings Match

    What a Willy Wonker
  4. chook fowler

    We start again ...

    A very effective piece of communication to the fans. A potent mix of passion, humility and ambition - I’m left with the feeling that this is only the beginning. Well done to all involved.
  5. A win with 10 of our top 22 missing. No injuries. Preuss looking the goods. Luvly Jubbly.
  6. chook fowler

    A New Helmet for Gus

    A red and blue helmut - must be uncomfortable
  7. chook fowler

    New Leadership Group includes Jetta

    Nev’s story is up there as one of the best we’ve had in my time following the Club. Cudos to you my Lord.
  8. chook fowler

    Most Heartwarming Win?

    not sure of the year but we beat the Crows at Adelaide Oval when Leoncelli kicked a last minute goal. I think it was our first win there.
  9. chook fowler

    Corey Wagner

    only when Brahms and List
  10. chook fowler

    Training - Wednesday, 20th February, 2019

    AFLXectomy is a procedure to get rid of unwanted crud.
  11. chook fowler

    Training - Wednesday, 20th February, 2019

    He is having an AFLXectomy.
  12. chook fowler

    Nietschke out for the season

    all the best to him. May be not the ubermensch after all.
  13. chook fowler

    Sam Weideman

    There are lies , damn lies and statistics. I love the Weed and am excited by what he brings but Hogan’s aerobic capacity that allowed him to contribute outside the forward fifty was something special and hard to replace. Anyway he has gone and the argument is moot.
  14. chook fowler

    Sam Weideman

    Hogan is a special talent and we’re fooling ourselves to think he won’t be missed. Weed shows a lot of promise but how he performs in the longer term is yet to be determined.