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  1. I'm also excited by Joel Smith - he was looking the goods prior to injury and is exactly what we need down back. I also thought we got a glimpse of what Melksham brings to the table on Saturday.
  2. Hunt - still suffering concussion OMac - need Jake Lever
  3. We're a pathetic pack of losers - I've had enough
  4. Maybe how he's been playing has something to do with it
  5. The Scott brothers are the most over-rated coaches in the competition- Chris did a Percy Jones and coached a premiership on the coattails of others work, beyond that they have done nothing but whinge.
  6. See that swamp dweller Scott was being critical of us for getting physical with his boys. What a pathetic, wingeing bastard - especially when he was well known as a sniper when playing.
  7. Melksham has been BOG in the last 2 games he played for Casey and Weed has been very poor in the last 2 games and looks lost.
  8. Or Patti
  9. Weed, Kent and Bugg have to go. Wouldn't be sad to see OMac at Casey also - very dumb footballer. Maybe to time for a left field selection like Huelett or Keilty. Melksham is a certainty but I hope they play him on a wing and not down back.
  10. We lack height and speed
  11. Kent - fat and lazy
  12. 6. Hibberd 5. Hannan 4. Jones 3. Pedo 2. Tyson 1. Viney
  13. Furious with Bugg - cost us the game by missing 4 goals. Kent is soft and turns the ball over. Watts going back to his old ways and can't take a mark. Less said about OMac the better and I wonder if Hunt should have played after that concussion. No point in playing the Weed - at this stage he has NFI.
  14. We have found a player in Jimmy Hannan
  15. OMac you clueless [censored]