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  1. Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 1

    Having Wagner may release Hunt to play on the ball
  2. Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 1

    You wouldn’t want to have a smack in the chops soon after having your wisdom teeth out.
  3. Sponsorship Problem?

    I hope they treat sponsors better than members. I Renewed 2 weeks ago and have received nothing and when I enquired was told it takes 4 - 6 weeks for the pack to be sent. FMD. Combined with the poor communication about Casey it is nowhere nearly good enough. The club take their membership for granted and once they’ve got your money no more communication until they want more.
  4. Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 1

    Tomorrow at the MCG at 3.20!
  5. Round 1 Non MFC games

    It’s about time he retired, isn’t it?
  6. Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 1

    Really surprised and not that happy. Gus’ omission must be fang related - no way could he have got up after that and Tyson must be not quite ready, fitness wise. Can’t say Maynard inspired confidence in the pre-season games - must be because he is a big unit that he was selected. I really hope to be proven wrong - which is not unusual.
  7. Oliver Re-signs till end of 2021

    So much for this crap about the playing group being divided.
  8. Training Week Commencing 19/3

    And I bet he’s not playing
  9. Huddo predicts big things for the Dees

    Jeelong. Also good coffee in Pakington St
  10. Huddo predicts big things for the Dees

    Or eat at Igni or Bistro St Jean.
  11. Demonland Player Banner 2018

    Should have pictures of Viney and Tom Mac with caption - ‘ Putting our best foot forward ‘
  12. Dees or Saints: Who breaks the drought first?

    We will have seriously under performed if they beat us to it.
  13. Brayshaw's Wisdom Teeth Extracted

    Seems odd that it has been done now and not earlier - it usually isn’t an emergency procedure. It can really knock you around. Wouldn’t be surprised if he misses this week.
  14. Rd 1 Team with Lever

    Not to mentioned much smarter
  15. Another ACL injury. There is obviously a big bio mechanical issue that needs to be addressed in this competition.