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  1. Based on what i've seen so far: 1.Jones 2.Garland 3.Petterd 4.Morton 5.Bate 6.Dunn 7.Martin 8.Wonaeamirri 9.Bartram 10.Buckley 11.Frawley 12.Newton 13.Bode
  2. I'm keen for a run, it's looking like there are no positions left on the field so just put me down on the interchange bench, cheers.
  3. Is this serious? I would be absolutely gobsmacked if we change the club logo to what is shown there. It's horrible and boring for mine. Not only from a visual point but a practical point as well. Considering most club merchandise (hats, t-shirts, jumpers, scarves etc) is navy blue, how on earth is a logo that is primarily navy blue supposed to stand out. Our current logo is unique, and i for one think it's one of the best in the league.