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  1. AmDamDemon

    Changes vs Western Bulldogs

    Geez some of the MFCSS wrist slashing on here is ridiculous and short sighted. We've waited so long to be a great side that none of us, even those who can remember the 60s, recognise the process that it takes to become one. We are nowhere near there, but it is happening. Doesn't happen overnight or necessarily in 4 or even 5 years. Look at the Frozen water coached Cats of the 2000s. Look at Richmond; look at where they were and the time the club gave Hardwick to learn his trade and figure out how to make them great. Compare that to the Dogs, who did it as a one off and will wallow in mediocrity again for the next 50 years. Relevant to this is the [censored] being heaped on Lewis. He knows the process and is guiding our next generational champions to fulfilling their potential. No doubt he is getting close, but he still puts in cracking matches and makes good decisions. He also comes from that Hawks culture that the team and club come first, and that is the culture that will make us great. He will be one of those for whom we can thank for what is coming. Temperance, Demonlanders. Temperance. Edit: In: Vince Out: Lewis (joke) Out: J Smith Also, Fritsch doing his own wingman version of Lever's role is something I can get behind
  2. AmDamDemon

    Round 13 Non - MFC Games

    We played this bye rd perfectly. Come out in 4th. Go Dees.
  3. AmDamDemon

    Fat Ed wants QB as a Collingwood home game.

  4. AmDamDemon

    Post Match Discussion - Round 11

    Nice work lads. Top forum-ing
  5. AmDamDemon

    Meanwhile . . . over at the Kennel

    Think they're recognising that we had to beat umps and dogs
  6. AmDamDemon

    The Incredible Hulk - Jesse Hogan

    Yea we've got Ned the Flower-pot head, who has an amazing sense of balance, although last I saw him was a year or so ago when I walked out of a bar in the wee hours and almost trod on him doing push ups on the street out front. Massive game from Hoges again today. He is breaking this comp open. Could be better than Carey if he can start dobbing them from 50+ What an absolute gun.
  7. AmDamDemon

    Post Match Discussion - Round 10

    Just to clarify... We're on a dream trot, the likes of which have been pure fantasy for all of us for years, and what may be the beginning of something very special, and we're so used to our new and rightful domination that within 20 pages we're talking more about whether Paris is a good city or not? Ffs how bloody good were the Dees? They were awesome and inspiring, like a day's long walk up Montmartre during the fete de la musique. Thought Petraccas form looked much better, and love a game plan that brings the ball so close to goal that our accuracy is really marvellous. How atrocious were the crows? Completely, like the smell of armpits on bus 22 in the Parisian summer as you stare out at people living on mattresses on the street. I still rate them above the likes of Cwood but theyre sitting right now about where I'd expect them. Btw Paris has an estimated 1 tree every 22 persons. Amsterdam has 1 for 1. Clearly superior. Don't know about Melbourne's tree count, only its Footy team. The best in the land. Fin. Edit: sp and clarity
  8. AmDamDemon

    Changes vs Adelaide

    You're alright fella, was having an immature dig at the previous descent into PC distortion. (S/ = sarcasm) Go Dees
  9. AmDamDemon

    A good word for our co-captain

    He's dodging tacklers like he's covered in grease and seems to have a bit more time in executing his decisions. Having a ripper season so far, is Jonesy
  10. AmDamDemon

    Changes vs Adelaide

    I'm offended! /s Garlett in Sparky-pants out rested.
  11. AmDamDemon

    Changes vs Adelaide

    What the [censored] is going on with this thread? One 100+ pt win and everybody's gone bonkers. I'm offended. Midnight Oil were bloody amazing at Paradiso last year and Nathan Jones seems more nimble than ever. No nukes.
  12. Bit of a dearth of AFL news in NL, so I appreciate 360 just for the fact of existing. To bear Robbo I've had to come to view him like you would some strange exhibit on display. It baffles me that someone who can't speak English properly defines himself as a writer and somehow came to be an editor of anything. It must give Mike Sheehan many a moment of bemused befuddlement.
  13. AmDamDemon

    Post Match Discussion - Round 8

    Much unnecessary angst here. No way will Weideman be dropped. 69 pt win. [censored] yes. Carry on.
  14. AmDamDemon

    Post Match Discussion - Round 7

    *supporter syndrome
  15. AmDamDemon

    Tim Watson anti Melbourne

    Oh good. I thought it waa just me being very anti-Tim Watson