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  1. Port the big winners in Trade Week?

    This is a very unsocratic thing to say, at best Edit: And, perhaps more correctly, a very unsocratic way of saying it Let's do this. Me: I have very little understanding of what makes a top 4 team. Can you elaborate? You:
  2. Round 19 Non MFC matches.

    'Weird sexualized tone' is right. Although that's pretty much been Bruce's shtick for 30 years. So they got that programming right.
  3. Round 19 Non MFC matches.

    Geez the Hawks can still look very good in keeping the ball in their F50
  4. Round 19 Non MFC matches.

    What the [censored] was that interaction between Hodge and that ump? Thought the maggot was going to get out a pen and paper and ask for an autograph. Bloody sickening.
  5. Round 19 Non MFC matches.

    I have started to think that Bruce may have stopped commentating long ago and it's actually just an Bruce-algorithm AI commentator. "He just hasn't been Buddy tonight, but he will be" On Burgoyne: "He's the kind of player you had to see to know how good he was" Can't be a real person.

    Neville Jetta just saved our season
  7. Jeff 'Wiz' Farmer

    This is the game I remember. Shocking first half and then just absolutely magical. The Wiz; he'd have to give it a shake for best small forward of all time.

    We've looked stuffed from the first bounce. Injuries, exhaustion - all good reasons why this round is a good learning experience. Didn't give up, just looked shattered and physically unable to compete. That boot camp maybe should have been tougher. More bricks. BT is loud and senile and shouldn't be allowed to stand by himself outside the milkbar let alone broadcast to an international audience. Bruce just...just awful. Should just take his soggy Lance Franklin poster and [censored] off. Despite those two yearning for it I don't think we lost any respect within the comp from this. The looks on Nathan Jones and Jack Vineys' faces says it all. Go Dees Edit: Bugg lost any respect he possibly had
  9. GAMEDAY - Round 15

    I'm still not gonna take the risk.
  10. Dump Darwin

    Give it another read fella
  11. The Jack Viney made me cry thread

    Not even Jack Viney could make Jack Viney cry
  12. GAMEDAY - Round 14

    Gotta be a 7-8 goal breeze to the bridge end
  13. GAMEDAY - Round 14

    I think @Skuit and I have Holland covered
  14. Just want to say I think it's awesome that you're going to check out our sport. Hope the Dees have a big win and convert you all to the red (cough) and blue. The G is huge, so you'll get in for sure. If you want a good view then get a level up, if you want the best atmosphere, sit with the cheersquad.
  15. Gotta Love This Club

    Me too mate. Me bloody too.