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  1. Give it another read fella
  2. Not even Jack Viney could make Jack Viney cry
  3. Gotta be a 7-8 goal breeze to the bridge end
  4. I think @Skuit and I have Holland covered
  5. Just want to say I think it's awesome that you're going to check out our sport. Hope the Dees have a big win and convert you all to the red (cough) and blue. The G is huge, so you'll get in for sure. If you want a good view then get a level up, if you want the best atmosphere, sit with the cheersquad.
  6. Me too mate. Me bloody too.
  7. This is not what laconic means. Ita a reference to Spartans (lacedaemonians) being of few words, not lethargic. Edit: saw I wasn't the first onto this. Excuse my pedantry
  8. Can vouch
  9. Stoked to see Viney using his non-preferred. Was a generally excellent, team-wide corralling effort. We corralled the [censored] out of them.
  10. Yea I actually thought he went alright. Was in good spots, bit of flash, and nice pressure. This is all learning and are the tough yards needed for what will become sustained success. I def believe we are on the right track, signs are good and in 2018-19 wI'll be challenging for sure. To the Debby-downers out there, it must be tough viewing the world so one-dimensionally. I hope you're all ok.
  11. Good on ya Donald. Pat on the back mate.
  12. I love watching Jordan Lewis speak after matches. "One of those games (when) you just have to find a way to win". That mentality exists at Melbourne now. F*#% yea!
  13. Digging the new tune and wish they were touring Europe!
  14. Watching the reply I was looking for a moment when we turned the game around. To me, it was with about 12 minutes to go in the second, with what resulted in Weideman's beautiful running goal. The catalyst was Oliver, scooping the ball up and shooting off the first in what was a seamless chain of handbills, moving us into the 50m arc and setting up the Weed. Champagne football and a sign of the glory to come.
  15. Yep. Did not see that coming. Also, if you're looking for a new chance in life, go to India and become famous. It's easy. "Selfieselfie? Signature, sir?" Amazing place.