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  1. I love watching Jordan Lewis speak after matches. "One of those games (when) you just have to find a way to win". That mentality exists at Melbourne now. F*#% yea!
  2. Digging the new tune and wish they were touring Europe!
  3. Watching the reply I was looking for a moment when we turned the game around. To me, it was with about 12 minutes to go in the second, with what resulted in Weideman's beautiful running goal. The catalyst was Oliver, scooping the ball up and shooting off the first in what was a seamless chain of handbills, moving us into the 50m arc and setting up the Weed. Champagne football and a sign of the glory to come.
  4. Yep. Did not see that coming. Also, if you're looking for a new chance in life, go to India and become famous. It's easy. "Selfieselfie? Signature, sir?" Amazing place.
  5. Just got back from the ground. Unbelievable stuff. O'keefe and Lyon unplayable; the ball to take Virat's off stump was a piece of low, straight magic following some absolute curlers. Let's see what happens for the remainder of the series but suffice to say, that was one of the greatest experiences of my life.
  6. I'm at the match. Best day of cricket I've ever been to. Such an intense experience in the crowd, cannot imagine what it would be like in the middle. The boys stood up, stoked and proud of what they achieved today.
  7. Yea give it a moment, took me a few read throughs
  8. Aah. The Pax Demonica. May it rise again
  9. Don't think there's much to de-rail
  10. Top post, top marks
  11. Mate, this is the age of the Internet. It's been out there for a bit, and no ads. Well worth a watch though no ocean episode!
  12. And stoofvlees Edit: yea right and Ollie will be held up by the Roosian cultural standards now in place. Not concerned. Thread also on track.
  13. That's the longest nickname I've ever heard. But I like it.