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  1. Viney asking Selwood why he was bleeding so much as they jogged off the field was a highlight for me
  2. Shits all over Collingwood and their toothless bogan in his gold jacket. I can imagine the roar that goes up when the bugle starts playing once this becomes a permanent fixture and we're winning on a regular basis. Love it!
  3. The only one I care about is no premiership since 1964. Fix that one and I'll be happy
  4. Thanks for this. A few of the lads over at Big Footy were wondering if there's anything wrong with Garland at the moment as he's consistently at the back of running groups by all reports? Is it mainly due to coming off a low base or is something else troubling him? Watts has been in rehab for a while too. Anything significant there?
  5. Where's our old mate Roger Mellie this year? His reports from last year we're brilliant...
  6. If people want to get technical about it we shouldn't forget that the pick that was used on Jayden Hunt was also part of the trade
  7. Is that the new "vault"?
  8. Someone over on BF who was at training said it was just some paint.
  9. de Crespigny isn't part of the board. He reports to PJ.
  10. I don't think we'll here much until our new Cheif Commercial Officer gets up and running. The club website says he starts in October, I think I heard during the Roos presser that it was the 14th.
  11. I tossed the coin before the Doggies v Swans game this year. McVeigh gave me the worst, limp-wristed, wet-fish handshake I think i've ever been on the other end of. I can only assume that the journo from Fox Sports has experienced the same from Jared and hence doesn't feel he is elite.