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  1. Cook was a dud... But Molan just had lots of injuries!
  2. I'm sure the deal is one he table.. Let's hope he signs on!
  3. Just not enjoying his footy!
  4. I've heard rumours about retiring? Let's hope their not true!
  5. The saints won't regret last year... McCartin will be a good solid player, id have him at Melbourne and I had him ahead of petracca!
  6. He's a dud.... Just a soft footballer with a few tricks!
  7. Why would you trade McDonald... Let's play with fo defenders Delist grimes.... Please what game are you watching!
  8. Henderson is not a free agent... It's a trade so not compo pick!
  9. It's the first positive sign we have seen about Howes contract... Maybe we we going to offer him more money!
  10. If we get Prestia for just our first pick I'll be wrapped, just can't see it happening
  11. Lynch wants a 3 year deal at Adelaide.... I wouldn't give him that at Melbourne, he's just a list filler
  12. He's no where as good a Ryan o'keefe... Hence the saints got rid of him!
  13. Lynch is no superstar.... I would only grab him for a bargain, same way we snared Jeffy!
  14. Maybe lynch and their 2nd round pick for Toumpas and our third round pick... He's only worth our third round pick!
  15. Sloan is going nowhere, end of story, we need to sign watts and Sylvia... The need to improve from within... If we can lure Adams from gws, that's a bonus.