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  1. We deemed it better than Viney and Jones train rather than attend. Given their limited preparations, I think the club has done the right thing. Max will kill it there as well, he's loved and respected by all.
  2. I wouldn't read anything into his game last week. Every chance TMac was out there for a run, not to set the world on fire. Looked to me like he was camped in the fwd 50, instead of getting up the ground too much. In a proper game I'd expect that he move up and down the ground using his tank to get back to create opportunities when his opponent just can't go with him anymore. Plus, the way to beat Rance is to play a smarter smaller player - Melky would be perfect, so he follows them around but can't get across to spoil as he's got to give them some respect.
  3. Thanks DS, can I ask what happened with Tim Smith, is it something I've just missed?
  4. I know it was only 1 game, but the 6-6-6 looked a winner, but I reckon it'll really hurt teams without strong clearance players. Where it will really hit teams are when their bets are off for a rest or moved out of position. Cripps is a gun but Carlton will struggle badly when he's off, Essendon don't seem to have anyone besides Shiel and that's probably not is best role. It could really hurt GC, Hawks (who along with Ess) are the weakest centre clearance teams (IMO), while Carl, Freo, Geel, Nth, StK and Dogs really rely on 1 or 2 guns, so could struggle when they are out of the centre. Fortunately I reckon we've got the best clearance mids in the comp - Oliver, Viney, Brawshaw, Jones and Harmes, with relieve from Trac, Salem, Lewis and ANB possible. With Gawn dominate I reckon these rules are playing right into our recruiting strategy over the last 4 or 5 years.
  5. Could be an area we can really exploit, having both Gawn and Preuss in the team means we've got 2 big contested options to go to (with TMac and Weed also able to help out as well), but our advantage will be that whoever is on the side the ball is not kicked too, they can either head back or forward (depending on the flow of the game) and be more than handy. Max is a great intercept defender and handy forward while Preuss is a able to break open packs at either end. If we can kick the ball so it's 80-100 meters out from our defensive goal then we can use our 2 bigs to either help set up the offence or defend any quick movement back in. There's not many other ruck duo's that have a similar combined skill set, most rucks are just ok as forwards.
  6. Full article in the little paper (for those who can get access) - https://www.heraldsun.com.au/sport/afl/more-news/melbourne-swingman-tom-mcdonald-the-latest-star-to-withdraw-from-aflx-tournament/news-story/42335073cf0e7799a8e0055728f780dd Says the knee op was planned to happen after AFLXit, but they brought it forward. no chance he misses round 1.
  7. I agree, although they might wait with Frost, there's a lot of competition for the spot he's best at. I reckon that unless Jones is badly injured during the season then he'll be put on year by year contracts, but I'd say he's got another 2 seasons after this
  8. Just thought I'd check how everyone who signed up was going with this? I'm contemplating signing up, (and ditching Foxtel) but want to do the trial and hope they finish the app soon. Anyone know if it'll be ready for the start of the season?? On that I know Chromecast seems the way to go but are there other streaming devices out there? Does Telstra tv work if you're not one of there customers? I know there are other forums out there on this but they are 50+ pages long so hard to find these answers and thought someone here might know
  9. I think most TAC clubs can have a couple of overages but because Bradtke is also on an AFL list he'd probably need permission from the AFL as well. So both would be the answer is my guess. Will give us a great chance to see how he compete's with guys around his own age given he missed all the underage years. Should hopefully fast track him as a player or conversely mean the club gets a quicker idea if he's worth persisting with.
  10. That's a good list Ron, but think Lewis might drop out as he'll be really fighting to hold his spot this year. I think Brayshaw might come in, he looks to me to be a real leader for the future.
  11. Just going off photo's but Hibberd seems in ripping shape. He hasn't had much of a preseason since he joined us so I'm expecting huge things from him if he gets the bulk of the summer in.
  12. Check out the C part of the MCG name, heavy use during the season would prevent us using it then,
  13. The players talk of being given a 'summer program' where I assume they'd sit down at their exit interview and be given ideas of what they should be working on to improve their game/fitness. They would not be allowed to be directly contacted but if they want to do extra work they can. The monitoring of a players 'extra work' will come from all the tests they do when they get back, skin folds, repeat runs etc.
  14. Early training report for today - https://www.foxsports.com.au/afl/academy-award-winner-natalie-portman-a-surprise-guest-at-melbourne-training/news-story/6c603a965c957b2ac2a6f564d6c5d65a
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