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  1. Red and Blue realist

    Tom on a Wing

    The reality of the old 6 backs, 2 wings, 4 in the middle and 6 forwards is only for the papers now. Besides the ruck and 3 mids and that's only at the starting bounce - the game is made up of 2-8 backs or forwards (depending on where the ball is and state of the game) and everyone else is a either a stoppage mid or back only 15-20 meters from that stoppage.
  2. Red and Blue realist

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 17

    Don't think JKH is much of a defender, seems more an attacking wing/half forward. That's where they've played him at Casey as well. While I agree it's an area we'll need to seriously consider if Nev slows down or is injured the only cover really are either mid/talls - J.Smith, Hunt & Wagner, or getting Vince or Lewis to play closer to goal, which won't work. Glad their trying to get Johnstone in that role in the 2s, but JHK is not the answer there. hoping he has the impact Stretch did, would be a big boost across the whole team if those who have been a Casey step up to perform when rewarded after good form, even if they have to wait for an injury to open up the opportunity.
  3. Red and Blue realist

    Dayne Beams

    Yeah, and his partner/wife? has family here that they are close too and they have recently had a new baby so might need more support. I'd say he might not be what Collingwood actually need, same as us really.
  4. Red and Blue realist

    Changes vs Western Bulldogs

    Just an idea but I'd like Lewis rested for this game, possibly even Jetta. They don't have a great set of small forwards with most of their goals of late coming from either their talls in Gowers, Schache or Boyd or from mids drifting forward (Hunter, Bont, Wallis etc.) so I don't see a real match up for Jets, so might be worth refreshing him this week and having him fresh for the run home. I'd then see how Jones goes full time off the back half for a game (he takes Lewis spot), mainly because I think he'll had the good composure but also because I can see him heading there in the next couple of years. I'd then have Vince come in and play Jets role closure to goal and permanent back (not much run forward). Tyson to replace Jones in the middle and be given a week where he just plays his natural role, not trying to send him to the outside as much. Baker in to replace Strech's run and carry and to offer the speed we'll lose. In: Vince, Tyson and Baker Out: Stretch (inj),Lewis and Jetta (rested)
  5. Red and Blue realist

    Training - Wednesday 11th July, 2018

    Is he in player management or was that the other brother (not James), might be a good sign if he's chatting with Todd
  6. Red and Blue realist

    Changes vs Western Bulldogs

    Funny how last year Trac was praised for his accurate kicking, that'll come back to him soon I'm sure. Not so sure on ANB, still he is vital to the team, if he went out they'd bring in Bugg to play his role and he's worse in front of goal. ANB has to play this week and I think needs to tag JJ, he's the doggies most vital player but can be shut down and ANB has not only the fitness to run with him all game but also demands some respect in that he's getting a lot of shots on goal - he's kicked multiple goals in 4 games so far but could have on at least 3 other occasions.
  7. Red and Blue realist

    Hogan in the Ruck

    He actually looked like he enjoyed it as well, he wasn't great but most of those just end up in repeat stoppages or rushed kicks anyway even with the best rucks (although Maxy can pull out a beauty ever once in a while). Another better tactical move this week.
  8. Red and Blue realist

    Changes vs Western Bulldogs

    Don't think it was his fault, the dockers clearly flooded so no point in playing 3 or 4 of our guys lose behind the ball. Thought he was pretty good early. No other team will play that way, so can't judge him on that performance, expect to hope the coaches show him what to do if he ends up there again
  9. Red and Blue realist


    Thought he was pretty good early, then was glad Goodwin made the move because otherwise the only other option was to just leave him on the bench. Hopefully he's judged on his early have play not as a forward but think he would have learnt a bit going there
  10. Red and Blue realist

    Petracca in a rut?

    Very very true words, be patient with a guy who's only just ticked over the 50 game mark. His stats (I know they can be misleading sometimes) are very similar to Dusty's at around the same stage of their career, and way ahead of Dangerfield's. Robbie Gray is another similar type player who's first 50 odd games a similarish to Trac's (he played more as a pure forward than the mid/fwd role he plays now). I mentioned them as they are the power/burst players who he reminds me of, won't get the 35+ an Oliver will get but can turn a game sometimes with only 15 touches.
  11. Red and Blue realist

    Still one of the easiest teams to score against

    There's no coincidence that we were all lauding the backline figuring out how to play together and our run of 6 wins, I don't just put it down to playing weaker teams. In those wins we often had a defender who'd drop off to play a goal keeper type role. So the quick movement was stopped when a team looked up and saw that player ready to intercept. As soon as Lever went out, we again looked like we had all our backline following their direct forwards so it made it easy to kick out the back to space and score (very easily done to us as we're not quick back there). This is not unexpected when you have guys like OMac and JSmith (who have less than 60 games between them) playing the key roles. This is where Lewis, Hibberd, Vince and even Jetta have to control them and keep them back. I still want another tall and think Vince should go out, then there has to be at least one player who is happy to let their man run up to the back of our forward pressure zone but then acts as a stopper so the quick movement out of that zone is stopped. It'll allow the others to get back and make it harder for teams to score.
  12. Red and Blue realist

    Changes v St Kilda

    Not sure why people keep suggesting 4 or 5 changes, that just won't happen. We played well, yes I was angry after the game and ready to throw the remote through the TV, but we lost the game because we didn't deliver it well into the forward 50, not because we had terrible players. For mine the only changes are structural, I like the idea of a true 2nd tall defender so either Frost or Petty and I'm not sure you can have Lewis and Vince in the same back-line especially at the 'G, so either Frost or Petty for Vince. I'd also like to see Weid come in to replace T.Smith, I think he's a much better relief ruck and seems to know a bit better when to go and when to stay back in attack, plus I think he's got a massive future and would be full of confidence. But if we kept Smith and only went with 1 change that'd be fine by me as well.
  13. Red and Blue realist

    Post Match Discussion - Round 14

    In the AFL.com medical report, they said TMac and Jetta were sore but expected to play against the Saints, the 9 day break really helps.
  14. Red and Blue realist

    Changes v St Kilda

    That could also be the result of the terrible delivery as well. Knowing the ball was always coming in on top or even over their heads, he might have got caught up thinking the smarter play was trying to rove the ball. Fix our delivery and I'm sure that'll change the way he plays.
  15. Red and Blue realist

    Casey Demons v Coburg - VFL Round 12

    Smith doesn't at all play like a small pressuring player, he's a lead up forward and didn't work with Hogan and TMac, they all flew for the ball too often together. So I think he'll come out for Weid, Weid is a much better ruck, has had games where he's put great pressure on (Adelaide last year) but most importantly seemed to know when to time his leads better in those games he played. If Smith stays in then we are playing 3 talls anyway, and we surely wouldn't try and run with 4. While Hogan had a poor game I think he was still at least on par with Smith and Tracc was much better, don't look to drop guys on name, the same as they should get games on name alone either.