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  1. Jordan Lewis Out with Broken Hand

    Might explain some of the mistakes and lack of effort on Sunday. Still has a valuable role to play, but wouldn't mind at all if we got to the end of the season and he'd only played 15/16 games.
  2. Alex Neal-Bullen - AFL top 10 in distance covered in game

    This deserves more recognition, means he's not just running around headless, his impacting the play without needed possessions (the opposite of what many of our players looked like yesterday).
  3. Backline Setup and Structure

    I've got confidence that Hibberd and Jetta in particular will find form and this will be less of an issue, but at the moment it seems like the back-line has no leadership. Not that we don't have leaders down there, it just seems like some confusion as to who should be directing the group, which means we've got guys out of position all the time. Last year we had Hibberd, TMac (when there) and Jetta directing the back-line. This year it seems more like Lewis, Vince and Lever. While Lewis and Vince are experienced, they are not pure defenders and I think are still trying to be too aggressive which lead to most of our guys playing in front yesterday, on a wet day it was easy for the Hawks to send it over the back for easy goals. The only one who has improved is OMac who has done a great job, and while some might point to Ben Brown getting a few on him, there was probably only 1 of his goals that you could directly attribute to him. However, he's not yet a leader back there, more the foot soldier, give him a job and he's doing it. I can't say I see any of the others being given a job and doing just that, they all at various stages seem to be swapping and changing what their job back there is, pure defender, shut down, interceptor or spoiler - not that they shouldn't do more than 1 thing, but it's knowing when to go and when to hold back. That's the job of the on field leaders but they'll all seem a bit confused at the moment.
  4. Changes v Richmond

    Given we've got a 9 day break followed by a 5 day break, I doubt they'll make mass changes, as we'll need to keep some fresh for the Dons. I don't think we need Frost this week, but will against Essendon, so drop him for Hunt to provide the speed in the backline. We need a capable second ruck, Harmes looks lost, not his fault and I wouldn't drop him for playing the role he has the last 2 weeks. I'd love Lewis to be dropped but I think they'll keep him and maybe rest him for the Dons.Vince I doubt is needed, unless he tags, and Richmond have shown that whoever gets tagged goes deep forward, and Vince is a liability there. My changes would be out: Frost, Vince and Melksham In: Peds, Tyson and Hannan. Against Essendon, I'd be looking at resting Lewis, Jetta, Wagner, and one of Bugg or Garlett. Then bringing back Frost, Vince and then hope J Smith is ready to go and maybe Weid.
  5. Werribee Tigers v Casey Scorpions - VFL Round 2

    I think we've got to get better at strategically resting guys, as you said Vince and Lewis are prime candidates. I'd like to see Hannan, hunt and stretch brought in for at least 1 of the games, just to give more run and energy
  6. Werribee Tigers v Casey Scorpions - VFL Round 2

    Wonder how many we'll hold over for Tuesday and even the Essendon game. Given the short turn around I wouldn't mind if we made 4 or 5 unforced changes over the next 2 weeks, cause it seems like we've got a few in form at Casey
  7. 2018 Membership Thread

    Sometimes the pure membership number doesn't mean a heap, some clubs include 3 game, dog memberships etc. Be interested to see the breakdown of our membership compared to other clubs, naturally I'd think we'd have a higher MCC crossover membership.
  8. Changes vs Hawthorn R4

    Can you be both ruckman and tagger at the same time?
  9. Bomb it long!

    I thought they adjusted pretty well around the middle of the second quarter and started to lower their eyes, early in the game North picked off a few higher balls that came in (and if you listened to the commentators Magic Door was the greatest player on earth for a couple of seconds). Once we did adjust, Hogan then spent more time higher up the ground although Garlett & co, dropped a few easy marks that should have been shots on goal. That long bomb seemed to be reserved for the 'get out' or pure congestion kicks, which due to our ability to hold the ball in the forward 50 happened a fair bit. As we managed to retain the ball, it meant our forward 50 was crowded more often than not, so it was harder to find that free target. I noticed in the second half Hogan and Petracca even directing the small forward who was matched up to Daw, Bugg, Harmes, ANB or Garlett, to stand around 25 out directly in front at center square bounces, then they themselves moved to one side of the f50. Seemed to be to ensure we didn't do the long bomb, but also seemed to confuse the hell out of Daw who had no idea where to go if he didn't have a big player to lead him to the ball.
  10. Training - week commencing 4 April, 2018

    Great photo Saty, did you notice if he was jumping off and landing on both feet, or primarily favouring the non-sore one? I imagine that's a bit of a hurdle to 'jump' with a foot/toe injury. TMac the same?
  11. Match preview and team selection - Round 3

    Just seems to be a lot of people who jump on the coach about selection, in particular about 'subjective' players, without realising that only taking the advice of those on here, Jones, Gawn, Jetta, TMac, OMac, ANB, Harmes etc. would have never have played more than a handful of games before being sent on their way (they were all subjective players during their career - OMac arguably still is on here). Unless those players were giving an extended go we'd never know how good they could be. Clearly Maynard had shown the coaches enough to be picked round 1, it didn't work so they sent him back to Casey, not going to crucify the coaches for that or place blame on 1 player when we lose by less than a kick.
  12. Match preview and team selection - Round 3

    Don't try and re-write history to suit your argument. That Tigers game, Tim Smith was injured early in the game and so was Spencer, so we had no back up ruck. It's like saying thankfully Peds didn't play that game otherwise he would have been injured too and we would have had no ruck (except the emerging guys) for half the season. Plus Peds hadn't played for Casey before that Freo game, and from memory play OK, he didn't tear it apart, Smith was named one of the bests and came in for Weids that next game against the Tigs.
  13. Match preview and team selection - Round 3

    Brown is the back-up ruck for North, so maybe when he goes in so does Frost, then OMac swaps over to Waite? I also think Gawn will go forward a fair bit and try and drag Goldy with him, I wouldn't mind them throwing Melky into the ruck around the ground when he is resting and backing our mids to win the clearance then have much better spread from the contest. Similar to what Richmond do with Grigg.
  14. Best of 3 Grand Final

    Next they'll be introducing flashing goal posts, less numbers on the field and rectangular playing fields
  15. Coburg Lions v Casey Scorpions - VFL Round 1

    We've just got to hope it stays like that towards the pointy end, the Tigs only had 1 player from memory on the injury list come late last season/finals and I don't think he was anywhere near best 22. Pity that Viney and TMac are part of our 4 injured, as they are automatic best 22. Can't ever recall a start to the season where we've had 40 players to chose from?