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  1. Demonland Supercoach 2018 Comp

    Would love to go again DV, team name was DoubleDigitMayhem
  2. Preseason Training Week commencing - 15/01/18

    Totally agree, MS, and this might sound funny but think Tyson will be able to lock down his position better if he gets a full preseaon in. He's a perfect in-between inside mid/distributor but sometimes seemed to get caught in 2 minds as to what he was and when in games. He's both but working with Oliver, Viney, Jones, etc. over a lot of time will hopefully give him the confidence as to what he needs to be doing at any point in the game.
  3. Preseason Training - Week commencing 11/12/17

    Came on to see if anyone was reporting from the final training session (that's really appreciated by those who aren't in Melbourne and can't make it) and again it's another pissing competition about OMac. Please take it to it's own thread FFS
  4. MFC Fourth Consecutive Profit

    Pretty sure the debt only came about from the takeover of the Bentleigh club. We took over their debt and poker machine obligations but obtain the asset and future revenue. Either way the on-going profit is a great result.
  5. Very happy he got another gig, would love it if he got back to being a regular AFL player again.
  6. List Analysis Potential v Reality

    Great list and talking point, I will say that while I agree a lot of our improvement will come from those yet to reach there potential, part of the optimism has to lie with so of those who have "reached their potential" actually doing so again. I'd argue that in 2017 Jones, Viney and Gawn had interrupted seasons which meant they only rarely reached their potential, so we'll also gain plenty from them. I'd also move TMac to the 'haven't yet reached potential' area, if including him as a forward (or even swing-man), we know what he brings as a defender but I think they've only just started to explore his forward capabilities and with Hogan being fit his forward role would develop even further.
  7. Delisted Free Agents

    Don't think it does, but remember we're upgrading Joel Smith which does make up 1 of the draft selections. So I think we could take 2 delisted free agents and still use 2 draft picks (plus Smith). Personally none of those delisted strike me as must haves, I'd prefer to go to the draft.
  8. Viney's Foot

    I thought he actually re-injured it during the medical testing, that potentially they got him to put his foot through some examinations (stress testing etc.) he wasn't quite ready for which then meant he wasn't traded and wasted another 6 months recovering.
  9. 2018 MFC fixture - 5 wishes

    Undoubtedly, and when making the fixture I can see that when they do the 3-1-1 splits that they should always make sure the 2 WA, NSW, Qld and SA teams have double headers. Rather than just purely base it on ladder positions.
  10. 2018 MFC fixture - 5 wishes

    Posted this in another thread, but my main wish is that we get a lot less 6 day breaks and an even time to recover as what our opponents do. Given we were a younger team I think with a more even draw we would have been better placed to recover. You can see how we fared against the draw for the top 8 teams and clearly we got a poor draw, so I'm hopeful PJ will be addressing this and getting us the same advantages as other teams have. 6 day breaks Playing teams on 6 day breaks Games against teams with shorter breaks Adel 7 10 10 Geel 8 9 8 Rich 6 5 8 GWS 5 7 9 Pt Adel 6 5 8 Syd 6 7 10 Ess 7 7 9 WC 6 5 5 Melb 9 2 5

    All cat a rookies can play from round 1 next year, no need to wait for an injury. Cat b still would have to wait. Might be more a show of faith more than anything
  12. Well done to FD on our 2017 trade week

    I'd say we'd be paying somewhere in the order of $25-$50k of Watts salary, so not much in the grand scheme. Plus that $450k or so that we've freed up (along with the Lumumba cash) goes a long way to paying Lever. Which should hopefully mean we've got more than enough to pay Gawn, Tracc, Gus and the Macs who are all coming out of contract next year and then have a dip at free agency when Sloane and Gaff are available (they are my 2 biggest targets - I doubt Sloane will move though). So instead of seeing trade period as a win/loss based on the 3 weeks it goes for - it really needs to be judged over a few years, factoring not only draft picks and players coming in and out, but also player retention and ability to participate in free agency.
  13. Ruck depth

    Apparently a lot of 2nd rucks were thrown up at trade week (Nichols, Goldy/Pruess etc.) and no one wanted them, not even GWS who knew their main ruck is about to retire. Goes to show the position has changed and teams value having 1 decent one then making do if injury's strike. A fit and dominating Gawn could change the thoughts again, so lets hope he gets back to those 2016 levels.
  14. Rd 1 Team with Lever

    I think he could potentially be good as a defensive forward, only to be used against teams that use a key back to spring-board their offence the likes of Rance, Hurley, McGovern etc. teams that use the more traditional smaller players then he'd be better down back. Given his height and speed, those guys who peel off and try to intercept mark or spoil would have to give him some respect, if he was told when they go up he's to run back Josh Jenkins style and try to get himself on his own 10 meters from goal. I would never start him forward without a role like this, he's a better defender than forward, but as a defensive 'tagger' he might work.
  15. Farewell Colin Garland

    Think if it's retirement due to medical reasons then there's a 50% reduction on the life of the contract, so only half his salary would count next year. Hope he stays on coaching for a few years if he is helping facilitate this