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  1. Red and Blue realist

    Changes v Eagles - Preliminary Final

    Those calling for Tyson to go need to watch the game again, he was clearly playing a defensive role, on the mid the Hawks send forward. He didn't get a lot of it but more than did his role. No changes needed unless there's an injury
  2. Red and Blue realist

    Jayden Hunt

    I think he was a victim of the poor defensive cohesion we had at the start of the year, everyone seemed a little off down back when Lever first came in. It seemed like some where in some way confused about their role, and once we sorted it out we went on that winning streak and since then even if someone's gone down injured the next player has come in to play a role. Hunt got injured not long after we sorted this out, and by the time he got back in he got injured again. He's one who'll have a massive job over the preseason not only to stay fit but learn some different roles. I think he'll be fine though and will be a massive inclusion next year.
  3. Red and Blue realist

    The search for a big man ...

    It only takes 1 game to change the thought patterns of coaches, left footers, precise movement, run off half back and then small pressure players have all been in vogue over the last 5 or so years, as soon as a team wins using talls most will jump back on the big man bandwagon. Best bet is to have a very balanced side and then play to our strengths and if that includes 2 rucks so be it. At the moment I agree Weid is a great option playing that role and I think we'll be able to use him TMac and Hogan in the same team, which on current trends is a no-go.
  4. Red and Blue realist

    Who do we realistically target for a trade?

    I assume you mean Sam Mayes from the Lions? Sam Hayes is a ruck for Port who did his ACL - I thought we should have taken him in last years draft and he slipped down to pick 47 (after some believed him to be a top 20 pick), but we went with Fritsch and Petty with our picks before that. There was some talk of being interested in Cutler last off-season but he's best 22 for the Lions and is still contracted for another 12 months, so they'll want more than JHK.
  5. Red and Blue realist

    The Toby Bedford Thread

    It would, because they then slot him into the draft position he was bid on. For instance we put a bid in on Callum Mills with our first rounder back in 2015 and he's seen as the 3rd pick while we got Clarry at pick 4. Don't think Bedford has been talked up in the first round though.
  6. Red and Blue realist

    Training - Tuesday 4th September, 2018

    I can see why they are at least considering it. He would be in a good position to cut across in front of Hawkins allowing Hibberd to continue to rebound out of the back half. I think with Hibberd there it releases some of that pressure off Smith to be a main rebounding defender and focus more on intercepting. The other thing he offers is a bigger body with pace to go with the midfielders Geelong use to score. Outside of Hawkins and Menzel (who was mainly very early season), most of their scores come from mids - Danger, Menagola, Kelly & GAJ, I don't see Lewis, Hibberd or Salem or even Fritsch if he plays back as being the ones to apply full stopping roles to these guys. Not saying he will come in but he certainly is due some consideration.
  7. Red and Blue realist

    Training - Tuesday 4th September, 2018

    Don't think it'd matter, I doubt Vince would play on once the seniors have finished (let's hope that's after the last weekend in Sept), even if he was eligible.
  8. Red and Blue realist

    Training - Tuesday 4th September, 2018

    They did play for Casey, so maybe they just have a lighter program this week, or were they doing similar work with the Casey guys?
  9. Red and Blue realist

    Time to show Oscar some respect!

    Any word on his contact, I thought this was nearly done a couple of months ago??
  10. Red and Blue realist

    Jesse Hogan - trade?

    Yes but their not limited to a set number of each and clearly we've been after players who are flexible enough to go into other roles throughout the game. Saying how does our forward set up look would mean ignoring TMac starting on the wing or Hogan going into the center square occasionally, it evolves during the game and is a great tactic if done right.
  11. Red and Blue realist

    Who are our bottom six? And where do they rate?

    The top 22 or the bottom? It's a combination of the very best playing at their very best and role players playing their roles. No point having the best 6 playing great games and everyone else letting them do it, and no point the bottom 6 having great games but not having support from the more senior guys (generally the better players are more senior).
  12. Red and Blue realist

    Jesse Hogan - trade?

    Given TMac started on the wing for a number of games, there's every chance either him of Hogan would start there then go forward or even back as the need presents. Unless they introduce the 6-6-6 format then putting positions on paper is really useless. For mine Weid stays as the deepest forward (and goes into the ruck), then Hoges and TMac swap between around the half forward (around 35 - 60 meters from goal) and roaming anywhere in-between the 2 50 meter lines, pushing hard forward when they get the mismatch.
  13. Red and Blue realist

    2018 Contracts and List Details

    I think it's either the 1st or the end of October, most clubs obviously let their players know well before that. With the trade period starting mid Oct, any unsigned players technically become de-listed free agents and can be picked up in that time.
  14. Red and Blue realist

    Who do we realistically target for a trade?

    I'm sure they'll be working on it over the summer, I'm sure there's something else they'll be focusing on this September!
  15. Red and Blue realist

    Who do we realistically target for a trade?

    Don't think he will be a free agent at the end of next year? And even then he'd be a restricted free agent so we'd have some say in matching then forcing a trade. Can all Hogan talk be contained in the thread on him, as the talk around him is all hypothetical rather than anything realistic as the club have said he'll stay and his manager made it even more clear.