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  1. Well done to FD on our 2017 trade week

    I'd say we'd be paying somewhere in the order of $25-$50k of Watts salary, so not much in the grand scheme. Plus that $450k or so that we've freed up (along with the Lumumba cash) goes a long way to paying Lever. Which should hopefully mean we've got more than enough to pay Gawn, Tracc, Gus and the Macs who are all coming out of contract next year and then have a dip at free agency when Sloane and Gaff are available (they are my 2 biggest targets - I doubt Sloane will move though). So instead of seeing trade period as a win/loss based on the 3 weeks it goes for - it really needs to be judged over a few years, factoring not only draft picks and players coming in and out, but also player retention and ability to participate in free agency.
  2. Ruck depth

    Apparently a lot of 2nd rucks were thrown up at trade week (Nichols, Goldy/Pruess etc.) and no one wanted them, not even GWS who knew their main ruck is about to retire. Goes to show the position has changed and teams value having 1 decent one then making do if injury's strike. A fit and dominating Gawn could change the thoughts again, so lets hope he gets back to those 2016 levels.
  3. Rd 1 Team with Lever

    I think he could potentially be good as a defensive forward, only to be used against teams that use a key back to spring-board their offence the likes of Rance, Hurley, McGovern etc. teams that use the more traditional smaller players then he'd be better down back. Given his height and speed, those guys who peel off and try to intercept mark or spoil would have to give him some respect, if he was told when they go up he's to run back Josh Jenkins style and try to get himself on his own 10 meters from goal. I would never start him forward without a role like this, he's a better defender than forward, but as a defensive 'tagger' he might work.
  4. Farewell Colin Garland

    Think if it's retirement due to medical reasons then there's a 50% reduction on the life of the contract, so only half his salary would count next year. Hope he stays on coaching for a few years if he is helping facilitate this
  5. Trade rumours

    This was mentioned with lever too, just adds some weight to their excuses
  6. At a guess if we gave pick 64 or whatever or 4th is, then pick 46 will be used to upgrade J Smith, so in the grand scheme it doesn't matter which pick we use
  7. Trade rumours

    Those guys were primarily brought in as we had a huge lack of depth in players aged 22-25, and while not world beaters were ready to play from day 1, they just weren't all that good. Balic is only 20 (I think) so has a lot more development to go, so might be ready when Jones, Lewis and Vince finish up
  8. Trade rumours

    So far this year he's said (in no particular order): Casboult to the Tigs Kelly to Nth Cox to Brissy Lever to Pies Ablett to retire rather than try to get back to Geelong All of these he has said will definitely happen. Maybe he'll get one right one day, but his track record says otherwise.
  9. Trade rumours

    I think if we trade Max it's only because we know their (the AFL in all their wisdom) not only going to do away with the bounce but also get rid of throwing the ball up altogether. At the start of every quarter the ball will be placed in the middle of the center square and both teams will nominate 4 players who have to sprint in to pick the ball up off the ground, they'll also implement the last touch out of bounds rule. At stoppages the umpires will be very quick to call holding the ball, and if they can't decide, each team can nominate 1 player each and they'll arm wrestle to determine who gets the ball. Please create a weird trade fantasy page if you want to talk about trading Max, because even putting it in the rumour file is a massive stretch. (not having a go at you DSP, not sure who started this carp)
  10. Good Win? ... I don't know...

    I think Goodwin as a coach is a little like how he played, being more of a action rather than words kind of person. We've just had Roos who was as polished media performer as there is, so naturally seems like more of a leader. Someone like Buckley also came via the media before coaching and while his record is obviously bad still gets the plaudits of the public and media. Goodwin, at least initially in the season (I think he has improved), was too open and honest with the media, which is great in someways but can also be damaging if as a leader you sometimes need to be feeding a player a message they might not want to hear. Goody will learn the right times to be 'letting the truth out' and when to 'dance around the issue' the more experience he gets. At this stage I think he's trying not to say anything to the media in case they pick up the wrong message and run with it, as you said he will one day alter the narrative but that'll take time for a non-media person to learn, I'm happier to have a coach who coaches rather than a media performer who struggles to coach. I'm hoping he'll learn from the losses this year more than the wins, the elimination of the bad quarters is up to him and the rest of the coaching panel. One thing that seemed to be lacking was the implementation of a quick strategy change, such as the wind effected games you mentioned, I wondered at the time was it the inability of the coaches to make the changes or was the message not getting to the players in the right way so they had to wait for the breaks?
  11. Assistant Coaches

    We've got 9 currently, and they might be counting the guys who assist at their VFL team? Always been the argument why the football department spending tax came in, to stop those clubs with loads of $$$ from putting in place a massive system. Of course it doesn't always work but the more resources the better you should be?
  12. The Nick Meese Thread

    No doubt he's a good VFL ruckman, but at 29 I think he'll get overlooked for sure. I doubt any club would want to try and integrate him into a full time system knowing he could only be there for 12 months, and if he came in then the younger rucks won't have the same development opportunities.

    I don't mind that idea, such as giving the Tigers our pick 10 and maybe a 2nd next year and then getting their 1st and also the 1st they've got from Geelong and handing that off, if Adelaide get fixated on two 1sts. At least that's what I'd present to Adelaide as the only way we'll come up with the two 1st, they might panic and think there better off just taking 10 and next years 2nd themselves.
  14. 2017 Contracts

    King they took on as a bit of a project, in fact I think he came to us with some injury issues they thought might take a while to get right. Given he seemed to take the main ruck position (off pencil) late in the year at Casey I'd think they might be backing him in to be the clear number 2 ruck (if Maxy went down we'd probably go small again) and hope he really comes on. Is it known for sure that Kennedy is out of contract? I can't find any evidence of this, and have a feeling he might have come across on a 3 year deal??

    Geelong don't have a first this year, Richmond hold that. Plus Menzel is a free agent. Still don't think we'll give up anything near 2 firsts for Lever, maybe a 1st and 2nd, or 1st and other arrangement.