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    Demon expats

    I have my own pill, the problem is every frikkin oval around here is covered in cow [censored].
  2. FireInTheBelly

    Demon expats

    I'm in Phatthalung if you know where that is, middle of bf nowhere. Was in Phuket for 9 months a year or so ago, where do you watch the games? Aussie Bar? If I'm over that way around game time I'll hit you up.
  3. FireInTheBelly

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Good to see he hasn't lost any of his forward lead pace.
  4. FireInTheBelly

    Training - Wednesday, 19th December 2018

    Hawkins does exactly the same thing whenever he feels he can't take the mark.
  5. FireInTheBelly

    Meet Steven May

    Fully agree, however I sincerely doubt the words 'quality', 'person' and 'Alex Rance' should ever be seen in the same post, let alone postcode.
  6. FireInTheBelly

    Training - Monday, 10th December 2018

    Was I the only 1 doing a double take when the new Wagner appeared towards the end? I could've sworn that was our Col Sylvia back from the grave.
  7. FireInTheBelly

    Training - Friday, 7th December 2018

    Was Scully hiding behind the tree with Yze perhaps?
  8. FireInTheBelly

    Training - Wednesday, 5th December 2018

    Thanks Saty. When you say Academy, do you mean our Academy, and players we have priority access to? Or are they available for all clubs and we're just taking a look?
  9. FireInTheBelly

    Training - Monday 3rd December, 2018

    I've been doing regular arm raises, but it doesn't seem to be working.
  10. FireInTheBelly

    Gary Pert?

    Still shopping for the right desk apparently.
  11. FireInTheBelly


    But think of the money we save in mouthguards!!!
  12. FireInTheBelly

    The AFL rule that is stopped 10 clubs from live trading

    It's still very tender Moons, but I'm sure I'll get the balance back in my movements eventually and stop walking around in circles. It was the small one after all.
  13. FireInTheBelly


    Bet you didn't have Nietschke....
  14. FireInTheBelly


    Well played sir
  15. FireInTheBelly

    Training - Friday 23rd November, 2018

    Thanks Saty. Better news re Hunt. I'm interested to know if this preseason looks any different with the skills work. Is it normal for us to have these skills sessions so early in the PS? Or have we shifted focus from fitness work?
  16. FireInTheBelly


    Put your hand up if you tipped us to get Tom Sparrow. I don't remember seeing anyone tip that.
  17. FireInTheBelly

    Training - Wednesday 21st November, 2018

    Ok cheers. Hope he gets back to the main group shortly and has a clear crack at it. Back in form he'd be a big bonus for us.
  18. FireInTheBelly

    Training - Wednesday 21st November, 2018

    Seriously? I was hoping by now he'd be over whatever it was that hindered him last year. Someone said back, someone said neck, did we ever find out what the problem was?
  19. FireInTheBelly

    Demons Grand Plan for Yarra Park Training HQ

    Yep, very dangerous with all the old rotting teeth all over the grounds.
  20. FireInTheBelly

    The AFL rule that is stopped 10 clubs from live trading

    It's all good Moons, the doc says I need to lose some weight.
  21. FireInTheBelly

    The AFL rule that is stopped 10 clubs from live trading

    With Wagner now added to the list, I'll put my left one on the line and say we have something arranged to trade back into the 1st round on the night.
  22. FireInTheBelly

    The pre-season supplemental selection period

    Apologies to @Stretch Johnson You are correct, a player can walk to any other club as a rookie, has to wait a year if being rookied to the same club.
  23. FireInTheBelly

    The pre-season supplemental selection period

    From memory he never sat out a year so it still wouldn't be allowed under this new rule.
  24. FireInTheBelly

    Training - Monday 19 November, 2018

    I recall years back when Rivers shifted over to the Cats. He said preseason was completely different there, as the onus was put on the players to return in peak condition, so the bulk of preseason was about skills, not getting fit. I hope this is where we're heading.
  25. FireInTheBelly

    AFLW: Pat McKenna signs on as Assistant Coach

    Well technically any club could sign them, so if you wanted to do it you'd better make sure the player was dead set certain to stay. Perhaps offer him a coaching gig in the meantime..... That's just what I was thinking, may be way off.