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  1. I'm sure Norf will be into him. Just what they need to win a flag, another 30+ year old.
  2. I certainly hope the umpires that are incorrectly pinging him for throws pay him back with some Brownlow votes.
  3. I think it's the team instruction more than anything. If you can impact the contest you go. The problem is they aren't impacting properly, i.e. getting the ball out of the area. Without clearing the area there'll obviously be an unmarked player.
  4. It's more like a half-sucked mango for mine but I see what you mean.
  5. Blackest day in Australian sport
  6. Is a player allowed to get involved in a stink while he's on the bench?
  7. Best MKR episode EVER!!! Is there footy on?
  8. How times have changed. You get two weeks now for allegedly causing delayed onset concussion leading to no matches missed.
  9. Yeah that's the one. Can you recall if there was a suspension? Geelong player on a Melbourne player. I'm guessing unlikely.
  10. How much do you reckon Jack Steven paid for his haircut?
  11. Yeah that's one I remember, I recall Salem copping a belting too at some stage. And wasn't there a broken jaw in there somewhere as well, going back a while perhaps.
  12. Is that why we're regularly having players 'sniped' in the VFL? I must admit I don't follow it too much other than Casey, but we seem to be getting this a bit. Or am I making [censored] up?
  13. So a knock to the head behind play. When can we expect the details of the report/suspension? Our guys received 2 and 3 weeks for offences that may have (but didn't) lead to guys missing games. This is potentially career ending. I'd expect a lengthy stint on the sidelines if I'd done it.
  14. It must be amazing for the confidence when you know you'll never ever be pinged for incorrect disposal/throw.
  15. Can't wait for Damo's 'A reliable source has suggested to me' scoop next week. Purple [censored].