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  1. A good start is definitely needed here, the locals can get very noisy and umps are easily sucked in here for some reason. Shut them up and we go a long way to winning. Dees by 47
  2. Read out some of your poetry, she won't mess with you after that.
  3. Very surprising considering the betting movements.
  4. Farm is in the south, a province called Phatthalung. Not a tourist destination so not well known.
  5. Good man. Got it on the myTuner Free app
  6. I meant where are you talking about, Vic... something or other
  7. Pies getting rolled, umpires must be having another shocker.
  8. Interested to know if TJs in Krabi is any good if you get there. Reviews are pretty good but I haven't spent a great deal of time in Krabi.
  9. For matches between 2015 and whatever round I got this earlier this year Melbourne Umpire Matches Wins Win % STEPHENS,A 7 3 42.9% MITCHELL,A 6 2 33.3% ROSEBURY,B 3 1 33.3% West Coast Umpire Matches Wins Win % ROSEBURY,B 8 4 50.0% STEPHENS,A 5 3 60.0% MITCHELL,A 3 3 100.0%
  10. I got my hands on some data earlier this season and these are the win/loss numbers for these umpires. No Nicholls, no Pannell, but still not so good.
  11. We have Rosebury, Stephens and Mitchell
  12. Agreed, out of my range also.
  13. No worries. We could be anywhere. FWIW, the mrs is the assistant manager at a place called The Cove (shameless plug)
  14. Home base is a farm about 5/6 hours drive east. The mrs felt like doing some work so we've ended up in Phuket for the last year, but looking around again for something else now. At least until we decide to go back and get serious about the farm.