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  1. Zaharakis was suspended last year for a stomach punch. This [censored] AFL line that the MRP didn't have a mechanism to suspend players for stomach punches is a load of crap. They can and they have, in this instance they CHOSE not to.
  2. Couldn't wait till after the rematch hey. [censored]
  3. @Satyriconhome Is this something you can assist with? It's common knowledge you speak regularly with coaches and players, are you able to find out whether any action was taken by the club towards the umpires department?
  4. Are you a retired Australian Football League Player? Are you struggling to deal with life after football and all of lives patterns and consistencies are all totally unpredicatable? Are you coming to the realisation that you're total incompetent and under prepared for life in the real world? Are you finding that rules and systems just don't seem to work, regardless how everyone else seems to understand them? Here at the AFL Match Review Panel - WE WANT YOU!!!!
  5. Perhaps we should replace the boundary line with some kind of wire fencing. I reckon the shape of the footy grounds are a bit old fashioned as well, I'm thinking an upgrade to something more, I don't know, octagonal, would that work?
  6. I think you actually answered your own question there.
  7. So I'm guessing no case to answer for any of the trips? Then again, how could there ever be a suspension for a trip because they can't be graded as high contact.
  8. I think it speaks volumes on our progress that despite playing poorly for much of the game, the umps weren't willing to risk evening up the free kick count.
  9. Yes I believe you are correct, and would you believe umpire no. 15 was on duty that day also.
  10. Weids probably got a game today off the back of some good tackles last week. Everyone on here was raving about his game so I didn't say anything. I thought he was average at best last week and should've been back at Casey. Having said that, I have no idea who would come in for him.
  11. Anyone suggesting umpire Nicholls is a poor umpire needs to realise he's had the last 2 grand finals. As far as AFL house is concerned he's doing a great job. Work that one out!
  12. I thought I was hearing things, but the whole commentary team went suspiciously quiet.
  13. Did Hamish just mis-pronounce Hunts name?????
  14. Buddy Franklin kicked a goal like that last night and all the commentators hands immediately went under the table. Jones does it, meh, good goal, couldn't even manage a replay.
  15. Just watching her centre bounces, I doubt it.