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  1. Match Review Panel Farce

    I hope he gets off. It would be very helpful for us if the Cats beat the Swans. Perhaps that's the third category of suspensions from the MRP: 1) If you are a Melbourne player, you get rubbed out. 2) If you hit a Melbourne player, you get off. 3) If you are playing a competitor for Melbourne's position on the ladder, you get rubbed out.
  2. Demonland Player of the Year - Round 12

    Surprised so many have rated Watts' game over Oliver's. We were getting belted in the clearances in the first half and Oliver was one of the keys for us in getting the ascendancy in that area in the second half. His last quarter was fantastic. With enormous pressure, fatigued bodies and a greasy ball, he was one of the few who could cleanly pick it up off the deck in traffic and get the ball going forward for us. As for Watts, I thought it was more of a "moments" game from him, especially the last quarter goal and then the touched ball on the line. He was also on Howe in the first half and was beaten. I'm not saying he didn't contribute, he had a decent game and did well to come back from an early injury. And no doubt his class in the key moment in the last quarter was telling. But for me it was the turnaround in the contest and at the stoppages (and then the run from guys like Hunt) that turned the game around and Oliver was a big part of this.

    The most annoying thing is how predictable it all is. Come out half-hearted against an out-of-form side, allow them early goals to get their confidence and belief going and find ourselves well behind early in the game. Then turn it on when hope seems gone, come roaring back into the match but fail to finish the job and lose a nailbiter. I reckon I've seen this movie 20 times. I hated it the first time and I hated it today. We keep coming back for more but the script doesn't change. Over and over and over again we play teams near the bottom who are down on confidence and we fail to come out switched on from the outset. I would love to be surprised for once and to see us land some big blows early against these sides but it doesn't happen. We lost to drug-banned Essendon last year but learned nothing and we continue to fail to show up when expected to win. There are some real attitude problems that we just cannot, at the moment, get over. We've improved our list, our talent, our skill (not there yet but better), our hardness, etc. But we really are miles off it mentally. I said the same thing after the Freo game when we failed to get men back in the last few minutes. Great teams find a way to win, we simply find ways to lose. We are just so good at it. If the aim in football was to extract defeat from winnable positions we'd be the reigning triple Premiers. And it's no surprise our best quarter was the third. The pressure was off as there was no expectation to win being 6 goals down. Then once again as soon as we drew level in the last and the expectation was we would run over them, we fail to go on with it. I'm sick of the youth excuse. We had enough senior players out there today to lead the way. They've had these lessons before and they've learned nothing. I'm quite happy with our physical development so far this year but mentally we are really falling well short of the mark. We need to find some answers.

    We've got an interesting recent history against Essendon. In four of the last five games against them, the strong favourite has lost. We beat them in 2012 when we were pretty dire and then again in 2014 when we were improving but only won 4 games for the year. The 2014 win was a robbery - they squandered chance after chance and we played one good quarter at the end and won by a point off Salem's match-winning goal. In 2015 they beat us at the G despite being thrashed in recent games and approaching the end of the Hird tenure. They were close to a rabble at the time but we kicked poorly in the wet. Then last year, without half a side, they somehow knocked us off. Essendon will be strong favourites this time around. It's difficult to be optimistic for this one but let's hope the recent trend of results against them continues. We definitely owe them for the last two embarrassing losses against them.
  5. Changes v Essendon (Round 6)

    Yep, agree - it's the mature body that is key. Not so much an issue at centre bounces where you can jump, but at around the ground ball ups and boundary throw ins a young body will get rag-dolled, particularly late in games. Watts was serviceable at stoppages until the last quarter in the Geelong and Richmond games. He was out on his feet and he has done 8 or 9 pre-seasons! I remember a game in 2013 when we beat the Bulldogs (1 of 2 wins for the year). A young Max Gawn (5th season on the list) rucked against Will Minson. Gawn played a really good game but was spent at 3/4 time and was rag-dolled by Minson in the last quarter. The Dogs came back from about 7 goals down and lost by 3 points. We need a fit, strong, mature body and a second year player coming off an ACL and one game at Casey is not currently the answer.

    Yep - three really frustrating losses in a row. At least with the Geelong came we could blame our poor kicking for goal and the Freo game our third quarter, but I feel as though last night was just taken away from us by factors totally outside our control. We did so much right for three quarters and you could see the frustration on the faces of the Richmond supporters as their side was once again falling apart in the big moment. To then see them being able to celebrate a win and enjoy being 5-0 while we go home losers and three games behind them - it was a devastating loss. And to see us just get destroyed in the last quarter by hitouts to advantage (same versus Geelong), when we know with Gawn fit that this is our greatest strength, is painful to watch. It won't get better any time soon, either.

    There are some seriously silly posts on this thread. How can anyone have a go at the players for losing that one. "Injuries no excuse"...are you serious? This is a game played by humans, they are not robots. In a high intensity, high pressure game, to lose two players before half time and have another one hobbling in the goal square, it makes it extremely difficult. Add in the fact your no1 ruck is out, then your second ruck goes down before half time, how can you possibly compete on a level playing field? And they are not playing mugs, they are playing a team of elite professional athletes, with 22 fit players. There was nothing more predictable than Richmond running over the top of us. You could see it late in the third. By all means be frustrated. I am. It's excruciating to know you have a good side, a side in my view that is clearly a class above Richmond, but due solely to bad luck they have beaten us. We outplayed them for three quarters despite our injuries and they only crept past us at the end. Richmond should get no credit for tonight. That was a Steven Bradbury win if I've ever seen one. Them being 5-0 and us 2-3 is about as illusory as ladder positions get. Unfortunately we've just copped a shocking run of luck so far this year and in an even competition it can be the difference between finishing 5th or 15th. We finally have a good side capable of getting results and we just haven't had a fair go. But be frustrated at that. Don't just assume this was an avoidable fade out that the players should take responsibility for. They were fantastic tonight and deserved the four points.

    There were clearly a lot of mistakes at the end and that's what angered me the most. Despite playing fairly poorly for most of the day, having two pivotal players out in Gawn and Hogan and conceding 7 goals without reply in the third quarter, the fact is we hit the front with three minutes to go in the game. And we still couldn't close it out. They talk about learning and development but what have we learnt in terms of holding onto leads? Two years ago we couldn't even hold onto a lead with 40 seconds left against St Kilda. Montagna walked into an unguarded goal and kicked the winner. Of all the types of goals that can be kicked, the one that just should not happen in those circumstances is an open goal from the goal square. We failed to put numbers back and threw the game away. They said we'd learn from that and not make those mistakes again. Yet how did Freo score their last goal? McCarthy runs onto the ball at the back of the pack and into an open goal square. How can you leave the defensive side of a defensive 50 contest open when you are a few points up with under 2 minutes to play. It's just inexcusable at Under 12s level let alone AFL. I'm not saying we should have sent 5 men back, but surely you stick two players back, with one sweeping up defensive side of the contest. In these situations you simply have to force the opposition to do something special to win the game - take a pack mark, kick a 55m goal, etc. If Sandilands marks over four players and kicks the match winner, well you just have to cop it. But letting them run onto a loose ball and into an open goal is unfathomable. So it seems we learned nothing from the St Kilda game. Did anyone in the backline call players back after we hit the front? Did Jones or Viney yell at a few forwards to go down into defence? Do we even have plans to deal with these situations or do we just play aggressively all the time? We have been hard and tough this year and have shown great effort, but we are a long way away in terms of footy smarts and composure.
  9. Glen Jakovich v Chris Connolly

    The relevance of Carlton is to illustrate that another club engaged in similar conduct yet were never investigated like we were. I think your suggestion was that we took it to comical levels - but the argument is that Carlton already did this and they were not investigated, so why were we?
  10. Glen Jakovich v Chris Connolly

    Exactly right. You cannot re-write history by applying today's thinking to the public sentiment back in the mid 2000s. Not only was tanking not seen as evil, it was actually described by many to be the only logical course of action for clubs in that position. I remember reading newspaper articles containing comments such as "it would be bordering on negligence for [relevant Club] to win an irrelevant end of season game and miss out on another top 5 pick" and "it is in the best interests of [relevant club] to lose its remaining few games and help set up their future with elite young talent". Ironically these same journalists then condemned us a few years down the track for doing exactly what they were telling us to do. Not only did the AFL set up the inducement through the priority pick system, but they allowed "tanking" by failing to address it when clubs started taking advantage of the system. Instead, we were told by the AFL that tanking does not exist and that it is okay to send players in for season-ending surgeries halfway through the year (Collingwood), play players out of position (Fremantle) and drag your match-winning full forward from the ground when he looked set to win you the match (Carlton). It could have all been dealt with by a simple change to the rules to remove the inducement as well as an acknowledgement that there was a strong perception of tanking that the AFL did not want and the rule changes would help remove this. But the AFL did nothing. To allow it to go on and then selectively investigate (and punish certain officials from) one of the clubs that did it is nothing short of disgraceful.
  11. Brisbane gets priority pick

    You mean we did what 5-6 other clubs did around that time, that was ruled by the head of the AFL as being acceptable, and in a time where the wider footy public would say comments such as "why would you want to win a meaningless game at the end of the season?"
  12. Brisbane gets priority pick

    The flaw in this type of argument has been exposed numerous times before. The only way you get to the bottom is by your own doing. Whether it's poor coaching, poor recruiting, poor development, poor culture, poor management, etc. - the reason you find yourself winning 3 games in a season is typically going to be due to mistakes that your club has made. You mention problems about Brisbane's location - I didn't see these issues getting raised when they won 3 premierships in a row with one of the best teams we've ever seen! When we applied for a PP we had won 34 games in 7 years. Brisbane have won 45 in their previous 7 years (plus 32 in the three years from 2007-2009). There is absolutely no justification for Brisbane to get a PP based on us being denied one.
  13. Of Course, Cyril gets off

    I remember a few weeks ago Cyril flying for a mark and getting very high. He didn't take the mark. They showed the replay and he basically used his hands to climb all over the man in front in order to get up so high. It was a clear free kick yet all the Channel 7 commentators did was fawn over him and say how high he got and how incredible the mark would have been. "Oh Cyril this, Cyril that" They did not mention once that it was a clear free kick to his opponent. After Saturday I wonder if the umpires suffer from the same Cyril obsession as Bruce and his fellow Channel 7 commentators. No free kick for flattening Oliver high and then he receives a free kick himself. Later in the quarter he then basically jumped on Neville Jetta and put an arm around his neck - no free for Jetta. Then later on again, Rioli clearly ducked into a tackle and incredibly received a free for too high. Are they all just drooling over Cyril that they can't see him do any wrong? For what it's worth I love watching Rioli and he's a sensational footballer. But I can be objective and recognise when he clearly infringes.

    Still struggling to believe what I saw at the G yesterday! It was a fantastic performance all day long, but those final 15 minutes were something else. I can't remember seeing a Melbourne side like that - the hunt, the run, the ferocity, the desire, the clean ball handling, the finishing in front of goal. It just all came together and the power of the momentum generated just swept Hawthorn away. Even with scores level in the final quarter, and the champion on the ropes and looking wobbly, you could just see Hawthorn finding a way to get over the line. You couldn't help but think this way having witnessed the Hawks thrash us and bully us year after year for the last 10 years. But the young challenger said "not this time" and just walked straight up to the champion and delivered a ferocious knock-out blow. It was incredible. Some of the passages of play were also symbolic of our attitude. Viney side-stepping Lewis and just running away from him. Oliver and Viney out-pointing one of the great clearance players of recent times in Mitchell. Petracca holding off Burgoyne with one arm and marking with the other. Watts spinning out of a Hodge tackle and giving a semi-don't argue before passing off to Tyson for the sealer. How we've waited for the time when we are no longer intimidated by the Hawks. And it was just as sweet as we thought it would be.
  15. The Jack Viney made me cry thread

    It's never good to lose a player of Jack's importance, but I disagree in relation to the timing. I think the timing of the injury may not be as bad as it could've been. In the next month, we have the bye, Hawks, Swans (SCG) and Pies. With the bye he misses only three games instead of four. You would also think we'd be fairly long odds to beat the Hawks and Swans even with Viney. So for me he is only missing one 50-50 game (Pies) when it could've been four. And the Pies have their fair share of injuries as well.