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  1. NFL

    Ravens Titans Dolphins
  2. NFL

    I was just going off in our code ACL's are typically a 12 month injury, wouldn't think there'd be much difference ? I played footy with a bloke who played out a final series with a torn ACL & needing a reconstruction... Apparently athletes can run in a straight line perfectly fine & pain free with a torn acl, it's the lateral movements and pivoting that's the problem so I'd say the fact he walked off doesn't mean much apart from the fact it wasn't a car crash type injury Bridgewaters was described as
  3. NFL

    Horrible news if it's confirmed, they are saying the scans aren't completely conclusive & their holding out hopes until the MRI tomorrow... The double blow is that next season is shot for him aswell!
  4. NFL

    Fears of ACL.. How a season can change in the blink of an eye
  5. NFL

    Huge play by Jones to haul in the interception... Not the norm seeing Brees throw a pick in that situation. I still don't rate us, Ryan was pathetic today. Saints lost up to 7 players during the game and they still should have won. Kamara was the biggest loss in the first quarter... If we make it we'll just be making up the numbers, still a lot to play we need to win out @tampa @NO & Carolina to take the divison, 10 wins might not get you there either. Big few weeks ahead
  6. NFL

    Pats Packers Vikings
  7. NFL

    49ers Rams Cheifs
  8. NFL

    I reckon we can put a line through dallas... They'v been blown out the last 3 weeks. Not that zeke is the sole reason but you'd wonder if they had their time over again they'd have started he's suspension from day 1, their season will be over by the time he returns
  9. NFL

    Seattle Titans Vikings
  10. NFL

    Yeah big win yestrday to keep us right in the hunt... 5 of the remaining 6 are division games which is unusual but like you said we control our destiny. We hold tiebreakers over Seattle, Dallas, Lions & Packers so that's a help. Funnily enough we were 6-4 this time last year but we have been nowhere near as convincing, still think we'll struggle to make the playoffs. Have to get that 10 wins as you said Macca which means beating TB twice and finding 2 wins against carolina/saints or Vikings, I'm not so sure
  11. NFL

    Bit like the Falcons last year.. We hit form at the right time of year, snuck into the #2 seed by a missed XP & went on a run.. I can see a side doing that this year in both conferences in an open race
  12. NFL

    Kam Chancellor joins Sherman on IR.. Big blow for Seattle
  13. NFL

    Chiefs Jags Pats
  14. NFL

    Clint with 9 at this time of year has to be some sort of record surely ?
  15. NFL

    Pretty much agree with your seeds DD. The saints have really surpised me, been a divisional rival I take a bit more of an interest. Coming into the season I thought it would be same old, poor defense & rely on Brees but their run game is what has them playing so well, taking a huge load off Brees & their controlling the game. The defense has improved to be good enough and they'll be tough to beat come playoffs. WC spots to come down between Seattle, Dallas, Carolina, Falcons (more hope than anything) Big game for us in Seattle on MNF.