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  1. JV7

    Changes vs Adelaide

    Your right haha... It was Jetta I was thinking of back when he wasn’t any good in 2010 & 2012 he got picked for the Darwin games randomly
  2. JV7

    Changes vs Adelaide

    Jamie Bennell would consistently get a game in Darwin back in the day, often picked from nowhere to play so I wouldn’t be surprised if Spargo is rested & Garlett does come in, not entirely because of indigenous round but think it may play a part in Garletts secletion
  3. JV7

    Changes vs Adelaide

    Absolutely does my head in every year when people compare Alice Springs with Darwin saying it will be humid, hot, slippery. They are completely different conditions... Alice springs will be 27 & sunny with a low of 11 and humidity at 23%. The conditions on the weekend will be almost perfect for footy, a little on the warm side of 27 but that’s it.
  4. 6. Melksham 5. Jones 4. Lever 3. TMac 2. Brayshaw 1. Gawn
  5. JV7

    Grand Final Seating Guarantee

    Settle... It wasn’t you who was behind the early crow and sent out “How to buy finals tickets” last year Mcqueen ? Let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. If we’re sitting 11-4 at round 15 with a few wins against quality maybe then
  6. JV7


    I contemplated it but he's form from 2014-2016 was good & he's gone to another level the last 2 years. He's previous 5 years were rubbish hence why he was delisted. He is one of my favorite players but he's another year or 2 off all time if he continues he's current form
  7. JV7


    My earliest I can recall is probably 1998 when I was 7 aswell as watching highlights here & there from years before. So mine is around 98 to current. FB: Whelan Ingerson S.Febey HB: Bruce Rivers Woewodin C : Tingay Jones Green HF: Yze Schwarz Lyon FF: Robertson Neitz Farmer R: Gawn T.Viney J.McDonald INT: Davey Stynes T.Johnstone Leoncelli
  8. JV7

    The Curnow Brothers at the Tribunal

    Who gives a [censored]... We’ll beat them regardless
  9. JV7

    Our Best Team, if.....

    Pretty sure there is a best 22 thread floating around already, having said that... Personally I wouldn’t have Joel Smith in my best 25-26 players let alone starting 18. Vince is still best 22, Harmes/ANB/Tyson in front of Vandenberg
  10. JV7

    Jayden Hunt

    That's only one aspect.. He's not winning the footy enough. He's averaged 12 disposas over his 5 games this year, nowhere near enough for w rebounding defender & when 2 or 3 of those 12 are turnovers/ineffective he's a non factor in the side
  11. JV7

    Neeld gone (from Essendon)

    Mark, a little word of advice... Maybe get a job outside of footy because you have no f$%+ing idea about football. Couldn't coach an u/9's team
  12. JV7

    Quarters Won

    Same story as last year... Pretty sure we were top 4 or 5 for quarters won yet finished 9th. Certainly frustrating, just shows how damaging those quarters we switch off for cost us! Edit: Yep 5th for quarters won last year
  13. JV7


    I too find it extremely odd to Gorg aswell as draft picks having to "agree to terms" once picked. Didn't Joey Bosa hold out the year he was picked up ? Extraordinary that can happen
  14. JV7

    Need for Rest

    Nankervis shouldered the ruckload all year at Richmond and was fine. Gawn has had a more injury riddled past but he's in super knick fitness wise... These days the players are that closely monitored clubs can see the signs & if they feel a players at risk they'll call it. Lighter training loads etc are ways often non of us know about which gives players a break during the week.
  15. JV7

    Changes vs Gold Coast

    Are people dead set about questioning Viney's return through the VFL ? A) He has not playe any form of game since round 21 last year. Tmac was different he'd done a preseason & atleast played 1 JLT and AFLX. B) The intensity of VFL level can not be even be compared to AFL, litreally different games. Yeah Viney will be going all out but the pace & intensity is nowhere near on the same level as AFL. C) They can manage he's game time, he can play controlled minutes. Maybe 60% ? If he were to play AFL you can't carry a midfielder or any player on that game time. D) Why rush him ? We are playing good footy atm & have the likes of Brayshaw fillling Vineys absence well. We rushed last year and look what happened. Give him controlled game time in the VFL & have him back for Carlton, if he came straight back in & reinjured it I bet these same people calling for him to be in would calling for Misson's head.