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  1. We'll lose this week but beat GWS next... I've finally worked this side out, my gut feeling has been right about this side most times this year
  2. Changes vs North Melbourne

    From the video Ben Guthrie posted he doesn't seem in too much discomfort leaving the track
  3. Changes vs North Melbourne

    Jetta just rolled his ankle at training & hobbled from the track
  4. Looking ahead .. the Path to September

    Agreed, how many times over the past decade have we been on the receiving end of beltings towards the end of the year by sides running towards the finals... About time the roles are reversed
  5. GAMEDAY - Round 18

    As I posted in the Match Preview thread I'm pretty confident of a win and wouldn't be suprised if it's 5-6 goals. All year I've been saying one day this team will explode and from the 1st bounce they'll be on.. Similiar to what we saw us do against Sydney in 2010, I dont think it will be to that extent but today's the day
  6. Pretty confident of a win tomorrow... Wouldn't be suprised if we do it comfortably
  7. Upgrade my membership to guaranteed GF tickets
  8. Reverse psychology... I like it
  9. Anyone else agree that this is the biggest game for the club since the 2006 semi final against Freo ? Hopefully we get a big turn out, 35k+ would be good
  10. NFL

    Yeah definetly not easy to unsubscribe, I tried to turn off my auto renew & there is no way to do it unless you email them... One of my colleagues said he'll go halves so that makes it doable
  11. NFL

    Yeah I've got foxtel at home it's just I can't watch every falcons game but getting up towards $300 is getting a bit pricey... Gamepass gives you every game, condensed or coaches film etc & then you get NFL network & all the football docos like A Football Life etc plus any game over the last 6 or 7 years... But I just find it hard to get the time to watch it all to make it worthwhile. The stream to the TV is perfect 99% of the time
  12. NFL

    What's you guys thoughts on gamepass this year @Gorgoroth @Macca @Dappa Dan do any of you normally purchase it ? It's gone up to $279. I still will get it, easiest & most reliable way to watch Falcons games
  13. Bernie Vince on report

    Vinces was more clear and direct.. Schofields was glancing at best
  14. Bernie Vince on report

    Why are people so pi$$ed off with the MRP ? He elbowed a bloke in the jaw, forget other incidents. Bernie is a d!ckhead, how many times does he want to do this stupid [censored] ? It's about he's 4 suspension in 18 months. I'm not to fussed anyway, once Salems back Vince should be gone
  15. Looking ahead .. the Path to September

    Dreamt we won the flag last night... Gees it felt real, can only imagine if it really happened!