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  1. NFL

    Yep count me in Macca, I enjoy the tipping comp!
  2. Opponent in finals

    You'd think Port will beat that rabble Gold coast by more than what Sydney will beat Carlton by.. Hope I'm wrong though! If that happens in a strange way if we lost to Collingwood we'd play Port would be a better outcome but I couldn't handle the 24 hours from our game to West Coast/Adelaide and run the risk we don't make it but if Adelaide salute then there's merit in a loss to Collingwood
  3. Looking ahead ... the Path to September

    Yeah AFL said a few weeks back Thursday night would be Adelaide or Perth so without a Perth game it'll be Adelaide or Port who host the Thursday night... You'd think they wouldn't schedule back to back Adelaide oval games so one will be Thursday night and one Saturday, they won't make 1(Adelaide) v 4 on the Saturday because the loser deserves the longer break.. Your right I think the 2 qualifying finals will be Thursday & Friday nights for that reason. My guess would be: Vs Port Saturday night Vs Sydney Saturday arvo
  4. Embrace it

    Your missing my whole point, we know the ins & outs of what could happen.. I'm not saying embrace finals but to embrace the talk and possibility of finals....
  5. Embrace it

    Too all those telling other posters & supporters to "stop getting ahead of ourselves", "theres still one more game to win", "we still need to beat Collingwood" I understand all that but let other posters dream of September and talk about it, we haven't had this chance for 11 years and if for some reason we miss out at least we all got to enjoy this end to the season with us still in the hunt. We aren't the players or coaching staff, what we say & post on here has absolutely no bearing or influence on the playing group, coaches or the result of games so just let those who want to know how we buy finals tickets, who we'll play, when we'll play, who'd we play if we won the first final... We are posters on a forum for godsake, let's all just embrace this time were in and if you don't wish to get involved thats fine but don't tell others they can't look that little further ahead and dream of September
  6. Looking ahead ... the Path to September

    Trying to get a read on when we will play IF we make it.. Think if we play Port it will be the Saturday night & if we play Sydney it will be the Saturday afternoon, maybe the Friday night but doubt the AFL will put it up on a Friday night in Sydney Edit: In the unlikely event we play Richmond that may be Friday night or Saturday arvo I reckon
  7. Changes versus Collingwood

    I've noticed this a lot with Tyson over the last year or so, he starts a game like a house on fire and will have 10 or more touches in the first quarter, 20 by half time and then drops off and rarely ends up with over 30... Maybe it's a fitness issue but aslong as he keeps up the good starts I'm happy
  8. Looking ahead ... the Path to September

    Doesn't matter what we beat Collingwood by inregards to Essendon they cant jump us as we'd be a game clear of them... We win we'll finish 7th
  9. Demonland Player of the Year - Round 22

    6 - Pedersen 5 - Hogan 4 - Melksham (shut down zorko after qrt time and won plenty of the ball himself) 3 - Hibberd 2 - Jones 1 - Petracca
  10. GAMEDAY - Round 22

    There was a thread during the week about players reading/posting on demonland... If there for some reason is a current player out there who reads this please show your other teammates. Us supporters have been to hell & back following this football club the past decade, the majority of this list & coaching staff don't fully understand what it's like to be a Melbourne supporter, to go through rebuild after rebuild, false dawn after false dawn coach after coach, failed draft pick after draft pick, number 1 picks been taken by expansion sides, top picks having career ending injuries, past players and coaches losing battles to illnesses, the only team to be fined of tanking but not actually tanking, been the laughing stock of the competition & friends for 10 fricken years! Rocking up to the G week in week out knowing we'd be lucky to be within 5 goals at quarter time, travlleing across the country to still show our support.. There's been times we could have all thrown it in and said "I'm done with this club" but we stuck through the tough times knowing there'd be brighter days and when those days came they would be sweeter than any because what we have been through... So today please if the going gets tough and it feels like it's all too much just remember what one shot at a finals series means to all us supporters... Go Dees
  11. Round 22 - Non MFC Games

    There's 2 spots in the 8... I'm predicting we finish 7th & essendon scrap into 8th on % Edit: if we lost 1 of the next 2 and results went as I stated above we'd finish 8th & Essendon 7th....
  12. Round 22 - Non MFC Games

    If Port & GWS win today and we win tomorrow we are basically in even IF we lose to Collingwood next week, WC would have to beat Adealaide by as much as we beat Brisbane which you'd thinks unlikely... I know people will say just win our last 2 and were in but it's nice to know alternatives.... The thing is for us to avoid Sydney would be better for the dogs to beat port today
  13. NFL

    I'll be too preoccupied with finals footy
  14. Looking ahead ... the Path to September

    I have read that on the Port Adelaide forum that they believe Adelaide would host the Thursday night, apparently Adelaide fans like the home Thursday night games, but guess the AFL will do what's in their best interest. Couldn't imagine them putting Richmond on the Thursday night though so if we play Port over there most likely could be thursday night (unfortunately). Having said that you'd think the AFL wouldn't have bacm to back Adelaide oval games from a logistical point of view. So if we played Thursday night, it might rule out Adelaide for the Friday night so they may prefer an Adelaide/Richmond Thursday night. It will be interesting if it is Adelaide/Richmond over there aswel flights & accommodation will be madness for 2 vic teams heading over on the same weekend!
  15. NFL

    Getting in early but I'm going to do my season predictions now... I may be been bias AFC East Patriots Dolphins Bills Jets AFC North Steelers Bengals Ravens Browns AFC South Titans Colts Texans Jaguars AFC West Raiders Chiefs Broncos Chargers NFC East Cowboys Giants Redskins Eagles NFC North Vikings Packers Lions Bears NFC South Falcons Buccanners Panthers Saints NFC West Seahawks Cardinals Rams 49ers AFCCG Steelers Vs Raiders NFCCG Falcons Vs Cowboys SB LII Falcons Vs Steelers SB LII Champions Falcons MVP: Derek Carr Passing Yards: Kirk Cousins Receiving Yards : Julio Jones Rushing Yards : Le'veon Bell Sack Leader: Khalil Mack