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  1. JV7


    Panthers Steelers Titans I'm off to Hawaii Sunday so looking forward to watching some games live for 2 weeks!
  2. JV7


    Should have multied Titans into Brown's😔
  3. JV7


    Looks pretty straight forward on paper but I wouldn't be overly suprised by a Titans & even Browns upset
  4. JV7


    Chargers, Pats, Falcons
  5. JV7


    Chiefs, Bears, Falcons
  6. JV7


    Pats, Redskins, Philly
  7. JV7


    Broncos, Vikings, Rams
  8. JV7


    Chargers, ravens, Seahawks
  9. JV7

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    It's pretty obvious what has happened. The club's asked what Hogan's intentions are post this contract (2019) he can't give guarantees he will recommit at the end of this contract so the club knowing Steven May is available say to Hogan well what's your thoughts on going home this year ? Makes total sense, why hold him to his final year for him to leave at the end of 2019 & we've missed the boat on May. I guarantee this wouldn't be happening if May wasn't gettable.
  10. JV7


    Titans, Ravens, Packers I've struggled with time to watch much this season, started a new job 6 months ago & moved out of home 12 months ago so really struggling with time to watch much at all. Barely get time to watch the Falcons so have hardly been across the rest of the comp. Disappointing 😔
  11. JV7


    Vikings, Philly, Cheifs
  12. We just weren't able to get the game on our terms. We were on the backfoot from the firt minute as Goodwin said & we couldn't handle it. The players went into self-preservation and reverted back to old bad habits because they were rattled... Once it happened it was contiguous & the Eagles and their supporters were up & about and it just brewed into the perfect storm. As Goody said you either win or you learn and we learnt a huge lesson yesterday. The players & coaches will be better for the experience, it's disappointing because we were in some ways so close to the summit but in reality we are still little while off, we will get there I have no doubts on this playing group & coaching staff. Huge effort to win 2 finals & make a prelim, we all shouldn't forget that. We get Lever and Hogan back next year & maybe pick up a player or 2. I feel for us to be a geninue contender we need to start the year like we finished(minus yesterday) we've got to be in & around the top 4 from round 1, we only clinched a finals spot in round 22. We need to by round 16-17 we are assured finals & pushing for a top 4 or top 2 spot to be serious premiership contenders. Bring on 2019.
  13. JV7

    Our home games

    Hopefully all the bandwagoners who jumped on & showed up for the 2 finals actually sign up as members & come to games next year. We clearly had more support at the first 2 finals, like to see these people show up from day 1 next year. Should get 50k members
  14. JV7


    Packers, Chicago, Pats
  15. JV7

    Where to watch the game - Melbourne V WCE

    I'm a bit torn on what to do... My family & I are happy to watch it at home together but like the idea of watching it with a heap of dees fans for some atmosphere. I'm a little disappointed with the options the clubs put forward.. Qualifying final Collingwood put big projectors in the Holden center function room & have opened up Margaret court arena this week... Cramming into a sporting globe or fed square aren't overly appealing