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  1. JV7


    Packers, Chicago, Pats
  2. I'm a bit torn on what to do... My family & I are happy to watch it at home together but like the idea of watching it with a heap of dees fans for some atmosphere. I'm a little disappointed with the options the clubs put forward.. Qualifying final Collingwood put big projectors in the Holden center function room & have opened up Margaret court arena this week... Cramming into a sporting globe or fed square aren't overly appealing
  3. JV7

    Watching the Prelim

    Anyone know if the club will put on fuction somewhere where we can all watch the prelim ? I know Collingwood did a ticketed event for there qualifying final. Would be a great idea
  4. JV7


    Panthers, Philly, Vikings
  5. JV7


    I've always hated this concept in the NFL... Really don't understand it, put them to the sword!
  6. JV7

    The moment you know when you’re going to win

    When the players ran out Jonesy had a big grin on his face, I knew then we would win. Was the smile of a bloke who was relaxed & knew exactly how he's side was going to perform!
  7. JV7


    We've had the same problems for years even in the SB run of 16' we were poor in tbe redzone. Ryan was so off last night, he seemed uneasy all night. That final drive was like watching years playoff game, exactly the same. I'm not surprised by the result/performance, I don't hold great expectations of this Falcons side this season
  8. JV7


    AFC East   New England AFC West Cheifs AFC South Jacksonville AFC North Pittsburgh Wildcard Houston Wildcard Chargers NFC East Philadelphia NFC West LA Rams NFC South New Orleans NFC North Minnesota Wildcard Green Bay Wildcard Atlanta
  9. JV7

    Don't Believe In Never

    Yeah the AFL has done one for each of the top 8.
  10. Our "Don't Believe In Never" video released. Gees it's spine tingling stuff... Just imagine.
  11. JV7


    Gees the season has crept up on me! I haven't followed the off season & pre season as closely as I usally would. But I'm back again for the tipping! Steelers, Rams, Jags Bring on Friday, day off on the couch for Falcons @ Philly then onto the G. What a day
  12. JV7

    Finals Tickets

    I didn't even know these oulets existed anymore... May I ask where you went ?
  13. JV7

    Finals Tickets

    Yep, keep getting the too many ticket problem... How can you as all members not be able to buy 7 tickets together absolute joke
  14. JV7

    Finals Tickets

    Couldn't get tickets in the area we normally sit which is level 4 so barely prime spots.. Once I finally got in only single seats were for sale. Absolute bull$[censored]