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  1. NFL

    Falcons, Titans, Carolina Yes for some reason I believe we win the SB rematch in Foxborough!
  2. I'm too pi$$ed off to write too much... But I am fuming at this, bloke has been their through thick & thin, stuck it out for years during the [censored] times only to be kicked to the kerb when he and the club have started to turn it around.. On top of this we then trade him for unders to a side who we will be directly battling for a spot in the 8, so we have boosted Ports list while damaging ours.. Good job Goodwin & Mahoney, d!ckheads
  3. NFL

    I'm filthy I didn't back the Steelers at $2.75! Had this feeling after the horror show the week before they'd win and KC were well and truly due!
  4. NFL

    I reckon their no chance without Rodgers.. Best hope is they can sneak into the playoffs and he can be back from there, either way it's a long way back.. The NFC really has opened right up, if it wasn't already.
  5. NFL

  6. NFL

    Sad thing is it's 2 weeks in arow.. Can't drop 2 home games back to back against the Bills and Dolphins! Go into foxborough on MNF football next week in the SB rematch, staring 3-3 in the face.
  7. NFL

    Geesus, I just finished watching the Atlanta game... Pretty much ready to pack it in for the season, we're not good enough but things could be worse (alluding to Rodgers @Macca) That is a huge blow... Philly are the favs for the NFC now surely!
  8. Rd 1 Team with Lever

    Playing positions in defense went out the window 10 years ago... It's a back 6 and players play on whoever the best match up is.
  9. NFL

    Caught most of the 1st half today... Both QB were under pressure from the defenses, and Carolina couldn't get any run game going.. The 1st interception from Newton which was a huge play made by Cox sort of turned the tide. Didn't see any of the 2nd half though, good road win for Philly
  10. It's fact he went to Byron for a day trip to do a shoot in early July for his Skwosh club shorts... Big deal really
  11. Just saw the same thing... Not sure what it means, might have reference to the girl tagged in the photo. Hopefully it's cryptic for him staying
  12. NFL

    I'm hoping the Eagles get up.. This year seems harder for tipping, if that was actually possible! Pats Steelers Packers
  13. Gary Buckenera sums it up well in his article on our list. The Demons are keen to trade Jack Watts but what are they going to get for him? Clubs are smart and know it’s likely Melbourne needs to move Watts to free up space in the salary cap, along with the form issues, to accommodate Lever, so will they be willing to take a bit less in a trade? If that is the case then I’d keep him. He wants to stay and given it’s a work ethic issue maybe this has been the kick up the backside he needed. Watts is more valuable to Melbourne than a late second or third-round draft pick because that’s all I’d be spending on a 26, turning 27-year-old, forward who is still inconsistent and whose work ethic is questionable. The highlighted part has been my issue all along
  14. The Sam Gibson Thread

    FFS this is not Melbourne of 2012-2014 when we were crying out for experience... We have moved passed that. Not a f%$king chance this bloke comes anywhere near our football club
  15. Colin Sylvia

    I read that article on him been arrested at lunch yesterday... An hour later he was loitering around Southbank, I walked past him and he asked me for the time.. He looks a shadow of he's former self, looks unhealthy, fat and weathered... Looks like he needs to get his life back on track