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  1. I couldn't careless what he does in his down time, just stating that this news hasn't come as a shock to a lot of people especially those in Perth.
  2. There are a couple Perth based dees fans on Twitter who have posted numerous times the murmurs around Hogans off season. All you have to do is follow his Instagram page & see most weekends he is out on the grog. I hope he can get himself together but it seems this hasn't just happened, obvious why we let him go
  3. Out of round 1 for Freo. Was out drinking Saturday night & missed training Sunday. Club says he is battling clinical anxiety https://www.foxsports.com.au/afl/afl-2019-fremantle-confirms-jesse-hogan-wont-play-in-round-1-no-fixed-timeline-for-return/news-story/cc99e4e77f91a90416866414c2498d25
  4. Not yet I'm actually a 6 year old...
  5. He clearly did do something wrong otherwise he wouldn't have been suspended. I don't agree with it but like I orginally said the AFL has in their eyes made the right call, we all can disagree with it but the end of the day May has got a week suspension... I personally would much prefer he doesn't do it & miss weeks than "play on or above the line" I think our contested style of footy speaks for itself, we don't need incidents like the weekend to be branded "tough"
  6. Yeah it's bull[censored] but let's take a positive it puts May on notice now, no doubt this won't have gone down well with the coaches or club leaders. The decision like it or not is the right one in the AFL eyes. Better that May learns he's lesson now then during the year when it could potentially be a worse scenario
  7. I've said this multiple times on this forum over the past 12 months. Leg speed is so overrated in football. It's all about ball movement, when we get our run game going & quick handballs we look slick & quick (passage in the 1st quarter where chain of hanballs through the middle & Hibberd fluffed the kick at goal from 50m is one example). Yesterday we turned the ball over by foot & by hand which made us look "slow" but disposal at this time of year is nothing to worry about. We do lack leg speed but people only bring this up when we don't play our way because the opposition doesn't let us not because we are slow.
  8. I'm checking out for 10 days... The overreacting on here is embarrassing. JLT means nothing, I have no less confidence in us then I did 2 weeks ago. We'll romp Port in 14 days time
  9. I'm heading up also... Looking at tickets at the moment. I prefer to sit up higher so looking at category 2 or 3 in & around the 310-312 bays. $71 for a category 2 ticket does seem a bit steep
  10. I have upgraded the membership to the reserved seating on level 1 this year.. Just wondering if this applies even though it's a replacement game ? Anyone know ?
  11. Drugs are obviously a huge problem in society not just AFL. Just because these footballers are elite athletes doesn't mean there any different to your average local footballer or tradie. At my local club you go out on a Saturday night with 20 blokes & 15 would be doing drugs, it's just the modern world. Yeah I get these players are paid good money to play football & represent the AFL & club but I guarante that's the furthest thing from their mind on a weekend... I work with people who do drugs & we are subject to random drug tests & its one strike and your out, yet they run the gaunlet, could only imagine what some would do with 2 strikes. Plus the league bosses aren't far behind the players, anyone who thinks their ammune to it are kidding themsleves.. I know for a fact one of our players has pulled his head in over the past 18 months & he's output has skyrocketed.
  12. He's comments re McDonald don't ring true. This time last year McDonald had played majority of the back half of 2017 as a forward and quiet well, stupid comment to say "he wouldn't be on the list as a CHB". I love McDonald as forward but he is only a season & a half into been a permanent forward, I want to see the same form again over the course of this year before you'd be calling him top 5 in the comp.
  13. Pretty sure there will be a full replay available on the website later today
  14. Absolutely... Gave them a 7 goal head start in the first quarter too. From memory they hadn't lost at the Gabba for over a year. From memory we win by 21 points, 11 goal turn around was unbelievable. I remember the lady sitting next to me 20 mins into the first quarter saying "you all didn't come here just for this"..... Bloody oath we did
  15. Carlton 2000 Prelim Brisbane in Brisbane 2002 (mainly because I was there) Western Bulldogs 2005 round 21 Geelong 2018 final West Coast 2018
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