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  1. JV7

    Mr Jones

    After reading the OP I was expecting some backlash, I'm quiet shocked at the amount of Jones bashing going on here. The bloke is still easily in our best 22, he still offers a lot to the team & midfield. One bad game & you all want him retired... Settle down.
  2. JV7

    GAMEDAY - Round 17

    After the Hawthorn & Richmond losses I stopped caring so much and we went on a 6 game winning streak... The St.Kilda game crushed me again, so I've gone back to not caring so much. Can't watch tonights game which will be weird, I can't recall ever not watching a game on t.v. atleast. Dees by 23, hoping more than anything!
  3. JV7


    It's hard to get a gauge on it due to the opposition & conditions but we defintely did defend better this week. We had that goal keeper/full back usually Omac or Frost behind the ball at most times, hard to pick up on TV but it seemed as though what the coaching staff put in place during the week worked. We'll know more next week against a bit better opposition. We struggled in the first 5 rounds adjusting to the way we wanted to set up defensively with Lever so there's no doubt it was going to take the same if not more for the coaching staff & players to adjust without Lever. Big game next week, if only it was at our etihad fortress!
  4. JV7

    Changes v Fremantle

    I actually disagree... He works hard to apply pressure inside 50. Yeah he's performance on the weekend was very poor but when he's playing well he's a great pressure forward
  5. JV7

    Changes v Fremantle

    IN: Who gives a flying f%#k OUT: Me for 2018
  6. JV7


    Our season went down the gurgler the moment Levers ACL gave way. Our backline is all over the place, so easy to score against. Our season is cooked. Another false dawn, on to 2019.
  7. JV7

    Run home to Finals - 2018

    Saints - WIN Freo - WIN Dogs - WIN (although darwin trip makes me nervous) Cats - 50/50 LOSS Crows - WIN Suns- WIN Swans - WIN Eagles - LOSS GWS - WIN 15-7
  8. JV7

    Post Match Discussion - Round 14

    Thank you WB. My thoughts exactly... We out played them for majority of the game & like they said on the broadcast if you look at the stats you'd have thought Melbourne had of won by a few goals. Goodwin was pretty much in the same boat, happy with how we played but efficiency inside 50 is what cost us. My thoughts & expectations of this side haven't changed after last night's performance. As I said we outplayed a fellow top 4 & premiership contender ln their turf on the big stage, we did everything but take the 4 points. I'm annoyed we lost but I know this side is around the mark. People saying we failed on a Friday night etc. need to seriously take the positives out of it & look at the bigger picture, we win the next 3 & we are 11-5. Lose one of them & then we can all start saying we've [censored] the bed.
  9. JV7

    Changes v Port

    We'll know by 7:51pm by which Melbourne has shown up
  10. JV7

    Changes v Port

    Queens birthday feels so long ago. Everyone was as bad as each other minus a couple... I think Garlett needs to come back in, we’ve missed a bit of presence on the ground inside 50. He makes things happen from literally nothing & that’s what we need travelling interstate on the big stage. Spargo makes way for mine. I would also bring in Tyson & actually play him in the middle where he’s most damaging, we’ve been beaten in the clearances 2 weeks in arow. IN: Garlett, Tyson OUT: Spargo, Harmes
  11. JV7

    Dean Kent on the move... ?

    I do like Kent as a player... His career is summed up with his 2018 season so far. Plays 2 good games then injured... Disappointing he can’t get a free run at it as I think he has the attributes & talent to be best 18. Will have to see how the back half of the year pans out before I’d be shipping him out the door
  12. JV7

    MFC Cactus for the rest of 2018

    FFS... It’s going to be a long 9 days until the Port game. People on this joint need to chill the f&$k out. We weren’t going to go undefeated for the rest of the year... One loss in 7 weeks and everyone loses their mind.
  13. JV7

    Post Match Discussion - Round 12

    You've got to be kidding ? He's field kicking is elite. He is one of the best field kicks in the team... I honestly can't remember him missing a target. I wish I could find stats on it but I'm sorry he is an elite field kick
  14. JV7

    Post Match Discussion - Round 12

    Leg speed in football is a myth.. Yeah each side has a couple of quick runners but it's all about how you move the footy. We have looked slick & quick the last 6 weeks because our ball movement was top notch... Win it in close & spread by hand & foot not actual leg speed
  15. JV7

    Post Match Discussion - Round 12

    Meh, honestly not concerned with the performance. We'd been up for 6 weeks and I had an inkling this performance on the cards. Gotta take your hat's off to the pies they were simply the better side on the day. I have no doubt we will be better placed come round 23. Bucks out coached Goodwin today, was like we had planned to just focus on our game & keep on doing what we have been(which is fair enough) and Bucks planned how to stop & beat us and that's exactly what they did. Beat us at our own game... We forget Goodwins in game 34 of his coaching career, when your the inform side of the comp, sides are going to come at you & try to take you strengths away from you and put more time into you. We'll be right, can't win them all. A week off to regroup & head to Adelaide on a Friday night, big stage again. Already reckon we get the job done.