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  1. What’s happening inside AFL House

    The crown part may have stemed from that. Who knows where it'll end up, that many deals would go down behind the scenes no'oe outside the AFL would know, Leathlan may have been paid to shut up or the AFL helped him get the St.Kilda job to keep quiet. All I know as of 2 weeks ago I was told he was leaving.
  2. What’s happening inside AFL House

    I'v heard from 2 different sources within the AFL Gill will be "stepping down" most likely to take a role at crown.
  3. What’s happening inside AFL House

    Got very good inside info Gill wont be around much longer... AFL trying to work out the best way to get him out without suspicion. There was more to the Simon Lethlean story then reported.
  4. NFL

    Great stuff @Dappa Dan enjoy it! Very well deserved, who'd have thought when Wentz went down this would be the ending!
  5. NFL

    Out of the tipping race but I'll tip anyway! Eagles 24 Pats 23 What I'm hoping for Eagles down 29 - 3 & win
  6. NFL

    Vikings 17 @ Eagles 13 Jags 23 @ Patriots 20
  7. NFL

    Man I do envy you, it was great this time last year! I know the feelings... I was worried, nervous, sick, excited, happy all at the same time. Was an overwhelming feeling when I knew we were going to make it to the SB... Just enjoy it!
  8. NFL

    It's a tough one... I'd go the Saints purely because your offense would move the ball eaiser on their D rather than the Vikings
  9. NFL

    He could have just wrapped him up in a tackle & it would have been over.. They wouldn't of had time to get to the line & clock the ball for a FG attempt. All he litreally had to do was hold him up where he was & the Saints win the ball game
  10. NFL

    Oh my god... Just when you think you've seen it all in this sport
  11. NFL

    Jags, wow. Anytime to go into Pittsburgh & win is big but to do it in a playoff game.. Hats off to them. Congrats Clint. I actually think the Jags defense could give the Pats & Brady some trouble. Just shows as others have posted above, all our teams(I think) in this forum have had some recent success as in making the playoffs in the last 2 seasons alone... Would be hard to say the same about the AFL with a group of different supporter bases.
  12. NFL

    Yeah in hindsight we are 11-0 when we score 20 & now 0-7 when we don't, so looking back scoring 20 on that eagles defense in those conditions at home would have always been a struggle. Our biggest problem all year has not been able to convert in the redzone so fitting that's how our season ended. That FG on half time hurt, should have been an interception & maybe 3 to us. Also that shovel pass on 2nd & goal on the last drive, wtf was Sarkisian thinking... I'm not too angry about it, I never really thought it was going to be our year
  13. NFL

    I can't trust Bortles but if your defense can get some takeaways & points like they did in week 5 against the Steelers than you'd be a huge chance.. Guessing Bell will be a bit factor so nullifying the run and forcing big Ben into throwing will be a bit factor. I'll be cheering the Jags on, good to see different sides contending & us fellow demons need to stick together so some of us can experience some success
  14. NFL

    @Dappa Dan thoughts on this weekend at Philly ? Reckon the Eagles will hit the Falcons with the run. Ajayi ran shreds through us early in the year with Miami... I reckon the noise about Foles is a bit over the top, yeah he's no wentz but he's no slouch. The falcons record against back up QBs since I started follwing them has been horrendous. As the week goes on the less confident I've got.
  15. NFL

    Not that a follow college all that much but man the city of Atlanta must have pi$$ed off the footballs somewhere.. First the SB now Georgia blow a 20-7 lead & lose the championship game in OT... Wow