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  1. List Updates by Goodwin

    If we have a fit and uninjured viney we will win both.
  2. Looking ahead ... the Path to September

    Saints aren't an issue. Assuming tigers score around 70 points, saints need to win by 120 (192-70 to be exact). Not happening. West coast is the only threat.
  3. Round 23 Non MFC Games

    You've gotta give it to Port... they can destroy a team outside the 8.
  4. Changes v Brisbane

    Roos was very much like that - in that if you weren't best 22 you weren't on his radar.
  5. Changes vs St Kilda

    Particularly when there's such good snow!!

    This is what I was hoping for. We'll have a res hot crack up in Darwin but I'm not holding out much hope - plus the flight is no good on injuries. Give don and watts an extra week of rest and bring the rain to the G next week for port! Will be a huge game and hopefully the start of a powerful run towards finals.
  7. Changes v Sydney Swans

    Goodwin said not this week but more likely the next.
  8. GAMEDAY - Round 14

    Tom McDonald, I've never doubted your kicking, I swear
  9. Round 14 Non MFC games

    Bombers getting an absolute ride
  10. Round 14 Non MFC games

    So sick of listening to Bruce... retire already you old hack... "the general" this, "poppy" that.
  11. Clanggers - can we shut up about this?

    Completely agree. His decision making is so slow - both in close (gets a couple of holding the balls a game) and on the outside (when he marks and takes forever to make a decision which kills our transitions). Is still a valuable player but definitely needs to work on that.
  12. Non MFC Matches - Round 10

    It's really sad, but terrible one-sided umpiring is really starting to make me like the game less. Cats got handed that win, umpires folded every time the crowd made a noise. Selwood still ducks his way to free kicks regardless did of an attempt to stamp it out. I just want consistently umpired games, is that so bloody much to ask!?
  13. Spencil it in!

    I actually have a lot of faith in big Jake. My biggest fear is that he gets injured or suspended... if he goes down in the next 12 weeks we are truly cooked.

    With Frost, Hibberd and now Garland all out it all but locks in Joel Smith for round 1.
  15. Training - Wednesday 15th February, 2017

    BRILLIANT! Fingers crossed for an injury free JLT campaign..