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  1. I just read this and was also concerned about who wasn't back in the shape they wanted. I know every club has them but I'd be disappointed given the end to the year we had
  2. Farewell Jack Watts

    Paul Connor just said on Trade Radio that Jack will not be at Melbourne next year, for those still holding out hope
  3. Play Viney and Jones off a HBF, Jetta, Hibberd and Melksham back. They won't touch him
  4. Probably won't agree to a trade. Also most hated for me now.
  5. Barrett said in his sliding doors article we had been talking to Lever for 15 months
  6. Trade rumours

    Tyson came home to Vic for family. Why would he agree to that trade?
  7. Paddy Ryder Trouble

  8. Paddy Ryder Trouble

    A few guys from my footy club saw the incident. Said it didn't look good for Ryder at all.
  9. Farewell Jack Watts

    Do you think that's based on the whack he gave in the media, or something more substantial?
  10. Dodo was on Trade Radio yesterday, saying he doesn't understand why people think they are difficult, and that they have given players away 😂
  11. Does Max Gawn work for the AFL?

    Looks like some of the higher profile, easily recognisable players not playing in finals.
  12. Well, that makes sense then. Thanks!
  13. Wednesday November 1 - NAB AFL delisted player free agency period (1) begins Wednesday November 8 - NAB AFL delisted player free agency period (1) closes Friday November 10 - NAB AFL delisted player free agency period (2) begins Friday November 17, 5pm - NAB AFL delisted player free agency period (2) closes What's the point in having a break in between? Nothing else happens during that time.
  14. Unfortunately I think the Blues miss out. A first rounder and watts for Gibbs and a 2nd rounder is a major loss for them
  15. Thanks for the info. Any clue as to the other deals?