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  1. M_9

    Run home to Finals - 2018

    I take it that you weren't around in 1987?
  2. M_9

    Changes vs Geelong

    Who relieved Gawn? (I'm OS).
  3. I can't really relate to your circumstances (being here in downtown Cavtat, Croatia where, at 9am it's already 26 degrees) but I have really appreciated the commentary. Big day here of course (3pm). Wall-to-wall Poms. At least they won't be biased. They hate the Frogs and Croats equally. Now back to the AFL. Remind me again who we want to win -Swans?
  4. M_9

    GAMEDAY - Round 17

    Sorry, missed the start. Viney injury?
  5. M_9

    GAMEDAY - Round 17

    Beautiful to listen to. C'mon Hoges - kick a bag.
  6. M_9

    GAMEDAY - Round 17

    Catching this on ABC radio from Sipan Island Croatia. (I'm still bragging!). Go Dees.
  7. M_9

    Round 17 Non MFC Games

    FYI (Kardinia Park): I live 20km from this dump and refuse to attend our games there (every bloody year) on principal. I have Platinum/Legends mship which gets me into all MCG and Etihad games. But not K Park. I go to all other Vic games and at least one interstate games each year. Our cheer squad get shafted - placed on a flank as seats behind the northern goal (non Cats cheer squad end) fetch a premium. If you roll up and expect to get $25:GA you may be disappointed. Even though it won't be sold out they'll tell you that you need to pay $35 min. for a seat. They treat opposition supporters with utter contempt. Furthermore, night games can be dangerous for visiting supporters. Their supporters have spent all arvo in the pubs. I urge all MFC suuporters to boycott this game.
  8. M_9

    Run home to Finals - 2018

    Simple solution - we start a campaign to have the game moved to Etihad.
  9. M_9


    Keep it up Picket. As a maths teacher (retired) I'm good with numbers, but me grammer is lousy. I struggle with Joeboy's posts.
  10. M_9


    Haven't seen any games for a month (OS). Are the Swans all that flash? I reckon they play Etihad well. They rarely play on the 'G. Yeah I know, our record on the 'G is ... Just reckon it'll be 50-50.
  11. M_9

    GAMEDAY - Round 16

    Bugga. Mid-flight mid-game. Hopefully Dbv airport by half time (when we're trailing by 18 points).
  12. M_9

    GAMEDAY - Round 16

    I think the correct expression is 'spew up'.
  13. I wouldn't think so. He trains with the forwards!
  14. Just a tad difficult for me to comprehend the playing conditions given that I'm following the commentary from my hotel balcony in Athens where it's already 25 degrees at 8:22 am (sorry - just had to brag to someone)
  15. M_9

    Marrara Training - Friday 6th July, 2018

    How could I make such a stupid mistake. Corky and Professor Ratbaggy also Ch 9 from memory.