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  1. M_9

    What’s the go with Essendrug?

    An apology if it's been mentioned: according to KB and Doc the EFC is offering a 2-ticket, 1 game membership for $25. That should see their membership hit the 100k. I could do the maths, (but won't)and calculate how many of these mships Paul Little could purchase with the $6.5b he reaped from the sale of Toll.
  2. M_9

    2019 Fixture

    Round 2 we play the Cats on Sat night (March 30) at KPark. https://www.geelongadvertiser.com.au/sport/afl/afl-fixture-2019-geelong-cats-to-play-melbourne-at-gmhba-stadium-in-round-2-blockbuster/news-story/8d5bc68bca9409e675f077cf5f7889d0
  3. M_9

    2019 Fixture

    So Crows in the Alice and Freo in Darwin looking most likely.
  4. Kade may be a favourite with a select group of our members: https://global.k2skis.com/en_AU/homepage/
  5. Hogan to CHB (as Roos suggested). Frost FB. Oscar - Casey?
  6. M_9

    More Thursday Night Games

    Given that ANZAC eve 2019 is a Wed, I'm wondering if a Thurs night game may come into play for us.
  7. Maybe North see Daw as being Goldy's successor (the next NicNat)?
  8. I'm not sure if this has been posted, but it's a summary of his 3 seasons prior to 2018. I get the feeling that coming from a rugby league background he may not position himself all that well as he rarely gets into double figures for disposals at any level (3 from 8 AFL games) AFL http://www.aflplayerratings.com.au/Ratings/Player/121035/Braydon-PREUSS
  9. M_9

    Dylan Shiel

    Er, just a reminder that Paul Little sold Toll to the Japanese for $6.5 billion.
  10. I got it. But it's spelled Prius!
  11. M_9

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Trust me, if you're a surfer, as I am, you'll stay well away from a surf spot that has ideal waves day in, day out, if you can't surf.
  12. M_9

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Aside: Hogan is in Bali primarily to surf. That means his foot is 100% or close to it. Hogan may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but he wouldn't risk a $million contract (from either club).
  13. M_9

    The 1964 Grand Final Banners

    I recall when the biggest banner was unfurled, but I can't remember the wording: " .... the Magnificent Masters of the MCG". Can you complete/correct? One of my funniest moments was sleeping out for a GF ticket (club allocation) in 1965 with my Dons mate. We were warned that officers would be patrolling Yarra Park so we scrambled up onto a ledge on the old Northern stand above the ticket box. We both slept in and awoke to see a queue 100m long snaking up towards Jolimont station. We meekly scrambled down and took up a spot at the tail of the queue.
  14. M_9

    The 1964 Grand Final Banners

    Mal, do you remember Mick Pearce? I thought there was a black and white clip of him holding a run-through circa 1964. I remember Mick sitting with the cheer squad in the 1980's. He worked up at Buller and didn't get to many games. Re the (fence) banners: from memory they were 'assigned' to cheer squad members as they were taken from ground to ground. I know I had charge of the "Never say die Demons" for a short period of time.
  15. Jesse and new team mate Andrew Brayshaw.