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  1. M_9

    Who's going to Perth?

    Just flew back from the Goldy and walked past Gate 4. It's a sea of red and blue. Just a tad too much to fly across the country back to back.
  2. Qjartermain said on 3AW this morning that the rumour around WC was that Kennedy was playing on one leg. Geez, it'd be a bonus if he didn't see out the game.
  3. M_9

    GF Ballot Barcode

    As an aside: I'd be keen to know the breakdown of our 45k members i.e. numbers of P1, P2 , P3 members for instance. Also, I'm surprised one of the papers hasn't used FOI legislation to publish a m/ship breakdown for each club.
  4. M_9

    Finals Tickets

    Myself plus two mates are all priority one but will be standing should we make the GF. We want to be standing in our usual spot (M9) so we'll be after tickets anywhere on the Punt Rd end. If we make the GF, and if myself and mates have seats we'll be happy to swap (maybe incl. the difference in purchase price) for standing room (Southern stand). Keep your eye out for my posts. BTW I have stood the last two weeks (in M9) and it's been fine. No Cats supporters the first week, and only a handful of Hawks last week (mostl left when their team fell behind and they realised they were outnumbered by Dees). ANZAC eve is about the only time when it's sardine-like. Haven't stood that end at a GF, but expect it will be fairly crowded. It appears many Tigers' supporters prefer to stand. I reckon if it's a Tigers-Dees GF, we'll be city end. If it's Pies-Dees we'll be Punt Rd end. Just my feeling.
  5. M_9

    GF Ballot Barcode

    I think you'll find that all AFL clubs are restricted in how many 'priority one' memberships they can sell ie Legends, Redlegs etc in the case of the MFC. If they had no restriction then there would be no tickets available for the 'ordinary' member. I know there's a long waiting list at all the big clubs for 'premium' membership, and I suspect a waiting list at our club as well. I let mine lapse in 2000 but promptly re-joined in 2001. PS I've been a MFC member for 56 years - longer than most DL'ers I suspect.
  6. M_9

    GF Ballot Barcode

    This is something that has annoyed me no end. Myself and a dozen of my mates all have have priority one membership. Should we make the GF we will have no option but to purchase seats when all we want is standing room. The same thing happened in 2000. We had 9 seats together on level one in the Ponsford - reasonable seats. We wanted standing room in the Southern stand (at a fraction of the price). I phoned the MFC to say I was happy to swap, but unfortunately they were too busy to help. Nine seats remained unoccupied as we all stood. It may happen this year. The AFL is too greedy. Release standing room tickets from the get go.
  7. MT - I guess that's Malcolm? I too was in the cheer squad from '62 - '69. A bit younger than most at the time (13 in '64). Knocked around with Dobbo and Ken. Great days.
  8. M_9

    GAMEDAY - Semi Final

    Played golf at club Mandalay this morning (not well). Can't believe we're still playing footy. DL is usually abuzz with what went wrong, wish Roosy had stayed on coz Goody ain't the bloke to take us to a flag, and who are the dozen we need to de-list.
  9. M_9

    Finals Tickets

    Join our throng in M9. Rare for there to be any opposition supporters, partic if the bulk of Hawks people are at he other end of the ground.
  10. M_9

    Jayden Hunt

    There are no 'off-field' issues. Early in the season Jayden was told he needed to work on the defensive side of his game and was given the feedback following one or two Casey games that the club was happy with how he'd gone. From what I can gather he was given mixed messages as far as his chances of getting a game if we made the finals ie prior to the WC game. I think Jayden is a 'confidence player' who wants the opportunity to show his skills (including the fact that he's addressed the long bombing. I sense, like Hoges, he gets down on himself at times (no smart alec stuff please).
  11. M_9

    Finals Tickets

    Apologies if this has been asked and answered: can MCC members walk through to the public area ie Southern stand?
  12. M_9

    Changes v Hawthorn - Semi Final

    No way Tyson will be replaced. Spargo plays his role. The FD knows his deficiencies (not quick, lacks kicking penetration) but he gets to contests and hits targets.
  13. M_9

    Finals Tickets

    You're welcome to join me and my 20 mates standing (aloud) in M9 dc.
  14. I'm expecting standing room in M10 to be full of the usual moronic EPL-style chanting Hawks supporters. They have a chant for every one of their players and there's rarely dead air between chants. A short Darren Lehmann lookalike appears to lead the chants. He spends the majority of the game with his back to the ground 'conducting' his imbecilic mates.