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  1. deelighted3

    GAMEDAY - Round 16

    VFL Time Neal Bullen. See you later
  2. deelighted3

    Our workrate

    That’s really poor. I didn’t watch the show, what did Roosy say about it? He’s be hating that sort of footage after the defensive foundation he set up.
  3. deelighted3


    We chopped the ball up in the corridor. We fumbled the ball in the corridor We chopped it up at selection We were chopped up by the umpiring We played terrible We still nearly pinched it. We CAN fix it but WILL WE? History says, Doubtful. It hurts to say it.
  4. deelighted3

    Post Match Discussion - Round 14

    Was at the AO last night. WTF was Jesse doing!!!?? He was dropping out of marking contests and trying to crumb. His positioning was horrible was always too close to stoppages rather than next kick out. Constantly out of position. Seems he’s getting carried away with this playing up the ground role and thinks he’s a Ruck rover. Hoges your a effn KP Power Fwd. Start playing like one. I think back to his first year and his contested marking was elite. A real strength. Now he’s relying on uncontested marks. Really frustrating to watch when you know what he’s capable of but seems this other role has him caught in no mans land at times. I know he’s kicked 30 odd goals but I reckon he could have even more impact if he got back to clunking contested balls. I’m sure he will bounce back but maybe they need to re assess how he’s best utilised.
  5. deelighted3

    Travelling over next week for the game vs PA

    I paid $75 for em will take $35. Have at least 2 possibly 3.
  6. deelighted3

    Travelling over next week for the game vs PA

    Ive got some spare tickets to this game, purchased through the club so in the Dees designated seating area. If anyone wants them, going cheap.
  7. deelighted3

    Tassie Saturday V Norf

    Any recommendations on some decent accom close to the ground? Walking distance or short uber distance ( possibly stumble home depending!!!! ) and also watering holes. Basically footy, beer food and sleep close to BA!! No particular order there of course.......
  8. deelighted3

    Tassie Saturday V Norf

    How many Demonlamders are making the treck across to Hobart on the weekend? I've got tickets to the North East Stand, having not been to BA I've got no idea where this is!!!! Where is the cheer squad situated?? I'm hoping I'm not in the middle of the norrfff ferals!!!!!!
  9. deelighted3

    Gus Brayshaw

    This kids a jet be great to get him back in the ones later this year.....
  10. deelighted3

    To play the king

    I agree, we've been in winning positions in every game without Gawn. We've given ourselves a chance and just couldn't finish sides off. Bringing King in won't change anything he's not ready. It's a good learning curve for this side atm.
  11. deelighted3

    Forward set-up, with and without Jesse

    I've heard the same thing. Didn't miss cause of physical illness, will be reported on soon no doubt.
  12. deelighted3

    Tom McDonald (and Oscar) SIGNS.

    Nail. Head.
  13. deelighted3

    Tom McDonald (and Oscar) SIGNS.

    Was at the game, happened right in front of where all us dees fans were. Shocking decision. That's what it comes down too. There was no one further afield out that side anyway. He's so overrated it's not funny. Whatever slight momentum we were building was blown by this bloke getting ambition mixed with ability. Keeps costing us, and will continue to, week after week.
  14. deelighted3

    Too many guys caught on wrong side

    Every footballer ( not just AFL ) is one sided. Thats why your either a right footer or left footer i would of thought. But the good players are at least able to run onto the opposite side and deliver an effective disposal. FEW examples. Jones, Vince, Watts, are competent on the wrong side, where as some mentioned above just stop and get caught in traffic as they have no skill whatsoever on the opposite side. Got nothing to do with being born Sam Mitchell. Got to do with being an AFL level skilled footballer, and we pick too many who cant use both sides. I know you can carry a few, but not the amount we have. Not if you want to take the next step from also rans.
  15. I think we have too many players who are not skilled on both sides, especially our left footers. Viney, Bugg, Wagner, Newton, Kent ( To name a few ) get hemmed in on their wrong side and slow up play. They either get caught or go backwards/turnover the footy and it slows our forward momentum. I don't think you can afford to carry so many players who are not skilled on both sides. Just goes to show there is lots of work to do and spots up for grabs IMHO. Happens week after week. Just one of the frustrations still with a developing team i suppose. But at the end of the day, if your skills are not up to AFL standard, you get found out.