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  1. 2018 Leadership Group

    I agree with the sentiment above. I can see the sense in having a tighter leadership group. Tmac, Bernie & Nev will still be great support leaders.
  2. Fantastic news. It'll send a huge message through the talented young group we have. Just as an aside do you notice that CP5 jnr's neck is thicker that big bucks. Just wait until he grows into the Truck.
  3. OK just re-read it. I was speed reading and saw Weid- ankle-break I'm ok now!
  4. Friday in the Sun

    Not just his face! He'll benefit from time in the gym although Fritta will never be overly solid. Agree his kicking action looks great. Love all the shots six.
  5. Preseason Training - Week commencing 4/12/17

    I reckon you're spot on the money with Balic. He's coming from a long way back in terms of fitness but he'll get the base quicker by training with the regular guys ie/ it's better he's not in rehab).
  6. Just got home from work and really enjoyed this. Jrono where have been?...only 10 posts ...really? Loved reading your work. Clearly you're a wordsmith/ writer and have been engaged with the club for a while. It's greatly appreciated by us office bums, even though for me the "office" is a nursery shed trying to grow a fungus.
  7. I don't always agree with Saty, but i love reading his insights and the stuff he gets from players. Plus he's a great loyal demon.
  8. 2018 AFL National Draft prospects: The next batch

    Agree, can't remember him getting a kick. Oh that's right Harry O'Brien is off the list.
  9. Hitting a buried ball with a sand wedge without closing your eyes
  10. DRAFT DAY 2017

    or the go-home factor kicks in and Andy's traded back us in two years time...to join his brothers
  11. DRAFT DAY 2017

    Wrapt we took Bayley. He's a beaut and it shows great support for our seconds. Casey is proving to provide great development and pathway into the AFL...two years in a row.
  12. Max Walker on The Late Show!

    Fantastic,warm, friendly bloke..met him a couple of times but I remember at the 1971 night GF (played by the leftovers not making the final 4) he was a bit fired up. Three QT was not the right time to have a chat. At least we won.
  13. Preseason Training - Week commencing 20/11/17

    That's such a great joke..Ha Ha ..It was a joke wasn't it? Unfortunately it may be true, I can see Ach (H) asking for it.
  14. NAB Draft - Closest the Pin

    Don't tell me he's a contested beast, great O/H mark, super quick and a elite kick. We got the wrong one!
  15. If you say his name 10 times as fast as possible...it comes out as as nibbler