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  1. The Angus Scott Thread

    Sounds great. Let's get him. He can play along side Dec
  2. Very sad to see Trenners go. He should be remembered as a terrific and loyal melbourne person. Accepted the big job with Grimsie when the the footie club was struggling. Poor form Neeld. But he has been a great support in the background building the stronger team culture. The others fffhew.
  3. Delistings

    I can't even recall one mistake
  4. Where is Allen Jakovich?

    All he needs is one good preseason.....Oh wait I've used that one
  5. Soon we'll need to rename Carlscum to Greater Western Blues. They do love the GWS boys.
  6. The Jake Lever Thread

    No, I heard it was Mr Sheen (I think he's Polish)
  7. The Jake Stringer Thread

    Absolutely spot on. We have lots of vanilla types & we are short of game changers. I know it's a risk but if Macca & Goody can get him fired then no-one will stop these three. Would be exciting times!
  8. Looking ahead ... the Path to September

    I don't ski, but there's lots of good snow atm, so to get away from my ferral mates I might take the Rangie (note Ford Ranger, not the cheap r/rover version!) up to high country with a single malt for company. Looks the same as last year..get close and then capitulate
  9. We need Tom Bugg's toughness at the player with the ball (or near the ball). But no punching! His next punch will be his last as an AFL player. I'm sick of the physically week team we produced prior to the Roos tenure ie/ the bruise free stuff. We need a couple of great taggers that do a job but also can play with skill when it's their turn. Buggie should spend the time practicing his deficient skills (like set shots at goal). Plus he's a great Gembrook lad.
  10. Next Six Weeks

    I agree & reckon we'll see improvement in the second half. I'm expecting a few poor weeks (Essendrug is a win) but late season development a strong possibility.
  11. The Jack Trengove is BACK Thread

    I think a lot of us will be watching the double jacks. As well as hoping Dom gets through unscathed. Even more important that winning a pracy game
  12. Gus Brayshaw

    Avoid nothing. We now play fearless footy! What will be will be.
  13. Jack Watts

    Trac reminds me of Diamond Jim (John Tilbrook for the youngies), because of similar body size and both strong half forwards. DJ had a powerful long torp. Unfortunately a little cooliwobble legend turned commentator renamed him Topaz Tilly are a few poor seasons. Looking forward to Diamond Trac kicking 10 in a GF.like DJ did for Sturt.
  14. JLT Round 2 vs. Carlton at Casey Fields

    Just got home...and wrapt we dominated the 4 quarters. P5 has just stamped his arrival. This is an indication to the footy public that he's up & about. Which is no surprise To Chris nor his family/supporters. Can't wait to show the s-ants.