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  1. MFC-11

    Opposition Watch: Rd 1 vs Port Adelaide

    and don't forget Wattsie will be running around storting.
  2. MFC-11

    Aaron Davey

    Aaron was under the wing of Craig Jennings. Great move by the club by having Aaron learn from a great teacher.
  3. MFC-11

    Jack Watts video

    At the time (like other contributors) I was disappointed they gave Jack away or rather got rid of him. On reflection, I now see that Goodie and his crew recognised Jack's long term worth - party boy, uncommitted to doing the hard stuff, etc. Nice bloke but I'm really glad they pist him off/ie/sent him packing! And used the 2nd round pick to get the Fritter. Clearly, our club is in great management hands. I'm still trying to get over Hoges.
  4. That makes sense & I get where you're coming from. That book sounds like a great read. Can you share the title & detail, please?
  5. MFC-11

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    I don't get it. Do you guys mean that this can give you a brain freeze?
  6. MFC-11

    MFC 2018 AGM

    Noiice Garry
  7. MFC-11

    How Many Wins in 2019?

    Well before you get hailed down Barrie (for being far too blue-skied). The best team in the comp (say Rich & Eagles) would count every week as a win and until we can do that we haven't arrived. Got to get rid of my MFCSS I'm with you Barrie.
  8. MFC-11


    That's sickness...right? Does that mean I can get a day off? I reckon Dan Andrews can work it.
  9. Late to watch this, but very impressed with his honesty. He's a beauty! The TV footage (sorry haven't attended too many GC games) shows an old style aggression at the man with ball that I love. Can't wait to see the first mcg game
  10. So don't tell me...you have long fair hair and are always smiling.?
  11. MFC-11


    That'd be young Toby Bedford. He’s in the electrified thread and also has a thread of his own..
  12. I'm really disappointed to lose Hoges (even with the lisfranc issue - potential career long). But defence pressure wins grand finals. May brings that in spades.
  13. And with finals Tmac could be getting close to triple figs
  14. Maybe we could ask that only two speak at a time
  15. I must have this guy coming on as a rookie. Excited about Bradke but don't know anything about Walker. As my favourite poli said.."please explain"