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  1. I agree & reckon we'll see improvement in the second half. I'm expecting a few poor weeks (Essendrug is a win) but late season development a strong possibility.
  2. I think a lot of us will be watching the double jacks. As well as hoping Dom gets through unscathed. Even more important that winning a pracy game
  3. Avoid nothing. We now play fearless footy! What will be will be.
  4. Trac reminds me of Diamond Jim (John Tilbrook for the youngies), because of similar body size and both strong half forwards. DJ had a powerful long torp. Unfortunately a little cooliwobble legend turned commentator renamed him Topaz Tilly are a few poor seasons. Looking forward to Diamond Trac kicking 10 in a DJ did for Sturt.
  5. Just got home...and wrapt we dominated the 4 quarters. P5 has just stamped his arrival. This is an indication to the footy public that he's up & about. Which is no surprise To Chris nor his family/supporters. Can't wait to show the s-ants.
  6. ...and comparing midgets with bigger guys. Both with great h/ball skills and not overly quick.
  7. Love your work R&B forever. Such great info for us footy/dee nuts. Now i'm trying to work out how to print it & hang it on the wall. I'll send a request to my son. Thanks, MFC
  8. Which one T or J ?...or both ?
  9. And the bottle won
  10. Agree higher than Sisykilder, but expecting even higher up the ladder.
  11. Michael Hibberd is missing off the club's list. Is he to wear #14?
  12. Very well stated. I hope that CS recovers well but he had his chance. However the club wasn't run as it is now and Col is part of the unfortunate past. I've been a part of this since '64. About every 20 years or so we rise... but this is different. Everything from the board, admin, player welfare, coaches & assistants, support staff (oh abtw the current talented playing group) is on the same page. And yes the smokie will appear
  13. Did the poor lady go over the balcony as well?
  14. This makes sense to me. It's now or never for spencil. It seems as though he's fit and up for the contest. If he can take some ruck duty load & this frees up big Max who can drop back deep forward and clunk some. Max is now our super weapon and therefore a target so he needs some protection from the snipers. I hope these two can work in tandem, without spensil being a liability.
  15. 18 would be nice next year except it may drift if Essendrug gets a priority pk for finishing last. Just joking... but the whole favouritism to our four northern neighbours is disgraceful and I hope it will be ultimately be seen as a bludy joke manufactured by the AFL.