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  1. demons, adel, gws, ess, wc, rich, port, brisb, geel, syd, coll, nth m, haw, stk, wb, carl, frem, gc.
  2. How many members do we need to avoid playing Geelong at their home. We then would get the same advantage as Collingwood.
  3. ENYAW


    This is a general discussion site, perhaps D.D i misunderstood the title.
  4. ENYAW


    I urgently required my solicitor based in drouin to do some work regarding a transfer of property to my name. The solicitor was slack that i ended doing the work for myself,he charged me $4000. I rang up the law dept in the melbourne and was told to pay the fee. Lawyers don't go up against Lawyers noir do doctors go up against doctors. What I should have done was to develop mental health issue.
  5. Pedo had plenty of chances to impress but overall couldn't cut the mustard. I find in interesting at 193 cm he was suppose to be a backup ruckman. I would still rate Pedo above T.Smith but age( less than ) is on the side of Tim and the fact Tim didn't get upgraded to the seniors was interesting more like expected.
  6. Jones loses spot rd 8 due to injury, never gets it back. Ginga get his chance, oppo teams confused with our 2 redheads. Hunt does a Harmes and becomes elite. O'Mac leaves defence and goes forward .Petracca starting to look more like Jackovich. Hannah stocks rise. Hore to become a star. May will be our best. Garlett never to been seen again in one's. Terminology "reds scorch opposition" ,"Maca attacks","triple H crushes opppo ". We should win everything.
  7. Hartung would be good. Menzel possiblily , not sure if there are better.
  8. We may have tried Frost forward b4 however that shouldn't stop us from trying again. Would like to see J.Smith play mid/forward or mid/back. Be good to get Hunt into the side.
  9. Hoping Jay gets a spot on a Dees list,C.Wagner also a chance. I would like see us Billy Hartung for his speed.
  10. No.1 you take over the bridge, I will be in the ready room chundering. To boldly go where no other minced carrot(chief ingredient of spew) has gone before.
  11. ENYAW

    Rumour File

    E.T Melbourne was offered Poly Farmer and Darryl Baldock however our dumb ferk recruiting didn't think that we needed them.
  12. ENYAW

    Rumour File

    Since we gave JKH a year contract extension we still can [censored] him off. I heard that we are after a St.Kilda player, does anyone know who it is ?
  13. Hogan may not like what he saw at Freo , however it would be easy money for him to make !!!! . Reminds me of the old days at Demonland , when we got smashed by 186 pts players laughed about it, one player got dropped. If that wasn't easy money for playing for a club , I don't know what is .
  14. Trade Hunt for KK (G.C) ,pick up Billy Hartung ( quick) for 4th rounder. If Freo comes to their senses Hogan goes and we then get May plus a 2nd rounder.
  15. Spirit of Norm Smith, 2 $1 coin are worth 16.4 cents whereas a $ 2 coin is worth 6.2 cents to make. Yes there is a difference however you would still make a loss if sold as scrap metal. This is like what Freo would do to the Dees based on their pathetic offer.
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