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  1. GWS have looked the good for the past 2 years but no silverware. When other clubs are constantly milking them does not help. The media in the past reckons that GC and GWS will dominate flag wins. Yet GC seem to be going backwards possibly because no one takes them seriously.Perhaps a lesson by the AFL wasn't learnt,Brisbane played out of the Gold Coast without troubling too many sides. GC should probably relocate to Tasmania,at least young Victorian kids recriuted would be closer to their mummies. The players we have picked up in the past three years are much better quality than those in the past. Injuries do play an important part but so does quality back up players. Are we a premiership side in 2018 ? possibily not. We need to get more out of Petracca and Brayshaw,J.Smith will be an asset if he can regain form prior to injury. Have we got a back up plan if Gawn gets injured,we may require a different game plan.
  2. We are not the Judge,Jury and Executioner as we wern't present during the incident.Remember when a 14 yr old called goodes an ape,it was funny how Lisa Wilkins partner Fitzsimmons got in on the act and told everyone it was un-Australian etc.Yet fitzy referred to a dark skin bouncer as a guerilla. To top it off fitzy tried to palm it off as a non racist remark. Personally some us are too sensitive for our own good,you see apes and guerillas getting upset we refer them to homo sapiens!!!!!!
  3. Perhaps Port Adel. are closer to a flag than the Dees,however I don't think J.Watts is closer to playing in a flag side than most of the Demon players!!!!!!
  4. the dees dump the co captain idea as they have a need to drop one of them. tyson,vince end up champion vfl players.hythened name players get traded. o'mac becomes new back up ruckman/forward. petracca is the dees leading g.k. we end up 4th st.kilda 5th geel 8th.g.ablett lasts 4 rounds then he retires from an on going injury.he lives in drouin where his aunt and father lives.a new dangerfield is borne possibly oliver.ollie joins te dees year's end,we should have chose him over doupas.hogan plays down the ground,he is a star. gawn is overshadowed by o'mac. p.mckenna will kick goals along with weeds.j.smith becomes super mid. hannan steps up a level. viney easily wins out as captain. t.mac returns to reserves.
  5. Are we getting complacent?

    no,he hasn't been nominated for the draft.
  6. Fritsch,Hamish Brayshaw,Petrucelle and Toby Woller are my slections.
  7. Billy Hartung

    Talk about Hartung butchering the ball,Nat does a lot of that,perhaps we can give the Hawks Nat for a 4th rounder.
  8. If Balic is another V.Michie we still will have got the better of Freo,rem that got spud SYLVIA.
  9. Farewell Jack Watts

    pick 31 for Watts say no more.
  10. Farewell Jack Watts

    Someone of quality (this word is in the eye of the beholder) needs to be traded,we need the currency. Overall I didn't think Watts did enough,but he is not the only experienced player in the same boat.
  11. How about we get Jones from the swans,we give up our jones and watts.
  12. Melbourne Players' Trade Value

    N.Jones a third rounder at best. We need to off load players to get what we want,at the moment the side is like swiss cheese,lots of holes in it.

    Watching Lever he didn't do anything spectacular(and so did his mates).If O'Mac played in Lever's position and team would have performed just as bad. Perhaps we are making too much fuss over Lever,mind you he will be an asset. O'Mac might have to play in another position.
  14. Time to trade aggressively

    BILLY, I would keep Salem but agree with the rest plus Kennedy.