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  1. Lee Devina,after I have a labotomy I will apply for the job. This not sexiest is it?
  2. armstrong35,J.Smith will become a mid/defender.Pedo,Spencer,Kennedy will become obsolete.
  3. The Vfl is the AFL's reserves. Tne VAFA is not the next strongest comp,the EFL is based on the fact a combined EFL side beat the combined VAFA side las year. The VFL sides should have the same name as their AFL teams in Victoria and be referred to as the reserves. Country/Suburban clubs should be the bridging gap between the AFL and VFL and TAC teams. A player in the country/suburban league (capped number of players) should be able to play AFL football. A draft like system get to pick which coutry/suburban side it will affiliate with.( possible to occur with more than one side),The existing draft system applies ********. The current draft system needs to be overhauled,what is ironic the dees with get a higher draft pick for 2018 and yet the HAWKS who have won three premiership in row will get a lower draft pick. What I would do is to give the worst performing placed team over the past past three years the no.1 pick followed by the next team. Brissy get no.1,Dees no.2,gc no.3 etc . Get rid of free agency and clubs trading out their 1st draft picks.
  4. Not necessary to get another defender,would prefer tall mid and a ruckman/forward. J.Smith could fill the tall mid/defender role. I don't think we should giveaway our first draft pick. Who cares if the so called Tac cup kiddies aren't as goog as last year,there will always be a potential star in the next draft.
  5. For the remaining six games,I would rate St.kilda,Melbourne,Port Adelaide,West Coast,Richmond as 3 wins,3 defeats,Essendon,Swans 4 wins,2 defeats. Which would see the Dees in eighth spot on percentage. Four wins would see us make the 8. 13 wins for the season would be classified as an improvement,anything less is not acceptable.
  6. to win 3 out 7 you would expect the Dees current percentage to be less than the existing percentage.I doubt 12 wins will be enough to make the 8.
  7. We had some very bad loss records in the past. We must win 5 out of the the next 7 to be guaranteed a place in the the finals.If we lose we have to work much harder for the remaining rounds. I think our biggest disaster is the injuries to key players.
  8. It is a no from me. J.Smith,Maynard will becomes decent mids for us,besides I would like to pick up a mid in the draft.
  9. in TYson,JKH out 2 unlucky ones.
  10. Swans are on a roll,expect bubble to burst. Dees need to win and win well. WCE need to beat Port. Ladder will become more interesting.
  11. Would be great to get him in a Dee Jumper. Perhaps another Mac could go forward,nothing like a Macattack. Still we need a quality mid,is Wines available?
  12. Clean the crapper house at the Dandenong station without protective gear.
  13. I do it often (drink) ,it is a pity that I get called back to work everyday.
  14. I wouldn't bet on it,wasn't Grimes (co.capt),Trengove (co.capt) and the fill in capt all were injured in a short space of time. Someone mentioned Captain's curse. The player most unlkely to get a game when our stars return should be a bench warmer.
  15. Interesting to see that 4 of our reserve players were prevented from being promoted to the senior due to drinking according to the M.F.C website. Was that the reason why Casey performed badly?Or did they not understand the club rules or was the club at fault for not given clear instructions?