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  1. ENYAW

    Mr Jones

    trade to Hawthorn for 3rd rounder. When Gaff comes,Ginga ninja improves no need to rely on him. Perhaps Jones could do us a favour and retire.
  2. ENYAW

    Last chance for Kennedy-Harris?

    JKH will be gone for all money if he doesn't live up to expectations and that includes any other senior game time.
  3. ENYAW

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 17

    MCG is becoming a curse for us. Beating a lower ladder side is a worry for us. Beating the dogs twice in a year rarely happens. If we don't beat them it will too too late for nappy san (the suff that prevents fade outs). Hopefully we will win.Hopefully Vanders "kills" the oppo in the reserves. Hopefully Hunt gets back to his best. These guys will may us a much better side.
  4. ENYAW

    Round 17 Non MFC Games

    Is Carlton the new "yesterday" demons? Perhaps Bolton and Neeld are secretly related? Then again we received more smashings in a footy year than the blues.
  5. ENYAW


    Picking Spargo and Garlett in the one side has merits. If Spargo shows that he is asset this time around that may be the catalyst that Jeffrey needs. Jeffrey doesn't play well in the reserves,yet dropping him for one match only is enough punishment . Once again we have picked a revolving "door" player and dropped one. Frost in ,Tyson out. When are these type of players going to step up? I am still waiting for Petracca's break out year !!!!! or was that break out moment.
  6. ENYAW

    Changes v Fremantle

    In Spargo,Garlett,Vince,Frost,Baker and left field Keity or Dion J........... out Petty,ANB,Hannah,Tyson,Petracca and Jones or Lewis. Garlett doesn't do much in the two's,but has class. Cannot afford Jones and Lewis in the same side both are sloppy and slow. Frosty is another revolving door player,we must find his niche position. Dion J needs his chance,also same for Keilty.
  7. ENYAW


    this team will self destruct in 5 secs, I am going to get the f.ck out of here. Welcome to slumpville supporter,trust us,give us another chance. Another titanic story,except the captain doesn't go down with the ship,it us who do.
  8. ENYAW

    Ladder predictor

    The Dees will end up with 16-6 win-loss ratio. 3rd to 5 th.
  9. ENYAW

    Changes v St Kilda

    We seem to have a lot of revolving door players ,Tyson in,Tyson out,Frost in,Frost out. Pedo in,Pedo out. All of a sudden we are looking fragile. For now we must dump the two captain policy,Vince has to go.(expiry date last week) . We drastically need Petracca to step and become a champion midfielder,currently we do not have the class. Baker could be given a go.
  10. ENYAW

    Changes v St Kilda

    Garlett doesn't seem to do much in the reserves, but he is worth a recall to the seniors. Cannot keep Vince and Lewis in same side,so I think Vince has to go,best days are behind him, Petty needs a go,for the fresh "blood" reason.( vampires not welcomed).T.Smith not yet senior player and may never be,so he needs to be dropped. ANB position could to replaced by J.Smith.Petracca may have to play defence,or needs to be dropped.Waiting "awfully" for his breakout game. Weed needs another run in the seniors, 7 reserves goals against a shite team means nothing however I think he is better than Ped,T.Smith at this stage.
  11. ENYAW

    Changes v Port

    DV8,good one on Frost. So we will have in our side "Hulk" Hogan, Mac attack and now Frosty "Miller" ( 4 all you kiddies out there,he was a champion F.F 4 Dandenong in the old VFA). Having said that should the Weed play defence/Ruck.
  12. ENYAW

    Jordan De Goey

    Someone from the Saints admin thought they should have picked Petracca instead of Mc C, the Dees showed interest in De Goey which would have been a win win for both clubs.
  13. ENYAW

    Changes v Port

    in Petty,Tyson,Garlett out Pedo,Vince,Hannan. Selecting JKH is just not a good move as he is unable to show consistency unless you call it bad.
  14. ENYAW

    Post Match Discussion - Round 12

    We had to lose one sooner or later.Losing to the Pies is bad but I epect us to only lose one more match season end. We will make top 4.
  15. ENYAW

    Craig Jennings; The Secret to Our Success

    We havn't beaten anyone,the woods would be a nice "kill".