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  1. Stylus

    Origins/meanings of Display Names?

    This printer was next to my computer back in the day 😁 Guess i'm not the creative type...
  2. Stylus

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Just saw Bell and Rosich arrive 😂
  3. Stylus


    Not worried. Though hopefully Port get even worse in the coming years and Wines will want to move back home
  4. Stylus

    Jack Grimes to wear #31

    I normally don't like number changes - but at least we can be sure that the person taking #31 will be (and already is) a great player for the club. At least we are not jinxing a new recruit with it.
  5. Stylus

    Evans v Magner

    Evans was promote or delist I believe. We can keep Magner on rookie list for another year.
  6. Fairfax Media understands that Clothier stopped the recording at various times to remind Timmy that his future as Year 5 SRC Rep is at stake.
  7. Stylus

    Your favourite mixed metaphor

    Clint Bartram just gave a good one in his exit interview with Burgan. Talking about his plans for the immediate future... "I've got a few things in the pipe works"
  8. Stylus

    Clint Bartram retires

    This is sad news. Best of luck to him. If only the rest of our list got as much out of themselves at Bartram did.
  9. Stylus

    Anthony Tipungwuti

    Not sure that I would admire his determination to succeed. He has known/been told for many years that he had the potential to be drafted, yet did not work hard enough and was ultimately passed over when first eligible. Good luck to him though, he could be a great player.
  10. Is CW on leave or something? Nothing since last week. It's quiet... too quiet.
  11. And? There is no shortage of QCs/SCs in Australia. I'm sure the AFL knows a couple as well.
  12. Stylus

    Flanagan's article - a more balanced view

    Well it was certainly a different angle on it. But the last two sentences changes much of what was said before it: However, this week's report that there was a tacit agreement among the coaching staff not to win games takes the matter to a new level. If proven, a grey issue turns into one that's black and white.
  13. As much as we'd like the punishments to rest with the individuals - it doesn't work like that. These "individuals" are representatives of the MFC, especially if the board were involved with the directive.
  14. Stylus

    Caroline Wilson's descent into gutter journalism

    Court will not necessarily flush out the sources. I actually think it more likely the source would be protected. The High Court have affirmed this protection. Though, lower courts have held that a source may be uncovered if necessary in the interests of justice. I'm not sure that would be the case here. Regardless, I doubt the MFC would want this to continue any longer than it needed to and I would hope that the MFC would know better than to take on a media company. I wouldn't want The Age offside in a town dominated by just two newspapers.
  15. Stylus

    Caroline Wilson's descent into gutter journalism

    They would if the case against us was strong enough. Or if there was votes in it. However sanctions by the AFL is not evidence of match fixing.