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  1. 2017 Post Mortem

    Does anyone remember the episode of The Simpsons where Homer experiences the 5 stages of grief (Elizabeth Kubler Ross) - denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. Well, with enough alcohol - I think I experienced all of them in that in the last 24 hours. Denial - West Coast will lose and we will make the finals. Anger - the loss to Collingwood. Freo falling short. Bargaining - barracking for Adelaide and continuing to believe. Depression - we missed the finals - and my U12's domestic basketball team lost to the bottom side in the last 20 seconds!!! Shitty weekend all round, to be honest. Acceptance - Truth of the matter, we aren't ready. We've improved. Our contested ball was outstanding at times, as too was our scoring. But our defense and concentration levels needs work. The belief that we could do a "Bulldogs 2016" dissipated after we reached the top 4. Maybe it's a result of being young side in a long year or a young side who drank too much of their own bath water. Having the best 22 on the park means nothing if they aren't a cohesive unit. Our best work and wins were without our best 22 on the park. Maybe we jagged a couple wins we shouldn't have (Adelaide and West Coast) and that flattered us - regardless, it wasn't a sustainable and repetitive practice with the team we have - and that showed as the year went on. The result, we aren't ready for finals. I would say that swimming against the tide all year took it's toll - physically and mentally - Gawn's hammy, Jesse's whole year, Jack's foot, Jone's quad, Bugg's suspension in a pivotal game, friggin umpires, Tyson's kicking, Jeffy's set shots, Tmac's kicking (in defense) , being beaten by Collingwood seconds and WCE beating Adelaide by just enough to keep us out . More proof we aren't ready - or maybe fate. Let's hope that the experiences of 2017 and missing by an iota is all for the greater good. Bring on 2018. Over and out!
  2. GAMEDAY - Round 23

    How depressing.
  3. GAMEDAY - Round 23

    How depressing.
  4. GAMEDAY - Round 22

    Stewy, not Stuie.
  5. GAMEDAY - Round 22

    The way Pedo contested the mark then is exactly what Goodwin is expecting from Watts. A perfect example of contesting in the air.
  6. GAMEDAY - Round 22

    It was clearly lost in the sun.
  7. GAMEDAY - Round 22

    I said he should have an extra week, I sit, drinking beer, corrected.
  8. GAMEDAY - Round 22

    Who is nervous?

    The results are going our way. Just need to close the deal!
  10. Jesse Hogan's Return

    Fingers crossed. I hope he gets through. Still feels early.
  11. Jesse Hogan's Return

    This feels reckless and desperate. It will be cold and possibly wet and a slog. Give him the extra week, i say.
  12. Match Review Panel Farce

    What I don't get is how Gawn can block with an extended arm in the ruck and give away a free kick, but Greene blocks with studded boots and nothing. Please explain?

    Glass half full type, I guess.

    If the were a ladder for last 6 weeks, we are on the bottom. Our form is terrible. Maybe the young boys are getting a bit tired. Geez, I'm sounding like Paul Roos justifying inspired performances. Ok, I've had a few. I'll try again tomorrow.