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  1. Redbeard

    Casey Demons 2018

    So without a development league where do the fellas on our list who aren't up to scratch to play seniors at Casey play?
  2. Redbeard

    Top 10 Exciting Demons

    When a ruck rover goes goal for goal against Jakovich and ends up with 8 for the day it's pretty exciting
  3. Redbeard

    Top 10 Exciting Demons

    1. Jakovich 2. Pre knee Ox 3. Jurrah 4. Wiz 5. Sean Charles 6. Robbo 7. Howe 8. Flash 9. Stinga 10. Chopper Lovell Interesting that 4 of my top 5 were cruelled by injury and never reached their full potential. Jakovich potentially could have been up in the top goalkickers of all time, bloke was immense. Pre knee Ox was unbelievable. So agile and such a high flier. We only got a glimpse of it, he could have changed the game. A totally different player to the bullocking forward we saw for the majority of his career. Jurrah not much needs to be said. An absolute freak of the game. I've never been to a another game when the roar and electricity in the crowd would rise when the ball was 50m away from a player but you knew they were going to do something special. And Sean Charles, another what could have been. As a young fella I was devastated he couldn't fix that wrist. Imagine if we had the medical/physio teams we have today, we could have won a lot more in the 90s!
  4. Redbeard

    Farewell Jack Watts

    I went to one of the preseason games at Casey and they had him start in the guts for the first 5 mins of each quarter before drifting forward. Had his hands on it every bounce, I can see what you see there
  5. Redbeard

    Farewell Jack Watts

    Ok then let's go with a non midfielder. Watts has 13 Brownlow votes from 153 games. Jesse Hogan has 14 Brownlow votes from 51 games.
  6. Redbeard

    Hannah Mouncey

    My partner has played on the same team as a trans woman who was also much bigger than her teammates and opposition. She was just someone who wanted the chance to play again after 20 years away from footy and had to play in the women's league due to legally being female, if females were allowed to play with blokes she would have. To her credit she never used her size to her advantage, never smashed packs, never tackled hard, never wanted to hurt anyone. Just wanted to play the game she loved like everyone else. I think Hannah might be a tad more competitive than her though and not pull out of contests to protect players. I would worry if my partner were playing against her and she said said wouldn't want to play against her either.
  7. Redbeard

    Trade rumours

    I want one of those mystery riddles to finally come true. @Siren's mysterious Victorian midfielder was this year's riddle. I'd like to snag him. I did see a post a while back about "landing a big fish" and when out on a boat you use a Gaff to do that. One can only wish
  8. Also massive congratulations for getting ahold of him. I've messaged every Dees supporter I know for this once in a lifetime opportunity!
  9. @Demonland he has to go on the banner now!
  10. Redbeard

    Who is going onto the Banner?

    Clarry over Lever or Pig for sure. Or perhaps in the off season @Demonland could we have some fun and do a classic past players one? Have some polls from certain eras and have Jackovich up there with Barassi and Robbie etc? Just an idea
  11. Redbeard

    Farewell Jack Watts

    Zanotti's Facebook page says the cats aren't after him now. Is that just port and Sydney in the mix now?
  12. Redbeard

    Trade rumours

    I read earlier his navicular wasn't too flash and that coupled with his knees was forcing him into retirement
  13. Redbeard

    Trade rumours

    My mates from Perth had word last year that Fyfe wanted to come to the Dees, I was on here every 5 minutes last trade season hoping it would happen. Perhaps this year? Why can't someone huge want to come instead of leave? For every rumour that could break our hearts there has to be an opposite rumour that could give us hope
  14. Redbeard

    2017 Player Reviews: # 28 Oscar McDonald

    I found as the year went on I found myself yelling "Jeezus Oscar" less and less, the improvement was noticeable.
  15. If anyone has digital radio the sation named "Aussie" which is owned by SEN is playing it