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  1. Apologies for the late comment but busy day yesterday. Just expanding to what Demon Jack said, the most pleasing thing for me at training yesterday was watching Jack Viney do a large portion of the session with the remedial group - Sam Weideman and Dean Kent. Jack took part in some less vigorous tackling drills and was re-strapped around ankle straight afterwards. But after that he emerged again and did several kicking drills, jumped for marks confidently and then finished with a few lengthy run throughs. There was no signs of him whimpering in pain - he's hardly likely to show that anyway - and as with last year he looked a tad on the Naim Sulemanglou side in his run-throughs, but when weights and Alter-G are all you've been allowed to do, then that is fair enough. I imagine the key now for him is not pulling up sore post-session, but at least he does still exist and whilst Rd 1 might be a stretch, you can understand why he is hopeful of returning by that date. Other comments: Weids looks more athletic than last year, but the key for him is whether he can develop the agility required at top level. Bayley Fritsch is an exquisite talent (yes, exquisite is a Robbie Flower permitted word). He's still really light and he got schooled a bit in tackling sessions, but he's our new Jack Watts, minus the No.1 pick investment which means he doesn't have to carry the weight of our expectations. Injuries permitting, he'll play AFL at some stage this year. Tom Bugg and Melky both worked hard and looked good, but I'm sorry I'm an ANB fan - I think he's our Robbie Gray in the making. But Buggy may end up being our full-forward for a lot of this season - who knows how many games Jesse the Drama Queen will play this year. Frosty the go man looked good again - gees it's going to be a hard task for Goody deciding which two of Lever, O.Mac and Frosty play Rd 1, although he may end up going all three bigs down back, especially if Cats go tall. And our other big defender back-up, Bill Keilty looks to have grown in confidence at this level. The two key players missing again were Dom Tyson and Vanders. I think all the rest were involved in some capacity.
  2. Preseason Training Week commencing - 05/02/18

    I headed down by bike for first session since last season and as Saty has mentioned, it was primarily a skills session with most of the work divided into 3 groups - forwards, mids and defenders. AFL is becoming a bit like NFL in that you train majority of time with your chosen group. Those of you who have been regulars at training will know this already, but for those of you who haven't been much this year, the conclusions you can draw are: Jordy and Vince are training with defence and will start season down back. Bernie was working feverishly in most drills, so overlook from your Rd 1 team at your peril. The other player to catch the eye was Jake Lever. Gees he moves well and his hands are so clean and given the way he was encouraging others, he's a monte to be part of our new leadership group. Oscar wasn't there today, but all the other keys were - Joel Smith doing running work so not part of the squad today but I'm told by Saty that he has been on other days and he looks mega ripped. Wags also impressive, but boy it's going to be hard for him to get in this year. Both Salem and Angus were training with midfield group, who were practising boundary throw set up with Plappy for a lot of session. Olly was being a bit of a dick, but his push and shove games with Salem, Tracc and Billy are all part of what happens when the real stuff begins, so he was a likeable nuisance. Maynard moves well, but like Wags, he will have to hope for injuries to get a gig methinks. Viney wasn't there and Tyson was another absentee today. But Tracc is training with the mids, so will he play there? Baker getting more tuition than really joining in - same as Petty with defenders. The forward group included Bugg, JKH, Melky and Spargo for those trying to figure out Goody's early mindset. Lots of snaps and goalkicking practice for them and ANB, Melky and JKH were my best workers on a hot day when both Hoges and Jeffy finished up a little early - Jeffy did running drills afterwards so no issues there. T.Mac clearly a leader of this gp and he will doubtless again be in leadership squad with Viney, Jones, Gawn and Lever and then maybe one of the defensive oldies as well - ie: Lewis or Vince. Hannan doing laps/fitness work with Tim Smith, while Weed did more hardcore running. I didn't see Kent. Of all the recruits, aside from Lever, the only one I reckon is a chance for Rd 1 action is Bayley Fritsch - he's mega fit. I suspect he will get a trial pre-season and if he performs, a spot may appear with Hannan playing recovery catch up. Bugg may be preferred to them both though because he can lay a mean tackle, as we know. Postscript: I just realised I didn't spot Harley Balic - help Saty!
  3. Best MFC team in last 50 years

    A great topic Big Carl and you did a superb job. Obviously all of us will differ in our view - but I'm in the lucky boat of being the right vintage for this one, as you may be as well. Almost all of your line-up I agree with, although I did struggle with a few and have made three changes and swapped a couple on the bench. I'm sorry but I can't have Graeme Yeats in this side. He was handy, but occasionally was dropped as a defender, although his superb 1987 year as a wingman helped turn things around for the whole side. But he can't get the wing role for obvious reasons. The tricky thing is deciding whether his spot goes to a tall defender or a small one. Ultimately I suspect Jake Lever or Michael Hibberd will get the spot, but the only good, tall intercepters we have had are Jared Rivers and Clint Biz and whilst they had their days, they weren't quite dominant enough. I think any side of this 50-year era has to consider Laurie Fowler. Dumped by the Tigers, he was as tough as nails, won a few B&Fs and was a long clearing kick. He'd also back into anything - Neil Balme included. He's the only one I feel comfortable enough to propose for the other back pocket besides Alan Johnson, who is a monty. The full-back spot is also a troubling one. Danny Hughes was tough and a great kick, but he was mighty slow - that's why Northey decided against playing him on Dunstall in the 1988 GF. He did have a few cracking QB games on Brian Taylor though. Peter Giles was tight-checking and good enough for Lethal to decide to wipe him out. But I like Sean Wight most of all - he kept Ablett goalless one game and his attack on the footy was inspiring. While our depth came on in 1987 and hence everyone played a part in that revival, it was Wight that turned us into a counter-attacking side - a bit like Alex Rance today. Frawley of 2011 also was worthy but his other years were solid, not amazing. I eventually agreed with your choice of half-backs. Brett Lovett was slow, but did all the fundamentals right and enjoyed playing on Peter Daicos. I think he was probably a tad smarter than Tony Sullivan, though cut from the same cloth. The running half-back spot is a toss up between Steven Febey and Stephen Stretch, although Jayden may go past both of them in time. Stretcher was a better kick and had a bigger leap, but Febel could run all day and kept presenting and with brother Matt and Nathan Brown, gave us the run that propelled Daniher's side to finals. Both lacked the mongrel touch though. Grinter, however, was considered by other fans to be more mongrel than footballer but he was a pretty handy kick on the run plus he could take a hanger, so you could probably forgive him the fact that his hip invariably wound up making contact with opponents. Adem Yze also had a sensational year in 2000 off a back flank but played way more as a forward and a bench spot in this side beckons for him. Gary Hardeman is somewhat lucky. The taxi driver was a wonky kick and probably wouldn't even get drafted today because of it, but he was a good mark, played tight, was pretty quick and also was reliable enough when playing for the Vics. He fared well in the Brownlow, but I reckon even he would say that he wasn't as good as a runner-up and third place suggest. But who has been a better CHB on a regular basis? Wight was good there in 87 but played most of his footy at FB, Lyon was exceptional when switched there and Neiter had that one game on Carey in 1994 that everyone thinks makes him a CHB guru, but he was way better as a forward. Spalding wasn't quite quick or mobile enough, hence got sent to CHF. The centreline is hard to argue with. Alves and Wells were premiership players, albeit it after the skippers left to finish their careers in glory. Flower was a God. But that leaves us with a problem because Willo in 1982 was amazing and he was very good for a few more years, often in the uncanny small forward role, where his big baulking hip-swivel was lethal. But I'll take Willo on the bench. The other hard luck story is Stephen Tingay, who was hard and gave his all, but just missed both our grand finals - too young for 88, too old and injured for 00. I've named him emergency to keep the hard luck theme going. The choice of CHF is a lot harder than most young people realise. Officer Greg Parke was amazing in the early 70s, he had sticky fingers but his errant boot often let us down. I accept Schwarter at CHF as he was the most amazing player I have seen though until his knee and he did fight back bravely to win our B&F. I can just cop Parke's omission - but I think if enough people of my age were online, then I reckon he probably would get the nod. I've gone with Gerard Healy on a flank. He often played that spot for the Vics after his 77-odd goal season as a forward pocket next to Whacko Jacko in 1982. In 84 and 85 he was virtually unstoppable as a ruck rover before heading to to the Swans. Seven years and 130 games for us - yep that's enough I reckon to make this side, even though his first couple of seasons on the wing were very much developmental years. In fact I'd say he's the third best footballer we've seen in this 50-year period behind Robbie and Garry Lyon. Neiter gets the full forward spot hands down. If only Hoges had a thumping kick like David did! And the whiz was Mr Magic for us - also for seven seasons - and his 2000 year was phenomenal. You could make a case for Aaron Davey as a small forward and even though he never kicked a swag of goals, he did change the game with his forward pressure. That's why he's in my 22. Then I get controversial for you Big Carl. I'm sorry but I disagree on Allen Jakovich's inclusion. Sure he was amazing once he got his chance in 1991, but four seasons and 47 games isn't a team of the century stat. I'd be happy for him to be in our most mercurial or talented team of the century, but I don't think that's what this topic is about. It's for that reason that Russell Robertson gets my vote - keep your feet, Robbo. Sure Robbo benefitted from having Neiter next to him, but he did win four club goalkicking awards and played more than 200 games - not bad for a guy spotted taking a nice hanger. Brad Green also goes close, but he spent a lot of time as a winger. The ruck's a given, the ruck-rover is also easy as Todd Viney was bigger than Jack and just as tough, although his kicking let him down. I loved the Obstetrician as a player and Glenn Lovett was clever as well, but neither can match Nathan Jones for workrate or heart nor, as some of you have seen, the kicking skills. Henry Coles and Sugar Healy had their moments and Junior Mac was a great leader ... but Jonesy is a three-time B&F winner for good reason. The last spot on the bench goes to a defender for balance and Grinter just pips Stretch and Hughes, but really I'm splitting hairs now. So here it is In bold are players that you picked that I agreed with Big Carl, although Healy and Viney have swapped positions - Todd was never as good as a forward. B: A Johnson S.Wight D Hughes L.Fowler G Yeats HB: B Lovett G Hardeman S Febey C: S Alves G Wells R Flower HF: G Lyon D Schwarz Gerard Healy F: J Farmer D Neitz R Robertson A Jakovich R: J Stynes T Viney N Jones Int: B Wilson R Grinter, A. Davey A Yze J McDonald, Emerg: S.Tingay G.Parke, S.Stretch A Obst, E Spalding OK, a few other comments on those that other have mentioned but miss out IMO. Gary Baker - A lovely mark, but was usually beaten in hit-outs because he was quite short compared to other tapmen. He also wasn't mobile enough to hold down CHF or CHB - something that Jimmy did a bit of early in his career. We've had a long list of handy ruckmen - Big Carl, Peter Moore, Jeff White and Strawb O'Dwyer, but only one so far can match Jimmy and big Maxy needs to do it for quite a few more years yet to challenge him. Ray Biffin - The problem is he can't get a gig as FF because we have Neiter in that spot and even then, his kicking for goal was sporadic at best. As a FB, he played some handy games, but he wasn't fit enough to be a flying intercept mark or rebounder and hence misses out. Stephen Smith - Ultimately a bit of a tease like Jack Watts. Under Skilton we thought we had a superstar in the making at CHF, but then he was never quite able to nail down the spot, eventually being sent to defence where he was reliable in a very ordinary side. His best game was on Leigh Matthews and we all should know where that ends - just ask Gilesy or Allen Jarrot.
  4. Top 10 individual seasons last 30 years

    Given your criteria is the best seasons of the past 30 years I will exclude Gerard Healy's 1985 season which was simply amazing and sadly we did an Adelaide and altered our [email protected] votes that year because of his Sydney move. Like you I couldn't fit Woey into the top 10 and our midfield batted pretty deep that year. I cheated with No.10 and would hope that Olly's best years are ahead of him even though he was mega handy this year. Apologies to Brad Green and Chip Frawley on 2010 when they had exceptional years/ 1. Garry Lyon 1990 - the lynchpin of Northey's side as he switched roles from forward to defence to save games or had a run on ball. And up until then, he was injury free pretty well apart from his 1987 broken leg. In 1990 he even carved up Gary Ablett. All subsequent years he was impeded a bit by injury and was forced to play full-forward to limit his body destruction. 2 Jim Stynes, 1991 Agree with this as it was his Brownlow year and he was clearly the best ruckman in the game at the time and his fitness was extraordinary. Plenty of other good years, but this was the one where the whole league took notice. 3. David Schwarz 1994 - Led competition in marks, kicked 60 goals at CHF, dominated the first two weeks of finals. A few regarded him as the equal to Wayne Carey. Schwarter was more flamboyant and had a bigger leap, but Carey, regardless of the field antics, was a superstar enforcer - hence why North won flags and we didn't. 4 Alan Johnson 1989 - Came back from two hamstring-riddled seasons and turned his new role of back pocket into a weapon. Tagged throughout our finals campaign, such was his impact. 5 Todd Viney 1998 - He had many fine seasons with the occasional hamstring tear, but he became our enforcer in the middle and whenever he missed a game, we lost. 6 Sean Wight 1987 - While Stretcher provided the long precise kick and Grinter the hard edge, Wight and his gung-ho attack on the contest was a main reason for us emerging into a force that year - ending our 23-year finals drought. 7 David Neitz 2002 - 82 goals, AA full forward and a rare Coleman Medal for the Melbourne Football Club. Became a great leader and one of the comps best enforcers and most intimidating big men. B and F. His Luke McCabe bump in Rd 1 was the defining moment. 8. Max Gawn 2016 - A dominant season, winding the clock back to the days of the great Jimmy Stynes. He's still got a way to go to match Jimmy, but he could be the best marking tapman since Gary Dempsey. Hopefully not a one-season wonder! 9 Nathan Jones 2014 - First year under Paul Roos and he took his game up a notch, becoming an elite ball-mover. His game on Marc Murphy in our upset win against Blues was a season highlight. 10. Allen Jakovich 1991 / Jeff Farmer 2000 - Both electrifying and crowd favourites and like almost all forwards, prone to running hot and cold and incurring the wrath of the tribunal.
  5. Billy Hartung

    He fits our urgent outside run and speed need and then it gets down to whether his kicking skills are deemed good enough. I'd be happy if we took him as even if he is a bit of a bust, he improves our depth, but Tubby Taylor would be a better judge on this.
  6. Farewell Jack Watts

    We now have two great Adelaide games to attend. One we involve laughter at the Crows expense, the other will involve tears. Goody just tore us apart. Don't ask me, you know it's true. But some of us don't know why.
  7. Farewell Colin Garland

    Sorry I may need to explain more. Richmond had Hampson and Maric as dinosaur-style rucks and chose not to play either, instead opting for Nank, who they brought in as a likely forward/ruck before altering their makeup to use in tandem with Grigg. They have retired Maric and are deciding on whether to bother keeping Hampson. The Dogs had Campbell and Minson in 2015 and chose neither, instead turning Roughead from a defender into a ruck. As with the Tigers they wanted more mobility. We have plenty of back-up tapmen already - we saw how good Pedo played this season and T-Mac was very competitive when he was used their as well. Both Frost and O-Mac can also be used in the role - especially now that we have Lever and we also have Weid, if he can get fit enough. So we don't need two young dinosaur-style back-ups in King and Flipper on top of all the others IMO. It is an old-school list approach that is overkill and it gives me the s... if we are trying to oust Garland for their sake. Yes Flipper and King are on peanuts, but we could have had two potentially hardworking forward/mids instead and also pay them peanuts and Casey would get way more benefit out of that.
  8. Farewell Colin Garland

    Not sure if you have seen the 2016 or 17 GFs yet, but if you do you may have noticed that tall, immobile, dinosaur ruckmen are obsolete, unless they are incredibly talented or can play forward as well - eg: Roughead and Nank. Not sure either if you saw a VFL game, but if you did can you let me know which game you thought King showed promise. I watched a fair few and I can't recall many moments when I thought "Gee, he's a talent". Not sure if you watched Flipper train pre-season before he got injured, but I know I did. One back-up dinosaur is a luxury. Two is downright stupid. And even more so given we already have the best dinosaur-style ruckman in the business and there is now no VFL development league.
  9. Farewell Colin Garland

    This is the result of the club not being willing to make a hard call on either King or Filipovic. As a result a guy that could have been majorly important to Casey's chances of faring well next season is being cast aside for two guys who will be lucky to get a game at Casey this season. With no VFL development side this year, I hope they realise that one of our ruck back-up back-ups will be sitting watching each week. And I hope that if they offer Garland a coaching contract, they also secure his services as a playing assistant coach at Casey under Rawlings. He was majorly missed down there this season.
  10. Rd 1 Team with Lever

    Always a favourite for us dreamers - the Rd 1 side, selected four months out. As much chance of it coming up as ... Richmond winning the flag in 2017! Now that we have got our man I thought I'd go for it. Note: I'm one who rates VDB because of his gruntwork and his scary tackling and, barring injury, I reckon he's a monte. B: Jetta Frost Hibberd HB: Jones Lever Hunt C: Brayshaw Oliver Lewis HF: VDB T.Mac Nibbler F: Garlett Hogan Petracca Ru: Gawn Tyson Viney Int: Salem, Harmes, Melky, Vince Emerg: O.Mac, Hannan, Maynard

    Love the way Lever plays and given we were smashed in the air this year, then it's nice to know we have a guy who has a presence in this area with his leap. Apart from T-Mac going forward, I hope they prepare O.Mac pre-season to play as a forward/back-up ruckmen as well. Unless Frost or Lever is injured, then O-Mac will be required to head forward on occasions and last year for some stupid reason, players like Weid and O-Mac and T-Mac did no work on the back-up ruck role pre-season. It was only when Gawn went down that we started work in that area.
  12. 2018 MFC fixture - 5 wishes

    My top request is: A bye the week after Rd 12 QB Monday v Pies and then a trip to either GC or Brisbane so that we can have a mid-season training camp in a warmer climate leading into that game - similar to the camp the Cats had this year. And if that doesn't come up, have the camp in Darwin leading into our fixture there - and please Dees spend the money on having virtually the whole list up there and work their butt off - local footy clinics with most players involved as well.
  13. Farewell Jack Watts

    Jason Taylor did exceptionally well plucking Olly and withstanding the pressure to go for Essendon's Parish. But he so far has shown absolutely no sign of judging talls - Sam Weideman before Charlie Curnow, both Kings, Hulett, Filipovic. Even Prenderghastly was better in this area - he can lay claim to Gawn, T.Mac and Howey - all for second or third rounders. So while there's a chance that if he was drafting in 2008, JT would have overlooked Wattsy, there's also a reasonably high chance that he would have passed on NicNat that year as well. Probably would have passed on Hurley as well and gone straight for Chris Yarran!
  14. Farewell Jack Watts

    David Schwarz won our best and fairest the year after he was touted as being part of a Wayne Campbell trade. Having said that, I still think once a coach decides to farm out a player, there's very little chance of them switching that position.
  15. Farewell Jack Watts

    Robbie will never be lost while people my vintage are still around. Greatest Demon in my time with Gaz Lyon at No.2.