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  1. Farewell Jack Watts

    We now have two great Adelaide games to attend. One we involve laughter at the Crows expense, the other will involve tears. Goody just tore us apart. Don't ask me, you know it's true. But some of us don't know why.
  2. Farewell Colin Garland

    Sorry I may need to explain more. Richmond had Hampson and Maric as dinosaur-style rucks and chose not to play either, instead opting for Nank, who they brought in as a likely forward/ruck before altering their makeup to use in tandem with Grigg. They have retired Maric and are deciding on whether to bother keeping Hampson. The Dogs had Campbell and Minson in 2015 and chose neither, instead turning Roughead from a defender into a ruck. As with the Tigers they wanted more mobility. We have plenty of back-up tapmen already - we saw how good Pedo played this season and T-Mac was very competitive when he was used their as well. Both Frost and O-Mac can also be used in the role - especially now that we have Lever and we also have Weid, if he can get fit enough. So we don't need two young dinosaur-style back-ups in King and Flipper on top of all the others IMO. It is an old-school list approach that is overkill and it gives me the s... if we are trying to oust Garland for their sake. Yes Flipper and King are on peanuts, but we could have had two potentially hardworking forward/mids instead and also pay them peanuts and Casey would get way more benefit out of that.
  3. Farewell Colin Garland

    Not sure if you have seen the 2016 or 17 GFs yet, but if you do you may have noticed that tall, immobile, dinosaur ruckmen are obsolete, unless they are incredibly talented or can play forward as well - eg: Roughead and Nank. Not sure either if you saw a VFL game, but if you did can you let me know which game you thought King showed promise. I watched a fair few and I can't recall many moments when I thought "Gee, he's a talent". Not sure if you watched Flipper train pre-season before he got injured, but I know I did. One back-up dinosaur is a luxury. Two is downright stupid. And even more so given we already have the best dinosaur-style ruckman in the business and there is now no VFL development league.
  4. Farewell Colin Garland

    This is the result of the club not being willing to make a hard call on either King or Filipovic. As a result a guy that could have been majorly important to Casey's chances of faring well next season is being cast aside for two guys who will be lucky to get a game at Casey this season. With no VFL development side this year, I hope they realise that one of our ruck back-up back-ups will be sitting watching each week. And I hope that if they offer Garland a coaching contract, they also secure his services as a playing assistant coach at Casey under Rawlings. He was majorly missed down there this season.
  5. Rd 1 Team with Lever

    Always a favourite for us dreamers - the Rd 1 side, selected four months out. As much chance of it coming up as ... Richmond winning the flag in 2017! Now that we have got our man I thought I'd go for it. Note: I'm one who rates VDB because of his gruntwork and his scary tackling and, barring injury, I reckon he's a monte. B: Jetta Frost Hibberd HB: Jones Lever Hunt C: Brayshaw Oliver Lewis HF: VDB T.Mac Nibbler F: Garlett Hogan Petracca Ru: Gawn Tyson Viney Int: Salem, Harmes, Melky, Vince Emerg: O.Mac, Hannan, Maynard
  6. Love the way Lever plays and given we were smashed in the air this year, then it's nice to know we have a guy who has a presence in this area with his leap. Apart from T-Mac going forward, I hope they prepare O.Mac pre-season to play as a forward/back-up ruckmen as well. Unless Frost or Lever is injured, then O-Mac will be required to head forward on occasions and last year for some stupid reason, players like Weid and O-Mac and T-Mac did no work on the back-up ruck role pre-season. It was only when Gawn went down that we started work in that area.
  7. 2018 MFC fixture - 5 wishes

    My top request is: A bye the week after Rd 12 QB Monday v Pies and then a trip to either GC or Brisbane so that we can have a mid-season training camp in a warmer climate leading into that game - similar to the camp the Cats had this year. And if that doesn't come up, have the camp in Darwin leading into our fixture there - and please Dees spend the money on having virtually the whole list up there and work their butt off - local footy clinics with most players involved as well.
  8. Farewell Jack Watts

    Jason Taylor did exceptionally well plucking Olly and withstanding the pressure to go for Essendon's Parish. But he so far has shown absolutely no sign of judging talls - Sam Weideman before Charlie Curnow, both Kings, Hulett, Filipovic. Even Prenderghastly was better in this area - he can lay claim to Gawn, T.Mac and Howey - all for second or third rounders. So while there's a chance that if he was drafting in 2008, JT would have overlooked Wattsy, there's also a reasonably high chance that he would have passed on NicNat that year as well. Probably would have passed on Hurley as well and gone straight for Chris Yarran!
  9. Farewell Jack Watts

    David Schwarz won our best and fairest the year after he was touted as being part of a Wayne Campbell trade. Having said that, I still think once a coach decides to farm out a player, there's very little chance of them switching that position.
  10. Farewell Jack Watts

    Robbie will never be lost while people my vintage are still around. Greatest Demon in my time with Gaz Lyon at No.2.
  11. End of year delistings

    The big surprise to me is that we haven't as yet delisted one or both of King and Filipovic. Richmond showed us there's room for only one genuine ruckman and we already have a ready-made back-up in Pedo and two others - T-Mac and Weid - who could play there if required. All are infinitely better than anything King has shown to date and Flipper did not endear me as a project player pre-season before injury. If the club rates one of them long-term, fine keep one. But there's no no excuse to have two back-up dinosaurs on a list that already has the best dinosaur ruckman in the game.
  12. Sounds pretty fair all round to me. Lever's a gun. If the Swans feel hard done by then they get back pick 34 (35).
  13. We already have two first rounder available - this year's 10 and next year's - and if we are worried about the quality of next year's draft being too good then we should ask for their 2018 second rounder back in return. We also are yet to play the "trade player" card with them, although I suspect Ben Ken has been offered up behind scenes. But given they are also losing Charlie Cameron's run, then maybe we have to consider giving up another SA player - Billy Stretch comes to mind, even though I like the way he goes about his footy - sometimes to get something you really want, you have to give up something you like.
  14. Farewell Jack Watts

    It's a really hard one on so many levels with Jack. We are all know that he doesn't play the man enough defensively, instead trying to intercept an errant handball or hold back from crunching someone - how many 50m penalties has he given away for a crude late tackle after the kick - I suspect zero in 10 years. We all know that he's the most skilled player at the club and in theory, if your team has the footy, then that's what you want - a player who keeps it or improves our position with it. We all know we love it when he plays well as it's so nice to see other supporters have to eat humble Pie when he kicks goals against them - QB being a case in point. We all know that he has had to wear the mantle of being a No.1 pick, been bullied, been verbally abused on the field (let alone by many Demondlanders) and we all know he's taken such batterings in his stride with dignity. And therein lies part of the problem - Jack is a gentleman in a footy era when there is almost no room for such a person. He is Peter McKenna in the wrong era. That gentleman Jack image also doesn't really go hand-in-hand with what our club wants to achieve as its calling card - hard and clinical is what most clubs want from their modus operandi. I could tell pre-season watching Goody ask VDB (before he went down) and Watts to bash into each other in a repetitive marking one-on-one drill that our coach knew he needed Watts to toughen up and to his credit he did ... for a while. But once he came back from his hamstring injury, it was as if he'd gone back to his schoolboy no-contact days and as we all know, it is not good to get on the wrong side of a coach late in the season - which he clearly has. My worry now is that we have encouraged him to look at a club - Port - that can offer virtually nothing in terms of trade fairness - pick 29 is not quite enough and won't help much getting the Lever deal done. And pick 29 might be gone for their Motlop trade anyway. Perhaps if they were offering their No.1 pick for 2018 it would be appropriate. Or maybe Jackson Trengove's early second round pick - assuming he goes to the Lions. And like others here have said, there is a chance that at 26 with 151 games behind him, Jack is ready to finally make it - just about the same time and games as Bernie Quinlan was traded to the Lions in one of the mistakes of last century. It is a risky decision to send him elsewhere, but we can only assume that Goody has tried and tried and tried to get him to work that much harder in his chase and he just doesn't want to flogging a dead horse. Sadly though, I don't think he's a dead horse and he will probably fire up in a new environment and start realising his potential.
  15. Melbourne Players' Trade Value

    Fantastic idea and effort by you Clint Bizzell. Personally I think you haven't quite taken into account that older players have virtually no trade value - just ask Jordy and Sam Mitchell. That's why I'd disagree the most with Hibberd being an early first rounder and Jones late first round, but otherwise you are not that far off the mark for a hypothetical column. To me there are five players everyone would want - all first rounders - and possibly each requiring two first rounders - although thank christ this is hypothetical as they are the keys to our future. The five are: Olly, Trac, Hoges, Viney and Gawn. They are our untouchables. I'd almost be willing to add Jayden and Salem to that list.