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  1. Changes versus Collingwood

    How nice that we are now so close to finals that we are picking our best possible side - developing young players such as Weids and Maynard almost goes out the door in the quest for victory. I was really pleased we gave Billy a go this week, but unfortunately he didn't perform as well as he can and at this time of year that means VFL finals is the go for him. The same applies to Wags, who tackled well, but disposed of it like a VFL player. Assuming Viney is again rested and that is impossible to know unless you are the club doctor as the club is not revealing the issue, then the two obvious ins are Watts (best in VFL last week and loves the Pies now) and Salem (best the previous week and clearly not a VFL level player). The only question I have is that which many have said and relates to Jeffy. Unlike Wattsy, he hasn't yet been punished for his poor attack on the footy (3 weeks in a row now) and it's tricky dropping him now because we are so close to finals and he's our FF (yes that's his role) and when we break we want him involved. With his leg-speed you want him featuring in September, so dropping him for Kennedy is a big call, but it could happen. Certainly if Viney is fit and Vince isn't suspended, then I reckon it may have to happen because no-one else deserves to go on form.
  2. Collingwood V Melbourne Round 22. 1976

    One of the few times my dad took me to Victoria Park and there was a real meathead mentality that has been lost today with our sanitised PC family attendees. I seem to recall Laurie Fowler getting KO'd - may be confused with another game. Ex-Pie Henry Coles was huge for us back then as well as CHF Steven Smith and we all thought Peter Keays had arrived as a player - think he did his knee the next year. That was also the last year that our best ever centreline of Alves, Wells and Flower took the field together. The Pies won the spoon (no tanking back then) and ditched their coach for Hafey and ended up in a GF the next year. We won four in a row and became the popular tip to make finals the next year with Skilton the messiah. But Alves jumped ship and we barely won a game in 1977 ... that's footy.
  3. Changes v Brisbane

    Just moving on from the Watts v Weideman issue, I think there are a couple of other tricky selections for this week in deciding who replaces Viney in what I suspect at end of day will be the only change, although Wags, Jeffy and this threads whipping boy Weids should all be talked about. I had Salem as a certain in for Viney, but now that he's ruled out, the door is open for either Stretch or JKH to get one last chance to press their claims before what should hopefully be finals. Both worthy, both can play inside if needed. If I had to tip which one, I'd give Billy a final shot at it because I reckon he's a tad better defensively, but either way I'm happy because they both work their butt off and provide run at the same time. Given Lewy Taylor has hit form, then maybe that's their man. The other player majorly in contention to replace Viney is Maynard, who is more inside than Billy, and who we all seem to have forgotten in our euphoria about the Saints win and the return of Gus. But is Corey realistically a chance of playing finals this season? He's made great progress this year, but Isn't it better to go with someone who will make your finals 22 at this late stage of the season. The only other player I can see missing out for either of the above trio is Wags, who played on a wing last week and with Jordy on the other wing forms possibly the slowest wing tandem in AFL history. But having said that Wags did his role on the weekend, although I just reckon he still needs to work on his kicking penetration. Is Wags ready for finals? Maybe as a defender but, in my view, not as a wingman. The pace goes up a notch in finals. Tough decision on whether he plays this weekend. I suspect he gets another go at Corey's expense. The other issue is Frosty, who was dropped and then rested in case of an injury. Does that mean he now has to go back and play VFL for another week? We all thought Frosty was mega-stiff to be dropped but now that Brayshaw has clearly stood up as back-seven material and T-Mac returned to defence to provide more intercepts, can we afford Frosty as well? His only chance of getting back in IMO is if we send T-Mac back forward for Weids. Can't see that happening this week, so I suspect it is Magoos for Frosty this week. The final task is deciding how to fire up Jeffy again - does he go back to the twos for a week? Or do we just hope that he smells September and lifts? Suspect we will go the latter option. In his favour is we don't really have an alternative VFL player knocking down the door - Johnstone does not have the polish yet. Not sure what to make about the Tracca rest talk. I thought he was so close to kicking five goals on the weekend and his pressure was amazing. Some weeks the ball just doesn't fall for you. This week he'll also get a bit of time in the middle playing Viney's role. He'll be fine. Finally on Weids, if you spotted what Goody said about him you know he was happy with his form. He lost his way in the third term (the misjudged aerial contest on the wing marked by Carlisle was a howler) and then Goody, with the game on the line, kept him on the bench for the first nine minutes of the final term because Goody knows he's a weak link, but he also knows he's the future and must be developed. Weids just needs to bring the ball to ground like he did in the first term and attack the footy like he did for the entire game. He will play this week and hopefully he kicks a couple of goals and takes a big mark or two in a big win. But even if he does, one of Frost or Watts should replace him for Round 23. At the end of the day this is an easy selection week. Out: Viney. In: Stretch. The following week v the Pies is a nightmare for selectors because it realistically should be our EF side's dress rehearsal. And all of Salem, Watts, Frost, Bugg and Viney will be pushing to come back in for the Pies game, but clearly, unless we lose the unloseable against the Lions, or cop a few suspensions and injuries, not all will.

    Unbelievable first quarter and so many of our players made a clear statement of their worth for finals - assuming we don't get too cocky in the next two weeks. Harmes has now insured his spot and Hannan's two sealers showed he is up to this level and his family can now book finals tickets. Brayshaw made an incredible return as a defender - he takes Salem's spot now and will play finals. Pedo had a game that makes him a shoo-in for the finals as well, while Melky again showed he has got it as a midfilder/high forward who runs and runs all day. Only three players under the pump now - Weids, Wags and Jeffy. The rest, barring injury, will play in our first final since 2006.
  5. Demonland Player of the Year - Round 21

    6 Jones - copped a hard tag from Steele in second term because he was BOG by then. He struggled in the third when the Saints moved Steven on to him, but then stepped up again in the last. Brilliant game. 5 Pedo - struggled a bit in the tapouts but what a game from a guy that could still be delisted post season. Will play finals and I reckon another year on the list awaits his signature now. 4 Harmes - Barely scored for a month and then sets us up with a stunning first term. Clear win for him and faith of coach. 3 O-Mac - So many great defensive options, but O-mac was the only one who was mega involved all day. 2 Lewis - A clever head and strong linkman off a wing all game. 1 ANB - Along with Harmes and Jones, the key architect of our first half. I've said it before, but he's getting more and more like Robbie Gray now.
  6. Changes vs St Kilda

    I finally got a chance to look at game completely and another huge night for selectors is on its way. Clearly we lacked linebreaking outside run against GWS - hence why I was surprised Maynard got in for JKH last week. We also struggled underneath, although I'd expect Jonesy to be more back in the swing of things and Viney will lift - the two skippers are probably the keys this week. We also struggled with our choice of ball movement inside 50 - can we afford to again plonk Jeffy Garlett one-on-one in the goalsquare - he's not Eddie Betts, he more of a clever crumber or an over the back player? Ultimately, though given the huge stakes involved I'd be disappointed if we made more than three changes this week - the guys who have given us a chance at making finals deserve to be given the final chance to resurrect things and that should mean Watts (who actually was pretty impressive in the second half) and Garlett and Petracca deserve to be persevered with this week. We do need to correct our lack of outside run and Hannan's return will help a bit. Who goes out? Those of you who watch my comments will know that I am a huge fan of Harmesy, but I think he may need to go back and kick a few at Casey this week - his shots on goal have dried up in recent weeks. I love his attack on the ball and I want him playing finals though. The next big issue is which of JKH, Stretch and Brayshaw get games and for who. If you watched the telecast there was a lot of commentary booth love for Maynard - he had a very good final term. But rewind to the first three quarters and it was a disaster of a debut for him - understandably he needed to adjust to the extra pace. To his credit he kept trying and I am confident he deserves another game - but it should be against Brisbane, not St Kilda - he is not an outside runner - he is a clever inside player. The alternative is to drop our other quarterback style midfielder in Tyson and I'd be even more disappointed with that - as he deserves to either resurrect the ship, or go down with the ship, this week. The final change I can see will depend on whether we decide to go smaller and that will depend on the conditions - at this stage Sunday might be a bit blustery. But if it's wet, do we stick with Pedo? On one hand, the Saints are a very physical side and we may need Pedo's presence. On the other, the Saints would love having Brown on Pedo because Brown is a good nullifier - his main worry is when he's on a player with pace and with no Pedo, he'd have to go to Watts or Hannan with Carlisle on T-Mac. Salem was another to have a howler on the weekend, but as with several others, he deserves a chance to right the ship. So ultimately just two changes in my book, with a third (Pedo), if it is going to be a wet day wipeout. As to whether JKH or Brayshaw or Stretch get back in, to me it's a choice between JKH's run and amazing form in the VFL and the thrill and extra buzz of having Brayshaw back. Billy will have to wait another week IMO. I'm not confident as the Saints will be up for this after their win last week, but Goody has been a revelation as a coach this season and will hopefully make the gameplan correction up forward and a bit of homeside umpiring will help. Our guys just have to realise the gravity of this battle and I'd be very surprised if Viney and Jones don't get votes this week. Viney has to do his usual job on Steven, Jonesy has to be the key linkman and Melky needs to nullify Newnes' run.
  7. The Jake Lever Thread

    Why would you say that? Could you explain your Collingwood assertion? To me, the Pies want him because they desperately want anyone and think they are the biggest and best club in the AFL and they don't really plan out their long-term structure. The reason why the Pies shouldn't want him is that Jeremy Howe already plays the intercept sweeper role for them and unless they are planning to trade Howey after a year where he might be AA, then it doesn't make as much sense to have two playing that role - as we saw early in the year with Jetta and Wags, you don't want four players going up and no-one down. By contrast we don't have a tall defensive marking sweeper, so Lever would be an ideal pick up for us and will complement an area where we are deficient - T-Mac wasn't bad at it before his reallocation to the front six.
  8. Changes for GWS

    Assuming Jonesy passes his fitness test, then I reckon there are three definite changes and a fourth that will be debated long and hard at selection table. The two certain ins are Jones and Vince and whilst originally I was thinking we'd want to retain a quick, pressure forward set-up, the smaller dimensions of Manuka (167mx138m) than the G means that we probably need a big to replace Hoges and Weids form was timely and he now has two games (Box Hill clash was other one) where he has dominated, even if conditions have meant he has been quiet in other VFL matches. The three outs are pretty clear to me - Hoges injury (Weids), Trenners (Vince) and Hannan (Jones). In Hannan's case it is just a couple of weeks back in the twos to get his form back. The fourth change I'm sure will be debated long and hard - Corey Maynard has been progressing nicely, was 23rd last week and one of the best in VFL again on Sunday. But who makes room if we pick him? We already will be bringing Jonesy back into our midfield. The only two realistically that I think we will consider will be JKH (which for me is a no, because is finally showing capacity to play at this level and we need his outside run on Scully) or JW (Now that he is well and truly over hammy, I am sure Goody will be working him harder this week on tackling drills anyway, so that he's switched on from the outset). Not sure how DLers can list ANB - sure he misdirected a couple of handballs, but he is almost a regular now and for good reason - vision, tackle pressure, smarts around goal, courage. But ultimately I think unless Jonesy or one of the key mids doesn't come up, then Maynard will have to wait another week for a debut - most likely against the Saints at the 'G. Out: Hoges, Trenners, Hannan. In: Weid, Jones, Vince. Positional switch - start JW on the ball for first five minutes so he's more involved early and then send him forward and hopefully it forces a match-up with Lids, who JW will enjoy because he plays better against class players. Clever-coach switch - if it's windy then play T-Mac back into the wind and send him forward when we have it. I couldn't believe it when this didn't happen on the weekend and with Lobb, Patton and Cameron, we face a similar size issue this week that the zone cannot totally overcome. Why we win: All 22 players firing up, but Gawn in particular exploiting Dawson going the other way. Note: Dawson had his best-ever game last week, so big Max can't take it easy. Key match-ups: JKH on Scully, Viney on Shiel with Melky on Kelly.
  9. Demonland Player of the Year - Round 19

    6 Oliver - with Viney having a tough time with Swallow, he stood up majorly ... again. 5 Hibberd - ultimately didn't kick the winner, but another game where he kept sending us forward. 4 Tyson - Second week in a row where he has started like a million dollars. Tired a bit but still good. 3 T-Mac - Once again our only forward target with JW again in la la land thinking AFL is a non-contact sport 2 Gawn - I know he didn't kick goals or take the grabs we needed him to in front, but he beat two Roos. 1 Lewis - Plenty of touches and control, although it's a dangerous line when you tell your own players off.
  10. List Structure: What do we actually need?

    Saty, go to bed now please. You need to report back tomorrow on how Gawny looks at training. You also need to give others a go at this topic. Thanks
  11. List Structure: What do we actually need?

    Three things will be different to normal. 1) We are now regarded as a threat - so all teams will be tougher (but not stupid) on us, when it comes to deals. 2) We are in the window and don't have a high pick - so we have to be crafty just to get any players immediately worthy of AFL games. 3) Our list is for the first time close to perfect in terms of balance now. We've had the second worst run of key injuries this season behind only GWS and we still are in shape to make the finals. That said I have four players in mind - of which we'd be lucky to get one and be doing great to get two. 1) A mobile forward/back-up ruckman - this has been mentioned by almost everyone, although the rise of T-Mac as a forward has removed some of the urgency in this type. The club may decide to keep Pedersen (31 next season) again as back-up insurance and Weids is hopefully going to keep developing so there is an argument to say we already have this covered. I certainly wouldn't be making any big plays for Tippett (too old and expensive) or Casboult. To me the ideal pick up is Freo's Matt Taberner, who comes from Bright, and has been dominating WAFL games but after five seasons and 50-odd games is sitting behind Kersten and McCarthy in Ross's mindset. He occasionally comes in and dominates a game like he did against Essendon but then goes missing for a few weeks and gets dropped. He is 198cm and is a cracking mark with a good leap so would be a handy back-up ruck or back-up tall and he's still only 24. The bad wrap on him is that he's a tad slow - the same wrap that applies to both Pedo and Weid mind you, so that shouldn't be a complete deterrent because we are talking back-up tall here. Freo would want a second round pick, but so long as he doesn't have a cracker when recalled this week or next, he should be about a third rounder. 2) Pace - You could argue we need a Jeffy back-up, but we also need a Jayden back-up. Obviously we'd all like a Danger or even a Hill from Freo, but let's be realistic. The most likely interested player with pace and links to the Dees is Zak Jones. If you've watched him, you'd know he's a linebreaker, but prone to the occasional turnover because he pushes the envelope - like Jayden does. But he's a lovely kick like his big brother and has the same courage. The problem is that his rating has gone through the roof in the past 12 months at Sydney and if we were able to win his interest it will cost (probably about three years at $550K) and it will be a hard battle to avoid giving up our first round pick for him. But I'd do the deal as we all know pace is everything these days. 3) A quality tall defender - If we were to snare Taberner then you could argue that T-Mac's return to defence could give us this player anyway. It is also worth noting that O-Mac is improving at such a rate, that we wouldn't have room for such a player anyway. But if the rumours are correct, then we are into Jake Lever in a big way and there's no doubt he has the quality to play on bigs and mediums and is an intercept marking king via zone defence - something we have lacked since Howey left. My only issue is how we can offer something of value in return for him, especially if our first round pick goes to Sydney for Zak Jones. If I were the Crows, I'd be making a big play to get ANB - Eddie is almost done now and they need a clever small forward. Is there any coincidence that neither Jake or ANB have signed. Clearly ANB does not have Lever's reputation, but those who have watched closely will have spotted just how good ANB has become. Hopefully ANB stays with us and if so, I can't really see how the Crows will deal with us on Lever. My guess is that we will sign ANB in the next few weeks to a 3-year deal and that we will have to draft a project mobile tall defender with a late pick or rookie pick. We also have Col G coming back next year, so we already have a bit of cover in this area. 4) A classy medium forward/mid - Every side wants this type of player and that's predominantly what the first two rounds of the draft are used for. We missed the boat two years ago when we overlooked Curnow, and De Goey is coming on like a bullet as well, although he's more mid than forward. The reason why we need this player is that eventually (not this season) we have to start using CP5 in the middle - Jones is 30 next season but how many more years of battering can he take. There is one player that the Casey boys will tell you that Bayley Fritsch is a shoo-in to get drafted next season. He's a livewire, high-leaping 187cm forward who is still pretty light - so he has an up side that recruiters look for. KC from Casey has been in raptures about him all season. But the big issue is whether Mitch Hannan's impressive season has put him out of our league (pick). My suspicion is that, barring a poor VFL finals series, he will go for a second rounder and even that may be a stretch - the Dogs will be keen for payback. My only other comment on list is that I hope we keep Trenners. It's hard to find quality people and he's certainly good enough to get a game at most clubs and ours and is great role model for our VFL players. I can understand that Bernie and Jordie are preferred to him at moment but next year may be a different thing and they have already shown a propensity to miss games for disciplinary reasons. Finally, I'd love us to rookie draft a kid from the NT - refer my previous comments elsewhere on this.
  12. Changes vs North Melbourne

    Based on what he said on radio, Jones rates himself only a 50-50 chance and with yesterday's win there's no need to rush him back. So unless there's injuries (ie: Gawn), then there's no changes this week.
  13. Demonland Player of the Year - Round 18

    6 Hibberd - Missed the first four games but now must be in race for AA spot - hopefully there will be seven defenders (one on bench) as Rance, Hurley, Docherty, Laird, Toohey are all locks and Rampe has probably played himself in as well. 5 Viney - What a first quarter. Set the tone with Tyson and returned us to the passion we showed in four-week win stretch. 4 Jetta - I reckon this was his best game this year because he also provided run as well as his usual one-on-one wins. Great season. As to AA, now way unless you think all other clubs all have duds in defence. 3 Gawn - An amazing first half before injury against a guy that is regarded as the AA ruckman this year. 2 ANB - Can those who keep potting him please fess up now. Has vision and smarts and is Goody's No.1 pick-up. Shades of Robbie Gray in how he plays now. 1 Hoges - That was more like it. Only a couple of petulant dummy spats and he even tackled a couple of times. Covered heaps of territory as well.
  14. Our Indigenous History

    Is there a link to video please. My recollections only go back to the early 70s, so some of the ultra-old DLers may have more tales of indigenous greatness but for what it is worth: Colin Graham played in the 70s and was a beautifully balanced left footer who usually lined up on a forward flank - I can't remember him being that speedy but he was mega classy. Little Lally (Les) Bamblett was mid-80s and was a stringbean wingman (for us) in just a handful of games before he got sent to the Dogs where he became a porky, but handy, small forward in the Aussie Woenamirri mould. We haven't really been a club with that many indigenous greats. Andy Lovell played well over 100 games in the John Northey era as a very handy and skilled small forward/midfielder before being traded to West Coast. Sean Charles was by far the fastest and most gifted IP and was huge in the 1994 final series with Schwarter and Garry Lyon. But a broken arm ruined his career soon after. We wasted a couple of early draft picks in the mid-90s on Donald and David Cockatoo-Collins, who were super fast schoolboy stars, but never had the physicality to make it, nor the kicking skills. Then came the Wiz came along - a livewire goalsneak, who was huge in 2000 when we made the GF, and in most people's eyes would rank as our No.1 IP. His nine goals (all after half time I think) against the Pies on QB still rates as one of the club's all-time amazing individual performances. Matty Whelan, with 150 games, is the IP club record holder with Aaron Davey I think (historians can verify). Whelan was an amazingly courageous small defender flying back across packs and had pace to burn - a bit like Neville, not quite as good man-on-man, but better offensively. Davey, it can be argued, altered the game with his chase-down tackles. Under Dean Bailey we tried to replicate Port's indigenous class and recruited heavily (Aussie, Pickett, Jurrah), but once he left we've followed more the Matty Rendell school of thought and after seven years in NT, we are yet to unearth or draft a single indigenous NT AFL talent - although a few other clubs have drafted with success - eg: Steven May and Nakia Cockatoo. Aussie was our last NT success story and he was incredibly gifted - albeit a bit lazy. My top 3 all-time IPs for us would be: 1 Jeff Farmer, 2 Aaron Davey, 3 Matty Whelan - Nev is getting close to passing Matty Whelan now. Sean Charles and Liam Jurrah were the most talented, but being light-bodied, suffered broken arms (and a couple of other family-related issues) that ruined their careers.
  15. 2017 Contracts

    Thanks Lucifer for the updates. Frost a huge priority. ANB next and Vanders and Stretch after that IMO and after the latest CBA, we should be able to up all of their salaries to retain them. The rest can wait until end of season, although club's decision on Vince (either way) is pretty major. We are finally in the window, so I'd be disappointed if we did not re-contract him for another year. Tricky decisions on all the rookies - with Maynard the only one who seems to have progressed majorly during year so far - although Tim Smith has been unlucky. But a lot can happen in the final few weeks, especially when careers are on the line. The list manager decision on how many bigs it wants to carry is also pretty pivotal, especially with the trend away from dinosaurs.