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  1. Classic case of contriving a headline to suit an agenda. I listened to the presser and he gave no indication that this was a focus, simply that he was a good player and would be considered as a part of their usual planning. Having said that, I would tag him and tag him hard.
  2. I thought Weids made a contest in the first couple of weeks, but haven't seen a lot of it since. How many times did he overrun the drop of the ball yesterday, infuriating! Surprised no one is mentioning Kennedy, he's the one who comes in for Kent for me (who I agree was dreadful). Melksham has to come back in, at the expense of Bugg I'd say. I have no idea how to solve the lack of talls situation other than to say we are desperately missing Gawn. He would've been able to drift back and sit in the d50 when required yesterday, and similarly provided a more reliable target up forward. But we got murdered in the ruck. I know we won the clearances, but our clearances are often scrappy and achieved by sheer will. Some of the hit outs to advantage for the roos saw them stream out of the square without a hand being laid. Being able to deliver kicks inside 50 without pressure is always going to make it hard to defend. Out: Kent, Bugg, Weideman (but for who?) In: Kennedy, Melkham, (King, ANB, Smith, Trengove, Harmes, help...) Actually, as I wrote that it occurred to me that Harmes has good vertical on him. So maybe Harmes for Weids, tell him to tackle and fly at the footy. Not perfect, but Weids is miles off.
  3. Reckon Bugg has been spared so he can go to Sloane. Want to see him wear Sloane like a glove.
  4. Doesn't look too bad from that live play.. enough for me to buy it I think!
  5. Just saw that, twitter is saying EB Games have released early.. Would love an update if anyone's got their hands on it!
  6. Fair go! I seriously wonder if some of you people have brains.. The wrist slashing on this site is absurd.
  7. You're a deadset plonker!!
  8. Kent: 2 tackles in 2 games, plus inaccurate in front of goal. I was surprised when I saw him omitted, but on that basis I get it.
  9. Hogan and Lewis would've been so bloody handy these last two weeks! I hope they realise that. Hogan is just so critical, one for the obvious reason of a target up forward, but also for those bailout kicks up the line. Some onfield leadership (Lewis) could've been the difference both weeks. I consider both those blokes highly culpable for our losses. Pretty keen to see Hibberd in the side. Eager to hear how he goes on Monday!
  10. At some point the ball will start sticking for Weideman, and we're gonna have a player when that happens. Yesterday though I found he was pretty unclean, and it hurt on occasion.
  11. Want to see 10 tackles from ANB, don't care if he gets 5 touches.. He does that, and he's done his job as far as I'm concerned.
  12. Really really (really) hoping I don't see Spencer there instead of Watts... Really.
  13. A big, but pleasant surprise could be trenners....?
  14. Ben Guthrie‏Verified account @BenGuthrie_ Follow More Dees rookie Joel Smith a strong chance to debut against the Saints. Jack Watts did extra ruckwork at end of training. Expect him to play.