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  1. The Bayley Fritsch Thread

    Jason Taylor has stated we will be looking over the draft/trade period to increase our midfield depth and possibly look for some small pressure forwards. I can't see how Fritsch fits the bill and in fact seems to fit a role we have depth in already. I doubt we would take him inside 40.

    How is this a huge gamble? At worst you get the existing output of a 21 year old elite intercept defender as already seen. At best you get the expected incremental improvement of a 21 year old 196cm defender over his next 4 years of development into what should be his peak. Skys the limit. Anyone that thinks we paid overs over rates the draft. Even so I suspect we will use 27 and 35 to get back into the top 20 some how. Those that say let him walk to the draft, North have deep pockets and I suspect would have snapped him up before us. Similar to the Hawthorn, Sydney and Geelong models, pick your targets, be open with what you think is fair, get your player and move on.

    Let me get this right. He was taken pick 14 (probably pick 3 on count back of that draft now). Now has 50 games investment in him, enough to be an AA squad member at 21 yet is not worth 10 and 20. What would you want for an out of contract Petracca? I am not saying we pay 10 and 20 but if thats what ends up being required it is fair value.
  4. Farewell Jack Watts

    I like Jack Watts the person. On the field he does things that make me shake my head in disbelief, unfortunately these are at both extremes. I feel sorry that we did not set him up for success in his early years but he is now a man who has had great support and development around him and needs to take accountability for not maximising his potential in the last 3 at a minimum. He is a 150 game player with one top 5 B&F finish for a club that has been appalling for most of his time. This year he featured in our best players only 6 times but never in the top 2. He is not quite a key forward and not quite a mid and he is too inconsistent to be a quality flanker. He may become a better rounded player but why that would occur in an environment he is comfortable in, surrounded by his mates, where he is adored by most supporters and sponsors is beyond me. It is most likely that we continue to see the cycle of promising games and then a loss of consistency as hard work does not come naturally to him. It is highlighted how much he is loved by team mates which to me highlights the risk that his ways tarnish the young guns we are trying to develop in our new culture. The old trade week adage of you've got to give something to get something is exactly what we are seeing with interest in Jack but truthfully this is so much more than the pick or player we get in return. This is us shedding the final parts of our old culture. This shows that close enough is no longer good enough, inconsistency is not excused and skirting by on potential is not acceptable. After seeing us do everything we could to not take a final spot in the final 2 rounds it is exactly the type of ruthless shake up that I was hoping for. All the best Jack.
  5. Farewell Jack Watts

    What would his role be?
  6. Farewell Jack Watts

    This quote says a lot to me from Don Pyke after yesterday's game. "One of the things that is very hard from a coaching viewpoint is to provide effort," Pyke said. "The players are responsible for effort. "We try and encourage that, we try and demand that.
  7. Farewell Jack Watts

    Its hard for him to hit Hogan lace out if he's at Casey due to effort or wont put in those final hard steps to win the ball in the first place. No one is saying he is not a great kick but there are plenty more facets to being a great or even good player than being a great kick.
  8. Farewell Jack Watts

    Remind me who brought in Heretier and gave up an inconsistent but supremely talented flanker in Jeremy Howe?
  9. Farewell Jack Watts

    Watts is a 9th year talented yet flakey flanker who we chose not to play this year on two seperate occasions due to lack of buy in on required effort and ethic on and off the field. How some can show such hysteria at our want to move him on have obviously forgotten what it felt like missing out in the last round. Any player who is not 100% buying in to do everything necessary on and off the field can get out in my opinion and Watts is the poster boy for it. I am sure what we get (likely a second round pick) people will say is unders but it is right based on his career output and likely output moving forward. The best we can hope for is many clubs decide he is the answer to drive up his value. I will hold to see the overall picture of ins and outs before I hold a view on whether we have improved our list and chance to take the next step and more importantly the ones after it to make it to the last game in September.
  10. Farewell Jack Watts

    I for the life of me don't understand what he was doing on the new just then. I'd like to hang about the club if I could? Me and Goody get along fine but I probably frustrate him at times. WTF. Will never put it all on the line. Get what you can and move on.
  11. Tiger success and luck

    They have a bunch of foot soldiers with limited skill (Rioli aside) but great pressure, have the best player in the comp and the best defensive general. They have no injuries, play with belief and have got momentum in a year when there has been no great sides except the Crows and Sydney for two thirds a season. Like the Dogs don't have the team for sustained success but may sneak a premiership if all falls their way next week. Belief is an amazing thing but I think the Crows have exactly the right style to bring them back to earth with a thud.
  12. Steven Motlop

    The question is whether you back us in to get his consistency and work ethic right. 2 of his best 5 games this season in finals. 3 of his best 5 games this season at the MCG. His cost is about what money we give up and not picks as a FA. He at his best is exactly the outside speed and class we need. I would be amazed if we have not had serious discussions about him.
  13. Trade rumours

    Motlop played his 3 best games this year at the MCG. If you could get him consistent in work ethic he is exactly the type of line breaker we need. I would suggest he will have been discussed by our list management but I wonder how seriously.

    Fair few there you're over rating. i think it's assured he will finish top 10 in their B&F and probably top 5. Will be interesting to see. Also we are talking about a kid 5 years away from his best footy with 10 years probably left. Not exactly apples with apples.

    How did the Cats tall forwards go tonight. 8 marks and 5 massive spoils to go with the best disposal efficiency on the ground in a pressure match. Not his best but I would suggest he would feature higher in the coaches votes than 16th or lower. Is a super player who is already statistically the best intercept mark in the comp which is fast becoming a crucial role in today's game.