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  1. big_red_fire_engine


    Great teams are ruthless. Sentiment is for losers. Garlett would still be in the team if he had chased like a maniac and put his head over the ball early in the year. Spargo has and continues to run out games as a first year player. Whilst we continue to reward the right team first behaviours and demote those that can't live up to them until they prove they can we will continue to improve.
  2. big_red_fire_engine

    Changes vs Adelaide

    Unless after 4 games he and the Medicos believe he needs a rest Spargo is doing more than enough to hold his place on pressure alone. Hannans game was highly frustrating with one handed takes, flying against talls when a crumb was needed and inconsistent pressure. If Jeffys effort is shown to be where it should be I think our forward line would function even better with Garlett for Hannan. I would not consider any other change.
  3. big_red_fire_engine

    Demonland Player of the Year 2018 - Round 9

    6. Melksham 5. Lever 4. T-Mac 3. Brayshaw 2. Fritsch 1. Gawn
  4. big_red_fire_engine

    Post Match Discussion - Round 9

    That was a clinical dismantling. That’s what good sides do. We continued to harass and work hard and crack in for 4 quarters. We took first options. We played like every goal should be celebrated and every goal hurts. All without a huge impact from Oliver, Viney and Hogan. Those that think football no longer has positions and you just have backs, Mids and forwards watch Fritsch play a wing and Brayshaw play a ruck rovers role. Those two and Tmacs return has completely changed our shape.
  5. big_red_fire_engine

    GAMEDAY - Round 9

  6. big_red_fire_engine

    Frankston v Casey Demons - Round 7

    Tough contested game of footy early as we take a narrow two-point lead #PJVFL Casey 2.2 14 - @VFL_Dolphins 1.6 12 Stats Petty 7, Hunt 7, Baker 6, Balic 6 Goals Pedersen 2
  7. big_red_fire_engine

    Casey Demons v Box Hill Hawks - Round 6

    Viney 12 to the half according to Casey FC Twitter.
  8. big_red_fire_engine

    Post Match Discussion - Round 8

    Particularly if you watch the current output of Parish.
  9. big_red_fire_engine

    Changes v The Blues

    I would argue Weid is in our best 22 structurally but is not in our 22 best players. I would be keen to know the difference between Weids kms per game time vs Pedersen. Just because they both can play forward and relief ruck and just because Ped is more accomplsihed at VFL does not directly translate to we would be better this year (now and later) with Ped playing the role.
  10. big_red_fire_engine

    Changes v The Blues

    Unless anyone needs to managed. Tyson out for Viney. Vince is playing all his time back so is not a like for like. Charlie will get managed at some point this year but I would hate after kicking two and with a functioning forward line dropping him before he gets his first dance at the MCG, particularly against a young side.
  11. big_red_fire_engine

    Post Match Discussion - Round 8

    Weid is currently the poster boy for playing your role. Whilst he didnt get on the end, our tall forwards and ruck kicked 9 goals and we had a massive inside 50 count. He gave off 4 goals from his small possession count. Once again I can't recall him getting beaten in the air or a liability in the centre bounce. His speed and territory coverage is vital to this (mentioned he and Hogan had covered the most kms to half time). If it ain't broke don't fix it.
  12. big_red_fire_engine

    Post Match Discussion - Round 8

    Best game for the club.
  13. big_red_fire_engine

    Demonland Player of the Year 2018 - Round 8

    Nope. Whats your issue?
  14. big_red_fire_engine

    Demonland Player of the Year 2018 - Round 8

    6. Lewis 5. Harmes 4. Tmac 3 Oliver 2. Jetta 1 Fritsch
  15. big_red_fire_engine

    GAMEDAY - Round 8

    Anyone that thinks Tyson is any good watch that last 2 minutes. Momentum killer.