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  1. big_red_fire_engine

    Rumour File

    Trade period is boring due to the perception there will be trades announced continually throughout. Why not something along the lines of the following. 2 days for clubs to chat. 2 days for players to be sounded out. A week for Medicals and site tours and players to announced preferred destinations. . 2 days for actual trades but keep them under wraps . All announced on tv each of the 2 nights in a 2 hour televised event.
  2. big_red_fire_engine

    Jesse Hogan Trade to Freo

    Tie the Suns pick 19 or 24 to that it’s basically the same outcome with Hogan at the Suns instead of Dockers. Hogan must really like the beach and warmer climates or losing or both to agree.
  3. big_red_fire_engine

    Rumour File

    He is cooked. They need space.
  4. Particularly now that you have to start someone in the square.
  5. big_red_fire_engine

    Rumour File

    I am accepting that pick 64 for an out of contract injury prone flanker who is fringe 22 is fair.
  6. big_red_fire_engine

    Jesse Hogan Trade to Freo

    People are missing the point. Ignore the final offer bit. They are now making an offer. Plenty of time for more "final offers" between now and Wednesday.
  7. big_red_fire_engine

    Rumour File

    Why? Should we have signed him on a 3 year deal worth double what we were wanting to offer him for 1?
  8. big_red_fire_engine

    Farewell Dom Tyson

    Teams play maximum two rucks with most playing one. Teams play how many midfielders and even more so how many inside midfielders? If we lose one inside mid in 2019 how much will you panic? If Gawn went down next year how much will you panic? Preuss is worth as much as Tyson. You could potentially argue more.
  9. big_red_fire_engine

    Farewell Dom Tyson

    When Viney was injured we still didn't play Tyson inside.
  10. big_red_fire_engine

    The Travis Colyer Thread

    Is more a wing link man than a pressure half forward/goal sneak. Hence can carry and has pace (granted little fellas always look quicker than they are) but as mentioned is a butcher by foot. However would I prefer Colyer on a wing to Tyson..........yes.
  11. big_red_fire_engine

    Rumour File

    One of those that carry’s well and looks quick but wonder if he is or is it just because he’s small. Injury not his only foot problem. Makes Tyson kicks look like well adjusted lasers.
  12. big_red_fire_engine

    Josh Mahoney - Trade Radio 2/10/18

    Damn you Josh Mahoney for ruining trade rumours with straight forward logical responses.
  13. big_red_fire_engine

    MFC 2018 Best & Fairest - The Keith ‘Bluey’ Truscott Memorial Trophy

    Top 3; 1. Oliver, 2. Gawn, 3. Jetta Neither Hogan or Trac to finish top 10. Harmes and Brayshaw to storm home. Salem a cheeky for top 5.
  14. big_red_fire_engine

    Jayden Hunt

    The only thing that Hunt and Gaff have in common is they play in the AFL.