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  1. SPARE PARTS MAN Rookie Declan Keilty was used by the Casey Demons as a spare parts man, playing in both key forward and key defence roles as well as having an occasional stint in the ruck and is making some progress. Players of his ilk are handy and the Demons are likely to give him an opportunity at AFL level in 2018. Date of Birth: 8 May, 1995 Height: 194cm Weight: 93kg Games MFC 2017: 0 Career Total: 0 Goals MFC 2017: 0 Career Total: 0 CDFC Games 2017: 20 CDFC Goals 2017: 6
  2. Max Gawn close to signing new deal

    According to Peter Jackson on SEN this morning Max Gawn is expected to re-sign before the season commences, and would put him amongst the highest paid players at the club. https://player.whooshkaa.com/episode/?id=149541
  3. Max Gawn close to signing new deal

    I can't imagine Nev going anywhere else.
  4. FORWARD SURPRISE Tom McDonald was something of a revelation when out of necessity was moved out of defence and into a back up ruck and forward role. Highlight was the match winning effort up forward against the Eagles. Date of Birth: 18 September, 1992 Height: 194cm Weight: 101 kg Games MFC 2017: 22 Career Total: 126 Goals MFC 2017: 23 Career Total: 31 Season 2017 AFL Statistics Kicks: 227 Handballs: 161 Disposals: 388 Marks: 139 Scores: 23 goals 7 behinds Goal Assists: 9 Tackles: 50 Hitouts: 53 Clearances: 19 Clangers: 74 Inside 50s: 46 Rebound 50s: 43 Frees For: 19 Frees Against: 3
  5. Farewell Colin Garland

    As reported on NAB Trade Radio, the Melbourne Football Club are currently in negotiations with Colin Garland in regards to an early retirement. Colin is still contracted for 2018. More to come.
  6. How do you rate our Trade Period? 5 being Great and 0 being Disaster.
  7. PART ONE - THE LEAVERS The AFL's free agency and exchange period for 2017 is now upon us and we can look forward to two weeks of fun and games as the AFL clubs, the players and managers of those in the mix to move home or to leave the scene altogether, have their time on trading's big stage. In the background to that action are the young hopefuls, many of who are strutting their stuff at the AFL Draft Combine and the various State Combines in the hope of attracting the attention of the recruiting staff to win themselves the opportunity to replace those who are leaving vacancies through retirements and delistings. The NAB AFL restricted free agency offer and unrestricted free agency period began on Friday with the first free agency transfer taking place when the Western Bulldogs took restricted free agent Jackson Trengove after that player's former club Port Adelaide, opted not to match the Doggie's offer for him. Trengove was the first of this year's "leavers" - a player wanting to seek action away from his old club, in his case back in his home town. He won't be the last. The real exchange action kicks off on Monday morning with the official opening of the NAB AFL Trade Period which will last for 10½ days through to 2.00pm on Thursday 19 October, by which time, we'll all be well and truly tired out of the machinations of the trading game. So what is it that Demon fans can look forward to over the next fortnight? Well ... if you've been out of the scene and involved in interplanetary travel over the past few months, the name Jake Lever might have escaped your attention. Otherwise, the young key defender from the Crows is going to be the centre of attention in the coming days and possibly longer if the rage of Adelaide's officialdom fails to subside. For a club that earned the respect and admiration of the football world for the magnificent way it regrouped after the tragic murder of Phil Walsh, Adelaide's tantrumous behaviour in the wake of Lever's announcement of his decision to go home has been unnecessarily churlish. It will be interesting to see how this all unfolds. The Demons have also been named as the preferred destination club for another "leaver" - homesick youngster Harley Balic from the Dockers but the spotlight will remain on Lever for this trade period. More of that later, but what does the Melbourne Football Club need to continue it's upward progression of recent years? The club's national recruiting manager, Jason Taylor tells us that by "the way the year finished off, we’ve got a long way to go and a lot of work to do. We don’t want to be kicking the heels up now – we want to be digging a bit deeper.” And of course, it always boils down to improving your midfield - Midfield depth a focus: Taylor. Of course, articles such as this one don't give us much detail as to how things will eventually pan out but we can be assured of one thing. To secure a big fish like Jake Lever who, despite his poor polling in Adelaide's B&F (he failed to score a top 10 finish in his time with the Crows), is a quality player and person with leadership credentials written all over him, the club will have to forget about featuring in the first round of this year's AFL National Draft. At this stage, it's looking like Melbourne will have to give pick 10 and another pick to Adelaide to get Lever to the club. The Crows might also insist on giving the youngster fifty lashes to soothe their tortured egos as punishment for the kid wanting to return home to his family (although that wasn't a major crime when Scott Thompson wanted to do the same thing in 2005 or in the case of Bryce Gibbs last year). Demon fans got a taste of missing out on the early draft action last year when they had to wait until pick # 46 (Mitch Hannan) and this scenario could be repeated in 2017. In order to give you some perspective into what your club is giving up, let's go back in time to when a very young Jake Lever was strutting his stuff with the Calder Cannons as a bottom ager capable of gaining Vic Metro selection in that year - An ACL injury cut him down in his draft year but he still earned selection in the first round of the draft - During his rehabilitation Lever showed his mental strength by setting a goal of competing in the Noosa triathlon which he did alongside Calder's strength and conditioning coach, Steve Forcone. The Demons had picks 2 and 3 at that year's draft which they used to secure Christian Petracca and Angus Brayshaw but they still made a play for Lever by putting former skipper Jack Trengove on the trade table - we all know how that ended up. The Trengove gambit was interesting because it demonstrated that under the current system of player acquisition and trading, there will be times when clubs will have to take some risks and make seemingly unpopular decisions to improve their lists. We need to remember this when names like that of Jack Watts are raised in the days to come. The Oracle will be back from time to time during the free agency and trade period to cover anything that might take place - spectacular or otherwise.
  8. I highly recommend the interview to supporters of all clubs.
  9. I woke up the next morning in cold sweats the day after fearing the same thing.
  10. Who is going onto the Banner?

    I've said this before but I created this site and in turn the banner as a fan. Who am I to be the arbiter of who "deserves" a spot? I'm simply a fan who puts on players I like or are popular at the time. I may choose them because I think they had a good year or because I sponsor them or because I've got a good photo of them facing the right way in the right pose. I know there will be criticism no matter who I ultimately choose and I do take all suggestions into consideration. Understand that sometimes players are left out because of the silliest of reasons and is not necessarily because of form, being deserving and certainly not to fill quotas of gender or ethnicity. The last would be insulting to the players especially if they were included for those reasons.
  11. Do the umpires screw us every week whilst shitting in the woods?
  12. He did mention Demonland Podcast. I've tweeted to him to ask if they can at least mention Demonland.com. I'm not looking for personal fame and in any event Jako is/was the star. We were just facilitators. Tomorrow they are running a story about the correlation with Jesse.
  13. Who is going onto the Banner?

    That seems like more work for me.
  14. The Ox on Allen Jakovich. https://player.whooshkaa.com/episode/?id=149092 It would have been nice of SEN to mention Demonland.
  15. Ox must have got wind of the interview. I didn't hear this so I don't know the context that it was brought up in.
  16. He is a big fan of Oliver too. Jumper numbers are a coincidence.
  17. Actual quote from Jako - "you don't kick goals with handballs"
  18. If your workplace is 2 hours away you'll have a great drive.