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  1. Demonland Player Banner 2018

    Next year we'll have name plaques and for those that are illiterate we'll make sure the numbers are visible. Innumerates can go to hell.
  2. Demonland Player Banner 2018

    It's all in good fun. I'm not offended. If people want to disrespect an artist who bleeds red and blue and has done the site a favour by collaborating on the banner then that is their prerogative. You're right though they're caricatures and not real life drawings. Wait till they see OMac.
  3. How does our Defence stack up?

    Once you click on it, click on it again (you might need two clicks) and it should magnify it.
  4. New Kennel for Luke Dahlhaus?

    They do get salty. Not as salty as their tears. We should be chasing Gaff on your behalf Ethan. I'm sure you'd get a few chuckles out of it out west.
  5. Demonland Player Banner 2018

    They are the creations of Sports Berzerk. He's a fellow Dees fan and you can peruse and purchase his work here: https://www.etsy.com/au/people/sportsberzerk
  6. Demonland Player Banner 2018

  7. Demonland Player Banner 2018

    HAHAHAHA. You think cartoons are real life.
  8. Demonland Player Banner 2018

  9. Demonland Player Banner 2018

    Sure why not. Nobody worked hard on it or anything.
  10. Rd 7: Gold Coast (Gabba) Away

  11. Rd 7: St. Kilda (ES) Away

  12. Rd 6: Essendon (ES) Away

  13. Rd 5: Richmond (MCG) Home