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  1. Max Gawn close to signing new deal

    According to Peter Jackson on SEN this morning Max Gawn is expected to re-sign before the season commences, and would put him amongst the highest paid players at the club. https://player.whooshkaa.com/episode/?id=149541
  2. Max Gawn close to signing new deal

    I can't imagine Nev going anywhere else.
  3. I highly recommend the interview to supporters of all clubs.
  4. I woke up the next morning in cold sweats the day after fearing the same thing.
  5. Who is going onto the Banner?

    I've said this before but I created this site and in turn the banner as a fan. Who am I to be the arbiter of who "deserves" a spot? I'm simply a fan who puts on players I like or are popular at the time. I may choose them because I think they had a good year or because I sponsor them or because I've got a good photo of them facing the right way in the right pose. I know there will be criticism no matter who I ultimately choose and I do take all suggestions into consideration. Understand that sometimes players are left out because of the silliest of reasons and is not necessarily because of form, being deserving and certainly not to fill quotas of gender or ethnicity. The last would be insulting to the players especially if they were included for those reasons.
  6. Do the umpires screw us every week whilst shitting in the woods?
  7. He did mention Demonland Podcast. I've tweeted to him to ask if they can at least mention Demonland.com. I'm not looking for personal fame and in any event Jako is/was the star. We were just facilitators. Tomorrow they are running a story about the correlation with Jesse.
  8. Who is going onto the Banner?

    That seems like more work for me.
  9. The Ox on Allen Jakovich. https://player.whooshkaa.com/episode/?id=149092 It would have been nice of SEN to mention Demonland.
  10. Ox must have got wind of the interview. I didn't hear this so I don't know the context that it was brought up in.
  11. He is a big fan of Oliver too. Jumper numbers are a coincidence.