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    In light of the Tom Boyd story i think its sad what he's going through and i wish him nothing but all the best in his recovery and a peaceful mind. I read an article on Boyd yesterday saying how he's copped it since being drafted as a number 1 draft pick. I was taken back a bit because everyone has forgotten one Jack Watts who's copped fat worse barrage of abuse from members of the public to big media personalities. Do they not remember the round 2 Essendon game in 2013 when he was booed by 50 thousand people when he was subbed off?? If it was one person who could have easily put his hand up in the air and said "I've had enough, see you later" its jack Watts. Yet every week he fronts up with a smile on his face and just goes about his business as usual. My respect for Jack Watts has now gone through the roof. I admire your resilience mate! You'll always be a MFC champion to me.
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    Can't even discuss the actual game yet, only how the win felt. I was at the ground. I brought a ticket through Ticketmaster and some how ended up sitting in an Eagles reserved seating section. I literally could not see another Melbourne supporter. I was by myself. I cheered everything we did and got stared at, people whispered about me, one woman asked her husband if they could move away. I wasn't badly behaved. I was just passionate. Because those Eagles supporters they don't understand - I fell in love with this footy club in 1987. I was sitting with my old man on the half forward flank when Jimmy ran over the mark and Buckenara kicked the goal in the Prelim. I've sat through horrible horrible performances - multiple 100 point floggings at the G (just 4 years ago). I'd do it all again for that win, and the effort and energy we showed to drag ourselves over the line in that last quarter. When Tommy Mac kicked the last goal I went bananas. And then when the siren went I went absolutely ballistic. You know those sad people at sporting events going nuts who you think 'calm down mate, maybe you need more going on in your life'? - that was me! Im pretty sure I looked like the slow mo of Stevie J when he kicked the sealer a couple of weeks back - but in real time. It was ugly. I don't care. That was an absolute delight. I love this footy club, and I love that I at least have a place on the internet to share something like this with people who get it. Go The Dees. I believe.
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    this was my highlight !!! my son getting asked to be Mascot for the day and my girls did the guard of honour too many thanks to MFC for this , on such a hard day for us
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    I'm absolutely sick of it. It's bullying. It derails threads. There is going to be a no tolerance policy about it. I'm not going to be playing favourites about it either. If I see it or it is brought to my attention and espcially if it's from one of you usual suspects, and you know who you are, then you are gone. It might be a week, it might be a month, it might be a year, it might be forever. I do not like to do this and I hate that it has come to this but for some of you your time on Demonland is almost up. Last warning for everyone. Play nice. Play the ball and not the man. If you don't like a poster or his/her opinions then scroll past their posts or use the ignore feature. If you continually bait certain posters you will be banned. No more warnings. If you continually abuse certain posters you will be banned. No more warnings. If you derails threads you will be banned. No more warnings. I might miss things and it might seem unfair that this one gets dealt an unfair hand well that's just bad luck. If you don't do the crime, you won't do the time. I'm building a wall around Demonland and the Richmond fan forum is going to pay for it. Last warning starts now. THESE ARE EXCITING TIMES AHEAD FOR OUR CLUB. IT WILL BE A SHAME IF YOU ARE NOT HERE TO PARTICIPATE.
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    I'm down from Mildura for the weekend and watched my first ever training and took a couple random notes on the phone. First thing I noticed was how windy it was, much like a vfl game on how bloody cold it was. Don't know how you all handle it. I hovered around the Hoddle St side to firstly see three supporters there in shorts and was instantly thrown more importantly I saw Crossy (in magic shape) leading Jeffy and Hibb with some decent running around the park while Lewis, King ( I think as he was a tall fella I haven't seen) Viney, Kent, Nev, Tmac, Trenners, Pedo, AVB and JKH were completing some agility, 100m run throughs and sharp skills. They then did some sharp lane work which showcased the kicking of Kent and Lewis especially. Tmac kept flying at the at the ball with one arm to which I instantly got a sense of "hollywood" about him which disappointed me. When he came up close I noticed the huge scar on his shoulder which explained these one armed efforts.... Sorry Tmac. Other things randomly I noticed from the recovery group: Pedo was back and waddling away, he will surely blow out post football. He has fantastic hands out in front Lewis has a simple and beautiful kicking style. Clarry / Lewis / AVB are huge midfielders. Clarry is also a wonderful kick Trenners is moving freely. A few of these boys split into groups of three with some triangle kicking. Trenners, a Jeffy and Kent in one group. Kicking was perfect here except for two Kent tried on his right... Filth. Was surprised by how big Trenners leap was. The other group was AVB, Jordy, and Clarry. I'd like to see Clarry kick the pill a lot more this year as it's wonderful. Gee AVB is a massive unit. I understand his role more seeing him in the flesh as he really does demand a tallish defender to watch him. The rehab group then went into some running while I strolled over to watch the real stuff on the wing. While watching this there was a lot of run throughs by the rehabbers. AVB completes at least a dozen it seems 400m runs and looks redder than Clarry with each one he does. Lewis, Clarry and Pedo complete about a dozen timed 200m sprints in front of me. Pedo is running swinging his head in a massive display of being completely rooted. Viney and Kent are doing similar together with Jack out pacing Kent but he does his best to catch him. If you didn't know these boys and saw them out you would think they are the cliche case of having short man syndrome as they are both absolute tanks. Watching the main stuff and it's a lot of full ground stuff at good intensity. Right in front of me, Hunt sprints 40m to make a superman spoil in front of Hoges, gets up, out sprints him to the ball then clears it straight to an opponent... So nearly perfect. He then shanks his next kick. If I was to leave now you could say he doesn't have the skill so I keep an eye on him, his next 7 or 8 are perfect. Garland reminds me of Watts the way he moves, so laconic. He's missed a simple handball that would have cost a goal at one stage but other than that he looked ok. McCartneys in front of me staring at me.... I look away. He then yells at someone, "stop watching the effing play and move" and "dont be dictated to son" not sure who it's aimed at. I go to get a photo but I sense him looking and decide against it. Tyson has had a few raking long kicks that were magic. Other good kickers as we know we're of course Chunk (beautiful spin, flat and firm), Watts of course and ANB skills looked nice. One who surprised me moving well was Salem. I have never been a huge fan but he stood out to me today. Wishing him well. Watts is always smiling. Frosty has ran the ball out from defence a couple times, hits a target but they are a bit floaty. He's an incredible athlete with his pace, strength and agility. Surprised me how big a lot of the boys are as I haven't been up close before. Clearly the Woolies have more steroids in there chickens down here. Hey there's Saty, nice hat mate oh and the Suns out.... And it's gone. One play see Max kicking over Watts head running to goal, it's about to run through next to the post where Watts stops it, runs behind the post back into play and soccer kicks it off his heal through while a defender was chasing him. I'm in awe. I'd almost cheer if Macca was around somewhere close. A one on one contest where Wags and Jesse wrestle. Jesse takes and gets a whack from Wags on the chin as he tries to spoil. Jesse not happy but gets the free and kicks the goal. Trac then gives Wag a friendly bump and laughter starts. Good banter. Training ends (for me, it's to cold) watching the group in the centre square and a one on one contest. A player is nominated by the coaches. This player then picks a team mate to have a marking contest while someone kicks for chf 40m away. Chunk is up first who picks Brayshaw, everyone roars. Two nil all draws then one drops short and Gus plucks the grab. You'd think we'd just one a flag they went off, was great. next was Weed who selects OMac in a battle of the baby giraffes. It was a nice friendly contest ending in nil all from 3. Each time Weed got into good position and looked like marking but couldn't. Omac didn't want to mark, only spoil. Then Salem was picked and chose Trac. It was nil all until Salem took a one handed screamer while being held. Everyone lost it again. Finally Jesse was up and looked at Gawn, smiled at Gawn, then chose Frost. Talk about a battle of the heavy weights. You could here the slap of the bodies from the wing as these two lions went at it. I think they clunked one each. Good stuff. Better shoot off into town as was meant to be here looking at wedding bands, not watching footy. Miss Deeko will be a bit grumpy if she finds out. cheers
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    I attended training today to get out of my un air-conditioned house. I pretty much just sat in the shade so I'm only going from what I saw from a far. Rehab group: Filipovic,King,TMac,Pedo,Wagner & Hannan Brayshaw came off the ground with troubles to his foot. Got assessed by the docs and they put him through a series of run throughs and exercises. Nev also came off early but wasn't attended to as did Frost who had a bit of work done on his lower back. There was some form of VIP group that got invited down to training, a lot of oldies including the great Ron Barassi. Robbo & Daisy Pearce were also there. Matt Egan addressed this group for a few minutes and as luck would have it I happen to be within earshot of most of this. He gave a brief description of what we were meant to be seeing in each drill (at that moment). There was one drill where there were 2 lots of defenders & attackers and the defenders were to block leads and the attackers were to block the defenders from blocking leads. Looked like a bit of merry-go-round until it was explained by Egan. Another drill was stoppage work from the mids and the other drill was leading & contesting marking up forward with an emphasis on repeat efforts & Hogan's name was dropped. Egan said whilst they are happy with Hogan's contested marking they'd like him to have repeat efforts and impact more contests. Egan was asked about the music at training. For those who haven't been to training, they have music blasting out from the punt rd end. The reason behind this is to overcome noise & in game day situations there are points where you cant hear the person that's yelling at you so you have to use signals. Egan also made mention of Goodwins coaching style at training where he likes short,sharp,intense drills. If you've been you'll notice that drills go for about 5 mins and then they huddle in the middle very quickly & break out again. He likes to change it up and not leave room for rest and see how the group deals with fatigue. One thing that was noticeable in todays session was the emphasis of using your opposite foot in the drills. Frost, Petracca were prob the worst. Suprisingly Weiderman pretty handy on the op. There was a 3/4 ground drill where the emphasis was on quick ball movement, playing on or 'rolling' as the players would call it. Oliver had good hands, Hibberd, Lewis & Watts field kicking were sublime & Spencer held his own against Gawn. I was a little disappointed when a wayward kick got kicked to Viney and as he lead to it he was quickly approaching the fence. I was the only one to yell out 'fence' and by then it was too late and he cannoned into it. Luckily he is built like a wombat and got straight back up but it could have been far worse.|| Max Gawn made note of the lack of talk and gave a spray from the sidelines. As I left they were doing some form of 3/4 ground run throughs around the boundary. Up & back twice. As they finished and naturally put their hands behind their heads, Gawn & Lewis ripped into em and said words to the affect 'don't show signs of fatigue. The comp wont know what's gonna hit em'. Wagner, TMac & Pedo did a lot of lap running. Leadership group locks at this stage look like: Jones,Gawn,Viney,Lewis Contrary to recent reports, Oliver was in the main session today looking like he has knocked off the puppy fat. Petracca looked like he was on limited minutes. Feel free to ask questions, however I normally drink at this time of the night
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    Just wanted to start a new thread on Jeff's 2017 form. It's outstanding. He's in elite territory this season when it comes to small forwards. 20 goals, equal to the raved about Toby Greene and Robbie Gray. 5 behind Betts who plays in the highest scoring team in the league. 35 tackles, which is miles above any forward other than Charlie Dixon (if you can believe that) with 30. Betts has 22, Gray 19, Greene 16. Not only his tackling, just his pressure in general has been fantastic, honestly like a new player, he's always chasing. Was nothing like this last year. For me his most impressive games have been in our losses, hard position to play in and he's really worked his arse off in those losses. I thought he was falling away a bit last year, but it's time he got some acknowledgement for his form of late.
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    Apologies for the lateness of this effort. Really enjoyed yesterday morning's session. Much of what I observed confirmed what we've been consistently told by our track watchers over the past couple of months. I apologise in advance for the eclectic nature of what follows. Structurally, can I just say, I love the way the coaching staff divided the session into 4 quarters with the clock clearly simulating match conditions. This is not new but seems to be of increasing focus.The session was very much game sim driven and the large crowd appreciated that. The coaching staff really impress me. Transitions from drill to drill are sharp. Preparation was never found wanting. Feedback was delivered swiftly but they never lingered too long. Heart rates were always maintained. Crossy was fantatstic with the rehab group but this is news to nobody. The level of onfield leadership seems to have gone to another level. I love watching our senior leaders instructing small groups with line managing assistants watching on to ensure the appropriate messages are being delivered and then engaging only when necessary. The vibe in the team is excellent. They're driving each other, challenging each other. Viney and Gawn excelling in this area. The physicality is good. An occasional skirmish is a healthy sign. The gameplan is definitely being drilled into this team. As mentioned by the Melbourne-based reporters, the play on, quick ball movement is evident. The metronome app confirmed that the accompanying music was maintained between the 120 and 125 beats per minute range and the style of play seemed to mimic the tempo. I'd like to think our coaching staff are this switched on. Let's just pretend that this was indeed an intentional decision. Disappointing that five key members of our best 22 are in the rehab group. Hibberd, Jetta, Tyson, Brayshaw and Kent all look close to resuming and certainly got a solid workout in the hot and steamy conditions. Oscar McDonald and Sam Weideman are building nicely. Whilst still some way from AFL key position size they've both taken obvious and considerable steps towards adding the necessary kgs. More importantly both are attacking training in a really focused way. You sense they feel they belong and know that there are spots in our best 22 waiting for them to consolidate. Jay Kennedy-Harris was an absolute standout for me. He looks really fit and his one touch play was great to watch. His hands are beautiful and he brought a real energy to the session. Aaron vandenberg seemed to be everywhere. Only saw him turn it over once. One of the real positives of the session was the quality ball use I observed from players with a question mark in that area. vandenberg used it really well as did Harmes and Hunt. Hunt was the other highlight for me. He's been a favourite for some time but this session confirmed everything we outsiders have been hearing on Demonland. His linking player is critical and the team is clearly being coached to look for him. His line-breaking pace was electric as always but his disposal at the end of these runs was pleasingly efficient. Neal-Bullen made some mistakes unfortunately, as did some of our first and second year players. Billy Stretch will play round 1. Hogan looked great. His kicking routine, for me, however, is all over the place. At one stage, he was practicing his routine during a short break and his run up looked exactly like last year. 5 minutes later during game sim his routine looked completely different. What was consistent, however, was the outcome. He wasn't missing many today. I don't care what the routine looks like to be honest as long his efficiency returns to 2015 levels and we don't have to discuss it on here every second week when he misses a couple! Of the newcomers, Pat McKenna impressed me. He's a really good size and battled manfully against Pedersen in a really demanding contested/wrestling/leading/repeat effort drill. He looks almost as tall and almost as strong as Pedersen. We have some really options in defence now. Pedersen, as advertised, is noticeably fitter but still very broad and strong across the shoulders. It's great to see but also raises the question why it has taken this many pre-seasons at Melbourne to get to this point. Like others, Maynard just looks a player to me. It's like he's entering his seventh or eighth pre-season. Hulett took some nice grabs and the Casey graduates both looked at home. I was keen to isolate Jack Trengove to see if I could notice any discernable improvement in his speed and acceleration. As others have noted it's difficult in training to do so but at one point when he really put his foot down to find space it appear he did so with more ease than last season. Wishful thinking perhaps. The real highlight for me was a few tackles. Jack Watts received ample congratulations when he brought down the skipper trying to exit the defensive footy. The boys really do love him and Melksham brought down Hogan in impressive style earlier in the session. Pedersen pulled off a Watts and ran down Harmes when he was trying to clear the ball also. Great to see our key position players doing the less glamorous things at the tail end of a gruelling three hour session. At the end of the session Oscar McDonald and Billy Stretch seemed to be receiving some extra praise. Maybe they both received the Goody Fifty. Morale within the group was clear for all to see. Autograph signing and the mingling with the kids is always awesome. The kids and the families keep coming back and this part of the day must play a huge role. The Maroochydore camp and this open session is turning into a nice little tradition. Happy to respond to any questions about any individuals you might have.
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    So went to my first training ever, was with my brother and my 16 month old kid, had an unexpected week back in Oz. I presumed there were some landers about but didn't have a clue to say hello too. We got there just as they were setting up. This is not exhaustive but the people we didn't see were Lumumba, Watts, Trengove, (Garland was doing the Tan), Pedersen, Gartlett and Lewis. Stayed till the end. Some additional comments about the running: Oliver looks like he has the most work of anyone to do fitness wise. It was a reminder that you are nude on the running track when the coaches are watching, there is no place to hide. He copped a very steady eyeball from Goodwin but was given some verbal encouragement at the end by everyone. Trac went out to hard early and was shot, when he finished last in the last lap he punched the ground and said 'I suck' he was not joking. There was love for him but you can tell he is driven, I do not expect him to be last for long, his thighs are amazing, he looks like he should be in a Marvel film. He wastes a huge amount of energy with his running style, being such a big unit I reckon he should cop some specialist coaching he will find speed from improved efficiency. Angus looks settled. Jones has the most perfect gait, he was torching Kent and he was running the wider track, is looking super fit. Kent is a solid unit, I really hope he can lift his defensive efforts this season, it is where I think he can really make a name for himself with his strength. Neal-Bullen is trying to be a small forward, (work in progress) his running is elite, he is not going to die wondering about his place, he is certainly trying to make the senior squad. Kennedy was 'clumsy' (this is by AFL standard) today, he seemed to have the yips when he was kicking for goal. He also is far from fit enough for the midfield at this stage. Melksham is a pretty ordinary kick, no better than McDonald, looks lean though. Hibbered was ok, the two category B rookies (names escape me Smith's son and the other one who were basketballers) both looked like they belong, could see them being players. Tom McDonald is a machine doing laps, fresh scar tissue on his shoulder on it is still angry from whenever it was done (I've never seen it without tape before). Coaches: Cross still looks like he should be playing and I'm sorry to say he is fitter than about 3/4 of the list. McCarthy was very verbal and chatting over the fence, unsolicited he offered that they were teaching them everything and made some quite negative comments about the Neeld era. He also mentioned that they are teaching the new coaches as well. I didn't get a read on Goodwin. I could see that he was taking the most interest in the contested drills. The culture was very positive in general I didn't see any sniping. Gawn has an amazing confidence and an even better desire to learn, no sign of hubris at all, very reassuring that his approach genuinely seems to be 'I will get better'. Stafford the ruck coach won a contest after McCarthy miskicked it, his words (first one in a hundered that I've won). Everything Gawn did he had a go, he was also doing some drills with Jetta who I rate highly but he was not going 100 % there were a few who seemed to be on various restrictions. Was a pleasure to see them using the footies, is funny I had always thought everyone would be a superstar in practise with the footy but you can see the decision makers from those that react and those that are natural kicks and those that are not mirror match play. Salem is the best kick we have, doesn't quite have the hoof of Bernie (and we are talking a shade of difference) but there is something about Salems hands, when he receives the ball there is this micro adjustment and the ball is perfectly centred in his hands (running or still) ready for the shortest ball drop of any we saw today. Has a very nice draw to his kick as well. While I was already a wrap for Salem, if he gets a tank he could be a more industrious Yze, didn't realise how much upside he had till i saw him kicking in person (my brother and I spent the afternoon trying to mimic his ball drop ) Hunt is bigger than I thought he would be. Hogan's stutter step isn't as bad in the flesh, he moves well but he really needs to go to a lab, he is still not kicking through the ball from a set shot, as soon as he does he will get another 15-20m distance. Still jet lagged, if I remember other stuff will write it up.
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    Attended the pregame function in Canberra today. Brendan McCartney was the guest speaker. He was super impressive. Here are some of the points he made . . . We are getting it right 85 percent of the time – flags are won by teams that get it right 90 percent of the time No team ever operates at 100 percent – that’s a fallacy Often he can tell who’s going to win a grand final within two minutes of the opening bounce based on how many numbers are at the ball and mistakes made Numbers at the connect is what counts – bad teams have players that leave the contest too early or arrive to late You know the side is playing well when you leave a contest and the opponent is on the ground Pressure acts must be executed with the body close to the ball/opponent (i.e. not with the arms out stretched and the body at a distance from the pressure act) The Melbourne game style is based on a ‘physical’, style of game – hard to play but ultimately successful in finals Teams that don’t play a physical style (he said there were six at the moment) will be found out in September Young, low profile coaching group and it’s a deliberate approach to keep media profile low Under pressure, players default to their ‘instinctive’ way of playing (this was in reference to a question about Jack Watts) Players attend around 16 meetings a week Players review clips of their performance Most players are able to provide accurate self-analysis of their performance Videos are made and reviewed of training sessions and more is often learnt from these than game footage His role is one of mentoring and assisting the assistant coaches – often sitting in on their meetings with players Goody’s role is confined as much as possible to the players and game day (90 percent of his time) the other 10 percent is meetings with the board or managers etc. A club is operating well when it can find good players low down in the draft (in reference to Maynard) Priority has been to recruit players “who love the contest” The players are acutely aware of how their performances effect the supporters Many players who were treated poorly by the club a few years ago are now around the club (McDonald was mentioned) Most professionally run club he’s been involved with The club has provided a lot of education about the history of the MFC to the players and they all love the place At any one time a maximum of 90 percent of the players will be buying into the game plan or coaching philosophy and anyone who says they have 100 percent buy in is kidding themselves All players are given full and frank information about their performance and no player can claim to be in any doubt about the standards required from the club (both on and off the field) and how their contribution is measured When asked about why the players do “dump things” he said footy teams are like any other endeavor where people management is involved . . . just because a coach (CEO/manager/parent) directs something to be done (example sighted was kicking long with the wind last week), it doesn’t mean they will/can execute it
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    Umpires helped us a lot. Oscar was VAFA in the first half but All Australian in the second. Fitting that Watts kicked the sealer, an excellent goal at that. Tyson does himself no favours. Team selection still wrong despite the win. On a personal note, Mini Bizkit was born a few days ago, bought her membership last night so today she was our good luck charm.
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    A brief look in today. Officially a closed session I think so no media around. Gawn back on the track look good. Lots of small group drills. Practising contested marking, forward line movement, tackling, ground balls, spoils, short kicks inside 50, long bombs deep inside 50. The lot. Different coaches doing different drills and getting to work. Probably the most interesting bit was the running. Bugg, Maynard, Joel Smith, McKenna all went back to AAMI. As did Tommy Mc, Melksham and JKH who were in the rehab group. A group of Gawn, Hunt, Weideman, Hulett, Kennedy, Frost were doing timed 200m runs down the Punt road wing. Gawn just keeps pounding as the got in to the repetitions. Frosty started to struggle. The others battled on well. Dean Kent and Nath Jones were doing the same on the city side wing. Kent stuck with Jones for a few. Then Jones sat out and Cross took over pacing Kenty, he was working hard. Meanwhile the midfielders who doing longer timed runs varying from half a lap to 1 lap to a few laps. ANB led out most of them with White towards the front. Brayshaw was really strong as they went longer with Jones especially encouraging him (and all the guys) to step it up. Wagner, Salem, Harmes, Stretch were all running well and not far from the front and mixing the order with the first few depending on the individual set. That's the good news. I guess the less positive news was that Oliver was dropped early in the quicker repeats and Petracca was gapped as well. I was impressed by Max Rooke who took it upon himself to run with Clarry and then Troy Chaplin joined in too for a few laps. They had a big long run to finish and Oliver tried pretty hard to stay up to the group and then Tracc was back behind him, they were probably 100m or so behind over the course of 3 or so laps. Both are just heavier in the legs than most of our players and they run like it. To take the glass half full approach it really was impressive what both boys did last year at AFL level coming off limited preseasons and fitness bases. They got plenty of encouragement from the coaches and both shared a high five when the running was done.
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    I went for the full three hours today. One of my first times at training but there was a number of things that really impressed me and I'll outline what I say below. 1) At the beginning of training I was listening to Jade Rawlings telling a fellow spectator that they were trying to drill in to our players that the second they mark the ball they turn around to see there options, almost in the one move. This drill was practiced initially and was expected to occur naturally in every other drill that followed throughout the day with the idea of moving the ball quicker. 2) Skills were reasonably good for mid January and they trained quiet well. 3) Standout performers today for me; Melksham - THE standout for me, was running hard and fast and using the ball extremely well. Showed no sign of rust and off the back of what I saw today I am confident hes going to have an excellent year for us. Had a lot of the ball in the ball movement drills and didn't turn the ball over once, found a 2 really good long lead's 50m+ kicks to a nice hit up lead. Hogan - Was really really pushing himself all day and his body looks to have really matured. He finished the day marking against various opponents (Spencer, Hibberd, Tommy Mac and Weid) He was very very dominant in these and even one or two that he never should of got to, he managed to spoil. I think hes going to have a monster year. Ben Kennedy - Was hungry to show himself. Kicked a nice couple of goals in the match sim (ball movement sim), got the ball a lot. was running hard, creating and using it well. Hibberd - was excellent one on one throughout the day and can definitely hold his own against bigger bodies. His disposal was really nice. Hannan - was in the rehab group and he really really impressed me. He has a really nice kick on him, beautiful hands and is just one of those guys that looks super co-ordinated. From what i saw today he will play games for us in 2017. Lewis - the usual (god he's a beautiful kick) Max - trained really hard and pushed the group Watts - similar to max (also kicked a number of goals in the match sim (ball movement sim). Managed to get one of the few intercepts when playing for the outnumbered defensive team and its fair to say he enjoyed it. Salem - similar to Lewis, his kicking is absolutely delightful to watch. Quite sure the boys were calling him 'Sarge' not sure if thats a new thing or I was mishearing but seems appropriate. Weid - Wasn't able to win a 1v1 in the same company as i mentioned Jesse was in earlier at the end of training but impressed me throughout. He was using the ball very well in ball movement drills. 4) Negatives? There weren't many. I love christian petracca but it was interesting that at one point when it was his turn to play the defensive role he didnt put in much effort and Macca yelled at him "you are letting the team down by not defending to the best of your ability" It was obvious this [censored] him off a bit but it was good. The boys were really challenging him to get the most out of himself in the running as well. I think we will see the best of christian when he drives himself to get there more, which I have no doubt he will. Happy to answer any questions if you have any!
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    PJ - Casey Scorpions to become Casey Demons in 2017 and wear the Melbourne jumper.
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    Jesse going nowhere, boys and girls.
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    It was a glorious morning down at Maroochydore fields. I decided to take my shirt off to get a bit of sun on the rig. I've been doing yoga on the beach every morning so I'm in pretty good shape, it's probably why Spencer was staring at me. The players did some drills with the ball, Petracca looked tired, I told him if he took his shirt off it would be easier. I spoke to Pedo about his weight loss, he said he just stopped eating the freshly baked cookies that Watts brings in to every training session. Hogan kicked the ball at the goals, he used his opposite foot a few times. His stutter wasn't as prominent. I spoke to Macca who said they've put a device on Hogan that electrocutes him whenever he stutters or his body language appears negative. I asked Goody if it was a hard decision to delist Crossy. He didn't say anything and just walked away, he's a bit of a jokester like that. I joked back by yelling out to him that I was going to unfriend him on Facebook. I have to leave now, D & G have a sale on pants, I hope all the 32 regulars haven't sold out.
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    Righto, I'll bite. I dropped into training for an hour or so this morning. I didn't take any notes so I'm just going by memory. - The rehab group consisted of Oliver, McDonald Snr, Trengove, Kent, JKH, King and some bloke name Jordan Lewis. - Garlett was present and ran laps with Hibberd, the latter looking extremely knackered after he finished his set. Meanwhile, Daniel Cross still looks in ripping shape. He ran the same amount of laps and barely looked fazed afterwards. - The main group warmed up with some general stretches and running exercises. Nothing too special. - Too my surprise, the soccer balls came out and the boys divided up into groups of five or six where they would try keep the ball in the air for as long as they could without using their hands. The group closest to me which consisted of the Skipper, Gus, ANB, Petracca and Hogan completed a nice set of 30 or so passes using only their heads. - Next, the boys split into groups of two and the staff brought out a set of harnesses which would be put on a player who would walk forward while the other team member attempted to pull him back. Interesting little exercise that I haven't seen before yet at a Melbourne training session. - A few kicking drills followed where coaches would attempt to put pressure on the player kicking. - Noticed a lot of match simulation drills involving the boys splitting up into two seperate groups. Bit like a game of keepings off. Had too leave around this time so I didnt see too much. A few other bits and pieces - Oscar McDonald looks more filled out, but he had a couple of shockers in regards to disposal. - It's a cliche, but plenty of players look in ripping shape at the moment. Stretch, Smith, Salem (looks incredible given the last six months), Hunt and ANB are all players who looked to have bulked up a bit. - Petracca is so clean. He just doesn't make mistakes. - Lewis is a beautiful kick. He had a kick to kick with TMac, JKH and Pedders and he didn't miss one target. Apologies for not taking any notes. Expect a more detailed training report next time I attend a session.
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    That, my fellow Demons, was a finals type game. At times it was super to watch, at others times it was a scrappy affair where you needed to put your head over the footy and do the hard stuff. And we won. When Port had a real dip at us, and we all knew it would happen, we didn't drop our heads or move away from the stuff that makes us a good footy side. We stuck to the task, rolled with the punches and got such an important victory for us. One person who I'd like to single out is Melksham. Yes, guys like Hibberd, Jetta and others were absolutely fantastic today and you would argue both would go close to best on ground. But when we needed goals and a calm presence forward of the ball when we struggled to hit the scoreboard, he was the man. He's been criticised this season, and in some ways it was justified, but he is more than proving his worth to our side right now. I'm stoked for him. We are a couple of wins away from playing finals and we've got so much more improvement to come in many players who have missed lots of footy, not to mention our captain returning in a week or two. These are exciting times and how good is it to be a part of? DEMONS!
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    I'll just leave this here: Oliver - 35 possessions, 14 contested, 9 clearances and 8 tackles. What a player.
  20. 49 points
    Favourite moment: Watts sealer was all class and very poetic. The look on his face after he kicked it was priceless. It was like it eradicated years of pain. Really pleased for him.
  21. 49 points
    It seems like most people have covered things really well but I'll throw in my two cents. I'll add to the praise for JKH, I must have missed all of the turnovers because I think at this stage he'll make Kent/ Garlett nervous about maintaining their spots in the best 22. Sure he missed a couple of targets under high pressure but they were still generally to advantage. I'm not sure I agree about Vandeburg, I thought he was a bit clumsy even though he was in everything, he seems happy he's in the new jersey though. In regards to Keilty, he took some great marks and seemed to be getting around the ground fairly well, I would have liked to see him in the forward/ backs drill at the end ( might have missed him in there earlier when I was watching the grappling drill). One moment stood out for me as it was right in front of me on the wing. JKH had gotten away from his direct opponent (not sure who it was) and sat underneath a bit of a floater. Keilty was about 15m away jogging over to pick him up when (I think) Lewis yelled at him to go hard and that he would make it so he put the foot down and absolutely bowled over poor JKH, he hurt himself a little bit in the process but received a lot of praise for the extra effort as it spilled the ball to the advantage of his team. Oliver was a bit of a standout, there's not much of his puppy fat left on him, he looks a lot fitter so I'm a bit confused by all of the reports from dlanders and reporters saying he is under done. Another standout moment was when he was leading for a ball that missed the target and went to his opponent heading the opposite direction. They managed to get the ball away quickly and got 15m on Oliver and ran up to link after the kick. Ollie put his head down closed the space to prevent that option. His opponent didn't get used so it probably wasn't noticeable but I thought that defensive gut running in that heat was impressive. Ollie looks like he can get up a bit of speed when he get going, i think he'll run out a few more games this year. Oscar McDonald also impressed me today, he still needs to put on a bit of size but he was very competitive against the much bigger Max and Hoges. The forward/ backs drill at the end had 4 talls standing in a diamond shape about 20m apart while one player had to compete for the ball as Lewis bombed it towards them, they then had to run to the next contest and compete with all four before changing out. Everyone was cheering on Weids at the end who was absolutely spent and really only lost out to Max who shoved him aside and took it out in front. I though Oscar Mac comepeted really well in this drill. Hogan, Max and Watts were obviously all very impressive in this drill but as far as winning the ball in the air O mac and Frosty made it particularly difficult for them. The wrestling drill was a bit of laugh, it seemed they almost had to wrestle each other to the ground before leading for a short kick. Pedo struggled towards the end against Mackenna which wasn't surprising at the end of an almost 4 hour session. Garland and Watts were fun to watch. I didn't really notice many of the new boys, Hibberd seems fairly surly, I either didn't notice or didn't see Tim Smith (hard when they're in bibs/ have new numbers) and only realised who Melksham was when my mate picked out his fleuro yellow boots. I was disappointed that Brayshaw was in the rehab group, I didn't get a chance to ask why but I was really looking forward to seeing him. Dom Tyson is a top bloke who came over for a chat sweating bullets from some boxing, he looks ready to get back to the main group, we might see him in the JLT series if everything goes well for him. He seems to think they're being cautious with him and said he would be spewing if he didn't play round 1. Flippas legs are massive from his soccer days, he may need to lose a bit of weight off them or build his upper body to match. Either way I can see him being a decent tap ruckman in the future because he'll be very hard to move off of the ball. Watts and a few of the boys enjoyed the fact I was wearing his Skwosh shorts. Hogan signed my little girls hat but she doesn't get the concept of a signature and thought he should put her name on it. Her words were "But now it doesn't belong to me, it belongs to him." It might be worth something one day. That's about it for the moment, sorry for the late post, hopefully it gets you through your Monday, questions are welcome. P.S I didn't go through and edit, hopefully it's not a tough read
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    Tim Watson is a moron and his son is a drug cheat.
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    Stayed for around an hour and a half, they came out later than 11 and it was fairly warm so I left not long after they began a full-ground drill. I'll leave the moment-by-moment commentary to those who are good at it, I'd rather describe the things that stood out to me during the time I was there as well as answer any questions to those who have them. Rehab group from what I saw: Trengove, AVB, Stretch, King, Viney, T-Mac, JKH, Oliver, Kent and Hibberd. (May have missed a couple). T-Mac, JKH and Kent all did the running component with those who were due back today. (The ones who started a few weeks back were exempt from the running component from what I understand). Everyone else was there except Lumumba as has been previously discussed. Early observations: Attending training sessions is a rarity for me, but the one thing that continually surprises me when I do attend them is the sheer size of AFL players in general. As an MCC member who sits second level most weeks, it's hard to get a gauge on the size of AFL bodies compared to 'average-sized' humans like myself. Stretch for example walked past me on the boundary-line and I couldn't really believe the size of him. I'm 180 cm which is his height but he was much thicker than I thought. No doubt this isn't news to regular attendees. The rehab guys did their own running component, Stretch and Trengove did a few timed laps and another thing that stood out was again the difference in body shape/mechanics of those two. Stretch's lower half, especially his glutes/quads and hammies are much more developed than Trengoves and he also clearly carries less weight on his torso. Trengove on the other hand has a bulky upper body with a slightly hunched back but his lower half is much less developed, especially his glutes and calves which seem disproportionate to his upper half. Again, probably obvious to some but one can clearly see that with a body like his, it makes sense that he is so one-paced. Out of the rehab group, I'd be interested to know why Trengove, Oliver and Stretch were part of it. (If anyone knows the answer.) Running observations: The running component for the guys who were due back today lasted about 5-6 minutes at what seemed like a 'as hard as you can go' intensity for the entirety of it. No surprises Tom McDonald blitzed the field and if AFL wasn't his caper, he'd be an Olympic middle-distance runner. Others to impress were Jones, and Bugg who were neck and neck most of the way, JKH (surprised me) and Spencer (also surprised me). Funnily enough, Jordan Lewis was last. But he was also the most vocal when the running finished, yelling at guys to get up off the ground and walk it out. Having Lewis, Jones and Vince is the elder statesmen out on the track is a pretty nice thing. And along with the rest of the list, there's a definite confidence within the entire group. No longer do I shudder at certain players who in my mind shouldn't have been playing at AFL level. And the talent is insanely exciting. There's young talent everywhere, which no doubt adds to the positivity that was on display. Standouts/player comments: Sam Weideman, (similarly to Hogan a couple of years ago) is an imposing figure and presence. I think it's his body shape at this stage and the way he moves that excites. He just looks like a guy who is going to easily fill out his frame and with that will come further confidence. Beautiful hands and he just kept catching my eye today. Already looks close to Hogan's size. Salem: He just looks bullet proof at the moment and is one I think could be a game-changer for us if he plays a full year in 2017. Looks like he is in really good condition and his foot-skills are just disgustingly good. Gawn: Trains like he is a demigod. Knows he is the best ruckman in the league and looks driven to hold onto that mantle. Work-rate and intensity over the duration of the session was really impressive as well as skills and ball-handling below his knees. If he remains injury free, he'll be AA again without a doubt. Harmes: Just a smart player in my eyes. A footballers footballer. I know people knock his disposal at times, but generally I think it's an execution problem rather than a decision making one. He moves so well and just looks so natural kicking on both feet. Will be a really handy rotating mid in a few years I reckon. Brayshaw and Petracca: Can't wait until they reach that 100 game mark. Brayshaw looks fit, I like his left over his right foot but it's pretty handy that he is dual-sided. (Still not on Mitchell's level which is something I keep hearing). ANB: Looks like a man on a mission, was vocal, was hard on himself and was angry at others for not "[censored] spread"(ing)! Garland: (For Wiseblood) - Deliberately tried to ignore him because of my propensity to criticize him. But I will say this: No left foot, constantly looks exhausted, can't see him as a best 22 player... Overall, the man-love and mateship between all players but particularly the young talent is pretty contagious for the group. At one stage I thought Petracca was going to kiss Hogan but it didn't happen. The positivity, intensity and overall vibe has clearly changed from sessions I've been to before and you can tell that they're super confident in each other and individually. It's an exciting time, of that I'm certain. Any questions, feel free. STMJ
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    Give Nev an AA jumper. That contest at the end. Epic.
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    Peter Jackson on board as CEO until end of 2018.
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    Congratulations to Neville Jetta, who will line up for his 100th game this weekend against the Bombers! Incredibly well deserved for easily one of the most underrated players in the competition and one of the first picked every week.
  31. 43 points
    I have one wish. Can we have pre-season training reports without the sniping. If you can't get there to post your own report, don't criticise those that do. If you don't like the report ignore it and move on. We have lots to look forward to so let's be positive. This should not be wishful thinking.
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    Not to break down with injury midway through the second quarter.
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    Got there closer to 10 and no Hogan and I didn't see Hannan, Maynard or Flippers. Rehab group as standard; Viney, T Mc, Pedda, JKH, Vanders, Trenners, Mitch King. Restricted group pulled out of the main drill for running and skills; Lewis, Oliver, DJ, T Smith, Keilty, Wagner I'm interested in how long Lewis is staying out of the main stuff. They seem to be really pumping the work in to him with the rehab group. Maybe management after years of finals footy, maybe a change of role to an outside player and they just want him fit. One for Saty. Oliver (who had been in the main group) and Lewis were running repeat sprints when the rest of the rehab group had finished up, with Oliver a slightly lesser distance. Working hard. DJ impresses me. Kicks low and hard. Leaps for marks and takes it out in front. Reminds me a bit of Jamie Elliott from the Pies. Keilty has some spring to his movement and a neat kick. Smith isn't overly tall (obviously can play above his height) but does move well enough and can kick on both sides. There was a drill where the 6 in the restricted group paired up and took a few reps before swapping over of leading out from the square whilst the other gathered a loose ball and kicked to the lead. It was really nice to see mostly well placed and penetrating kicks hitting leading targets. No pressure but still good to see. Tyson hopped off at one stage but it appeared it was just to get what I assume are blisters tended to and then he was back in. Seems a very common ailment with others doing the same. The main group went from multiple series of in tight drills to full ground team ball movement. Ben Kennedy slid in with a perfect bump above knees to skittle Frostly who jumped back up and kept competing. Was very willing. I'm often critical of him but Spencer was starting to resemble an AFL footballer today. I'd say after a long build he's now got the right AFL body that resembles Gawny. Plenty of strength without looking heavy and appears balanced. He was presenting for the ball and moving it on nicely in the main drill. Doesn't always come off but Watts receives the ball in drills looking towards the corridor, when so many others focus first on going wide. In the main drill McKenna doesn't panic and backs himself to kick on both sides. Joel Smith impressed with his leap for aerial contests and a perfectly timed sprint up the middle to intercept an attack. Hibberd is powerful and calm but also one of the first to have hands on hips and sucking in the big ones. To be a big negative: Jeffy Garlett was getting out in space and running with the ball but a lot of kicks keep bouncing in front of the intended target, in match simulation and smaller drills. It's just laziness that needs to stop. ANB has a habit of just rushing to give or receive the footy, he induces fumbles, just needs more timing, he was better as it went on. Petracca is a little but unsure when in the back half. He wants to move everything on. Watts kicked to him at half forward and the ball was touched and then play on. Tracc did his best to avoid tackles but about 3 of them got him down and piled on him! There was plenty to like and it was a high intensity fast paced session for December.
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    Neville Jetta just saved our season
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    Going early I know but ... so are the Doggies' supporters 😀
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    Had a good yarn to Lewis at the Sorrento pub last night, with a mutual friend. Tried not to bother him at too much length about footy but he's EXTREMELY excited about starting with the club and our future. I was quite surprised how passionate he was and how convinced he is of where the club is headed. Said he wants a fifth flag before he finishes up. Other tidbits, he said unprompted how impressed he was with Goodwin. When MFC presented to him he was thinking this bloke seriously knows his footy, and speaking to the other players he says not only do they love him as a bloke but they reckon he'll be an outstanding coach as he is a real student of the game and knows how to manage people. Hopefully turns out to be true. My mate asked him how he thought the Hawks would go this year and he said, verbatim, "couldn't care less. Hope they finish last". Obviously everything not at all rosy with that relationship despite what he said publicly in interviews.
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    Spent the first half with loud mouth Pies' supporters giving it to Watts. When he kicked the sealer in the last me and my mate turned around stuck it right up them. Absolute ripper
  38. 40 points
    https://thewest.com.au/sport/afl/jesse-hogan-mourns-the-death-of-father-tony-hogan-ng-b88457839z Very, very sad. Very, very sad for the young man. He has had a lot on his young shoulders. Hopefully, people will back off on him and recent performances. Hope Jesse got there in the last few days. A tough time awaits him. Hope he takes all the time he needs. Football matters not in these circumstances. Edit: A very moving update: Jesse's family were in Melbourne for the ANZAC Eve game and his father passed away in Melbourne. "The family had been in Melbourne for several weeks and Tony saw his son play on Monday night against Richmond, before Tony took a bad turn on Anzac Day". http://www.theage.com.au/afl/afl-news/jesse-hogans-father-tony-passes-away-20170427-gvtg9p.html Wonderful support by the club to keep that quiet so the family could enjoy some time without cameras and journos all over the place.
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    Apologies to those who missed the updates as I was posting them on the Match Day/Team Selection thread. I arrived as the team was doing their warm up and instantly noticed Viney, Tyson, Jones, Watts, Salem and Bugg were not present. Of the long term injuries only Vanderberg was there. Once the warm up concluded the team was split into several groups for some ball work. That is when I noticed Trengove in a group of 4 having a lazy kick to kick. The other 3 were White, Maynard and Vandenberg. That basically proved to me Trengove would not be selected this week. On the other side of the ground was Weed, Spencer, Ben Ken, Keilty, King and Johnstone doing some light drills. This also ruled out Weed. Hogan, Pedders and T Mac were competing in one on one marking drills with each winning their fair share. I thought this set up might be the one to go with up forward on Sunday. Shortly after, the team was split into respective positions for more ball work. Backs were made up of Oscar, Wagner, Jetta, J Smith and Frost. Frost looked unrestricted in movement but did consult the doctor pointing out his buttock area for a few short minutes and then was back into it. This drill basically consisted of high kicks and spoiling. The midfield set up was interesting. Max and Pedders would contest ball ups and the mids would try and win clearances. The players in that group where JKH, Lewis, Vince, Harmes, Stretch, Hannan, Oliver, Trac, Melksham and Brayshaw. There were two teams of 6 in this drill and they looked as sharp as ever. Forwards were Hogan, Garlett, Kent, ANB and T Mac. This was a simple drill of high kicks and some contested marking. Hunt and Hibberd were together in what seemed like a link up type of drill. One of the coaches would kick to them and in turn they would turn quickly with the ball and kick it to another coach. This drill lasted about 10 minutes. Next, they moved to a half ground match simulation. The defence as mentioned above lined up on the forwards also mentioned above. Hunt and Hibberd were also in this drill along with Brayshaw. The ball would start at the back of the centre square with Lewis usually starting the movement and the ball would move up the field quickly to the forwards. This pleased me the most, Hogan and Garlett were moving quick and looked sharp throughout. Hogan is clearly keen to get back in there and he was a sight for sore eyes. From his marking to ground ball winning he looked great. A lot of love for this guy from teammates and coaches. He was even dirty at himself for not taking clean marks and missing targets by a short distance, Jesse just breathes football. Simply awesome watching him train. The ball movement was crisp and precise most times and the boys definitely look refreshed and eager. To finish off they participated in a leisurely type of drill where the final link would be a defender trying to snap or banana a goal from all over the place. The whole team roared when Oscar snapped a beauty ala Buddy style from 40m out. Celebration by Oscar was great too. Brought a laugh to everyone watching this as Frost and Smith were trying opposite foot snaps on the run. Pleasant viewing. Players slowly made their way out of the track and stopped for endless photos and autographs. Whilst that was going on Brayshaw continued to run with Cross and was clearly putting in the hard yards. He participated in the whole session and still had energy to keep on running. Fantastic sight. Clearly the positives were Jesse, Gus and to a lesser extent Garlett in which he looked really nippy and clean with ball. Another positive is the team got through the session well and let's hope they replicate it on Sunday. Did I mention how good it was to see Jesse out there?
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    Oh, Melbourne. I could be angry, but I can't help but be proud. 2 men down for most of the night, one of them our ruckman (again) and we just didn't have it in us. We can argue about skills on a slippery night, and a whole host of the usual, but while the loss cuts deep I can't help but be proud. We were totally out on our legs and they ran over the top of us. There was almost nothing we could do. Chin up boys and bounce back next week.
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    Tweet from Jack T: Melbourne FC Retweeted Jack Trengove✔ @jtren9 That's what it's all about! Turning dreams into reality. The big Bull can seriously give out a bruise or two! Well deserved mate. All class from Trengove. Even as he watches his own dreams evaporate he still finds the time and integrity to encourage teammates. Just love Trengrove...so said that injuries have cruelled his career.
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    Didn't stay for all that long. Later start to let the ground dry out a bit. Tyson back. In the rehab group doing run throughs with Viney (brief appearance), Vanders, Melksham, Hibberd, Mitch King, JKH, Tom McDonald. Kent and Petracca joined them after the warm up with the main group. Casey young boys back training. They did what looked like a 10 minute run time trial. ANB (in ripping shape) pulled away from Mitch White late. With a decent gap to Smith ahead of Salem. Then Weideman who isn't exactly bulked up but might be a little more solid and has a big frame to fill, he stuck on well. Then another 30m or so to Oliver who batted around unfortunately. Then the same to Hulett. Vince was back and in the main group and moving beautifully. They were doing a lot of in close ball movement drills as always. Gathering the ball under pressure then 6 on 3 getting the ball in a 40 by 40 square over to another coach. Brayshaw looked like a standout, clean below his knees and making quick decisions. Maynard impressed with some basketball style vision on a long looping handball. Watts, Gawn, Garlett, Garland, Pedersen, Lumumba, Trengove the only guys I've yet to see on deck at some stage. Nath Jones the only other who wasn't there today. Edit: And some mature recruit bloke by the name of Lewis. Yet to see him either.
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    So let's recap this week's posts in the Hogan thread: 1. We are better without Hogan in the side 2. He should earn it in the VFL like everyone else 3. Our fitness and medical staff are incompetent and negligent for letting him play
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    New respect for Oscar best game yet well done Oscar!!!!
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    I have just signed up to share with you all some information I have learned this morning As a Dees supporter on the Gold Coast with links to the Suns, found out that the Suns and the Power are doing a deal to help Power get a pick to us for Jack Watts. All centres around the Suns Pick 21 being up for grabs if the Suns can get more draft points to help with an academy selection when they get to their Pick 24. And Power with Pick 31 and 34 help them get an extra 260 points. As it stands, this deal is on the table and will be close to signed off tomorrow or Tuesday: Melbourne GAIN - Pick 21 LOSE - Watts and Pick 66 Port Adelaide GAIN - Watts and Pick 66 LOSE - Pick 31 and 34 Gold Coast Suns GAIN - Pick 31 and 34 LOSE - Pick 21 This deal is extremely fair i think and very shrewd as everyone wins here based on these principles - GCS want draft points, and 31 and 34 is more valuable than 21 - Dees get a very high 2nd round pick (21) for Watts. Send pick 66 to Power which they wont use anyway as they have just 3 list spots left and will take 21, 29 and 36 to the draft after trading 47 to Freo for Balic - After giving up 31 and 34, Port want a later pick back so they can have enough decent picks to make their 3 compulsory draft selections. These will be Pick 49, 62 and our 66. With Watts, Rockliff and Motlop and still these 3 picks, a great trade period for the Power. I know people may or may not believe me, but I have got this info via the Suns and sharing it on this forum wont affect the deal going through in the next 24 - 48 hours as no other clubs are in the discussion for Watts anymore.. Only sticking point will be if Suns want to keep 21 and put 24 into this deal instead and hope their academy player can get done with their Pick 26 that they have as well. It is the final piece of the puzzle in discussion apparently but it will be 21 or 24 for Watts. What do we think Dees supporters?? *** Personally, pick 21 or 24 is fair for Jack. We paid 23 for Vince, 31 for Hibberd and 30 for Melksham who are all the equal or better players than Watts and were similar ages when traded.
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    "The motivation has always been there to stay loyal and ride out the storm, because I feel the reward on the other side of that, having been through the things I’ve been through will, one, make me a better person and better player, (and) two, it would be far more rewarding than having been able to take an easier option (and) chase success somewhere else," he said Terrific interview http://www.afl.com.au/news/2017-06-23/nathan-jones-reveals-why-he-didnt-bail-on-demons Jones: "The motivation has always been there to stay loyal and ride out the storm, because I feel the reward on the other side of that, having been through the things I’ve been through will, one, make me a better person and better player, (and) two, it would be far more rewarding than having been able to take an easier option (and) chase success somewhere else," Lots of champions have missed out on a flag but there would be few that have played their whole career at a traumatised club. In that respect, no-one deserves to hold up the premiership cup more than Jonesy! Integrity plus. The team is driven and talented and as he says it is in their hands.
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    Easy win for an outclassed team on a Sunny day On a beautifully hot Sunday afternoon at an immaculate looking Casey Fields, the new Demons with a strong team outmatched a good opponent in Port Melbourne for a 17-8-108 to 10-4-64 win in the first VFL practice match for 2017. The boys started out very strong, with a good mark and goal in the pocket to Jack Watts, a snap around the corner from one of the Casey boys, as well as 5 more to be 7-1-42 to 0 at quarter time. Maybe due to the fact it was a preseason game and looking like an easy finish, Casey seemed to ease up around the contest and allowed a Port Melbourne midfield stacked with ex AFL and state league players to send the ball inside 50 and kick some good goals, as well as some sloppy errors in defence. An injury scare for Dean Kent after a nice smother in the forward pocket saw him leave the ground with shoulder soreness, but came back on before half time with some strapping to the elbow. After a longer then usual half time due to the heat, Port again came out strong in the 3rd quarter and for the most part won the contested ball from stoppages, but the Demons still kept fighting and thanks to a couple of late goals Casey where in front 12-4-77 to 10-3-63 coming into the final break. The boys finished the game strongly, maybe due to superior fitness but definitely due to better skills, the boys managed to get away in the last quarter. 2 very strong overhead marks to Keilty, one which turned into a goal 50m out dead in front, strong forward pressure from Garlett, Kent, Johnstone, a very strong tackle by our boy Tim 'Bull' Smith and good work from the midfielders allowed the game to be easily won. It wasn't all good news however, with less then 10 minutes to go Col Garland fell to the ground on the far side wing after a big contest, clutching at his left knee and screaming in agony that could be heard from across the ground, saw the game stop and he being stretched off to the worried murmurs of the supporters. They believe he hasn't done any crucial ligaments, however they estimate a 8-10 week recovery for the veteran. A decent hit out overall, with a lot of room for improvement. Could have won by 100 points if they turned it on in the 2nd and 3rd quarters. For the players (note every player seemed to play at minimum 3 quarters of game time, and no one being rested after half time) Watts: Good hitout. Seemed to slow up for the 2nd and 3rd quarter but was strong at the start and finish, took some good marks and kicked/set up a number of goals. Round 1 inclusion. Tyson: Played in the midfield all game, seemed a little below par to his normal game but that's expected when coming off injury, did well. Trengrove: The former captain did his job, I didn't think he was spectacular but had a very good hitout and did good work when pushing forward. Kent: In the best for sure. Round 1 lock I would say. J Smith: Was terrific running off the half back line. Looked unstoppable in the air and ran through to go inside 50 multiple times. If I was a team selector I would play him round 1 for sure. Pederson: In the best on ground as well. Took a massive mark on the forward 50, had some time in the ruck, played very strong, wouldn't dismiss for a round 1 spot. Jetta: Did okay, made a few sloppy errors but did well to stop the Port forwards from doing too much damage, maybe not playing round 1. Garland: Did well all game, a number of marks and spoils before his injury, hope he pulls through. Hulett: First time I've seen him play as defender and he just looked lost. Over ran the ball, misread the flight, didn't really have any good impact. McKenna: Had a surprisingly strong game. Lots of defending marks and good defensive pressure for a small backmen, really liked what I saw. With some more development he may turn into a great defender. Kennedy: Same as usual, was good around stoppages, did well. Garlett: Jeffy did what Jeffy does. Round 1. Hannan: Played a fair bit on the ball, where he did well. Flew a couple of times up forward but only held 1 I think, but a good start from the former Footscray forward. Johnstone: Not a lot of game time and played up the ground a little, didn't get a lot of the ball but did well whenever he did. Looking forward to watching him develop. T Smith: Typical Bull game. Took a couple of good grabs up forward, kicked/set up goals, and at one stage he tackled someone inside the forward 50 that made the ground shake. Did however miss a couple of goals uncharacteristically. Keilty: Struggled to get on the ground at times due to 10 on the bench and shorter quarters, but had a very good final term. Didn't get to be in his preferred position as a defender but the mark he took when he lead from the top of the square and leaped in the air and took the ball at its highest point in the middle of multiple defenders had me jumping from my seat. Filipovic: Did alright in the ruck against a very tall Port Melbourne ruckman, but the pace of the game got to him. He will learn but did well I thought. White/Maynard: Either didn't play or I just didn't notice their involvement. Casey Listed: Standouts for me were Hutchins in defence, Gent in the middle was very powerful, Ferreira did well as did Bailey and Baker in the forward pocket.
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    Didn't hang around for too long and grabbed a coffee at one stage so might've missed a few players. Not sighted: Jones, Viney, Garlett, Lumumba (?retired), Hibberd (?icing his knee), Vince, Lewis (?collecting his pay cheque), Gawn, Tyson, Watts, Oliver (?sunburnt), Weideman, ANB (?drove to Casey), J Smith, Trengove, Pedersen, Hulett, Garland (?traded himself to Collingwood) Rehab group of Vanders (only briefly before heading in), Tom McDonald, Melksham, Mitch King and JKH. Those last 4 spent a fair bit of time hitting up targets to short leads. Melksham can kick with penetration on both sides of his body. Doesn't have the smoothest action but decent accuracy. JKH is a nice kick. Tom McDonald is still Tom McDonald. The young ruckman isn't the worst kick of a footy but it isn't his strength either. Hogan trained and looked fit but didn't stay for the running. Pat McKenna had an ankle (I think) looked at then walked back to the rooms without trouble. The rest did the running after the session. In terms of body size/shape I'd say Hunt has strengthened up in the legs yet again. Brayshaw looks trimmer. Kent doesn't look bad in person, just nuggety. Petracca looks very strong. Billy Stretch and Wagner a little stronger. Mitch White looks lean. Maynard is a strong lad. Salem looks strong with good muscle definition without being hard fit, I'd say he's at a good spot given his illness. Drills were mainly focused on quick ball movement. A quick kicking drill from the goal line out of the back 50 then back in. The highlight was a Hogan turn and laced delivery to Petracca on a bursting lead. A quick handball drill up one of the wings had the boys working hard. Then they did a cone to cone kicking drill with the ball going in a criss cross pattern with players kicking on their left for the cones where the ball went to the left - that alone was nearly enough to make me cry, seeing the non preferred foot getting equal usage. The repeat runs were mainly 200m goal to goal sprints. With some longer stuff mixed in. I only watched a short amount before leaving the players to it. But they were mainly in 3 groups. Kent and Frost started together in one group of Kenty was spacing big Frosty. Then Kent, Tracc and Kennedy joined up whilst Frost and Spencer were together. Kenty was really putting in. Tracc was battling away but I think he's giving it his all, he's just going to take some time to build up. He doesn't look overweight he just looks like a very powerful and strong athlete not suited to endurance running. Ben Kennedy is more of a worry, he was dropped off the back a fair way. I'm just not sure he has any kind of tank. The main group was Bugg, Stretch, Harmes, Hunt, Brayshaw, Wagner, White and I think Oscar, Jetta, Salem. They were all running well. Buggy probably the best of them but they were sticking as a group and encouraging each other. Lastly, Max Rooke is a reassuring presence. I didn't see him do anything specific in terms of coaching but I just appreciate his general demeanour.
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    Pedersen's fourth quarter was insane, btw.
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