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    @DeeSpencer - apologies for saying you dropped your bundle the hardest after Monday's game. We have a new winner.
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    He should just concentrate on getting minutes on the ground in any position before he starts demanding more time in the midfield (if true). I’d like to see him stay with us.
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    Last year Collingwood was a shambles: Gubby was suspended, Eddie was under pressure on many fronts and nearly cost CFC major sponsors. Pert fell on his sword. There are no secrets in the AFL. Any dirty laundry Pert had would have been well aired and the club would have quizzed him as they did Goodwin when he came from Ess. We have come too far and too much work still to do for our Board to take the chance with someone who can't deliver and keep the solid culture PJ et al have created. Trust Jackson. Trust the Board. They haven't let us down yet. I don't think they have this time.
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    FFS... It’s going to be a long 9 days until the Port game. People on this joint need to chill the f&$k out. We weren’t going to go undefeated for the rest of the year... One loss in 7 weeks and everyone loses their mind.
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    Would have been tough as CEO with Eddie having his hands in everything.
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    Quotes from the article: "He was endorsed by the Demons board on Wednesday after being described as the standout candidate from a short-list of five. Pert, who comes with the blessing of the AFL, will replace Peter Jackson, who is contracted until the end of October". "The Demons considered Pert the perfect fit for a club on the rise, as well as his expertise in new facilities as Melbourne is set to announce plans for a new training and administration base away from their current set-up at the MCG and adjacent AAMI Park". For mine, he fits the bill of having a breadth of experience in clubs and the industry, knows his way around the halls of AFL HQ and is our Board's choice. The more I think about it the more I like it. He is a very good operator. No leaks! Well done MFC for keeping it quiet!
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    Straight swap for Gaff.
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    I'm a fan for his loyalty and his love of the demons. His fans and detractors alike acknowledged his sublime skills and his lack of intensity for the contest, inconsistency and for setting a poor example. Nothing to fess up about there. However, I do fess up to defending him against the vitriol thrown at him by his detractors on this board. Anyway, we have heard it all before. Perhaps the mods can merge this with the designated 'Jack Watts in 2018' thread.
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    I've tried hard not to post since Monday's loss, allowing for some time to view the game on TV, (having been there live) and to watch closely on what went on at the coal face which is where the game was lost. First off, it's clear as day that Buckley went to town on the first quarter of the bulldogs game and would have shown his players and said, "look what happens when you pressure Melbourne to this level". Props to him, we couldn't handle it at all and they maintained that level of intensity for the entirety of the game which was impressive. Why were or levels of intensity and pressure not at theirs given its what we've built our entire brand on? Buckley also exposed us in a couple of areas within the midfield. Having a contested heavy, one dimensional midfield group who are all natural ball chasers/inside players can be a double edged sword. When we're on, playing with intensity and most importantly are 'clean' in the contest, we look really good. If the opposition put pressure us at the coal face and nullify Gawn's taps then we look slow and reactionary given the types of players we have playing as half forwards and wings. As an example, if you watch Harmes closely in patches when he's on the wing, you'll see how hard he finds it to sit back from the contest and trust that a team mate would win the ball. Some of his efforts when he decided to chase the ball were very poor as he had no impact and it allowed for his opponent to sit back on the outside and become an option in space. Too many times this happened, and Collingwood had a much better spread of midfielders both inside and outside. Sometimes I wonder what instruction is given to players like Harmes and Brayshaw when they play on the wing and or if they're listening? Both players played their under age years as inside mids with Harmes having rests forward. Unfortunately at this stage, if the opposition get on top in that area, we don't really seem to have another plan due to our personnel through through the midfield. I noticed Goodwin tried to throw Hogan in there again and for me, that's just clutching at straws as he is not a midfielder and cannot play that position effectively. Watch some of his efforts and you'll see. Whilst there are other areas of the ground we can tinker with, like the Vince and Lewis in the same backline conundrum, I thought I'd concentrate on the midfield as it's our strength. Bringing Tyson in is not an answer for me. Unless you're taking one of our starting mids out which there's no need yet imo. We need to get back to starting the game with real intensity and being clean with that first possession. Pederson whilst strong in the air, doesn't provide the same defensive pressure as Smith or Weideman. I would bring Smith back in. Other than that, keep the same side. The only way we beat Port over there is by playing to our strength and smashing them at the coal face. Oh, and Petracca needs to start in the middle. Needs a rocket.
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    Well another ex Fitzroy person at Melbourne. There's a lot of us up in the Redlegs,. His father Brian played 125 games with the dear old FFC. And after Roosy coached our wonderful club I'm starting to feel really at home .
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    Big coup. Very experienced with many contacts in the media and corporate space. Given how things ended with the filth i imagine he will have a point to prove. Welcome.
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    Who would you trust to build a training base at Gosch's? Josh Mahoney - jointly in charge (with list management committee) of allocating a salary cap amongst the 44 players and doing some trade deals, as well as resourcing the coaches and players Or: Gary Pert - overseen a club that turns over maybe 77 mil in revenue and has built the Holden Centre with all the same stakeholders to deal with. If we are smart and rate Mahoney so highly then the succession will actually be from Pert to Mahoney after Pert has built us a training base.
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    Pisd poor effort saying Trengove was a disgrace.. at the end of 2011 Trengove was talked up as one of the brightest young talents of the competition. His first 2 years were far better then what Petracca and Brayshaw had put together in their 1st 2 years. What absolutely ruined his career was the burden of the captaincy at age 20 and then a serious career threatening foot injury which took 2 years to heal. By the time he came back, he'd lost all his power and speed that once possessed. Trengove wa also one of the most hard working and professional player in our team and did every right to try and get back to his best, but unfortunately the damage was already done. He had a team first attitude and not once ever complained when he was constantly getting overlooked for selection last year. Hes all class in my eyes.
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    I like him because he's a good bloke. Sue me. I really dislike Leigh Matthews, still, because despite being the best footballer i have ever seen he was a malicious thug whose violence had a disturbing element of premeditation to it. Unlike some players from his era who 'just snapped' (eg Robbie Muir, Carman) 'Lethal' hit opponents (often behind the play) who were beating him. No better example being the day he king hit Steve Smith at Princess Park after Smith was giving him a bath.
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    This is a needless post. I've got no problem with anybody still 'loving' Jack Watts - they are well within their rights to do so. Seeing Watts dropped is not an opportunity to sink the boots in, but a chance to reflect on the trade and understand that for us it was the right decision going forward. Nothing more than that.
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    Leigh Matthews was a thug. The statue of him outside the MCG should not be there. He broke Neil McMullin’s face in an off the ball punch and many others too. He is the only player to have been charged by the police for punching another person on the football field. He was not a great footballer. He was a lout.
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    You know we haven't 'stuffed' up yet, right? So you're astonishment is somewhat misplaced... I helped coined the term 'MFC Supporter Syndrome' and knew that different forms of it would follow as we got better but this is ridiculous. 10 rounds to go, champ. Hope your nerves can handle it.
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    Going home on the tram after the game on Saturday, my wife and I started chatting with a guy about my age, with his brother. Friendly bloke, interested in the game and like us, a bit subdued about the day. I commented to him that the game reminded me of one in the Peter Daicos era, early nineties , one to which we had dragged all five of our children and with the same thing happening outplayed, outscored and the icing on the cake as we walked up the aisle afterwards was to have Collingwood supporters looking down on us yelling ‘it’s like having all your worst nightmares come true innit ?’ This chap in the tram said ‘ I remember that game I was the coach ‘ He offered me a selfie and a Kleenex Thanks John Northey - a real gentleman and a pleasure to talk to. Just wish we could have met under different circumstances .......
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    If it's anything like what I've heard of similar camps, it's probably to do with them cutting off access to family members and spouses. All of the murmurs from inner sanctums I've heard about disgruntled players appear to be centred around a complete disregard for player wellbeing, and the mental wellbeing of their loved ones (who apparently are given no indication of when or where the players are going). I get the importance of intense training, but there is no place in the universe where football takes priority over family and well being.
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    Normally I’d ignore posts like yours DrD, but not this time. While most people here would find it sad that JW’s form has warranted his dismissal from the team, you seem to take pleasure from the fact that this justifies some supposed statement you made about him. Feel good now? Jack has played over 150 AFL games - how many have you played? Sure we wanted so much more from Jack, but he couldn’t give it consistently, for whatever reason. So what? That’s life. Jack has had to take shite like this for way too long - from people who’s only claim to fame is that they are able to post a blog on demonland. Jack has accepted all this with complete dignity. I’m sure most of us here only wish him success. Perhaps if Jack had been drafted at pick 20 none of this bs about his ability and expectations would have transpired. Perhaps it’s the fault of the recruiters who simply misread his capabilities, and us supporters who needed a hero and simply wanted it too much. Good luck Jack - hope you make it back to the ones soon.
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    Will always be one of my favourite MFC players.
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    Seriously...do you want a bozo badge? You were one of the most vocal during the trade period with your repetitive posting about how useless he is. I notice you only jump on here with constant negativity. Good for you for feeling vindicated. They guy has left the MFC but you wait for moments like this to gloat. Well done.
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    A wise man once said unless you get 9/9 in your footy tips each week, the ladder predictor makes as much sense as cows wearing pants
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    You must be watching a different Jones to me.
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