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    @Drunkn167 is a contracted and required poster in 2019.
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    Seriously, Jesse doesn't deserve this crap. Freo made an in principle agreement with his manager (which is how the process should work). There is no way his manager would have let him tour Freo or do a medical if the deal couldn't get done. Now they serve him this rubbish. As if the kid hasn't had enough kicks from life. Get his hopes up and then pull the rug out. Just despicable of Freo to the club, Jesse's manager and most of all to Jesse. I really feel for Jesse. This is not of his making.
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    Welcome to Melbourne Jesse Hogan.
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    Sorry GYM can't have this. If anything our reputation is enhanced. We made it abundantly clear what was required to get the deal done and didn't play any silly games. Rock solid. No leaks and no stupid posturing. In short, honest. A good club to deal with. Freo on the other hand clearly leaked stuff to the media and allowed silly stories to get legs. Then walked back on a commitment to jessie by low balling him. A [censored] club to deal with. One thing I am really hating is the borderline character assassination of jessie. He's our player. Get the [censored] around him.
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    Many struggle with the concept of "win win" and think there has to be a loser. I know it's a hard concept. My son was 8 before he got it.
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    Tim Kelly would rather stay at Geelong for one for season than play for Fremantle, @RalphyHeraldSun
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    McClure reckons Wingard is worth two first rounders (he’s nominated Hawthorn) whilst Hogan is worth one. How does this guy remember to breathe?
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    Everyone who follows AFL: No one will ever be as inept as Neeld. Bell: Hold my beer.
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    Well if Jessie doesn’t get an offer from North Melbourne then he has every right to feel insulted.
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    It would seem that the whispers I heard a few days ago were correct with regard to the situation within Freo. I had not heard, however, just how badly they were handling the possible trade. If as I heard, they were not 100% committed to making the deal, they should have walked away without making a silly offer that was never going to be accepted. It has done their reputation no good what so ever. From the statement Bell made, the only reason they made the offer was so they could say "well we tried and Melbourne wanted too much". In the broader football world, all the other clubs understand what has transpired. I think Melbourne has been very transparent with the way they have handled the situation. Hogan wanted to explore his options and the club, with a clear understanding of what he has been through over the last few years, agreed to allow him to look around. that agreement came with a clear indication that if he wanted to move, we would need to get fair compensation. This is out in the public forum. What was never stated in public by Hogan or his management is that Hogan wanted to be traded to Freo at this time. I believe that this is significant. Melbourne has come out of this with it's reputation enhanced and this will stand us in good stead in the future, not only with other clubs but also with players. I do not think there will be any further discussion on a possible move to Freo this trade period. It will be very interesting to see what the response is from the club and Hogan in the medium term with regard to a possible contract extension. Do not be surprised if the club gets the May deal done.
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    After 29 years of potting the bloke, he's obviously a genius….
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    Alarm bells went off when Bell initially used the phrase 'feather in my cap'. In other words, it's quickly become all about him and not the outcome. Now Hogan's worth significantly more than pick 11 (even taking into account my obvious bias) but the problem is that Bell is more interested in being seen as the smartest guy in the room. The deal won't get done because of an over -inflated ego and whilst in may or may not be a setback for us short term, it's a problem for Freo in the longer term.
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    The trade offer from Freo does not match the size of the contract or JH age. Its a BS low ball offer straight out of Trumps “Art of the Deal”. Its designed to try and force MFC into a mid position. Problem is that this tactic only works when you are in a position of power. In this instance Jesse has not requested a trade and is contracted. Bell needs to read up on negotiation tactics. This is amateur hour. The only strategy left for MFC is to walk away and force JH to play out his contract.
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    You can't be serious. Mahoney could not have played it anymore on the down low if he tried. Basically said nothing publically except our non negotiable is two first round picks. Which, by the way was a public statement of how highly we rate jessie. For christ sake jessie 'toured their facility'. How could he keep freos interest out of the public domain?
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    A little touch of gold from The Carlton Draft... (with all due respect to Dom)
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    The reason we would be so into Preuss is because he's the type of ruckman that would work well in our system. He's really good at using his body to control the area into which the ball falls. He isn't a subtle touch player but he's strong and helps a team with a really good inside midfield. If Max goes down we're stuffed. But with Preuss we can rest him strategically within and between games and still be able play or style of football knowing that we can attack stoppages. Plus an injury to Gawn won't automatically mean that we can't win the flag anymore.
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    Mahoney has stated we were accommodating Jess’ desire to go home. No shopping occurred.
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    If Adam Treloar, Bryce Gibbs are worth two first round picks. Jesse Hogan is 💯 % worth two first rounders. To say he isn’t is short sighted and clearly haven’t seen many of his games.
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    "I'd love to end my career a one-club player, and I anticipate that will be the case."
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    Unlike @DeeSpencer I don't think it's a tactically smart offer. Unless, of course, Melbourne are fools and I don't think they are. It's never smart in a negotiation to make an offer that the vendor doesn't even need to consider. Never make an offer that is so easily dismissed it doesn't warrant thought. You may think it's clever, but it's not and it invariably weakens your position.
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    Counter with requesting 3 first rounders.
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    Can we just make this the Demonland banner?
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