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    Yes, but you jinxed him😀😁 gave his head a good belt on the ground during the tackling drill, left looking a bit worse for wear, uptil then was really good, received praise a couple of times for his shot selection during ball movementt drills The small forward competition is on, during the tackling drill Garlett, Spargo, Bedford, Corey Wagner and JKH all trying to outdo each other which can only benefit the team Forgot Chandler, edit Walked back to AAMI with James Harmes, had a laugh comparing the skinny blonde kid with the toothy smile from 5 years ago to the man I was walking next to now, he said he is the fittest he has ever been and is one solid unit Oliver completed the whole session with the main group
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    Why don't you go to training to see for yourself what is going on, no one is forcing you to read Saty's posts. For supporters like myself who don't live in Melbourne all the training reports are appreciated.
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    Any updates Saty? For the small minority of posters who seem to take exception at your opinions, there are a lot more mostly silent readers who really appreciate the training updates you provide and don't take exception to your views.
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    First time at training this year for me. There appeared to be two levels of rehab, the more serious one contained KK, May, Jones and Walker. They did heaps of running starting with straight line three quarter pace 100m and 200m runs and at the end they were doing lots of laps. None looked very inconvenienced. Hannan was just walking laps, tried to find out what the issue was but got nothing. The second rehab group was quite big but my guess is that they were just on light duties after Saturday. I'm not sure I'll get all of them but Maynard, Petracca, Viney, Lever, Hibberd, Stretch, Melksham, JKH, AVB, Baker and Nev Jetta. They did lots of handball drills but no running that I saw. The rest of the group did very light duties. Gentle run throughs, a little bit of kicking to leading players and some goal kicking and crumbing snaps. Today was clearly just a gentle "get the legs moving" session after Saturday. Spoke to some of my contacts down there who reiterated what Saty has been saying about rehab but recognized we'd been a bit unfortunate not to have the number of players in full training mainly because it makes doing the drills a bit more problematic. Another positive was that this year all our recruits bar Hore have done the major part of the preseason which will stand them in good stead for the season and is unusual as usually the young guys struggle with the loads and carry injuries from the TAC season.
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    Saty baits people. STMJ has swallowed the hook and can't cough it up. We can't expect to agree with everyone here so we should accept the differences. If you don't like them block them, constant bitching is tiresome. Thanks to all those that report on training, I expect you to have biases we all have them. The best bias is we are Melbourne supporters.
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    Agreed and I don’t see why anyone would be upset at Saty asking people not to use his photos without permission
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    Infiniti were never gonna last forever
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    I found two of my photos unattributed on another forum, hence my post, Internet etiquette I don't need the attention Ethan, I just find a small group of posters on here insufferable blowhards, it's not me, as you can see, who starts this, on this occasion using a lack of comprehension the reason to launch Anyway back on topic, it was a lovely sunny morning at Goschs, I wish Even with the atrocious weather, it was a really good solid session, with lots of emphasis on ball movement in the drills On the rehab side it was just Tim Smith, Melksham and Lever, with Hibberd, Jetta, Baker and Viney doing a couple things in rehab as well, but also some main group drills Jones and KK were inside, don't blame them Lever was kicking and jumping at the ball, so progressing nice Session finshed with a very willing tackling session, we have a specialist coach for this as well now
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    We'll start a Go Fund Me page to get you a camera that was made this century. 😛
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    Here are the new training guernseys without the blue background on the Zurich logo. Admittedly there is no red yolk on the jumper but it looks so much better.
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    Yes it was a very light session. I spoke briefly to Justin Plapp who said a number of players pulled up sore after Saturday’s training, guessed they were not used to wet weather footy. He was upbeat about the squad and how they are training, that the rehab group is getting smaller by the week and that Clarrie is back to full training. As KK ran past he commented that he is going to be very good for us this season.
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    Why does every training thread end up in a shitfight? Surely everyone is happy to find out what is happening at training without resorting to that rubbish? Personally I think every snippet is great.
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    I think what Saty refers to is not having permission to use his photos in other venues. If there is a saty photo in a post you are allowed to quote that post on Demonland. I guess he doesn't want you coping his photos and using them somewhere else. As to baiting, if you are a serial baiter you will get a holiday, just ask stevethemanjordan. This goes to Saty as well. Let's keep on topic.
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    I'm all in favour of replacing the free scarf with every membership with a free Jaguar.
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    Easy......subscribe to the site, take out a membership, help Andy cover his costs............and they disappear!!!!
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    look forward to receiving 40% off the RRP of a new Jaguar when we have a win in 2019 😀
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    Could be a car, a nicE type of car too!
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    About to start So lots of running, kicking, marking etc Just a note, Demonland has permission to use my Insta photos, nobody else does, so if you want to use, ask my permission, otherwise they won't be on Demonland either Will do a bit of 'reporting' later
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    Hi I can understand the need and place for separate forums but I would like to suggest that the AFLW forum be merged with the main board. This is not to suggest that they do not deserve their own place but until the competition grows in recognition it would be great if we could increase its exposure on the main board. Would also give the excellent posters on the AFLW some greater exposure. Cheers from Malda in West Bengal where AFLW is on everyone's lips !!
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    Being up in Qld I also welcome ALL training reports including Saty's and expect them to continue. We must remember everyone has an opinion which MUST be respected even if you do not agree.
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    Many aspects of human sexuality are very puzzling. Take celibacy. This can be a choice in life or a condition imposed by environmental factors. While attending a Marriage Encounter Weekend, Tom and Mary listen to the instructor declare, "It is essential that husbands and wives know the things that are important to each other." He addresses the men: “Can you each name and describe your wife’s favourite flower?” Tom leans over, touches Mary’s arm gently and whispers, “Self-raising, isn’t it?” Thus begins Tom’s life of celibacy.
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    Past the half way mark. Can almost count the number of weekends till our season kicks off on one hand. Setup the below page to help us keep track of the remaining time: https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/to?iso=20190323T1345&p0=152&msg=MFC+Rd+2019&ud=1&font=slab&csz=1
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