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    So let's recap this week's posts in the Hogan thread: 1. We are better without Hogan in the side 2. He should earn it in the VFL like everyone else 3. Our fitness and medical staff are incompetent and negligent for letting him play
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    I'm heading over for this game. If Rhys Mathieson plays for frees I will consider running onto the ground and throwing pitted kalamatas at him while beating him with a baguette.
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    Too all those telling other posters & supporters to "stop getting ahead of ourselves", "theres still one more game to win", "we still need to beat Collingwood" I understand all that but let other posters dream of September and talk about it, we haven't had this chance for 11 years and if for some reason we miss out at least we all got to enjoy this end to the season with us still in the hunt. We aren't the players or coaching staff, what we say & post on here has absolutely no bearing or influence on the playing group, coaches or the result of games so just let those who want to know how we buy finals tickets, who we'll play, when we'll play, who'd we play if we won the first final... We are posters on a forum for godsake, let's all just embrace this time were in and if you don't wish to get involved thats fine but don't tell others they can't look that little further ahead and dream of September
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    I love Jeff Garlett and live in Europe, but my neighbours probably wonder why the odd foreigner downstairs keeps screaming out 'Pedo' so joyfully every Saturday morning around 6am.
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    Well, I didn't realise he was given the nickname 'Chimp' at Collingwood. Say what you like about Lumumba being a bit pretentious and precious, but that is f'n awful. I mean this is pretty basic stuff, not complicated. Even Collingwood people should be able to get that far.
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    Perhaps he could also school him on taking a man on in his back half, getting done for dropping the ball 40 meters out and then compounding his error (after his man missed the goal) giving away a silly 50 and giving up a gimme goal. How much did they lose by? Oh that's right 3 points. Just imagine the response from some if the whipping boy had made those errors and cost us a game?
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    Cam has been re- ontracted for another year. http://www.melbournefc.com.au/news/2017-08-18/big-men-sign-on-for-2018-season He is a great example of a player who took on board coaches feedback and worked hard to get the best of himself. That he has been so willing to do any role the team needed him to play has been a real asset to our club. I doubt we would be on the verge of finals if he had not risen to the occasion. Delighted he is staying with us. Congratulations, Cam. #Lovepedobear
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    Stop getting ahead of yourself.
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    If true that is total bollocks. He stuffed up and has paid his penalty.
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    Must admit I hate most of the commentators but Jono Brown is really good and balanced. Eventhough is was Brisbane I thought his commentary was unbiased and worth listening too. It was a very just nice change.
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    By the way, Brisbane aren't crap. You could see why they're last - they drop away for periods of the game - but I by no means consider this "getting away with it". We had a tough win against a team who brought it, and have a couple of genuine stars in their side in Beams and Zorko.
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    I'm watching a reply of last night's AFL 360. David King was just discussing the 'evenness' of the ruckman this year, and said that McEvoy is probably leading the pack. He then said, for the 8 games that Cam Pedersen rucked solo, Champion Data had him as clearly the number one ruckman in the competition. He's a 193cm utility. The guy is a legend. He's all heart. So pleased (and relieved) he's had the season he's had, both for himself and the club. His performances have been absolutely critical for us. No doubt there'll be a lot of silence from those posters who authoratively proclaimed him to be a list clogger and nothing more than a VFL player. They've obviously been absolutely wrong though - his contributions have kept our season alive. Pleasingly, the football department has acknowledged this through extending his contract. I just wish he played a few more games earlier in the season. Perhaps we'd now be pushing for the top 4? Well done Cam. Hats off to you. A true Demon.
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    This will be Jesse's 50th game! It has taken 4 difficult years, with many obstacles. Have huge admiration for how you have tackled and overcome them. Congratulations on the milestone. Hope the team bring it home for you and for us!
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    Feeling positive after last weeks win, playing finals is looking likely and Brisbane are on the bottom of the ladder with little to play for, except draft picks. Lions by 8 goals.
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    Have you considered throwing your faeces at him?
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    Some absolute dribble from both sides of the argument in this thread. Only a handful of reasonable posters are on top of it. He was in poor form and lacked the intensity that the team is expected to carry out as a whole. So he goes back to Casey to recapture it and hopefully comes back fit and firing by finals time. It really is as simple as that.
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    Can we bring in Lumumba for a farewell game?
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    Must acknowledge the form of Lewis over the past few weeks. Has been a constant, effective presence down back and along with Hibberd has been crucial to the organisation of our backline. He will be a great asset come finals.
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    I rate that win. I don't care about where they are on the ladder. Brisbane are a dangerous team with some form players.
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    A myth Round 1 - 30 pt Win v Saints - Hogan 21 disposals, 8 marks, 3 goals Round 2 - 22 pt Win v Blues - Hogan 22 disposals, 10 marks Suspended Round 5 - 11 point loss to Tigers - Hogan 11 disposals, 3 goals - Tigers only beat us as we were two men down Jesses father passes away Round 7 - 3 point loss to Hawks - Hogan 16 disposals, 4 marks, 3 goals Diagnosed with his illness Round 16 - 18 point win vs Blues - Hogan 10 disposals, 4 marks, 1 goal Round 17 - 46 point loss to Crows - Hogan 11 disposals, 7 marks Round 18 - 23 point win vs Power - Hogan 23 disposals, 5 marks, 3 goals Round 19 - 4 point loss vs North - Hogan 11 disposals, 2 marks, 1 goal - injured during game Hes played 8 games, our record is 4-4. THe RIchmond loss was unlucky, and we would have beat North if he didnt get injured. He was dominant in 3 games. He started strong vs Kangas before breaking collarbone. He was understandably rusty for a couple of games coming back from his illness. Hes had the most interrupted season you will ever see from any player for so many different reasons. We are much better when hes in the team and you're right, he is incredibly valuable.
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    I am Matty Febey Me and Stinga come on here a bit (all the time) Go Dees
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    He'd need to push out someone like Harmes or Melksham. I'm not sure a push would do it, maybe a left uppercut.
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    Pedo out for Watts. Also, Hogan came back too early and should have week off - Weed in.
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    Has re-signed with the club not sure of the details but lock him in after a break out year edit: seems to be two more years mod edit: This is now CONFIRMED.
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    My oldest son was 5 months old the last time we played finals and is now a Pie. We have never played finals in my youngests life. He turned to the Hawks but asked to wear an old Dees jumper to the Meth Coast game and cheered like crazy but stated it was only because he hated Meth Coast. He is starting to waiver back to us September action will IMO do that. Make it happen Dees
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    Buckley said that Daniel Wells and Taylor Adams likely wont play next week. Both got hurt today.
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    Can't name them. Not fair on them. Not sure what i can add other than I broke B.Mac coming and wouldn't post if not 100%
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    Herald Sun are reporting Cam Pederson has re-signed with the club for 2018 Good on ya Cam - keep it up big fella
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    Howdy All I've been lurking here for a few years but thought I'd sign up to share my match day experience at the G yesterday. My wife and I were registered to participate in the walk around the ground which was opened up to members who attended all home games. Whilst waiting we got chatting to a a young guy and young women who were working for the club. The woman got a phone call and seemed a little flustered. Upon hanging up she turned and to us and asked if I'd be interested receiving a jumper from one of the players on the ground instead of doing the walk. Naturally I hastily agreed. She rushed me down just in time to see the boys jog up the race for their first warm up. Next thing I know I was on the ground with 22 other supporters standing in front of Dom Tyson's jumper. Dom and the team jogged over. He said g'day , asked my name, shook my hand and handed me his jumper. I wished him luck for the game and gave him a pat on the back and he was on is way. Now I know according to a few on here he butchers the ball but I absolutely love Dom and think he is crucial to our success. He's tough around the contests and wins the tough footy. So I was wrapped to get his jumper. The whole experience was amazing. Thanks to the club for making things like this happen. Now I'm not usually a track watcher but I thought I might head into training to get the Jumper signed by Dom. I'm assuming the main session this week will be Thursday morning. Does anyone know any details. eg start time.
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    Just for a bit of fun, I thought I'd delve into the Demon statistic archives. Clarry's season so far has been beyond comprehension when you take into account the nearly 160 years of the MFC. (Sourced from AFL Tables) - Currently sitting in 4th for most disposals in a season with 599 touches after 20 games (only sitting 18 behind Nathan Jones' 2016 season). Clarry will without a doubt lead this category after the Brisbane game. - Currently ranked as number 1 for most handballs in a season. Clarry has handballed 438 times this season, 109 more times than the next ranked player - Currently placed second for most tackles in a season with 144. He'll only need 5 tackles for the remainder of the season Jack Viney's 148 tackle record set in 2016. - Ranked third in clearances with 135 so far this season. Should claim second place by seasons end but will need 19 more to take first place away from Brent Moloney's 2011 season. - Currently ranked fourth in most clangers in a.....actually let's forget about that one! - Absolutely dominating the contested possessions in a season category. Currently ranked first with 316 for the season over 20 games, edging out Brent Moloney's record of 271 set back in 2011. He also shares the most contested possessions in a single game record with Jack Viney with 26 in a match. - Also, currently ranked 6th on the all time list for most handballs in a season recorded by ANY PLAYER in the history of the competition. He only needs 35 handballs to beat the record. And he just turned 20 years old. Enjoy the ride folks. He's only just getting started.
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    Please close the thread and reopen after sat if we win. Its too early for this imo. We can not afford to get ahead of ourselves cause we all know what happens then.
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    My cardiologist, psychologist and my advance hair specialist are all hoping for a comfortable win. Me too, solid 4 quarter effort.
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    No hard feeling on Dunn from my end, but totally agree on your sentiments for Howe 👍
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    Based on his interview at the end? I think people makw too many assumptions about jw. I would be shocked if he is not in the side next week.
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    Keilty killed it on the training track today, outmarking both Watts and Frost. Got some good praise from Goody, has to be a good chance for a debut.
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    Tomas Bugg needs to earn back trust? What, are his teammates afraid he might him them? Contemporary society is just so full of nonsense.
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    Howe wouldn't want to be back at Melbourne now that Bucks has him playing as a forward.
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    AFL should stay out of the blackball game An excellent article from Chip Le Grand writing in the Weekend Australian about the suggestion that broadcasters should lose their accreditation if they broadcast false information. AFL boss Gillon McLachlan told Neil Mitchell on radio this week that he thought "it is worth looking at." This came in the wake of allegations about Ross Lyon's interest in the Collingwood coaching job made by 6PR broadcaster Brad Hardie which incensed Nathan Buckley. Lyon denied the claim calling it erroneous, reckless and without foundation. Le Grand raises a number of good points as to why it's not such a good idea to bring in such a ban, the first being that the AFL is not qualified to be an arbiter of what is true and false in football. While Hardie is no journalist, Lyon's denial doesn't necessarily mean that he made the story up. Further, people in the media are held to account by the media companies and by legal restrictions on what can be reported. Le Grand: "If the AFL had its way, many important football stories would never be published. In this, they are no different from governments and large corporations. Yet, as far as we know, they are the only Australian organisation proposing to blackball journalists for what they write." I empathise with what Le Grand tells us here. From time to time, I review stories given to this site. I once fact checked a number of sources about a particular story all the way to as close as possible to its original source and found it to be conclusive. That didn't stop those who had an interest in suppressing the facts from criticism (which is always acceptable) but it also went further into the realm of abuse and personal attacks. Often when that happens, you know you've got the story right.
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    It's time for the return of the greatest statistic in footy: The #Pedomyths #PedoFACTS win percentage comparison. Since R1 2016, we've won 15 games and lost 8 with Pedersen in the side. We've won 7 games and lost 13 with him out of the side. So over the last 43 games we have a 65% winning percentage with Pedersen in the side and a 35% winning percentage with him out of the side.
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    Very harsh on Hannan. The stats don't do his game justice. I watched him a fair bit today. He times his run off the centre square perfectly to be the first reserve at the contest (better than the others). He got burnt a couple times in the 50 when open (when it went to a contest at the square). And his forward pressure was excellent, for example Brisbane were out on the members wing. He ran hard to stop the man who took the mark from taking off, forcing him to chip kick to the second guy out. Again Mitch ran hard to prevent the second from getting out up the field. They were then forced to kick it to a contest that went to ground as he had bought the team enough time to set up defensively. For this Mitch didn't get single stat but solely prevented them from getting out and up the field as we saw too many other times today. That's just a couple examples. I rated him today.
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    I bloody love Pedo! Compare this to the old elite at the MFC (Moloney, Sylvia etc) who'd post off season gangster shots of themselves from some cheesy pool party in Vegas.
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    Please, please, please, please, please may the good version of the Demons run out there today
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    Great news! Has really embedded himself as a regular 22. In the top 3 in the league for forward pressure acts! He is also very unselfish, doesn't try to be the hero and actively looks for teammates rather than bomb away at goals. Epitomises 'team first' football. Reckon he would be a favourite with both coaches and teammates and increasingly with fans.
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    You obviously were not listening to the (yes, as usual totally innane) TV commentators who (ridiculously) said that Essendon were everyone's second favorite team! Even were the alternatives Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, Mugabe, Kim Jong, ISIS and Trump they would still come last.
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    Just admit it, TGR (and your naysaying brethren), that nothing less than Lewis winning the Bluey trophy, Norm Smith medal and his 5th premiership medallion - all in the same year - will convince you that he has been a good pick-up by the MFC. Don't worry, you'll get your gotcha moments, your "I told you so" moments, soon enough with his next fumble, missed handball, slight slip-up or whatever other supposed sign of terminal decline you wish to focus on and continually peddle. In the meantime, perhaps you could acknowledge, respect and - heaven forbid - even enjoy what Lewis has already offered the club.
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