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    I have just signed up to share with you all some information I have learned this morning As a Dees supporter on the Gold Coast with links to the Suns, found out that the Suns and the Power are doing a deal to help Power get a pick to us for Jack Watts. All centres around the Suns Pick 21 being up for grabs if the Suns can get more draft points to help with an academy selection when they get to their Pick 24. And Power with Pick 31 and 34 help them get an extra 260 points. As it stands, this deal is on the table and will be close to signed off tomorrow or Tuesday: Melbourne GAIN - Pick 21 LOSE - Watts and Pick 66 Port Adelaide GAIN - Watts and Pick 66 LOSE - Pick 31 and 34 Gold Coast Suns GAIN - Pick 31 and 34 LOSE - Pick 21 This deal is extremely fair i think and very shrewd as everyone wins here based on these principles - GCS want draft points, and 31 and 34 is more valuable than 21 - Dees get a very high 2nd round pick (21) for Watts. Send pick 66 to Power which they wont use anyway as they have just 3 list spots left and will take 21, 29 and 36 to the draft after trading 47 to Freo for Balic - After giving up 31 and 34, Port want a later pick back so they can have enough decent picks to make their 3 compulsory draft selections. These will be Pick 49, 62 and our 66. With Watts, Rockliff and Motlop and still these 3 picks, a great trade period for the Power. I know people may or may not believe me, but I have got this info via the Suns and sharing it on this forum wont affect the deal going through in the next 24 - 48 hours as no other clubs are in the discussion for Watts anymore.. Only sticking point will be if Suns want to keep 21 and put 24 into this deal instead and hope their academy player can get done with their Pick 26 that they have as well. It is the final piece of the puzzle in discussion apparently but it will be 21 or 24 for Watts. What do we think Dees supporters?? *** Personally, pick 21 or 24 is fair for Jack. We paid 23 for Vince, 31 for Hibberd and 30 for Melksham who are all the equal or better players than Watts and were similar ages when traded.
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    MFC has demanded at least pick 2 and Freos first rounder next year for Jesse. This is why Freo offered Weller and 5, for The Suns' pick 2. This will then be sent to us for Hogan along with their 2018 1st pick. Freo were asked for their first rounder and Neale, but he refused to be traded, so we are in for 2 x first rounders instead, with this years being upgraded so we can get our intended target in the draft. The Lever trade has been used as the basis of our demand for 2 x first rounders, with nothing more than a fourth rounder going back to Freo. Deal essentially done and will be announced Wednesday. ( None of that is true, but someone needed to take the focus of the Jack Watts thread. My reputation is taking one for the team)
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    I see no mention of the Oliver or Hibberd deals.
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    For every top 10 pick in Oliver there's a Grant, Vickery, Butcher, Moore, Aish, Toumpas, Morabito, Conca, Gorringe, Gumbleton, O'Rourke, Morton, Buntine, Sumner, & Freeman. These are the more recent top 10 fails (injuries included), but there are also plenty who are just solid foot soldiers. Lever is the best young defender in the game with a decade ahead of him. He's only going to get better. He fits into a perfect profile in that he's in the same age bracket as Viney, Hogan, Petracca, Salem, Oliver, Brayshaw, Hunt, Osca, ANB, Stretch, and Weideman. That's a great core who'll grow together. You've got to give to get and I'll take the certainty of Lever over the speculation of pick 10 and a future pick in the teens. As we get better we'll also have other players keen to join the club. But I ask you, how many recent top 10 draft picks have Adelaide, Sydney, and Geelong had since 2008. Adelaide's last top 10 draft pick was in 2008. They also got Brad Crouch in a mini draft. So let's say two top 10 quality players in 9 years. Since 2008 Sydney have had 2 top 10 draft picks, plus Heeney, who would have been. Three in 9 years. Since 2008 Geelong have had 1 top 10 draft pick. One in 9 years - and that was pick 10 itself. Let's throw in Hawthorn. Since 2008 Hawthorn have had zero top 10 draft picks. Zero in 9 years. Melbourne ? Ten in 9 years, including Hogan from the mini draft. You can [censored] and moan about giving up pick 10 and a future pick in the teens, but we've had our time in the draft and it's now time to get proven quality players into the club and start making an assault on the ladder and competition. It was a no brainer and I couldn't be happier.
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    The strangest sense of deja vu everytime I open this thread... exact same people, saying the exact same thing for 221 pages.
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    I had a bit to do with him at the bushies.. He is a very very talented prospect, but he's struggled living up there due to leaving his mother all of a sudden who's brought him up single handedly after the sad passing of his father. He was extremely home sick last year.. Probably the closest thing next to a Tom Lynch. Has that huge reach of arms that when given the opportunity and his confidence is up, he will just clunk em all day! Also note that him and Clayton OLIVER are best friends and have been since primary school. I know it's not a factor but if he did come to the Dees then I personally think we'll see the best of him! Trained at the Dees as part of his AIS program too, so Jason Taylor will already have a good insight into him.
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    I just want to say that Jack did not come back to pre season under done, in fact he came back in the same shape as 2016 which was good, he had a great year. His 3 k time trial was his best ever, you can check it. All his other figures were good too. He came back with blue hair which was a mistake and put him I all the papers which [censored] off Goody. He went to Byron on a Tuesday night, Wednesday was a day off, got back Wednesday night. Missed no rehab. He did extra sessions every week. It's a furphy. Jack is not like Viney, Jones or Macca, he doesn't live breath football 24/7, he is a normal person like 80 percent of the team but he loves MFC and will be sad to go but he will. I don't know how many of you would have thought we would dream of trading Jack after round 13 this year
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    I wish posters would seriously stfu about what we'll be giving up vs getting in return for the Lever trade. Adelaide made a [censored] Grand Final with zero top 10 picks in their side and a host of players who were either picked up late in the National Draft, traded in for later picks or picked up in the Rookie Draft. Sloane was pick 44 and Walker pick 75. Jacobs was brought in for picks 34 and 67, they gave pick 37 to St Kilda for Lynch. Knight was pick 46 and Atkins 81. Need I go on? I will. Rookie drafts nabbed them Hartigan, Laird, Cameron and Kelly. That's almost half of their best 22 and more importantly, some of their most influential and important players feature in that group. Compare that to the MFC who have a plethora of high-end talent, arguably the second-most in the AFL behind GWS. If history to date suggests anything, it's that the culture and environment of a club is of most importance to any sort of talent reaching its potential. GWS continue to stumble despite being the most talented group within the league. We're at a stage where we need to harbour, nurture and develop the group we have and we should be jumping for joy that Lever, (a once touted top 3 draft pick and the best young defender in the game at age 21) has nominated us as the club he wishes to play for. We're on to the next chapter of our growth as a club which is developing what we've got for an assault over the next five to seven years. Shut up about the rest.
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    I have had mail today from a reliable source on the situation.. Watts was initially told some hard truths in his exit meeting, which he did not agree with. The club (which we know) asked him to explore his options if he was not willing to change his habits. Watts was filthy initially but has not nominated a club of choice because he’s not sure he wants to go. The club is now believing he is a 60/40 chance to stay. If he does go, it won’t be for nothing.
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    please stop talking about dwayne...
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    We grossly overvalue draft picks in the AFL. You go into the draft with normally less than a 50% draft of turning a first round pick into a 150 game player, let alone a superstar. We have essentially bet against the draft, and secured a guaranteed young talented player who will impact games automatically. It's a smart trade, and a huge win for our club. Love it.
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    Wow. At 21 Lever is the no.1 intercept possession player in the game, just shading Rance (9.5 to 9.4), and the no. 2 intercept mark in the game, just behind McGovern (3.8 to 3.6). This isn't a 25 or 27 year old wanting to come home. We've got this guy from the age of 22. Worth every cent.
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    I don't understand why it's a huge gamble. Surely MFC supporters would recognise it's the draft that is a gamble, not gun 21 year olds. We traded off lottery tickets for a known quantity. If someone said to you, "I'll give you a million dollars, or two tickets in to a draw to win 30 million", which one would you take?
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    I'm neither angry, nor happy. I make no judgement on the price paid. I don't assume to know more than the club about the worth of player, nor do I assume they are infallible oracles who don't/won't make mistakes. I'm just sad he had to go.
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    I am actually getting sick of this. I happen to really like Jack and hoped he would stay. I would still be happy if he did. I along with Whispering Jack was at Southport Footy ground some 8 or so years ago, where Jack was playing in a practice match. The crowd was giving it to Jack as a high draft pick and I was screaming out encouragement to Jack from my position at the interchange area on the fence and was baiting the crowd all game. Every kick or handball that Jack had I turned around to the crowd and baited them about how good he was. Jack couldn't help but notice, as I screamed at him every time he came off, that he was killing them and they didn't like it and he was thrilled with the support and came over to us as soon as the game ended and chatted. That was the first of many chats I have had with Jack over the years. He became one of my favourite Demons. On a fan day like Luna Park, I always made a beeline for Jack with my grand daughter to spend a few minutes with him. He has always remembered me and been happy to chat. I have supported him when other Dees fans have attacked him and wanted him gone over the years. I still support him. However I support the MFC more than Jack. As a result of a decision made by the FD, not me, I have reluctantly accepted that Jack is probably leaving. I acknowledge there is probably not much I can do about that decision. I am trying to support the FD of my club and the club. I think I have been reasonable in my comments towards Jack. I put up a list of players that the FD would probably value more than Jack, obviously correct since they are not being offered elsewhere and didn't include future players like Weid and made no other comment. You can disagree with that list if you wish to. However, I have never shown dislike of Jack. I will not boo him at his next club and in fact wish him well, unlike number 9 of GWS. I think you owe me an apology. PS. I note you are knocking other MFC players on that list. Interesting.
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    First official image of Lever in the red and blue!
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    Summary: Goodwin hates Watts because Watts is tall and good looking, and Goodwin was an ugly, late developing runt. Sorry Biff, but this ranks up there with the biggest load of garbage in this thread, and the competition is fierce. Are people wildly missing the point on purpose or what?
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    Ten things that I noticed from the 2017 Best and Fairest ... 1. Clarry is a star. Wins B&F in a landslide. He will only get better. Speech was raw but effective. 2. Viney is loved by the coaches. Not at his best but his heart is huge. His raw determination and ability to play injured obviously got him votes. A true leader and I can see premiership drives this young man. 3. Jack Trengove. A champion. A champion bloke. Sadly cruelled by injury. Very popular and all class. Overcome with emotions. He will be missed. 4. Close outcome from second to sixth. I thought Hibberd would be runner up but he was very unlucky as it was a handful of votes behind Jones, Lewis & Jetta. Surprised to see Lewis in 3rd but his value is more than just stats. 5. Daisy Pearce is an absolute star. Hope the AFL and MFC appreciate her for what change she is leading and delivering. We are lucky to have her in red and blue. 6. Nathan Jones. Great speech. Brief ? Perhaps not but very very effective. Gotta love him. 7. The coaching rhetoric of culture and standards. Clearly a message to all and what Goodwin demands. Not since Mark Neeld have we had such military style direction at the B&F. I think we are heading up unlike what Neeld created. 8. Nev Jetta. What a player!! One of my favourites. Rarely rarely beaten one on one. Won us the game v Carlton. Considering he was delisted then rookied, it is a great story. Great reward and well done. 9. Jack Watts is hugely popular amongst the supporters and players. It will be a sad day to see him in opposition colours. 10. The disappointment of missing finals will hurt. It should. Jonesy’s speech showed how much it hurt. I felt a sense of ‘Bring it on in 2018’. Unleash hell !!! Go Demons
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    Tim Watson is a grade A fcukwit. He showed his true colours during the Essendon doping saga.
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    Speak for yourself. I'm stoked with where we are at and our prospects for 2018. I can't wait to get it started.
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    Amazing how some usually good posters can make a bit of a toss of themselves in a single over the top post. Mahoney has done a wonderful job of keeping our list together thus far, and if you want to bag him for Melksham/2nd round, you might want to include AA Hibberd/2nd round in your diatribe. Mahoney is a gold chip member of our team, and deserves recognition as such.
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    Posters like @Nasher, @stevethemanjordan and @ProDee are three of many who have summed this up superbly. We've just added the best young defender in the league to our list who is a proven commodity. He instantly makes us better, and he not only beings on field talent but off field leadership as well. I couldn't be happier to have him in our side and I trust Taylor to pull a few diamonds out of the rough to add to our list, much like he did we Hannan this year. Onwards and upwards!
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    This post reminds me of the howls of indignation during the 2015 draft period before Mahoney and co worked some magic, which netted two top 10 picks and our current Best & Fairest winner. How about we have a bit of trust and not climb walls every time we hear a suggestion, or even a deal ?
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    Or those who are upset at the decision are using the perception of poor handling to muddy the waters. My concern is that two or three new posters have gone further. They've introduced unsubstantiated allegations to make the club look bad because (I would assume) they're more attached to Jack than the club. I don't like how these posters have fuelled the fire so to speak and loyal supporters of this club (at an emotional time) have been manipulated.
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    I don't post here very often but this appalling post has motivated me to do so. I don't think any of us here know the full extent of this story so for you to come out and attack Mahoney's and Goodwin's character in defence of Watts, using his apparent 'loyalty' as an excuse - is really poor. He has been a well paid employee over this time and appears to be (see how I don't portray this as fact?) the type of character who was happy to go along for the ride, or do the easy thing. You have no idea if Jack has always had the best interests of the MFC at heart. Zero idea. If he did, he certainly had a strange way of showing it by in my view picking and choosing when to perform. The one thing we have been told is that after 9 years and 150 games, his inconsistency cannot be tolerated any longer. Given we failed as a club this year due to inconsistency (was not rd23's fault, not Adelaide's fault, but the losses to NM x2,freo,haw that stood between us and top 4 - let alone finals), i think that whether they are right or wrong on Jack it is clear they are trying to address why we came up short. That is their role and they should not be attacked for it or have their motives questioned. Personally, I had held some hope he would stay and turn it around, but his little video he has released eroded that hope and replaced it with anger. Lovely for him to respond to a young concerned supporter yes, but to use that as a chance to overlay a swipe at the club and go on to essentially pisstake the club (my interpretation, others may differ) left me furious. How many other 26/27 year old 150 game players would release that when moving clubs? Compare to Jarman Impey's message to PA supporters - classy and gracious. Jack's approach to me is childish and immature. Perhaps that is why he is so well loved, perhaps it is also why he's always been inconsistent. There have been a few other indicators of this over the journey. Do keep in mind Paul Roos was in a highly fortuitous position during his tenure. He was to be judged only a little on wins, moreso observed cultural change. He needed to build mateship and unity - I have little doubt Jack is top notch in these areas. We are through that stage and now need to break the ceiling. Evidently the FD think Jack, who appears to have developed so poorly and slowly on field and arguably (per video) off it, is not the best exponent of the breakthrough year. Whether we make top 4 next year will have nothing to do with Jack, and him thriving elsewhere will not mean this was a bad decision.
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    Port got the most out of Toumpas, so I'm sure they'll unlock the key to Jack.
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    Please. Show some respect and decency. The trashing of OMac is as tiresome as it has been of Watts. He has his moments but he has also shown that he can develop into a very good player. He is still a kid and deserves support.
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    My sources told me last week that Lever would end up a Demon. #ETthetraderbreaker does it again. #No1inthebiz.
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    3937 post in the Jack Watts thread and he is still here. 3675 posts in the Lever thread and he is still not here. 2482 posts in the trade thread and still no trades.
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    It's actually laughable people are getting so worked up and emotional about Jack leaving. Of course it shows passion, but to me it's wildly misguided. Who do you barrack for: Jack Watts or the MFC? Talk of conspiracies at the BnF, within the FD and potshoting Goodwin. It's like certain supporters have hitched their wagons so closely to Jack due to the [censored] they've been through together (and the failure of past adminstrations and FDs), that they can't possibly see his flaws or, that what is best for him (and the footy club, which is why we should be here), is to move on. He has great skills and decision-making, but he rarely lays tackles and can't mark above his head. He's played one good season in 9 and played really good/great games a handful of times in the other 8 seasons. Yes, he's been loyal, but so have the MFC. I could understand the angst if this was Clarry, who appears to be a generational talent, but a football club is bigger than any one individual. How some supporters can lampoon this FD for one decision, after the brilliant way they've managed the club over the past 4 years, is absurd IMO and totally over emotional. At page 456 or whatever we're at, some need to decide whether they're rational enough to separate their support of Watts and their support of the Melbourne Football Club. The two don't have to be mutually exclusive. I'll be sad to see Jack play in other colours, but I'll support my footy club - that's why I'm here. Not for one player, particularly one that has, I think most agree, underachieved. And before some say it, no, it is not purely up to coaches to get the best out of players. It is also up to the player to take control of their own professionalism and training, and get the most out of themselves. Jack hasn't, otherwise he'd have reached the potential many still talk about. And finally, let's not make this about potshotting each other. We're all Melbourne and some love Jack and some don't, but letting one player or one decision divide us is pointless, childish and dangerous. At the end of the day, all parties need to support the club. Some can continue supporting Watts and the MFC and others, like myself, can wish him well, but purely support the MFC and their decision-making in this instance. This year I've made a cognisant decision to live in the grey. Rarely is anything black and white, except perhaps my hatred of certain opposition teams. 😉 Let's all acknowledge that there's a complexity to the Watts trade (the grey if you like) without leaping on each other and simply support our football club. If any one post could exemplify the grey, it's my ramblings in this post alone.
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    I normally consider myself to be fairly hard hearted about underperforming players, but your post is hugely disrespectful to a bloke who loves the club as much as the supporters do, and is loved by the playing group. He may have had an underwhelming career with us, and justifiably be on his way out the door, but let us at least show some class about it.
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    Would anyone do this deal for Watts if he goes to Port? Port give: Pick 30 and 33 Dees give: Watts and 45 That makes Watts the equivalent of pick 22. Leaves us with: 28, 30, 33, 35 and 65 Use 65 for Balic. Possibly package two of the second rounders to get further up the draft to give us the mandatory three selections.
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    Well I for one won't mourn the loss of draft picks when it's a known gun we're getting. Stoked!
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    All the best Jack.. thank ypu for fronting up with a smile during the dark days when the world was against you. I still feel very disappointed about this.
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    Hogan needs to tackle Oscar needs to crash packs Petracca needs to get super fit Hard to demand it from those 3 when they see a 9 year player and number 1 pick coasting through his career.
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    Jack was great in that clip with the young supporter. He knows why he's being moved on, but gave a cheeky dig at what he's good at. He loves the Dees, but knows he has no choice. You can't stay if the coach doesn't want you. For all his frustrating traits as a player it's impossible not to love the person. When his career is over he'll be at the G supporting the Dees.
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    Provoked me to log in for the first time in years. Well done. Tulip went when it was his turn and often when it wasn't, backed into pack marks and was downright courageous. If it wasn't for his smarts he would have been steamrolled every match. I admire JW kicking skills and decision making apart from when the decision is 'don't think I'll go for that' which is too often.
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    Im over my mini whine from 20 minutes ago about the picks we gave up. Screw the picks. We just landed the best young defender in the entire competition. Yes, the Melbourne football club did. The place nobody wanted to set foot in 5 years ago. What a time to be alive.
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    Rapt with this. Three AA squad members now in our back 6 plus the improving Oscar, speedster Hunt and developing Frost. Some outside speed and Weideman stepping up would help complete a very talented side.
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    Extract from Trade Radio: Andrew Watts is Jack's father. Expanding on 'reprobate' he says: Clearly his father is taking issue with the derogatory rumours spread about his son, largely based on comments from Goodwin, Jones, Mahoney. We may not like his father's commentary but no one is publicly standing up for Jack. Even his kind hearted video to a fan was presented as having a cheap shot at mfc and nothing was further from the truth. I really admire a father standing up for his much maligned son. It isn't good for MFC when a father needs to do that. It is exceptionally rare for a player's father to come out and defend them. I would think for Jack's family to do that involves very unusual circumstances. I do not know who or what to believe anymore. As each day passes more and more people are coming out and casting doubts on MFC's narrative on Jack's season. Posters may want to blindly tow the company line but I fear there will be some bad fallout from this. Not so much Jack leaving but moreso the way it has been handled. A very sad situation just became moreso.
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    They’ve probably been given 19 on the basis it’s on traded for Ablett. This will be to help GCS.
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    Hehe. Woke up in the middle of the night for the Lever deal, went to work for ten hours, came home, only to read that people are still complaining about spending overs for a future, consistent AA defender. This site has gone full-tilt. I speculated that we would accommodate the Crow's demand for paying two firsts while not spending a cent more than our original offer of 10 & 28 - so as to allow them to save face. This is exactly what has happened. What I failed to predict was that our own supporters would be duped by the 'two-firsts' hype and believe that we're the ones losing face. Forgetting everything else: it's a first and a first and a fourth for a first, second and third, with one of those firsts (hint: ours) being a genuine ready-to-go first and a known commodity with a couple years in the system. What the hell is the problem with that? Anyways, congrats to Josh and the team for once again showing we're on top the game while maintaining our good reputation and getting [censored] done.
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    Watts is a senior player. Oliver was still a teenager when that happened and afterwards pulled his head in after being spoken to. The rationalisations on here are astounding.
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    How easily 2013 is forgotten. A time when we would regularly lose by 10+ goals, when matches were over at 1/4 time, when supporters came to games knowing we had almost no chance to win, when drafting and development of players had been shambolic, when many players were wanting to leave, when no players from opposition clubs with any modicum of talent wanted anything to do with us, when the culture was so poor that players didn't even know the level of work required to be a professional AFL player, when the talent on our list was so far below AFL standard that Terlich and Jones finished top 4 in our best and fairest... This club was in an extremely precarious position only four years ago. I'm not going to go into the things Roos has done, but in the space of four years (one year under Goodwin) we are now a team that is attractive to elite young talent, players want to stay, is expected to play finals, tough and competitive, has exciting young talent, can develop young players and can beat any opposition side on any given day. The turnaround is quite remarkable and anyone of us would have grabbed this in a second if offered it back in 2013. It's not just Roos. And Roos has never said it was just about him - he was very quick to point out it's about having good people. But Roos was a significant part of the turnaround and did everything we could've expected from him. The "easiest coaching job in the world". Funny that, because at the time Roos was appointed it was being described as one of the hardest and one to avoid if you wanted a career in coaching. As I said, just think back to what we were in 2013.
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    Man, reading this thread is making my head ache. We're eating our own here arent we. To summarise. Either 1. we're incompetent fools, messed up how we moved on this and now were gonna get a bag of crisps trade. Watts is unique charecter and a champion about to blossom, loved by all, poorly communicated to...Stabbed in the back by blundering officials who stamped his papers years ago. Or 2./ Watts is soft, trains poorly, no leadership, no top ten finishes. Unfufilled talent, sidetracks the whole club, didnt take his chances. Goodwin marking his territory. The trouble is I agree with each post on both sides as I read them!...hence I have a headache. Almost feels like a relationship break up. "I love you .......but I have to go"
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    And I would bet my left nut that if we did give 2 first rounders he would be the first to say something like geez the dees overpaid for him. He is a nut job and highly irritating.
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