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    Had trouble getting s signal today, so had to wait till I got home. Casey 12 15 87 to Box Hill 4 8 32 Melbourne listed players participating were :- Frost - Solid in defence and in the air. Would love to see him in our best 22, but cannot see whose place he would take. Provides really good run and carry from defence. Jetta - Solid as usual, as we would expect. Provides plenty of attacking opportunities and blankets his opposition. Harmes - Played really well. Took some great marks and kicked at least one goal. Provided plenty of run. Tyson - Played a really good link up role and set up several attacking opportunities. Ready for round one. Tim Smith - Improved as the game went on and was more involved in the game than last week. Starting to find some form. Still a way off though. Garlett - Limited opportunities, but will be better for the run. Even spent some time in the midfield with Jetta. Kent - Played well, but missed out on kicking multiple goals. Using his body well in contests and starting to see his speed. Joel Smith - Did some good things in defence, but didn't see a great deal of him. Looking forward to him getting some more game time and recapturing the early season form he showed last year. Weideman - Kicked 2 goals and took some good marks. Had quite a bit of game time on the ball and I was impressed with his tap work. Competed well. Number 68 (for Whispering Jack) was Kieran Byers - a 203 com 20 or 21 years of age. I saw a team sheet that someone had and had to look him up. Really impressed me with his ruck work and follow up and uses his body quite well for one so young. One to watch I would have thought. None of our young players played today - Spargo, Balic, Petty. King, Filopovic, Keilty (injured ribs), JKH, Baker or Johnstone. Casey Demons dominated the game today in hot conditions.
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    Had some of the morning off so I decided to venture down to have a quick look at the boys. Didn’t stay the entire time and was only really looking for the players in question for round 1. Harmes/Jetta/Garlett/Tyson - Made their way to Gosh’s eventually with the rest of the guys who played the practice match. Obviously a light day today but none of them looked to be limping/strapped/inhibited in movement in any way. I imagine they’ll all play on Sunday being best 22 or thereabouts. ANB/Lewis/Jones/O-Mac - Were all in the main group while I was there and participated fully in the drills I was there for. Oliver/T-Mac/Viney - All in rehab group. We’re all aware of the Viney situation, however at one point I observed a trainer closely inspecting his foot whilst he was sitting on the ground. From there he headed back to AAMI headquarters. So not sure what the situation is or if I’m reading too much into that observation. Oliver had his thigh/knee strapped and Tom was training in runners. The rehabbers weren’t doing much in the way of ‘work’. Light ball movement and kicking drills with Crossy. I may have missed any intense training that took place before or after. But from my limited time there, it seems Oliver and T- Mac are the question marks at this point. Mystery no show was Brayshaw unless I have a vision impairment. Which is a genuine possibility.
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    170 plus games played. Over 700 games coached. Premiership player. Premiership coach 3 times. All Australian coach. Knows nix compared to Demonland’s finest.
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    I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that he's 'right on track'.
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    A good hit out for the boys. I was surprised by the small attendance, saw probably more Box Hill supporters than Melbourne/Casey. The wind was a big factor today and turned it into a tough and scrambly contest. Casey proved too good at clearing away from these clinches and never looked like being beaten. They scored a lot of behinds though.. It would have been a hard day at the office for the forwards and none of them really shone. Harmes showed he is now well and truly a class above at this level and Tyson got his share of possessions but, gee, he is a turnover king. I would have loved a dollar for every turnover, would have paid my petrol back to Box Hill. Jetta and Frost were fantastic down back, Jeffy always thereabouts, Kent was bullocking and won a lot of the ball, Joel Smith was good, King was a good ruckman, though I'd like to see him take a few grabs, and Weidemann did his best work in the ruck. Tim Smith looks a long way off the pace. The egg and bacon roll was A1.
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    PJ has been the recruit of the decade.
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    Driving to Traralgon and got one of those pesky call centre calls. I said who is it and the caller said Clayton Oliver. I told him he was doing a great job doing a membership drive and our family were all dedicated Dees. He said awesome. So my prompt renewal is thanks to his yet again good work in heavy traffic.
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    Jeez I'm looking forward to when the opinions dry up and the football starts.
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    Apologies if this has been posted elsewhere, but stumbled upon this on Facebook. Wearing it Rnd 23 v GWS
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    It's a mutha [censored] grand old flag yo!
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    Not sure if this has been written elsewhere but I read a line that warmed the heart re Roos. "This is my fourth year back in Melbourne, I grew up in Melbourne, I barrack for Melbourne, go to Melbourne games with a Melbourne scarf on when I’m not working....."
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    Danger won't play. Spoke to snr Geelong person today. Said they would be mad to play him if there was the smallest chance he does it badly and misses 6.
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    I get that but sometimes with Caro there is an undertone of attempting to destabilise. She would never report on the Tigers in the same manner.
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    Man kick ball, other man Mark. Some good, some bad, all okay. Hows that?
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    No Mackie No Lonergan No Henderson No Scott Selwood No Stanley No Dangerfield No Cockatoo Possibly no Ablett I'm coming over for this game and stuff me, if we don't smash these front running arse clowns I'll be fuming.
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    Went to a club lunch today and Jake Lever was one of the guests from the club, he was interviewed by Robbo and he is absolutely stoked to be a Demon. Toddy and Jason Taylor were in touch with him constantly in his draft year and as we all know we would have drafted him but just didn't have the pick to do so. He loves the club, the playing group and the coaches, he said they are a really tight knit bunch of guys and friends who want to win a flag (or two). He said he was really impressed with the intensity of the playing group last year and this year it has lifted a notch, he said training has been great. He is a really impressive person, vey level headed and really keen for success. Toddy was asked about AVB and said he's running at 100% on the special treadmill and will play football this year, maybe not till mid year though. There is a rumour about TommyMc but he said he thinks he'll play first round, hmmm! Jake said he's happy Tommy is playing forward because he gets a bit grumpy down back. The club are exploring several options for a new facility but nothing to announce at the moment.
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    Sloane would be worth getting just for the Adelaide melts.
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    Its getting us ready for Gils game. Music and fireworks after every goal a rectangular field no tackling free kick against for last touched time outs 15 minute quarters etc etc. its only about two years away
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    Harmes, Tyson, Jetta all playing and are dominating. Casey have 3 players on the bench who haven't come on so I am expecting some players won't play the second half. About 10 or so listed players playing.
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    You mean you'll know what he tells you. And he could tell you anything he wants. In conclusion, you'll know no more than any of us here. But cool.
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    This would be great, I’d wear my MFC jumper into work with Gaff’s number on the back. They take things very personally over here, I’d probably lose my job.
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    When asked a question about how Weideman was going.
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    Read it and I think it’s quite a sensible article. Looks at the story in good detail and takes a swipe at the obvious reactions like frawleys but he wasn’t Robinson Caruso. Call her what you will but she is an investigative journalist who actually still, you know, investigates. A rare breed these days
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    More fake news? Titus O'Reily‏ @TitusOReily 56m56 minutes ago More "But I promise you, the AFL will not forget or abandon Tanzania." 9 replies16 retweets166 likes Reply 9 Retweet 16 Like 166 Direct message
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    G'day all! It's your resident Demon highlight guy here with a little something to whet the appetite in the lead up to 2018! So without any further ado, here's Tommy Mac kicking his 23 majors from 2017. Fingers crossed he's good to go for round 1! Plenty more to come during the season! Also happy to accept requests if there's a highlight reel you'd like to see!
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    Nibbler, Lewis, Jones, Keilty, Oliver and Balic running laps. OMac doing one on one skill work with the coaches, haven't spotted TMac or Viney. Rest currently in position groups doing skill work.
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    There's a lot to like about this young man. Goodbye 2017. Bring on 2018.
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    On Garlett, he was 2nd in the league for tackles inside forward 50 in 2017. He is also our highest goal scorer since joining Melbourne FC 3 seasons ago. So, he's our highest goal scorer AND our best defensive forward. Leaving him out of the team is f*cking laughable. I know some of us are excited at what Frisch MIGHT become, but let's not overlook what Garlett IS, and that's the best forward on our list.
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    1.4 million dollar profit, Zurich comes on board closely followed by Infiniti. PJ and co. have done it again and the future for the club couldn't look brighter!
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    waited til his teammates were doing rehab, would go through their wallets tried to crack onto his teammates girlfriends, told them the teammate said it was okay told people he had cancer so they'd buy his anti cancer recipes cookbook ran a horse race betting syndicate which was actually a ponzi scheme stole millions in crypto currency after he hacked a japanese exchange fought for ISIS developed a new nerve agent poison for Putin he had to go
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    Malthouse is 100%. Whether it's Petracca DJ'ing Skwosh parties and making coffees at spring carnival marquees, Harmes running around asking the Saints what they were doing in September, or Hogan looking questionable at dance festivals, you won't find a team as happy with their own work as Melbourne. It is why Goodwin talks ad nauseum about a humble and hard working playing group, and why they had to get rid of Watts. Could have made the finals in '16, should have made the finals in '17. Time for a lot of players to stop drinking their own bath water.
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    You should follow Michael Wilson on Instagram. He takes some incredible photos.
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    It would have been interesting about two months ago.
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    Explains why the picture I've got with mine is of Stormy Daniels.
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    How good would it be to win the flag while Neale is still with us. Make it happen Demons.
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    Certainly not defending the useless finish to 2017 but I suspect they are referring to the fact this list is virtually turned over from when Roos took over... Rd 1 2014 Best 22 approx Nathan Jones Jones Bernie Vince Vince Dom Tyson Tyson Jake Spencer Jetta Rohan Bail Hibberd Jack Watts Neal-Bullen Jack Trengove Hunt Daniel Cross Lever Jack Grimes Viney Lynden Dunn Oliver James Frawley Salem Matt Jones Petracca Jimmy Toumpas Hogan Viv Michie Melksham Shannon Byrnes Garlett Cameron Pedersen Pedersen Dean Terlich Hannan Alex Georgiou Brayshaw Tom McDonald Tom Mac Jeremy Howe Fritsch Jay Kennedy-Harris Harmes Jack Fitzpatrick Gawn 5 players the same......Wow. That's a massive change.
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    Fritsch<>Brad Green - both left footers - both strong overhead - both mercurial around goals - both have meticulously groomed hair
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    The reason I spend too much time scrolling through the pages of Demonland are for reports like these. Thank you Dante
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    Dees not united, is that right Wayne? Wait, are you the guy that slept with his best mate's missus and had to quit his club?
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    Petracca Oliver Brayshaw Viney Imagine these 4 in full flight, being fed by Gawn. The next few years are our best chance in my lifetime to be feared again. Beasts.
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    Not sure we should be questioning Garlett’s work rate. He worked extremely hard last summer to have a better year than 2016. He was the number 1 ranked forward for pressure in the first half of the year and his defensive pressure was first class. The 42 goals were an absolute bonus last season. He had some quite moments later in the year but had to deal with some family issues. IMO we need his craft and he’s a certain starter if fully fit.
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    Tay-Tay Walker would go cray-cray.
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    Meh, I reckon we lost as many games from fear of failure and not taking the game on as we did from overconfidence. Not to mention the fatigue factor with a lot of young players getting tired, some older guys slowing down and a lot of players returning from injuries. I hope we've built physical and mental resilience. That would be my focus, not some outdated concept of drinking your own bathwater.
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    I love Paul Roos. The turnaround he pulled off is genuinely impressive. This club was on its knees. It was last breath territory. I regard him as one of the most important figures in this club’s history. If we win a flag in the next five or so years, he is immortal.
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    Stephen Hawking had a similar ailment, there is no cure yet 2018 is the year of the Demon ”Do it for Danners”
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    Paul Roos turned our club around in his three years, from a permanent cellar dweller to a side that can realistically challenge for the flag, he will be a big part of our history in years to come.and that's why i trust his judgement in picking Goodwin as his successor. He cut most of the players on the list and eradicated the poor attitude that permeated through the club, from one generation of players to the next, we now have something that resembles a side capable of beating any other club in the competition What an unlikely duo to have played such a big part in our resurgence, PJ and Roos, both should have a special place in the hearts of Melbourne supporters..
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    Channel 7 is Bomber TV. The pre-game stuff this Friday will be vomit inducing.
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