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    Just a couple of quick notes from training today Oscar Mac is now a healthy 99kg and is working on core strength, from the player Standout in running today that involved Trac, Clarry, Gus, Tyson, in other words the younger mids. was Salem Hogan was again a standout as was Vince, anybody who thinks Bern is just going to go quietly is mistaken Lewis' left foot is a thing of beauty Lot of craft drills today, including an interesting one where they were torping in from the square and the forwards were attempting to mark Viney was out in the fresh air today Kent is back with main group and looking really fit Pics on Insta later if Mr Demonland wants to move them over And the younger players are not involved in a boot camp, from Mr Mahoney, and the boot camp last year is showing the benefits this year
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    Went down to have a look for a couple of hours, so here are some of the observations: * Col Garland running the session with the rehab group consisting of Viney, Smith, Vandenberg and Weidemann. All were kicking the ball between each other including Viney, mainly short stabbing passes. * Vandenberg is MILES off playing. His legs have lost heaps of muscle and he almost looks strange with this huge upper body and a pair of sticks below. Hope he can build up to get some game time during the year, as he is out of contract at the end. * Spargo and Petty doing some minor drills on their own away from the main group. Spargo is like a fly in a bottle and can kick. Petty hardly had to move in the kick to kick session as the ball from Spargo was drilled to his chest every time, both left and right foot. Petty not as clean. * Garlett, Hibberd, Baker & Hannan running laps. Hunt and Tyson not sighted at all. Didn't notice Bugg either, but not sure. The main session for the rest of the troops followed. A testing drill involved running 100m, drop, push-up, 100m back then kick for goal from 40m. Easy the first couple of times, but when they were on number 10, the pain was showing. Pleasingly the ones still leading the pack at the end were Petracca, Jones and Pedersen. Even big Max and Filopovic and King were staying up with the pack. Balic starting to fall to the rear, needs to build a tank. Then followed a quick transition drill from the half back line with 2 teams, aiming to switch to options out wide and then drive quickly forward. Fritsch finished on the end of the drive on a number of occasions with good positioning and hands. Petracca and Jones running rampant whichever side they were playing for and at one stage Petracca kept stuffing the opposition side by intercepting again and again. For those who are worried about the ruck situation in the coming season, I am now less concerned. Filipovic is building nicely and both he and King are looking like AFL players. ( whether they are or not is another matter), but their bodies are building and filling out nicely.
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    Arrived at training when the main group was coming out. Jeffy was running laps for about half an hour at a decent clip with Hibberd. Both left early. Viney, Vanders and J Smith showed up briefly and headed back inside. Tyson and Hunt no shows today, no clue as to the reason. Spargo and Petty were on restricted duties and also left early. Spotted the Weed briefly participating in a handball drill with one of the coaches, also early shower. The rest of the group seem to moving extremely well in the various drills. They are currently in what seems like a full ground simulation. Fritch is on the end of several plays and is a very good shot at goal. Im trying to take as many notes as possible but a certain 3 year old keeps screaming for water and milkshakes. Kent has participated for most part and seems free moving. Oskar Baker is putting in some hard yards around the ground with running. Lever very vocal as is Jetta. Like it. Harmes looking really impressive in the match drill, covering the ground well. Will have some more updates a bit later on.
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    Enjoy ==> https://www.smugmug.com/gallery/n-G2FGnW?mobile=true
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    I left prior to the completion of the session and wanted to add some notes to the earlier report. I focused on the individuals as I wanted to have a look at the new arrivals. I realise it's only a training session and the constant yellow bib swapping made it a tad difficult to follow everyone but the following stood out during the three quarter field match sim. Lever has an uncanny ability to get himself out of tight situations with quick feet and thinking. Can certainly fool opponents with the selling of candy so to speak. Fritch is a smooth mover and has a great left foot whether having a shot or general field passing. He can certainly find space. Hogan was impressive, if he didn't mark the ball in a contest he would quickly apply pressure to his opponents by tackling or slapping the ball free, he earned praise numerous times by the coaches for this. He outmuscled Oscar in a one on one and took the mark, which raised a bit of a roar from the group. This is by no means Oscar bashing as we should expect Jesse to do that to anyone he comes up against. In another passage of play the ball was kicked forward to the non bib team and Oscar found himself sandwiched between 3 of them in the marking contest and almost marked the ball, when the ball hit the ground he killed the contest and the defence cleared. Great work Oscar but not sure why 3 from the same team would all go up for the mark unless it was an instruction. Oliver is a great kick of the footy, he hit targets over distance all session. They all trained with intent but something about Harmes stood out, can't pinpoint exactly, maybe it's the new number. He just seemed faster over the ground. I don't know much about King but golly he's a big unit. Hannan and Johnstone ran laps early on and joined in later on with some of the drills. As mentioned before Johnstone has put some muscle on. I heard someone tell his kids that Tyson and Hunt were indoors today hence their no show. Has anyone heard anything about these two recently?
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    Mostly with the backs from the sessions I have attended, the other interesting one is Salem, exclusively with the mids
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    I got along yesterday for a look. Joel Smith is quite a specimen. Let's hope he can stay injury free because he's a great size, super ripped and I believe he's pretty quick, so you can understand why Ben Guthrie said in the AFL.com.au article that the Coaches are incredibly keen to get games into him. Spargo has used his year of shoulder rehab to master the leg weights. Nicely defined quads. I always cringe when small guys automatically get compared to Boomer Harvey in their draft profiles, but I'd suggest Spargo has the frame to become a little ball of muscle like Harvey was. Seems to always look angry and very serious. Hannan has bulked up significantly. Didn't appear to be moving too well with the knee strapped and some more strapping coming out of his sock, but he's noticeably bigger across the chest and shoulders. Dion Johnstone is another one in great shape. Appears the right size now not to be pushed off the footy. Couple of nice low, drilling balls in one of the drills too. Let's hope he can take his chance in the NAB games. Pederson super impressive in some of the running I saw, up the front with Hunt and ANB. Oliver, Petracca and Tyson towards the back. Lewis was helping Filipovic for a little while there with his lining up/visualisation while kicking for goal. Lever just does everything well. Petracca kicks the cover off the ball and I hope he can add a bit of touch into some of his passing to lead as some of the kicks were almost un-markable.
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    Lets accept all training reports for what they are. Everyone who contributes should be thanked. They go to the trouble of attending and writing reports that provide information that we can enjoy. I also like to read the different comments and perspectives. I think all those who write them deserve a break. Readers like me are in a sense free loaders who benefit from the contributions of the training watchers. Are we better off with these contributions irrespective of content? I think so. See the common good and ignore the things that irritate you. The summer period is a time to renew our hope and faith in all things including our beloved Demons, and to look forward to the season ahead. A time to be positive and to accept our differences. Particularly as we all share the same love.
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    The constant negativity on here is one reason I feel like not posting again, whilst I can understand some of the angst, it is December, it is a new season, it is at least 2 months before we fire a shot in anger Read the reports, look at the photos, let's revisit Oscar, the fwd line, the game plan say around Rd 6, then we will have some data to go on At the moment, nearly all the squad hopefully will be ready to go Rd1, competition for spots will be ferocious, Goody does not play favourites From what I have seen at training, we will have a team of versatile men who can run all day and the skills are getting better each session
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    Interestingly so is Salem, he is finally free all injuries/ailments etc and did a heap of extra work, wants to show what he can do, hasn't missed a beat up to now, his running has gone to another level
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    Main Points: * Will play forward in 2018 * Is currently in Rehab * Not dwelling on 2017 and moving on to 2018 * Brendan McCartney in charge of defence now. * Good impression of Jake Lever. Strong trainer, using voice from beginning. * New Kids - Charlie Spargo - nippy little small forward. in rehab and going well. Beautiful kick of the footy. Diligent hard working.
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    Word was that Oscar was spotted later in the pool, thrashing his arms around as he managed to propel himself from one end to the other and back. Apparently some were saying that this was another poor effort, as it was clear proof that he had failed in his attempts to walk on water.
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    Just some quick snap shots for our interstate and overseas members - sorry Im not great with my spelling so you want get much chatter from me. - boys looked very positive, plenty talk, plenty one on one work with coaches - some of them never shut up. Big Jake Levers - nickname is snake. I will leave the rest of the write up to wiseblood he has a good handle on what to say Go Dees
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    The Petracca comment, that was part of the drill, a get out of jail ball, hence Hunt launching a torp at one point, it was a changeup with the kicks going the other way trying low flat passes
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    One of the drills was set up to stimulate two forwards essentially getting the ball almost alone in the forward line and running into an open goal. That's probably an over simplification but it was heavily weighed to two forwards (usual a 2 on 1 situation) getting the ball on a rebound and running into 50. Playing as alone defender with the odds stacked against him Lever was able to get back quick enough to effect an intercept spoil and on another occasion also tackle an opponent and stop a certain goal. He will change our team.
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    ^^^ Either post or don't. The threats are tiresome. Players look slimmer. Very positive.
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    Please leave your political infighting to the general board. No place for it here.
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    I heard from a very reliable source that both Christians (P & S) were told at their end of season reviews to prepare for next season as midfielders. Based on the training reports this appears to have been confirmed.
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    It is a training report thread, it is the only topic I am posting in, the rest degenerate into slanging matches and negativity If anybody wants to whinge and whine do it in one of those, let the rest of the readers read them in peace @DeeSpencer puts a lot of effort into his reports, read and enjoy, that's what I do and I am at the same sessions
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    Some of you are taking this way too seriously. Watts is supporting his new team just like Lever, Lewis, Frost, Bugg, Tyson, Garlett, McKenna, Vince, Hibberd and Melksham do for us now. Double standards abound.
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    Live training update. "Rehab groups" Garland weideman and hunt McDonald Garlett baker hibberd Hogan Kent Petty and someone else. Running laps. Hogan "appears" to be "limping slightly". Knee lightly strapped. Could just be how he walks. Is not wearing any Freo gear.
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    These two guys worked there for 12 and 14 years and were basically told to p-ss off, hand in your pass now and get out of the station immediately. Surely after that long a little more respect is due.
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    Like... WOW. That kind of sacking should only happen should you be revealed to have been involved in grave malfeasance. As far as I know, neither has been. This is bush league stuff. What media gigs does Ox have left now? Hope he has a plan B.
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    Seriously ProDee if you don't like @Satyriconhome put him on block. There are many here that value his input and find you tiresome, how are your training reports going?
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    Training report information is very valuable and I'm very thankful for the effort the posters go to. But it's naive to expect that it won't generate wider discussion and elements of critique: Pedo is in good shape - can we play 3 tall forwards and where does Weid fit? Lewis is training with the backline - he has pace issues in the midfield, can he manage them better here? will he replace Bernie in the backline and can they both play in the same 22? TMac is moving to the forward line and Lever has arrived - what does that mean for the backline structure and who will be the key players? Salem is training with the midfield - does that have implications for other midfielders like Tyson?
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    My 92yo father came to the football with me, my daughter and my brother and saw a win just before he passed away. He had not renewed his membership because of his mobility problems however the Club still sent him a scarf. He died thinking we might be Premiering contenders this year.
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    Maybe a more pertinent question is: "are Melbourne closer to a Flag without Watts?"
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    On Friday I used my Canon 5D mk 3 with a 100-400mm mk2 lens Gallery ==> https://www.smugmug.com/gallery/n-G2FGnW?mobile=true
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    They do indoor wrestling and Garlett was working with Pedo and tweaked a rib, all good, did nearly an hour and half of rehab
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    McGuane's prediction for us to make finals is a no brainer! Incremental improvement will happen from our talent, another preseason and increased experience of young guys in their 4th+ year. So the proverbial 'drover's dog' can get us into the finals. Simply scraping into the finals won't be enough to call the year a success, imv - as I said a 'drover's dog' will get us there. We need to achieve a quantum improvement and finish in or just outside the 4 and win at least one final. I hear people talk injuries. Yes, teams need luck with injury to win the GF but they aren't an excuse for not making the quantum improvement into the finals next year as we have an excellent top 30 which gives us plenty of depth. The want by players will determine how far we go.
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    Corey Wagner signed on. Ex Kangas listed and played 8 AFL games with the Roos over 2016 and 2017. To play with his brother Josh plus to show he has some small forward role to play. Very handy player.
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    http://www.melbournefc.com.au/news/2017-12-07/youngsters-bond-in-threeday-camp My mate Miffsy who is a junior coach at Torquay watched the boys training yesterday. Miffsy (who son is a promising junior) was gobsmacked by the players' foot skills and marking. He ain't a Dees man, but was very impressed. BTW Torquay has produced some handy AFL players including Travis Boak and Jasper Pittard. Noah Gadsby likely to be a name you'll hear in a year or two.
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    Saty, it's like panning for gold on a good prospect - ya gotta ignore the dross and appreciate the nuggets, not the other way round. Keep up the good work!
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    No its not Saty @DeeSpencer posts info from training sessions, and does not take exception if someone disagrees with his views. You share some great info, directly from the players mouths, and make a huge contribution to the site, and then go out of your way to undo all of your great work by whining condescendingly at anyone who dares to question your fanboi views. When you let people have their own views on players, you are a really interesting, and highly respected member of the site, but when old Saty rears his head, you are nothing but a rifle range target.
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    Finally. We need him to step up and IMO he is best suited to playing midfield. If he can put it together, he could be the outside polish we need.
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    As remarkable as it sounds, Pedersen could be hitting his peak at 30/31.
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    The numbers show how good he is already 19 disposals per game, 15 goals in 19 games 1st in Goal Assists per game 4th in inside 50's per game 4th in tackles per game 8th in clearances per game 7th in score involvements per game
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    We need an "Oh Sh!t" emoticon for moments like these.
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    Now ahead of last years figure....... 28,354
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    The camp I was talking about http://melbournefc.com.au/news/2017-12-07/youngsters-bond-in-threeday-camp
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    I'd be talking to one of Amazon's new business partners in Australia, GetSwift. That's the company run by Joel MacDonald and which has Joel and James Strauss as significant shareholders. (In Joel's case "significant" means about 140 million dollars worth.)
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    The Saty of the past few days is an asset to the site, and an interesting read. This version is the reason for most arguments on this site.
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    I suggested that this may turn out to be the case before the beginning of last season. A late starter with plenty of time off for injuries who has been improving year on year in the red and blue. It's worth also noting that he didn't face any injury concerns last year after surgery in the off-season (and a heavy senior work-load), and it seems (according to the training reports and photos) that he's reaching peak physical condition for the first time in his career - whether that's due to greater commitment, a longer, sustained period out of rehab, or, the re-modelling of his body shape (though probably a combination of each). On that last point, I find it highly intriguing that all of Hogan, Gawn and Pedders (our three primary talls beyond the defence - although it should be remembered that Pedo is only 193cm) have returned in a similar shape, slimmed-down but ultra-toned and fit - to me, a clear club directive and an obvious effort to increase their mobility and agility. The recruitment of Mark Bradtke only adds to the intrigue, and I get the sense that all three are being transformed into uber-utilities according to some new master-plan. Posters are rightly questioning the top-heavy nature of a forward-line containing all of Hogan, Tmac - who is perhaps already a model for the new body shapes of above (but could do with some extra agility - specifically in relation to his turning circle and reaction times) - and Pedo, with the latter slipping out of projected contention due to I think historical prejudice and the real-life fact that he doesn't kick enough goals as a permanent forward. Yet, he really did impact last year, and I can't see us throwing that potential away. But with Watts's departure, it clears the way for a bit of a rethink, and I've argued previously that we have an odd mix of small-to- mediums who play a bit taller, and talls who in effect lean toward the medium side. Pedo at the moment is the only one who I think can play tall tall up front (outside of Max when he shifts forward), as in can take a genuine pack-park and really out-muscle opponents, as well as also being the best of Hogan, Tomald and himself as regards to agility and applying forward pressure. It makes for an interesting mix. Right now I foresee Gawn and Pedo interchanging ruck and FF duties, Hogan and Pedo mixing it up in CHF/roaming wing roles, and Tmac in a leading-marking Jack Gunston role as a medium-forward (hopefully maintaining his goal-kicking accuracy from last season), taking on Watt's role somewhat as the third mobile tall (with the mids and HHF's inc. Salem to take up the slack and more responsibility in terms of delivery). But then how do you fit in the rest of our mediums and mid-forwards in the forward-line minus Garlett's slot as the only true pocket?
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    2nd last in the group who did the time trial but not miles behind guys like Jetta and Lewis. Not saying Balic will do the same but it was around this time last year that Clarry was battling and he worked his backside off and won the B+F. I'd say Balic is at a stage where if he works really hard and stays fit that he'll have caught up to a decent level by the time the games come.
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    If I'm not mistaken that video you're referencing is a drill where one player makes not much more than a token effort to restrict his opponent. It's not really contested work. In isolation that clip shouldn't be measured against intent. Having been to a number of training sessions over the years there's a number of those types of positioning drills.
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    Got there about 11:20. Stayed for half an hour or so. Absent: Viney, Vanders, Weid, McKenna Seemed to be a group doing about a 2km time trial. Tommy McDonald took the win, Jones not far behind, Bugg behind him, then a gap to Hogan from Lever, followed by a gap to Kent who did well fighting to stay ahead of Lewis, then Jetta and Fritsch (who went out with the front 4 and fell back) with a gap to Balic and then to Flipper. Gawn and King were running together as they have been lately. Lots of short sprints and changes of direction as well as longer stuff. The main group were doing repeat 200's. A rehab group of Garlett and J Smith in a pair and T Smith and Petty were doing longer interval runs. Hibberd, Melksham, Hannan were doing leading and kicking, as were Spargo and Baker with Crossy. Spargo looks like a very technically correct kick of the footy and can snap it accurately as well. Baker isn't as smooth, his drop punts can be a touch more up and under but not terrible. These 2 plus the 3 I named above did a kick to a lead, get a handball and kick a goal drill and Baker's easy change of pace was obvious and he nailed a very smooth running goal. Baker joined the midfield group, Hannan the forwards after they finished running. They split in to line groups. Chaplin again taking the defenders. Hard to tell if it's Rooke or who is in charge of the forwards. The forwards again had the soccer balls out to warm up with. All 3 line groups did drills with the focus on kicking and moving. They then divided in to 3 seemingly random groups to rotate through 3 drills. 1. Receiving the ball, turning off the mark and kicking to a short sideways lead right in close next to the boundary. 2. Picking up a ground ball under token pressure, straightening up and hitting a 45 degree lead (I like this drill because it replicates a more aggressive stoppage plan) 3. A 3 point kicking drill where you could either bomb to a target down the boundary or hit up a short inside 45 kick to a stationary team mate who would then wheel and go and kick long to the down the line man who has simultaneously turned and is racing towards goal. They split in 3 lane groups about 50m apart for simple lane work in a race to be first to 10 completed kicks. Very fast and surprisingly accurate. Lots of laughing and arguing over who won. Then the last thing I saw was the players pairing up and repeatedly leap frogging then crawling between a team mates legs. Another drill that seemed in high spirits but also probably had a decent point to it. Those explosive movements to jump up then get down and crawl repeated multiple times would be tiring stuff.
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    In short, some of your "sick feeling" and concerns are based on one contest on a video clip ?
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