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    The bald umpire- number 15. He's on my list.
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    Watched the game. It was a great win and the team was fantastic! A couple of things from me: - Melksham is too good for the vfl (yes, I'm serious). He was heavily involved and was one of the key ingredients to the win. - Mitch King is developing nicely. He looks like more player than project. Still a while off AFL ready, but is certainly developing ahead of expectation. Will see if he can back it up next game. - Huelett is back in town. Took some strong grabs, and provided a real target up forward. Really even effort all over for Casey.
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    Another one behind the paywall, but well worth a read if you can get around it: http://www.heraldsun.com.au/sport/afl/teams/melbourne/christian-petracca-has-lofty-ambitions-and-the-confidence-to-help-him-get-there/news-story/35182e694d13a8a0f4714ae491eaed2b I didn't put the click bait title in the heading as it would make Trac sound arrogant, which is not the nature of the article, but the best part of it was the final few sentences which read: “I want to be that person that can play midfield, but one who can rest forward to go deep if the game is in the balance.” He’ll be doing that in red and blue. Out of contract at the end of next season, he said re-signing was a formality. “I absolutely love it here,” he said. Amen to that, Trac. What a great thing to read on a Sunday morning. You are welcome to sign a long term deal whenever you like my friend!
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    This will sound like the strangest comment ever uttered in these hallowed digital halls, but I don't think I'm ready yet. This is my life now. Melbourne's inveterate crapness is a core part of my personal identity. The Stockholm Syndrome has full hold of me. Just the thought of a flag and the existential anxiety seizes my brain. How the hell am I possibly going to cope on Grand Final day?!! And around all those bloody neutrals who couldn't possibly understand. What if it all goes horribly wrong? And surely, surely, after waiting so desperately all this time, there isn't the slightest hope that the joy however great could ever live up to the desire. And how much salt would it rub into the wounds - to suddenly do it so easily after a half-century of wasted effort? What happens when life returns to normal? When cricket returns to the G' and ordinary people no longer care? When everyone else has forgotten the pain and the suffering and simply moved on? I'll be that prisoner released into society after serving a life sentence. I'm institutionalised. My only hope is recidivism. To bid farewell to the MFC and jump on the Richmond bandwagon to nowhere . . .
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    Salem has been given a week for his elbow. Cunnington predictably got a $1000 fine for intentionally punching someone on the field. The MRP are a joke! How Salem can get the same as Thompson is beyond me. Update. Higgins also got $1000 for striking Clarry. Both Higgins and Cuntington were deemed intentional with low impact. Higgins got off completely for hitting Vince. The protection of that puss bag of a club continues. I hope we smash them in Hobart later in the year, don't care if the whole team ends up suspended just pummel the twerps into the ground.
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    Utter garbage. What Salem needed to do was grab a handful or his jumper, then beat him to death with an iron bar.
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    I was sitting on the western side of adelaide oval center wing the Adelaide supporters around me were fine they just thought it was another game they were going to win by 10 goals. The usual smart arse comments about draft picks etc very polite arrogance I'd like to call it, had my cousin ask me if I was having a gd time when the crows piled on 6 in a row it was all gd everyone was having a jolly old time,until the 2nd half that is. They started turning on each other also asking each other what's wrong with the team etc. With each passing melb goal my screams were getting louder and louder especially when clarry nailed from the betts pocket I had people turning around a looking at me thinking how dare u but that just fueled the fire this was a release of pent up frustration we've all carried to years. The started leaving in their droves the 1st we kicked in the 4th I got up had a look around and ask 'where a you going this isn't what supporters do' by that stage I was center stage non of the supporters could look at me because they knew we had bullied them on their on patch humiliated them. All this crap about this lady saying the chap involved started swearing I listened to the lady on 5aa this morning she admitted when the presenters pressed her for info that the man only swore once load of crap this is. At the end of the day Melb supporters all had the last laugh.
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    Whenever Footscray won a flag we've won the next 3. Relax. We've got this.
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    This is the key. Dropping games we should win or were in a winning position will bury our finals chances. Despite suffering from MFCSS this is the first time in a long time, perhaps ever in my 40 years a Demon, that I believe we can genuinely beat any team we come up against. Having said that my eternal pessimism also leads me to believe that we can lose to any team in the competition. I should seek therapy. Our win against Adelaide means nothing if we cannot back it up.
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    I don't feel angry about this loss, even though I should. I'm not sure why really. We should have won this game but I still feel as though we had a red hot go and were undone by things outside of control (mostly, anyway). Their height had us covered all day and we could do little about it. Most will smash Oscar for it, but Ben Brown was too tall for him and when he was allowed to get a run at it Oscar had little chance. I'm not sure what else he can do. I still feel as though we need another key backman, though. What I got out of today was that we missed Jesse big time this week. Watts and Weideman didn't trouble the scorers and both Thompson and Tarrant were too strong in the contest for them. With Hogan, he can beat both of those one on one or at worst get the ball to ground. We didn't have that today and it meant our smalls, like Garlett and Kent, were kept out of the game. We kept bombing it in and they kept marking it. Not much our small players can do in this situation. The last thing I got out of the game is that we're now a side who are never out of the contest. Even after a horrid first term I knew we would bounce back... and we did. We might not have won, but that will come. We aren't pushovers anymore and sides can't walk all over us anymore. Once we learn how to win more consistently then we'll be a tough side to play. Finally, kudos to Mitch Hannan who played superbly today. I was really impressed with his efforts.
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    I think Watts is playing very sore and understandably so. He's had one game where he's been a genuine back up to Gawn, two games where he was our number one ruck for the majority and a number where he's spent considerable time there. Opposition rucks have been understandably hurting him and it's catching up I think. We underestimate the collective physical damage an undersized ruck would suffer when asked to do it over a considerable period. It was interesting that McDonald rucked all the last quarter and not Watts because on face value we would most likely have been better the other way round. Take that as you may, but he hasn't played the role that is his since round one and he's played pretty well over the course of the season. He was poor on Sunday but potting him for it shows little insight.
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    Demonland the day after a win: The premiership is ours! Demonland the day after a loss: Trade everyone! (Closely followed by 14 pages of arguing with each other about the order in which to trade - and who is the 'softest' of our players)
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    I just wrote to the AFLUA. Gave Nichols a spray. I encourage you all to do the same.
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    A comment purely on the uMrs as I don't have anything nice to say about the players right now. How Vince can gets clearly punched and not be a free is beyond me. What's the bet the North players gets a fine at worst. How Salem got the bloke high while being tackled without the ball is a joke. Ben Brown is a protected Muppet. That holding free he got against Frost was one of the stupidest frees I have ever seen. I counted at least 4 clear trips not paid, in fact one was paid as us holding the ball as we couldn't kick it while being tackled around the ankle. They got a goal from a throw plenty of times, double handed, one handed, off the ground, they were all there to be seen, none more obvious that in the last straight over their head and got a goal. I can't recall them being called for holding once, even though they dragged it in, dropped it, and threw it all day. Watts was hip and shouldered out of a marking contest by a player who didn't get close to contesting the mark, right in front of the ump, no free of course. These are just the ones off the top of my head. A complaint must be made! I normally don't watch our games against North as they have been protected in our games for years. Only watched this as I hoped we would pummel the pretenders, good to see nothing has changed and we are still pretenders too.
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    My mates refer to Waite as a sanitary item, in for one week and out for three.
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    I reckon Goody needs to come out and say that Sunday's game demonstrated the need for the club to take action to protect our younger players from the sort of treatment they were on the end of during that game. Perhaps he could say that our insurer has told us that it's part of our duty of care to our players to do everything within our power to prevent the same thing - or worse - happening in future (if this isn't true, it really should be). He could say that the spite in the game was initiated early on by a 19-year-old player getting throat punched off the ball by a senior player, who was not penalised for doing so. He could say that, unless we take steps now to ensure that this type of thing is sanctioned, we can't guarantee that our players will be protected from more severe injury in the future as a result of such an incident. He could say that it was our reasonable expectation as a club that our players would get adequate protection from the umpires, but clearly this did not happen throughout the game. This is a cause of some concern to us. He could also say that in any other year than this year, the opponents who deliberately punched our players would be sitting out for a week or two, and like the majority of the football world, we are perplexed as to why this has changed, and have yet to receive a good explanation from the AFL about the rationale for this change. He could also say that we like to play the game hard but fair, but that Sunday's game demonstrated that bending the rules actually gets you further. Our acquiescence after the Carlton game has bothered me. Both Hogan and Lewis reacted to something that was said to them. Viney, who was within earshot of the Lewis incident, clearly thought it was inappropriate too, and shoved Cripps into the ground after Lewis hit him. By contrast, Carlton exposed the sledging of Marc Murphy and it actually worked in their favour. So far, our silence and meek acquiescence has just made us a bigger target.
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    The issues will be mental. If Hogan can get back quickly conditioning will not be so much of an issue. Both Gawn and Hogan could be back for QB. By god North showed us how badly we need out big men back.
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    A number of commentators were calling Melbourne's win over Adelaide "season-defining" and I wish that were true but the reality is that our season to date has been defined by other things, such as injuries, illness and suspensions to important players, slow starts to games, narrow losses and defeats snatched from the jaws of victory. I don't really like the expression "season-defining" and I would prefer that it be confined to the context of a single win in September but if it must be used then it should apply to the day when the club finally shows that it can perform consistently as it did last Saturday night at Adelaide and win games that it's expected to win. Melbourne opened the season with a great win over St Kilda but in the following march it played poorly against Carlton. We haven't played two good games in a row so far this year. It's time.
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    I know I'm biased but pretty surprised he didn't get in the best, nearly every Casey player did have a great game though. Missed a set shot after taking a ripper contested mark in the pocket but I thought it was Decs best game of the season. Took a few really important marks, seemed to win the majority of the ruck contests he was in, against a much taller opponent (will be interesting to see his hit out stats) competed really well on the ground and got numerous handballs/clearences out of the contest. He is usually pretty humble when it comes to his performances but he was pretty rapped after the game, probably more due to the fact that it was a great win and the boys did really well, reminded me a bit of the Adelaide game. Lets hope the seniors can do the same agaisnt North tonight!
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    I must say I hate it when I see Dees fans bring in opposition fan guests into my Melbourne "only" area. Especially if we lose. If we win then I love it.
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    Eddie just received word Max could be back for the Pies game !!
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    Great logic. We need key backs so we'll trade away the ones we have. Brilliant.
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    If we can get into a position in the top 8 in the next 4-6 weeks and then get Gawn & Hogan, our 2 most important players reaching peak fitness at the right time of year l can see no reason why we can't have a real crack. We seem to have really galvanised as a team with the difficulties that have arisen & they seem to love being coached by Goodwin. Having said that we need to start winning the games we should. With a full fit list finals time look out!!
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    It was a shocking free in any case and even after calming down I still want a please explain sent him. The bloody umpires were joking with north players at 3/4 time... such a bad look in a game where the umpiring was painfully one sided
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    Watts back to the soft player that we used to loathe so badly. Lays half-arsed tackles, stages for frees, doesn't contest marks etc, etc. A terrible game from him.
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    What made it worst was he was joking and laughing with a north player as they walked off at 3/4 time!! Appalling stuff and a terrible look especially after giving them all the 50/50 and soft calls and not giving us any of the obvious ones let alone the 50/50.
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    No. [censored] off. Leave the game alone
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    I love Titus. After the win v st kilda he made a comment along the following lines - "Cop that Saints. No one beats the Demons 15 times in a row."
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    Lots of people in the media tipping against Melbourne on the basis they "they will get ahead of themselves." For the love of god, please prove them wrong Melbourne.
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    See this is the sort of thing that really annoys me. He was setting himself to contest the mark with Goldstein, and Hansen took his eyes off the ball and shoulder-charged him long before the ball came, which allowed Goldstein to mark uncontested. If you're setting for a marking contest and an opponent just takes you out when you don't expect it, very few players could stay on their feet. Yet our "supporters" say he staged. If after watching the replay you really do think that Watts staged that, you have no idea. I've also seen comments that Oliver staged when he was sniped by Higgins in the first quarter, and that Vince staged when he was punched low in the gut by Cunnington - even when he was vomiting on the bench, the commentators were trying to say he was exaggerating. Unbelievable.
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    I was at the New Members Function before the game. Brendan McCartney was there and wouldn't stop talking about the Adelaide win. He brought up how Oliver is 15 percent the player he will be, Trac is 10 percent, Viney a third... And the win against Adelaide is an indicator of that etc. Even when Trengove and Stretch came out, their first bunch of questions was about the Adelaide win. I get it was a great win, but 4 points is 4 points... What we saw from Melbourne today was the exact same performance we gave against Hawthorn. Everything went according to script. The team was not switched on. In every single game we've been starting favorites this year, we haven't turned up. Yes we beat Carlton, but compared to what we showed against St Kilda in the first round, we were not On that day. And we weren't today. This was a problem last year as well.
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    Mentally weak. Fuming! A game we simply should have won but no, typical Melbourne [censored]. And Weideman is utter useless. Send him back to Casey and leave him there till next year when he puts on weight and actually grows a pair. That was one of the weakest games from Jack Watts since 2012. Your a 145 game veteran, play like one!
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    Went in against one of the premier ruckmen in the competition without a recognised ruckman. Proved the difference.
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    I know it's behind the paywall, but for those who can view it (or know how to get around the paywall), the link is here: http://www.heraldsun.com.au/sport/afl/teams/melbourne/star-recruit-jordan-lewis-is-spreading-hawthorn-gospel-at-his-new-club-melbourne/news-story/5331da6c68b450060d13cb5f7b6e76fc Basically, it just outlines that Lewis has been talking extensively to the players about the 'take less money' model that Clarkson used at Hawthorn to assist in player retention, which in turn will help us break our premiership drought. Great to see Lewis doing this and if we keep growing as a group then hopefully that makes it even easier for players to sign on for the right coin. With teams throwing money around, and with a few gun players (Petracca, Gawn, Hunt etc.) out of contract next year, this may help us in retaining players without going overboard about it. The article does say that we aren't currently under an salary cap constraints and with it going up soon we shouldn't have any problems retaining our players. What it may help with is being able to add further players to the list as well to complement what we already have.
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    Me thinks some might be just getting a little ahead of themselves here
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    ^ You're totally right. I have no idea where Freo would be without Ethan Hughes.
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    It's very very hard to keep supporting this sport. The AFL and MRP are an absolute disgrace!
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    In the third quarter, Petracca marks on the 50 metre arch against 2 North players, who subsequently went to ground and Petracca stayed up. He jumped over the player and was about to blitz and stream into what would have been an open goal. One of the North Players purposely tripped Petracca and help him back/dragged him to the ground, which was deemed a trip. I'm sorry, but how isn't something like this awarded a 50m penalty and not even looked at the MRP? If you intentionally trip someone who has the opportunity to stream clear, and you hold them up by tripping them, they should be suspended and the player should be awarded a 50m penalty.
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    I'd calmed down a bit until I opened this thread.
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    We are a different side this year and we're hamstrung without two of our best 5 players. Midfielders can be easier to cover, talls not so much. I'd like to see how other sides go without these two players (eg. GWS without Cameron and Mumford). They would be in the same boat. If supporters can't see that we've improved then that's totally up to them, but they're wrong.
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    He got punched in the stomach and went off vomiting. In the outside world that's assault. No matter which way you look at it, it's a free kick and a suspension.
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    You're extracting the urine with Hunt, Watts and Petracca surely?
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    Kent looks like Tarazan plays like Jane. Soft as butter. Bugg is a joke. Watts put in a half arsed performance. Trac and Oliver well shut down. OMac and Weids have a lot of potential but until they put on 15kgs each they won't be competitors. Very very very disappointing. The one game I wanted to win this year just showed us for the mentally weak team that we are.
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    We were out played. But what was the go with those umpires? Putrid.
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    I'm tipping no change but if there's going to be one, it might be Melksham for Wagner. This game, like almost all of the remaining 14 games this year, comes down almost entirely to us. If we play at our best, we will win. Last week showed that our best is good enough to beat any opponent, anywhere. However, if we don't play out our best, North is good enough to beat us. Would dearly love to have a dominant first quarter, kill some nerves off, get a nice lead going, and get a confident feeling that we've come with the right mindset against our last remaining "bogey team".
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    A contender would win the next three games in a row.
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    Will be a huge boost for Casey to get Gawn in into the team for the rest of the year. Pedo will be in full flight by then of course.