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    This will be Jesse's 50th game! It has taken 4 difficult years, with many obstacles. Have huge admiration for how you have tackled and overcome them. Congratulations on the milestone. Hope the team bring it home for you and for us!
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    That's a relative statement. Yes, it functioned enough to win but we had 62 Inside 50s and had 26 scoring shots. In our best wins: StK 55 and 30, Ess 55 and 27, WB 54 and 28, Adel 53 and 22, Coll 57 and 29, WCE 47 and 24, PA 62 and 23. There is a lot of noise in those numbers but we were running at a better efficiency earlier in the year. And we have left ourselves a tiny bit exposed in those last two stirring wins with excellent starts that didn't get enough out of the domination. A rough guide would be a shot at goal for every two entries and we didn't get that, so I do believe it can function much better.
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    Jesse should do the Lin Jong and strap up the good side.
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    Stretch coming in for Viney, Hogan replacing Weideman. Kennedy the carry-over emergency. So the bench will be Brayshaw, Stretch, Hannah and Wagner. Maynard and Sammy playing for Casey. This might change tonight but that's the team as of right now.
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    This. I honestly do not know why there is so much spite involved with his dip in form and demotion.
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    Wattsy was great before he got hurt. How quickly things turn on here.... He is a Melbourne player, so get around him. I for one hope he comes back and helps us win a final or two.
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    The surgeon who screwed Hogan's collar bone back together also put a bolt in Max's elbow so he can't straighten it.
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    Currently sitting on 99 goals as well.
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    Jack is a thoroughbred not a brumby! There are plenty of 'brawn' type players. I do not understand why everyone is obsessed with making him a brawny brumby! Jack is at his best as a 'link player'. The most perfect example of that was his game winning run, play and goal vs the pies on QB. The best link player is Adelaide's Tom Lynch. I don't usually go for stats but in this case it is worth comparing their career averages: G: Lynch = 1.5, Watts= 1.0 B: Lynch = 0.9, Watts = 0.5 K: Lynch = 11, Watts = 9 H: Handballs = 5.6, Watts = 7.0 M: Marks = 6.2, Watts = 5.3 T: Tackles = 1.7, Watts = 2.0 Pretty good performance in that role, especially as he played a lot of games in defence and pinch hits in the ruck. Obviously, he is not following coaches instructions. It can't be those stats. I think it is more likely to be the '1%ers' and 'pressure acts'. I am a firm believer in letting people (in any walk of life) play to their strengths rather than make them something they are not. So play Jack as a link man. That is what he does best.
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    He sounded happy in the interview last week - he had just come back from a China holiday and doing promotional work there (I assumed that was for the club but not sure). Maybe contract talks have started and he isn't happy with the offer. Its tough for him, having spent 50% of his 3 years injured so hasn't been able to show what he can really do. But also tough for the club to evaluate what he can offer. But if Vand is doing a dummy spit because he isn't getting the role he wants it would be really disappointing given the support the club has provided. He could ask for a one year deal, back himself in and earn a spot in the midfield and renegotiate for 2019 and beyond. But if he wants it handed to him on a platter then fine he can go elsewhere. Hope he stays!
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    Do they have spots available on their long term injury list?
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    Dont know what all the fuss is about. He is going to be a Demon. Redleg hit the nail on the head, Adelaide are struggling to sign their top end young talent. However, that has not hurt their on-field performance so they have no need to change their pay structures. Welcome to the Demons Jake Lever.
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    Reckon big Max Gawn is set for a monster game on the weekend. looking forward to seeing how he responds.
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    Apart from his injured foot, I'm not too concerned that he's out of the team. Having Jones back, particularly if he plays like last week, really picks up the slack in the stoppages/clearance area. Also, with Gus back in the team we've picked up another very handy player who based of last weeks game will help cover any loss Viney presents. A second week of Brayshaw magic is keenly awaited.
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    Feeling positive after last weeks win, playing finals is looking likely and Brisbane are on the bottom of the ladder with little to play for, except draft picks. Lions by 8 goals.
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    If we make the finals, give me Port in Adelaide over Swans in Sydney any day of the week.
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    ON A PLATTER by The Oracle At this time of the year, when the battle for the finals heats up, every game involving one or two of the contenders can be dramatic. By the time, Melbourne's turn comes to defend its current top eight placing, all five matches played either on Friday night or at some time on Saturday will have had an influence on the prospects of the teams playing for a finals finish or a top four spot (although admittedly, the Hawks' late bid may well be over before their game starts). The fact that we will have better knowledge of how the club is placed in its quest for its first finals appearance since 2006 will not however, have an effect on what it has to do against the the 18th-placed Lions. Success is never served on a platter given away by others. The challenge for Melbourne is to win this game and then the next. If it does that, it won't have to depend on others to make the finals which is what it's all about - the capacity to be responsible for one's own future. The challenge of winning this particular game also requires the team to step up in a crunch game where it starts as the favourite against a much lower ranked side. On four occasions (against Fremantle, Hawthorn and North Melbourne twice), the Demons have turned up expecting the four points to be served up on that platter only to stumble and fall by narrow margins. There is not much use in crying over spilt milk but a simple glance at the ladder will tell you that had they won half of those close games, they would have been in top four contention instead of fighting with three or four others for a place in the eight. The Brisbane Lions have hit some form recently so they can't be taken lightly. Melbourne has much more at stake and simply cannot afford to lapse in this game. If it does so this time, then a large number of its fans, including yours truly, will be cheesed off. And on that note, I hope that the players are not distracted by the fare of cheese, avocado, prosciutto which one Melbourne supporter feasted on last week at the Saints game. THE GAME Melbourne v Brisbane at MCG Sunday 19 August, 2017 at 1.10pm HEAD TO HEAD Overall: Melbourne 23 wins, Brisbane 20 wins At MCG: Melbourne 13 wins, Brisbane 3 wins Last Five Meetings: Melbourne 2 wins, Brisbane 3 wins The Coaches: Goodwin 0 wins, Fagan 0 wins MEDIA TV - Fox Footy Channel live at 1.00pm Radio - SEN ABC ABC Grandstand THE BETTING Melbourne $1.17 to win, Brisbane $5.25 to win LAST TIME THEY MET Melbourne 19.17.131 defeated Brisbane 9.14.68 at the MCG, Round 9, 2016 The Demons don't often win games by more than 10 goals but they did just that the last time the two teams met 15 months ago. Jesse Hogan booted five goals, James Harmes four and Tomas Bugg finished with 31 touches. THE TEAMS MELBOURNE B: Michael Hibberd, Oscar McDonald, Neville Jetta HB: Jordan Lewis, Tom McDonald, Jayden Hunt C: Dom Tyson, Nathan Jones, Clayton Oliver HF: Alex Neal-Bullen, Jesse Hogan, Christian Petracca F: Jeff Garlett, Cam Pedersen, James Harmes FOLL: Max Gawn, Bernie Vince, Jake Melksham I/C (from): Angus Brayshaw, Mitch Hannan, Ben Kennedy, Corey Maynard, Billy Stretch, Josh Wagner, Sam Weideman IN: Jesse Hogan, Ben Kennedy, Corey Maynard, Billy Stretch OUT: Jack Viney (foot) BRISBANE LIONS B: Daniel McStay, Harris Andrews, Daniel Rich HB: Darcy Gardiner, Josh Walker, Sam Mayes C: Hugh McCluggage, Dayne Zorko, Ryan Bastinac HF: Lewis Taylor, Michael Close, Claye Beams F: Ryan Lester, Eric Hipwood, Jake Barrett FOLL: Stefan Martin, Tom Rockliff, Dayne Beams I/C (from): Jacob Allison, Tom Cutler, Ben Keays, Rhys Mathieson, Nick Robertson Sam Skinner, Alex Witherden IN: Tom Cutler, Ben Keays, Sam Skinner, Alex Witherden OUT: Cedric Cox (Omitted) Brisbane has a poor record against Melbourne at the MCG having won there only three times (although that figure might have looked better had the Demons not sold home games to play at the Gabba in the Lions' halcyon days). Their last win at the G was by 41 points in Round 1, 2012 which was Mark Neeld's first game as coach. Things are far different for both sides these days but a loss to the Demons on Sunday would be far more devastating than the one from 5½ years ago that marked the beginning of the former coach and his team's long ride on the "reality bus". A loss at home to the last placed team in the competition would signal that Melbourne simply does not merit a berth in the finals. Fortunately, the team does have the experienced heads who can lead it through the pressure of a must win game starting with co-skipper Nathan Jones who has dedicated his football lifetime to be in reach of the September action he last saw when his career was in its infancy. With him is Jordan Lewis who has seen it all in his time as a four-time premiership player and is now on the brink of yet another finals campaign. The Demons have won most of their games when these two have been in the team together and the leadership of the club's wise old heads will be critical over the weeks to come. And with them is a young team with a lot of talent that plays a high possession game, wins the contested ball and has an All Australian ruckman who is smart enough to learn and adapt his technique after the issues he had with the umpires in the game against the Saints. The Lions have improved greatly in the second half of the season and had a great win last week against a club in crisis after the sacking of their coach. This week they face a club with a mission and the boot will be on the other foot. Melbourne by 45 points.
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    So now MFC gets a rap over the knuckles because Max talked about infringing! "THE AFL has written to clubs warning them that public commentary about umpiring will be closely monitored after Tigers coach Damien Hardwick and Melbourne ruckman Max Gawn were outspoken on the standard of officiating last week". http://www.afl.com.au/news/2017-08-18/watch-the-umpire-commentary-afl-warns-clubs For mine that adds insult to injury! He didn't complain nor criticise the umpires like Hardwick did. He simply stated he didn't understand why he was infringing. Time and time again it seems it is when someone at the Dees is seen to 'step over the line' that the AFL act. What about the running commentary recently from coaches (Scott, Buckley, Scott, Beveridy) on MRP cases? No, not a word from the AFL there! Use MFC as the 'sacrificial' example seems to be their motto!
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    Why do you act so defensively on a forum that doesn't matter?
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    You would know if he ever did ... mystery poster joins, gets to 1,000 posts faster than anyone else before, then disappears forever.
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    Yeh, I find it hard to believe that ^ Especially given the way he spoke about next year in his latest interview.
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    Not happy with his role? Bit hard to be given one when you are not even on the park. This is a rubbish rumour of the highest order.
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    Getting on a park would help.........
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    Like the sensitive thought-police who try and shut down opinions about the club or players? Haven't looked at everything posted by CS, but anyone who thinks he wasn't challenged politely about club matters failed Comprehension 101. However, I did chuckle when reading Curry & Beer gush all over Schwabby in one of his posts.
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    Because the Bulldogs picked him before us?
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    There's been a rumour that we promised to pick him but didn't
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    He certainly did - if I remember correctly said something along the lines of (paraphrasing) I'm glad some of you aren't negotiating sponsorships. Was sanctimonious crap then he disappeared when he was called on several issues plaguing the club at the time (in a respectful manner mind you).
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    Yeah I've noticed that. Maybe why he's coming fifth last?
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    Zorko has had a great few seasons and is a star. Would be a massive player if in Geelong or Adelaide or any other top side. I'm worried about Hipwood tbh, another gorilla (or giraffe) fwd. Our midfields will either neutralize each other, or we'll come out on top and the rest of our class across the board should shine (Jetta, Garlett, Hibbo, Petracca etc) Having TMAC back reflects this dire need to sure up our last line of defence over the next month with Frost assumedly falling our of favor. We can afford to let our mids and forwards be creative enough to create the scores, if we're willing to build an elite defensive unit and let the chips fall where they may in other areas.
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    Very harsh to judge someone's class with gale blowing Antarctic winds after a 4 week hamstring layoff.
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    Casey Demons have been granted a license in the 2018 Victorian Football League (VFL) Women's competition. http://melbournefc.com.au/news/2017-08-17/casey-demons-granted-2018-vflw-licence
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    Jesse be thinkin' "anything Viney can do"..........
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    I like us playing the Elim final on the Thursday night (if we make finals). It gives us a 12 day break from the round 23 Saturday game and it gives us at least 8/9 day break to the next final (if we win Elim). I think that is a major reasons the Bulldogs won last year: they had 8 - 9 day breaks between each final giving their players maximum time for recovery. That is a fair advantage in September.
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    I'm really feeling confident as I note David Rodan's in goal!
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    Reckon it should be: Hogan in for Weid Maynard in for Viney Let Viney get right for finals. Maynard can replace him for a week to just smash in at stoppages. Let Jesse build form for finals.
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    He only just left the rooms in Darwin. We forgot about him, medical staff went and brought him back last night.
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    For the sake of matrimonial harmony I watch this show by myself.
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    He was out of form, he got dropped. Didn't set the world alight at Casey Our forward line functioned fine without him. Whats the problem and how was he mismanaged?
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    Maybe follow him to his new club PF, the hyperbole won't be missed. We'd all love Wattsy to be a part of the future success, but it's a 2 way street. He puts in, he gets the rewards on offer.
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    Best time for a Viney rest. He needs to come back breathing fire for the Collingwood clash which is also the Buckley Pi&@ off !!! game.
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    Lin Jong did it last year and destroyed Casey in the VFL Grand Final, its crazy what those inserted plates can achieve
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    Honest Carlton!! The Visy paper bag mob, the inventors of tanking whose recruit got another club investigated for their invention, the club with the doctors who repeatedly screw other teams' players at the MRP?? That honest Carlton??!!
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    This looks about right but are Bugg and Melksham really competing for the same spots? Prior to his suspension I think Bugg and Melksham had played in pretty much every game together. Melksham looks to have changed his role and is playing well but has he taken over Bugg's role? And if so is there another role for Bugg?
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    I am Matty Febey Me and Stinga come on here a bit (all the time) Go Dees
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    have to go to China soon and work have suggested the first week in September [FFS!] current flights have me arriving back in Melb in Friday 8th - does anyone know (assuming of course we make finals which is not locked in yet) what the odds would be of the Dees playing on Thursday night? I know there was some talk of it earlier in the thread If I missed our first final in 11 years I wouldn't be able to live with myself. I could possible change it to the following week but you know... then I might miss the next final **cough** not jinxing it ***
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