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    Great logic. We need key backs so we'll trade away the ones we have. Brilliant.
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    ^ You're totally right. I have no idea where Freo would be without Ethan Hughes.
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    I don't get all the doom and gloom This is the most even season that I can ever remember. We are one game off second bottom We are one game off 6th position We have beaten 3 sides above us and won 1 game to sides below us We have lost to 3 sides above us and lost to 2 sides below us Who knows what will happen this week and although we get disappointed at our loses, this season is one of the best for a long time No one knows who will win this week (with the possible exception of Coll vs Bris.) Haw ( 17th ) is only 2 games out of the eight Sit back and enjoy.
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    "We are expecting Gold Coast's best." Statement by Nathan Jones in an interview yesterday. I believe we heard this prior to the Hawks and Roos games and in both those games it was like we actually waited for quarter time to see what the opposition brings.
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    ...Kent. One player I rated and bought up big. He is my Biota purchase, but a decade later, I am waiting for a bird flu epidemic. Last half yesterday, he could have ran through once or twice, but just pulled up. Is he scared of getting rubbed out? Or is he carrying 12 broken ribs? He has the unique gift of speed and mass. About time he used it, even at the risk of getting rubbed out. pTGR
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    Teams announcedt a bit earlier tonight: IN: Jake Melksham, Alex Neal-Bullen, James Harmes OUT: Christian Salem (susp.), Dean Kent (omitted), Sam Weideman (omitted) Changes look pretty good to me!
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    I say that every time someone from the club trots out the old "We are preparing for their best" BS. How bout we just play OUR best and the result will take care of itself.
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    Hit the nail on the head. Just a simple thought experiment really, take out the best ruck and best key forward of any side (particularly those in the eight given the even season) and see what you're left with. Goodwin talks about opportunity because he is a positive coach, but when you're going against the best (fit) ruckman in the league with two established key defenders, personnel matters. Adelaide (who also lost to North) wouldn't be the same without Jacobs or Tex, Port without Ryder or Dixon, and we've seen what Naitanui means to West Coast, now also take out Kennedy. Freo without Sandilands the list goes on! Obviously personnel isn't the only reason we struggled yesterday, and I'm not excusing that putrid first quarter effort. We have some attitude problems no doubt but for anyone to say we haven't improved overall is nonsense, our percentage shows we've been in every game. It is a roller-coaster of a year, I can't get off and sometimes feel like throwing up, but I enjoy going each week and if a couple of things had gone our way the win tally would be far greater.
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    The Hibberd deliberate decision will take some beating.
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    Who cares. Just stink it up. Im glad its interstate so I don't have to go.
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    This week ? He has one of the most miserable personas I've ever seen.
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    You're not suggesting that players can be things other than perfect or a dud are you?
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    I was going to post about that this arvo but ballsed up the post and dropped it. Here's the crazy thing. That has to be the most concentrated umpiring fuckup in the last 10 years. a Richmond player was in the "protected area", right in front of the ump, who did nothing there is no such thing as a tangent in the rules there is no such thing as "two thirds" of ANYTHING in the rules. Schwab is full of it. (Schwab said in the HUN: "it's two thirds east-west when you are defending and when you come into your attacking third and you're lined up with the middle of the goal, you can go on that arc." Anyone know what the fluck that even means?) the rules don't change if you are in your "defensive third of the ground". Nothing in the rules about a defensive third. Martin played on by running off the line of the mark in any event but wasn't called The lot of them, from the umps on the ground all the way up, have shown that they do not known the rules of their own game. They seem to be working off some unspoken version that exists only in their heads. No wonder they seem to get worse every week when they get "direction" like that from above.
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    Bit dramatic... He missed a large chunk of the pre season which never helps any player. He was probably in our best 2 or 3 players against Geelong in round 3.. He's played 56 games, yes he is frustrating as hell & can be lazy but I'm not writing him off after last week.. He like the side need to close the gap between their best & worst because the gap is drastic
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    I think it would be best for the players and the club to just stfu from here on in and let the footy do the talking
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    Everyone in the age has tipped us to win. That's 23 tippers. Gold Coast really aren't that bad when on song and we can be really bad when we're not on song. It's a flip of the coin match.
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    http://www.melbournefc.com.au/news/2017-05-24/guest-whos-back-at-the-club Welcome back Ashleigh!!!
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    If he does, his wit is well and truly disguised
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    THE BOOK OF MELBON by The Oracle Hello! This is the story about a bunch of nice guys who, at one stage, believed they were destined to do something incredible. When the Demons comfortably beat the Latter Day Saints in the opening round of the 2017 season it was a case of brimming wide toothy smiles from all of the Melbourne players and their supporters. We were in for a great season and it didn't matter that one team member was injured in the early stages of the first game or that one of the better players was reported as a result of a stupid indiscretion. The team was young, happy, healthy and most of all they BELIEVED ... and all was well and good. The Book of Melbon was about to be spread across every corner of the world. In the weeks to follow the team was taken to dark places. More of those smiling players were injured or suspended. The promise of paradise inspired by the historical figure of their long gone ancient coach Norman Smith evaporated into thin air. The team faced its own demons in the guise of an inability to cope with expectation that comes with a team on the rise. They had to find a way to address and overcome their inconsistencies, to find the courage to take control of the situation, to "Man Up". The AFL's Mission Control sent the Demons to Alice Springs in the red centre of the country to convert the locals and to make them love the game of Australian Rules but the population there already had problems of their own. Meanwhile, those smiling young boys from Melbon had to confront another enemy, one that had recently been on a sojourn to another continent where they were battered from pillar to post and were now on a mission of revenge. To their sheer amazement the Demons and their fans discovered the local bookies had installed them as outright favourite to win their forthcoming confrontation with the Gold Coast Suns. Panic immediately set in and the nightmare began once again in the form of the "Spooky Melbon Hell Dream". This incredible saga has a dramatic twist and I'll be back after interval (team selection) to tell the rest of the story ... THE GAME Melbourne v Gold Coast Suns at Traeger Park, Alice Springs Saturday 27 May, 2017 at 4.40pm HEAD TO HEAD Overall - Melbourne 6 wins Gold Coast Suns 3 wins At Traeger Park - Melbourne 0 wins Gold Coast Suns 0 wins Past five matches - Melbourne 3 wins Gold Coast Suns 2 wins The Coaches - Goodwin 0 wins Eade 0 wins MEDIA TV - Fox Footy Channel - Live at 4.30pm RADIO - Triple M SEN ABC ABC Grandstand THE BETTING Melbourne to win - $1.45 Gold Coast Suns to win - $2.75 THE LAST TIME THEY MET Melbourne 9.12.66 defeated Gold Coast Suns 9.10.64 at MCG Round 19, 2016 After handing out a thrashing to the Suns on their home turf earlier in the season, the Demons started as white hot favourite to repeat the dose on the MCG. Predictably, their inconsistency shone through and it was only the heroism of a smiling Jack Watts that saw the team home by a narrow two point margin at the end of the day. THE TEAMS MELBOURNE B: HB: C: HF: F: FOLL: I/C: EMG: IN: OUT: GOLD COAST B: HB: C: HF: F: FOLL: I/C: EMG: IN: OUT:
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    if i was goody, which i'm obviously not, i'd read kent the riot act and give him one more game against the suns. i'd tell him that if he doesn't meet the kpi's for that game he will be facing a long stretch in the magoos, putting his chances of a contract renewal at season end in deep poo. i'd hope he'd respond and get back on board because he does has the talent.
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    No, no it's not. This is far from rose-coloured glasses. Making weekly progress reports isn't objective list analysis. If our development is not compromised we will fly past those teams. And while North jettisoned 4 veterans they're not as young as people seem to think. They only had 6 players with less than 50 games on the weekend and averaged over 100 games with an average age of 26. I get that drafting is still an inexact science, but there's enough evidence to prove top 10 draft picks give you a greater chance of drafting a quality player. Only one other club (GWS) has as many top 10 draft pick in their best 22. When I select a best 22 there's 10 or 11 top 10 draft picks (bids/selected) lining up. That's half the side. The Dogs only had 4 in their premiership team. Some are still young and don't perform every week, but it's clear our raw talent exceeds that of North or the Saints. Our success will come from our 23 and unders. If you think North or the Saints have a group equivalent to Viney, Hogan, Petracca, Oliver, Hunt, Salem, etc. by all means name them.
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    Because this season more than ever, nobody knows anything!
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    A whipping boy is by definition someone who is criticised regardless of how they play, and blamed constantly for a negative team result. I'm not interested in previous performances, credits or anything else that preceded the match when it comes to analysis of a game-day performance. I have also never said Tyson is perfect.
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    Are we judging Kent predominantly on the back of his performances this season? I agree he was poor on the weekend, especially his disposal and lack of pressure. Did not perform well at all. But I feel like we're over analysing a pretty small sample of four games. I just don't think he's worked into form yet. Same could be said for a few players I think. His tackling is down this year, his inside 50's are OK. Anyway I think his position is a hard one to play at the moment with our forward structure fairly out of whack. Keen to see how he performs over the next few weeks to see if we can get the player of last year back .
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    I like it. Weids had to go...no where near ready. Kent seems to have lost his appetite for the contest ( almost threw something at the television in the last quarter last week) and Salem well, he is a loss. Three strong competitors back in.
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    I just hope the players don think they'll get an easier ride because Ablett is out.
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    Hope your are correct. That would be a very good deal.
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    If we've learnt anything this year, is that we can win or lose every game. There is really no telling what is going to happen from week to week with this team. We "should" win, but we should also have won against Hawthorn, Freo or North.
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    It's a disgrace that I'm more confident in beating GC in the NT than I am at the MCG. Our performances at our home have been the single biggest low light of 2017 so far.
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    FWIW I was at the Shanghai game in 30 degree heat and the Suns were absolutely horrendous. Stick the conditions and the break excuses up your clackers. We play for 4 quarters we win. We play for 2.5 or 3 like we seem to do too often, and we might not. FWIW it's a sorry state of affairs when our home ground is the worst ground to play at. Look at our results this year in order of performance. Crows (away), Saints (Etihad), Cats or Dons (both Etihad), Blues (MCG), North (MCG), Freo (MCG), Hawks (MCG). A worrying trend is emerging and for that I'm thankful this game is in Alice Springs.
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    I'm not really fussed who's in or out. My observations of games this year suggests to me the personnel aren't the win/lose factor. The ability to read a watch is. In this regard could whoever are selected turn up for the first bounce !! Much appreciated A further note....the first 30 mins isn't actually a warm up and playing kick to kick with the 'other' fellows is now to stop. The team is also advised that unlike some junior underage comps we DO actually take into account the scores so could the players start this practice prior to the start of the second period. Thankyou
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    lol so we mightn't do it comfortably?
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    ins. Mitch King, Melksham, New umps outs. Weideman Salem(susp) Those-mongrel-filth-umps-from-last-week
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    We make our own luck. It is clear we concede the initiative to struggling sides all the time. No longer a matter of co-incidence.
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    I don't know what the hype is all about. Let someone else take this risk...
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    This is the first game this year where I've felt we didn't 'deserve' to win it. Not cruelled by injuries, suspensions etc - just did not bring the requisite effort and intensity over 4 quarters. In short, I think the Roos deserved to win the game. They were the better team over 4 quarters. That said, this is the second game against the Roos in two years in which the umpires have absolutely impacted the result. The game against North last year in Tasmania was similarly appalling. If the AFL is fair dinkum about umpiring standards and the integrity of the game, they should declare that this is one game in which the umpiring was simply not AFL standard and steps have been taken to redress the issue, eg, education, VFL for a while etc. They just can't sweep a game in which umpiring standards were plainly so inept (and one sided) beneath the carpet.
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    I just hope you don't catch on that every joke I post is stolen. I'm the Dane Cook of Demonland. @Grapeviney I can say Titus and I have never been seen in the same room. But I don't talk half as much as Titus, so I'm quite sure we're not the same person.
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    nice introduction to your work @wobbleguts - measured.
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    Some here miss sarcasm. The point is that the players don't seem to find a regular diet of 4 points appetising without out something extra added to spur them along.
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    Sure. And it is entirely our own fault. It is above the shoulders, always has been for years. We have the talent, even without Gawn to win these games BUT the Application and will to hurt for 4 Quarters is not yet there, as a standard yet. I feel sorry for Pedo, he gave 120% yesterday, tried so hard but others made crucial basic errors when they were needed. That said Nought Melbourne would never have beaten the Crows in Adelaide, they did it on Neutral Grass, wwhich is why i am so frustrated. We can no longer defend on our own MCG.
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    Haaa! MFC supporters gloating over trading and draft mistakes. Gold!
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    Smith was named in the group I referred to in Vogon's post. I don't see Garland on our list next year even if contracted.
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    Have any of the 34 players ever said a bad word about him? You would think they should especially after being rubbed out for a season. Strangely quiet though ... 4 years later. Anyway, some of us were saying exactly the same thing as to what you've said both here & elsewhere in early 2013 TF. Not that many of the footy loving public were ever listening back then. Even now many just want to turn a blind-eye. But that's the nature of sports fans the world over ... we shouldn't ever expect anything otherwise. The media will in turn reflect the public sentiment and there you have it. At a guess I'd say there's any number of copies of the records - and those records will almost certainly never see the light of day either. The big losers were the EFC ... they are still in recovery mode and will be for quite some time. As for the drugs-in-sport issue, most have come around to the realisation that all sports are tainted with PED use (with some more so than others) But there's big money at stake in sport and those monies must be protected. Could have said that 30 or 40 years ago too - it's not necessarily a recent phenomenon. I'm assuming that you've heard all of the above before but others might not have.