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    I know someone who has been working on this. There will be enough space. from what I’ve seen/heard it’s very exciting.
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    A three yr old Dee supporter now has become a member!
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    Here is the article: https://www.heraldsun.com.au/sport/afl/demons-grand-plan-for-yarra-park-training-ground-revealed/news-story/2b03a10790eb2d8e7fda2a34eaa0aef6 Here is a little snippet for those who cannot get around the paywall. This sounds pretty sensational: The Herald Sun can reveal the ­Demons are eyeing a prized parcel of parkland, in the northeastern corner of the MCG precinct, for a full-sized football oval. The bold proposal would also see a six-storey complex boasting an ­office wing, a world-class gym and medical facilities, built on top of rail tracks next to Jolimont Station
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    Hearing from extremely reliable sources that the MFC is looking to get out of the Darwin part of the NT deal. Club has no issue with the Alice component and was very happy with this year's 'Heart of the Nation' game. But the humidity of the Darwin match and the flow-on effects the following week is considered too high a price to pay. The AFL is apparently - finally - willing to schedule us for a bye after the Darwin match, but this would mean the Darwin game needs to be played earlier in the season (in these middle rounds), which ruins the whole concept of the Doug Nicholls / Heart of the Nation / Alice game, which both club and league are backing to the hilt. MFC and AFL have already met on the issue, with more talks to come.
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    Arrived around 10am and the session was just about in full swing. I’ll try my best as my fingers are frozen. The first thing I noticed was no rehab group. Lever, Hunt and Maynard the obvious absentees. Kent a no show also but overhead he might be lining up at Casey this week and was to train with them. Great to see McKenna and Vanders in the main group with the latter looking really sharp and vocal. I was surprised to see Vanders move as well as he did. A lot of encouragement throughout the session and it was a solid hitout. A lot of short drills in duration but no lack of intensity. To me it looked like the session was built up around rapid ball movement and frequent switching with players supporting the receivers for options. Skills were very good in somewhat slippery conditions. Good luck with selection as some of the players pushing for a spot this week were certainly a highlight. T Smith and Frost very clean and strong with marking. Interestingly, Frost was used as a leading forward in some drills and was excellent overhead and kicked accurately from distance. He took J Smith to school a few times one on one. A drill I found interesting was one of the centre square setups. I believe it was Filipovic used as the ruck with Max used as a blocking midfielder and his opponents had to find their way around him and win the ball. He didn’t let up on them. Another Max highlight was his 50 metre chase on Baker. He didn’t catch him but never gave up and was actually gaining on him by the end. Everyone around us commented at the effort that Max put in. That’s what you want to see from your leaders even if it’s just a training session. Brilliant work. Dion Johnstone was very good with his kicking and it was good to see him up close. Hopefully he gets a chance soon, I liked what I saw. I am a Tyson fan and want him back in the side but unsure if it will be this week. Looks bereft of confidence especially with his kicking. Missed a few targets where other players hit theirs. Towards the end of the session Jesse, Weid, Pedersen and T Mac were having the ball kicked to them and competing one on one. They swapped over every kick with each winning their fair share of contests. The other forwards, Melksham, Fritsch, Bugg, Garlett, Spargo and Hannan were setup around the goal square. A kick would come in and one of them had to deliberately tap the ball to ground whilst the others would try to rove it or pick it up cleanly from the deck. Garlett was very clean and smart around goals. A couple of times he kicked the ball off the ground truly as his opponents were too close for him to pick it up. Didnt see much of the defenders drills as they were on the other side of the ground so apologies for that. It was basically a full squad out there and impossible to keep track of all. Trac ran some solid laps after the session was finished. Happy to answer any questions as best I can.
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    Sloane is a sliding A Grader & Gaff is an improving A Grader. Gaff is younger, healthier and would probably win the Brownlow if it were counted today. To top it off, Gaff is more of what we need I would take Gaff well & truly ahead of Sloane.
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    A professional quality oval for community use would be a huge win for the council. Especially with the rise of Women's footy. They'd have no problems finding clubs to allocate it to. The development over the train tracks comes down to whether it will be approved for apartments next to our site. You put a few apartment buildings and you've got a council rates bonanza. That's the income councils love. Shutting down the trains for a select period of time to build over the eye saw that is exposed tracks and create useful community space and housing. That's a win win. Then Melbourne build next door with a community oval, medical facilities, maybe even make the gym public use outside of certain hours, some form of Indigenous cultural centre - pretty much you are doing the council a favour!
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    well the oval would be open to the public during non-training periods and the parkland involved would be free from parking....so there are benefits for locals and greens the club building facilities will be on railway land so that shouldn't upset them they will probably still get upset just because they can though
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    What a sensational prospect. A real 'Home'. Can we ever thank Peter Jackson enough.
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    I don't come here often, but when I come.....
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    HEY FELLAS! Post-queens birthday special offer. If you drive and Demonland and smash your car, but still get the post out, we'll pay your panel beaters fees! Up to fifty bucks! Terms and conditions apply and Demonland responsibly.
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    As I told my kids - you can follow any team you like, but just be aware that I only offer food and shelter to Melbourne supporters.
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    Like Copuchas, l also live in East Melbourne, one block away (and have done so for 38 years)! Yarra Park is administered by the MCC who have spent a lot of money improving its amenity (such as a large underground water storage area)! I, frankly, can’t see that a training oval would compromise local residents use of the park (for exercising their dogs) as the area wouldn’t be permanently alienated (any more than Gosch’s Paddock currently is)! I am not sure about DS’s claim that “East Melbourne residents are certain types” other than the fact that we have a higher proportion of Demon supporters than any other suburb. The land over the rail is owned/controlled by VicTrack however I am sure that the MFC could secure a 99 year lease should the proposal gain State Government support and a six storey structure should not genuinely impact when one considers that most similar height building opposite in Wellington Parade (built in the seventies) are progressively being converted from office to residential use! In my view the project has massive merit, with rail and tram right on the doorstop and the “G” 100 metres away.
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    My boy (typically) lost his membership card on the way home from the QB game. I wrote to the club to get a replacement, promising he hadn’t cooked it in the microwave. 😁 But somebody found it and sent it back to the club, they’re now posting it back to us. Your post plus the kind soul who returned my boy’s card just reinforce my belief that there’s some fair dinkum good people out there still.
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    Jolimont tracks and station are already sunken well below street/park level. It is effectively underground as it runs under Wellington Pde to the East. With clever design (and maybe lowering tracks a bit further) only 3/4 stories of the proposed 6 would not be visible above ground level. Furthermore, with the increasingly popular 'green roofs' architecture the building could easily be camouflaged from the street and to blend into its parkland surrounds. And for those worried about losing trees, a replanting program should cover it. Lobby groups will lobby. But there is a lot more for the community to gain from this than to lose. Just needs to be worked through with them. A Red and Blue colour scheme on the externals of the building would work very well don't you think...
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    I would just like to point out that Demonland bears no responsibility for accidents cause by posting while driving. Do not mix Demonland with drugs or alcohol and do not operate heavy machinery whilst using Demonland. You have been warned.
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    Bartlett actually said: "... PROCESS has been going for quite a few weeks..." Not that Pert applied a few weeks ago. Didn't say "..short time...". Just that he achieved a lot in his time there, which he did, especially with where the Board wants to take the club. Very little discussion on it, except Bartlett refereed , as SF says, a non-leaking Board. As if to say the ' experts' were bind sided by appointment and a bit miffed they were not in the loop - that's you Damien Barrett.(who has no idea IMO) What does concern me is the constant sniping by John Rothfield on the non-transparency of the process. Dr. Turf needs to understand its confidentiality that' s most important and on Monday's Footy Classified, Chris Judd gave an excellent summary of his well sourced knowledge of what happened. Worth a listen, taking it up to Barrett.
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    What Sue said. [But to touch on the point: input from any sensible person, including a "greenie" (whatever that means), is to be welcomed. In fact, were it not for Greens - Franklin, Tarkine, Piliga, Bentley and on it goes. I think ProDee is confusing greens with NIMBYS which present orders of magnitude a larger problem]
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    We should bulldoze all that rubbish and scrubby land between Anderson St South Yarra, The Yarra and the Shrine. Turn it into a mega training, entertainment complex and shopping precinct. Call it The Botanical Centre . We could leave a couple of trees.
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    He has been fantastic. If he was on an opposing club we would be salivating over him and wanting to get him over to the Dees. He does a lot of things so well, but you cant put a price on that aerial/marking ability + courage. A top 5 talent at pick 31, thanks Jason Taylor.
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    We'll be perfectly prepared for the Alice game with the overhanging tree in the pocket
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    Why cant we just train on the MCG? We are the original tenant. We started playing there in the 1800's for gods sake.
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    Current car park? Thought when they announced car parks will be shut down this year that was a chance for us to get a training facility in one of those spaces. That would be unreal, Dees, Pies and Tigs all within cooee of each other and us back training on our land.
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