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    Go to bed, sweet Ethan. Tomorrow you get the Mongoose you've always dreamed of.
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    The back half of this season has been slow burn torture. We win today and we are a game and percentage clear of the teams out of the 8. We lose and it’s another week of waiting and hoping. We are capable of beating both WCE and GWS - but I think that’s only contributing to my stress. It’s almost easier when you know there’s no hope (have I just revealed the core of MFCSS?). We’ve moaned about being flat track bullies, but those mid season pummeling of crud sides is what’s keeping us alive at the moment. Our percentage is pretty much unassailable. Come on Melbourne. Get it done. Please?
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    I gotta be honest, I just want a win. It could be the ugliest, worst game of footy and I will still be over the moon. Something ive only really considered recently is that last year we had some mongrel in us, we got suspensions but we had an edge and I feel this year we’ve gone back to the good boys of the comp. We need to niggle and get stuck into them, that vision of Buddy knocking Fritta to the ground and no one coming in to remonstrate was disgraceful and showed we’re lacking passion for each other. Be f***ing Demons!
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    It’s like that Xmas Eve when I was a kid and I was sure I was going to get a Mongoose BMX with pegs. Very exciting. Come Xmas Day I got some lime green BMX from Kmart I had to assemble myself. I put it together and ghosted it down Jells Road (Possibly the steepest hill in Melbourne?) Worst.Xmas.Ever.
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    It’s simple. We silence the crowd with a dominant first quarter. The Eagles supporters will sway the umps if we don’t get a good start. It’s imperative we score heavily in the first quarter. Silence the crowd, we win the game.. must kick straight.
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    Yet another chance for our blokes. Hopefully one day they’ll take one. I hear the talk, but haven’t seen the walk yet.
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    This is compelling viewing imo: On The Mark: Neville Jetta Neville is an outstanding young man! We all know him as 'rock' in our defence, but this is more than matched by the snippets we learn about his 'journey', his family and the work he does away from the limelight of the AFL. Extremely well spoken, with a sense of humor that I hadn't seen before. Brilliant!
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    The statistics tell the story ~ Jaxon Briggs 7 kicks 4 handballs 11 disposals 3 marks 1 tackle 39 dream team points Tomas Bugg 21 kicks 7 handballs 28 disposals 3 marks 7 tackles 106 dream team points Lachlan Filipovic 1 kick 1 disposal 2 tackles 9 hit outs 17 dream team points Tom Freeman 12 kicks 4 handballs 16 disposals 7 marks 64 dream team points Jeffrey Garlett 4 kicks 4 handballs 8 disposals 2 marks 3 tackles 35 dream team points Mitch Gent 2 behinds 13 kicks 13 handballs 26 disposals 5 marks 4 tackles 95 dream team points Jack Hutchins1 goal 9 kicks 1 handball 10 disposals 5 marks 3 tackles 56 dream team points Dion Johnstone 10 kicks 3 handballs 13 disposals 1 mark 3 tackles 45 dream team points Declan Keilty 5 kicks 4 handballs 9 disposals 2 marks 29 dream team points Mitch King 4 kicks 3 handballs 7 disposals 1 mark 1 tackle 30 hit outs 49 dream team points Jay Lockhart 2 goals 17 kicks 5 handballs 22 disposals 5 marks 8 tackles 125 dream team points Goy Lok 1 goal 1 behind 10 kicks 3 handballs 13 disposals 2 marks 4 tackles 65 dream team points Pat McKenna 7 kicks 4 handballs 11 disposals 3 marks 1 tackles 39 dream team point Cory Machaya 3 kicks 13 handballs 16 disposals 3 marks 4 tackles 31 dream team points James Munro 15 kicks 9 handballs 24 disposals 5 marks 3 tackles 82 dream team points Harry Petty 7 kicks 7 handballs 14 disposals 6 marks 3 tackles 67 dream team points Angus Scott 7 kicks 9 handballs 16 disposals 2 marks 3 tackles 57 dream team points Tim Smith 4 behinds 10 kicks 3 handballs 13 disposals 7 marks 4 hit outs 63 dream team points Will Stephenson 1 goal 1 behind 4 kicks 4 disposals 1 mark tackles 34 dream team points Cory Stockdale 3 kicks 3 handballs 6 disposals 2 marks 3 tackles 27 dream team points Corey Wagner 19 kicks 9 handballs 28 disposals 8 marks 8 tackles 128 dream team points Josh Wagner 11 kicks 10 handballs 21 disposals 2 marks 11 tackles 1 hit out 104 dream team points Mitch White 1 goal 8 kicks 2 handballs 10 disposals 4 marks 2 tackles 55 dream team
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    You only have to look at this thread for confirmation that he was right. Self-indulgent wallowing.
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    At the risk of being a stickler for detail, Geelong will finish on 13 wins, not 14. Meaning that one win regardless of what happens should be enough to see us through because of our percentage. Port would’ve had to win both games and Geelong would’ve had to absolutely annihilate their remaining opponents to overtake us on percentage and push us out. Which granted judging by today is a possibility but unlikely. All moot given Port have lost today. One more win and we are through along with Geelong. North can’t make up enough ground on percentage even if they win their remaining two. It’s there for the taking if the lads want it badly enough. Eagles and Giants have been hit hard with injuries. Granted we have a few out but not enough for it to be an excuse.
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    I have said it before, but it has to be said ”This is it Folks, Over the Top...” Demons 28 points
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    @Lord TravisThis is 100% game plan. The @spirit of norm smith has nailed it. There are really good statistics for shot accuracy showing the zones which are high percentage. We know Goodwin is fascinated by this because he started the "diamind defense" last year, which was a structure that conceded low percentage shots (45m+ from goal and shots from the flanks), in order to defend the "high accuracy zone" immediately in front of opposition goal. In addition, we have identified that if we score a goal it resets to neutral contest in our strongest formation (centre bounce) but if we miss the shot, we hand them the ball in our weakest formation (defending opposition transition from defense to attack). Although we've abandoned the diamond defense this year, our new implementation of this strategy has focused on our attack instead. We have looked to gain possession of the ball in the "high accuracy" zone in our forward line. This worked very successfully in the first half of the season, where we're had very high goal conversion ratios. It came to a screaching halt against Port, who countered this tactic by ignoring the bank carrier at our HF, and stacked the "high accuracy" zone in their D50 and picked off all our forward entries when we're tried to pass it. We didnt adapt that night and take better options. We have improved/adapted in this area since, by taking more lower percentage shots, but this has resulted in a decrease in our goal kicking accuracy. The other flow on from this is we are exposing ourselves to more counter attacks from our defense, which were don't defend well. This is a balance our players need to find: when to follow team rules, and when to have a shot. They will find that balance better with experience; we are still relatively young. We saw against Sydney we got the worst of both worlds. Our attempts to kick to the high accuracy zone were cut off by Alir and our low percentage shots went out of bounds on the full or didn't make the distance. Hopefully we can execute better this week.
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    Gawd, 15 hrs until game time. after the results on the weekend, we need: 4 premiership points a clean bill of health otherwise my week will be totally screwed. dees by 14 points
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    And that doesn’t tell the tale of it. Bugg was instrumental in turning the ball over to their advantage or score more than anyone. looks like stats for half a game...
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    I will be twice as confident of a win if they bring out the 'retro' 2017 guernsey for good luck.
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    I have said something similar on here before. Our membership is thereabouts with the Bulldogs (2016 flag), Saints ([censored] now but consistent finalists to start the decade), and North (never bottom out, played finals consistently including Prelims and overachieving many years). That we have 45k+ members is a damn testament to our resilience and commitment to the club considering the [censored] we have gone through. It is tough going however, and our growth is minimal year-on-year. IMO, round 23 and missing finals last year cost us 10k members. I really try to not care but I always get sucked in. After the Richmond game this year I skipped the Essendon game but then got back on the bandwagon. It was the first time I had willingly skipped a game I could attend in more than a decade. All other Melbourne games I had missed, I missed because I literally couldn't attend for one reason or another. I then got back on the bandwagon. After the St Kilda loss, I was close to the edge but stuck around. The Geelong game really ticked me off, and I switched off for most of the Adelaide game. After last week, I reacted badly and booked tickets to see Mission Impossible tomorrow. I now intend to write off the money I spent on the ticket to instead go to the pub and watch a game I'm confident we'll lose. I swear following this team is like heroin. I've never taken heroin but I hear that after the initial high, you keep chasing that one awesome high, and constantly find yourself disappointed (and with less money than what you started with). I was 20 when we last played and won a final. I'd never had a full time job, was earning about $100 a week and spent my free time playing PlayStation 2. I'm now in a managerial role, have a mortgage, am married, own a car, have travelled the world (3 times), started a business, sold a business, seen two siblings and three cousins get married, became an uncle once, twice, and for a third time, completed a degree, a post-grad diploma, and a masters. Also, John Howard was Prime Minister. IMO I'd rather not remember when we last played finals, then remember. I am essentially paying $600 years to remember.
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    It always feels like people are having a go at you when statements like this are made. Like it’s somehow our fault for being so negative and we have this duty to always be positive even when we get the boot marks to our mouths year after year.
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    Q/Q/Q/Q could have been an option when we played the Suns as the line was -69.5 The leading at every change is a preference for me when a clearly superior team is playing a poor team at home. For instance, the Golden State Warriors can be paying 1.15 for the win at home against poor opposition but are often paying 1.70 - 2.00 for Q/Q/Q/Q given the same opposition. You bank on them starting off with a bang and then maintaining or increasing that lead for the entire match. The Bulldogs are paying 1.23 to win against Carlton but are paying 1.73 to lead at every change. If they jump the Blues as expected it's all over yeah? Or maybe not 🙄
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    And I thought some of the posting on here was incoherent, deluded and self indulgent... That makes dee-luded a football forum James Joyce in comparison.
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    Oh my god. Worst thread ever sorry for the negatively but it’s ingrained 😂
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    Casey's worse performance of the season, and it just happens to be televised D= Lockhart is a gun and should be at least rookied, CWagner could be as well. Thought DJ was good today and Keilty, Petty and Hutchins had some nice moments but otherwise not really a great game from the boys, Twig certainly wasn't happy. Don't let this game skew your view of Casey though, this was their weakest team of the season and I'd think they'd be bouncing back hard next week v Williamstown at home to secure the minor premiership.
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    I loved the bit about his 3 yr old son. Was in Auskick, and kicked about five goals. Nev asked him to handball to him. The young lad replied "It's AusKICK, Dad, not Aus-handball...!!". And, as others have said, Nev's clearly a truly quality human being. All credit to the young man! Very proud he's a Dee...!
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    Watts is in charge of his destiny, always has been. The excuses put up for his underwhelming Football Career always make me smile. He has always had other things on his mind...
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    My ten cents. I don't give a stuff about the camp but I do care the leadership team went to the AFLPA rather than the coaches to raise their concerns. It made the playing group look like they couldn't hack pressure. And when not being able to hack the pressure becomes a common theme on field, you look at saying no to the camp and question whether they've done all they could to prepare themselves.
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