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    Sorry @joeboy 'EnterTheDragon' - Prolific but wasteful
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    I just want whatever deals we need done to suit our wanted outcomes. I'm not interested in the hystrionics , the spin , the bullshlt. I'm not particularly interested in screwing the other guys or taking their playlunch money. I don't care whether we LOOK good bad or whatever at trading as long as we actually get what we came for. Everyone else can muck around with the window dressing. It's irrelevant. It's not about winning trade week.. it's about successful outcomes for your/our club. What others end up doing is their preserve. Only one game you actually want to WIN.....it's in September.
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    There are plenty of posters that one isn't enamoured with, and I'm sure I fit the bill for some, but this a-clown has almost completely ruined the most highly read thread on Demonland.
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    i wish posters would stop latching on to every crap article/tweet/comment in the media as though there is even a possibility of any truth in it
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    Cheers. That's his "mail", but it would still surprise me. 5 and 23 seems fair.
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    A few things... I doubt you know that every one of those goals was kicked on May. In fact, I know you don't, because Kennedy kicked 4 on him and Riewoldt 6. And key defenders are only as good as team structures and the quality of their midfield. You think May is slow when speed is one of his biggest strengths. This clearly tells me you have no clue about the player you're criticising. The following is from a recent article: In 2016 he (May) was the third-best defender in the competition behind Alex Rance and ahead of Jeremy McGovern, losing just 14 of 71 one-on-ones for the entire year. This season Gold Coast haemorrhaged inside 50s, giving up five more than the next-worst side. The offensive stuff is what elevates him above the dime-a-dozen stoppers. This year he averaged 17.4 disposals (second-most for key defenders), 334 metres gained (second most for key defenders) as well 7.6 intercept possessions, three intercept marks and 6.8 spoils (all above average). Put him into an good side with quality players around him and you have a weapon at full back. They (Melbourne) get Jake Lever back at some stage and improved their defensive mix late, but still were the fourth-easiest side to score against across the entire season. Slot him in alongside Lever and Max Gawn becomes an offensive threat again instead of being forced to play as a seventh defender at times as well as a ruckman. To sum up, Olisik, you're welcome to your opinion, but it's hopelessly misinformed.
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    Not even close champ. And I'll play nice, I won't tell you what I'm pegging you for. Carry on.
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    You know what I'd love to see... Us to suggest just pick 5 is good enough. Freo then trades out Neale for pick 5 from Brisbane and then for us to refuse trading Hogan. 👹
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    We're not trying to win a negotiation, we're trying to improve our list.
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    Not since a certain poster with the initials RR has someone attempted to make theads entirely about himself. It really does make the Ignore function a godsend...
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    I guess my ultimate thing is that I just don’t rate May as highly as a lot of others seem to. He’s at the top end of our age range and has been good but hardly an out an out star. I truly question whether bringing him in rounds out our team, particularly as at the other end Weiderman is still unproven. May would be a good get, nothing more. Jesse is a proven forward with limitless potential, I would take him any day of the week over May wherever we played him.
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    Freo will be laughing if all they have to give up is pick 5, especially if they hold out on Neale and get more. I understand the outcome base idea but does that mean we just forget about the investment that we’ve placed in him? Personally I’d rather us hold onto him than take pick 5 (traded onto GC for May). He is higher quality than May and that should bloody well be compensated.
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    It needs to be reiterated that 5 and 23 is a BETTER outcome than 10 and 16. The first scenario represents a first and a second, while the second scenario is two firsts. Don't fall into the trap of thinking it must be two firsts.
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    That wasn't a "report". That was just thrown up as a likelihood. And they weren't drilling down, just having a chat. Don't take any notice of lightweight conversations on SEN.
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    I’m guessing Range Rover... similar narcissistic tendencies.
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    When you say things like "He’s not going there people. The negotiation is dead and buried." I instantly get visions of Grandpa Simpson shouting at a cloud.
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    One question is have to ask is why would a player want to go to a club that is seemingly already treating him like a chump before he even arrives. If I was Jesse I’d tell them to bugger off and never call again after the crap they’ve pulled this trade period. I would also hope that Jesse himself would feel in some way indebted to the club for the way we have managed him the last few years and tell Freo to give us fair compensation for him.
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    Agreed ProDee. I'm comfortable with 5 and 23 as I think we can make that work for us in some way such as a swap with the Crows. Pick 5 by itself is massive unders in my view and would be a fail by Mahoney and Co., even if it nets May & KK. There is being pragmatic and then being a pushover and this would be pushover levels. I was comfortable with the Lever deal last year as he is an outstanding talent and two later first round picks are different to a top 5 pick, but it is important we get fair valu for a player of Hogan's talent.
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    The thread that never sleeps
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    Just saw this, glad our supporters got to him. Keep up the good work.
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    Pick 53,54,55,56,57,58,59,60,61,62,63 & 64 equates to pick 5. Do you think Gold Coast would do that deal? We might have to get rid of some fringe players to get the picks.
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