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    As expected, a fair amount of time spent on the Jack Watts trade. Here's a few points: - Jack Watts trade - Received about 300-400 supporters commplaining before and after the trade. - Garry Lyon suggested the Goodwin's B&F speech about competitiveness and professionalism alluded to JW. PJ pointed out the young talent on our list, and the need for the senior players to be role models. - There was only 1 club seriously interested in him, and that was PA. Geelong's offer would have made the supporters livid. And based on his football record to date, we couldn't expect a 1st round pick. - We are paying about 15% of his contract over 2 years, which works out to $75,000 per year. Suggested that the deal wouldn't have got done without that. Jake Lever's trade equated to giving up pick 5. Mahoney and Viney had been into Lever for a long time. Max Gawn expected to re-sign before the season commences, and would put him amongst the highest paid players at the club. Looking for a permanent training facility within the CBD. Won't be easy with so many stakeholders involved. PJ signed until the end of the 2018, and spoke about the importance of implementing a succession plan. Someone texted in saying that Lewis was a bust. PJ said that Lewis and Daniel Cross before him, had a huge impact on the levels of professionalism on the training track. The players previously didn't understand what was required. Audio here: https://player.whooshkaa.com/episode/?id=149541
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    People can’t get there head around all that so it’s easier to say we overpaid
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    Maybe he should change his name to Laurie.
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    Caller stated that Jordan Lewis “Gave us nothing” was it someone on here?
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    "Lewis is a bust" I'm starting to really resent and feel embarrassed for our support base.
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    The club needs to string along Peter Jackson for the next 13 years! This bloke is a very well articulated man!
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    Why? Because it ruins the narrative of the 'save Jack Watts' campaign and those trying to impugn the integrity of our footy department? Personally I think the idiot supporters ringing SEN and moaning about Jack Watts should shut up and concentrate on next year.
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    B: Alan Johnson, Sean Wight, Paul Prymke HB: Brett Lovett, David Neitz, Gary Hardeman C: Stan Alves, Greg Wells, Robbie Flower HF: Garry Lyon, David Schwarz, Adem Yze F: Jeffrey Farmer, Allen Jakovich, Gerard Healy FOLL: Jim Stynes, Todd, Viney, Jack Viney I/C: Jeff White, Stephen Tingay, Glenn Lovett, Steven Febey EM: Andrew Obst, Nathan Jones, Shane Woewodin.
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    Oh, I thought Max was disgruntled because the club traded Watts. Guess not.
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    Yes I reckon half a century is a fair wait.
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    Just have a bit of Faith. Good things come to those who wait. We have waited long enough , so it is our turn.
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    Or articulate? Don't you love English?
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    I'm one of your babies. Did I want Lever? You bet. That doesn't mean you can't have an opinion on whether we had to give up next year's first rounder to get him or you're a baby. The net points total for the Lever deal was 2057 which included their pick 36, this is actually closer to pick 4 than 5. If we'd let them keep pick 36 and given them the Watts pick 31 it would have been 2091. So a better result for the Crows and we would still have had a first rounder in a very strong draft next year and a second rounder in this year's weak draft instead of 3 second rounders. It's actually closer to pick 4 not 5 and using this to justify . The Crows were desperate for Gibbs. This time Carlton went to them not the other way round because they realised this was the last year they'd get any real value for him as a 29yr old and they had players they wanted to bring in and are rebuilding. Last year they didn't want him to go and so demanded a ridiculous 2 first rounders. This year they initiated the trade so I therefore have no doubt there could have been a three way negotiation so they effectively got what we gave for Lever which I have no doubt wouldn't have required our first rounder next year. We are all happy now that we've got Lever but it's going to hurt next year when we don't have a first rounder in a top draft and that could have been avoided.
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    In that case we are taking a big risk. We are paying big money for a player who has a poor record for serious injury. Over the journey he has not shown he is worth being among the top few players pay wise.
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    Listen to Peter Jackson on SEN Breakfast- Tuesday October 24 from SEN Breakfast in Podcasts. https://itunes.apple.com/au/podcast/sen-breakfast/id1198117246?mt=2#episodeGuid=10065b0c-d5c0-4942-827c-942b1fe9e7d0
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    We played him forward in the last quarter to try and win the game against the Pies in r23, while it's a tiny sample size, he was easily spoilt and bodied into the wrong position as a lead up forward. Goodwin went one unorthodox move too far and cost us a few chances at goal. He's far better as the ruckmen that drifts forward and takes a towering pack mark once (or one and half times) a game, if that's what you mean by seeing him in attack?
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    I couldn't care less if we are nice to deal with. Gees. that is the last thing id care about. I want the best deal for the club. Hold your ground. i'll give Mahoney something, he was honest when explaining the positions of the deals in his running commentary. this is what I base it off. He stated in the lever deal a first and second round was fair and the crows wanted two first rounders. what did we give up? 2 first rounders with some loose change. With watts - despite the club really treating the whole situation poorly and diminishing your trade position by being so public, what did he think in the watts deal was fair? early second round. What did we get? a late second round? and no pick upgrades to compensate. Deals were done in record time and basically gave in. it was as if he didn't want to have the conversations. I'm sure he did. but gave in far to easily. Look at carlton. all their deals were done in the last few hours and on their terms and in their favour. take a lesson from SOS. End
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    A man with 2 surnames... never to be liked.
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    I can't imagine Nev going anywhere else.
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    I think you want toughness and skill. But the toughness or, more to the point, competitiveness, is a non-negotiable. Every player needs it. You just need to find competitive players that have skill too. Having skilled players that don't compete is no good.
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    PJ according to mfc twitter will be on with the morning glory boys at 7:30. Presume watts will come up as well as missing finals and other stuff. Would love to hear what he says but I will be at work so would like a report.
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    Picks after the top 10 are overrated these days. Free agency has completely changed the landscape. We've got an outstanding young core of Hogan, Petracca, Weideman, Viney, Oliver, Hunt, ANB, Lever, Salem, Brayshaw & OMac, plus others who may still come on like Harmes, Stretch, Balic, Johnstone. We don't need heaps of draft picks in the next 2-3 years, we need free agents and ready to go players to fill needs. I've got a feeling the Watts movement is a part of that with someone like Gaff a FA at the end of the year. It's time we put all our eggs in the winning a flag basket.
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    From the Falcons, just made a post about him in the "Jack Petruccelle" thread. Reported on him under instruction from a club so he'll be considered if available I imagine. Is a very good player and despite the fact that he looks to be predominantly outside, he possess an aggressive and competitive edge which stood out to me. Would love him.
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    fitzroy gardens would do, barney
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    Retirement is not doing you much chop OD You are sounding like me.. No insult intended.
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    Yes they are thick here Barney, I am sitting under the desk. Leaving the jokes aside I think there is a chance that the Pies will move back to Vic. Park. That would leave us the Yarra site we should have taken a decade ago.
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    We saw the Bengals look similar, then fire the OC, and suddenly they can score again. They definitely should make a move now. Their season isn't done, and the list has enough talent to keep them in it this year.
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    The impending signing of Max Gawn to an extended contract will allow the club to concentrate on other free agents and players who would otherwise be out of contract by the end of 2018. Melbourne ruckman Max Gawn close to signing new deal
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    Nnnoooooo, really?! That is not what others have said on here.....
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    People seem to want to get caught up with speculation and winning or losing trades. If you compare the Gibbs and Lever trades on face value one would agree a 21 to AA nominee was traded for the same value as a 29 yo A grade mid. One club made their trade happen, the other waited 12 months. 2 questions Who would u prefer for 2 first rd picks? The 21 yo or the 29 yo? And, was the 12 months worth the wait for the crows? Some might even argue they paid more Why do people rate draft picks so highly on this site when clearly the strategy to accumulate high picks over a long period of time has not reaped rewards?
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    Do you think these keyboard heroes taking potshots know the difference between a public position and a private position when it comes to negotiating? Do you think other clubs would have thrown the kitchen sink at Lever? I do. Picks are overated compared with proven talent.
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    Good interview some of the posters still carrying on like babies about lever and watts deals should have a listen
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    That’s the way. Now you’re getting the hang of it.
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    You missed yourself and me Len!
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    If we go after Lever's best mate (Peter Wright), we'll have enough coverage for sure.
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    I wouldn't pick anyone this year to play ruck in any of our 4 picks left to fill our list. Pederson/TMac provide enough backup for gawn. maybe next year. Pederson only has one year contract and tmac is a free agent. may be looking for a whole new back up department. Yes I know gawn is also a free agent but he ain't leaving.
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    It's generally accepted that you need to pay more to poach a player than to keep one. I think the players would understand this as well as anyone. Lewis will be pushing the mantra that it's worth taking a little less to have a successful team that stays together for multiple premierships. That should help. With luck we'll see some of our senior players set the example as well.
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    bing, at the end of the day, his papers were stamped Pick 31, 55, 103, didn't matter - he was gone
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    You know you've been pathetic for 50 years when key defenders of the calibre of Danny Hughes and Steven Smith are making teams. I'm not saying that's wrong by the way, just an indictment.
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    Kind of agree on this one OD. There seems a bigger risk on the investment with Max due to his knees and body generally. We need both his ruck ability at the bounce/ball up and marking power/mobility around the ground. He needs to be able to jump and run. Could we ask that a clause in his contract stipulates that he is contracted as a footballer and not a comedian. Lets just focus on the footy Max.
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    Yes, the one year contract is a clear indicator that the FD think there's a chance he'll flop, for whatever reason (be it off field or on). Again though, my response would be 'who cares?' - he clearly has the talent for AFL footy and we cost ourselves nothing to get him.
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    If that forward line was uninjured holey moley it would have been devastating
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    I can see a whole off season challenge here ... picking teams with players whose surname begins with the same letter followed by a virtual play off. Wonder how the Z's would perform and has there ever been an X'er?
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    The guy was clearly just having a bit of fun Saty Loosen up and live a little.
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    “Nahhh but we took wayyy unders for himmm”.
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