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    I wish people would stop whinging about the live stream. It's a praccy match FFS. Be grateful that we have any coverage at all.
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    Seen enough of Sparrow. Wins the ball and breaks free from 4 Pies in the middle for a release and now drills a beauty. Small sample but I don’t care, looks like he belongs.
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    Gawn bog for me and 1 thing is for certain at some point this year preuss is going to kill someone
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    On the 11th of January this year my Dad died unexpectadly of a heart attack. He was a fit and healthy man only 65 years old with everything to look forward to. His mum is still alive at 100 years of age and his dad died at 90. As he lived up the country with Mum, my last three great memories of time spent with my Dad were the Melbourne v Geelong game, the Melbourne v Hawthorn Game and Christmas. Needless to say that video smacked me in the guts hard and had me weeping like a baby. Im really scared about this year, not because I think we will be bad, but because there is every possibility we could be very, very good and if our wildest dream comes true, I will be completly inconsolable for so many reasons. If you see a 6 foot tall, skinny bloke with shaved head balling his eyes out on that one day in September, please throw your arm around him and remind him to enjoy the moment, because his a dad waited 54 years for that moment and will have fallen 8 months short.
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    And, the headline is... THE MIGHTY DEES DOWN THE PIES!! Only a practice match you say? Let me repeat: THE MIGHT DEES DOWN THE PIES!! (That's all that matters! GO DEES!!)
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    Dees Win 🔴🔵😈 Melbourne 11 - 6 - 72 Collingwood 7 - 6 - 48
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    https://www.melbournefc.com.au/news/2019-02-21/jetta-added-to-leadership-group Congratulations to Nev. A much deserved promotion for a perennially underrated player. 2019 Leadership group Nathan Jones (co-captain) Jack Viney (co-captain) Max Gawn Neville Jetta Jetta replaces Lewis who will work with coaches and leaders.
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    Vanders’ tackling is a thing of beauty.
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    I have been and always will be keen on playing Gawn and Preuss in the same team. We can't continue to run Gawn into the ground.
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    I can hear the jungle drums....DON'T STAND IN FRONT OF PREUSS!!! Can you imagine dropping into the gap in front of Preuss on the lead. FMD let him have it.
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    It may have been mentioned but this is exciting. These are the players NOT playing today... May, Viney, Jones, Oliver, Lever, KK, Melksham, Hannan, Frisch, TMac. That’s a lot of depth.
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    Goal tally so far Two to Preuss Singles to Weideman, Stretch, JKH, T.Smith, Harmes, C.Wagner
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    Hunt has been impressive off half back.
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    stream and commentary quite good now. Even got replays working.
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    Corey Wagner gonna be a great addition I reckon
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    Punky Preusster. It’ll catch on.
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    This one has got to be mine for similar reasons. I've got 3 kids, 15 down to 11years old, its been some terrible curse but we hadn't seen a win live since Bailey was coaching. Whatever game I took them to, we'd get done. Didn't matter who we played. Makes for a long 7hr round trip lemme tell ya. I took them to the ANZAC and Queens Birthday games last year to let them experience a large crowd at the G as most of the one we've watched have only been half full at best or at the soulless Etihad. I asked my young bloke who's 13 after the Queens Birthday game what he thought of the noise the big crowd makes. He said "Yeah, but it's always the other teams." And he was right, we'd watched 'em all run over us. My youngest daughter had never actually seen a win live. Broke my heart as they've had it tough in the school yard them kids. Took them to the Elimination final and not only was the crowd mostly Melbourne supporters for a change. It was us doing the damage. We were also in Mitch Hannans pocket and he put boot to ball right in front of us. The noise and the sea of raised fists in the air when it went through was something to behold. I can still see the look on my kids beaming faces. Un forken real .... The monkeys off the back.
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    Loving the new colour scheme.
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    For a bloke who I thought might struggle for a regular senior spot, Lewis looks so calm and composed
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    It’s back up. Nokia3310 charger was found.
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    Jaguar should have sponsored the live stream. They're also prone to breaking down.
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