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    I'm surprised they jumped on board.. after our round 23 debacle last year, I'd thought we'd never get a major sponsor again.
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    The wrist slashing on here about sponsorship is astounding. The club under Peter Jackson has done an amazing job. Sponsorship is hard. It's slow dance with uncertain outcomes and difficult negotiations. Yet some here think the club should update members every 2 seconds about why they haven't filled a sponsor position. These people frankly have no idea how difficult it is. There aren't 100 sponsors waiting in the wings to throw $2-3m a year at the club. Well done to the admin of our club. Quality sponsor.
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    If Peter Jackson delivers the goods (and I think he will) then I vote that this thread be renamed “Sponsorship - No Problem!”
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    I’m in love with my new Zurich luxury SUV.
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    Good mate, real good. He's training with the backline, just came home from a bonding camping trip the backline boys organised for Friday night. He's looking much better then last years preseason. Took 13 seconds off his 2km PB, is within the top 5 at the club when it comes to lifting weights in the gym in certain categories (deadlifted over 200kgs before the Xmas break) and seems to be doing well. He also is trying to learn as much from the others as possible, especially Lever. Says whenever there is a one-on-one drill he always grabs Lever to test himself against. We'll have to wait and see if he gets a chance in the JLT games but so far it's going well.
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    I can’t see where we’ll lose a game.
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    I just don't understand supporters who revel in predicting the clubs demise. Definitition of "Supporter " is "a person who approves of and encourages a public figure, political party, policy, etc." Based on that the MFC is the "etc" and Picket, you seem to be doing niether of those things. As the saying goes, "with friends like you....." I know people will say this is a "Fan Forum" but once again, I am not sure where you sit within the "Fan" part of the forum, more a detractor than a Fan. Good luck to you and Go Dees!!! Salems Lot - Melbourne Supporter for 54 years!
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    A few comments, to add to the other reports from Friday’s training session. Considering the trying conditions, strong northerly wind and high temperatures the standard of skills exhibited was quite high, stamina and fitness levels overall were very good. Agree with positive comments made by a number of observers/posters here re: Bernie Vince, Max Gawn, Dom Tyson, Dean Kent, Billy Stretch, Christian Salem, Alex Neil-Bullen,Christian Petracca, Tom MacDonald, Jesse Hogan all were noticeable for a range of attributes from their physical conditioning through to their determination and skills exhibited during the training drills. Impressed that most participants maintained an admirable intensity throughout the session which was intelligently managed by the coaching staff. Observed numerous rotations to allow for recovery and plenty of opportunity provided for maintaining hydration levels. Of the new recruits Bailey Fritsch moved with poise and purpose, looked very neat skills wise, was able precisely pass the footy by foot and appears accurate over an extended distance despite the conditions. He judged the flight of the ball superbly and marked confidently despite the strong gusting wind. Close by he is deceptively strong around the hips and upper thighs. After all the training drills were completed and most players departed for what one assumes was a cool shower. Josh Wagner, Jayden Hunt and Neville Jetta did some extra-curricula work competing in pairs for the high kicked incoming ball. Their positioning/bodywork to spoil or mark the ball was terrific. Jettta despite giving up “inches” was the obvious master. Observations on the possible ‘game plan’ for the coming season. Competewith strength around the packs, gain possession and clear congestion by handball and reminiscent of Hawthorn maintain possession by short passing allowing forwards time to lead into space to receive an accurate footpass. Well at least that appears to be plan A. Final thought as a visitor to the centre of the footy universe from the top end, conditions were much tougher for footy than ever experienced in the ‘cooler’dry season evenings in Darwin. Ok will acknowledge pre-season training is not a fixtured AFL game. But training intensity and duration appear to mimic something of game conditions. In anticipation of a continued positive trend on Goody’s team performance graph for season 2018. Adios from your northern correspondent.🍷Go Demons!
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    does this mean we get a huge swiss insurance company AND a japanese luxury car brand
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    Waah, no sponsor, waah, no sponsor. Nek minut - sponsor? Waah, why not a better one? Get a life. PJ would [censored] himself laughing at some of the [censored] written on here by the MFCSS brigade.
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    I can understand frustration on this point, but surely it's much more important that both parties are comfortable on signing off on what is a large money deal?
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    Breast Cancer Network of Australia, the pink jumper.
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    Yeah mate, for sure. Dont know if these show mongrel but these highlights I found show his courage
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    A good read. https://www.playersvoice.com.au/tom-bugg-im-not-who-you-think-i-am/
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    Simple really 'Tough'... It's a no lose position. If we miss out he can say "told you so" If we make finals, well as a true Melbourne man he would be happy to be proven wrong.
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    time to dich that antique oija board, fency and get a nice shiny modern one that works.
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    Inverted jumper (red with navy blue yoke), redback jumper or royal blue - all are preferable to white and in particular the bintang one from last year.
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    Well, I guess he couldn't be accused of being a keyboard warrior....
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    The only reason I can come up with as to why we need a clash jumper at all is because someone at the AFL has worked out that our jumper clashes with the Casey Demons and has decided we need a clash jumper because of it.
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    I'm not totally keen on a royal blue clash, I'd prefer a predominately red one but it's better than white.
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    PF, even though you did this ladder prediction just to get a reaction , we could easily finish 10th or worse. A lot of supporters are relying on the natural progression of the team for us to get into the finals and beyond. If only footy was that easy.
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    I was sceptical of the clubs ability to get a deal done before the start of the season, but this is a great result (assuming the dollars are okay). Well done to Peter Jackson and his staff.
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    They just purchased OneCare insurance from ANZ Wealth. Will be interesting times, I think the deal makes them Australia's largest insurer now, overtaking TAL.
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    Great news!!! As a Financial planner I will now look to use Zurich as my number 1 insurance provider.😉
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    Welcome to the Melbourne Football Club, Zurich. https://twitter.com/melbournefc/status/955195694482046977
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    Damn...... better return my membership for this year then.
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    If the Oija board thinks North is going to finish ahead of Collingwood or Freo, then it is connecting with the wrong spirits.
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    yes ht, it's no glass and it's no mug either. It's a chamber-pot and it's overflowing
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    not to mention the glass is chipped and cracked
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    How I miss him. His non stop pursuit of equality and moral superiority was the perfect antidote to my actual achievement of human perfection and unquestionable wisdom coupled with my spiritual and intellectual godliness.Sometime one needs a snivelling rat to kick into the gutter to reassure oneself of such a thing.
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    Lewis was third in our B&F, and that with missing a few matches.
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    billy is contracted with us til the end of 2019 i believe? the pressure is on him this year to really 'break out' a la anb last year to be honest, i expected it to be the other way around in 2017 stretch is clearly an afl-capable player, but whether or not he makes it with us or not remains to be seen if he is not a regular in the team by the end of this year, he may be re-assessing his options in order to further his career like others, i hope he makes it as he's very neat by foot
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    My only request is that it doesn't have a gimmicky demon or even a massive sized logo front and centre.
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    Yeah, I would say the light blue will be used. Against saints the dark front was a problem on tV. The lighter blue will eliminate this
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    I've just seen that on the tennis coverage. It is very royal and a complete throwback to mid 80s. I am not sure, but maybe that is am preview of the mens clash strip..I wouldn't mind it. Better than white. I don't think that is the womens home jumper is it???
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    You can't be a father and son candidate after 80 games! Paul was a very good player. Excellent kick, smooth mover.
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    It's just an abbreviation for idgaf. (Actually, IG is a stockbroker.)
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    666=18. 18 This is our year for a flag 666 The devils number. Our number is up. It's our flag for the taking. 666 The number of the beast. Frost is looking like a beast. Norm Smith medalist for sure !!!!
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    Lack of free to air exposure, particularly Friday nights and finals, is a big problem too. If we can have some sustained success we will be able to land lucrative and recognisable sponsors.
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    Excellent article! Well done, Tom, for writing it. Just goes to show how one moment in time, whether intended or not, can be life-changing. Think the article says a lot about the character of the man. I really hope he can put it behind him, and be a better person (and player) for the experience. Really don't think any of us can cast stones...!
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