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    In London, visiting the better halves family, have a bit of time to kill so im thinking I might just add my two bobs worth, which, like everyone else on here means jack [censored] at the end of the day, but oh well, here I go... Firstly, I love this club and getting on the websites to check the scores with my two young lads in recent weeks (bulldogs and eagles) have been highlights of my fatherhood. [censored] we have been excited when we check the scores. Nervous as [censored]... Drawing out the moment before we press the enter button on afl.com. "You ready boys, I'm gonna press it", "No, hang on dad (the eight year old sucks in a few big deep breaths like a woman doing breathing exercises in labour), righto do it.." "Geez i'm nervous lads, I'd love to be 7/5 (Bulldogs game), we need to be 7/5, we gotta seperate ourselves a bit from this middle pack" I say. "Just press it Dad Press it" says the four and a bit year old. I hit enter. A moment passes as we scan across the match centre scores. Bang! there it is. "We [censored] smashed em, we've [censored] smashed them...Holy [censored]...sorry for swearing boys but bloody hell, we've smashed them!!" We go off. Jump up and down like idiots. The four and half year old gets belted accidently in the process.. "Sorry mate, you right? Come here you little champion, you'll be alright mate, Daddy loves ya and daddy loves the mighty demons" Six days later... "I reckon the game should be done by now boys lets check the scores Now don't get to excited fellas lets remember two of our best players aren't playing, its in WA and and its hard for even the best teams to win over there, Big Maxy is back but its still a big ask. We havent won 3 in a row for ages so lets just keep it in check. But we're tough this year, we are hard to beat. 8 and 5 would be handy though and West Coast are soft at the end of the day...Come on you good things. Ready? I'm gonna press it." "Press it Dad press it" Bang! Up pops a picture of TMAC being jumped on by his teammates with the headline MIRACLE IN THE WEST! No need for a score check. A picture says a thousand words. We skitz out again. The eight year old and myself mainly. Junior has wised up and stands back a few feet. Avoids concussion this time. We watch the final two minutes as its the only video up at that point. Olivers clearance. Hibberds forward line entry...TOMMY MAC!!! The reality is we are as good a chance as anyone else in the comp at the moment. We are certainly hard enough. We are probably talented enough. My only question mark is are we experienced enough. My head says no. Is this a form of self preservation of ones emotions? Probably. Either way, I'm just most happy we are super competitive. Because that has to comes first. Before all else. And that we most certainly are
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    He copped an elbow to the chin, went down, and now is getting blasted by everyone. The fact they are saying he dived and wasn't even hit, or that a doctor would risk their job and forge a medical report specifically to get someone suspended for a week... it's mental. Proper mental. The amount of abusive posts I've seen online targeting him is truly staggering. He's getting more air time and vitriol hurled at hime than a terrorist who has killed people! The disgusting thing is that he is the victim in all this. This is the equivalent of a guy hitting his wife and people saying 'ah well she probably deserved it'. Why is the victim being crucified? It says a lot about Australians and our culture that this is happening from both the media and individuals. This false bravado rubbish needs to go the way of the dodo. Feel really sorry for Oliver and hope the club psychologist works with him. He's up there next to Jack Viney as the toughest young ball winner I've seen since Michael Voss! He's been copping 100s of abusive posts directed at him, and probably lots of direct messages to his Twitter, Instagram etc. Hope it doesn't effect him mentally or effect him in his day to day life getting harassed.
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    Re Thomas' comments on the MFC Doctors. Where was he when Jesse Hogan went on the basis of a Carlton's Doctor's report on Sam Rowe, which indicated he had concussion, as a result of the 'blow', continued to play out the game and played the following week? Total hypocrisy in my view.
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    I'm not Nasher, but I absolutely do. I am sick of the AFL focusing on outcome rather than action. Schofield threw an elbow at a player's jaw and connected. He's lucky it was only a glancing blow and didn't shatter his jaw (which we all know is bad because Jordan Lewis was suspended for fracturing Cripps' jaw). If you're going to be a weak dog and throw your elbow at someone's face because you can't take a harmless verbal jibe (and there's no evidence anything other than a harmless verbal jibe was put to Schofield), then you absolutely deserve to be suspended. That action is disgusting and should not be a part of our game.
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    Basically they are saying 1/ the umpire is a liar 2/ Oliver is a liar 3/ the MFC doctor is a liar 4/ Schofield is a victim Geez I hate the AFL HQ, and their front, Gill more than I thought I could ever do.
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    Schofield is clearly the innocent victim here. Clarry clearly threw his chin onto the end of Schofield's elbow and then took a dive worthy of a gold medal at the Olympics. Yes Clarry was hoping to achieve the impossible of receiving a free kick at half time. The devious Clarry also collaborated with the medical staff to ensure that the MRP would impose a ban. Further to this plan Clarry employed the use of social media to manipulate football chat forums to convince the Weagles to challenge and add an extra week. Well done Clarry, so far so good. Only one more phase for this epic to transfer into reality.
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    You could blindfold Mitch Hannan and put him in a mashing machine for 2 hours and he'd still step out and snap a goal. Kid has some serious goal awareness
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    Could not post Saturday night. Lived in Perth since 2000, haven't seen Melbourne win since 2004 in the rain against Freo. Sat at Subiaco in the rain, when it was cold, when it was hot, at the City end with the sun in your eyes and couldn't see the far end of the ground. Put up with drunks and moronic West Coast and Fremantle supporters. One drunk wanted to fight Mrs Nomed a few years ago because she cheered a Dee's goal (we left the ground). Watched year after year of massive disparities in free kick counts, head duckers and thugs roughing up weak Melbourne teams. Lost carton after carton of beers and packets of TIm Tams. And then this game...... We beat the crowd! We beat the umpires! We beat the Eagles!
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    I understand your view. You would agree that it is different in normal society though, where even a threat can be punished. You don't have to actually physically hurt someone to be punished. Even attempting many things is a crime. Schofield may not have hurt Oliver or even attempted to hurt him, but it was found and not challenged, that he elbowed Oliver's chin, no matter how lightly and in a break in play and that is now ok on a footy field. I disagree. i don't want kids being elbowed to the face anywhere. Therefore footy is out of step with the society we live for in.
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    Let's not forget that two weeks ago Joel Selwood had no case to answer for elbowing Mitchell in the back of the head off the ball. It's a kangaroo court. Just like the laughable Essendon drugs tribunal. Don't waste your energy looking for logic, sense or fairness from a system as corrupt as everything else about the AFL.
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    Good strong words from Lewis about Clarry being a very strong kid who wouldn't go to ground for no reason. Told all the keyboard warriors to shut up basically.
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    If it wasn't for Melbourne I would never follow AFL these days. The game has become a platform for whinging abusive cockheads, from players to commentators to the MRP.
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    People don't seem to realise, the club or Oliver did not charge schofield the umpire did. The club or Oliver didn't decide the penalty the MRP did. The club only needs to concentrate on one thing - THIS WEEKS GAME
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    Had 3 effective disposals. Was probably getting dropped anyway
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    A few thoughts: - I really feel for Clarry in all this. He's a freakin 19 yo kids for Chrissake, who's reputation and character has been dissected in a kangaroo court without himself even being represented. I hope he can block out the frenzy that the sucubus media have created. - west Coast are sore losers. I hope we meet those [censored] in a final in Melbourne and [censored] all over them again. - The body of work this year from the MRP and now the tribunal is nothing short of illogical debacle. Is there any chance in hell there will be an overhaul of this farcical system? Unbloodylikely.
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    How has his reputation been spared? The not guilty verdict has validated the view of Clarry being a stager now. It has given a green light to every dungle beetle with a twitter account to let rip. I'm f***ing furious about this.
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    So elbows are worth 0 and clean KO's just the 2. Tommy Bugg, go to work on Kennedy and Franklin, you'll be back way before the finals, have fun.
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    Is this April 1st? So basically they are saying that Oliver is a stager. They have impugned his character forever. Unforgivable. Really, if our Dees were going as they had been the past decade, I would be right out of AFL altogether. It is a sham!!
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    Waleed Aly played the race card as Houli's character witness. #classy
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    Last 2 minutes with ABC Radio Commentary
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    Who cares if he dived? If opposition players elbow our blokes in the face, or punch them in the throat, we don't owe them anything. They're being thugs and I have no problem with our blokes trying to get them in as much trouble as possible.
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    Memo to The MFC "say nothing" Us against the rest... call to arms Friday Night....
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    My thoughts on Talking footy hosts. Watson - go and apoligise and make a few more excuses for drugs cheats you $&%$ Carey - Should never have been seen or heard again after glassing efforts. %*%^ of the highest order Darcy - What is it like living as Eddie 2.0 you sniveling parasite!
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    If you haven't read enough about our glorious victory in the West here is a snippet from the Demonblog and his excellent Every Day Is Sunday blog For the full extensive write up ...... http://mfcdemonblog.blogspot.com.au "After multiple six day breaks, on that ground, against that team, to build a fort inside the eight, without Hogan, Watts, Jones, Salem on the bench with frozen peas strapped to his hammy, Garlett struggling to move, Viney playing through injury, Gawn in his first game in three months, with a full-back who didn't kick a goal in his first 64 games leading the attack, and a three goal deficit deep into the last quarter. There weren't many more obscure angles available other than aliens landing in the middle of the ground and ushering Basil Zempilas back onto the spaceship".
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    Saw a tweet that a supporter dislocated his shoulder celebrating tmacs goal 😂
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    Ok my theory that we are living in some weird alternate universe is gaining traction. Consider the evidence We, Melbourne, are seriously considered a flag threat and are the hardest team to play against bar none Watts kicking match winning goals, on the run, against the Pies, at the G and on Queens Birthday to effectively finish Collingwood's season. Tom McDonald was the form forward of the entire competition this weekend. But the biggest clue that perhaps the earth has flipped on its axis is that Clayton Oliver is apparently considered soft. The gutsiest, contested ball-winning freak, the toughest teenager in Australia, the 19 year old who the West Coast coach chose to tag from the opening bounce over Jack Viney has had his courage called into question. Bizarre! The good news is that the weirder this season gets the more chance that jumper number 13 will be holding up cup number 13 in a few short months and that will be a whole new conversation.
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    I normally don't advocate for the club to come out and make statements about controversial issues but in this case i do wonder if a statement calling out [censored] like taylor, grant and carey for labeling our player a soft cheat and our doctors liars. Barely one word of condemnation for schofield. No wonder players dont trust the media. Why would they? It is full of ex players who judge everything through the lens of rheir tough guy faded glory. From a time when men were men. And tbe pathetic double standard of then talking about mental healrh is truly pathetic. And for god sakes carey has some gall questioning someones morals
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    Over at Punt (typo) Road End someone reckons ASADA should investigate us because we "never stop running." Well Richmond, that's just what you have to do to run out close games. Secondly, how refreshing. I remember when we didn't even spread in the first quarter not so long ago.
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    Historically speaking, every time the Doggies have won a flag the MFC has won the next three.
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    WTF elbow to the jaw head contact off the ball low impact thats two weeks ... one week with a guilty plea. WTF
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    Officially my favourite player. For what it's worth, I spoke to a mate who works at the doggies and they were super keen on him, they knew the type of talent he was but didn't think he could produce at AFL level as quickly as he has. I love the way he plays footy, hard, aggressive takes the game on and makes things happen he's a huge part in why we have won the games we have
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    He overreacted, therefore it's absolutely fine. It's not possible that he overreacted *and* it was also a dog act that should be condemned? To be clear - my position is still that we can't be sure if he overreacted or not - that hasn't changed - but ultimately it's irrelevant to whether or not Schofield is guilty.
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    I haven't read this thread nor contributed to it (and I won't further because it's boring), but clearly the MFC medical evidence has been dismissed, Oliver has been confined to a liar, and even though there was obviously contact to the jaw it's now fair play if the force is deemed low. A farce all round.
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    Oliver should plead "discrimination against Gingers" to make sure Schofield gets 2 weeks!
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    Good on Oliver for trolling the twitter flogs. Social media is just a toxic hate fest. Its good to see a player just take the p*ss out of it all, and troll the haters. Because that is all 99% of social media does - hate. It won't effect Oliver's game in the slightest.
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    I like this. Gives him a pat on the back, and removes a potential distraction to allow him to focus on improving his footy - but a 1 year deal is really keeping a fire lit under him to perform. Congrats JKH.
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    I hope it doesn't get nasty for Oliver, today at work for the second day running another Essendon fan stated to me Oliver should audition for Home and Away and Neigbours. That made my blood boil, seems Melbourne supporters are fair game now also. I can't imagine what's running through his mind with all the social media abuse but one thing I will say is , Oliver has 40 odd brothers in red and blue, 21 of them will run out with him Friday night and around 40,000 family members will be there to stand behind him as ONE!!! The STAGE is set young man!!!
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    Was starting to panic, has been a big year between new babies and other family events, every paycheck has been well and truly spoken for, but finally able to sign up the family - that's another 6.... phew...
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    Must say I'm a little bit surprised that it's come at this stage of the season- but good on him! Clearly a player Goodwin sees great potential in. (That clown that sent that letter to David Schwartz would be livid!)
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    I'm actually finding it really hard to get over the fact that a 19 year old kid was hit and people are treating him like he's the one who did something wrong. It's just so awful.
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    Schofield had the opportunity to challenge the intentional aspect of the charge tonight. He didn't. He argued the force was too low, not that it wasn't intentional. Houli wasn't looking directly at Lamb when he knocked him out. The Tribunal (correctly, IMO) found that to be intentional. And, again, players do not, every week, en masse, throw their elbows into players jaws. Yes, they routinely shove players, but shoving someone in the chest and throwing your jaw into their elbow are different. I'm focusing on what Schofield did, which is different to what most players do en masse each week.
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    ...... and the field umpire who reported him was little more than a metre away looking squarely at the incident. The system is a bloody joke!
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    If it's 0 weeks, then the public will be adamant Oliver staged. Surely that's the worst possible outcome for him and for footy.
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    Lol @ Oliver's latest Twitter profile photo.
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    You missed Hannan's speed. It's vital. Especially against a slow Sydney. X-factor, overhead marking, speed, versatility and he hits the scoreboard. He's kicked 17 goals and is on track for 30. He's not close to being dropped.
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    His game on the weekend was incredible, but I don't correlate that to him being captain, just like I didn't see the connection between his early season form and the co-captaincy. I stand by my view that it was unnecessary to appoint him co-captain at this stage of his career. As vice captain he still would have led the team on the weekend in Jones' absence and would have played just as well. A player like Viney doesn't play the way he does because of a title, he plays that way because it's the only way he knows how.
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    Schofield is going to challenge the case...SEN....hope he gets 2w.
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