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    Oh spare me.. you look at that photo and immediately make the observation that Max is just strolling around? What happens if Lever was put under immense pressure from s handball or kick and had little time to react? Could have been around a stoppage area? Sold into in trouble? Demonland at it's best.
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    Thanks for the arousing training report.
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    Drinking with Johnnie is so much better shared cos then you get to remember it.
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    I saw that hit. He should be thrown out of the game piece of junk
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    Fritsch has shown more bravery in the air in four games than Watts has his entire career. If you cannot see this then you should stop watching football.
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    I saw this too. He was kicking 50m barrels rather than looking for a target. He snapped a shot at goal when he should have passed. He was thumping the ball from stoppages rather than trying to tap to a player. Whatever he was getting at, as a leader I was disappointed. No way anything he was doing was true leadership. It's been said, but deserves saying again - this is one of the longest bows, and worst posts, I've seen.
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    "Hes a quality guy, Lindsay Thomas" - James Brayshaw Five minutes later and Thomas snipes someone as hes done his whole career.
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    By sweeping the fend arm to the side before it contacts you, it throws the balance off and you can tackle the body. With the arm out of play, locking in the arm holding the ball and smashing the [censored] into the turf is the next objective. you know he is going to fend, so practicing the counter should be part of the prep.
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    The only way to stop Martin is to starve him of it the MFC have to hunt the ball themselves.
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    I got down to training this morning for an hour. It was a beautiful morning for it, if a little dewey which caused some handling issues. I spoke to Brendan McCartney briefly and he said the mantra this week was ‘Get in and bang some bodies’. Ben Matthews took the session. Here are some observations: - A few of the Casey lads were running when I got there. They play tomorrow so it was only the senior squad that was training today. -T-Mac did the majority of the session with the main group. The big fella looked fantastic and can’t get be too far away. -Jack Viney is moving well. Straight line sprints, lateral movement stuff, kicking in boots over distance. -Forgotten man Aaron vandenBerg was moving as well as I have seen him for a long time. He can’t be too far away from joining the main group either. -Sam Frost was training with the re-hab group. I’m not too sure why. -Jordy Lewis’ hand was heavily bandaged. He was the chief mover of the witches hat. -Hunt, Stretch, Tyson, Tim Smith and Weideman all trained today with last week’s team. There was no Bugg so I assume he has been dropped and will play tomorrow? I assume we’ll have two or three carry over players who will not play tomorrow and will be emergencies for the senior team. -No Balic, Hannan, Pedo or Maynard. -It was a spirited session. The boys looked keen for Tuesday.
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    FMD, only Demonland could turn a picture containing a blurry Max Gawn in the background into a near full team revolt. What's next? Nate Jones wants out to the Hawks?
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