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    Attended the pregame function in Canberra today. Brendan McCartney was the guest speaker. He was super impressive. Here are some of the points he made . . . We are getting it right 85 percent of the time – flags are won by teams that get it right 90 percent of the time No team ever operates at 100 percent – that’s a fallacy Often he can tell who’s going to win a grand final within two minutes of the opening bounce based on how many numbers are at the ball and mistakes made Numbers at the connect is what counts – bad teams have players that leave the contest too early or arrive to late You know the side is playing well when you leave a contest and the opponent is on the ground Pressure acts must be executed with the body close to the ball/opponent (i.e. not with the arms out stretched and the body at a distance from the pressure act) The Melbourne game style is based on a ‘physical’, style of game – hard to play but ultimately successful in finals Teams that don’t play a physical style (he said there were six at the moment) will be found out in September Young, low profile coaching group and it’s a deliberate approach to keep media profile low Under pressure, players default to their ‘instinctive’ way of playing (this was in reference to a question about Jack Watts) Players attend around 16 meetings a week Players review clips of their performance Most players are able to provide accurate self-analysis of their performance Videos are made and reviewed of training sessions and more is often learnt from these than game footage His role is one of mentoring and assisting the assistant coaches – often sitting in on their meetings with players Goody’s role is confined as much as possible to the players and game day (90 percent of his time) the other 10 percent is meetings with the board or managers etc. A club is operating well when it can find good players low down in the draft (in reference to Maynard) Priority has been to recruit players “who love the contest” The players are acutely aware of how their performances effect the supporters Many players who were treated poorly by the club a few years ago are now around the club (McDonald was mentioned) Most professionally run club he’s been involved with The club has provided a lot of education about the history of the MFC to the players and they all love the place At any one time a maximum of 90 percent of the players will be buying into the game plan or coaching philosophy and anyone who says they have 100 percent buy in is kidding themselves All players are given full and frank information about their performance and no player can claim to be in any doubt about the standards required from the club (both on and off the field) and how their contribution is measured When asked about why the players do “dump things” he said footy teams are like any other endeavor where people management is involved . . . just because a coach (CEO/manager/parent) directs something to be done (example sighted was kicking long with the wind last week), it doesn’t mean they will/can execute it
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    That, my fellow Demons, was a finals type game. At times it was super to watch, at others times it was a scrappy affair where you needed to put your head over the footy and do the hard stuff. And we won. When Port had a real dip at us, and we all knew it would happen, we didn't drop our heads or move away from the stuff that makes us a good footy side. We stuck to the task, rolled with the punches and got such an important victory for us. One person who I'd like to single out is Melksham. Yes, guys like Hibberd, Jetta and others were absolutely fantastic today and you would argue both would go close to best on ground. But when we needed goals and a calm presence forward of the ball when we struggled to hit the scoreboard, he was the man. He's been criticised this season, and in some ways it was justified, but he is more than proving his worth to our side right now. I'm stoked for him. We are a couple of wins away from playing finals and we've got so much more improvement to come in many players who have missed lots of footy, not to mention our captain returning in a week or two. These are exciting times and how good is it to be a part of? DEMONS!
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    Tim Watson is a moron and his son is a drug cheat.
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    So let's recap this week's posts in the Hogan thread: 1. We are better without Hogan in the side 2. He should earn it in the VFL like everyone else 3. Our fitness and medical staff are incompetent and negligent for letting him play
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    I'm heading over for this game. If Rhys Mathieson plays for frees I will consider running onto the ground and throwing pitted kalamatas at him while beating him with a baguette.
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    How good is Hannan in his first season? His sidestep and general athleticism are such an asset. Got his trademark millisecond hand to foot goal. Becoming a nice midfield rotation already. And ANB's last month has been very impressive. Proving me wrong and playing some nice footy. Lost that panic mode and showing some really nice touch.
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    A few thoughts on the game, and take this with a grain of salt because I am biased and have had a few. As for the overall game, Casy weren't bad, Coburgs game style and pressure just destroyed them for the first 3 quarters, but the extra fitness and hardness that AFL listed players bring allowed them to dominate the last quarter As for individual players: Weideman- kicked 3 goals 3, shoulda kicked 6 straight. Missed 3 relatively easy goals but did some amazing work in the aireal contest, and I mean took some unbelievably marks today, did some amazing running around the ground and I would not be surprised if he comes in to replace Hogan Maynard- He's form has been amazing, was easily best on ground and I'd expect him to get a senior debut this year. He is clean around the contest, hits it hard and has great speed. A great pickup from the MFC Brayshaw- wasn't as prolific as last week but is showing good signs he is coming back into his best, did make a few errors today but his gut running was outstanding Pederson- took some good marks and had a few great tackles but he butchered the ball a lot and if I were Melbourne selectors I'd choose Weideman over Pedo going off today's game Spencer- was great in the ruck today against a decent opponent, took some good marks and was good at ground level, fumbled a bit but might be an option if they want to tryout the Gawn/Spencer combo Keilty- continues to develope and build on his game, took 3 or 4 crucial contested grabs and attacked the ball at ground level well but also made a few mistakes under pressure, give Dec another pre season and he might just become a great key position player Other good players- Strech seemed to be big around the ball today and Wagner got onto a lot of loose balls and had a big impact. Dion Johnstone also had a huge second half, had a few great moments up forward and laid some big hits and tackles . Mitch King probably played the best game of his year, dominated the ruck and took some impressive marks The not so good- Good to see Hulett back in the VFL but was pretty quiet, I doubt he'll go on much further. Kennedy was also pretty disappointing today If I've missed anyone let me know and I'll try to answer your questions For the VFL listed players, Fristch was again outstanding today, missed a few easy goals but his hands for a shorter player are insane and do not be surprised to see him on an AFL list next year. Jack Hutchins was great as the general in defence today also, Ferreira had some nice moments Thays just my 2 cents
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    That last quarter was brave. The boys refused to get beaten. They make you proud to be a Melbourne supporter this lot.
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    I live near TBO so the Sandringham away game is my best chance to see Casey play. Some observations. With a very strong NW blowing diagonally to the Beach Road pocket at the Sautner end, it was a very scrappy contested game with a continuous rolling maul, a lot of turnovers and skill execution was rare. Sandringham were well on top for the first 2 and half quarters, their extra men back in the first quarter were very effective outnumbering Casey forwards and intercept marking, Marshall and Pierce are big boys who marked well in windy conditions. Casey were 4 goals down at half time - 4 goals to 8, and 3 players down - Smith, Spencer and (I think) James Munro - apologies to James if I'm wrong. The start of the third quarter Casey failed to get on top and when Sandy kicked their second goal for the quarter half way through it was 6 goals to 10 and looking bleak for Casey. Dec kicked a goal midway through the quarter, there is really great spirit and belief at Casey and the boys really got around him and kicked the next 3 goals to be a point behind at 3 quarter time - each of these goals was strongly celebrated and that seems to be a team theme. At 3 quarter time Justin Plapp encouraged the team to write a memorable story and there was general belief among the players (but not me). The focus was on the "money ball" - I'm not sure what that is, but he mentioned it 4 or 5 times. I don't blame Earl for leaving at 3 quarter time, it looked like how far the Zebras - I actually moved to the northern end of the ground to enable a quick getaway myself and was able to enjoy the Casey action there in the final quarter. Sandy seemed to think it was just going to happen and Casey really lifted around the ball. Mitch King had an influence at the stoppages. Weid took two strong contested marks and Scott, Fritsch and Ferriera were dangerous around goal when finally matched up 1:1. Sandy got their noses in front about 20 minutes in but in an incredible effort Casey kicked the final 2 goals to win a great victory. Plapp really has the team playing with belief, spirit and cohesiveness and it's a great credit to him. Melbourne listed players: Gus Brayshaw: Was playing free across a half-back until midway through the 2nd and I thought was ineffective, he didn't get much interception at all but did land one bone crunching tackle on a Sandy player in quarter one. Went onto the ball midway through the second and immediately got his hands on it. He was a ball magnet at the stoppages and I expect his handball numbers to be high. It was hot in the kitchen and he would have gained a lot of confidence concussion-wise from getting through a fierce test. He's an inside/outside midfielder and half-forward and half-back don't suit him. If he comes into the MFC side that's where he needs to play to get involved. Billy Stretch: Got a lot of the ball in the heat and tried to be creative and run the ball up into the wind. He's a smart player who works hard on his game. Dec Keilty: As Drunkn said, he played very well, especially intercept marking and contested marking down back and kicked a nice goal when thrown forward to spark the Casey revival. He's got some ground skills too and is definitely a prospect worth investing in. JKH: He was very busy at the stoppages and got a lot of the ball. He's evasive so can get into some space. He's small so that works against him at AFL level. It's hard to see him permanently in the midfield but I think he's could play the Neville Jetta role and maybe apprentice there. I'd keep him on the list because ANB had a similar year last year and has shown improvement. Ben Kennedy: Also worked hard inside and is genuinely a tough customer. Kicked a superb long goal at the start of the 3rd from the wrong pocket with the wind and for a left footer. We need developing depth players but I have JKH ahead of him. Sam Weideman: It was a very difficult day for marking forwards. Was manned up against 3 or 4 Saints giants when we had the wind and could not get a run at it in the 1st. In the 2nd I think it only went inside our 50 once and Fritsch kicked a goal. Sam was rucking in the back half in this quarter part of the time. He was better in the 3rd and took a couple of marks and kicked a goal. In the last he was instrumental in the win when finally 1 out against the Zebra defenders. He took 2 strong marks, crumbed a Hulett contest to handball off for a nice goal and got a free for holding in a marking contest because he was making the defenders nervous. He missed that shot but he is generally a beautiful kick with the best action since Garry Lyon. It was great that he fought on and didn't drop his head and really contributed on what could have been a dirty day for him. Dion Johnstone: He played in the centre square and wing and got his hands on a few nice clearances. He's an aggressive player and gave away a 50 at one stage, but I like his hardness. He's small too but there's some ball finding quality there to work with. Mich King: Had to shoulder the ruck load when Jake went off injured and struggled up to 3 quarter time. In the last quarter he too was instrumental in the victory, he got his hands on the tap outs or at least broke even. Followed up with a crucial centre clearance which were like gold into the wind and also got forward and took a good contested mark. It's the kind of match that could be the making of his belief. Jack Trengove: He's a leader and was very good at the quarter time huddles with his guidance and advice. But I think unfortunately his AFL career is over, he just doesn't have a point of difference. Joel Smith: Stood on the shoulders of the pack on a kick-in - really right up there like his dad, but landed badly and was in a lot of pain when stretchered off. Hope he makes a good recovery, he has many AFL attributes - size, speed, courage and leap. He'll make it. Liam Hulett: I was bullish about Liam when he joined us last year but he has struggled. He played deep forward and really made a contest but was unable to get his hands on it much. It was tough conditions but unfortunately he seems to lack AFL level class. Jake Spencer: Went off injured in the 2nd and was in the tracksuit - I'm not sure what the injury was. Jake needs to be able to dominate the contest against a player like Jason Holmes and he wasn't able to. I think he'll be at another club next year. There's no clear elevations to the MFC side that will make a huge difference. Gus was very good but he needs to play in the guts to excel and I don't see a slot for him there yet . It will come with Lewis and Vince coming towards the end, or sooner if we have an injury or suspension. As some have posted, I think he needs more confidence building at Casey. Billy was very good too and is a class above VFL level, he'll make it as a player but he's not going to make a huge impact at AFL level yet, he just needs to continue to work hard on his game which no doubt he will. Dec was great but I think he's better playing back and I don't see him forcing his way in there just yet, he can continue to develop and build confidence and really dominate at VFL level. Weid is the most likely elevation IMO even though he had 3 quiet quarters he has some AFL level chops.
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    Well, the QB game is their Grand Final, after all.
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    most players in attendance , was a great few hours , all players happy to have a chat and talk to everyone Gus sat with us and pulled up fine from his run at Casey , we spoke about breaking back into the team this year , very fine young man sam weideman also sat for a chat and loves playing at the Dees and is trying hard to convert his grandparents over to the Dees Jordan Lewis , was more than happy to talk too my 6 year went up to nearly every player on his own and got them all to sign his jumper as did his sisters
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    It's how poor form manifests itself for Jack. His intensity goes down and his attack drops. When Hogan is out of form, he drops marks, shanks kicks and sulks. Jack Viney when out of form tries to break a tackle every time he gets the ball. An out of form Nathan Jones gets all his kicks from running around behind other players and hoofing it forward. Lesser players just don't get near the ball when out of form. All players react and respond differently. Watts looked out of touch today, but I don't consider it any more contemptible than any other player who has been out of the game and takes a while to get in the groove. I think your criticism is excessive and unwarranted.
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    Also, Gus Brayshaw showed today not only what a quality player he is but how important he can be to our football side in the coming years. Wonderful game and almost brought a tear to the eye to see him out there.
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    I'm taking my son to his first ever game today, and it will be the first time 3 generations in my family have watched the demons since my grandfathers passing in 1996. This will be a memorable moment for me as a father to continue the family tradition of being a Demons man. I have faith the dees will get it done today. I hope to look back on this day and enjoy the memory of teaching my son how to sing a grand ol flag. Carn the f'ing demons!
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    I defy anybody that says Jetta ducked
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    Too all those telling other posters & supporters to "stop getting ahead of ourselves", "theres still one more game to win", "we still need to beat Collingwood" I understand all that but let other posters dream of September and talk about it, we haven't had this chance for 11 years and if for some reason we miss out at least we all got to enjoy this end to the season with us still in the hunt. We aren't the players or coaching staff, what we say & post on here has absolutely no bearing or influence on the playing group, coaches or the result of games so just let those who want to know how we buy finals tickets, who we'll play, when we'll play, who'd we play if we won the first final... We are posters on a forum for godsake, let's all just embrace this time were in and if you don't wish to get involved thats fine but don't tell others they can't look that little further ahead and dream of September
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    The lads passing Holbrook...
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    You are all being overly critical of Sammy, stats do not tell the whole story. For those who actually saw the game (me) yes he was quiet but that's because he was double teamed all night, even sometimes triple teamed. What he did do well was compete strongly in the air, allowing the other forwards to get free and have big impacts. At one stage he ran back against the flight of the ball and crashed couragesly into a big pack, taking a fantastic contested mark and then stabbing a kick to Pederson who then converted a goal. You can't expect a 20 year old kid who was getting 2 or 3 AFL level defenders at every contest to have a massive game mark/scoring wise. God damn you dudes are crazy harsh
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    Well everyone... we did it. We made hard work of it and we would all have been as nervous as we have been all year. But we did it. We responded to a fortnight of very poor football and have kept ourselves in the frame. I'm super proud of the club. When the pressure was on we stood up to be counted and won - we are now back in the eight and in there with a huge chance of breaking the finals drought. I'm emotionally and mentally exhausted, but gee was it worth it! DEMONS!
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    So after training as a Key Defender all pre-season, Dec was kinda thrown into the deep end, having to play a Ruck-Forward role for the majority of the first half of the year. He did alright, but nothing spectacular, all while slowing building up is craft. For the past month and a half or so he's been primarily thrown back down as a KPD, with stints in the Forward and Ruck when required. I think now that's he is settled into the position he was originally playing when he got drafted, he's really been able to step up to the plate. Yesterday was probably his best game I've ever seen him play. Under constant duress, he stood up time and time again to take a number of crucial marks in defence, run through and get some good rebound 50's and won the majority of his one-on-one contests. All game, Weideman had 2, 3 or even 4 defenders on him so in the 3rd quarter Plapp threw Keilty forward to try and relieve the pressure Sam was getting, where he took an impressive contested mark about 20m on a 45 degree angle and slotted the goal. I think that ability, to be half way through a game and then go and play in a completely different position and then step up to have an impact is exactly what the MFC saw in him last season and a big reason why he was picked up, as a versatile developing player. But he's recent form has been pretty damn great, he is still pretty sure he needs another pre-season in him before he really starts to get to his best footy, but from what I've seen from the Melbourne Coaching staff is they reward form, and Keilty might just be a chance at a senior game this year if Melbourne need to rest a KPP. Edit: Also yesterday, because Casey were only down to 2 rotations after the first quarter and a half, he ran himself into the ground. I think it finally clicked with him that kind of work effort is what is required to really make it on the big stage
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    The one certainty on DL is that no matter the result Tyson and Oscar will be criticised. We kept Port to 60 odd points and PA talls kicked 3 goals between them. Dixon got his in a mismatch with Hibberd and Westoff got one when he threw Frost aside. I can never understand these decisions and if someone can explain them to me I'd appreciate it. The other was when Westoff got a handball late in the last and kicked a great goal from the angle. But I'd imaging in some way Oscar was culpable for all three and the midfield really responsible for applying pressure that made our defensive job easy. My view is somewhat different. I think Oscar played very well and the defensive unit as a whole exceptional against dangerous opposition. Tyson is more difficult to judge. But for me getting the contested ball is the best trick in the business and Tyson does this. Goody mentioned him specifically in his presser. Goody doesn't praise for the sake of it. Confirmation bias is a very difficult thing to overcome. I have it but I'm aware of it and I'm the first to recognize Lewis's very good first half yesterday despite some errors. Those that don't like Oscar and Dom will always get the chance to confirm their opinions every week but it's tiresome and I'd argue doesn't provide balance. Great win D's. I enjoyed it immensely and I enjoyed Oscar and Dom's 52 possessions and their contribution to a great team win.
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    Such an important win. Lose and we were out of the 8, as low as 10th. We are now in the frame for top 4. Melksham 6 goals in two weeks and two months of solid footy, very nice.
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    On the highway with Uncle Bitter. White knuckle driving at its best. Mad Max-esque. If you see two empty seats in the throng of the Hill Stand you'll know we crashed and burned
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    Picture this, I wasn't at game yesterday as my son was playing in the ones, local footy after coming back from serious injuries over past couple of seasons. I was listening to game on radio as I was watching him play. Enter a magic footy moments, Salem gathers the ball skips past a player, my son gathers a ball, skips past a player, Salem delivers a perfect pass forward with rapier left boot, My son also a neat left footer sets sail for goal 40 out and nails it.!! I was pretty stoked, and excited!! the crowd must have thought I was pretty over the top, But well who wouldn't have been!? Two great moments in parallel footy timescape! Like everyone I'm pretty stoked with DEES and will sit by the fire and watch replay today. My son will also be an avid watcher. GO DEES
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    That 15 minutes in the last qtr on Saturday when neither team scored was as tough, brutal and physically demanding football that you will see. I found it great to watch
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    I've just started listening to the stream and just heard, "Brayshaw, having some sort of a game . . . "
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    Imagine your season being sunk by Hannan and Harmes.
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    From the VFL website- CASEY DEMONS Goal Kickers: B. Fritsch 4, Y. Zijai 3, B. Kennedy 3, L. Hulett, C. Salem, E. Morris, A. Ferreira, C. Porter, J. Kennedy-Harris, J. Watts Best Players: D. Keilty, B. Kennedy, J. Trengove, C. Salem, B. Stretch, Y. Zijai Was a great day out. I sat next to Sam Frost for half the game in the grandstands, and we had a good chat about him, Dec, and a few of the other boys who were playing (Salem, Kenno, Watts) Was pretty awesome. Keilty is in AFL form, his last 2 months have been sensational. Last week and today were the 2 best game's I've ever seen him play. Being in the business end of the season, I doubt he'll get a debut, but keep an eye on him over preseason, and he might just become a great player for the Melbourne Footy Club.
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    Thats what makes me happy today. Seeing a guy come back from horrendous feet injuries, play in teams that were repeatably thrashed, handed the captaincy when he wasnt ready and at no stage did he ever give up. Loved the ovation given to him when he ran on today and after the game when Robbo interviewed him. Know Watts was rapt to have him play in his 150th. also nice to see Goody go up to him after the game and give him a hug. I still think he can play in this team maybe forward or int he backline.
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    I love Jeff Garlett and live in Europe, but my neighbours probably wonder why the odd foreigner downstairs keeps screaming out 'Pedo' so joyfully every Saturday morning around 6am.
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    Well, I didn't realise he was given the nickname 'Chimp' at Collingwood. Say what you like about Lumumba being a bit pretentious and precious, but that is f'n awful. I mean this is pretty basic stuff, not complicated. Even Collingwood people should be able to get that far.
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    Perhaps he could also school him on taking a man on in his back half, getting done for dropping the ball 40 meters out and then compounding his error (after his man missed the goal) giving away a silly 50 and giving up a gimme goal. How much did they lose by? Oh that's right 3 points. Just imagine the response from some if the whipping boy had made those errors and cost us a game?
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    Cam has been re- ontracted for another year. http://www.melbournefc.com.au/news/2017-08-18/big-men-sign-on-for-2018-season He is a great example of a player who took on board coaches feedback and worked hard to get the best of himself. That he has been so willing to do any role the team needed him to play has been a real asset to our club. I doubt we would be on the verge of finals if he had not risen to the occasion. Delighted he is staying with us. Congratulations, Cam. #Lovepedobear
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    Didn't watch Port Adelaide get done by 85 points in the wet last week, or Freo flogged by 100 points yesterday? Saints didn't handle the pressure, but thats because we brought it. I can't handle the negativity around here at the moment. It's pathetic (and boring).
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    27,068. Pathetic really. We are a team on the cusp of making the finals for the first time in a decade. I know it was cold. I know we were playing an interstate team but how are we to be taken seriously as a "blockbuster" team if we can't get our own bums on seats? If Geelong are slated to play the Tigers in a final there will be no question that that game gets played on the G rather than in Geelong. If we line up against the Cats I guarantee you we are playing at Simmonds. Get your arses, your mates arses, your mums and dads, grannies and grandpas, your cats and dogs to the footy. Mini rant over.
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    Young key forwards are a mixed bag. And playing in the hardest position to make consistent impact doesn't help. Patton looked like a dinosaur at early stages, couldn't get near it. Now he's smashed a few games and looks set to be a player. Boyd looked promising, has done nothing. (Yeah yeah grand final blah blah.) McCartin was a number 1 pick. Hasn't got near it. For various reasons. Hogan is a freak and been a man since primary school. Still has flaws Daniher is an athletic freak. Still has flaws They're just a mixed bag. And they take time and development no matter how good or bad they are early days. The promising thing about Weed is he has shown glimpses of everything. Every facet of the game he has shown he can do it. Showed great decision making and link up play in his first game, neat skills. Showed defensive pressure and hardness against the Crows. Showed contested marking and long accurate goal kicking against Box Hill. He needs a tank, strength, and for it to mentally click. Those things take time for most tall kids. Cool your jets.
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    Some encouraging news.
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    Just because I like doing it most weeks: Clayton Oliver - 30 touches, 10 tackles, 20 contested possessions and 5 clearances. And this is on a day where you could argue he wasn't at his best. Gun.
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    It's here and I'm excited about this game and our inclusions. I haven't been to the G in about 5 years to watch a game so I'm looking forward to seeing the boys live with my kids and hoping we play a hard contested game and come out on top. Firstly I'm off to a pre match function where Bernie (slugger) Vince will be in attendance. Should be interesting. Hope he doesn't hit me! One final thing GO DEES.
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    I'm so rapt. As promised $50 is on my way to Demonland.
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    I can't believe the negativity on here. For the first 10 minutes our skills were off but so were theirs - big game, pressure, understandable. We clicked early and our pressure kept them out of it. We did what good sides do and put on early scoreboard pressure. They got a ridiculous ride from the umpires in the third which brought them back into it (the frees for Longer against Gawn were inexplicable). But we steadied, like good sides do, and pulled away late. Brayshaw was incredible for his first game back. Looked so settled. Lewis' best game this year IMO, contested ball was his strength. Oliver and Jones kept us level at the clearances and the back six (especially OMac and Hibberd) were terrific again. Garlett copped Geary and struggled to shake him and Petracca is woefully out of form, but that just shows we have room for improvement. Such a critical win for us. We're not there yet but we are so much closer.
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    Maybe if that tiny tiny little turd of an umpire could bounce the fucken thing, that would be awesome.
  46. 18 points
    You've got to at least take it out to dinner first.
  47. 18 points
    I don't think enough is being made of Gawn's game. Prior to rolling his ankle he was on fire both in the ruck and around the ground. Against the form ruck of 2017, he won the taps and as a consequence we dominated the stoppages. He was integral to all we did to create a match winning lead. And during the much celebrated 15 minutes of goalless action in the last quarter he manfully played under duress and ensured Port couldn't get any clean clearances. And great to see him clunking marks in the first quarter. Really hope the reported ankle scans are clear. He is central to our hopes.
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    By the way, I absolutely love love love the indigenous jumper. Haven't owned a footy jumper since I was a kid, but very tempted to make an exception for this.
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    As expected Casey utilise the wind in the final quarter to remain undefeated in 14 months at Casey Fields to beat Essendon 10-12-72 to 7-14-56 what a roost by Dec by the end in the way, travelled 80m I reckon will do a full right up when I get home tomorrow morning
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    Hibberd is recruit of the year. 36 touches, rarely wasted, and that [censored] tackle at the end of the third. We are not worthy. Neville 'brick wall' Jetta not far behind. Put that in your pipe and smoke it Dixon you giant ugly turd.
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