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    G'day all! Dropped by Gosch's to watch the lads in action for an hour or so. Easily the biggest news to come out of today's session is that Viney is now training in the main group! Here are the rough notes I took while watching. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ When I arrived, Gawn was just finishing up some ruck drills with Mitch King while some forwards and defenders practiced one on one drills. Match ups included Frost/Weideman, Wagner/Hannan and Kent(possible role change?)/Hannan. Some standard warm ups then followed. Great to see Pedders keeping up with TMac during the 50-100m sprints. He looks in ripping touch. Noticed very quickly that Jack Viney was running with the main group. Promising! A quick side note Nev Jetta is in rehab to start off the session. He joined some group drills later then ran laps without much fuss. Doesn’t appear to be anything too serious. May’ve pulled up a bit sore from AFLX. The first main drill involved the players being split into two groups. These two groups where then split in half again and began separate green vs blue match simulation drills on their respective half of the oval. It looked like there was a real emphasis on moving the ball inside 50 from the midfield. Here are a few quick notes regarding the simulation that unfolded closest to me. - Hogan was leading really well while Lever was very vocal and frustrated when Fritsch got out the back to take an almost uncontested mark. On that topic, there's something about Fristch. I enjoyed his work against North in AFLX. To put it simply, things just happen when he gets close to the ball. His tackling pressure was also on display with a rundown of a full pace Dean Kent. Its still a month away, but he seems a high chance for round 1. - JKH looked to be moving well through the centre and Frost's spoiling seems to have come a long way. There were many times last year where his fist would land the ball in the arms an opposition player so it's nice to see some improvement in this area. - The groups then swapped. Harmes' kicking was an early standout in this group while OMac looked composed during the times the ball came to ground. He was surprisingly clean below his knees. - Viney was in this group and while he didn't see much of the Sherrin, he didn't look in any discomfort. Brayshaw also continued his handy AFLX form with a great tackle on Pedders. Here's hoping for a 22 game season from Gus A few separate drills around Gosch's then followed with players rotating between them every five minutes or so. - The drill closest to me involved players kicking around the man standing on the mark to a teammate standing near an opposition player. The kicking was a real highlight here, particularly from the likes of Hogan and Maynard. - The second drill focused on clean hands with players being required to crumb a loose ball and hand passing it to a teammate, who would then kick to a loose player. I didn’t see much of this drill so I can’t pick out many stand out players. - The third drill involved players finding a target amongst those 'fake player' stands. The wind was fairly strong at this point which meant for some occasional missed targets. Lewis and surprisingly Mitch King were those I don’t remember missing a target in the gale. The next drill involved all players and was a kicking drill where players could practice their 30-40 meter passes. Not too much too report here aside from some lovely bullet passes from Hibberd and the Zooper specialist Melksham. Dion Johnston also has a handy kicking action and didn't miss many targets. Some more green vs blue match simulation drills then followed. Some more observations. - Hannan was everywhere in the first few minutes, kicking two goals including one with a lovely snap from the boundary (Edit from five minutes later: fantastic bit of play where he stepped around two players and passed it beautifully to Bugg in the pocket. Second edit: Hannan kicks another with a straightforward set shot. Absolutely on fire! - A perfect Garlett pass from the boundary then finds Tommy Bugg who kicks truly from 20m out. - One player who caught my eye was our prized recruit Jake Lever. He moves incredibly well for someone his size and his defensive pressure his first class. We've picked up a good one here. - A training highlight then followed as Gus unloaded from 60m with a massive bomb to bring up six points. I honestly didn't know that he had that in him! Players then split into three groups (Defenders, Midfielders and Forwards) and began working through some separate drills. I left fairly soon afterwards. Also, from what I could see. There was no Tyson, Vandenburg. McKenna, Baker or Spargo. Happy to fill in any blanks if anyone has any questions.
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    Had trouble getting s signal today, so had to wait till I got home. Casey 12 15 87 to Box Hill 4 8 32 Melbourne listed players participating were :- Frost - Solid in defence and in the air. Would love to see him in our best 22, but cannot see whose place he would take. Provides really good run and carry from defence. Jetta - Solid as usual, as we would expect. Provides plenty of attacking opportunities and blankets his opposition. Harmes - Played really well. Took some great marks and kicked at least one goal. Provided plenty of run. Tyson - Played a really good link up role and set up several attacking opportunities. Ready for round one. Tim Smith - Improved as the game went on and was more involved in the game than last week. Starting to find some form. Still a way off though. Garlett - Limited opportunities, but will be better for the run. Even spent some time in the midfield with Jetta. Kent - Played well, but missed out on kicking multiple goals. Using his body well in contests and starting to see his speed. Joel Smith - Did some good things in defence, but didn't see a great deal of him. Looking forward to him getting some more game time and recapturing the early season form he showed last year. Weideman - Kicked 2 goals and took some good marks. Had quite a bit of game time on the ball and I was impressed with his tap work. Competed well. Number 68 (for Whispering Jack) was Kieran Byers - a 203 com 20 or 21 years of age. I saw a team sheet that someone had and had to look him up. Really impressed me with his ruck work and follow up and uses his body quite well for one so young. One to watch I would have thought. None of our young players played today - Spargo, Balic, Petty. King, Filopovic, Keilty (injured ribs), JKH, Baker or Johnstone. Casey Demons dominated the game today in hot conditions.
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    Went to a club lunch today and Jake Lever was one of the guests from the club, he was interviewed by Robbo and he is absolutely stoked to be a Demon. Toddy and Jason Taylor were in touch with him constantly in his draft year and as we all know we would have drafted him but just didn't have the pick to do so. He loves the club, the playing group and the coaches, he said they are a really tight knit bunch of guys and friends who want to win a flag (or two). He said he was really impressed with the intensity of the playing group last year and this year it has lifted a notch, he said training has been great. He is a really impressive person, vey level headed and really keen for success. Toddy was asked about AVB and said he's running at 100% on the special treadmill and will play football this year, maybe not till mid year though. There is a rumour about TommyMc but he said he thinks he'll play first round, hmmm! Jake said he's happy Tommy is playing forward because he gets a bit grumpy down back. The club are exploring several options for a new facility but nothing to announce at the moment.
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    A hotly contested game in extremely hot conditions. According to my car temperature gauge it was 42 degrees when I got back to the car and it didn't drop below 36 all the way home. Players rotated frequently and they appeared spent when sitting on the bench. It was a gritty win for Casey Demons as both key defenders in Keilty and Gordon went off injured by half time. This left Petty as the key defender, and though he was out muscled on a few occasions he showed real promise (in my humble opinion). He is still lightly built and at present will struggle against bigger bodied forwards, however he reads the play extremely well and is good overhead. Also a good kick to position. JFK looked to be our stand out player over 4 qtrs., though he understandably tired as the game progressed. 3 goals was just reward for his work rate, Spargo has great skills and provides plenty of outside run, as well as winning his own contested ball and creating opportunities for others. Kicked 2 goals I think. Harley Balic looked very promising and not far off a senior game. Strong bodied and wins plenty of the ball and uses it well. Weideman kicked a goal after a strong mark and became more involved as the game progressed. Started winning the ball up on the half forward/wing. Often finds himself double teamed and competing against the full back and their ruck dropping back in to defence. Oscar Baker has good speed and tries to be creative to set up attacking opportunities. Uses the ball quite well and also takes a good mark. Uses his speed to get o plenty of contests. Used off half back today. Good to see Tim Smith back after 12 months out. Looked understandably rusty and the run will do him good. Took a couple of typical strong marks. Keilty was good until injured. Marked well overhead and used the ball well from defence. Dean Kent was his usual bullocking self and kicked at least one goal and could have got a couple more. His strong contested work does set up opportunities for others. Dion Johnstone was in the same boat as Kent, but I did not sight him as much. Still an excellent tackler. Matt King's ruck work was very good, often giving our mid fielders first use of the ball. He has a good leap and he could have kicked a few goals if he had held on to all his marks. Lochie Filopovic has really filled out and competed well against two bigger bodied Port ruckmen. He collected a head knock which required bandaging several times. Great to see Jade Rawlings giving plenty of positive feed back to the players at the breaks. On another positive note Casey have maintained Dylan Gordon, Mitch Gent, Angus Scott, Goy Louk (finished the game on crutches after coming off in the 3rd qtr) and Jimmy Munro. Jack Hutchins didn't play and will certainly help bolster the defence. Max Gawn. Cam Pederson and Bayley Fritsch were MFC players in attendance.
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    Didn't we do a Richmond last year by finishing ninth in the most cruel and agonising way possible?
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    I was at the game. Rocked up in jeans and a jacket and ended up sweating and getting a sunburnt face, classic Hobart. Quite windy but not as bad as the two roster matches over the last couple of seasons. I was watching Oscar closely, his body work in the one on ones was very good, his decision making and execution were also good, apart from one handpass that was picked off and they scored from it. Bugg stood out, as did ANB and Harmes. Lever was very instructional, especially when we had the ball locked in our F50, he was organising the backs. Stretch is a running machine, but didn't have a huge impact. All day we just looked a few levels above the opposition, which is a nice change for us demons supporters. Even when they bounced back in the second, you could just tell it wasn't really going to be a contest in the end. Really enjoyed Hibbered making Waite look stupid in the final quarter. That bloke is a gun and I'm stoked we have him.
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    Had some of the morning off so I decided to venture down to have a quick look at the boys. Didn’t stay the entire time and was only really looking for the players in question for round 1. Harmes/Jetta/Garlett/Tyson - Made their way to Gosh’s eventually with the rest of the guys who played the practice match. Obviously a light day today but none of them looked to be limping/strapped/inhibited in movement in any way. I imagine they’ll all play on Sunday being best 22 or thereabouts. ANB/Lewis/Jones/O-Mac - Were all in the main group while I was there and participated fully in the drills I was there for. Oliver/T-Mac/Viney - All in rehab group. We’re all aware of the Viney situation, however at one point I observed a trainer closely inspecting his foot whilst he was sitting on the ground. From there he headed back to AAMI headquarters. So not sure what the situation is or if I’m reading too much into that observation. Oliver had his thigh/knee strapped and Tom was training in runners. The rehabbers weren’t doing much in the way of ‘work’. Light ball movement and kicking drills with Crossy. I may have missed any intense training that took place before or after. But from my limited time there, it seems Oliver and T- Mac are the question marks at this point. Mystery no show was Brayshaw unless I have a vision impairment. Which is a genuine possibility.
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    A stark contrast to practice games in years gone by where we’ve seen our side underperform/lose the game by some margin, with posters usually defending the performances without really being able to see warning signs either good or bad. (Usually bad up until last year). Regardless of the fact that these games are not worth points, if a team is fielding a near full-strength side, then these games should be taken seriously from many angles. Individual development, synergy between positional lines, observable gameplan, arousal levels/urgency at contests. All of those things were on show yesterday which is an enormous positive imo and the warning signs are positive in this case.. I don’t care that North will most likely finish in the bottom five this season. They similarly fielded a strong side and the end score-line flattered them tbh. There’s now an obvious and real blueprint in the way we are both playing and talking about ourselves as a club. Whether it’s Jennings in his post AFLX interview last week or Bernie in his interview during yesterday’s match, the line “playing the Melbourne way” is becoming thematic. We’re back it up in the way we’re carrying ourselves on-field. Whilst I don’t wish to bring it up as a discussion point, it’s easy to see why Watts was pushed out. A player who simply doesn’t display the traits that Goody and co hold every player accountable to. If you want to create and breed a culture that will stick at a club, everyone needs to display those traits. I don’t care that it was a JLT game. To me these changes are real and what we’re building is very real as opposed to years previous. The list, personalities, coaches and board are all clearly hell bent on re-branding this club. And I love it. Of course I know there’ll be plenty of downs this along the way and this season especially. But for the first time in many many years, I genuinely love watching us play, the “Melbourne” way. Go Dees.
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    Tyson's pace is virtually never an issue, he has a great sidestep, is creative, tough, is hard to bring down, is good overhead, knows how to find the footy, is valuable in rotations through the centre square, and usually a good distributor. You may not have him in your best 22, but I'm certain Goodwin does.
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    this was right after family Day , started at 12.30 , I can tell you every player was approachable , they all talked and had pictures taken after a long day they kept talking and was a fantastic afternoon. We stayed till 1.45 and it was finishing at 2 pm the staff and players made the day , seemed more upbeat than last year and the year before. I sponsor Jessie and had a great chat and I thought it was going to be hard for us , but He was very open and chatty. I won't say what we spoke about as it was personal and Im sure my picture tells a story. my thanks to all and will continue with my sponsorship mark
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    Viney in full training. Looked a million bucks! Barely a rehab group - Jones, Jetta, Tyson and Balic on light duties. All moved well. VDB only notable absentee.
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    I sometimes wonder what people watch. I've been critical of Oscar at times, but he showed his development today. He spoiled well, he's a far better kick than his Brother and hits targets, and he outbodied Brown to win a 1v1 marking contest. He looks stronger and more composed. And he's 3-4 years from his best footy. McDonald takes Brown. Brown is beaten and has a stinker. McDonald is criticised.
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    His rate of improvement is phenomenal. The other player that has looked twice the player is Harmes. He could be a revelation as a rotating mid. Plus, of course, Melksham, who really is a class footballer and a difficult matchup. In fact, many players are elevating their game.
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    Give it a rest. Brayshaw had a fantastic debut season where he only missed one game, followed by injury interrupted (knee and concussions) in 2016/17. Give him some time to build some confidence before you make him the new whipping boy.
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    For those calling for Oscar to be dropped.. He kept Brown to 1 mark for the game. He out marked Brown twice, and hit a target with nearly every kick. He got pinged twice for holding but was not conclusive on the telecast. He looks stronger and more composed. Like the coaching staff, I’m going to back him in. Yet to turn 22, he must be in the top few KPD under that age.
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    I don't understand why people are so hard on Dom Tyson. Coming off an injury, he played under 70% game time and still accumulated a raft of possies, kicked a goal and laid 8 tackles. I know his kicking can be a little suspect, but he was crucial for us last night, especially in the first half. If you don't think he's in our best 22 then you've got rocks in your head.
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    Pre-season done, both games won well, no injuries and almost the entire best 22-24 up and running... Couldn’t have asked for more. Bring on season 2018. its gonna be a ripper...
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    I was there for about the last half hour or so. Saw Joel Smith's one handed pluck. He has got some great tricks, hopefully he can have an injury free year. I haven't got a lot to say, just some casual observations; There is a lot of talent on the park. We have a serious amount of depth. Actually our depth flattered us in JLT 1 coz we constantly had an AFL quality team on the ground even with the 7 extras. Hopefully we have some luck with injuries in the areas we are maybe a little thin. My players of note were Melksham who plays the small forward role very well. I think he is in for his best ever season in the game. Fritsch stands out. No news there. Balic. He was in the midfield mix and was pretty impressive. May not debut round 1 but should be a super addition to the Casey team and look for him to make his mark at some stage this year. My tip is for Frost to get a go this week. He looked ready. In the match sim Hogan played high half forward and Tom deep full forward. The mix seemed to work well.
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    Viney currently involved in the half ground match simulation
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    Showed up late for training this morning. The main squad was split into blues vs yellows doing a 3/4 ground ball movement drill, kicking the ball to a free player to get a set hot on goal, then reset from the backline and repeat. Emphasis on precision kicking and switching across the ground. About 22 players involved. The Casey boys had not arrived as yet. Oliver & OMac running laps together, Lever running on his own and later joined the main group, Lewis in rehab with Cross and 2 others who I did not identify, one must have been Viney, but the rehab group left before I could get over to look. Jones walking the boundary. Did not see T McDonald, ANB, AVB, Petracca. What is the go with TMac? They then split into 3 groups for some more lightly contested drills that indicated who is in the mix for round1 and where they might play Mids were Max, Tyson, Salem, Stretch, Harmes, Angus, Maynard Forward group - Hogan, Pedo, Melcham, Jeffy, Bugg, Fritsch, Backs - Frost, Lever, Jetta, Hibberd, Vince, J Smith, Wagner, Hunt. That is 21 players plus add Jones, OMac, Oliver, Trac, that is 25 Do we assume that Viney and T Mac and ANB aren’t starters for round 1 and maybe Lewis? Frost, Fiitsch, Billy, J Smith all looked impressive at times. Vince the whole time I was watching.
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    Thank god... Be more concerned if he rated us. Cheers Slobbo
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    170 plus games played. Over 700 games coached. Premiership player. Premiership coach 3 times. All Australian coach. Knows nix compared to Demonland’s finest.
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    Well I honestly can’t see us losing a game this year.
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    Welcome to the Dees Lever..... where we focus on 3 things you did in a 50 point win first practice game of the year and not the other dozen times you made great decisions, made north second guess coming through the middle by floating back or killed contest.
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    I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that he's 'right on track'.
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    A good hit out for the boys. I was surprised by the small attendance, saw probably more Box Hill supporters than Melbourne/Casey. The wind was a big factor today and turned it into a tough and scrambly contest. Casey proved too good at clearing away from these clinches and never looked like being beaten. They scored a lot of behinds though.. It would have been a hard day at the office for the forwards and none of them really shone. Harmes showed he is now well and truly a class above at this level and Tyson got his share of possessions but, gee, he is a turnover king. I would have loved a dollar for every turnover, would have paid my petrol back to Box Hill. Jetta and Frost were fantastic down back, Jeffy always thereabouts, Kent was bullocking and won a lot of the ball, Joel Smith was good, King was a good ruckman, though I'd like to see him take a few grabs, and Weidemann did his best work in the ruck. Tim Smith looks a long way off the pace. The egg and bacon roll was A1.
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    Well what a wide sweeping statement without the appropriate research, thought Blight was better than that. 1993 Flag Essendon : 7 with 100 games, 7 with more than 50 games, 6 with less than 50 games (total 20 players) 1997 Flag Adelaide : 5 with 100 games, 9 with more than 50 games, 7 with less than 50 games (total 21 players) 1998 Flag Adelaide : 8 with 100 games, 7 with more than 50 games, 7 with less than 50 games (total 22 players) 2008 Flag Hawthorn : 9 with 100 games, 10 with more than 50 games, 3 with less than 50 games (total 22 players) 2016 Flag Bulldogs : 6 with 100 games, 7 with more than 50 games, 9 with less than 50 games (total 22 players) 2017 Flag Richmond : 11 with 100 games, 4 with more than 50 games, 7 with less than 50 games (total 22 players) 2018 Demons at end of home & away : 10 with 100 games, 10 with more than 50 games, 2 with less than 50 games (total 22 players) Difficult to really make a valued argument that the Dees wont have the experience to make finals on the above comparisons.
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    So much to like about today's performance. What stands out to me is how we look like a team, rather than us relying on certain players to drag us over the line. We have real quality across the field at the moment and you can see that each players in confident in those around him. Lots of players really stood up today - ANB and Harmes were excellent, Salem grew into the game with his field kicking, Jesse kicked 3 and looked dangerous, while our backline worked really well together. Lever will be a gun, but guys like Hibberd aren't far behind him. The second term was a tough one for us but I thought we regrouped well in the conditions and put them away when we had the chance. And Bayley Fritsch has oodles of potential. Can he sneak in for Round 1? It will be tough. Onwards and upwards, great to have the footy back!
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    Whilst his chasing and pressuring when the ball hit the deck inside 50 hasn't been good his work rate getting up the ground has been exceptional since his first game. You don't kick 40 goals in your first season and be right up at the top of marks taken if you don't work bloody hard. That said, a leap up CHF - no matter how good - is very predictable these days. You put a good key defender on them and allow other defenders to block the leading lanes and it limits their impact. Tex Walker might be the best - especially due to his precision kicking - and even he is a disappointing player at times. Jack Riewoldt is very handy but it's his work for the team - both work rate and defensively that gives him value not his possessions and goals. The really dangerous key forwards are either bigger (Brown, Daniher) or faster (Buddy) or exceptional at leading in confined spaces (Kennedy). To have a reliable mark on the lead go in to the midfield you then open up a lot of opportunities with the ball. Say you've got the ball on a back flank - Gawn can get down the line for the long kick and Hogan can lead up the middle and either get used or draw attention. In case people haven't noticed our game plan is based around kicking and moving on angles and creating space. At our best we don't bomb it long nor do we madly run and carry. So I like Hogan in the midfield because it suits our game plan and I like him in the midfield to get him involved if the ball isn't coming to him. It's a win win if used properly.
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    Viney did most of the session including a box on with Harmes, Gawn and Brayshaw On Weids, spoke to him, did whole main session, ankle was leftover from Junior days, just wouldn't behave so op, no ongoing issue, apart from strapping it up, absolutely cherry ripe after being 'looked after' by Crossy
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    Ablett just announced he’ll be playing now.
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    Tex... Mate... get over it! He left your shitty club and got the hells outta Adelaide. Move on mate, gotta convince Sloane to stay now... good luck! ps, when did they get the interwebz in Adelaide lol pps, lol = laugh out loud. Shine on you crazy diamond!
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    Matthew Lloyd has also provided some insightful commentary on us, via 3AW with Gerard Healy and Dwayne Russell. "Melbourne won't play finals, Gerard. You just can't trust them" - Matthew Lloyd, Monday Feb 19 (before JLT 1) "I tell you who's a real smokey for top 4, Gerard. It's Melbourne" - Matthew Lloyd, Monday Feb 26 (after JLT 1)
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    I've been saying this all last year and all this preseason, Fritsch will be some sort of player.
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    I'm so glad firewall has blocked me from watching this and spared me 5 minutes of my life I will never get back!
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    PJ has been the recruit of the decade.
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    Driving to Traralgon and got one of those pesky call centre calls. I said who is it and the caller said Clayton Oliver. I told him he was doing a great job doing a membership drive and our family were all dedicated Dees. He said awesome. So my prompt renewal is thanks to his yet again good work in heavy traffic.
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    I think not having OMac proved that we need OMac. I'm a big fan of Frosty but he can't hold down the big man fort alone.
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    I have us romping it in for the flag. Get stuffed, Blighty.
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    Jeez I'm looking forward to when the opinions dry up and the football starts.
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    Apologies if this has been posted elsewhere, but stumbled upon this on Facebook. Wearing it Rnd 23 v GWS
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    It's a mutha [censored] grand old flag yo!
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    Spargo forward and a bit up the field. Speedy, aggressive, penetrating kick and knows where the goals are. Baker mainly across half back. Composed, looks for options, covers the ground well and appears confident. Promising.
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    No coincidence that all their forwards got touches once Oscar went off. I’m a fan and he’s probably more important than I give him credit for. Shocking 3rd quarter. Loved Goodwin taking extended time right before the 4q bounce with Oliver, bang clearance. Once the class got their hands on it on the 4th you could just see the difference between the teams. Took a quarter off and still won easily.
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    Titus put it best... https://www.facebook.com/Titusoreily/posts/1574531739251066
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    No, it's not. Someone who is laconic is one who says very little. A man of few words if you like. 'Laconic' is one of those words that most, including journalists, consistently get wrong. They (and you) seem to think it means the same as laid-back, low-key or lackadaisical.
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    Are we training with Port Adelaide this week or something?
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