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    Hi guys, long time reader, first time poster. Went to have a look at training this morning. Impressions as follows: - very light session focused on skills and touch - a few drills where they broke into several groups aimed at hitting up a player quickly in congestion with a 25 metre pass, with half of the players the attacking targets and the other half (wearing pink bibs) the defenders looking to spoil - Tyson surprisingly sharp here with his passes (his foot skills are underrated) - Melky and Hibberd doing laps and kick to kick. Neither looked overly impeded, although both still look to be around 90% - Viney doing laps in sneakers - looked to be running well with no obvious discomfort - Oliver and Petracca very close and love each other’s company - lots of man love between those two - Petracca’s kicking for goal not as sharp as it could be, trajectory seems a bit ’stabby’ at times (similar to Melksham). I wonder if the same traits that make both of them excellent field kicks somewhat impede them when kicking for goal - Gawn looked to be moving very well and participated fully in all drills - will definitely play - Vince on the sidelines with Todd Viney and a few others looking on, felt a bit sorry for him but probably the right call to give him a rest - Hunt looked good, but kicking skills still need a bit more polish - Harmes still had his glove but was looking super confident and was regularly landing 45 metre goals off a step from boundary. Taken another big step this year. Seems like a really nice bloke too - I was on the fence watching them kick for goal and he made a point of coming out to where I was to say g’day and how my morning was going Really positive vibe and energy around the place - lots of camaraderie, laughter and encouragement. Great to see. Go Dees!
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    Many will have seen that Australian golfer Jarrod Lyle has made the heartbreaking decision to go into palliative care after a third battle with cancer. Jarrod is a Melbourne supporter so I just wanted to send love to a fellow Demon supporter and his family during what must be the most harrowing of experiences.
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    We [censored] did it everyone! I love this club. I love everyone who posts here. I'd even give SWYL and Saty a hug right now. When Nibbler sealed it I reckon the whole street heard me get off the couch a fist pump like a madman! DEMONS!!! DEMONS!!! DEMONS!!!!!!!!
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    Well done Bernie on your 100th for the Red and Blue v Gold Coast next Sunday. He has been a wonderful player since arriving at the club in 2014 with Roos and Crossy. We should all be grateful that he threw his lot in with us and as Roos has pointed out a number of times, he has played a significant role in increasing the professionalism around the club. 2015 B&F and now should he have kids good enough to play in the big league, they'll have a choice between the Crows and the mighty Demons!
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    Considering Lewy's 300th game is likely to be a substantial talking point ahead of this weekend, I thought It'd be only right to acknowledge that his milestone will be shared by Dom Tyson, who'll notch up a century of AFL games (13 with GWS, 87 with Melbourne.) Although it hasn't been an ideal season from Dom's perspective, I'd like to take the opportunity, regardless of what happens at seasons end, to say thanks to our number 12 for his contribution so far to the red and blue!
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    Went along today to see a very impressive Casey performance. I had a few, but here's my take on how the Melbourne players went; Mitch Hannan: Was very active in the 1st term and involved in several of our forward frays. Spent his time betweeen half forward & the midfield. Attempted to take mark of the year a few times to no avail. Did enough to keep his name in contention. Cameron Pedersen: BOG for me today. Marked everything that came his way and defended strongly. Has had a great year at VFL level. Sam Weideman: Kicked a couple of goals and played a really good first half and took some strong marks. Spent a little bit more time in the ruck in the 2nd half after King went off and kept himself involved in the game. Still tracking encouragingly. Jayden Hunt: First game back since Queens Birthday weekend and he did a few nice things without dominating. Good launching pad for a potential return to the senior team before finals. Tom Bugg: Pretty quiet game from buggy I thought. He may have got more of it in & under then I realized, but was otherwise a pretty unnoticeable game. Oskar Baker: Was playing another solid game, showing good pace, pressure and kicking a goal. Looked to do his hamstring late in the 3rd term, however spotted him on the bench running lines and trying to get back on, but looked to get ordered out of the game by the coaches. Think/hope it was only a strain or bad cramp and we'll see him back next week or the week after. Mitch King: Competed ok, but I'm still yet to see anything from him that makes me think he'll make it. To make matters worse, he then either done a MCL or Meniscus Injury to end his day, potentially season and potentially Melbourne career. Harrison Petty: Hasn't quite hit the heights of his early season form since his AFL debut, but he defended dourly and played his role in a strong defensive unit. Dion Johnston: I've liked his move to defence and he played another solid game. Think Nev's mentorship is paying off and a new 1 year deal should be put on the table for Dion. Tim Smith: Not a huge game for the Bull. He competed as he always does and played as the main ruck after King went off. Like many on our list today, played his role without having a huge day himself. Pat McKenna: Barely noticed him in the first half, but he worked his way into the game in the 2nd kicking a goal. Given the injuries he's had to overcome, it's great that he's just out there playing again. 1 year deal for me, so Guy Walker has someone to bowl to in the nets. Josh Wagner: Controlled things across half back and was assured with his ball use and always seemed to have time & space. Declan Keilty: After Pedersen I thought he was the best of the Melbourne players. Kicked a few, took some strong marks and provided a real target. Has had a great year at VFL level and unlucky not to have received a senior opportunity. He's developing well! Lachlan Filipovic: Gone for mine. Even when King went off, it was Smith & Weideman who were asked to compete in the ruck. Limited impact and doesn't get involved enough. Thought I should add, that after Pedersen I thought the next three best were all Casey listed players in Jay Lockhart, Corey Wagner & Cory Machaya. Lockhart in particular is someone we should look to draft. Nice kick, good pace and run, exactly the type we could do with. Watch this space!
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    Simon Black will be stoked to hear that.
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    Also, James Harmes, with a broken hand, still had 23 touches and 8 tackles and still curbed Rory Sloane's influence for most of the night. He is really becoming a good, consistent player through the midfield for us.
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    Sweet, sweet Lord. I am not going to survive this season.
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    Unfortunately Tex needs a run in the SANFL Destroyed in the midfield. Gibbs, Sloane, Matt Crouch all well beaten. We need class players like Brayshaw and Oliver. Time for Don Pyke to go I think. Its now time to drop Tex and bring in the FOG at least he tries. Jacobs, Betts and Gibbs will #cryasonetonight. Go blues. Seriously a better team WITHOUT Tex It just would have been funny if Melbourne had back to back chokes. This rabble of a club melb is closer to a flag than us. Let that sink in. Season was done 6 weeks ago but still dissapointing to put a half arsed effort in against a [censored] side like Melbourne. We are nowhere near it at the moment and Melbourne play the kind of footy that we hate. I would say the time is right to make Sloane captain but he is pathetic under a tag Gotta give it to the dees. They’re hard at it Melbourne have a premiership in them over the next 3 years. Hard to say but true. It's incredible how we can make one of the shittest players in the AFL (Melksham) look good. Walker is a dud captain That dribbler = Monfries 2.0 Thanks Steven Trigg. You have left an everlasting imprint on this club you campaigner.
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    It was not pretty, it was not easy, it was actually pretty damn ugly and we did not particularly play well for the majority of the game. But my friends, all of that means precisely bugger all right now. The only thing that matters was the result and we did it. The game was not on our terms early but we just kept grinding, when the Crows came back hard and the memory of last week fresh in their minds they held firm. An outsider looking in may not understand why this was such a great win. But to hang on like that will do wonders for the mindset. We will restore the belief that we can do great things in this game. The was NOT a flat track bullies game from MFC. Dees, you did us proud!
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    I don't think we are weak in recent last quarters. Both Geelong and Adelaide have recently had 10 day breaks. Whereas we have had 7 day breaks after a Darwin game a few weeks ago. Huge effort to almost hold on last week Adelaide should have been much fresher than us and we had a few walking wounded tonight eg Hogan and Harmes. A mammoth effort for the team to hold on. Very proud of the lads.
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    I'm dirty on this loss, but I'll let the rest of the usual suspects lose the plot, slash their wrists and do the usual ranting and raving. Seriously, go right ahead. We lost this game today in front of goal. Sure, they cut us up during periods of the game with their use by foot and our willingness to allow them space. But we should never have let them win this game of footy. When Hogan goaled and we were 3.7 it should have been 7.3, as we missed a slew of easy shots. If we were 6 goals up then they would have been dead and buried. But they weren't, they got a sniff and, as experienced sides do, they made their chances count when we didn't and we couldn't haul them back. I must admit that I was bemused at times by some of our decision making, and the implied pressure of the Swans meant that we rushed things at times when we didn't need to. We had every opportunity to win this game of footy, but we didn't make it count, and that's down to composure and skill execution under pressure. It's not down to leadership and all that stuff. We just didn't execute well under pressure. We certainly lacked some class at times and too many players went missing, but this isn't the end of the world. Seriously, it's not. We've got two games to go - win one and we're in. Simple as that.
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    Props to Salem who is quietly becoming one of our best players. 26 disposals at 92% efficiency. 11 score involvements second only to Hogan and Oliver. There are some players I get nervous about when the ball is in their vicinity. He isn’t one of them.
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    [censored] that aged well...
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    Roos On The Couch tonight. The panel were talking about the Suns then Roos drops this beauty, “ I’m a football man at heart, I love the game and to go see My Team Melbourne win was exciting.” On Ya Roosy. Never get tired of hearing that.
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    Look it’s hard for me not to be biased but I really think he can. I’ve seen him play on experienced AFL listed guys (to be fair not superstars or anything) and dominate them. He was all over Casboult today, he f’d up Buzza last week, he’s beat McKernan, T.Boyd and other good KPFs in the past. If he had played v the Saints over Petty we would’ve won I reckon I just hope he gets his chance and we can see for sure if he has what it takes at that level.
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    So much respect for Pedo as a player. Puts in week in week out no matter the level he’s playing.
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    Beautiful mornings start though the wind picked up later in the session. Coaches approach following the warm up with invited guest and groups, to begin training. Drills with handballs and some contact work. They split into positional groups and then quickly change again to kicking and lead up work. Looking very good. Simulations had Goody or a player kick to a designated coach who brings the ball to ground. Crumbers work to spread the ball. Contests and pressure, run, quick ball and a corridor. Rehab had Jake Melksham and Michael Hibberd. Hibbo running hard laps. Thought Aaron vandenBerg would have had a better session but fumbling and not strong passes may show he is anxious. Sam Wiedeman looking great, strong hands and reliable goal kicking routine. Cam Pederson doing well and has become more vocal in structuring the defense. Mitch Hannan and Josh Wagner steady session. From kev Martin
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    I'm 65 years old and have my hand on it.
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    How much did we lose by? 20 goals?
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    Oliver. 25 contested possessions and 14 clearances. 14.
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    You're good at making sweeping generalisations. And yes, there's unquestionably areas where the team needs to improve. But I don't agree with your assessment of Goodwin. We're lucky to have him. And I certainly don't agree that it was "totally unacceptable for us to miss finals last year". Goodwin was sensational to get us to 12 wins in his first year as coach with the injuries we had. From round 4 to round 13 we didn't have a ruckman. And when Gawn did come back he was a shadow of the player we know. Hogan missed half the season. You don't have a ruckman for half the year and your best key forward is out as well. Players like Viney, Jones, and Salem also missed important parts of the year. There were a number of occasions the side was in the bottom 3 for age and experience. Goodwin had a heap to cope with in his first season and still managed to secure 12 wins. Last year we had 6 players play every game or miss just one. Richmond had 12. And in 2018 Geelong manage to twice avoid having to play against Viney. Not to mention our two best defenders were missing. We're not going to change each other's minds.
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