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    It's career ending, worse than simply a calf, he's now missing a lower right leg. WARNING, look away if you are of weak stomach: (Photo courtesty of Hardtack)
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    Just a couple of quick notes from training today Oscar Mac is now a healthy 99kg and is working on core strength, from the player Standout in running today that involved Trac, Clarry, Gus, Tyson, in other words the younger mids. was Salem Hogan was again a standout as was Vince, anybody who thinks Bern is just going to go quietly is mistaken Lewis' left foot is a thing of beauty Lot of craft drills today, including an interesting one where they were torping in from the square and the forwards were attempting to mark Viney was out in the fresh air today Kent is back with main group and looking really fit Pics on Insta later if Mr Demonland wants to move them over And the younger players are not involved in a boot camp, from Mr Mahoney, and the boot camp last year is showing the benefits this year
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    Got there about 11:20. Stayed for half an hour or so. Absent: Viney, Vanders, Weid, McKenna Seemed to be a group doing about a 2km time trial. Tommy McDonald took the win, Jones not far behind, Bugg behind him, then a gap to Hogan from Lever, followed by a gap to Kent who did well fighting to stay ahead of Lewis, then Jetta and Fritsch (who went out with the front 4 and fell back) with a gap to Balic and then to Flipper. Gawn and King were running together as they have been lately. Lots of short sprints and changes of direction as well as longer stuff. The main group were doing repeat 200's. A rehab group of Garlett and J Smith in a pair and T Smith and Petty were doing longer interval runs. Hibberd, Melksham, Hannan were doing leading and kicking, as were Spargo and Baker with Crossy. Spargo looks like a very technically correct kick of the footy and can snap it accurately as well. Baker isn't as smooth, his drop punts can be a touch more up and under but not terrible. These 2 plus the 3 I named above did a kick to a lead, get a handball and kick a goal drill and Baker's easy change of pace was obvious and he nailed a very smooth running goal. Baker joined the midfield group, Hannan the forwards after they finished running. They split in to line groups. Chaplin again taking the defenders. Hard to tell if it's Rooke or who is in charge of the forwards. The forwards again had the soccer balls out to warm up with. All 3 line groups did drills with the focus on kicking and moving. They then divided in to 3 seemingly random groups to rotate through 3 drills. 1. Receiving the ball, turning off the mark and kicking to a short sideways lead right in close next to the boundary. 2. Picking up a ground ball under token pressure, straightening up and hitting a 45 degree lead (I like this drill because it replicates a more aggressive stoppage plan) 3. A 3 point kicking drill where you could either bomb to a target down the boundary or hit up a short inside 45 kick to a stationary team mate who would then wheel and go and kick long to the down the line man who has simultaneously turned and is racing towards goal. They split in 3 lane groups about 50m apart for simple lane work in a race to be first to 10 completed kicks. Very fast and surprisingly accurate. Lots of laughing and arguing over who won. Then the last thing I saw was the players pairing up and repeatedly leap frogging then crawling between a team mates legs. Another drill that seemed in high spirits but also probably had a decent point to it. Those explosive movements to jump up then get down and crawl repeated multiple times would be tiring stuff.
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    Went down to have a look for a couple of hours, so here are some of the observations: * Col Garland running the session with the rehab group consisting of Viney, Smith, Vandenberg and Weidemann. All were kicking the ball between each other including Viney, mainly short stabbing passes. * Vandenberg is MILES off playing. His legs have lost heaps of muscle and he almost looks strange with this huge upper body and a pair of sticks below. Hope he can build up to get some game time during the year, as he is out of contract at the end. * Spargo and Petty doing some minor drills on their own away from the main group. Spargo is like a fly in a bottle and can kick. Petty hardly had to move in the kick to kick session as the ball from Spargo was drilled to his chest every time, both left and right foot. Petty not as clean. * Garlett, Hibberd, Baker & Hannan running laps. Hunt and Tyson not sighted at all. Didn't notice Bugg either, but not sure. The main session for the rest of the troops followed. A testing drill involved running 100m, drop, push-up, 100m back then kick for goal from 40m. Easy the first couple of times, but when they were on number 10, the pain was showing. Pleasingly the ones still leading the pack at the end were Petracca, Jones and Pedersen. Even big Max and Filopovic and King were staying up with the pack. Balic starting to fall to the rear, needs to build a tank. Then followed a quick transition drill from the half back line with 2 teams, aiming to switch to options out wide and then drive quickly forward. Fritsch finished on the end of the drive on a number of occasions with good positioning and hands. Petracca and Jones running rampant whichever side they were playing for and at one stage Petracca kept stuffing the opposition side by intercepting again and again. For those who are worried about the ruck situation in the coming season, I am now less concerned. Filipovic is building nicely and both he and King are looking like AFL players. ( whether they are or not is another matter), but their bodies are building and filling out nicely.
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    I noticed we didn't have any really for last week and found these for Friday 24/11/17 on Big Footy by Proper Gander. Not much to go off but better than nothing. Without delving further into the interesting area of the relative merits of adding bulk v drinking beers while on holiday - here is my general impressions of training. Also Starc just got Jake Ball’s wicket, which is nice.Notable absentees were Jack Viney and Michael Hibberd (unless he was in the rehab group on the far side, and I never saw him, but I don’t think he was there).In his own group, doing the special older guy with 4 premierships routine was Jordan Lewis who was doing laps early on checking his time every now and again. I gave him a supportive smile every time he passed that he totally ignored, which pleased me no end. He left soon after 10 AM and wasn’t seen again.The rehab group being tortured by Crossey for the day consisted of Kent (shoulder), Jones (something), Filopovic (why not), Lever (post premiership loss related angst), Joel Smith (things), Tim Smith (other things), Weiderman (eating disorder), Wagner (who knows), TMac (surgery for things) Buggy (pest patrol) and anyone else who was in the rehab group that I have forgotten. I think Jeff didn’t join the main group today - I saw him running a bit with the rehab guys at one point but he seemed to have left the field by the second hour so he probably went to have beers with Jordan to talk about how to get 4 premierships. TBH this group started early, and were doing things with Crossey with music on the far side of the field next to Punt Road, so I never got that good a look at them unless they were running the perimeter.The main group rocked up at about 9:35 - 9:40. Tardy buggers.Now to add a further layer of complication to the who is big, who is small debate for Topkent to argue about, my body shape observations are that other than Kent who looks to me much as he ever has only with bandaged shoulder, everyone appears to have come back in decent shape with some looking very good indeed. Max Gawn, as reported elsewhere, is leaner. Stretchy is really hard looking - this was evident last off season too. He seems to have one of those body types that shows muscle definition clearly. The ripped award goes to Joel Smith who was running with TMac at one stage, both wearing those silly GPS bra things. He looks like one of those Olympic sprint swimmers - washboard belly with clear 6 pack - and makes Tommy look portly if that was ever possible. Wagner in great shape too, but when is he not? His concerns do not include skin folds, which is just as well because in my view he has other issues to contend with.Channel 7 reported Petracca as ‘lean’ a few weeks back, which to my mind is media puff because he looks much the same to me. He is a big lad who has borrowed May West’s thighs, after either winning or losing a bet depending on your POV. He trains really well and is generally smiling, except during running drills where he looks like a guy hefting around 90 plus kilos who still has endurance work to do. The coaches are all over him, and Mitch Hannah who also struggles with running drills, but Ancient said Trac has improved already from a few weeks back where he was struggling to keep up, so maybe he can spend the summer shadowing Ollie shadowing Stretch and create a kind of domino effect premiership side.Clayton Oliver looks like a different person to the guy we drafted. He’s lean and has muscles and stuff, and is very focussed and effective all through the session, and the big surprise is none other than Mitch King who really has gone from ‘LOL you’re kidding’ to the heights of an interesting theoretical possibility. Hogan looking good and has come back relatively lean, in a big forward type way, and Pedo looks heaps better than last year post surgery when he was puffing his way though hours of Crossey type punishment.Goodwin also absent, but I think the draft might be held in Sydney this year so he’s probably heading there.I am now going to make a cheese sandwich and will return with more once I’ve eaten it and can recall some drills and stuff. The cricket has gone to [censored] again, so I will continue.The main group warmed up on some silly drills. They played soccerish stuff with a round ball which everyone seemed to enjoy. Our best soccer player is head-and-shoulders James Harmes who was having a Beckham-like blinder, and Dom Tyson isn’t bad either. Welcome to the next International Rules match boys. Then they play cone dancing for a bit - kind of footspeed, balance drill with players in turn having to skitter inside a diamond of different colour cones towards the colour cone yelled by a coach. Everyone okay at this. Of course there is the routine hilarious moment where the coach yells “red!” And everyone falls over their feet because there is no red cone. Wacko. What with the soccer drill then the invisible cone dance this all looks to me like a super way to do an ankle. By now I take two paracaetamol because my temper has taken a sudden nose-dive for no good reason.Then some real drills in ball movement. Interestingly with a spot of light body work, so we’re ahead of the curve, but no full tackling, just some friendly nudges. The players have split into three rough groups which are the defenders, forwards and mids (loosely speaking). I was closest to the mids. Thinking back to preseason a few years back, we look a much sharper, more experienced and generally better unit then back then. Plus Dawes isn’t here which is a relief and works even better than the paracaetamol on my head. Harmes is killing it in the midfield for sharpness and intensity. I’m pleased about this. His best footy is really valuable - read 1st quarter against Saints last we played - but like a true demon his consistency hasn’t been great. But he looks the real deal ATM so I’m hoping for a big year. Also he has terrible tats and his hair is achieving new heights of dodgy so I’m thinking breakout, Dusty type Brownlow year for the Horse.I check out Balic’s work and thought he looked okay, certainly not out of place. He has a good size and body shape for midfield, though looks a bit softer than some of our returning players which is hardly surprising given he is pretty young and hasn’t had much of a run at AFL game time as yet. I will watch with interest. He has an awesome totally deadpan expression, like a police officer reading from his notebook in the Federal Magistrates. His flat affect will no doubt drive Bigfooty posters to extremes during the year and I’m looking forward to it. Given he was a low pick, injury riddled past, only a year contract, and isn’t best 22 yet he seems totally the perfect character for a Melbourne sponsorship. Whoever goes to the BBQ has exactly 1 hour to make him smile or pay everyone here $50 (photo or it didn’t happen).We also did some full team drills where the Simon Goodwin changing lanes special is on full display. Skills are pretty sharp overall, though as Sir Hugh pointed out Jesse did some real worm burners from time to time. I like to think it was intended to sharpen the ground ball skills of his teammates, such is his generosity. But on the whole we look like a functioning unit rather than a group of randoms who showed up for a spot of kick-to-kick which is encouraging. Petracca is loud and somewhat ADHD but a few more running sessions quieten him down eventually (his recovery is very good - he is a complete goose again before home time). Track also does his tongue out thing at seemingly random times, so I’m now convinced it is totally unconscious. I hope he doesn’t get a surprise tackle while like that. All in all, I think we can be reasonably confident that the change lanes thing should be executed well in 2018. Hopefully in the season we can add in the taking marks thing, the not spoiling each other thing, the kicking goals thing and not going missing during random quarters for no obvious reason thing.JKH is training well, though I should point out that every time I have been to training he is going well - he’s very focussed and generally upbeat in training. But full marks for effort even though I’m not convinced he will make it as an AFL player - he won’t die not knowing, so good for him. Harmes is the dynamo of the day though - he is completely on and wins the intensity award. Also smiles a fair bit; but his teeth are pretty big so it’s probably just more comfortable to display bits of them from time to time and give his lips a rest.Late in the session there is some goal practice. Jesse redeems himself with some excellent kicking in set shots from various angles. He is also putting a fair bit of time now and after the session in practicing snaps for goal, so maybe this year he has decided to shrink and become a crumbing forward in the hope of winning over Ando. Jake Melksham has paired up with Jesse and misses virtually everything. Someone needs to get in his head and tell him its neck and neck in the 4th. Christians 1 and 2 both look good. One quiet and one loud. I’ll leave it to you to decide which. Oliver goes about his business like a pro. There are some nice moments where everyone is lined up watching the goal kicker and generally sledging to put the man off his game. So its a general testosterone competition of gruff swearing and raucous HaHa-ing - passing dog walkers glance over thinking its international pirate day. Harmes hasn’t tailed off yet and his goal kicking is solid from all angles.With some more running just for fun, the last bit consists of some positional work in pairs. Max has taken Mitch King off to one end and they do some light contested stuff. Max wins mostly but Mitch doesn’t look utterly out of place any more which is a step in the right direction. Jesse is working hard on getting some distance on his man (OMac), pushing off or out-bodying. He looks great now, and OMac not doing a bad job. Close by Pedo and Keilty are doing similar work but with more comedic misses and general pointless running about, falling over, scrambling etc, but who knows what the coaches are asking for so whatever they are doing could be perfect for all I know. So lets say it is perfect and give both a big hand.Some other coaches are doing contested midfield work tapping it to players taking turns in offensive and defensive roles. This group are all travelling well, even Balic who looks like a footballer (but still hasn’t smiled or for that matter twitched). He is getting a fair bit of encouragement but that could have been to get his face to move.And so it ends. I head off towards a tram. I try to hang by Christian Salem and Melksham who are in conversation to find out what interesting things footy players chat about. What I found out is that Jake reckons sessions like that are the pits for changing shoes from spikes to runners. He’s right. They all should get a pay rise. I slope off when both become aware that they have attracted a third person to their conversation and give me some WTF looks.Overall the dynamic looks good and we will probably get a premiership this year
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    Ok, as promised, a few photos from Monday's session. These are more me being a little self indulgent playing around during the editing process, so they end up being more studies of the players rather than action shots. Also, please don't get your knickers in a twist over the colours of the jumpers etc... I just amped up the saturation settings, so the blues (in particular) have become much more vivid. One more thing that I would appreciate... if anyone feels they would like to share any of the photos here or on other sites (Facebook, Twitter etc), I have no problem with that... but could you please at least acknowledge that the shots were taken by me (that is, attach my name to the post - Tim Fleming NOT Hardtack). Thanks. Hope you like them regardless...
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    Arrived at training when the main group was coming out. Jeffy was running laps for about half an hour at a decent clip with Hibberd. Both left early. Viney, Vanders and J Smith showed up briefly and headed back inside. Tyson and Hunt no shows today, no clue as to the reason. Spargo and Petty were on restricted duties and also left early. Spotted the Weed briefly participating in a handball drill with one of the coaches, also early shower. The rest of the group seem to moving extremely well in the various drills. They are currently in what seems like a full ground simulation. Fritch is on the end of several plays and is a very good shot at goal. Im trying to take as many notes as possible but a certain 3 year old keeps screaming for water and milkshakes. Kent has participated for most part and seems free moving. Oskar Baker is putting in some hard yards around the ground with running. Lever very vocal as is Jetta. Like it. Harmes looking really impressive in the match drill, covering the ground well. Will have some more updates a bit later on.
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    I know Saty is a fan boy. I can read his reports and not need to attack him for his positivity, his enthusiasm or love of his team. I welcome his reports- I get a different insight. If he has stopped posting because the crap he cops to do so, then we are the poorer for it.
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    SIMON GOODWIN’S SCHOOL OF HARD KNOCKS by Whispering Jack Melbourne’s selections during the 2017 AFL Trade Period and at the National Draft bear the imprimatur of Simon Goodwin and clearly demonstrate the direction in which the club’s head coach intends taking the club into the future. To be clear, the final decision as to which player was taken with any given selection was made on draft night by national recruiting manager Jason Taylor but the direction was laid out by the coach and his coaching panel. The emphasis is firstly on players with pace, good skills, especially in terms of disposal and decision-making and most importantly, on character and competitive instincts. And in the main, the club’s recruits are not the sort players who have been given an easy ride into the elite level of the sport or on a silver platter but rather, they’ve done it the hard way. Jake Lever spent his draft year recovering from ACL surgery and was forced to watch from the sidelines as his Calder Cannons and Vic Metro teammates went through an entire season in the hope of catching the eye of an AFL selector. It’s well documented how hard he worked on his rehabilitation and that he used that time to learn as much as he could about the game from being around his club. Harley Balic came out of the same TAC system but a serious wrist injury that required surgery followed by bouts of homesickness and a hamstring tear which soured his time with Fremantle but it’s clear that commitment to improving his game never wavered. Melbourne’s selections at Friday’s draft meeting in Sydney were - Round Two: 29 Melbourne – Charlie Spargo (Murray Bushrangers/Allies) 31 Melbourne – Bailey Fritsch (Casey Demons/VFL) 37 Melbourne – Harrison Petty (Norwood/South Adelaide) Round Three: 48 Melbourne – Oskar Baker (Aspley/Queensland) Twelve months ago, the diminutive Spargo who hails from a strong footballing and professional athletics background going all the way back to great-grandfather Bob Snr. appeared headed towards the Giants via their Academy but the AFL changed the GWS zone and he became available to all comers and would have been a top ten pick but for a shoulder injury that kept him from producing yet another consistent season in junior ranks. Fritsch was considered too slight of build to get into TAC Cup ranks but his perseverance with local club Coldstream finally earned him an invitation to play at Casey. After two injury-riddled seasons he had a standout 2017 to win the Fothergill-Round Medal - the VFL equivalent of the rising star award. Harrison Petty wasn't really on the radar as far as many SA judges were concerned earlier this year but a superb national championships saw him win All Australian status and an MVP for his state. Oskar Baker was dropped off the list at the Brisbane Lions Academy so he walked into NEAFL club Apsley where he was given a rookie position at the start of 2017. He took his opportunities there, made the senior team and starred kicking the goal of the year and producing some breathtaking football. The commmon thread among the four Demon recruits from this draft is hard work, competitiveness, pace and good disposal skills. It won't be easy for any of them to break into the AFL straight away but the fact that they have all come through the school of hard knocks should hold them in good stead.
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    Saty I don't post here much any more [for the same reason] but I do read selected threads. Your posts especially. I consider your posts are the most informative posts on Demonland.' Your inside info is second to none. Just ignore the Dheads, and and take pleasure that there is a great number of us that really appreciate the time you take out to provide info re training and the players. Your posting is the main reason I look at this site. Please reconsider your decision not to post your reports.
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    Enjoy ==> https://www.smugmug.com/gallery/n-G2FGnW?mobile=true
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    To clear up any confusion, I have stopped posting training reports because I got bored with the constant negativity displayed by some posters and decided not to feed them anymore I will continue to post pics on Instagram 2 notes to leave you with Tyson is now pain free in his knees for first time since arriving at the Club and is running his best times Bradtke is there to develop big man agility, Stafford will continue with ruck craft
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    Apparently before a big session one of the boys will get up in front of everyone (changes each week) and give an inspirational quote or something to get everyone fired up In this instance however, ANB reportedly decedied to freestyle a song, which a few boys joined in on Just a bit of fun before the hard stuff
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    And now ... the family connection. Charlie Spargo’s great grandfather Bob Spargo Senior played with the Melbourne Football Club, although it was just for two games during WW2. Bob Snr. stood at 175cm and weighed 69kgs. He played most of his career with Footscray (1934-41) before moving to the Demons in the twilight of his career in 1942. He was a professional athlete who finished third in two Stawell Gifts (1936 & 40). His sons Bob Jnr. and Ricky also represented the Bulldogs and the latter was fifth in the 1974 Stawell Gift. Bob Jnr. played in the team's 1961 Grand Final loss to Hawthorn. Bob Jr's son Paul Spargo played 81 games with North Melbourne and 9 with the Brisbane Bears. During his time with the Kangaroos he was a teammate of Mark Brayshaw, father of our own Angus Brayshaw. He was an assistant coach at Richmond for a while and had a great record coaching in the Ovens & Murray Football League with involvement in multiple premierships. Paul Spargo is Charlie's father. With a great pedigree in football and foot racing, Charlie had a fantastic junior career and two years ago was outstanding in the national carnival. A year ago, he was one of the most highly ranked of the country's draft prospects and headed for a possible top ten selection until shoulder surgery curtailed his season. Don't let his size fool you - Charlie Spargo can play and it's in his blood.
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    Here's a quick summary: Still loves Adelaide, didn't want to leave but Melbourne offered too much money Hopes Tom McDonald plays forward because there isn't enough room for them both in the backline Admitted that he wanted West Coast to win in round 23 because he was hoping Naitanui would be fit for finals (loves watching him play) Grew up a Carlton supporter so was upset that he didn't get a chance to play with Gibbs at Adelaide Thinks Melbourne are a few years away from playing finals, hopes we can get some high draft picks in the next couple of years He thinks Port Adelaide are the team to beat next year with Watts and Trengove After his first training session he couldn't believe how unfit his new teammates are If anyone actually listened to the interview and can fill in the gaps, that would be great. * obviously a fake accounting of the actual interview.
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    Swung by for a quick look. It was unbearably hot in the sun. Forwards: Hogan, Pedersen, Fritsch, Bugg, DJ, ANB, JKH Doing some kicking to position and blocking Mids: Huge group with the 3 rucks - Jones, Oliver, Petracca, Brayshaw, Harmes, Balic, Maynard, Tyson, Stretch, Salem, Baker Doing a stoppage and spread drill Backs: Oscar, Frost, Lever, Wagner, Keilty, Lewis, Vince, Jetta Some kicking and also some lightly contested marking or spoiling. Really the focus was on early body work and movement not on the contest Not sighted: Vanders, Viney, Weeds, Hannan, McKenna, J Smith, T Smith, Hunt, Garlett, T Mc, Hibberd, Melksham, Kent, Spargo, Perry Troy Chaplin was coaching the backs. Max Rooke the forwards. Benny Matthews the mids with Egan watching on I believe. Macca and Goody floating around. They broke in to a talls group who practiced contested marking and in close agility and and a couple of groups of smalls who did some kicking work. I left when they started to do running. Looked like Stretch, ANB, Wagner got an icy pole and were excused from the running. Maynard and I think Hogan as well. I think all of the midfield group aside from Balic and maybe Baker went and formed the best running group, plus Vince, Lewis, Jetta, Bugg, JKH. The first few runs looked like a good pace and the groups stayed together.
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    Mr Demonland sir, pics on my Insta account if you want to bring them across Good news today, Jones, Lever, Mitch King and Flip in main group Missing in action Weed, McKenna, Hannan, Baker, Viney
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    If we take Parish over Oliver we don't get near finals If Smith and Spencer don't get injured against Richmond we probably win and play finals If St Kilda took Trac instead of Mccartin we struggle to win QB It's full of what ifs Thank god the FD looks forward not back
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    ...... you have a terrible, terrible memory. First of all, Cam Hunter was 6 foot 1, while Spargo is 5'8. Hunter was very light for his height, unlike Spargo, who is a nuggety player. Hunter was a high flying aerialist with psychotic courage, while Spargo is a fall of the ball player. Hunter was a bad kick, while Spargo is an excellent kick. Hunter was a flanker who played above his height (but lacked 'little man skills'), while Spargo is a midfielder or small forward. Hunter was drafted based on size and athleticism without form, while Spargo is a footballer who has been dominant at junior levels. Hunter was a massive smokey who only played APS, while Spargo has been well known for many years playing at TAC and carnival level. But you played footy in the same team as him ..... like my brother. You may have been in the same team 15 years ago, but you are either terribly forgetful or a terrible judge of players. Spargo and Hunter are completely different types of footballer, both in playing style and how they were drafted. As I said before, I would struggle to find a worse comparison.
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    I left prior to the completion of the session and wanted to add some notes to the earlier report. I focused on the individuals as I wanted to have a look at the new arrivals. I realise it's only a training session and the constant yellow bib swapping made it a tad difficult to follow everyone but the following stood out during the three quarter field match sim. Lever has an uncanny ability to get himself out of tight situations with quick feet and thinking. Can certainly fool opponents with the selling of candy so to speak. Fritch is a smooth mover and has a great left foot whether having a shot or general field passing. He can certainly find space. Hogan was impressive, if he didn't mark the ball in a contest he would quickly apply pressure to his opponents by tackling or slapping the ball free, he earned praise numerous times by the coaches for this. He outmuscled Oscar in a one on one and took the mark, which raised a bit of a roar from the group. This is by no means Oscar bashing as we should expect Jesse to do that to anyone he comes up against. In another passage of play the ball was kicked forward to the non bib team and Oscar found himself sandwiched between 3 of them in the marking contest and almost marked the ball, when the ball hit the ground he killed the contest and the defence cleared. Great work Oscar but not sure why 3 from the same team would all go up for the mark unless it was an instruction. Oliver is a great kick of the footy, he hit targets over distance all session. They all trained with intent but something about Harmes stood out, can't pinpoint exactly, maybe it's the new number. He just seemed faster over the ground. I don't know much about King but golly he's a big unit. Hannan and Johnstone ran laps early on and joined in later on with some of the drills. As mentioned before Johnstone has put some muscle on. I heard someone tell his kids that Tyson and Hunt were indoors today hence their no show. Has anyone heard anything about these two recently?
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    Mostly with the backs from the sessions I have attended, the other interesting one is Salem, exclusively with the mids
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    I got along yesterday for a look. Joel Smith is quite a specimen. Let's hope he can stay injury free because he's a great size, super ripped and I believe he's pretty quick, so you can understand why Ben Guthrie said in the AFL.com.au article that the Coaches are incredibly keen to get games into him. Spargo has used his year of shoulder rehab to master the leg weights. Nicely defined quads. I always cringe when small guys automatically get compared to Boomer Harvey in their draft profiles, but I'd suggest Spargo has the frame to become a little ball of muscle like Harvey was. Seems to always look angry and very serious. Hannan has bulked up significantly. Didn't appear to be moving too well with the knee strapped and some more strapping coming out of his sock, but he's noticeably bigger across the chest and shoulders. Dion Johnstone is another one in great shape. Appears the right size now not to be pushed off the footy. Couple of nice low, drilling balls in one of the drills too. Let's hope he can take his chance in the NAB games. Pederson super impressive in some of the running I saw, up the front with Hunt and ANB. Oliver, Petracca and Tyson towards the back. Lewis was helping Filipovic for a little while there with his lining up/visualisation while kicking for goal. Lever just does everything well. Petracca kicks the cover off the ball and I hope he can add a bit of touch into some of his passing to lead as some of the kicks were almost un-markable.
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    I asked Max how much weight he has dropped, 9kgs, still skinny at 105kgs Tim Smith is tracking really well in his rehab and is more powerfully built than last year Standouts in the wet today Hogan, Maynard, Brayshaw Rehab today was Kent, Smith x 2, Garlett, Spargo, Hibberd, Tommy Mc
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    Lets accept all training reports for what they are. Everyone who contributes should be thanked. They go to the trouble of attending and writing reports that provide information that we can enjoy. I also like to read the different comments and perspectives. I think all those who write them deserve a break. Readers like me are in a sense free loaders who benefit from the contributions of the training watchers. Are we better off with these contributions irrespective of content? I think so. See the common good and ignore the things that irritate you. The summer period is a time to renew our hope and faith in all things including our beloved Demons, and to look forward to the season ahead. A time to be positive and to accept our differences. Particularly as we all share the same love.
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    The constant negativity on here is one reason I feel like not posting again, whilst I can understand some of the angst, it is December, it is a new season, it is at least 2 months before we fire a shot in anger Read the reports, look at the photos, let's revisit Oscar, the fwd line, the game plan say around Rd 6, then we will have some data to go on At the moment, nearly all the squad hopefully will be ready to go Rd1, competition for spots will be ferocious, Goody does not play favourites From what I have seen at training, we will have a team of versatile men who can run all day and the skills are getting better each session
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    I know the stats have him at 172cm but he plays like 174cm. So that's a win.
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    Turned up before 11 to catch 45 minutes or so. Rehab group: Tim Smith doing laps Joel Smith, Flippers, Hannan, McKenna and Tom McDonald with some simple handball drills, kick to kick and then some running. I'd say these 5 are all pretty advanced and just being taken along slowly after injuries. Hannan looks noticeably stronger - couldn't do weights after shoulder surgery before he was drafted. He looked very sharp in an in close handball weaving drill. McKenna another who looks to have done plenty in the gym. Lovely kick on both sides as well The main group were doing a bit of 3/4 ground ball movement, seemed to be about 8 on 9. 4 down back, 3 in the middle, 1 or 2 up forward and just moving the ball to score. As noted a couple of nice Brayshaw kicks were the highlights. Mitch King is another looking much stronger. Still has a bit of puppy fat to trim off his middle but that's probably the price to pay for getting extra bulk in the offseason. His running was decent and he took a nice leap at one stage. Keilty was walking laps around the oval as the main grouped trained. Looked a bit under the weather. Later joined in some of the running. Mainly Max, King and Keilty were in their own big man running group. The rest did runs first in shorter sprints and then some longer laps. Gus and Harmes led the boys off with ANB given something to chase, sometimes he got them, sometimes they were ahead. Rough order after that of Hunt, Salem, Stretch, Wagner, JKH, Oliver then not far back to Tracc, Frost, Vince, Oscar, Maynard, DJ and Balic usually towards the end. In the shorter runs they were all pretty well keeping up. In the longer runs Balic was with King and DJ and they were pushing each other along. ANB made a gap from a tight bunch with Tracc and JKH a little from the back in the longer main group. Around then Weids came out with the boxing coach I think and walked a lap before heading off again and that's about when I left. Takeways: - Good to have Max and Tom back on deck with both looking all clear from injuries - Salem looking strong and running towards the front - Hannan looking stronger - 18 or so in full training and another 5 doing a fair bit in rehab
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    Interestingly so is Salem, he is finally free all injuries/ailments etc and did a heap of extra work, wants to show what he can do, hasn't missed a beat up to now, his running has gone to another level
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    Main Points: * Will play forward in 2018 * Is currently in Rehab * Not dwelling on 2017 and moving on to 2018 * Brendan McCartney in charge of defence now. * Good impression of Jake Lever. Strong trainer, using voice from beginning. * New Kids - Charlie Spargo - nippy little small forward. in rehab and going well. Beautiful kick of the footy. Diligent hard working.
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    Mods will be taking a more no tolerance stance when it comes to poster abuse. Particularly when it involves abuse towards those offering a service like training reports. Please use the report function if you witness this behaviour.
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    They commentators described him as the most competitive player in this years draft. For the moment, that sounds good enough to me.
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    Word was that Oscar was spotted later in the pool, thrashing his arms around as he managed to propel himself from one end to the other and back. Apparently some were saying that this was another poor effort, as it was clear proof that he had failed in his attempts to walk on water.
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    Can confirm, Harmes asked for #4 and they gave it to him, also; Lever #8 Spargo #9 Maynard #20 Balic #27 Fritsch #31 Petty #33 Baker #35 That's all the Number changes for next season (so far)
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    Absolutely nothing. Sorry. They are a commercial entity not a charity. I await the howls.
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    From the Facebook page: Training Report #2 A.K.A the Max Gawn show It’s Max Gawn’s world. We’re just living in it. I turned up 40 minutes late to training, kept guessing by the inability of the open training times page to load. Feel like I don’t miss a lot though. Guessing I would have missed stretches, warm-ups and a kicking drill here and there, so that’s okay. What does happen when I show up is I have a shocked expression on my face. There’s about 26 players here but the quality of those has improved on last week. For instance, Maxy Gawn is here after a trip to New Orleans, Dom Tyson makes an appearance, as does Tom McDonald. For a large part of the session, Tyson and McDonald are rehabbing, doing a lot of running drills. Gawn, however, joins in with the main group on occasion. More on his progress later. First part of business when I get here is the group put in some quick drills when they run in twos. For instance, you’d see Brayshaw and Harmes running together (and looking good), while Harley Balic is improving. The vibe is much more competitive than last week. They’re after good times. This was only brief – a lot of focus, interestingly enough, was on ball skills this morning. After that, the Dees set up a full ground drill. One group working on stoppage work here and there, another small group trying to take marks from a kick up forward. Gus is one of the players up forward (interestingly enough – he spends plenty of time as a forward in these drills) and looks okay again. Clearly the drill is of good quality judging by the applause at the end. After that is quite a red-hot drill – a full-grounder which almost resembles an intraclub at times. The primary focus is ball movement here. It’s also here where Maxy captures the eye for the first time. Bit of a footnote – there’s a piece on the SEN Facebook page with Tim Watson talking about Maxy and how fit he is. He reckons he’s in as good a shape as you’ll ever see from a ruckman. From what I saw out there – he’s pretty close to the mark. Not only is he looking VERY trim, but he’s also moving incredibly well. It’s probably characterised by Maxy taking advantage of an intercepted ball from a teammate, then setting up another with a brilliant handball which eventually finds its way to Petracca who kicks a ‘goal’ in this drill. The prowess of the other ruckman in this side – Mitch King – is also going swimmingly. This is realistically one of his first chances to show the Dees how far he’s come post-ACL and the evidence looks pretty good. Kingy clunks a contested mark over Hunt – not overly impressive on paper but the method of his madness looks extremely impressive – hitting the ball at speed, and holding on to it while his body is at all these different contorted angles… if that makes any sense. Anyway, it’s impressive. He might get game time this season. In fact, he probably will with our ruck situation. The other bloke who impresses me with his field kicking is – again – Angus Brayshaw. Playing as a forward in this drill (as mentioned), Gussy finds space to get a couple of marks after some good ball movement. First kick – absolutely threads the eye of the needle, perfectly weighted to (I think) Maynard who is running back towards goal, going over a defender in the process. It’s an excellent kick. Just to rub it in a bit, Brayshaw then gets another kick. Same spot, same method, rolls around quickly, looks again and takes even more risks with this kick. Again, it’s spot on, except it’s dropped this time around. Seriously, this kid is legit this time around. The boys then revert back to the two-by-two running drills. Gawn, Tyson, McDonald are doing separate running activities. At this point, Gawny has his shirt off, almost as if he genuinely wants to rub in how good a shape he’s in. Honestly don’t blame him. Again, Brayshaw and Harmes are constantly up the front. Good areas. After that, the Dees decide it’s time to do some set shots. The change up has been intriguing. All eyes on Gus as one proclaims ‘safe as houses Gussy’. He doesn’t let them down. In the meantime, Trac is cracking it after every snap shot he does, dropping quite a few f-bombs here and there. That’s November for you. More running to finish off – this time it’s more in the form of set time running – they’ll start off with a two-minute run, followed by 90 seconds, one minute and then a very quick run at the end. Again, Nibs looks good. He’s constantly up the front. This time, Maynard is also setting a very good place, sticking with Nibs most of the way. Billy Stretch looks good too, again. What startles me during the last run, however, is Maxy – randomly joining in – and keeping a very good pace with Nibs and Maynard. I’m shook. It’s just one session but that was a hell of a statement sesh from Gawny. He wants his All-Australian spot back. You can tell. Training finished up after that. A rather quick one this time around, but quite a spirited one. I might be able to make my way down on Friday. Let’s see how that goes.
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    Just some quick snap shots for our interstate and overseas members - sorry Im not great with my spelling so you want get much chatter from me. - boys looked very positive, plenty talk, plenty one on one work with coaches - some of them never shut up. Big Jake Levers - nickname is snake. I will leave the rest of the write up to wiseblood he has a good handle on what to say Go Dees
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    The Petracca comment, that was part of the drill, a get out of jail ball, hence Hunt launching a torp at one point, it was a changeup with the kicks going the other way trying low flat passes
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    There seems to be a common misconception that Oliver isn't overly quick. Oliver's pace for an inside bull is superb, we just don't see it enough. But if you watch him closely his burst speed is very good. For the record, Oliver tested 2.99 seconds for the 20 metre sprint prior to the draft. Anything sub 3 seconds is elite. If you read the bios for players in this year's draft such as Ed Richards, Charlie Ballard, Lochie O'Brien, Matthew Ling, Jaidyn Stephenson, you'll note that high up on their strengths is their speed. Only one broke 3 seconds (Stephenson 2.97). Thankfully, this misconception about Oliver's speed was dispelled in the media this year: 7/4/2017 Melbourne Demon Oliver leads army of stars Michael Gleeson He is like Cripps or Sydney's Josh Kennedy, a tall and strong midfielder who with longer arms have better reach to be able to get clear of a tackle and still get a handball out. The difference between Oliver and Cripps or Kennedy is that he is quick. I know, he doesn't look like he is, but he is. The assumption with an inside player is they are one-paced plodders often with good endurance, Oliver bucks that. He is quick and has decent foot skills. "He accelerates through the contest," Melbourne player/coach performance manager Brendan McCartney said. "He is electric. He just has great power.
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    I poked my head in for 15 minutes this morning at Gosch's. I'll leave the observations on the minutiae of the drills etc to those who care more about that, but my biggest take out from my limited time there was the increased size of Weideman across his whole upper body. He's now a really good size. Whether he gets much game time this year I don't know, with TMac likely to go forward, but physically, he's now just about ready.
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    One of the drills was set up to stimulate two forwards essentially getting the ball almost alone in the forward line and running into an open goal. That's probably an over simplification but it was heavily weighed to two forwards (usual a 2 on 1 situation) getting the ball on a rebound and running into 50. Playing as alone defender with the odds stacked against him Lever was able to get back quick enough to effect an intercept spoil and on another occasion also tackle an opponent and stop a certain goal. He will change our team.
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    Our policy is clearly that differing views on subjects brought up in these and other threads are allowed and accepted but the problem is that some people like to cloak their so called "differing views" by means of posts that are actually attacks on others. This won't be tolerated and the discretion on the matter lies entirely with the moderators. Those who don't agree with this policy should in particular stay away from the training report threads. Thanks.
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    I take full credit for getting this guy, by exposing all his faults to the other 17 clubs, who were scared to take him before pick 31.
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    I was there is 1964 and I remember very little other than Gabo's run. These pictures remind me (copied from old slides). The last one is at first bounce.
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    Colin Garland is what footy ought a be about. Have we had any better a clubman, then Garlo? Takes the train to the footy. just a great fella I reckon. A real community spirited person imo.
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