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    Just wanted to start a new thread on Jeff's 2017 form. It's outstanding. He's in elite territory this season when it comes to small forwards. 20 goals, equal to the raved about Toby Greene and Robbie Gray. 5 behind Betts who plays in the highest scoring team in the league. 35 tackles, which is miles above any forward other than Charlie Dixon (if you can believe that) with 30. Betts has 22, Gray 19, Greene 16. Not only his tackling, just his pressure in general has been fantastic, honestly like a new player, he's always chasing. Was nothing like this last year. For me his most impressive games have been in our losses, hard position to play in and he's really worked his arse off in those losses. I thought he was falling away a bit last year, but it's time he got some acknowledgement for his form of late.
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    Congratulations to Neville Jetta, who will line up for his 100th game this weekend against the Bombers! Incredibly well deserved for easily one of the most underrated players in the competition and one of the first picked every week.
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    Not to break down with injury midway through the second quarter.
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    https://thewest.com.au/sport/afl/jesse-hogan-mourns-the-death-of-father-tony-hogan-ng-b88457839z Very, very sad. Very, very sad for the young man. He has had a lot on his young shoulders. Hopefully, people will back off on him and recent performances. Hope Jesse got there in the last few days. A tough time awaits him. Hope he takes all the time he needs. Football matters not in these circumstances. Edit: A very moving update: Jesse's family were in Melbourne for the ANZAC Eve game and his father passed away in Melbourne. "The family had been in Melbourne for several weeks and Tony saw his son play on Monday night against Richmond, before Tony took a bad turn on Anzac Day". http://www.theage.com.au/afl/afl-news/jesse-hogans-father-tony-passes-away-20170427-gvtg9p.html Wonderful support by the club to keep that quiet so the family could enjoy some time without cameras and journos all over the place.
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    I don't agree on The Weed. He didn't get many touches, but he chased, tackled and crashed packs all night. He found ways to get involved. He wasn't amazing by any means, but he did the job we needed him to do.
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    The icing on the cake MEDICAL ROOM Melbourne: The Demons got through unscathed, with their luck finally turning after repeated injuries and suspensions to start to the season.
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    Q: “Did you know Tom McDonald could go forward and actually kick goals?” BERNIE: “Well, the goals he kicked were floaters and that’s actually all he kicks, so I’m not sure how they floated through. Lucky there was no wind."
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    I thought Watts' post match interview was very good. Dedicated the win to Hogan/Hogan's dad and said Hogan was one of their brothers and that they love him.
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    I thought this might be the game after which Demonland gave rightful praise to Tom McDonald. I now realise that's never going to happen. Those people who continually (zzzzzzzzzzz........) criticise him for his imperfections are clearly unaware that the football world at large sees him as one of our most important players, our most important backmen, and one of the league's best. He got media votes today, but still gets shamelessly and pathetically pilloried on Demonland.
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    Mahoney was accompanied by the club doctor. Comments as best I could type: Jesse saw club doctor last week as had a lump Extremely early detection, is at a very early stage and has not spread. Jesse wanted to play last weekend. (God bless him) He is in good spirits and positive about the outlook. Doctor said he won't need chemo (I think that is what he said). Recovery 4 to 8 weeks. Best wishes Jesse and family.
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    It's a Noongar word, means strong/great. Jeffy and Nev are both Noongar
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    The bald umpire- number 15. He's on my list.
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    I got down to today's training session a bit late to find the boys running in four groups around the ground, doing 300/400 meter runs at 3/4 pace, then resting, before going again. I noted Trengove was off with McCarthy doing contested ball work drills with another coach. The running groups then moved to different parts of the ground to do some kicking, hand balling drills across the length of the oval, first with the right foot, then with the left. At this point I noted there was no rehab group doing laps, so none of the injured list players were in attendance and I did not sight Hogan. No Maynard either, still recovering. They broke up into smaller groups where they practiced doing a lot of quick contested ball movement to set up a player who would take a snap at goal. There were 2 groups at my end doing this, a group in the middle doing more centre clearance contested drills and in amongst all this there were selective players and line coaches working on technique Rawlings was doing a lot of body work drills with Frost then Hibberd, not using a ball but just being really physical imitating a big forward trying to out position you. A lot of goal kicking practice, one lot practicing set shots from the boundary using the Stevie J set up, others having shots from 50 on an angle. Neville was doing a defensive drill with Bugg, Hannan and JKH where the ball was kicked high to them and they went body on body trying to mark or knock the ball to a player's advantage nearby. Toward the end Stafford had the ruck division, what's left of it doing centre bounce work, he acting as the opposing ruck with big pad, Cross throwing the ball up inside a marked out centre circle. Keilty, Filopovic and Mitch King taking it in turns jumping against him. I think his main message was for them to take the space under the ball forcing the opposing ruck to have to reach over your shoulders to contact the ball and thus struggle to get an effective tap. King looks to be moving well to me so he may get a shot at some stage before the big boys are back. Trengove was doing individual running drills with 2 coaches, doing 20 meter sprints with ball in hand. They were filming with their phones then showing him the vision, they may have some app that analyses technique. They were emphasising the need for him to stay low on the push off, almost like a sprinter starting from the blocks, replicating in a match when he picks the ball up he has to push off with a lowered centre of gravity. I watched Trenners in the contested centre drill and he looked OK for speed but then that all done in a confined area. i watched Gus in a few drills, he just looks like he is going through the motions, not much energy there at all, I haven't been to training much this year but I thought he was more animated in the past. the session finished early, it was supposed to go through till 12.00 but when I left about 11.00 there only a few still going, Stretch and Kennedy were doing some contested ball drills I think. As I rode off I am sure I went past Saty talking to Neville about something!
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    Bit of love for Sam over the last few weeks! Not only did he totally shut down a very good and in form tex walker but his rebound and ball use were also very exciting! I reckon he's had a break out few games and I can't see him going out of the side anytime soon unless he gets injured. Hes always athletically been pretty special, nearly as quick as Jayden hunt but key position size. Could be a fantastic key defender for us for a long time. And i really liked tommy forward so if he allows him to be a swing man it just makes us even more dangerous and unpredictable
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    The young fella and I decided we would take along our camera to the game on Saturday night.... We are so glad we did! After living in Adelaide for 10 years there is no sweeter sight than watching the Crows fans stream out of the ground before the final siren... The video is around 30 minutes long (with the official highlights footage thrown in at the breaks) Like it, Share it, Do whatever you want with it.... But most of all enjoy it! We certainly did! My personal highlight is around the 20 minute mark of the video
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    Spare a thought for his mum, who just buried her husband to cancer and now has to deal with her son having cancer. Just awful. My heart breaks for her.
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    Hogan at training. Looks a lock.
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    Not sure if it has been mentioned anywhere and it really deserves its own thread but this game against Hawthorn is the Pink Lady Match supporting the BCNA. There will be 1000's of Pink Lady silhouettes planted in Yarra Park and it is a very moving site. I looked at the MFC web page and could not find it mentioned anywhere but found it on the BCNA page. I am hoping it gets more publicity as the week rolls by. It is very close to my heart as I lost my Mum to breast cancer nearly a year ago. If you are at the game, please make a donation. Every cent counts. https://www.bcna.org.au/
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    Vince is a booming kick and instinctive footballer. He's not a technician. And clearly not the best with ball in hand and time to think. Playing him down back has been an absolute blunder. For the team and for him. He was in career best form ffs. Put him in the heat of the guts, let him slam it forward, run around for dish off shots at goal from 50 and rough up some timid mids. It's his bread and butter. Saw it the second he went into the middle. Stamp him never to play down back again.
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    Clarry needs to stop throwing it. Oh wait...
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    Watched the game. It was a great win and the team was fantastic! A couple of things from me: - Melksham is too good for the vfl (yes, I'm serious). He was heavily involved and was one of the key ingredients to the win. - Mitch King is developing nicely. He looks like more player than project. Still a while off AFL ready, but is certainly developing ahead of expectation. Will see if he can back it up next game. - Huelett is back in town. Took some strong grabs, and provided a real target up forward. Really even effort all over for Casey.
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    Neville Jetta. Kept Eddie Betts to just two goals and nine touches. I'm still convinced he'd be talked up as an All Australian if he played for Hawthorn or Geelong.
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    My dislike for Ess knows no bounds. So of all games this year this is the one I desperately wanted us to win. And we did - without 2 of our best players. A real four quarter effort. So proud we rose above all the setbacks. A win that will be a huge confidence boost for the team. Demons take a bow.
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    Another one behind the paywall, but well worth a read if you can get around it: http://www.heraldsun.com.au/sport/afl/teams/melbourne/christian-petracca-has-lofty-ambitions-and-the-confidence-to-help-him-get-there/news-story/35182e694d13a8a0f4714ae491eaed2b I didn't put the click bait title in the heading as it would make Trac sound arrogant, which is not the nature of the article, but the best part of it was the final few sentences which read: “I want to be that person that can play midfield, but one who can rest forward to go deep if the game is in the balance.” He’ll be doing that in red and blue. Out of contract at the end of next season, he said re-signing was a formality. “I absolutely love it here,” he said. Amen to that, Trac. What a great thing to read on a Sunday morning. You are welcome to sign a long term deal whenever you like my friend!
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    This will sound like the strangest comment ever uttered in these hallowed digital halls, but I don't think I'm ready yet. This is my life now. Melbourne's inveterate crapness is a core part of my personal identity. The Stockholm Syndrome has full hold of me. Just the thought of a flag and the existential anxiety seizes my brain. How the hell am I possibly going to cope on Grand Final day?!! And around all those bloody neutrals who couldn't possibly understand. What if it all goes horribly wrong? And surely, surely, after waiting so desperately all this time, there isn't the slightest hope that the joy however great could ever live up to the desire. And how much salt would it rub into the wounds - to suddenly do it so easily after a half-century of wasted effort? What happens when life returns to normal? When cricket returns to the G' and ordinary people no longer care? When everyone else has forgotten the pain and the suffering and simply moved on? I'll be that prisoner released into society after serving a life sentence. I'm institutionalised. My only hope is recidivism. To bid farewell to the MFC and jump on the Richmond bandwagon to nowhere . . .
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    Was just announced on the Triple M Rush Hour that they had received a text from Jesse's manager saying that he is awake from his surgery and it all went extremely well, good signs!!!
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    Give the reserves a run and rest up the stars. Its only Hawthorn.
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    Thank God this bloke kicked 1.6 today
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    Want to sound a little bit more heartless?
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    Salem has been given a week for his elbow. Cunnington predictably got a $1000 fine for intentionally punching someone on the field. The MRP are a joke! How Salem can get the same as Thompson is beyond me. Update. Higgins also got $1000 for striking Clarry. Both Higgins and Cuntington were deemed intentional with low impact. Higgins got off completely for hitting Vince. The protection of that puss bag of a club continues. I hope we smash them in Hobart later in the year, don't care if the whole team ends up suspended just pummel the twerps into the ground.
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    Will be a huge boost for Casey to get Gawn in into the team for the rest of the year. Pedo will be in full flight by then of course.
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    I managed to find a photo of the MRP in session.
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    Haven't seen this posted anywhere else but Jack Watts was on radio this morning about Oliver: "He can do it all. I was with (ruckman Max) Gawny last night and he was sitting in the (coaches) box (on Sunday) and he was saying the coaches were having a little fight because Troy Chaplin our forwards coach wanted him (Oliver) to stay up forward and Ben Matthews (midfield coach) wanted him back in the midfield. He is a super player and I think the coach probably put it on him a little bit last year to really become that full-time professional footballer and he's really taken to that and taken his game to a whole new level." Nice.
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    There is no better feeling than beating those [censored]!!!!!
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    I just laugh at those who say injuries mean nothing. Everyone gets injuries. Well everyone might get injuries, but it is really about who is injured. Richmond had one possible top 22 player injured last week in Vlastuin and Hampson, who probably is behind Nankervis anyway. Everyone else was available. Pies had one player out. Then of course, the other issue about injuries is when you get them. We seem to get them early in games and are robbed of our better players and then the use of rotations. On the flip side, the teams we have played have not lost anyone during games and that has made the contest tip heavily in their favour. We have copped it both ways. Our better players going down and early in games. That just kills you. We have played pretty well this year and if not for those injuries, would possibly have been 5 zip. The fact we are not getting killed in games is testament to our effort and improvement.
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    14 goals from the ruck. 3 resting forward. 2 from the bench.
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    I have attempted to post on this subject most of the day since I heard, anyone that knows me Knows my situation losing the battle is not only innevatable but comes at such a high cost to family. I still think of my wife , I still cant do certain things. I cant walk into some shops its been just over 5 months since i held my wifes hand as she took her last breath. I still find normal everyday things hard. Looking after our 3 young kids keeps me going That is only just part of how hard things are , anyone that has lost a partner , family member will understand. There are many here on demonland. SO anyone you calling for Jesse to take a week or less off , give him time , if he needs longer let the kid have it. let him have time with his family, he has lost his dad. MFC will do the right thing and give him as much time as he needs , the players will support him , we as supporters should too. Until you have been through this you will never understand it . sometimes there are things bigger than football in life. I hope a snippet of my loss will help some understand. my thoughts and heart goes out to Jesse and family at a time of need and loss mark
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    Utter garbage. What Salem needed to do was grab a handful or his jumper, then beat him to death with an iron bar.
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    I was sitting on the western side of adelaide oval center wing the Adelaide supporters around me were fine they just thought it was another game they were going to win by 10 goals. The usual smart arse comments about draft picks etc very polite arrogance I'd like to call it, had my cousin ask me if I was having a gd time when the crows piled on 6 in a row it was all gd everyone was having a jolly old time,until the 2nd half that is. They started turning on each other also asking each other what's wrong with the team etc. With each passing melb goal my screams were getting louder and louder especially when clarry nailed from the betts pocket I had people turning around a looking at me thinking how dare u but that just fueled the fire this was a release of pent up frustration we've all carried to years. The started leaving in their droves the 1st we kicked in the 4th I got up had a look around and ask 'where a you going this isn't what supporters do' by that stage I was center stage non of the supporters could look at me because they knew we had bullied them on their on patch humiliated them. All this crap about this lady saying the chap involved started swearing I listened to the lady on 5aa this morning she admitted when the presenters pressed her for info that the man only swore once load of crap this is. At the end of the day Melb supporters all had the last laugh.
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    Thought I'd start a thread acknowledging Bernie who is set to play his 200th game this weekend. Fittingly it will be against his old club who he played 129 of those games for. He has been a great leader for this club since joining and I think took his footy to a new level. I'd like to see Bernie finish his career playing more forward than back as I think he would be more damaging there.
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    That was fun!! Standing on the hill under the scoreboard with thousands of arrogant crow fans enjoying our goals and them saying ridiculous [censored] like "wait til next qtr". It never came, was amazing to watch, sing the song and high 5 the boys and every Dees fan in arms reach (in the ground, leaving the ground walking to the bars back in town and in bars). cant wait to enjoy the replay
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    Have a listen to some of the questions in goodwins post match conference, the Adelaide journos are absolute amateurs, the last question was journo:did you think you would cover the loss of KELLY so well? goody:who? journo: the fella that was sick goody: HOGAN? journo: yea that's him what an absolute [censored]
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    Perhaps, but I find it extremely distasteful that this letter has been spread through the media, singling out and no doubt completely humiliating JKH. I don't care what anyone thinks of his skills, or lack thereof, this should NOT have been put out there for the world to see... JKH is a young player trying against all odds to become the best footballer he can and then he is hit with this???? To put it mildly, I was disgusted and I don't know who I dislike more... the moron that wrote the letter, or the morons sharing it all over the internet and the media outlets displaying it in related articles.
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    I'm just too emotionally invested in this club that games like this absolutely suck every ounce of happiness out of me. This ridiculousness of handballing to teammates when they are in no position to receive it just has to stop. It cost us the game today - particularly in that first qtr. Just gut wrenching. Another opportunity lost.
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    Time for a laugh & visit the happy campers over at Bomberblitz. lol
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    I won first place with my song titled "emotional ravings of an insane Melbourne supporter". Gawn and Hogan were my back up dancers. It was a night to remember!
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    RIP. And the footy media and all the tools that panned him can all go jump. A number of media outlets owe him an apology.