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    I hope every single Melbourne supporter enjoyed every minute of that today. That performance could not have gotten any better, and after the last decade and with what we've put up with it's so satisfying to put Carlscum to the sword. And think about this... Hogan had just one goal. Oliver and Viney were relatively quiet. Hibberd was tagged out of the game. Yet we still kicked 25 goals and made the Blues look like an Under 11 side. Melksham was BOG for me and what a recruit he has been. Not only did he kick 5 but he set up heaps with his sublime skills. McDonald kicked a bag, ANB got in on the act, Brayshaw continues to get better and better while the kids like Fritsch and Spargo are doing the same. Just a total team performance. Special mention to Bull Smith as well - he battled manfully in the ruck and did some excellent work around the ground. I love this bloody club and I hope you all do, too! DEMONS!!!!
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    I headed down to the Port Melbourne v Casey game yesterday for the annual Burra burger and chips. The day was perfect for footy with a one to two goal wind in the first half but it virtually disappeared in the second. The ground was in great condition and the PM crowd are a lot of fun as long as you don't take your support for their opponent too seriously. This is how I thought the Demons went: Dom Tyson: There has been much talk about his game and like most things it's probably somewhere in the middle of discussions. He got the ball a lot. He was the main clearance player for us on the day and he bullocked and pushed and competed for everything. He was off the pace early, got caught once or twice and kicked poorly into the wind at times. As the game went on he got lots better and by the last part of the game he was close to the most influential but that is not to say he's a walk up start next week. On form ANB and Harmes have gone past him and he is down on form but he can play. Billy Stretch: BOG for mine. Got it lots, used it pretty well (with a cavaet I'll come to) and was clean and pretty strong in the clinches. I'm a fan of Billy so keep that in mind when you read these comments. I've seen Billy in his last three games and he's been BOG twice IMO. He's played all games as an inside mid and he's done well against the strong opposition and poorly against the poor opposition. Interestingly in the game he was poor in we were killed in the ruck and he was the number one mid. Billy knows where to run and can run all day. He sees options and makes good decisions. He was very clean with his hands yesterday which is not always the case and his handballing was good. He kicks it well in most cases but yesterday in both practice before the game and in the game itself he repeatedly left his passes a metre short of his target. Very frustrating because those easy 25 metre passes have to be bread and butter at AFL level. But good signs for Billy and if his opportunity comes he will at least be in good form. Sam Frost: Good and solid. He's really too big and strong for his opposition at this level but it's his execution and decision making that can go astray. He's in good form at this level and like many will wait his chance. Jay Kennedy Harris: I thought Jay played a solid game, found plenty of it, ran well and generally disposed of it well. He's come good in the last 6 quarters he's played but he's down the pecking order in getting a game in the seniors. He's pretty good at this level. Harley Balic: Not as prominant as some other weeks but dangerous around goal and doesn't need many opportunities to hurt you. Kicked a fantastic goal in the last from a very tight angle to get us going when we needed it. He's got sure hands and is good above his head for his height and he knows how to find space and link play. He's a smart player and in previous years at the club would have been quite valuable but where he fits with Kent to come back and Garlett still in the seconds who knows. He has a little bit of that trait basketballers have when they convert to footy - that ability to find time and space. Was he a BBer before footy? Looks like it to me. If he played today I'd be confident he'd competently play his role. Tomas Bugg: Quite early but played a fair game by his standards. He played quite deep forward for most of the day and it really didn't work. But when he moved up the ground a bit we got involved and was always a danger although he didn't get it a lot. He's a bit quicker than I thought too and his kicking was good yesterday. Oscar Baker: Good game overall and fantastic second half, particularly third quarter where he really dominated. Quick, clean hands, runs hard and provided options. Not sure his possessions really hurt the opposition yet but he is improving. I don't think he's really close to getting a game but he's certainly showing some AFL attributes. Mitch King: First game back and just went. Started forward and didn't have much impact and then shared rucking duties. Harrison Petty: I thought he was good. Was outmarked in the goal square in the first and lost another marking contest later in the game. Had one of his kicks intercepted later in the game but otherwise was terrific. He's really good in the air and kicks very well. This kid is just a guaranteed AFL footballer of the future and to me is showing more than Oscar did in his first year. Already a favourite of mine. Jeff Garlett: I thought he was alright but only alright but do we expect too much of players when they go to VFL level. He did some very good things, kicked a lovely goal and had a hand on some others but also had a number of uncharacteristic mistakes. Not banging the door down. Josh Wagner: Just a game. Solid and reliable but didn't catch the eye all that much. He's a good size and athlete but just doesn't impose himself on games at the moment. Joel Smith: Didn't have a high possession game but looked very good in what he did. Can't remember any clangers and he kicked a nice goal. I liked the comparison to Jeremy Howe, very similar athletic abilities. He looked a class above in what he did but he didn't do a whole lot. Dec Keilty: Solid game from Dec and like others have trouble separating him and Petty, they look very similar and being such a fan of Petty I might have attributed some good Dec things to Harrison. But Dec went forward in the last and did well I thought. Took some good marks and kicked a goal but more importantly gave us a target that the others hadn't. I don't know where he stands in the pecking order with Frost and Petty but he's a capable and reliable (and brave) footballer. Lachlan Filipovic: Did quite well in the ruck but very little around the ground.. Seems to be just a young ruckman learning his craft and about 3 or 4 years away from maturity. Watching and judging ruckman at this age must be difficult for supporters and FD alike wondering if they will flurish or fail. It's too early to call for me on both our young rucks.
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    Where is Rod Grinter when you need him?
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    Bull Smith was great today! Having watched him go from VFL to playing good footy at AFL level gives me so much happiness
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    Hate to take from the win but remember the Crows were missing Lever today....
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    Didn't think I'd ever come to the point in my life where the heath of another man's big toe would be the source of my happiness or discontent. And yet here I am.
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    can't agree on Hogan. Played well all game and made lots of opportunities for others.
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    I came in with low expectations and I was still disappointed.
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    Teams that have scored over 140 in 2018 Melbourne - 3 times Everyone else - 0
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    I just really loved the fact that for a large portion of the last quarter Adelaide were out-playing us and we had every right to take the foot off the pedal and coast to a seven goal win, but we stuck at it and kept our incredible 18 quarter winning streak going. That's a huge mentality change in this club.
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    TRAINING Jack Viney and Mitch Hannan started the training away from the main group. Doing run throughs and 3/4 speed 50 meter sprints. I thought they were going to keep to light duties but after about 15 minutes both joined the main group. The AFL group all had a light training and did not do game simulations . Those in the VFL did some 8 on 8 game simulations. Sam Wiedeman and Cam Pederson taking many marks. Sam Frost giving run from the back. Oscar Baker linking well through the middle. Harley Balic offering composure and ball skills. Jay Kennedy-Harris getting to contest and putting lots of pressurs on everything. Tom Bugg showing leadership to the younger ones. There wasn't a rehab group today. Let's hope Dean Kent hasn't gone backwards in his recovery. AFL group did lots of goal kicking. Mainly snaps around the coaching staff who are encouraging lateral movements. The whole group focused on ball skills. Plenty of kicking to advantage, high marking and lead up to mark. Drills to protect the ball and shield the opposition from the contest were also included. Coaching staff working hard to make sure the players react quickly when there is a turnover and restructure to defensive or attacking game plans. Plenty of work to encourage the spread. The players were again very positive, lots of enjoyment and a good amount of noise and support for each other. The session finished with all staff members, players, coachs, fans and some school kids attending a ceremony celebrating the indigenous round. The field was marked with the Aboriginal and a Torres Strait flag. A speaker talked for 15 minutes about his story, family and the traits that he found positive in his life. Then the didgeridoo and sticks were played. All present very respectful and reflective.
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    Apologies for the late writeup, we went out for tea after the game. Today was a hard slog but Casey's class and pressure won them the day. We were definitely lucky with Ports poor accuracy in front of goal, but that can be attributed to Casey's pressure not allowing them easy shots on goal. The 3 talls in defence in Keilty, Frost and Petty were fantastic and in a game with many momentum swings and the boys were able to hang on and get the win. Tyson - Started poorly with many turnovers and wasted possessions but improved as the game went on too finish well and have a big impact on the game Garlett - Quiet game, kicked a great goal but otherwise didn't do a lot Keilty - His best game for the year. Found the ball plenty and mostly used it well. Had some great defensive marks and when thrown forward in the last quarter was able to be the key link up man for Casey. He's goal was reminiscent of the TMac out the back of the pack, where he just read it best and was able to get it off hands and turn around for an easy kick. Frost - Some great marks and was solid all day. Had some nice run too. Petty - Keeps improving each game, strong in the air and hardly beaten one on one. Baker - Very strong second half, found plenty of the ball running from half back and had some impressive line breaking runs through the middle. Stretch - Bounced back from a quiet game last week to be Caseys best midfielder for the day. Balic - Was lively up forward and kicked 2 very nice goals, continues to improve each week. Bugg - Quiet but I thought he did his role well, needed to find more of the pill. JKH - About the same as his previous few games, nothing special Smith - Had some really good one on one wins and was a good user. King - First game back from injury, needs to build back into playing footy at this level Filipovic- Did well in the ruck and got his hands to a lot of contests, just needs to hold some more marks. Wagner - Had a solid game through the midfield and half back Johnstone - Started to show better signs today, had some important defensive efforts today Some bad news, Mitch White copped a heavy knock and seems to have done some damage to his AC ligament in his shoulder, might be done for the season. Overall it wasn't pretty and Port played some hard, strong football but in the end the class of a few key players stood up and allowed Casey to win the day.
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    don't get the player hate;Dom is one of ours and to wish him ill is a bit low.
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    Roosy in his On The Couch appearance tonight was asked for his reflections on when he first came to the club in 2014 and what was important in the turning the ship around. He mentioned two things. The first was everyone at the club from top to bottom being on the same page regarding where the club was at. The second was the importance of Bernie Vince and in particular Daniel Cross. The below is a transcript of his comments. “I think getting Bernie Vince and Daniel Cross, two experienced players, don’t underestimate their importance. Bernie is still playing but I wouldn’t underestimate the importance of Daniel Cross. The reason I say that is one of the things they really struggled with was game day. Just knowing how hard to work on game day. And that was the biggest thing. The two way transition running was very difficult for them. We walked off, Round 2, 98 point losers at the MCG, and with all due respect to the Swanny’s boys I brought, Ben Matthews, Daniel McPherson, Brett Allison and Georgey Stone, we were like wow, we haven’t seen this before. So having Crossy and having his GPS numbers, and having his vision, the way that he would play, we still put him on some of the best midfielders in the competition and his GPS numbers were through the roof. So the ability to explain to players with his vision, and obviously showing vision from other teams that did it really well was just imperative. But also Bernie and Crossy saying, ‘guys you do a lot of things right’. I think in those dark days it’s easy to get caught up in all the bad things going on. But Crossy, Bernie, Dawesy as well saying ‘guys you train as well as Adelaide, you train as well as the Bulldogs’...” As we enjoy the ride over the next few years, spare a thought for Crossy 👍
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    Congratulations big fella, no one deserves it more, well done Neita
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    More good news with the club signing up three of our promising youngsters! Get around them! http://www.afl.com.au/news/2018-05-28/good-news-comes-in-threes-for-dees
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    One more thing, they did a version of our song in the Arrente language, was just fantastic and the locals were very impressed (its the first time we have done this)
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    They need what the AFL gave us - parachute in proper leadership. That's what turned us around, not picks.
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    Heart and soul. The two words that you would describe the bald headed, brute of a man who combines courage and class and someone that we are lucky enough to be able to call captain. He has stuck through thin, thin, thin, thin and thin and his heart is as connected with this club as anyone. There were times and times when this man could have left our great club and I would've shed a tear, but I would not have been bitter in the slightest, but with his back against the wall and a huge climb ahead, time and time again he stuck with us. It's an old adage, but I think if you cut this man's veins he really would bleed red and blue. So get down to Etihad stadium this Saturday to support our great, loyal man for 250 magnificent 'heart and soul' games. Thank you for sticking with us Nathan ❤️ P.S. as if you needed another reason to head to the footy this weekend...GO DEES!!
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    I absolutely love this club. Almost brought a tear to the eye watching this. The players deserve it, the coaches deserve and, most all, we as supporters deserve it as well. Lots of hard work still ahead of course, but to be 7-3 after ten rounds and to be playing the scintillating football that we are is so good to watch. I have confidence in this side like I've never had confidence in a Melbourne side before. I believe we can beat any side in the competition. Soak it up everyone, the ride ahead is going to be amazing!
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    I'm currently in a remote area of NSW, and 20 kms from the nearest internet coverage. Yesterday I drove the 40 kms (round trip) to enjoy the post-match frenzy on Demonland, only to get caught up in the damn Telstra outages. Another 40 kms this morning, and I finally get to 'feel' the excitement of fellow Demonlanders. The iPad is now down from 100% to 15% .......... that's how much I enjoyed it. Well done guys and gals! Go Dees!
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    We are now responsible for Carlton's biggest loss at the MCG, surpassing their 108 point loss to Collingwood in 2002.
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