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    Gday guys, on one of the training thread there's been a few doubts on young Charlie about his size and whether he can translate his ability to AFL level. Thought I'd bring this thread up and have my 2 cents worth. Just on Spargo, I had a bit to do with him when he was in the under 16s bushies . I didn't bother to write anything up on him when we drafted him (lack of interest in demonland at the time) but I thought I'd post my thought a on him now. Goody is going to fall in love coaching this young fella, he is 18 years old going onto 25 in terms of maturity and level headed. He was driven right from the very young age to succeed in footy and make AFL. He started playing senior footy for Albury in the strong Ovens and Murray league (step below VFL) at 16 and was still running rings around former AFL players with such ease. It was tipped right from then that this kid could potentially be the next big thing despite his size. He was quick, tough as F**k, and most importantly, driven and determined to make it. Despite being a quiet and down to earth sort of fella, he just oozes leadership on field! We played a praccy match against Bendigo once and he was captain for the day. The whole day he was barking orders, setting up midfield stoppages, encouraging teammtes, and giving direct feedback to coaching and senior officials on what was going right and wrong. He'll be in the leadership group in a couple of years. Mark my words. Obviously being in boarding school this year I barely got time to see any of his games (injured also). But we got word back from some recruiters that if it wasn't for injury he would be top 10 without a doubt. 3 clubs had even made mentioned that if he was just a smidge taller and injury free, they had penciled him for top 5. Every club rated him and the giants were absolutely filthy when they lost first rights to him. He is a genuine talent. If I was to compare him to someone in terms of toughness, leadership and skill? it would be Joel Selwood. He has everything that you need in terms of the culture you're trying to build and set. Yes I've pumped up his tyres, but the biggest test for him will be the transition to AFL level. The likes of Caleb Daniel and Eddie Betts have shown that it is possible if you've got the ticker and drive to succeed. I believe young Spargo has this. The likes of Jones, Viney, Oliver and Lewis will crave having this kid in the side running full tilt into packs and come out ball in hand. I don't want to put too much pressure on the kid but in my honest opinion, he is an absolute beauty! Hope that helps.
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    Unsighted: 4 new draftees (presume it's AFL induction time). Vanders, McKenna Rehab: As PB outlined. Joel Smith did a bit of footy work and plenty of running with Viney. The other 4 did a lot of footy work and you'd think wouldn't be far off joining in the main stuff. Jones looked ready to go. Weid's kicking was a bit off in the swirly breeze. Balic joined the rehab group after his long run. Lots of different group drills really mixing it up but the focus was definitely on sharp kicking and clearing congestion. Most interesting drill might've been working the ball cone to cone in the middle of the ground then getting it in to a forward v defender one on one with Garlett and DJ both swooping on any loose balls from 30m or so in front of the contest. And I was also impressed with Dion. Not under any pressure but he was timing his run, gathering and snapping nicely. The full corridor 9 on 9 or whatever it was had mixed results but Lever was composed with the ball and Clarry took it on and kicked long to targets nicely.
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    Went down for a look this morning. List of things I observed in no particular order. . - Maynard and Balic completed their 2km time trials... Maynard finished about 200m in front. Both were well and truly spent at the finish. - One particular drill was just focused on the "Dustin Martin don't argue". Picking the ball up off the ground and pushing off a bag/opponent with the hand. - Jones, Weid, Kent, T.Smith in rehab. Ditto Viney and Joel Smith but they were running lap after lap rather than the balls. - Brayshaw had his thigh taped up and at one point removed himself from the main group to complete some run thru's. He joined back in soon after. - I was most impressed with Dion Johnstone. Put on some muscle and his skills on both side of the feet was a highlight. Crumbing off the forwards and kicking them from all angles. - Lewis certainty entrenched in the back-line group. Vince also down there. - Omac looked noticeably bigger in the legs and arms. - Trac also looking fit without any strapping on the knee.
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    A few comments, to add to the other reports from Friday’s training session. Considering the trying conditions, strong northerly wind and high temperatures the standard of skills exhibited was quite high, stamina and fitness levels overall were very good. Agree with positive comments made by a number of observers/posters here re: Bernie Vince, Max Gawn, Dom Tyson, Dean Kent, Billy Stretch, Christian Salem, Alex Neil-Bullen,Christian Petracca, Tom MacDonald, Jesse Hogan all were noticeable for a range of attributes from their physical conditioning through to their determination and skills exhibited during the training drills. Impressed that most participants maintained an admirable intensity throughout the session which was intelligently managed by the coaching staff. Observed numerous rotations to allow for recovery and plenty of opportunity provided for maintaining hydration levels. Of the new recruits Bailey Fritsch moved with poise and purpose, looked very neat skills wise, was able precisely pass the footy by foot and appears accurate over an extended distance despite the conditions. He judged the flight of the ball superbly and marked confidently despite the strong gusting wind. Close by he is deceptively strong around the hips and upper thighs. After all the training drills were completed and most players departed for what one assumes was a cool shower. Josh Wagner, Jayden Hunt and Neville Jetta did some extra-curricula work competing in pairs for the high kicked incoming ball. Their positioning/bodywork to spoil or mark the ball was terrific. Jettta despite giving up “inches” was the obvious master. Observations on the possible ‘game plan’ for the coming season. Competewith strength around the packs, gain possession and clear congestion by handball and reminiscent of Hawthorn maintain possession by short passing allowing forwards time to lead into space to receive an accurate footpass. Well at least that appears to be plan A. Final thought as a visitor to the centre of the footy universe from the top end, conditions were much tougher for footy than ever experienced in the ‘cooler’dry season evenings in Darwin. Ok will acknowledge pre-season training is not a fixtured AFL game. But training intensity and duration appear to mimic something of game conditions. In anticipation of a continued positive trend on Goody’s team performance graph for season 2018. Adios from your northern correspondent.🍷Go Demons!
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    Got down to Gosch's today for about 80 minutes... observations other than those already mentioned, Bernie's predicted demise was premature! His ball handling and kicking to position in the conditions was of the highest quality and he was up to speed in the sprints Ditto Lewis Impressed by Filipovic's increased bulk, athletic running and sure hands Jetta terrific in man on man defensive rebound activity Oscar McD consistently effective at spoiling in the arial contests Tom McD had the safest hands in the marking exercises I watched Petracca bustles like a bull and gets what he wants Bugg is looking like best 22 again Lewis an unlikely dead-eyed-dick on the day Oh yes, a bloke called Clayton continues to make the difficult look easy
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    Saw most of the session this morning. And while everyone looks good in pre-season, because there is no pressure and it's all about getting to maximum fitness levels for the season ahead, I made the following observations: * Jones not at the session, although was sighted running strongly before the main group came out. * Viney running laps very strongly, before he went inside. * Brayshaw carrying heavy strapping on hamstring, and was hindered when running, although he competed in all the session and the running drills. * Petty and Balic running laps. * Smith, Spargo, Petty, Kent, Weideman, all in the rehab group with Cross running the drills. None of them can be too far away from joining the main group. Vandenberg not sighted by me, but didn't see this group working for long. * ANB, Bugg and Tom Mc by far the leaders in the running drills, with all 3 trying to get over the line first. Tom Mc eventually grinding them down after half a dozen 400m runs, but ANB held on through the lot. Buggy hitting the wall in the last one, but led the early sorties. * King and Filopovic will be more than adequate back-up for Max. Both can kick the ball ( unlike Spencer) and were in the middle of the pack in the running drills, so are building their endurance to the necessary level. Interestingly, Max is certainly in the top 1/3rd in the running drills. The sprinters like Garlett and Frost struggle with the longer distances, not surprisingly, but would beat most over 100m easily. The surprise is Hunt who is out in the leading pack for distance, and we all know he can turn on the jets as well. Saty, 666, Hardtack and little tacker should have some ripper photos, which we should see later. They would have more if they hadn't gas-bagged on about the merits of various photographic equipment, but hey, who am I to criticise?
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    Bugg looked very good all session... he won the time trial yes, but on the final lap he was huffing and puffing while both TMac and ANB appeared to have a lot left in the tank. Bugg’s kicking is looking very sharp as well... I get the feeling he’s working hard to make up for last year’s transgression. Others who looked very sharp were Salem, Hogan, ANB, TMac, Oliver. OMac is looking very fit and seems to have built up his body. JKH is also looking very fit and is moving well. Petracca, Jones and Kent were all in rehab, but looking like they could be ready to participate with the main group... although Kent really doesn’t appear to have his heart in it... to my mind at least. Can’t recall all of those in the rehab group, but Weeds, Tim and Joel Smith, Maynard, Viney and Balic were all there. Saw VDB, who did not participate and did appear to be in some discomfort walking across the ground. My son took lots of photos today and I will provide a link to the album in my Facebook account once I’ve had a chance to get them off the camera and edited.
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    I attended yesterday's craft session, as they call it. The music was blaring in what was perfect conditions. Some things that stood out to me: -Dom Tyson looks fit and was second to ANB in the interval running at the end of the session -Bernie looks 10 years younger and is covering the ground as well as he ever has -Salem was getting his hands on the footy a lot at the stoppage drills. He, Dom and Clarry were the standouts here -The coaches support Trac verbally during the running drill at the end. Twig Rawlings really revved CP5 up to give it everything -Charlie Spargo has clean hands, moves very well and looks a good user. Harry Petty has an unusual gait and looks ungainly. Oskar moves well and is a penetrating kick, but obviously his conditioning is a fair way off the others at the moment -Pedo looks lean and is covering the ground well -Wags and Hunty got to do a fun drill. The had to sit under high balls inside our defensive 50 and take a ride on Jade Rawlings' back and take the grab. Poor old Jade played the step ladder here -Gawny is very verbal and gave a lot of instruction to the on-ballers. Benny Matthews really drives Nut Harmes a lot of instruction at these drills -I enjoyed watching Max Rooke working with the small forwards v the small defenders. There was great intent here, and Dean Kent looked to be relishing being back with the main group. -Post session, I watched Billy, Salem and Clarry stay out and do some touch work, Corey Maynard do some stuff with the specialist coaches and Charlie Spargo do some grappling with a phys eder.
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    As promised (and thanks to Demonland for increasing the quota for life members), here is the subset of Liam’s photos...
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    Good mate, real good. He's training with the backline, just came home from a bonding camping trip the backline boys organised for Friday night. He's looking much better then last years preseason. Took 13 seconds off his 2km PB, is within the top 5 at the club when it comes to lifting weights in the gym in certain categories (deadlifted over 200kgs before the Xmas break) and seems to be doing well. He also is trying to learn as much from the others as possible, especially Lever. Says whenever there is a one-on-one drill he always grabs Lever to test himself against. We'll have to wait and see if he gets a chance in the JLT games but so far it's going well.
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    Its one thing not rating a player in the team you support and making your case as to why. I have no issue at all with that. What i do have an issue with is so called supporters bagging their own players, particularly when it is as petty as this post. I cant stand it, whether it is my club or another one. You often hear it at the footy and i am embarrassed when it is a demon fan. Basically a personal attack on a 21 year old kid busting a gut to play for the demons. Questioning his courage? Ridicuiling him? Pathetic.
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    For the benefit of those who can’t access the Facebook album, here are a few shots taken by my son Liam at yesterday’s AFLW training (posted here because it seems the AFLW forum gets very little traffic).
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    Dropped into training for a quick 20 minutes, my observations: – Piping hot in the sun but it looked like the players were well looked after with refuge in the shade at fairly regular intervals – Clarry with a full face of Zinc cream – I was really impressed with the clinical skills on show – most kicks hitting their target with players kicking very quickly after receiving the ball and kicking to players leading all over the place, both towards the kicker and away into space and with the opposition player on most occasions given no chance to intercept. The quality of our skills are miles and miles ahead of where we were a few years ago. – Very impressed by Petty. For a tall defender he moves really quickly, has some hustle and bustle about him and reads the ball well. Looked really intent and his skills were looking good. – Thought Tyson looked to be a step quicker than the last two years. Might have just been wishful thinking on my behalf but if he finally is completely niggle free then I think he’s set for a big year. – Jones and Garlett doing sprints and looking fresh – same with Tim Smith albeit at a different pace. – Overall I came away thinking that the list is in a very very good place, particularly with the inclusion of the quicker skinnier types such as Fritsch and Baker (as well as Hannan) who add the balance we need to mix with our core group of stronger burst and endurance players.
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    Enjoy ==> Mobile => https://www.smugmug.com/gallery/n-hqQvsv?mobile=true https://six6six.smugmug.com/frame/slideshow?key=jvSv8k&autoStart=1&captions=0&navigation=0&playButton=0&randomize=0&speed=2&transition=fade&transitionSpeed=1&clickable=1
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    I was in the interesting and unusual position of meeting a current player & some of his family. Really lovely and polite people and feeling quite comfortable with them I asked him about the “boot camp”situation. His response was quick and direct. In his words ... “ an absolute “media beat up” ..... players and coaches sat down and had a frank discussion about the camp. A joint decision was made to abort the camp. If the coaches had wanted us to do the camp ...we would have done it. The media are just trying to intimate there is a division between “ players & coaches” and it is not the case. That was pretty much his exact words. His family was a bit more direct and Danny Frawley had less than complimentary statements made about him. This is a 5yr player and I thought he was very honest and forthright. There will of course be the usual cynics out there who will decry this info but I am quite content and happy with this explanation and express the same sentiments as his family who are “hanging out for the season” and so excited. Go Dees !!
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    More photos taken by my son Liam at yesterday’s (Wednesday) training session - and considering Liam’s just 15, I’m extremely proud of his efforts so far. Here’s a link for those able to view in Facebook (https://m.facebook.com/tim.fleming.75/albums/1579333815435229). Otherwise, here is a subset, albeit quite a substantial subset, for those who can’t...
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    Not sure if this has been mentioned elsewhere on here or if it warrants a seperate thread, but MFC is due to unveil a new major sponsor most likely in mid-January. Haven't heard any precise details regarding $ value or deal term as yet, but I have seen a mock up of the jumper as the front-of-jumper logo is being refined for best visibility over the red and blue chest area. Anyway, MFC and the sponsor will announce in due course, however I think you'll be seeing a lot of MFC players getting around town in luxury Japanese vehicles from next year.
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    T Mac out marking Lever in the one on ones. Pedo gave T Mac more of a run for his money. Petracca right up with the leaders in the runs and pushing hard right up until the end where he dropped off a bit. Looks to have improved his fitness. ANB very clean hands in the drills. Does a lot right. Petracca not so sharp by hand. Spargo never misses a target and is fast. Maynard going about it nicely.
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    Notes from Wednesday Excellent session to a high standard (not my words, a coach), although I agree, as Monday was, some real intent in the tackling Rehab Jones Fritsch Balic Weed Kent with main group A drill involving the defenders launching torps from just outside the goalsquare was interesting to watch again, Hunt landed one on far side of centre square, impressive, Vince the other getting some distance Will put some pics on Instagram and here later
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    I sense a theme, and it’s already getting tired after just two posts.
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    As someone with many years investigative experience I would advise many to just let this ride out. No complaint is the same and for various reasons the complainant doesn't always tell the truth for a number of reasons. I've investigated many incidents where the complainant has held details back due to trauma inflicted and not wishing to relive it again Boys can be stupid and alcohol can cloud their judgement but there can also be situations where regret and feelings of shame can make people twist the truth for a justification for their sexual inhibitions. We are not the only club to have a player subject to such an allegation this off season we are just the club whose allegation hit the media
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    What? Hell no. The club's position should not vary depending on how good the player is. The club has a difficult decision to make. If facts come to light that suggest the player is in real trouble, he should be sacked immediately, or at the very least, stood down. If it's one of our better players, tough luck. The club simply cannot be seen to overlook an alleged sexual assault just because the accused is good at footy. That's exactly the kind of societal attitude that needs stamping it. It doesn't matter who you are or what your status is: it just isn't acceptable.
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    ...and may Santa bring us a premiership in 2018. Cheers to all and many thanks to the crew that bring us Demonland.
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    Got along for about an hour with Mrs Worship, Agree with everything everyone else has said. Only a few things to add. Thought Tim Smith cannot be far off rejoining the main group, was impressed with how good his marking, speed and kicking was. Also looks to have put on a bit of size in the arms and shoulders. Jones looked ready to go and for those Kent followers; no he didn't look like he was going flat out at everything but he and Jones were very competitive with each other and there was a lot of banter and smiles, didn't look disinterested at all. Balic looked a little sore/tired to me and I saw him get quite a bit of treatment from one of the trainers. This would have been after the 2km trial, which we didn't see, so that may have had an effect. Some of the funnier /lighter moments in the main group were seeing Jeffy trying to stop/tackle Maxy and at one stage JKH had to take on/tackle first Jessy and then Max in quick succession. Really enjoyed the 9 x 9 drill mentioned earlier and the comments about Dion were what I saw too, but it was also interesting how often Keilty was on the end of the possession chain kicking at goal. I can't not mention young Clayton, I wasn't paying particular attention to him today but he is eye catching and he will surprise a few with his further improvement. From what I saw today I think the Cats might get a bit of a shock in the opener. Can't wait.
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    Anyone go? Got this off Ben Guthrie.. A few standouts in 9 v 9 match sim at @melbournefc training: - Christian Salem is in top nick and is covering the ground well Tom McDonald had a real presence up forward Corey Maynard has excellent game sense. Look for him to play senior footy early this year.
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    I get so tired of economists, I really do. Economic statisticians in particular. There are a number of little fluffy statements that should be read as 'please note massive caveat on data and circular interpretation'. For example " While Melbourne did better with its lower picks, those players generally aren’t as important for team performance as players selected with higher picks. " Terrible charts, badly labelled, inconsistent formats being presented as if they are a like for like comparison. Conclusions thrown in as inserted sentences well before the discussion of the actual evidence. This is embarrassing to read. Anyway, to the substance. Richmond's 2005 and 2007 drafts were among the worst of any club, ever. Their 2010 draft was made respectable only by picking up Houli in the pre-season instead of a trade, unless you're a real fan of Reece Conca. 2011 produced only one player, Brandon Ellis. As discussed in a number of other threads, Richmond's premiership hinged on an amazing surge of recruitment in just the last few years, with close to half their premiership team arriving since 2012. Anyway... back to griping about economic statisticians. What the hell is going on with that first chart? Every year only has two data points, except for 2009... oh... oh my. Oh boy oh boy. I have a hunch... let me just check a few things... yep. capslock time PROFESSOR OF ECONOMICS AT UNIVERSITY OF MELBOURNE HAS INCLUDED ONLY PLAYERS STILL IN THE RICHMOND TEAM FIVE YEARS LATER AS DATA POINTS WHEN ASSESSING DRAFT PERFORMANCE Basically, all failures have been excluded from the sample, in a 'study' that claims to assess success or failure.
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    ‘Better own up to protect his team mates.’ What exactly is he owning up to? For about the tenth time, the woman hasn’t provided a statement or assisted police since her first contact. He doesn’t have to ‘clear’ himself at all. Why does he have to suck up the distaste of the allegation? One of the poorer posts I’ve read on here.
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    Normally I'm a glass half empty kind of fella, except when it comes to footy and especially our prospects in the preseason. I have tended towards a more sanguine approach of our upcoming fortunes often dismissing the pessimistic forecasts of independent observers as being ill informed or waiting to be discredited (like any 'normal' football supporter does). I've been burnt over the last decade as invariably they were right and I was wrong. What makes the situation a little different now is the large amount of chatter about our improved prospects. One example that I came across recently was when I listened to one of my favourite AFL podcasts (Junktime) which was recorded just before the draft. https://www.podchaser.com/podcasts/junktime-afl-podcast-with-adam-123464/episodes/pre-draft-2017-with-former-afl-23371913 Craig Coombes (ex AFL recruiter for Port who also worked at Hawthorn as a scout/spy as well) spoke glowing of our prospects. He's on the podcast from about the 29 minute mark for those of you not into this type of comedy. He was being asked about the lists as they stand. He has a formula that he uses based on 1-4 year players on the list with a differential applied to those that have played 15+ games and those that are in the best 22. He gives them a score out of 10. In a nutshell he had Melbourne ranked first for development (10/10) and can see us doing a Bulldogs or Richmond this season. He had us with twenty 1-4 year players with ten 15+ games of these he has assessed that 8 are in our best 22. (I’m guessing here he’s talking about Oliver, Hogan, Brayshaw, Petracca, Hunt, Salem Lever, and you can raffle the rest) Yes, confirmation bias here is a dangerous thing, but it’s interesting that a lot of non- Melbourne people are being very bullish about us (which I genuinely can't recall having happened for well over a decade) the same types that when we were crap- told us in no uncertain terms we were crap- so there maybe something in this. I think we have some players who will stamp themselves as being genuinely elite in the next 12-18 months and I'm still a blue sky junkie when it comes to guys like Joel Smith and Sam Weideman. Anyway I always think it’s interesting when a complete outsider with AFL experience is so bullish about us. As the man in the hat would say.. 'do yourself a favour'.
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    Got down there for an hour. I am sure it was AVB running laps while I was there? Jones, the Weid, Kent running laps after some limited ball work earlier away from the main group. Jones looks fit to me. Keilty went down in a marking contest and spent 10minutes looking very ginger on his left ankle but recovered well to dominate some later drills. I liked the series of drills pitting defence against offence, the emphasis in working the ball out of congestion. Where was this competitive training stuff in the Bailey, Neeld years? Some of the tacking was very willing which I like to see as well as drills which forced players to work together in confined spaces. This is replicating game day which I think you should be doing at least 50% of the time at some stage of the preseason as well as honing your kicking and hand balling skills in conventional circle work. Liked the work of Clarrie, Vince, Maynard, The Track, J MAC and Hogan.
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    When I was at training not long after the new recruits arrived, I watched Spargo and Petty doing kick to kick. They are different players for different roles, but what stood out for me was the ability of Spargo to hit Petty time and time again on the chest. But not just that, he was doing it both left and right foot. If he is to play mid-field, then the ability to deliver accurately by foot is essential, and it gives the player options on how he does it when they are fluent on either foot ( ala Sam Mitchell). At pick 29 a genuine footballer who can kick is a very viable option. We now have to see how he develops.
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    We chased McKenna for a reason, just had a rotten run, he has a year, they will reevaluate then, he is rated within the club Same with AVB, has a year contract, we all know what he can bring, if they can get him back As I have stated before, with injury these days the Club does it properly, joked with Boxing Coach that he was the leash for Viney, to ensure he only did what he was supposed to Of the rehab on Monday Kent - full shoulder reco, so no contact work, probably knows the longer in rehab further down the pecking order Jones - has had a calf niggle Petracca - same, niggle in the leg, not sure where, think the quad Joel Smith - building back after a couple of serious injuries Tim Smith - same Balic - was in rehab, didn't seem restricted or uncomfortable, so probably reported a niggle Weed - coming back from ankle op
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    The players were back at training today and, clearly, everyone involved has moved on. You guys should do the same. Blaming anything that occurs this year on that camp is something a 5 year old might do. It's a reflection on much of our supporter base these days, though - they can't let go of the past and look forward. We expect the playing group to do it, so maybe we should do the same.
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    According to MFC twitter Tom Bugg just won the 2km time trial, followed by Tmac then ANB.
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    Nothing article - the journo seems to have taken some snippets off Goodwin’s player reviews on the club’s website. That said, I rate Bugg. He brought much needed mongrel, defensive pressure and hardness to the team. He seemed always to do the inglorious stuff. We really missed him after his suspension. The punch was bad. But it was clearly a brain fade - he displayed genuine contrition and remorse after it, and I think he has been unfairly castigated for the incident ever since. I want to see him have a really big 2018. I like what he brings to the team.
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    Whateley is doing a Tim Lane. He is probably the closest radio/TV person to Tim Lane, as an articulate and intelligent broadcaster of virtually all sport. He does his homework and speaks knowledgeably about the sport that he is broadcasting, provides accurate commentary on the action and provides analysis on the sport. He does the micro and macro stuff well. Was Tim Lanes move a success? I'm not sure. Probably ask Tim. The listener may have a different slant but none of us can get into the mind of the commentator. From GW's view it is understandable. Age and career wise, and money wise. Things are not hunky dory at the ABC with cuts, cuts and more cuts. Morale is poor and the ABC risks being cut out of some sports or having reduced coverage or reduced broadcasting rights in the future. People talk about the bogans on other stations, but the quality of commentators on ABC has decreased over recent years, presumably due to funding cuts and the ABCs need to reduce expenses. I don't think it will be a big deal if the SEN thing does not work but it will be a stepping stone for GW to take on other opportunities and improve his pay packet.
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    So my buoyancy for the New Year has been healthy. In high spirits, I packed up the family for a day at the beach on a beautiful day. Frolicking in the water with my young twin daughters, building sandcastles, eating sandwiches and much merriment ensued. Then 3 boofhead blokes and their squeezes set up shop next to us. I noticed 2 of them were wearing Collingwood FC shorts. Then I realised with horror it was Adam ‘the list’ Trelaor, Daicos junior and some other knuckle dragger I couldn’t identify. Trelaor was playing the alpha male and generally being an a-Grade [censored] as the boys played some beach cricket and the girls spent time bronzing their bodies, giggling at the boys’ hilarities and taking selfies. ‘You’ve gotta be better than that’ yells Trelaor as his mate puts down a slips catch in the shallows. Clearly distracted, one of my girls did a wee on my foot. In a fluster, we decided it was home time. My attempts to fold up our new beach shade tent were nothing short of disastrous (how do you fold the bloody thing back into a circle is anyone’s guess). As I flailed and cursed, I could see the 3 boofheads guffawing and their WAGs giggling at me. It took every ounce of self control not to outburst at them by either making one of many CFC jokes or hurling rocks at them and blaming my 2.5 year old daughters. Trudging back to the car with unfolded tent and two cranky toddlers with sand up their bums had memories of Round 23 rising in my gullet like reflux from eating a Big Mac too quickly. Happy [censored] New Year everyone. May the Dees rise and the Pies remain in their deluded mediocrity. BLEUGHH
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    If there was an incident but the woman involved doesn't want to pursue it for whatever reason then to me no further comment is the only feasible outcome. Should the club come out and name the player involved in said incident when he could be totally innocent? should they say it's been investigated and handled when maybe there is no conclusion because she doesn't want to speak to the club or AFL?I mean why should she, they are hardly relevant & non biased legal authorities. I know it would be good to have a conclusion, everything nicely wrapped up but sometimes this is not possible. I would be interested to know who leaked the story though....
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    Because it is a public forum and I don't want to be sued. End of story. You can speculate elsewhere.
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    I have a rather alluring photo of myself at a nudist beach but I imagine posting it would overwhelm the like button.
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    Turned up today. Always go to one or two sessions. Definitely about skills ATM. Intensity will come later in pre season. Disposal in general was the best I have seen from a D's team in preseason. In the past players built endurance and fitness during drills chasing mongrel kicks and handpasses all around the park!! It used to be ordinary at best. Those who play or have played lower level footy will know what I mean. Now its all about getting it right - disposal and decision making - all the time. O Mc and Hannan have built up a bit. In general the players close up are way bigger than they look at games, TV or pics. Oliver would be an exception but he is naturally powerful and does not need to carry gym muscle. The usual in rehab. Did not see Weid. Trac over his issues and trained well. Was very vocal and confident during drills. Players called into line groups at one stage. In these groups players would give feedback to the group. Feedback I heard was all positive. As you can image big Max was not short of a word. Trac also chimed in as did most.
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    This is a 'negative for negative's sake' sort of post. George didn't say he was going to be a superstar. He simple passed on his opinion from training that he was impressed with Spargo's ability to kick off both feet and that, in the future, this could make him a viable option in the midfield and we need to see how he develops. There's nothing over the top about that, nor did he say he looked like a star. Some people on here can't see anything in a positive light anymore. It's such a shame.
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    Other titbits: Gawn lost 8kg prior to preseason and then has put back on 4kg since returning. His strength is still comparable to last year in the weights room. Petracca ran a PB by 35 seconds in his 2km time trial.
  46. 11 points
    Injuries and form permitting he'll play till he's 35 he'll get to 300. He has been the heart and soul of the joint for the past decade, deserves every accolade that comes his way.
  47. 11 points
    Interesting discussion, and no doubt the list has improved, but what still concerns me is the way the same list of players took the foot off the gas in the last 2 rounds of 2016 and 2017 Attitude will determine how far this club goes. This club is famous for talking tough before a job is done nobody rates The MFC, we are still laughed at by opposition supporters SEN had the Demon thread up on their facebook page yesterday. Interesting read goodluck Simon. 2018 could make or break you....
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    Couple of notes from this morning Balic just has a minor niggle Weed hopefully with main group after Maroochydoore To the knockers, great one on one drills today with Omac and Frost, probably a draw, Omac not outmuscled, coaches encouraging ferocity in the contest Pics later on Insta and a lot later on here
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    First, I want to join the chorus of all those wishing fellow Demonlanders a safe and enjoyable festive season, and a prosperous 2018 for our beloved football team. Like many around here, I find it hard to resist the feeling that we are headed for good places in 2018, but I know only too well the bitter disappointments that this team can deliver, year, upon year, upon year. I'm doing my best to temper my excitement with a dash of realism, but it ain't easy! Second, I want to thank the owners and 'managers' of Demonland for taking this wonderful site to new levels in 2017. Outstanding work folks! And a special thanks for the hard yakka and vigillence that has been involved in keeping some of the more difficult recent threads on the straight and narrow. Greatly appreciated! Go Dees!
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    Let's just hope the person making the allegations is ok. Can't imagine the pain or trauma someone goes through when something like this occurs. Whether guilty or innocent, they felt the need to come forward. Hope the club and Afl ensure her wellbeing is the number 1 priority. everyhing else is second
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