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    Jesse going nowhere, boys and girls.
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    I have just signed up to share with you all some information I have learned this morning As a Dees supporter on the Gold Coast with links to the Suns, found out that the Suns and the Power are doing a deal to help Power get a pick to us for Jack Watts. All centres around the Suns Pick 21 being up for grabs if the Suns can get more draft points to help with an academy selection when they get to their Pick 24. And Power with Pick 31 and 34 help them get an extra 260 points. As it stands, this deal is on the table and will be close to signed off tomorrow or Tuesday: Melbourne GAIN - Pick 21 LOSE - Watts and Pick 66 Port Adelaide GAIN - Watts and Pick 66 LOSE - Pick 31 and 34 Gold Coast Suns GAIN - Pick 31 and 34 LOSE - Pick 21 This deal is extremely fair i think and very shrewd as everyone wins here based on these principles - GCS want draft points, and 31 and 34 is more valuable than 21 - Dees get a very high 2nd round pick (21) for Watts. Send pick 66 to Power which they wont use anyway as they have just 3 list spots left and will take 21, 29 and 36 to the draft after trading 47 to Freo for Balic - After giving up 31 and 34, Port want a later pick back so they can have enough decent picks to make their 3 compulsory draft selections. These will be Pick 49, 62 and our 66. With Watts, Rockliff and Motlop and still these 3 picks, a great trade period for the Power. I know people may or may not believe me, but I have got this info via the Suns and sharing it on this forum wont affect the deal going through in the next 24 - 48 hours as no other clubs are in the discussion for Watts anymore.. Only sticking point will be if Suns want to keep 21 and put 24 into this deal instead and hope their academy player can get done with their Pick 26 that they have as well. It is the final piece of the puzzle in discussion apparently but it will be 21 or 24 for Watts. What do we think Dees supporters?? *** Personally, pick 21 or 24 is fair for Jack. We paid 23 for Vince, 31 for Hibberd and 30 for Melksham who are all the equal or better players than Watts and were similar ages when traded.
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    Not such a big deal about Lever not turning up to the Crows B&F. At least he turned up for the Grand Final which is more than you can say about Tex.
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    MFC has demanded at least pick 2 and Freos first rounder next year for Jesse. This is why Freo offered Weller and 5, for The Suns' pick 2. This will then be sent to us for Hogan along with their 2018 1st pick. Freo were asked for their first rounder and Neale, but he refused to be traded, so we are in for 2 x first rounders instead, with this years being upgraded so we can get our intended target in the draft. The Lever trade has been used as the basis of our demand for 2 x first rounders, with nothing more than a fourth rounder going back to Freo. Deal essentially done and will be announced Wednesday. ( None of that is true, but someone needed to take the focus of the Jack Watts thread. My reputation is taking one for the team)
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    I see no mention of the Oliver or Hibberd deals.
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    Not related to the trade period exactly but I’ve been told by a reliable connection that max gawn is nutting out the final details of a new medium term deal. And Christian petracca is talking to the club about a new four year deal.
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    The club has someone else in their sights big time. Not Lever, that deal is done. I'll let you know if I can find out more
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    I sit half a world away from the Melbourne Football Club but regularly exchange emails with a mate of mine that is much closer to the club. The latest mail says that Hogan is no chance to leave the club at this stage or in the foreseeable future. Watts is a different story. Discussion on a possible trade will only be entertained if we get value for him. Currently, MFC would prefer to keep him on the list and see how he responds. MFC will look to get in Lever plus a 23-25yo mid to build the list for a real tilt at the flag over the next 4-5 years. Take this in any way you wish and keep in mind this is a trade rumours board and that is exactly what this is, a rumour.
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    For every top 10 pick in Oliver there's a Grant, Vickery, Butcher, Moore, Aish, Toumpas, Morabito, Conca, Gorringe, Gumbleton, O'Rourke, Morton, Buntine, Sumner, & Freeman. These are the more recent top 10 fails (injuries included), but there are also plenty who are just solid foot soldiers. Lever is the best young defender in the game with a decade ahead of him. He's only going to get better. He fits into a perfect profile in that he's in the same age bracket as Viney, Hogan, Petracca, Salem, Oliver, Brayshaw, Hunt, Osca, ANB, Stretch, and Weideman. That's a great core who'll grow together. You've got to give to get and I'll take the certainty of Lever over the speculation of pick 10 and a future pick in the teens. As we get better we'll also have other players keen to join the club. But I ask you, how many recent top 10 draft picks have Adelaide, Sydney, and Geelong had since 2008. Adelaide's last top 10 draft pick was in 2008. They also got Brad Crouch in a mini draft. So let's say two top 10 quality players in 9 years. Since 2008 Sydney have had 2 top 10 draft picks, plus Heeney, who would have been. Three in 9 years. Since 2008 Geelong have had 1 top 10 draft pick. One in 9 years - and that was pick 10 itself. Let's throw in Hawthorn. Since 2008 Hawthorn have had zero top 10 draft picks. Zero in 9 years. Melbourne ? Ten in 9 years, including Hogan from the mini draft. You can [censored] and moan about giving up pick 10 and a future pick in the teens, but we've had our time in the draft and it's now time to get proven quality players into the club and start making an assault on the ladder and competition. It was a no brainer and I couldn't be happier.
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    Turned up to training early, naturally they thought he was a burglar.
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    Agree I thought it was a hugely successful trade period for us. To the whingers, a coupla things: 1 - Jake Lever. You clearly have NFI how good this kid is and how big a coup it is for our club to land him at 21 years of age. Some of the lack of opposition player knowledge is genuinely embarrassing. 2 - The reason next year's draft is predicted to be a 'super' draft is purely because of how many potential quality top 10 picks there'll be vs this year. There will be many more potential number 1 picks next year. This year there are still plenty of players who are hard to separate from picks 15 -35. The club obviously believe there will be some quality remaining at 29, 31 and 36 and that it'd be smarter to take three second-round picks to the draft vs one late first round and later picks. Our chances of landing some good players at those three are very good. Our development program, the coaches and leaders we have mean that any new talent coming through will be given every chance to shine. I think we're in a very strong position. Our 'core' now comprises of: Hogan (51 games) Weideman (10) Salem (46) Petracca (39) Viney (88) Brayshaw (36) Oliver (35) Hunt (41) Lever (56) That's a beautiful spread of talent across all lines and that group coming through together have the potential to really take this club to the top. There are plenty of great support players underneath this group who I haven't named. But I think people forget how young and inexperienced these guys are. Look at what Viney is doing at game 88 and now imagine what Petracca, Lever, Hogan, Oliver etc will be like when they reach that point.. Or 100 games.. We just need to keep adding smartly in and around this group. Looking forward to the draft.
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    The strangest sense of deja vu everytime I open this thread... exact same people, saying the exact same thing for 221 pages.
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    I had a bit to do with him at the bushies.. He is a very very talented prospect, but he's struggled living up there due to leaving his mother all of a sudden who's brought him up single handedly after the sad passing of his father. He was extremely home sick last year.. Probably the closest thing next to a Tom Lynch. Has that huge reach of arms that when given the opportunity and his confidence is up, he will just clunk em all day! Also note that him and Clayton OLIVER are best friends and have been since primary school. I know it's not a factor but if he did come to the Dees then I personally think we'll see the best of him! Trained at the Dees as part of his AIS program too, so Jason Taylor will already have a good insight into him.
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    Scott Thompson just thanked the MFC for 4 great years with us before he moved to the Crows. Thanked us also for drafting him in the first place. Fantastic to hear from Scott. Wish him well in retirement.
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    I just want to say that Jack did not come back to pre season under done, in fact he came back in the same shape as 2016 which was good, he had a great year. His 3 k time trial was his best ever, you can check it. All his other figures were good too. He came back with blue hair which was a mistake and put him I all the papers which [censored] off Goody. He went to Byron on a Tuesday night, Wednesday was a day off, got back Wednesday night. Missed no rehab. He did extra sessions every week. It's a furphy. Jack is not like Viney, Jones or Macca, he doesn't live breath football 24/7, he is a normal person like 80 percent of the team but he loves MFC and will be sad to go but he will. I don't know how many of you would have thought we would dream of trading Jack after round 13 this year
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    I wish posters would seriously stfu about what we'll be giving up vs getting in return for the Lever trade. Adelaide made a [censored] Grand Final with zero top 10 picks in their side and a host of players who were either picked up late in the National Draft, traded in for later picks or picked up in the Rookie Draft. Sloane was pick 44 and Walker pick 75. Jacobs was brought in for picks 34 and 67, they gave pick 37 to St Kilda for Lynch. Knight was pick 46 and Atkins 81. Need I go on? I will. Rookie drafts nabbed them Hartigan, Laird, Cameron and Kelly. That's almost half of their best 22 and more importantly, some of their most influential and important players feature in that group. Compare that to the MFC who have a plethora of high-end talent, arguably the second-most in the AFL behind GWS. If history to date suggests anything, it's that the culture and environment of a club is of most importance to any sort of talent reaching its potential. GWS continue to stumble despite being the most talented group within the league. We're at a stage where we need to harbour, nurture and develop the group we have and we should be jumping for joy that Lever, (a once touted top 3 draft pick and the best young defender in the game at age 21) has nominated us as the club he wishes to play for. We're on to the next chapter of our growth as a club which is developing what we've got for an assault over the next five to seven years. Shut up about the rest.
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    Before today I have never taken pen to paper to discuss a potential trade but the thought of Melbourne trading Jack Watts has me both livid and incredulous. I'll briefly outline my reasons why: There is no one in the team you would rather have shooting for goal after the siren under pressure (a la Pies game this year). His foot skills are equisite He is simply our most naturally gifted disposer/distributor of the ball He and Hogan have an uncanny ability to find each other in the forward line He can pinch hit in the ruck He has handled enormous expectations and pressure over 10 years with a rare courage and dignity He,along with Jones, has been through a dark period in Melbourne's history and deserves to participate in the resurgence I understand he is much loved character within the team We have a dearth of quality players in the 25-30 year old bracket Obviously he has his weaknesses, and is not an in and under mongrel like Viney/Jones/Oliver. But not everyone has to be cut from that cloth. You also need finishers. There are reports his attitude is not at the required level. Well isn't that Goodwin's and the army of assistant coaches job to instill it? Or are they walking away from that responsibility? Loyalty is perhaps a jaded concept in AFL these days, but if anyone has bled red and blue over the past decade it has been Watts (and Jones). I implore MFC to keep him at the club.
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    The club won't stand for so-so commitment anymore. What's wrong with that? We were all absolutely filthy with not only our end to the season, but some of our efforts within games. The club, internally, has clearly identified that there were certain aspects that needed to change, especially within our senior players. One of those was clearly Jack. We can speculate and listen to some of the drivel that get's splattered all over this forum floor, but the fact is that behind closed doors the club weren't happy with the standards Jack was setting for those around him. As a senior player that is unacceptable. So the club was ruthless. They basically said that they aren't going to accept that anymore, especially from someone as experienced as Jack, and instead of sitting on their hands and wondering what to do, they made the tough decision to move him on to better our club. Our FD are the ones who see everything, and if they believe that moving Jack on makes us a better club in the long run then I'm happy to get behind that. I'm sad to see Jack go, but I'm impressed with the club and it's willingness to make the tough decisions to ensure that the end to 2017 doesn't happen again and that our young players are looking up to veterans who set the right standards and drive them on to some sustained success.
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    I have had mail today from a reliable source on the situation.. Watts was initially told some hard truths in his exit meeting, which he did not agree with. The club (which we know) asked him to explore his options if he was not willing to change his habits. Watts was filthy initially but has not nominated a club of choice because he’s not sure he wants to go. The club is now believing he is a 60/40 chance to stay. If he does go, it won’t be for nothing.
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    please stop talking about dwayne...
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    Levers manager was on SEN this morning. On the question of "what if another club can offer Adelaide something better than what Melbourne can put up for trade" he said "Jake will only be dealing with Melbourne. He wont sign off on anything from any other club" Welcome to the MFC Jake Lever!
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    It still annoys me that people take such great delight in players being delisted. It seems unnecessarily spiteful to me. It was obvious to everyone that Kennedy would be delisted. You can't play zero games at his age when fully fit and expect to survive. There's no need to dance on his grave.
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    Can comfirm the rumours Taberner is an AFL standard footballer are false
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    I'm told there's an anti Watts brigade. For me it's more a pro MFC brigade, as evidenced by my username. I'm drawn to Paul Roos' final speech at the MFC during the 2016 B&F. As he wound up he delivered a message to the players. He said, "Decide to be great. It's a decision and doesn't happen by accident." He went on to say that "it doesn't start on November 5 at Goody's first training session, it starts tonight". During last off-season Jack made decisions, but they didn't echo Roos' sentiments. He never decided to be great.
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    Jack Trengove is the winner of the Casey Demons 2017 Best and Fairest award - the Gardner-Clark Medal. The runner up was promising youngster Bayley Fritsch who also won the VFL's Fothergill–Round Medal for 2017 which is presented to the most promising young talent in the VFL competition.
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    Watts loves the club? Absolutely. He is clearly a decent individual? Most certainly. He is talented? Indeed. He is popular. For sure. He is MFC? A fine embodiment of the past 9 years perhaps. He craves ultimate success at this club? So so much evidence to the contrary. I'm going to miss him if he goes, but I completely understand the position of the footy department. My first instinct was "please no" mainly because I genuinely believe in the first four statements I've quoted above. I also realized after more rational thought that my main concern was what he might manage at another club. What a loser mentality that is. The word culture is so over-used in footy but this decision certainly won't cost us a premiership but it may just send the message to the rest of the list that helps us win one. We were so close this year. And I'm not talking about the .5% that cost us finals, I'm talking premierships. And premiership teams don't have passengers or those who have a good month of footy here or there. They have 22 players all pulling in the right direction who consistently meet the standards determined by the coaching staff - at the club, away from the club, during pre-season, before pre-season and in games. We've seen enough sadly. My respect for Goodwin, McCartney, Mahoney and Jackson continues to grow. We're in good hands.
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    As a 30 year plus member of this club I am astounded at the reaction to the Watts trade. What a sad situation under the circumstances that has caused such division amongst supporters. Watts is a terrric young bloke, he was poorly treated during the Neeld era where the club behaved very badly. Since then Watts has been part of a club resurrection and he has played a number of very good games. I wish many would be honest with themselves about Watts. In 9 years he has not even come close to AA, he has underperformed for a major part of his career so far. Watts has been given many many chances over the past 4 years to live up to his potential. I remind everyone that Max Gawn stepped up, and Oliver decided to do what is required and as result won a bluey. Watts has never had that intensity to reach his full potential. I like the guy, I am sad he is no longer at the club, however I have had a gutful of supporters who seem to be satisfied holding onto a player who regularly underperforms and does not display the urgency that this club needs. the club may have handled this better! In my opinion many supporters need to grow up! Many look like they are happy with mediocrity. The club is heading in the right direction better than at any time during the past 10 years. Maybe many supporters need to harden up if they are in sync with the new MFC.
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    We grossly overvalue draft picks in the AFL. You go into the draft with normally less than a 50% draft of turning a first round pick into a 150 game player, let alone a superstar. We have essentially bet against the draft, and secured a guaranteed young talented player who will impact games automatically. It's a smart trade, and a huge win for our club. Love it.
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    Caro’s annoying, until she agrees with us.
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    My info is the club is very confident the crows will accept our current offer. Our current offer is NOT pick # 10 & 27 it is pick #10 and a 2018 second round pick. The club is very much hoping to sell the crows on that deal, and use the potential watts deal combine with #27 to gain another first round pick.
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    I'm not a great fan of Watts the footballer. I haven't been for a long time. But it will be bloody sad to see him go. He's impossible not to like and his foot skills are superb. Not to mention, he loves the Dees.
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    I'm neither angry, nor happy. I make no judgement on the price paid. I don't assume to know more than the club about the worth of player, nor do I assume they are infallible oracles who don't/won't make mistakes. I'm just sad he had to go.
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    Wow. At 21 Lever is the no.1 intercept possession player in the game, just shading Rance (9.5 to 9.4), and the no. 2 intercept mark in the game, just behind McGovern (3.8 to 3.6). This isn't a 25 or 27 year old wanting to come home. We've got this guy from the age of 22. Worth every cent.
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    I don't understand why it's a huge gamble. Surely MFC supporters would recognise it's the draft that is a gamble, not gun 21 year olds. We traded off lottery tickets for a known quantity. If someone said to you, "I'll give you a million dollars, or two tickets in to a draw to win 30 million", which one would you take?
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    If predictions like that came true, the league would consist entirely of Scott Pendleburys.
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    If he does, I expect he'll be very proud of his son. 99.999% of posters here are absolutely over the moon that he's nominated this club.
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    Fantastic week for our club, think they achieved all their objectives and secured the players they needed to improve our list Picks Available - 29, 31, 36 and 47 1/ Lever - huge get, the best kid traded to our club in many, many years. 2/ Balic - good upside for the price we paid I saw this kid a number of times in WA this year. 3/ Picks - essential brought in an extra usable picks into this years draft ie pick 36 Outs 1/ Pick 10 - pretty much a raffle pick in this years draft so I'm not worried about exchanging it to get Lever & another raffle pick pick 36 2/ Watts - sad to see Jack leave and wish him all the best at the PAFC, he will always be a Demon to me. Wish to thank the FD for all their efforts in this tough, stressful and often emotional week. Im very happy and looking forward to embracing our very positive and bright future. Go Dees.
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    Summary: Goodwin hates Watts because Watts is tall and good looking, and Goodwin was an ugly, late developing runt. Sorry Biff, but this ranks up there with the biggest load of garbage in this thread, and the competition is fierce. Are people wildly missing the point on purpose or what?
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    I picked up "The Coach" the other day about North's 1977 season. Plenty of great quotes from Barassi and I've only just finished the section on preseason. A lot to do with people getting the best out of themselves and naturally gifted players who coast because they've never had to try to succeed but the ones that push themselves are those who become champions. This quote I've uploaded seemed quite apt. Also notable, Barassi kicked a very popular player in Kekovich out of the club to the Magpies during the 77 season for similar issues, lack of effort, lack of professionalism, thinking he could coast on talent. Obviously North went on to win the flag.
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    Long time lurker, first-time poster. Hi, everyone! Big JW fan, but I guess much of that is premised on the fairytale of converting potential to success, much like the club itself. Up until now, I've been highly unimpressed with the handling of this matter. Yes, JW has had his moments (pre-season /his perceived lack of hunger etc.), and he has been frustrating because of the disparity between his best and worst. It's all exacerbated by the #1 tag and his 9 years at the Dees. But he loves the club, and saw us through some dark times. We need people like that. But, I totally agree that things can't stay the same for things to change. So, Mahoney's comments today are comforting. I now believe there is a chance of JW staying, but that if he does, there is no question whatsoever (Wattsoever?) that he is a leader, and needs to act and play as one. He won't ever be a hard nut like Chunk and Viney, or the fastest on ground, but he's silky and reads the game better than most, and when he's at his best, we play better for it. He's my choice for goal 50m out, after the siren, and one day that could win us a game/final/GF. But if he goes, I will also know that he was not prepared to be the player we need him to be (or was not able to convince Goody/PJ of this). I'm still kind of broken by 2017 (and other years), hence my name, but I see big things and I'd love for JW to be there. My gut feel is that he'll be there, and he'll be amazing. But I'm a dreamer. I have to be as a Demon, otherwise I'd have checked myself into a psych ward years ago. I need a profile pic...
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    I found it hard to understand the public statements thus far but now its clear, it was the last gasp. Goodwin has made his expectations clear, left the door open. Watts has thought about it and wants to stay which means he knows what is expected. I for one would like to see him realise his potential after all this time (part of which the club can bear some responsibility for) and it wouldn't surprise me if he has spoken to Roos (or some other confidante) who told him changing clubs is not the answer either way he has to change his desire to be the best. Frankly I think he is worth more to the club than a 30 pick but only if he is meeting our expectations.
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    To be fair, they can all run and carry.
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