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    Apparently norf have already offered her 5 years at $1.2 mil a year
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    I spoke with Jayden Hunt’s dad last week and he told me that Jayden was buoyed by the fact that Goodwin told him in his Exit interview that he was a required player and they would not entertain any trade discussions about him. His Dad mentioned that Jayden is really targeting the Wing position as his best chance of breaking in.
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    Jetta, Stretch, Tracc running laps Melk Hore running timed 150’s with Crossy Harmes jogging Bull jogging. Oscar hanging around New boys: Bedford has cut his rat tail, shame. Chandler is short but compact. Sparrow stronger, clearly has done more weights than the rest of them, he’s more of a young man than a kid. Has the AFL approved short back and sides haircut. Nieta is a nice flanker size, not too thin, not quite rangy but an all round nice shape. Jordon looks a little less developed but he does have some quads, not a complete baby. Walker has the long hair and a natural looking left foot, slotted some nice goals on the run, could be something there. Bradtke bounces along with his hair bobbing like a young tall, does have a nice kick for his size. Early returning players: Gawn, Hib, Jones, Frost Running time: Gawn, Hib, Frost, Preuss did 300’s in that order, big fella wasn’t too far behind. Rest did 200’s Young guys did interval running. Sparrow looked the most taxed at the end but he’s got 5kg on these guys and is apparently a fast twitch guy. Didn’t get to see much of their kicking, the two I saw were Chandler and Neit/Aaron and they looked fine. Rough order: J Smith, anb, Wagner, Fritsch, kk, Gus, Jones, Maynard, Walker, Spargo, Petty, Weed, Keilty, May May not terrible but I think he’s got a big preseason ahead of him. He was keeping pace at the back with Keilty but he did look pretty puffed after every run. Still vocal and getting around the boys. I wouldn’t say he’s in bad shape but he’s a bit chonk. They went off in pairs and they didn’t separate too much. Later they broke in to 3 groups for some longer running. Smith, ANB, Jones, Wagner, Gus, Maynard, KK in the top group who decided to head off around the rugby ovals, then a middle group of Fritsch, Weed, Petty, Spargo followed by the big boys.
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    Makes me feel very old, even more so when you look at birth dates. Each year, I see these images of new recruits and think how excited and hopeful they appear. The fulfillment of a dream. The dark side is that most of these kids will not make it and be forgotten in time. Chewed up and spat out by the sausage factory that the entertainment industry known as professional sport has become. In the early days we vicariously live their dream as many of us had these same childhood dreams of playing for the Demons or playing Test Cricket for Australia. Before our unreality became our reality. And then later we criticize many of these kids and tear down their dreams with our words. He's a spud, he's soft, he's too slow, he's a turnover king, he's only a depth player, he's a list clogger. How long will it be before we experts make our assessments and condemn these kids with our words ? We will be quick to name the young star with words and labels such as he's a gun, he's a jet, he's elite etc and identify ourselves with the talented ones such as "Clarrie", yet at the same time be quick to condemn others as "spuds."" We live in a fickle world and nothing is more fickle than footy. It would be nice if we supported all our players through thick and thin irrespective of their talents and performance on the field. They could be our sons and they deserve our support and encouragement, knowing that many will face disappointment after a year or two. However, they have been successful in making an AFL list and have experienced training and playing at the highest level. How good would it be to say that you had been on an AFL list. I have met many ex-Demon players that live in the country and played footy with the Dees. Some played a few games and some played more, but they are all proud to have played for the Dees.
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    Another good session Standouts today in the running sessions apart from the usual suspects were Harry Petty who has put on some size and the Weid Goodwin, who didn't take the session, Pert and Mahoney in attendance Austin Bradtke did most of the session same with Guy Walker, neither missed a kick which was encouraging Couldn't take the smile from Bradtke's face during the session as you can see from the photo, said he is loving it, told him I will ask same question in February Preuss has the weirdest kicking action I have seen, and have seen some doozies in last 10 years of MFC training, but is accurate passing over all distances
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    Tom Sparrow Tom Sparrow Austin Bradtke James Jordon Aaron Neitschke Toby Bedford Kade Chandler Kade Kolodjashnij Braydon Preuss
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    I've always liked their ratings. They're never wrong. I mean, they've been wrong every other year, but this year seems spot on to me.
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    To those poo pooing this because you haven't heard of her do not discount the "free" publicity things like this generate. She is A-list in Hollywood and this has gained a lot of media attention and gives the brand a small bump. All the online media outlets had our jumper front and centre for a few minutes in the 24 hour media cycle and I'm sure all the papers will have our jumpers front and centre (well maybe on the back page) tomorrow. This seemed to fall in our lap and I'm always jealous seeing other teams with celebs sporting their jumpers. Most definitely not going to win us a premierships, bring in memberships or make us money but it's better than being totally irrelevant and it's nice to see positive stories particularly after our bystander status during the draft.
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    Apart from the weather, it was a really good solid session again, went for over hour and half Got a closer look at skills in wet, apart from some dropped ball because it was wet for first time, skills were good Guy Walker the new B class rookie didn't look out of place, neat and tidy skills Austin Bradtke looks ok as well, moves like a basketballer, skills ok, can kick Joked with Steven May at the end about the weather, he looked frozen, even after all the work Jayden Hunt is right on track to be ready fro Rd 1, he said, like others, no contact so just lap after lap of running until after Xmas Jake Lever was out pounding around the fence, 9 and 1/2 K of running today No Jones Salem and JKH off around the tan again after 3/4 of session 3rd day in and quick ball movement drill on again Any questions feel free, will post some pics on Insta and here later
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    Training report from Facebook: TRAINING REPORT: It's training time - and what a time of year it is, especially if you're just coming off an impressive year that saw us make a prelim! Hard to believe it's only been around 10 weeks since then, yet so much has changed. First off - it's quite different going to training knowing that Dom Tyson, Dean Kent, Jesse Hogan, Bernie Vince and Cam Pedersen won't be there. All five have been mainstays since I was a relative regular at training. At the same time, it's exciting knowing that the likes of Braydon Preuss, Kade Kolodjashnij and Steven May will potentially join us on the track. As is the possibility of Jake Lever also joining us on the track - Lever might have already been with us but his presence was so sorely missed during the back end of the season. Anyway, the boys show up 20 minutes larer than expected, but a few guys worth keeping an eye on who is here: -Preuss: Like holy shit he's a big unit. I could tell who he was from the other side of the ground. He is bloody tall and still has a bit of development to do. Exciting times. -Viney: has returned early, which is good, genuinely wants to set more of a standard which he set during the finals. -Lever: back up and running and on track to return early in the season if early signs are to go by. Rather light workload at the moment - not that it's much of a surprise - but just a good boost to see him out there. Doing light stuff with Oscar McDonald. -Jones: Chunk is out there likewise, which again I think makes the younger lads a fair bit more comfortable settling back in with his influence. -Gawn: Famously set the track alight last year and is back for another go at maintaining his status as the best ruckman in the game. -ANB: The marathon man is back to set the track on fire again as he always does. As good a runner as I have ever seen in football. -Brayshaw: Fresh off 3rd in the Brownlow in 2018, he's also here to try and win it from the outset. -May: On track for the first time in a Melbourne jumper which is fantastic. The boys start off with a few running drills - small groups are the order of the day as they just run around the ground, doing small sprints here and there and just general 'keep running' stuff. A few of the impressive runners early (even though it's pretty straightforward stuff until the footy's come out - which is what I'm generally more interested in seeing who has kept sharp) - Kolodjashnij leads a group of runners, Gawn - in a group including Salem, Jones, JKH and others - stays up the front of his group. In a genuine group of runners, Preuss and May bring up the rear, but when you have an athletic group including KK, ANB, Smith, Brayshaw and the like that's no bad thing. Anyway, say what you like about May being at the back - he isn't here for his long-distance running ability. In any case - ANB genuinely takes the piss. He stays up front the whole time, before turning the jets on and putting about 40m on second-placed Joel Smith over the last lap alone. He really is a running freak of nature. Never seen anyone like him running around. Looks like the footy's are out. The first genuine test of pre-season is here (never mind the running) - let's see who is clean. Early doors sees a little 20m kicking drill - it is largely clean save for a few sloppy kicks here and there. Another drill happens at the other end of the ground - one of the groups has a chain of handballs before finishing with a goal, while the other group does likewise but it's a clearing kick from defense in effect. Skills seem quite sharp at the moment - all handballs are hitting the target, no loose balls on the ground, the running patterns are flowing and the kicks are hitting their targets on the run. Keeping a close eye on Kolo for a bit, given his status as a clean ball-user. He shows it early on. His second shoe - off a step, gloriously hits JKH straight on the chest. It's a bullet. Marking/one-on-one drill going on afterwards. Group nearest to me has Preuss and May in a one-on-one and it's clear that you can see May's one-on-one ability when it's his time to get it as he expertly creates space for himself. He is most certainly going to be an asset. The group is split into three for more running drills - with the time trial done and dusted, it's clear they split the group into top-tier runners (ANB, Smith, Kolo, Brayshaw, Wagner), mid-tier runners (Fritsch, Spargo, Maynard, Petty) and bottom-tier runners (Weideman, Keilty, Frost, Preuss, May). Meantime, the senior players have made their way off, content with their work. Running goes to schedule, Nibs leads the way of course, boys are done with their work but it's been a solid session nevertheless.
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    My MIssus and daughter turned that Bachelorette thing on last night. So I exited stage left and went upstairs to read and realised this had just started which I'd never heard live. Then when you asked people to ring in, I thought I could do that. No one will know. So I phoned in. Unbeknown to me a friend was listening and mentioned it to his wife, who rang mine and said do you know what your husband's doing at the moment. So I get sprung for doing something secretly upstairs while she's downstairs by someone somewhere else. Can't win.
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    Some more info At end of session when players split into groups for more running, Jones, Salem, JKH and Gawn went for a run around the Tan KK looked like the new boy out to impress, sharp in every drill, easy guy to talk to as well Looking forward to post Xmas when Gawny and Preuss do some one on one on training, might rival the Petracca/Oliver Jones/Brayshaw for intensity Billy Stretch is fully recovered from toe injury, same with Maynard and hips, now a slow build up before Xmas ready to fully participate after Fritsch is still built like a stick, but has obviously worked on his base over the break, easily outrunning the other first years in Spargo and Petty Lever is bigger in the arms and shoulders, so has obviously taken the opportunity to do some weight work when off legs, don't think he doubts for a second he will be ready to go Rd 1 All the players knew exactly what was required of them for the session, it was no [censored] farting about between drills, run like a well oiled machine, carrying on from last year No sign of Austin Bradtke, Guy Walker was working away, sometimes on his own, other times with the rehabbers From what I could glean, others were inside getting physio etc, Oskar Baker came out for a walk and a look around The rehab as such was mainly Lever, others like Viney, Stretch, Tim Smith, Oscar Mac, Walker, Maynard did bits and pieces, assume once full squad sessions start, there will a more structured 'rehab' group There was no Goodwin or McCartney, all other coaches in attendance
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    Jones came 4th in our B&F and is an incredible (and underated) endurance athlete Viney struggles to stay on the park. Stick with the two. There is no downside.
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    @Nick_Bowen Former Kangaroo small forward Corey Wagner expected to get to Melbourne under new pre-season selection rule I didn't see much of Corey this year but the Casey Demons have mentioned he's been a good player down there. I know some of his games he was winning big numbers in the midfield. Outside midfielder who has a big motor and can see him slotting in well on the wing position.
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    I wonder what the philosophy behind this choice was?
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    Shame on those making assumptions about the photo of KK that was posted last week.
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    It’s a challenge not to go full @ProDee on your first two paragraphs, hemingway. I want to say what I think of the supporters and media who lit a bunsen burner under Goodwin in the early part of the season. I’ll just say I thought at the time, and still believe, that their opinion demonstrated hopeless impatience and a thorough lack of understanding of where we were at and what was happening. I don’t think it’s either in Goodwin’s or the club’s interest to sign any more than 3 years, on pretty good coin. He has moved out of “establishing” to “established”. That length gives him a clear signal that we’re a fan of his work and believe he’s the right man to steer the ship, without reaming ourselves if the unexpected happens and it goes south. From his perspective, it’s good certainty in an uncertain industry, with the opportunity for a big payday in 3 years time if he’s still delivering. Medium term contract should be where both the club and Goodwin are at in my opinion.
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    Jack Watts is disappointed he's left the club.
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    “With his run and endurance Sparrow will be of great value to the Demons who already have a star midfield with Clayton Oliver, Christian Petracca and Nathan Jones in the middle” Unrelated but these kinds of statements intrigue me. In naming our top three midfielders they’ve managed to leave out two of the top three in Brayshaw and Viney.
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    Labor is hopeless, the Greens are insane, and the Liberals are pathetic. Great choices.
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