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    We [censored] did it everyone! I love this club. I love everyone who posts here. I'd even give SWYL and Saty a hug right now. When Nibbler sealed it I reckon the whole street heard me get off the couch a fist pump like a madman! DEMONS!!! DEMONS!!! DEMONS!!!!!!!!
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    Considering Lewy's 300th game is likely to be a substantial talking point ahead of this weekend, I thought It'd be only right to acknowledge that his milestone will be shared by Dom Tyson, who'll notch up a century of AFL games (13 with GWS, 87 with Melbourne.) Although it hasn't been an ideal season from Dom's perspective, I'd like to take the opportunity, regardless of what happens at seasons end, to say thanks to our number 12 for his contribution so far to the red and blue!
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    Simon Black will be stoked to hear that.
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    Also, James Harmes, with a broken hand, still had 23 touches and 8 tackles and still curbed Rory Sloane's influence for most of the night. He is really becoming a good, consistent player through the midfield for us.
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    Sweet, sweet Lord. I am not going to survive this season.
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    Unfortunately Tex needs a run in the SANFL Destroyed in the midfield. Gibbs, Sloane, Matt Crouch all well beaten. We need class players like Brayshaw and Oliver. Time for Don Pyke to go I think. Its now time to drop Tex and bring in the FOG at least he tries. Jacobs, Betts and Gibbs will #cryasonetonight. Go blues. Seriously a better team WITHOUT Tex It just would have been funny if Melbourne had back to back chokes. This rabble of a club melb is closer to a flag than us. Let that sink in. Season was done 6 weeks ago but still dissapointing to put a half arsed effort in against a [censored] side like Melbourne. We are nowhere near it at the moment and Melbourne play the kind of footy that we hate. I would say the time is right to make Sloane captain but he is pathetic under a tag Gotta give it to the dees. They’re hard at it Melbourne have a premiership in them over the next 3 years. Hard to say but true. It's incredible how we can make one of the shittest players in the AFL (Melksham) look good. Walker is a dud captain That dribbler = Monfries 2.0 Thanks Steven Trigg. You have left an everlasting imprint on this club you campaigner.
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    It was not pretty, it was not easy, it was actually pretty damn ugly and we did not particularly play well for the majority of the game. But my friends, all of that means precisely bugger all right now. The only thing that matters was the result and we did it. The game was not on our terms early but we just kept grinding, when the Crows came back hard and the memory of last week fresh in their minds they held firm. An outsider looking in may not understand why this was such a great win. But to hang on like that will do wonders for the mindset. We will restore the belief that we can do great things in this game. The was NOT a flat track bullies game from MFC. Dees, you did us proud!
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    I don't think we are weak in recent last quarters. Both Geelong and Adelaide have recently had 10 day breaks. Whereas we have had 7 day breaks after a Darwin game a few weeks ago. Huge effort to almost hold on last week Adelaide should have been much fresher than us and we had a few walking wounded tonight eg Hogan and Harmes. A mammoth effort for the team to hold on. Very proud of the lads.
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    [censored] that aged well...
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    I'm 65 years old and have my hand on it.
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    How much did we lose by? 20 goals?
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    Given how we played early in the game and Adelaide's dominance, the importance of this game and in a hostile environment, I don't think it would be an overstatement to say that this was the gutsiest win from a Melbourne side that I can remember. Clayton Oliver is no longer a star. He announced himself tonight as a legitimate superstar. He almost single-handedly changed the game for us in the third quarter. His cleanness around the stoppages, his decision making and his ability to execute by hand was so exceptional that he elevated himself into the top 10 players in the game. Give him a 5 year extension this week, please. 14 clearances and 25 contested possessions are simply phenomenal stats. Jason Taylor, what a [censored] pick up! Take a bow. And well done, Lewis. Your leadership tonight was outstanding.
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    Tonight was the first time for me. I left the house for a walk around the block when Tex was lining up after the Frost free. I couldn’t physically watch anymore. Told the crew at home to leave the outside light on if we win. The walk took 5 minutes and when I got back there was no light on. That was one sick joke they played on me. I’m only calming down now after watching the last 3 minutes. We should be extremely proud tonight Demonlanders.
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    Oliver. 25 contested possessions and 14 clearances. 14.
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    I think it is AFL head office that needs pruning. Too many highly paid executives and pseudo analysts with too much time on their hands in my opinion. Looks like a list of solutions in search of a problem!
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    You're good at making sweeping generalisations. And yes, there's unquestionably areas where the team needs to improve. But I don't agree with your assessment of Goodwin. We're lucky to have him. And I certainly don't agree that it was "totally unacceptable for us to miss finals last year". Goodwin was sensational to get us to 12 wins in his first year as coach with the injuries we had. From round 4 to round 13 we didn't have a ruckman. And when Gawn did come back he was a shadow of the player we know. Hogan missed half the season. You don't have a ruckman for half the year and your best key forward is out as well. Players like Viney, Jones, and Salem also missed important parts of the year. There were a number of occasions the side was in the bottom 3 for age and experience. Goodwin had a heap to cope with in his first season and still managed to secure 12 wins. Last year we had 6 players play every game or miss just one. Richmond had 12. And in 2018 Geelong manage to twice avoid having to play against Viney. Not to mention our two best defenders were missing. We're not going to change each other's minds.
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    My word I will honestly be watching Rd 23 from the hospital.
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    I don't comment too much about the spurious statements made here but sometimes it just goes too far. I had a player parent comment about some of the things that were said about certain footballers on this site. They were not about his son but he confirmed that some parents and family read the site and were upset with the viciousness of some of the comments made. I'm not saying you don't have the right to voice your opinion as to whom should be picked or not get another contract but the way they are being embellished is distressing to some people. I would hope that prior to voicing those opinions you would be happy to hear such comments made about your son or daughter, nephew or niece.
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    Our team is not "mentally weak" but there's a significant number of posters here who are and don't seem to be able to see the forest for the trees. Saturday night was bitterly disappointing - the last time I felt that badly about a loss was the 2004 Elimination Final against Essendon - we all feel the pain. But is also possible to maintain perspective about what happened. We went undermanned to Geelong where virtually no-one ever wins and played some fantastic football. We're on our way to something special and I pity those who cannot see this. I was speaking to a good friend who is a Tigers fanatic and he said that last year they had some heartbreaking losses too. I asked him to pen a message to provide some of that perspective: Its all about learning, you can’t put old heads on young shoulders. Tigers wrote the encyclopaedia of missed opportunities & losing the unlosable from 2017 · Round 7 – Lost to Bulldogs by 5 · Round 8 – Lost to dockers by 2 after the siren · Round 9 – lost to Giants by 3 after leading all day · Round 13 – lost to Swans by 9 after being up by 5 goals But who could forget · 2016 Round 2 – lost to Pies by a point after being up bu 3 goals with a minute to play · 2012 – who could ever forget the worst 30 seconds in footy Round 16 Carmichael hunt kicks a goal after the siren The same coach that lost to Gold Coast lifted the cup last year Far be it from me to pass judgement on your fortunes but the difference is Tigers key most important players Riewoldt, Dusty, Rance , Cotch, Edwards, average 213 games Then throw in players like Grigg & Houli that have played 180+ While at the Dee’s Some of you may not agree but as a footy fan these are what I consider the Dee’s most important players (in no particular order) Gawn, Petracca, Tom McDonald, Jones, Hogan, Viney, Oliver and they average 107 games apiece & only one Jonesy in the Tigers experience zone of with 256 games Understand you may think I can [censored] off, its easy for me to sit here all smug gloating over last year’s flag & on top of the ladder again, but I have been a member since the 80’s, I have witnessed the complete tripe served up only Tigers & Dee’s fans can truly comprehend ,…then fronted up again next week hoping it was an illusion when it wasn’t ,…only reality. Saturday nite was only the latest round of medicine you need to endure,…its not the coach (bloody hell you had 60+ i50’s)… Don’t believe me? · Hawks glory days– Gibson, Hodge, Mitchell, Lewis, Birchall ect · Cats glory days – Ablett, Johnson, Kelly, Selwood, Enright, scarlett.. Sacking coaches will only extend the pain, it may not be this year…but its coming Dee’s, the next year or so of missed opportunities will only make it sweeter, I wouldn’t blink now Enjoy the journey!
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    I bet he signed perfectly on his non-preferred hand too 😘
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    What a load of rubbish. Nobody is going to stop a forward when the ball comes in that fast.
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