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    he's been gone for days, but it's common knowledge in the playing group now. nothing less than two picks (one for May). also St Kilda offered Kent THREE TIMES $$ and years what we did. idiots. also, the Hogan salary relief absolutely on the table. they're kicking the Gaff tyres at the 11th hour. was some talk of a hail Mary crack at Lynch. no dice - it's Richmond.
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    Another good September training. Hope this our pattern for the next few seasons. We are looking the part. Counted 36 in the main squad. Great to see so many ready to go at this time of the year. Lachlan Filipovic and Corey Maynard working with Crossy and Oskar Baker walking laps in the rehab squad. Pat Mckenna with the main squad as was Mitch King. The atmosphere seemed to be subdued with focus. Some joviality but mainly the session was taken seriously, by the players and coaching staff. The support crew tell me they are up and about in the “sheds”. The drills were done in the normal way. The emphasis appeared to be tackling then snapping goals and clean ball handling and disposal. The backs were kicking to short targets and moving the ball wide. The forwards were finding the player around the stick men, with some marking drills and leads across the front of the pack. The mids, quick hands, fast ball movement and talk. Plenty of goal kicking practice was done, snaps, sets and one step shots. Also some cumbing drills for our smalls. Noticed some players were encouraged to run hard and fast, linking together and creating fast ball movement through a corridor. During simulations, when the first mistake in offence happened, Goody pulled them together for a chat. As soon as we became a bit ferocious with our tackling the simulations ended (decision to minimise injuries). Watched Alex Neal-Bullen and Bailey Fritsch getting extra instructions at tackling. The marking bags were used by lots of the players as was some contested high balls encouraging spoils and marks. Sam Frost getting some great barrels out of the goal square (hit 5-6 in a row). I thought the players looked in good condition. There is a push for selection with Jay Kennedy-Harris, Bernie Vince, Joel Smith, Jeff Garlett and Cam Pederson training well. I didn't notice any of the niggles in our squad. Though read that others saw that Oscar McDonald and Tom Bugg had something. The crowd was large with lots of red and blue about, thanks for the atmosphere created by the supporters. The staff and volunteers put a good day on for us, thank you for your efforts. Hoping for our best game of the season. Go Dees. From Kev Martin
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    Better to be on the snow in Victoria than the ice in WA
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    Been a disappointment today, but I think this club has had a great year and while we had an opportunity it didn’t pan out our way. welcome back Lever, Hogan, Tmac and Viney for full years and I think we go one step further next year. Must Hunt top four and stay in Melbourne for all our finals. GO DEES!
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    Avid follower of the Dees since 75 - stuck with them through thick and thin. I built the websites for Western Demons here in WA ; on the commitee. Lived in WA for 22yrs now and its been a hard yard flying the colours in WA through the tough times. My late brother Greg used to drive down from Mildura to watch the games - sometimes I would go with him as a young kid. He passed on in 98 from a brain tumor at 37yrs. The Jim thing brang it all to the surface - it is always just below the surface. Greg was a truely mad Demons man & a one of a kind also. I write this in Gregs memory and he will be there when it counts - win or lose he will be there. Its a really personal journey for all the true supporters. Everyone has a story to tell - its been a long time. For all those before us & for all those that have stayed 100% true - we are back. Lap it up and be proud. I am sad and happy ; an emotional time bomb - its a really hard time for me. Go Dees - do it for yourselves - do it for those that cant be here - do it for us loyal supporters. We love you all.
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    https://mobile.twitter.com/MattBurgan/status/1046642832914636800 For those who didn't know (like me), Matt Burgan is finishing up his 8+ years at the Dees from tonight. I know he's copped a bit of stick from a few on here, but he's always come across as a guy that really loved the footy club. Thanks for everything Burgs.
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    I'm pretty flat after that. The Eagles mugged us from the opening bounce and everything they did turned to gold, both from a coaching stand point to even parts where we would smother a ball and it would still land in their lap. Everything that has made us so good in this finals series abandoned us and we didn't know what to do. That will come with experience. BUT... I am still super, super proud of the boys for not only fighting on today, but for all they have achieved this season. Every single supporter would have taken a Prelim Final appearance at the start of the year, and we KNOW how good this side can be. We have shown so many positives this season, from the emergence of a variety of players, to how much our game plan has improved and evolved throughout the year. So, even though this is a really tough pill to swallow, stand up and be proud. The Demons are back, and while we might have been vanquished this time around, I'll be backing in the coaches, players and us as supporters to come back bigger and stronger next season. I can't wait for 2019 already and what the future will bring for this club. Even facing a loss like this, how couldn't you still find a way to smile about just how good things can be in the very near future? It's great to think about, even as flat and disappointed as I'm feeling right now. Bring on 2019 and a Demons premiership!
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    Spoke to Clayton for 5 minutes at the Casey match on Saturday and was telling him my lad and I were driving back to Adelaide after the match after making the trip for both finals so far. Clayton "So are you coming to Perth?" Me "Probably not, I'm going to save my coin for the week after" <cheekily> Clayton "Great idea! Don't stress - We got this! See you in a couple of weeks" <with some serious confidence> I don't like Clarry..... I LOVE HIM!
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    Hi All, I'm a one eyed docker who will be going to the game on Saturday with my filthy eagles mates. We need to add some more red and blue to the stadium so I'm on the lookout for a Melbourne guernsey I can borrow for the day, will pick it up and drop it off to you in the perth metro area. I'm a mens size L let's raise hell!
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    So, looks like they will go with Gawn in the ruck this week, and not Filipovic... Good call I think.
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    Yes, this is also about May and the club working towards improving the list. It's one thing to say that we can play Hogan as a defender and another for the proud forward to actually want to play as a defender. McDonald, Hogan and Weideman in the same forward half simply doesn't work, whereas May coming into our defence is significant to our fortunes. Weideman's progression is key in all of this. The club has always rated him highly and his ability to take contested marks and be BOG in a final would give the club confidence that we can make the best of an unwanted situation. I don't think we win the flag in 2019 with a defence that includes Frost and McDonald. A defence that includes May and McDonald is much better equipped to take that next level. And with Lever back Gawn will be able to push forward more next year rather than drift back to intercept mark. The club will be doing everything to ensure Hogan leaving actually makes us better. May is worth one first rounder and Hogan should yield two. Does the club take the other pick to the draft or use it for more immediate gains. I'm a Hogan fan, but it is possible we improve from his leaving.
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    So apparently Bernie has put a full time real estate career on hold to accept some sort of role with the MFC next year. ...filling the water bottles according to the man himself. Good news. I recon Bernie would make a great water boy. A real win for team moral and culture.
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    I would cry like a baby. 2015 my First son Jack was a still born, heading to the footy and watching the boys was my escape. Watching the boys improve year on year since 2016 has been amazing to watch and to see Co Captain Jack come back from injury and dominate brings a tear to my eyes.
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    With tonight’s 2018 Keith “Bluey” Truscott Medal Presentation, we will be marking the end of the football season - one of our club’s best in many years. And this is the perfect time for us to once again thank all those who have contributed to Demonland during the past season as well as all those who post here or simply visit and read without posting. We value your contributions and ongoing support - especially to Nasher who keeps us going on the technical side, to our moderators whose task is often thankless - a task that is never easy. Special thanks to our regular contributors, Whispering Jack, George on The Outer, The Oracle, JVM, KC from Casey, Grapeviney and Supermercado (my podcast co-presenters) and all others who have provided us with material and articles. Let's hope that 2019 will finally be the year that we break through and experience a Grand Final and Premiership flag. We also look forward to the another year of women's competition and hope a finals appearance there will be a prelude for later in the year. As always, we are on the look out for new contributors who have something to say about the mighty Demons. If you have the talent or simply want something to say about the club in article form, please contact me via PM. Cheers, thanks again and keep your eye on the red and the blue. Goodbye 2018. It was a fun ride. Bring on 2019.
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    Hogan is a very good player however he has not lived up my original expectations and I am confident he never will at MFC and confident he likely wont at another club. His numbers speak volumes both in possession and work rate which is why he is spoken of so highly but they don't mean much for mine once you scratch the surface. I recall salivating at him rag dolling Rance early in his career, launching at the ball and splitting the packs with contested grabs and commanding the front spot so he could protect it drop as he read it faster than all. Whether it is his back problems, his numerous life challenges he has faced, his personality or our game style he has not looked like being that player for 2-3 years. The facts as shown before is he has consistently had a limited impact against the better sides and has big possession and goal games against the lower sides. He struggles to kick 50 but doesn't like playing deep and when he plays high he gets the ball but holds it up too long. He is a good field kick but a set shot in a pressure game from 35-40 in front I would not have him in the first 5 players I would want to take the shot. Whilst I think he has improved his demeanour if we don't play his way or he can't get his way it is pretty obvious when you have him beat. How often have you seen him have a quiet first quarter or half and fight his way back into a game? Whilst I think he has given his all as an individual I have never thought he has been fully connected with the team both in performance and brotherhood the way most others appear these days. The facts are also that when not there we have played a higher scoring, higher pressure brand of footy. This is particularly shown against the better sides in our run home this year. If this was last year the sky would be falling but we have now seen that T-Mac is not a one hit wonder forward and we have seen the emergence of Weideman as not only a capable player now but a potential star if he matures on the natural path that forwards do. I suggest he has raised going or not committing to us post 2019 but I wouldn't be surprised if we brought this to a head and I don't think this is a one way conversation. I think we have seen the opportunity to maximise this situation to try to solve our broader deficiencies and make us a stronger team. 2 first round picks with use of one for May and KK and holding one inside 10 for the best available kid in the super draft or on trade for something bigger that brings us more speed and carry makes sense. I would back our list management and recruiting to get it right once again.
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    I'm not gutted. I'm barely even upset. I'll be looking forward to the 2019 season with more anticipation than any other I've experienced. We all rebound from disappointements at different speeds and process it in different ways, but I think soon enough everyone on here will be climbing the walls waiting for 2019 to start and for the next effort to get rolling.
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    yours truly and some members of my family appear in a double page spread in the HeraldSun this morning...prolific but wasteful 😜
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    The industry think Weid is a bona fide superstar in waiting. Kennedy/Hawkins good. Combine that with another bloke who is an 3 goal a game player..... cash the chips now. He was going one day. TAke the loot
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    I have it on good authority that our coach and one of our senior players had drinks/dinner with May last night.
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    Sam McClure of SEN puts forward his idea of a blockbuster trade that could see Melbourne secure Gold Coast’s Steven May. May has a year left on his contract so McClure opines that there may be a problem. “The sticking point here is that the Gold Coast Suns aren’t going to trade Steven May, unless they get something overs for him.” McClure reckons that Lachie Neale could be the key to the matter. “Lachie Neale goes to Brisbane for Brisbane’s first pick – currently pick five – that is on-traded to Melbourne from Fremantle for Jesse Hogan, and that then allows Melbourne to with that pick for Jesse Hogan to get Steven May. “I’m of strong belief that the Gold Coast Suns would accept pick five for Steven May.” In other words, from Melbourne’s point of view, they get May in return for Hogan suggesting that he is worth exactly the same as May - a first round pick (notwithstanding that Hogan is a high ranking key position forward who is also in contract and three years younger than the Gold Coast defender). To accept such a trade would be madness.
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    We made a [censored] prelim after not making finals for 12 years and being trash for years. Chins up [censored].
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    Well Done for mine, super impressed at how the club has managed the media and made itself available. They have absolutely harnessed everything positive about the finals campaign, am still working my way through the videos (love seeing shots of happy fans). I haven't seen it as drinking bathwater or any of the similar tall poppy type comments, but allowing everyone to enjoy the positives of the journey. I also think Goodwin has really given of himself which must be pretty tough, but he has demonstrated allot of nouse, he kept a lid on it for the season but has shown the insight to make himself available and tune into the vibe going on around the club. He has built a team of hockey players not downhill skiers for mine, they have demonstrated courage all year and am super proud of the club. Win, lose or draw on Saturday very happy with how the club is travelling.
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    Just got back. Boys looked sharp. Lots of drills around quick ball movement (unsurprisingly), good talking. Crowd of around 400-500. Very upbeat with coffee carts ice cream trucks etc. Everyone looked pumped but not overawed. Just like there was a job to to do. Bernie looked to be training with the mids. Oscar Baker walking laps - has done his hammy again Same spot as last time. Corey Maynard not training. Will be ready to go for the first pre-season session. Maxy training the house down. Trac slotting all his goals (!) Cheers
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