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    First time at training this year for me. There appeared to be two levels of rehab, the more serious one contained KK, May, Jones and Walker. They did heaps of running starting with straight line three quarter pace 100m and 200m runs and at the end they were doing lots of laps. None looked very inconvenienced. Hannan was just walking laps, tried to find out what the issue was but got nothing. The second rehab group was quite big but my guess is that they were just on light duties after Saturday. I'm not sure I'll get all of them but Maynard, Petracca, Viney, Lever, Hibberd, Stretch, Melksham, JKH, AVB, Baker and Nev Jetta. They did lots of handball drills but no running that I saw. The rest of the group did very light duties. Gentle run throughs, a little bit of kicking to leading players and some goal kicking and crumbing snaps. Today was clearly just a gentle "get the legs moving" session after Saturday. Spoke to some of my contacts down there who reiterated what Saty has been saying about rehab but recognized we'd been a bit unfortunate not to have the number of players in full training mainly because it makes doing the drills a bit more problematic. Another positive was that this year all our recruits bar Hore have done the major part of the preseason which will stand them in good stead for the season and is unusual as usually the young guys struggle with the loads and carry injuries from the TAC season.
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    I'm all in favour of replacing the free scarf with every membership with a free Jaguar.
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    look forward to receiving 40% off the RRP of a new Jaguar when we have a win in 2019 😀
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    Could be a car, a nicE type of car too!
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    nice work @Satyriconhome - aways appreciate the effort of getting down there and taking some shots for those elsewhere...
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    Jaguar back of jumper sponsor confirmed by @Satyriconhome's Instagram
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    Kingy might state the obvious how good Oliver is and the one reason Melbourne finished off the season one win short of a Grand final. IMO I would take Clarry in front any midfielder without hesitation.
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    maybe they should just gives us $1b pounds upfront and just add it to their quarterly bottom line!
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    These 'flashbacks' of the MFC past stretch for years - over 100 years - but in the last fifty years there have been some players, teams, incidents, outcomes and matches from which great depths of MFC understanding have been moulded. It is just as important for us to recognise our wonderful history as it is to genuflect on our possible future. The passage of time diminishes our losses and disappointments, but those who have seen, felt and cheered the MFC across the decades have a story to tell and share - and it is one of many facets and hallmarks. Each of these has been inspiring. Each is part of a mortar that binds. For those who have missed much of this history ( possibly only as an age difference ) listen and reflect on the related memories of those who sat through time on the edge of their seats watching the MFC. There is a groundswell of opinion and appreciation that leans towards our history repeating itself - and now is the time to take that step.
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    I mentioned in an email to a Demon mate that there was a whisper going around that a new sponsor (BOJ) might be announced on Monday. His reply "Bank of Japan"?
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    that's because there is no tomorrow.......it's always coming but always gets pipped by today
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    Thanks Macca. I was in Torino not so long ago as you know, a wise choice ! 0-3 no less. Cristiano even scoring! I see Juventus is top of the table with Napoli coming second....my 2 teams!
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    I threw Juventus in, in your absence Wadda for a handy collect! 😏
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    Footy is footy. It will talk for itself. Expectations ? Well, surely they're high and not without merit. Personally...no flag this year or next....I'd be devastated!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 In reality... disappointed. It's about as palpable as ever Go Dees
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    We should build the facilities and make Collingwood pay for it.
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