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    Dangerfield was like a kid doing Fantasy Football for the first time and picking all the players from his own team.
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    Am I the only one who thinks thinks abomination/aberration....is some sort of total [censored] ? Just asking
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    B: Jetta O. MacDonald Hore The best lockdown small defender in the leaghue, plus Oscar, who's traditionally played FB on the opposition's best tall. He should be better again after another preseason. Hore is a very good reader of the play and intercept mark. He takes Lever's role. HB: Hunt May Hibberd Having recently read an article on Salem and the measures he's going to to improve and have more midfield minutes means I'll slot him onto a wing and put a rejuvenated Hunt back to half-back. This line is as quick as it gets in the league. May is super fast for Dees supporters who may not be aware. C Salem Viney Brayshaw The silky Salem may just go to another level in 2019. Hopefully Viney can play 20 games in the H&A. And the all-round skills of Brayshaw should keep getting better. R: Gawn Oliver Harmes The best ruckman in the league, the best young midfielder in the league, and the best tagger in the league. HF: Petracca Weideman Neal-Bullen I didn't think Petracca was ready last year to elevate his game, but do this year. Just a hunch. I unashamedly (along with some others) think Weideman will be a star of the MFC. He'll improve again in 2019. Neal-Bullen is in the top 10 pressure forward/mids in the game, plus he hits the scoreboard. F: Melksham T. McDonald Spargo Melksham is the best user inside 50 in the game and great in a one-v-one contest. What can you say about Plugger McDonald ? A revelation, who's kicked 76 goals in his last 31 games. One of the best key forwards now in the game. And young Spargo is smart and tough, but will have to work hard to keep his position. I/C: Jones Fritsch vandenBerg Kolodjashnij This bench is about as good as it gets (so are the emergencies). I look forward to see Fitsch and Kolodjashnij rotate through the wings and half-back with Salem, while it's great that vandenBerg gets a shot at being injury free for a whole season. Jones may have to reinvent himself again. Let's hope he can. E: Lewis Hannan Frost Stretch Lewis may start round one, but the pressure is mounting even if he makes it out against Port. Hannan will play plenty of games. He just needs to get more touches. Frost is great back-up and may take the Hore or even Oscar role, but he doesn't quite make my team. Let's hope Stretch can show his worth. He's definitely handy depth at worst. And there's still Garlett, Preuss, Joel Smith, Sparrow, Baker and plenty of others who'll stake their claim. What I'm most excited about is the names that are starting to rotate through this midfield. Gawn, Oliver, Brayshaw, Viney, Harmes, Salem, Petracca, Fritsch, and Kolodjashnij. Plus Jones and vandenBerg. It's about as exciting as it gets. No wonder Tyson got on his bike. Lever will only make this line-up stronger. And I really hope Hunt can also improve and be a player that can make a real difference. I think the coaching group have him firmly in their plans. Naturally, teams are subject to change post JLT 2.
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    Why is Tmac nominating for this rubbish?
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    I wouldn't be surprised if both pulled out. TMac - Toe May - Hamstring tightness Well, I guess I can live in hope.
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    Give it a break mate...yep, Lewis is not my favourite player either but he did more last season than Jack did at Port. ...by the way I would rather have had Jack's replacement (Fritsch) out there than both of them.
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    That Gaff is participating is a bad joke. Break a guys jaw - here Gaff, have a $2000 bonus for your good behavior. It's stupid without precedent (sorry I forgot this is the AFL, there is plenty of precident for stupid there) He should be loudly booed every time he gets the ball in this AFLX farce.
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    Only the Indigenous team can select Indigenous players? Goodbye inclusion. Welcome back racial segregation. Whose idea was that? Why not go all out and call the teams The Landowners, the First Fleet Floggers, the Botany Bay Burglars and the Port Jackson Pirates?
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    LOL! Jack Watts standing up in the pressure cooker of a Prelim in Perth..... are you having a laugh?
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    I fail to see how my post influences the performance of the team.
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    I watched this kid do some ball work with Daniel Cross the other week and when it came to the kicking, he was kicking low flat 30m bullets straight onto Crossy.. not only was his kicking hitting targets with ease, but he had such a fluent kicking action. They did one drill where he would have his back towards Cross and then whistle would blow and he would spin around and nail a 30m kick each time. Dont remember him missing a target at all. I know he's years away from being AFL ready, but he's definitely got the right tool set to succeed if he wants it. Very bullish, but quietly reckon we have a good prospect on our hands.
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    ‘I kicked 10 on him’: Cheeky draft banter as AFLX captains reveal full teams https://www.foxsports.com.au/afl/aflx-draft-2019-live-tracker-draft-pool-updates-order-results/news-story/203d1c198629ea9050cbf4e5d66d72f5 ..."But the funniest moment of the night came when Betts selected ex-Sun and new Dees defender Steven May to join the side. Betts said May could play on the likes of Hawkins and Riewoldt. But the star Tiger was quick to remind Betts of his double-digit goal heroics against the Suns in 2018. “I kicked 10 on him last year,” Riewoldt quipped. Hardly a boast against the Suns team of last year, but a good little cheap shot for Steve May to take on board and remember the disrespect paid to him by Riewoldt when we play the Tigers in round 6 - payback time!! ...he can use this AFLX rubbish as practic to stalk him and psych him out.
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    Whilst not a great stat against May it's hardly an indictment of the man and his abilities considering he was playing in a team that hardly put up a fight out of the middle.
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    OMG I missed it all Devastated. Do the highlights appear on YouTube? 😂😂😂 PS was this carp actually on live TV?
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    Oh dear this is the kind of "getting ahead of ourselves" mentality that has brought this club to its knees over and over again Rest assured they will, like every other team come out firing and will be desperate to get a win in round 1 - it will not be easy #bookmarkit They have some quality players - if we are not 100% focused and committed a loss is definitely on the cards
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    FFS Comparing Jack Watts to a 4 time Premiership player. You never give up the chance to put the boot in. The whole team payed an absolute shocker against Meth Coke, something that i hope Goodwin is still mindful of. But your analogy is straight out of Clown 🤡 School
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    Agree... perhaps 58er is talking seats.... only 320 or thereabouts at Casey. The capacity is around 10k which should make for a bonanza day for the egg and bacon roll sellers !!
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    Consolation prize for you @Gorgoroth You're the winner of the post season tipping comp! Well played and good tipping. I'll post up the overall tallies sometime in the next day or so. 2nd goes to @Go the Biff & 3rd place goes to @DeeSpencer Well played gentlemen. Bad luck about the big one Gorg but Belichick, Brady & the Pats were just too good in a fairly forgettable game all round. We kept waiting for something to happen but the only real highlight was the Brady throw to Gronk. That play proved to be the most decisive play as well. Anyway, thanks to all for your participation. Final Tally - Post-Season Tipping Comp 12 - Gorgoroth 11 - Go the Biff 10 - DeeSpencer 9 - Dappa Dan 7 - JV7 6 - Clintosaurus, DemonDave 5 - Dee Zephyr, Macca
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    That Jayden hey. He's a ripper.
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    I am obviously a dag, as Oktoberfest and fun are antonyms to me. My standards are not that high but they would preclude me from going to this drunken swill and putting my nose between a girls breasts! If a Male did that to my daughter or wife I would break his nose.
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