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    The Chief and family are sponsoring Tom in 2019 and very pleased to hear the chance of him cracking a game are looking good.
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    Admitedly this quote is from Tom’s coach prior to the draft so probably a bit of hyperbole but I do like the bit about speed, power and endurance - “He’s become an animal, an absolute ripper,’’ said SA under-18 coach Tony Bamford, who had no hesitation in selecting Sparrow, 182cm and 81kg, in his AFL under-18 championship-winning side this year. “Tom’s got that rare combination that every club wants — speed, power and endurance. “He’s the type of player who wins the ball on the inside but is so powerful he can get on the outside and really hurt the opposition there. “He is very driven, motivated, diligent and professional. He’ll not only make it as a long-term AFL player but he’ll stand out in his first month of training because of his workrate and toughness.’’
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    I wish Tom a full recovery, but i shall enjoy watching Whorethorn a man down all year. That jumper has inflicted so much arrogant pain on me over many years....
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    Sounds good. Hopefully you'll report that: 1) Petracca, Harmes, Jetta and Melksham are out of the rehab group. 2) Brayshaw is found alive and well. 3) Viney's cut his honeymoon short and is looking a million bucks on the track. 4) Lever looks a sneaky chance for round 1.
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    Quoting from a SEN report on an interview with Bernie Vince - “I’ve liked the look of Tom Sparrow,” Vince told SEN Breakfast. “He is one that has probably stood out to me. Really strong body, really willing to learn." “It’s a big wrap, but he reminds me a little bit of Patrick Dangerfield’s body shape and the way he goes about it. “He is just a bull. He is going to be a big man when he has done a few preseasons and spends a bit of time in the weights room.” ... What do the track watchers think? I must admit, I liked the look of his highlight reel because of his size, power and attack on the ball.
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    I just hope that Hawthorn can remain compeditive enough to finish somewhere in the 10th to 13th ladder position. Not compeditive enough to be a realistic chance of making finals, but high enough to cut them out of getting into the cream of the draft. ... a couple of 70 to 100+ beltings along the way wouldn't go a stray though and would absolutely love the MFC to hand them one of those beltings.
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    Just like they did in the finals!!!!!!!!!!
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    Sounds like , from what Bernie said, Demonlands concern was correct re Mays fitness and skin folds. Sounds like he has buckled down and dropped a couple of dress sizes which is pleasing.
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    What a loss for the hawks. Hopefully back to his best in 2020. Anyone who is happy about this has issues. I want to beat the best at their best and wish injury on no one.
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    Being a crap kick has not stopped Dangerfield from being a jet.
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    I don't I want us to be hated for the same reasons. Decades long success and numerous premierships.
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    Don’t feel sorry for Hawthorn one little bit, grub bandwagon supporters... 😢
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    Yes it is a terrible injury for the poor bloke and i agree with the above sentiments that it couldnt happen to a nicer club.... As a side note, it does however increase Clarry, Gus and Maxys chances of taking Charlie home. All 3 in the top 11 now...
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    He is a contested bull. I love his break away speed from a contest. He is good overhead for his size too. The knock on him was his disposal. He certainly has an awkward looking ball drop. I’m rather bullish about this kid. He’s my Smokey for Round 1.
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    I will enjoy watching the Hawks struggle with or without Mitchell. Like inherited wealth they have had a born to rule attitude for such a long time. Albeit from premierships and continued success over 50 years. The continued success that we seek at Melbourne. And if that comes, the MFC will become a hated club like the Hawks. However, our demolition of them in the finals was something to rejoice and went a long way to expunging the dark memories of the past. It is always wonderful to see Jeff Kennett's face after a loss, like that of Eddies. Gracious in victory but not defeat. Not a way to measure the mark of a man.
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    And just like that, Hawthorn miss the 8 in 2019.
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    I'm totally devastated by the news.Feel really bad for Hawthorn about this.
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    Petracca to step up and become A grade. May to be the general. Lever to comeback as a premier defender. Garlett to find his mojo. KK to showcase his talent. Preuss and Gawn to dominate and physically intimidate other club ruckmen.
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    Predicting pretty much the same Dirts. May Weid Sparrow The mystery man is Preuss, I’m guessing we’ll get a taste of Team Prawn during the JLT. Interested to see the tactics behind the combo.
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    Nah, i agree with the other poster. Dangerfield is a very sloppy kick. Runs way too fast then tries to kick it and grubs a lot of his kicks
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    also got bradtke. agreed, got ennuf
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    A year out hey? Christ I hate Hawthorn.
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    May have been done but just want to put out there the players that will make a name for themselves ( in a premiership team)! 4 categories Experienced Player (6-10 years) Stephen May On the path player(s) ( 4-6 years) KK and Weeds will have a stellar year. Young Stallion player (1-4 years) Tom Sparrow and Baker Mystery man player Vandy, the bull will destroy all in his path. Petracca also as this needs to be his year.
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    It's his size that interests me. I generally believe a player's weight needs to be equal to his height less 100. So, using Sparrow as an example, take his 182 cm height and deduct 100, gives 82 kg. That doesn't necessarily mean he's fit and the kgs could be puppy fat; but he's not a string bean like so many others who might start their careers at, say, 182 cm and 74 kg.
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    This is what I'm hinting/alluding to. Both those stars are hindered. As are Burgoyne by age, and Roughy by age, as well.
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    Poor bloke has broken his leg. Report says he will miss the entire season. That hurts the Hawks a LOT. Hope he comes back well. Great player.
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    Just an incredible sporting club. Finals appearances each year for the last decade or so with the exception of 2010 due to points stripped, even then their record that year was enough to make it into the finals. Multiple GF appearances, a coach that boasts the highest win percentage in the game and these stats don’t tell the whole story behind their success. The ability over the years to get the best out of players in the twilight of their careers has been nothing short of amazing. As for Cam Smith, nothing but admiration, what a leader and player. I read a while back in one of his seasons he only made 10 errors.
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    Totally agree. They have been relentless. No rebuilds just high performing year after year. They must have built a fantastic culture into their club. I'm up in NSW and everyone hates them because they keep winning but everyone respects them. We should be learning as much as we can from them. Would love to have the same respect.
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    Vandenberg's ending to the 2018 season was astonishing to me. I didn't think he had it in him, to that level. His impact was fantastic. And his speed, I hadn't realised. We were finally playing like men.... and opposition did not know what to make of us. Some sure got out of our way in a hurry. Watch out for the Cat-attack re-Match... Selwood and coach Johnson have a plan for us... pencil it in. .
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    For the Storm to keep performing year after year in what is a NRL backwater is a credit to them. You have to respect what Craig Bellamy has achieved. They have pretty much been the Lions of the early 2000s but maintained it Cam Smith is a star
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    6-10 - TMac for me. He's among the longest tenured demons, and is a proven commodity at FF when fit or underdone. No Hogan means the responsibility is on him. I'm not as sold on Weed as many others. Personally I think we go from the #1 attack to about #6 with Hogan out. 4-6 - Harmes. Loved him all along. Nothing he can't do on a football field. He got all the media attention late last year in that incredible month, and I think he now moves into the serious/elite list of players in the comp. The difference he makes to the team is really understated too. Every team has 3-4 starting midfielders that you have to game plan for. Dangerwoodlett for example... What makes them scary though is they have Duncan and Kelly running around without attention. Apply that rule to us, we have Oliver, Viney and Braysh who are made men. After that it gets a bit wobbly with Jones aging, Tracca more a forward, and ANB a bit patchy. If Harmes takes a serious chunk of the heavy lifting, then we have a complete midfield and are that much more impressive. 1-4 - Fritsch. Would put Lever in but he probably falls outside the 1-4 rule. Looking around at the shape of the list, we don't have as many flex players as I'd like. Lots of them are stay-at-home defenders or forwards who lack the tank to go through midfield. Fritsch can play everywhere and has all the gifts to be an Embley type. Just needs to bulk up. Given what he produced last year though, there's no reason to think a top 10 finish in B and F is beyond him. Which at his age is super. Mystery man - Nietschke/Jordon. The whole draft class of this year looked like a mystery to me at first, so I could put them all in. I think Sparrow looks a ready made Jones replacement, so no mystery there. Bedford a Jeffy replacement. Hore a backup kp defender. But it's these two that have me mystified. Watching their tape they have all the attributes. But no-one knew anything about them. Nietschke wasn't even known to most at all. If we're going to do anything, you do have to rely on SOME rookies to lift some weight. Spargo did it last year. I can't wait to see what Taylor has given us this year.
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    i think Stretch is the forgotten man. Had a breakout game prior to toeitis.
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    im very interested to see what Baker can produce for us. He was tracking nicely until injury curtailed his season, getting good numbers for Casey and should be pushing for his first game this year. We need someone with pace to break through. The most mouth watering prospect is May and then Lever to join what could be an elite backline by the end of the year. and if Weids becomes consistent, we should be very strong aerially. it certainly helped the weagles.
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    It is very early to assess where we may land. We have had a couple of years of relatively minimal injuries. We brought back Vanders and Viney isnt out of the woods quite yet. We also had a pretty big pre-christmas walking wounded that although we are reassured that most if not all will be in full training next week, Im not so confidant. I hope Tom Mac is able to play most games. You only need to look at a couple of other clubs, say Carlton and Giants to be reminded of our good management and good luck with injuries lately. I feel confidant knowing that my team of the year 2019 will probably be quite different by Queens birthday but I am really impressed with the apparent struggle for every spot in the 22 coming into the year. Quality on all lines and on the bench. Hmm, Im sure I say that nearly every January.
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    There is almost so much improvement in our list for the coming season that one can overlook by forgetfulness alone that there are new recruits and recruited old stagers, with experience, to burn for the Dees. Good assets are coming out of our ears. With Stretch and Lever returning for a competitive edge and a full season (hopefully) from Gus, we are a 'shoe-in' for the GF as a result of creating some very miserable results for most opposition teams across the year.
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    Max Petracca Fritsch Preuss & KK
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    They went quite quick up front and 'Spirit of Nia' was a bit of a nuisance for a time. I thought El Mag ran very well and it boxed on to the line. It looks like they ran under 01:18 for the 1300m so the horse could be looking for further than just the 1000m. Still early doors but encouraging signs. Missed the F4 but only had a small outlay for a small percentage so no great loss DZ. Threw in a few roughies looking for the big dividend ... the theory only works if enough of the roughies get into the finish! One of them was 'Spirit of Nia' and it was looking good for a while there. And yeah, all Cranbourne trained horses won tonight according to Terry Bailey. Over to the soccer again now (leading 2 - 0)
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    Reminds you of Andy Lovell with darker hair? Hard to tell.
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    What's that? The chemical name of KY jelly?
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    Yes, it will be around mid year when Cyril announces he has the hunger again, and we mosey on in and pick him up!
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    and lunarpenumbra would be a great name for you, moonie
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    Still can't kick 50m
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    Yes, but it's wot he wears at seasons end, when at 'ome... that's the worry.
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    @Satyriconhome As someone who has grown up playing and watching this game from a young age, it is a plain ol' fact that if you miss any component of a pre-season training, it is deemed an interrupted one. The word 'fitness' is a broad one and you're referring strictly to a single component known as cardiovascular endurance. Off-seasons (aka pre-pre-seasons) and pre-seasons are the only times of the year in which a player can improve and make gains in every component of fitness required to play the game. These components consist not only of aerobic and anaerobic fitness but also components such as muscular strength and power, coordination, flexibility, agility and more. We have players who have had surgery on shoulders, knees, feet and more. All of which means they'll be restricted in what they can do. Harmes and Oliver as an example will be well behind in upper body strength and power and will not be able to make the same gains and improvements had they not had surgery. Thus, an interruption in their programs. Viney and Petracca with foot and and knee surgery have similarly not had the same head start in their running as those who have not had surgery. Thus, an interruption. It remains to be seen whether or not the number of players we have in rehab/missing parts of the program will have an impact come the start of the season. Whilst I agree that the majority are at least able to do most of the running part of pre-season, you've cast a blind eye over pretty much every other component of fitness which at this level, are all extremely important given how competitive the game is.
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    Don't peak too early @binman. It's only December!
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