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    Well it looks red just for a change. Thanks TA.
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    Barring any injuries VandenBerg is a shoein and is in our best 22 IMO. The kind of player with the big body aggressive and hits hard.
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    Paul Amy‏ @PaulAmy375 Mentioned last night that Darcy Fritsch, brother of Bayley, is training with Casey Demons. Former Dandenong Stingray Jack Harmes, brother of James, is also training at Casey. Meanwhile James and Tom Freeman are among the many returning Demons players.
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    Most recruits are utility types, midfielders and running defenders. Buxton-Wales is a young ruckman from Vermont. Casey will be a running type side. McCaffrey could be a steal. Former Swans academy player (now 21) with 3 years in Country footy. Strong running mid.
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    Unless it was a Xmas present, what's the problem? As long as you get your card and pack before round 1. Given the logistics of tens of thousands of memberships, it would always be iffy to expect it before Xmas, regardless of promises, and especially after the boost in memberships after our prelim showing. Storm in a teacup.
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    Looks a goodin' too does 'Yes Yes Yes' Wadda. 'Exhilerates' has taken the same pathway as 'Sunlight' did last year. In fact, 3 of the past 4 winners of the Magic Millions 2yo classic have won the same sprint race at the Gold Coast one week beforehand. Godolphin & James Cummings in good form too. Race Replay of Exhilerates winning yesterday And I see Inglis have got in on the action with a big day of their own to be held annually on the 2nd Saturday in February at Warwick Farm. Another $2Million race for the 2YO's. As well as that, the Inglis 3YO's race for $1Million in a sprint race on the same day - read more here
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    I will reveal the meaning on my death bed...
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    Fact check - Sheedy did not win a Liston Trophy. Actually he was tied to Melbourne & trained with a the Club a few times.
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    I went to the SCG today and discovered that a failed former Demon has changed sports and is now batting at #3 for Australia.
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    I like Bugg, and I wish him well at Carlton. He had limitations as a player, but he seemed to run hard (both ways), and always seemed respectful about, and appreciative for, his time at the Dees. He also seemed genuinely remorseful for the incident with Mills. To put the boot into this dude on the way out is tres ordinaire.
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    Good spot is Thurgoona. Looking at a few houses over that way as i work in Albury now.
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    Melbourne atoned for the heartbreak of its frustrating finish to the 2017 season by, at long last, making the finals and then disposed of two highly credentialed and experienced teams in Geelong and Hawthorn before it capitulated meekly to eventual premier West Coast in the Preliminary Final in Perth. The club’s progression has been forward and upward since it finished 2013 with two wins and appointed Paul Roos as coach. The number has increased to four, seven, 10, 12, and now 14 games. The Demons made the finals for the first time in a dozen years and are now tracking for their first premiership in five and a half decades. In the women’s game, the club’s second season of AFLW competition was dogged throughout by inaccuracy in front of goal causing it to again just miss out on grand final honours finishing third after losing 4.7.31 to 5.3.33 to rivals and eventual premiers, the Western Bulldogs in the final round. The Demons were well led by Daisy Pearce and had a star player in Karen Paxman. They will miss their skipper Pearce, who will be out of the forthcoming season on maternity leave - a first for the womens competition. The Demons started their men’s campaign with a win in their section of the novelty AFLX competition, then won their two JLT Community Series games against North Melbourne in Hobart and St Kilda at Casey Fields, the latter in unconvincing fashion after building a big lead early. The opening round AFL match against Geelong resulted in a disappointing loss after a missed shot from Max Gawn in the final thirty seconds ceded a 3 point loss. The club won its next two matches, again unconvincingly although their round 3 win against North Melbourne broke a long run of defeats going back over more than a decade. A poor game against Hawthorn and a final term collapse on Anzac Day Eve against the Tigers had Melbourne down with a 2 - 3 record. The revival began against Essendon and continued over the ensuing weeks as the Demons stretched their winning run to six games culminating with big wins against Carlton and Adelaide at Alice Springs and a solid victory over the Bulldogs. At the halfway mark of the season they were challenging for a top four spot on 8 wins and 3 defeats. The improvement had come from the return of injured pair Tom McDonald and Angus Brayshaw, the dominance of Max Gawn in the ruck and the strong form of Clayton Oliver and the young midfield. Jesse Hogan was consistently in the goals. Jake Lever who had taken a while to get his bearings but was solid during the six game winning spree sustained an ACL injury in round 11 and it took a while for the defence to recover from his loss, regroup and consolidate. In the interim, the experimentation in this area was partly the reason for a poor month that saw a three-game losing streak including a disappointing loss to lowly St. Kilda. Earlier defeats to Collingwood on Queens Birthday and away to Port Adelaide might have been expected but the loss to the Saints hit hard and possibly cost the team the coveted double chance. Melbourne might have lost its star recruit, Lever, in midseason but the club did unearth two young players in Bailey Fritsch and Charlie Spargo who were both drafted in the 30s and established themselves as regulars for much of the year although they understandably ran out of steam a little at the end of the season. The Demons regrouped after the slump. The back line steadied when Sam Frost returned to help the improving Oscar McDonald in a key defensive role but, after returning to the winning list against the Dockers in Darwin and the Bulldogs at the MCG, they suffered some disappointing losses involving an after-the-siren goal to Zach Tuohy in the return game against Geelong and a home upset against Sydney after some shocking inaccuracy in the first quarter and a half kept the Swans in the game. The injuries were mounting and the loss of Hogan at that point in time appeared devastating to a team that had yet to record a win against a top eight side. All that changed dramatically over the next four games starting with the Eagles in Perth and followed with a big win over the Giants that saw Melbourne finish in fifth place with a percentage of 131%. Then followed the emotion of a return to finals football and sound victories against seasoned playoff teams in Geelong and Hawthorn in front of crowds that gave majority support to the perennial underdog buoyed by the return from injury of co-skipper Jack Viney and the emergence at last of young key forward Sam Weideman who more than amply filled Hogan’s shoes. Not for the first time in the modern history of the club, the wall was hit out west. The Demons looked spent in the early moments of their preliminary final in Perth against West Coast and much like last year’s lapse at the final hurdle against Collingwood, this one game is likely to inhabit the players’ collective memory over the summer and into the new season. Many players excelled and grew in 2018 and the depth of the club revealed itself when injuries struck. Max Gawn won the ‘Bluey’ Truscott’ medal and led an emerging midfield including the co-skippers Nathan Jones and Viney, a resurgent Angus Brayshaw (3rd in the Brownlow), Christian Petracca and Christian Salem and the incredibly improved James Harmes who stepped up several levels in the course of a season. The forward line was the best in the competition as many avenues were opened up to goals, breaking down only in that last final. The disappointment of that performance will surely act as a spur for even further improvement in 2019. That improvement is expected to come from a defence bolstered by the recruitment of former Gold Coast skipper Steven May and the expected return of Jake Lever in the first month or so of the season. They join some solid performers in defence including Michael Hibberd and the indefatigable Neville Jetta - a star both on and off the field. The Demons also picked up a handy defender from the Suns in Kade Kolodjashnij and a big ruck back up for All-Australian ruckman Gawn in Braydon Preuss. The club drafted a bevy of youngsters who will all take time to develop at Casey. Melbourne farewelled Jesse Hogan, Dom Tyson and Dean Kent to other clubs via trades and Tom Bugg found a new home through the draft. Former club champion Bernie Vince retired late in the season after a meritorious 100 game career at his second club. Vince will not be entirely lost to the Demons as he has returned to the club in a part-time leadership and ambassadorial role for 2019. The loss that will hurt deeply is that of retiring CEO Peter Jackson who has overseen the six year progression from a team that won only two games in 2013 to become a preliminary finalist in 2018. Gary Pert has stepped into the breach to finish the task of leading the club to the promised land and a premiership.
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    Surely Natalie Portman is in the conversation if we’re talking about pre season form
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    Haha. Maybe you and other Luddites can package that up and sell it to the footy department. Who knows, maybe they are predicting improvements in players based on age and games played. I wouldn’t know. Big data and machine learning is being applied everywhere whether you think it works or not. Champion data can never predict injuries, but big European and US teams are measuring every training session and game and have been applying big data and machine learning to non contact injury prevention for several years. They don’t publish much for obvious reasons, but BarcelonaFC recently published 2014 data that showed they can predict 60% of non contact injuries and thus can prevent them. I’m sure that has improved in the last 4 years. They have huge budgets and are way ahead of the AFL. Maybe this is also happening in the AFL. Point that started all of this is despite your opinion and comments on the CD list rating they have no user bias in the analysis of the data at all. It is just data and unbiased processing of it, with all of its limitations ie garbage in garbage out. I personally think it is pretty good in, pretty good out. It’s not perfect. Time to move on.
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    Jeffy Garlett randomly called my mobile a couple of years ago. He tried to sell me a membership.
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    I was on a diving trip in West Papua a few weeks ago and we made a stop at a remote island called Banda Island. I have been there before and always take along a bag of school supplies for the kids. To my shock and delight there were two mischievous little boys at the port in Melbourne Demon T-shirts. Admittedly they were pretty well worn and had seen better days and I asked one of them if he knew what the emblem was. He looked at me like I was stupid and said ‘Go Dees’. He didn’t know where the T-shirts had come from and they looked as though they had been handed down several times. I was so chuffed as most of the other passengers on the boat were from Perth and WCE supporters. Didn’t see any of their T-shirts. Made a mental note to bring along half a dozen next year when I go back.
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    I also saw Simon Godfrey at Inflation nightclub about 15 years back. I went up to him and said "Go Dees" like a groupie. He looked at me strange. Good times.
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    Was buying a shirt in Myers at Westfield Doncaster back in '07 (or thereabouts). Browsing away and had to ask a fella to excuse me as I slipped in front of him and as I did I looked up I realised it was Tulip. I was too awestruck to speak.
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    Stayed in a Deniliquin caravan park in the early 90s for a long weekend. As a one-eyed, young teen, Demon supporter, it was a great thrill seeing Darren Cuthbertson staying in the caravan behind us. Had my Demon footy, and he happily obliged to sign it for me.
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    Risking outing myself here but Alan Krause is my grandad. Bloody small world!
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    When I was much younger my uncle took me to see the boys train. Once training was over the great Allen Jakovich stayed behind to work on his goal kicking. He was my favourite player so I was eager to get behind the goals and mark some of his kicks. After I caught 3 or 4 he then invited me to jump over the fence for some kick to kick. It only lasted probably less than 5 min but that was one of the greatest moments of my life, it cemented my love for Jako and the club.
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    The secret is to dress like a bum, that way the police over there leave you alone because they think you can’t pay them off.
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