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    Have you thought of moving to Melbourne's leafy inner east and calling yourself Far Kew? 😂
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    I drove past his house today and there was a toe truck outside. Make of that what you will.
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    Or if that's too far south for you, you could move to Kurnell just out of Sydney. Obviously not Inner Kurnell. Far Kurnell is a much better place to be.
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    Salute to the greatest political slogan I can remember. I believe Singleton came up with it for Labor's 1972 campaign which broke their 23 year electoral drought. Drought breaking hit an obvious nerve for a lifelong Dees supporter. When I chose it in about 2007 I thought we were entering the new era that was going to break our drought and I didn't expect it to be relevant for more than a few years. Oh well. Will gladly replace it when it becomes redundant. Although by then it will be relevant to the 2 peat and then the 3 peat etc. The slogan and it's success had some significant impacts on my families lives. My brother had just been advised he was going in the next lottery for conscription to the Vietnam war. Whitlam won the election and immediately stopped conscription which probably saved my brother going there. He also brought in free tertiary education which I benefited directly from. That slogan heralded in one of the craziest political periods in our history. A breathtaking series of political reforms such as the Marriage Act and land rights and economic madness like the Khemlani affair and Junie Morosi. Who'll ever forget Al Grassby. Ahh they were the days. All leading to our greatest political crisis. What a slogan. My avatar succinctly sums me up. We were born on the same day. Not the same year though. I got the clown bit without the genius bit but hopefully a healthy sense of the absurd. Other less kind people might say I got the absurd without anything else. Anyhow..... It's Time.
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    Nice thread In Harmes Way. I've given it a go, created some more cryptic clues for current day players: A) I'm desperate to watch this Dee play in Darwin, in order to see him, i'll even take the jumbo, ta, thanks for offering. B) Interestingly, King and Colbert were both born after April. C) Many on here might not like Hird, but i feel sorry for him, I hope he can stay out of danger. Improved out of sight. D) The Grouch and the Farmer. Coming along in leaps and bounds. E) Always tries hard. Namesake of the great. Big tank. F) Absolute gun, please sir, may i have some more, highlights reels from you this year. Heard Sheedy said he had a joke of an interview for our coaches position G) I love doughnuts, but what is my middle name? The fox's abode is in sight. Chase that fox. Hope he lives up to his potential. H) Speedy. A bit too predictable. May go cold / missing in action from time to time. I) Edgerton has been able to Forge a path in the Aussie film industry. J) Great at taking marks effortlessly, lissome, kicks skillfully, has a massively long kick for goal. What more can you ask for?
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    Original and obscure. Love it Way better than some here who have boringly named themselves after their geographical location
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    From an episode of the Beverly Hillbillies in which the Hollywood actor Dash Riprock’s (aka Homer Noodleman) friend and fellow actor Crunch Hardtack impressed Jethro so much that he decided to give himself the stage name of Beef Jerky... for some reason Hardtack seemed like a pretty good name to have.
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    Judging by your avatar you're a Usual Suspect. When Biffen was playing for us his father Leo, worked for my father and was a game day trainer for the team. I used to go down and annoy him with a thousand questions every time I went to my father's business. He used to give me used MFC training footys. I felt like a millionaire.
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    Congratulations! I must say your cover of layabout drug user/dealer and general purveyor of misery is very convincing.
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    Thats interesting 3/4 huh? Ok noted Perhaps Macca, someone will call a racehorse Kohli ! :)
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    A close friend part-owned a racehorse called Dan Zephyr. I was previously Demon77 and was looking to change my display name early last year. The name Dee Zephyr was suggested to me by another member on here and I thought it was fitting as the horse was going through a long drought of over two years without a win. A week or two after changing my name the horse comes out and wins his last ever race to end the drought. The name stays until the main drought is over.
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    Yeah I agree with that. Even though his disposal is sometimes deplorable the rest of him makes him an important member of the team
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    I'm currently spending a few days in the Victorian high country, and arrived at reception at a motel in Mount Beauty wearing a Dees top and cap. The guy behind the counter immediately commented, and said that we have one of the best young footballers in the AFL, Clayton Oliver. He went on to say that he was a former coach of the Echuca under 14s, and he relayed the following story about Clarrie. It seems that the U14s played two 15 minute halves during the half time break in the seniors, and one very wet Saturday afternoon, the squad was one player short. Clarrie, who was 10 at the time, approached the coach and pleaded that he be allowed to make up numbers in the U14s. The coach eventually agreed on the understanding that Clarrie wear a helmet to reduce the risk of copping a serious head knock while playing against much bigger kids. You guessed it, Clarrie went on to play a 'blinder' on a rain sodden ground and kicked 5 goals in half an hour of football against much older kids. The motel man reckons that he knew there and then that Clarrie had what it takes to become a star in the big time. Dazzledavey36 might be able to add some credence to this story. IIRC he has spent some time in and around Echuca.
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    Probably done before at some stage but here is my dream forward line : Farmer Jakovich Neitz Lyon Schwartz Jurrah Couldn't fit in some greats here, such as Norm Smith and others like Robbo and Darren Bennett and can't yet find a place for current players. Not sure whether Fred Fanning should be on some sort of forward line interchange with others.
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    Try stopping these guys Lyon Schwartz Jurrah Farmer Jakovich Neitz
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    Jack Watts. Love a good spooner one!
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    I see that 'Exhilarates' has come into equal favouritism with 'Dubious' after the barrier draw Wadda ... all falling into place for Godolphin again. My strategy will be to take a box trifecta or box F4 though rather than a straight out bet. With the 2YO's a lot depends on the run of the race, barrier draw and closing speed. Good dividends can be had with the right combo. The horses with good closing speed that have drawn well are Exhilarates (9) & Dubious (7) 'Yes Yes Yes' & 'Hightail' both finish well but they've both drawn the carpark (21 & 19) whilst noted front runner 'Unite & Conquer' has drawn barrier 18. Tough to win from out there at the Gold Coast track. For a bit of value the Hayes horse 'Champagne Boom' is good odds and has drawn barrier 3. And if 1st emergency 'Rome' out of gate 8 gets a run it could give a good sight after nearly running down boom colt and late scratching for the MM Classic 'Sun City' at its last start. 'The Odyssey' (barrier 2) defeated Sun City two starts back so it has claims as well. But the wide barriers can be a real issue at the Gold Coast track as illustrated below - especially for the 2YO's unless they possess real class.
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    Saw him in the Supermarket yesterday. Wearing sneakers without any hint of a big toe problem.
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    As in a cut from a blade?
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    I thought you were Agent Orange.
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    I must admit I didn’t think of him for you guys, but I wasn’t sure which way out guys would go with it. interesting choice.
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    If you’re a local member you need to collect it on game day. You’ll see on the back of the card there’s usually a little S symbol which the staff at the tents will use to mark off once you’ve collected it. I think they’re available for collection for about 5 of the first rounds.
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    From the revival in 1987 until today, I agree that this group of 6 is the best combination of pure skill, talent and footy smarts. The tragedy is that only one (Neitz) played a full career at the dees without injury or other mishap. I weep when I recall the lost opportunity that, excluding only Jurrah, the rest could have been playing together in the nineties if not for injury to Jakovich, Lyon and Schwarz. Balme's time as coach was blighted by their injuries (as well as G Lovett, Tingay, Prymke). Placing them in the best combination in their best positions would be a nightmare. But Jakovich must play at full forward. The rest can play anywhere.
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    Despite the MFC promises, I still think its a logistical long shot to expect about 30,000 packs to arrive in time for Xmas. Our membership is on the rise and outsourcing is often hand-in-mouth. It's a 1st world problem, kids or adults.
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    Well it looks red just for a change. Thanks TA.
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    See Attached images - I'm colour blind OD - everytrhing is Red and Blue to me 😁
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    Barring any injuries VandenBerg is a shoein and is in our best 22 IMO. The kind of player with the big body aggressive and hits hard.
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    Most recruits are utility types, midfielders and running defenders. Buxton-Wales is a young ruckman from Vermont. Casey will be a running type side. McCaffrey could be a steal. Former Swans academy player (now 21) with 3 years in Country footy. Strong running mid.
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    Clutching , mate, clutching
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    Looks a goodin' too does 'Yes Yes Yes' Wadda. 'Exhilerates' has taken the same pathway as 'Sunlight' did last year. In fact, 3 of the past 4 winners of the Magic Millions 2yo classic have won the same sprint race at the Gold Coast one week beforehand. Godolphin & James Cummings in good form too. Race Replay of Exhilerates winning yesterday And I see Inglis have got in on the action with a big day of their own to be held annually on the 2nd Saturday in February at Warwick Farm. Another $2Million race for the 2YO's. As well as that, the Inglis 3YO's race for $1Million in a sprint race on the same day - read more here
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    I will reveal the meaning on my death bed...
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    I went to the SCG today and discovered that a failed former Demon has changed sports and is now batting at #3 for Australia.
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    I would have Harmes breakout season in front of the other 9. I suspect Joel Selwood, Rory Sloane, and Josh Kelly agree with me.
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    Mine started of when I was rudely called a name by another poster, (started with the letters) 'de"... So I started to think about avatar names and images, and thought I would mispell the word as an Avatar name. And so started off the 'Dee' prefix on Demonland... I was also the author of the "Dees"... back in the mid 90's against the Blues at the 'G'. "Go Dees". Schwarta tore the blues a new hole in that 2nd half, to cut them up.
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    I like Bugg, and I wish him well at Carlton. He had limitations as a player, but he seemed to run hard (both ways), and always seemed respectful about, and appreciative for, his time at the Dees. He also seemed genuinely remorseful for the incident with Mills. To put the boot into this dude on the way out is tres ordinaire.
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    Some of my friends (and quite likely some not so friendly observers at matches) seem to believe, for some very strange reason, that I am just a little one eyed about the amazing mighty Demons. And it was not until a while after I registered that it was pointed out, interestingly by an optometrist, that I couldn’t spell🙄
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    P.S. since I'm sure you're all interested, this is the full image of that I used for my profile pic. Rodney in full flight and proudly displaying that famous No.14, subsequently proudly worn by a number of other tough high quality backman at the MFC continuing the legacy.
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    Good spot is Thurgoona. Looking at a few houses over that way as i work in Albury now.
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    The Mongrel Pre-Season Player Power Rankings 20-11 AFL Season 2019 15 – ANGUS BRAYSHAW (MELBOURNE) Surprise again! With the Dees improving to become a top team in 2018, I got to watch plenty of their games, and one thing kept jumping out at me – when was someone going to go and stand next to Angus Bloody Brayshaw at centre bounces? With Jack Viney on the sidelines, and Clayton Oliver often the target of negating mids, Max Gawn continually tapped the ball straight down Brayshaw’s throat. I don’t often yell at the TV (OK, sometimes when the remote isn’t working, or a game won’t load, I get a little [censored] at it) but a couple of times I looked across at whomever was unlucky enough to be close by and would ask “Why won’t someone man him up?” Sadly, my missus didn’t know what I was talking about, and would largely ignore my question, so I’d repeat it and direct it at the TV. 2018 was Brayshaw’s fourth year in the game, and the leap he made was significant. He was +7.09 in disposals, averaging 26.09 for the season, and jumped to 4.27 clearances per game. That’s +2.87 from 2017. In one stretch, he had 6+ clearances in eight out of nine games. We’re catching a star in the making, here – a young man who hasn’t sat back and waited for opportunity; he created one and has made the most out of it. As he enters year five of his AFL career, Brayshaw has already shown the ability to capture the attention of the umpires. He took home third place in the 2018 Brownlow, with 21 votes. Was it a surprise? I’d say it was, since he wasn’t even in attendance. I’d also say that the AFL won’t make that mistake again. In their Preliminary Final loss to West Coast, Brayshaw was one of the few to truly stand up. He collected 29 touches to be the most effective Demon on the ground – a great sign as he continues to develop. So much of what Melbourne is, and will be in 2019, relies on Max Gawn, but the development of players like Brayshaw, Oliver, Petracca (maybe) and Viney in the middle is paramount to the Demon surge toward a flag. Where do we see the ceiling for Brayshaw? Whilst a fit Viney takes a lot of the heat in the guts, and Oliver’s presence will continue to draw a lot of attention, Brayshaw as a third midfielder is an absolute luxury, and as a result could see him get off the chain again in 2019. An improvement on his 26 touches per game may be enough to elevate him into the conversation for All-Australian selection in 2019, and could a better result in the Brownlow be a reality? Author : HB Meyers Let's hope what ever is holding his training back doesn't impact his 2019 performance.
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    Jeffy Garlett randomly called my mobile a couple of years ago. He tried to sell me a membership.
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    I was on a diving trip in West Papua a few weeks ago and we made a stop at a remote island called Banda Island. I have been there before and always take along a bag of school supplies for the kids. To my shock and delight there were two mischievous little boys at the port in Melbourne Demon T-shirts. Admittedly they were pretty well worn and had seen better days and I asked one of them if he knew what the emblem was. He looked at me like I was stupid and said ‘Go Dees’. He didn’t know where the T-shirts had come from and they looked as though they had been handed down several times. I was so chuffed as most of the other passengers on the boat were from Perth and WCE supporters. Didn’t see any of their T-shirts. Made a mental note to bring along half a dozen next year when I go back.
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    Even then ( I had to stand behind him in the Holiday Hub reception while he extremely politely dealt with an issue relating to his camp site. I remember thinking "this guy with a funny voice sure has a cute girlfriend"!)
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    Holidaying in Surfers' as a young fella (1981?) I was in a beer garden and there was this bloke had his feet up on the chair I wanted to sit on. I pulled the chair out from under his feet as I asked 'can I have this one mate?' and at the same second as I realised it was Mark Jacko Jackson on the end of year footy trip with other Demons. Shat myself but survived.
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    Stayed in a Deniliquin caravan park in the early 90s for a long weekend. As a one-eyed, young teen, Demon supporter, it was a great thrill seeing Darren Cuthbertson staying in the caravan behind us. Had my Demon footy, and he happily obliged to sign it for me.
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    When I was much younger my uncle took me to see the boys train. Once training was over the great Allen Jakovich stayed behind to work on his goal kicking. He was my favourite player so I was eager to get behind the goals and mark some of his kicks. After I caught 3 or 4 he then invited me to jump over the fence for some kick to kick. It only lasted probably less than 5 min but that was one of the greatest moments of my life, it cemented my love for Jako and the club.
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    The secret is to dress like a bum, that way the police over there leave you alone because they think you can’t pay them off.
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